Anything Sportsman University

What is Anything Sportsman University?

Anything Sportsman University is your one stop shop for all training and knowledge requirements to sell online with Anything Sportsman and grow your outdoor companies business. It includes guides on fulfillment, product upload, packing and all other activities on Anything Sportsman.

Use the resources provided in the Anything Sportsman University frequently to help you increase your business constantly.

  1. Q. How do I sell on
  2. Q. I've been approved as a Seller, What do I do first?
  3. Q. How do I add products to Anything Sportsman?
  4. Q. How to add Google Shopping features to your listings so your items will appear in Google Shopping.
  5. Q. How to answer buyer questions from the "Ask A Question" tab.
  6. Q. How to add product Options and Variants. (Color, Size, Shape etc...)