How To Sell Online


How To Sell Online With Anything Sportsman

1. Snap A Photo

Snap a photo using your Iphone, Android, or digital camera. Using a solid plain color background tends to work the best. Make sure to take bright pictures to use as your products featured image to capture the buyers attention.

2. List Your Item

After taking your product photos simply add a product from your dashboard. Enter your products title (helps buyers find it in search results), description (the more information the better), select product category to assign your product to, select a brand, upload your photos (4 product photos max), set your shipping price and you're done!

As soon as you click "Add Product," your item is visible to all of Anything Sportsman's buyers. You're Done! It's that simple.

3. Ship Your Item

Confirm That you recieved your payment.

Once your item has sold, and you have been notified that the buyer has paid, pack your item and ship it.


Make sure you leave positive feedback for your buyer as soon as payment is confirmed. This makes buyers happy and keeps them coming back.

Ship Your Product To Buyer

Get shipping supplies ahead of time on for free flate rate shipping supplies, making it easier to ship items as soon as they sell ensuring a fast easy shipment and Happy Buyer.

4. Get Paid

To ensure fast payment, ship items as soon as possible and collect payments with Paypal. Payment times can vary and some new sellers experience slight delays.

Ship Item as soon as possible. . .

The fastest way to ship is with free shipping boxes for flat rate shipping.

Collect your payments through PayPal. . .

Collecting your payments through PayPal, is the fastest, most secure and easiest way to get paid.