How To Add Products On Anything Sportsman

Welcome to Now it's time to add products. Once your products are added you will have your own online store.

1. Click Products > Products


2. Click the "+" button.


3. In the "General" tab add the Name, Categories, Price, Full Description, Image, Code (SKU #), Price, In-Stock Quantity, Short Description and Search Words.


4. Add Images. Click "Local" to upload images from your hard drive. Then, Click the "+" to add additional images. (Make Images a minimum 700px x 700px) if possible.


5. Click on "SEO" and add a Name, Page Title, Meta Description (min 100 characters), Meta Keywords (words and/or phrases separated by a "/"), then click "Create".


  1. Click on SEO
  2. Add the product name.
  3. Add a Page title (same as SEO name)
  4. Add Description (100 characters or so)
  5. Add keywords (words or phrases separated by a comma "," 1-10 words or phrases)
Your product is now Live on After you click "Create" more product tabs will appear. See How to add Google features.