Best Bulk Zoom Fishing Baits

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1. Zoom 083054 Topwater 4 Inch Watermelon

Zoom 083054 Topwater 4 Inch Watermelon

The model number is 011-013. Fishing Equipment is a product. The item package has dimensions of 16.764 L X 12.7 W X 1.016 H. The country of origin is the United States. The package weight is 0.1 pounds.

Brand: Zoom Bait

👤Horny toads are my go-to cast-and-retrieve frog. The soft, tasty-sounding swimming action of these Frogs has caught more frog bass for me than any other brand so far. I've tried other brands, but I always go back to these baits. I recommend using a 4/0 to 5/0 superline hook palomar-knotted to 20-pound monofilament or 50-pound braid on at least medium heavy casting gear, then cast in and around submerged and surface cover and structure in 10 feet of water or less. Fish for results.

👤I like to fish bass and frog/toads are my go-to lures. This lure is in my arsenal and it is black. I prefer a Gomakatsu weighted with this. I like to fish it with a 5/0 EWG hook. If you want to get it back, tie it to a bait caster and throw it in to the lilies. It's heading your way so be ready for some action. I mostly fish this lure in black and white. If you're fishing for Northern pike in the area, make sure to use 20# fluorocarbon line because a regular steel leader will affect the performance of the lure.

👤It's annoying that tails are hair flimsy. Don't go for a full day of bucketmouths. This bait works. If I had to pick one bait for largies, this is the one I would use, it's super duper enjoyable and it's heavy enough to hold on to. This is a true bass tricker.

👤Un producto simplemente brillante. De un pescador a otro se los recomiendo.

👤There is no better artificial lure for ponds. Is very strong. I have caught many bass on a single lure. On the first trip, I fished with horny toads. It is my primary lure for bass in farm ponds. The action is better than most weed free lures. There are no problems with drag over dense growth. The hooks designed for horny toads are very good.

👤I love using horny toads. The top water hit always gets me worked up. I wish they were more durable. These are the main things that work around where I fish. I will use them whenever I need to.

👤There's nothing quite like a bass hitting a lure. It's my prime search bait because it's always getting strikes. I only fish neighborhood ponds for bass and this is my confidence lure. Pair it with a swimbait hook. One frog a fish session doesn't last long, that seems to be the only negative.

👤My go to bait for fishing is top water bait. Black is a safe color that almost always works and the bull Frog color is a proven producer on the local lake.

👤Muy buen articulo, el movimiento de las patas atrae, y su color oscuro funciona, tiene una resistente.

👤Don't buy it, it won't catch water.

👤The product was delivered in one month.

2. Zoom Bait Albert Bait Pack Pumpkin

Zoom Bait Albert Bait Pack Pumpkin

The country of origin is the United States. Versatile bait can be manipulated many ways. The big ribbon tail creates a lot of action. Salt is used to make fish hold on for that extra time. The model number is 011-013.

Brand: Zoom Bait

👤I just move through the available colors until the hook-ups begin. Usually no weight, just cast to bank, let fall naturally, short, quick jerks, pause, reel a bit, short jerk reel a bit, set hook and enjoy the tussle. These are the most reliable soft baits I've used. They hold up well and have not disappointed. The fish are on.

👤I used it as a trailer. There is a June bug color in the morning. After tossing it out in the water, I retrieved it and let it sink for a bit. Near the shore! A bass slammed my jig. I think it works.

👤I love Fat Albert grubs. It's ridiculous to catch so many largemouth bass on these things. I let them drift slowly to the bottom of the local ponds and almost never make it to the bottom untouched. They are strong. Pickerel, yellow perch, and catfish are good for a good number of fish before needing to be replaced. If you want to get a birds nest, you need to use a swivel or untwirl before you cast again, because they tend to twirl around when you retrieve them.

👤Two stars because they are not 5 inches as listed. They are listed as 3 as well.

👤When we were fishing, we tried this lure. Caught everything, including Bass. Great lure.

👤I have been using this product in the Delaware River for two years and I always catch small mouth with it.

👤For an hour or so. You can switch to these with 5 cast 5 Bass. These are torn up by the bass. Every 4-5 catches, I had to put on a new one. It was used with the black jig head.

👤Bass like these things. These are my go-to bait when everything else fails.

👤My tacto is irresistible a las lobinas.

3. Zoom Super Craw Pack Junebug 3 75 Inch

Zoom Super Craw Pack Junebug 3 75 Inch

The country of origin is the United States. It can be fished by itself or as a trailer on a jig. loppy Claws move around in water. Salt Impregnated bait will make fish hold on for more time and give you more hook ups.

Brand: Zoom Bait

👤The Z-man Project Z Weedless ChatterBait and the Zoom Super Speed Craws are a perfect combo. The size and color match up perfectly. This combo will work for bass year round. Product arrived on time and I would purchase it again.

👤I like flipping these on a 1/2oz weight. The fall rate is slowed by the claws. It's great for working grass lines.

👤Better to flip on a lake than a river.

👤The best soft bait I have ever used. After catching one fish, I caught another. It was the best bait to use to skim along the surface. Right now, order more.

👤I live in Jacksonville. The Watermelon Candy and the June bug have been used by me. I have to buy a new bass after every hook up. Reds love them. I fish them on a Texas rig. I love them.

👤The action draws out the fish.

👤A small package and value. The action in the water was great and the trailer was amazing.

4. Berkley PBBPW7 PLC PowerBait Power Worms

Berkley PBBPW7 PLC PowerBait Power Worms

For more than two-and-a-half decades, Culprit has been a proven leader. On the fall, the ribbon tail design swims with twitches and short hops. The texture is irresistible to fish. It's ideal for fishing your favorite lakes, rivers and streams.

Brand: Berkley

👤Berkley was tried and true. Good job, Berkley. These are reliable and will last. They have given me a good deal without having to go to Walmart or Bass Pro. I go fishing with my husband. I reached him how to fish again. These keep on going.

👤The action in this plastic is insane. You better hold on as well. suttles twitch and drop to catch any method used. It is durable, but not indestructible. After 5 fish ranging was destroyed, just reached into the pack and was ready for more. Every bag has value.

👤They are two different things. Sometimes the green tail comes off. Bass love them and you can swim or rig them.

👤It was worth the money. Excellent quality.

👤I like the early delivery. The product was as I expected.

5. Toasis Fishing Plastic Assorted Colors

Toasis Fishing Plastic Assorted Colors

It's a great gift for men in holidays and festivals, as well as a great gift for fathers, husbands, boyfriends, family and friends who love fishing. 60pcs/pack, 5 colors, 12 colors being sent randomly. The length is 2.76in and the weight is 1/14oz. Jig head hooks or offset hooks are perfect for swirl tail. Excellent for catching smallmouth bass, rainbow trout, Asian carp and many other fish.

Brand: Toasis

👤It was a good item. The product was good. The listing is not accurate.

👤Really nice pieces of equipment. Did it say that it didn't catch the part? So they are small.

6. Zoom UltraVibe Worm Pack Watermelon 5 75 Inch

Zoom UltraVibe Worm Pack Watermelon 5 75 Inch

The ribbed body feels realistic. The tail of the fish has unique characteristics. Salt Impregnated bait will make fish hold on for that extra time to get you more hook ups. The country of origin is the United States.

Brand: Zoom Bait

👤I have fished these baits many times in my career as a bass fisherman, in all types of conditions and cover. I think these baits are worth what they are worth. They work well in many situations and are more versatile than they appear. I assume the majority of Florida bass fisherman use Ultra-Vibe Speed Worms frequently if they have some in their tackle. The baits are made from quality plastic with a good salt content, distinguishable coloring and flake, and consistency in mold and appendages. The best baits to use are topwater or on a Texas rig, but you can also use a weightless stick-bait. Many, many bass were caught using a variety of methods. If you like experimental rigs, you can even do that. My favorite way to fish these topwater is with a 1/16 oz black bullet weight with a tail flap that is oriented up on a 3/0-4/0 hook and a steady retrieve. I like these on a pegged 1/2 oz with the tail either way on a 3/0-4/0 hook, or even a retrieve. Bass fishing tips can be taken with a grain of salt. I think these baits increase your chances of catching bass in an area that you know there are bass to be caught. I don't think five stars is enough in my experience in Florida.

👤The best plastic worm you can buy. The Texas rig has been my best success. After casting, hop it back.

👤I use this lure with my baitcaster. It works and moves well. It looks like a major brand of lures. A nice large mouth bass was caught on this. 5 stars!

👤It is a good deal to order just one package. The price triples if you try to get more than on. buyer beware

👤The worm works well if the tail stays on.

👤It was delivered to my door step, but it was paid a little more than the outdoor shop. The zoom speed worms are great for bass fishing.

👤This plastic is great for trailer hooks. Good material.

7. Zoom Magnum Worm Pack Pumpkin 7 Inch

Zoom Magnum Worm Pack Pumpkin 7 Inch

The Floating Worm is the largest of its kind. A larger version of the worm. Salt is used to make fish hold on for that extra time. The model number is 115-025.

Brand: Zoom Bait

👤I tried the green pumpkin trick worms. I caught a bass on my first cast. I caught 7 bass this morning after fishing for three hours. I missed a few hits. The bass was crazy for these worms. The worm is working very slowly. I watched him hit the worm after catching one in shallow water. The worm was not moving when the bass hit it. It takes very little movement to get their attention. If you work this worm too fast, you will miss some good bites. This product is very good.

👤I've had some good results with a Carolina rig when I've used the magnum trick worms. I like to fish them in 10 feet or so. During the summer, trick worms and Ole monsters don't have as much action and fish don't seem to be scared of them. The best results have been provided by brown, black, and green.

👤I bought more of them at Walmart for $3.48 per bag, the same color and size as before.

👤The worm was great for Carolina rigging. Highly recommend!

👤After the fall bite on a Ned Rig with TRD slowed, I went to a Neko rigged worm and got lots of action during the winter months.

👤The color code 19 is always used by me. They love Largemouth Bass and I have had great success catching them. I usually go with the 6 inch, but this time I got the 7 inch, which was nice for casting. If you are fishing for largeys, you should use these.

👤Good product. There is a lot of fun to fish.

8. Culprit C720 48 Original 2 Inch 18 Pack

Culprit C720 48 Original 2 Inch 18 Pack

The country of origin is the United States. The tail moves in the water. Natural action attracts fish. Measures 7 inches. For more than two-and-a-half decades, Culprit has been a proven leader.

Brand: Culprit

👤I was not expecting it to be this long, but I was told by my brothers that it was. I am in Alabama. Definitely correct!

👤I love this worm. It's perfect for bass fishing.

👤Lifelike action. Hold up well. The worms are great for bass fishing.

👤There is a lot of action with these worms.

👤The purple worm is always counted on.

👤I received my Junebug worms. The package only has 18 worms, not 20. The Junebug color has been a great culprit worm for me this season. I would give the worm 5 stars, but only 3 for the wrong description. There is a lot of tail action at slow speeds.

9. Zoom Bait Bait Pack Watermelon 6 Inch

Zoom Bait Bait Pack Watermelon 6 Inch

It's recommended for saltwater fishing. Can be used with other rigs. Not sure what to use? A cross between lizards, Craws, and a worm is called a hog. It can be fished in many ways. Salt Impregnated bait will make fish hold on for that extra time to get you more hook ups. The country of origin is the United States.

Brand: Zoom Bait

👤The beasts had to hammer these bates on a football jig. The biggest catch of the year was the second one, a 3.37 pound large mouth. They are in the water.

👤The larger version of the brush hog is what this is. Excellent product. It doesn't seem to be as productive as the version one size down here in Florida. It's likely to target bigger fish, so it needs to be more patient.

👤These are huge. This isn't your product if you are looking for the smaller size. The bait was fresh. These are eaten by bass in my area. I have to order more.

👤The first time I fished with it, I caught several bass. It can be used with weight or without in shallow water.

👤Can only find the baby brush hog at the big box store. I believe they stopped making the full sized version. These are killers on the Large Mouth bass in my neck of the woods. Love them.

👤I would love to find a pure black one. At certain times, these things work well. Sometimes they want a smaller bait.

👤This is the most successful soft plastic I have ever used. I catch bass that are the same size as 5 lbs. A Texas rig has a light bullet weight. Pumpkin, green, black, and other natural colors are what I like.

👤The brush hog is not that durable, but I love it. The June bug is the favorite color.

10. Zoom 005025 Lizard Pum Packin 15 Pack

Zoom 005025 Lizard Pum Packin 15 Pack

A lizard that is Slender. Features curly tail and free moving legs. It's great for spawning fish, shakey heads and Carolina rigs. It isdurable and long lasting.

Brand: Zoom Bait

👤The best lures for catching small mouth on the creek are these. They are getting harder to find. Thanks to Amazon.

👤I haven't caught a fish yet, but they're what I expected.

👤My son pulled the legs off of the lizard and casted it out, but it was taken by surprise, he had no time to engage his reel.

👤I haven't used them yet, but they look like they would.

👤They are durable and have three hookups each.

👤Excellent item. Just as advertised.

👤The lures are what they were expected to be. The color is great. Will buy again. Thanks!

👤Aparece en la foto. Ao con gran movimiento. He logré una captura.

11. SundayPro Fishing Swimbaits Freshwater Saltwater

SundayPro Fishing Swimbaits Freshwater Saltwater

Meet your needs. The variety size and shape of the lures will make it easier to catch fish in different environments. 100PCS SundayPro Soft Fishing Lures are soft fishing swimbaits. There are 10 glitter double colors, every color 10 in a box. Soft baits have bright luster and flashes underwater. The soft swimbaits have a flat high-action paddle tail which helps flap and vibrate with a hard thump, making it easier to attract fish. The soft fishing lures are made of high quality plastic and have no odor. A scented attractant attached to the whole body of the lure makes it so smooth and creates a more positive fishing effect. The Hook Slot is designed with colorful glitter. The hook slot is designed to be on top and in the belly for easier rigging and better hook sets, and to help bury the hook-point and make it easier to rig it with a classic jig-head or offset hook. 10 colors of glitter reflect the light from all directions for better-attracting fish and triggering more strikes. It's the best gift to give to a family member. It is the perfect size for bass. It's great for bass, panfish, pike, walleye, perch, musky, redfish, crappies, trout, striper, mackerel, crappie, catfish, black fish,Mandarin fish and more.

Brand: Sundaypro

👤We were trying to figure out what they were biting on. My husband had a couple of these in the tackle box and I put one of them in the bingo. I ordered this set after we came home. While everyone else was using real minnows, I was using these. I was the only one who caught a bass. While they are messing with the hooks, I could just grab my pole and go, and usually had a fish on before they even had a line in.

👤The colors are what I was expecting. The tail should get good action because they are very flexible. Some of the plastic in the packages have permanently bent bodies and or tails. There is a I would have given it five stars if it wasn't for that. Berkeley used to make this plastic, but it is no longer made. I think this will catch fish once the spring arrives. I'm in Minnesota.

👤These are nice. Started using these instead of shrimp flies and squid strips. They caught a few rockfish. The color selection and quantity are great for the price.

👤The colors are amazing. It was the right size for my ultralight. I'm ready to try them when I return from my vacation next week.

👤The product was good. I ordered 100 pieces. I only received 28 pieces, so whoever fulfilled my order doesn't know how to count. Wow! As always, Amazon stood by what they said and gave me a full refund.

👤Love them. I caught a bass in the silver and white cast. The chanteuse and white and red and yellow were deadly.

👤Way to small for a bass.


What is the best product for bulk zoom fishing baits?

Bulk zoom fishing baits products from Zoom Bait. In this article about bulk zoom fishing baits you can see why people choose the product. Berkley and Toasis are also good brands to look for when you are finding bulk zoom fishing baits.

What are the best brands for bulk zoom fishing baits?

Zoom Bait, Berkley and Toasis are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bulk zoom fishing baits. Find the detail in this article.

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