How To Add Product Variants

How To Add Product Variants

This article will show you how to add product Options and Variants to your listing on

What are Options and Variants?

Well, product options are choices for your item like "size" or "color". Variants let customers choose between those choices using drop-down menus, check boxes, radio buttons, text boxes or text areas. We will show you each of these items and explain how each of them work. We'll also show you how to add them on your listings.

Lets say you sell t-shirts. You sell these t-shirts in different sizes such as SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE and XL. So, Size is the Option and S,M,L,XL are the variants.

Variants can be add globally or on a per-product basis. We'll explain.

1. Click on Products > Option


2. Click on the "+"


3. Options, such as "Color" have variants such as "Black, White and Pink".

So lets add one...

  1. Add a (1) Name such as Color.
  2. Select a (2) TYPE of option, use Select box
  3. Add a Description and if this option is (3) Required for buyers to buy this item
  4. then click (4) Variants.

This first page just list what type of "Option" (Color in this example) you want to add. The Variants tab will allow you to add the actual variations (Black, White and Pink) for the option.


4. Add (1) the first variant for this option then the second and third and so on.

To add additional variants (2) just click the "+" sign to keep adding them. Once you are done adding your variations for this option then click (3) Create. The new options will now be added to your listing. You can add many options for each product.

You will see "Modifier / Type" and "Weight Modifier / Type" variants here and feel free to check them out. These variants allow you to add extra cost to the variant such as a 2XL shirt cost $3 more so you can add this additional cost here. Or, a 3XL shirt weighs more so you may want to add extra cost for heavier items. This will start to make sense once you add the first option and see it on your listing.


5. Your new product Option and Variants will show like this in your listing.


6. To add the color block that would appear below the "Color" box just click the "Extra" down arrow and then click "Local" to add them from your computer. (you will first have to create the color boxes to be added)


7. If most of your products have the same product option, you can define this option on then create a Global Option.

To set a global product option for an individual product:

  • Go to Products → Products.
  • Open any product details page and open the Options tab.
  • Click the Add global option button, select the necessary global option in the Global options select box and click Apply.


If you select the Apply as link check box, the selected product option will be added to the product as a link. This means that you cannot edit the option for the current product, but the added product option will reflect all the changes made to it on the Global options page.

Recommended: If you Do Not select the check box, the option will be copied to the list of product options for the product, and you will be able to edit its variants at any time.

  • To set global product options for several products:
  • Go to Products → Options.
  • Click the Apply to products button in the upper right part of the page.


  • On the opened page click the Add product button and choose products to which you want to apply options.
  • Tick the checkboxes of the desired options in the Select options section.


  • Click the Apply button in the upper right part of the page.

8. You can add one or many Global options to a new product.

Create a new product listing and go to the Options tab, you will see "+ Add global option."