How To Sell On Anything Sportsman

How To Sell on Anything Sportsman

From Newbie online sellers to Pro online sellers here is how to sell on


1. Take a picture of your item to sell. Use your phone or a digital camera and upload them to your computer.

2. Open a vendor account on You can list as many products as you want, with NO Listing fees and NO monthly and your receive 100% of your profits. That's right, we don't take a commission.

3. Create a PayPal Personal account. We chose Paypal as our sole payment gateway because of Paypals Security, Buyer Protection, Seller Protection and Shipping Services.

4. Package your item and print shipping labels via PayPal. Or, you can just take your item to your local USPS and ship with Flat Rate shipping, but you'll save by shipping your own package.

5. Your payment is instantly sent to your PayPal account.

Where to start:

What hunting, fishing, camping or other sporting gear you sell is up to you. No matter if it's new, used or you have your own company and want to sell your entire inventory that's fine with us. Anything Sportsman outdoor marketplace is ONLY for this type of gear. Hunting gear, fishing gear, camping gear and anything else the avid hunter, fishermen or SPORTSMAN would use. Yes we have a "Home & Cabin" category, this is not for everyday household items and electronics, but simply a category for items the SPORTSMAN would have in his or her home! Custom items are welcome. Anything that does NOT adhere to these categories will be DELETED. The sole purpose of this Anything Sportsman outdoor marketplace is to rid the clutter of non related items you may find elsewhere.

Lets Get Started...


Make sure your product name has a great description. If you are selling fishing rods, or hunting gear make sure to use the brand that it is used and some specifications. For example: Okuma Shadow Stalker Inshore Casting Rod 7'. Using the brand in the product name will help customers better find your product when searching throughout Anything Sportsman and specific categories.

Full Description:

There is an endless ammount of space to fully describe your outdoor gear. The more information you can provide potential buyers the better. Be as honest as possible about your product. Let the buyer know the exact specs of the fishing rod, ground blind or whatever gear it is you are trying to sell. An example might be:

Okuma Shadow Stalker Inshore Casting Rod 7'

The Okuma Shadow Stalker Gulf Coast Inshore Casting Rods are stronger and more sensitive than standard rod designs. These factors are needed when fishing warmer waters due to the fact that the fish are more powerful and angry. The Shadow Stalker Gulf Coast Rods have a outer wrap of OC-9 carbon reinforcement which adds to the strength and durability.


  • Lightweight sensitive 24-Ton carbon graphite rod blanks
  • OC-9 carbon outer wrap: striper guide to butt. Improves hoop strength
  • Fuji hardened aluminum oxide guides for trusted reliability
  • EVA and compressed cork fore grip for reduced weight and feel
  • EVA and compressed cork split grip reduces weight and improves balance
  • FG models feature a full EVA and compressed cork butt section
  • Custom carbon C-40X spinning and casting skeleton reel seats
  • All Shadow Stalker inshore rods are 1 piece blank construction
  • Stainless steel hook keepers on all models


Pictures of the item are very important. A picture is really worth a thousand words (especially since the buyer can't physically see the product before they purchase it). Your picture should be a minimum (Not Required) 1000pixles by 1000pixles or better if possible. We upload your items to Google shopping and need to meet their specifications. If the item is used make sure to take pictures of any imperfections. Take pictures from every angle. Let the buyer know as much as possible with your pictures. NOTE: If you sell an item that isn't what you described in the text or the photos, upon investigation the buyer will be given their money back, hence buyer protection.

Pricing Products:

Our suggestion is to be realistic with your price, especially if it is a used item. This is the internet after all, and odds are somebody somewhere is selling the same thing as you, unless it's custom, or made to order. Price compare before you list your item for sale. Keep in mind the shipping cost and any shipping packaging as these do come into play.

Calculating Shipping Cost:

In our "Shipping Properties" tab you will see a Weight (lbs) box. Use this box to put in the shipping weight of your item. Shipping weight is the overall combined weight of the actual item plus the box and any packaging such a peanuts, bubble wrap or shipping paper. The point is that weigh the overall package to determine the ACTUAL package weight. The USPS, and UPS Real-Time shipping rates will determine the shipping cost for the buyer. You can also choose FREE shipping. If you choose free shipping then keep this in mind for your item price. Use a digital scale to get your shipping weight. Honestly, you can get a digital scale at your local Wal-mart from the kitchen area and weigh your items. They generally weigh items up to 6 pounds or so.

You can print your own shipping labels within PayPal. The shipping process is very easy with PayPal. Often you will pay a lower rate by printing your label yourself than you would get if you took your package to the post office.


It is a good idea to offer a return policy. Even if you do not accept returns be clear about this in your item description or in your Terms & Conditions page.

Congratulations - You are now ready to be an Online Seller