Custom Jigs

Looking for the best custom jigs in the fishing industry? At Anything Sportsman we know some anglers are looking for custom jigs that don't just appeal to your eyes but bass as well. We understand as an angler you have a preferred style of jig fishing. Anything Sportsman offers a a variety of football jigs, swim jigs, finesse jigs, bladed swim jigs, punch jigs, hair jigs and flipping jigs your won't find anywhere else. Not only are these custom jigs works of art, they are made to fish for specific styles of jig fishing. Whether your a punch jig angler, swim jig fisherman or love throwing football jigs we've got you covered. Anything Sportsman offers a variety of both custom made to order bass jigs and one off custom jigs from some of the top manufacturers in the business. We know you want more out of your custom jigs and we are here to give it to you. Get the right bass jigs you want by browsing our extensive custom lure line today!

Custom Football Jigs

Football jigs are shaped like football for one simple reason, they are less likely to snag on brush. Not exactly the best for fishing grass and other thick vegetation, football jigs are great for hard bottoms, rock, and gravel covered bottoms. Heavy football jigs are great for a fast sinking lure that will stay put on the bottom.

Custom Flipping Jigs

Flipping jigs are made up of four main components — a lead-molded or tungsten head, weed guard, hook and skirt. Although many of these parts look similar when viewed on the tackle store shelves, there are certain variances that will make different flipping jigs fish different than others.

Custom Swim Jigs

Swim jigs are primarily a shallow water lure, but like so many other fishing techniques it is evolving into a deep water technique as well. Though designed to move slowly and silently, swim jigs project a large profile provoking vicious strikes.

Custom Finesse Jigs

The Jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none type of jig. Finesse jigs are great because you can swim them and pull them along the bottoms. Finesse jigs vary from their counter parts in the fact that they are typically smaller in size, 1/4 ounce to 1/2 ounce even though heavier finesse jigs can be found.

Bladed Jigs

Bladed swim jigs are proven bass-catchers time and time again. When the bite gets tough and other jigs or even more so your traditional lures won't work, bladed swim jigs are often the best choice.