Hand-Painted Custom Crankbaits

Looking for the most realistic hand-painted custom crankbaits in the fishing industry? At Anything Sportsman we know some anglers are looking for custom crankbaits that don't just appeal to your eyes but bass as well. We understand as an angler you have a preferred style of crankbait fishing. Anything Sportsman offers a a variety of squarebill crankbaits, deep diving, shallow diving and one off, hand-painted crankbaits your won't find anywhere else. Not only are custom crankbaits works of art, they are made to fish for specific styles of crank fishing. Whether your a hardbody swimbait guy, light plastics fisherman or love throwing crankbaits we've got you covered. Anything Sportsman offers a variety of one off customs from some of the top manufacturers in the business. We know you want more out of your custom crankbaits and we are here to give it to you. Get the right crankbaits you by browsing our extensive custom lure line today!

Custom Crankbait Factors To Consider

Diving Depth

A crankbaits diving depth is typically categorized in shallow diving (1 - 5 feet), medium diving (5 - 12 feet), and deep diving (up to 30 feet). Which diving depth is right for you depends on what lakes your fishing and the time of year your fishing.

Body Style

Crankbaits come in all shapes, sizes and colors, each representing a certain style of baitfish, which in turn caters to certain species of fish. Without a doubt the two most common styles of crankbaits are the "minnow" and "shad" style.


Crankbaits are typically made in three different buoyancy types; floating, sinking or suspending crankbaits. Depending on where you are fishing will dictate which best suits your needs.