Best Cuban Yoyo Hand Fishing Reel

Reel 10 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Yoyito Aluminum Pocket Travel Fishing

Yoyito Aluminum Pocket Travel Fishing

Can be hung or nailed to a tree. 20 lbs of tournament grade fishing line. 2x small, 2x medium, 2x large circle hooks and 2x large J hooks. 2x 1/2 oz bank and 1x 1oz egg sinkers. The barrel is medium in size. The package is in your pocket. The pouch has a MOLLE attachment and two inside pockets.

Brand: Yoyito

👤I went to the lake by my house this weekend after grabbing my Yoyito reel and bag of soft plastic lures. When I walked up to the dock, one of the teenagers snickered: "What's that guy doing?" He doesn't have a rod. The joke was on them, because 20 minutes later I hauled this bass out of the water, using nothing but 6 lbs. A mono line, a good hook and a watermelon-green fluke. I use my Yoyito reel all season. The Yoyito is an example of a simple tool that I value. I bring my Yoyito, a few high-quality hooks in different sizes, a handful of small weights, maybe a little float, and a small bag of bait or plastic when I go to the lake. It makes you feel like you're on equal footing with the fish, which is a lot more fun for me. The design and execution of this thing is perfect. The polished aluminum casts like a dream. I can cast a lure 30 yards. I have a small pouch in my pocket. The Yoyito forces you to focus on learning the basics of fishing, and not worry about gear. Picking the right bait is important to finding the fish in the lake. The Yoyito will make you a better fisherman even if you only use a rod and reel.

👤Can't wait to try this thing, thank you so much. I tried it out in the back yard and got a good cast, but it took me a bit to get used to it. It's time to try it out in the ocean. A carry case is nice and portable.

👤This is a very handsome version of the Cuban yoyo. It's high quality, but it's a bit expensive. It's easy to cast. Take it wherever you want.

👤It was very will made. It's a great addition to your backpack.

👤The freshwater model I bought with the black storage bag is the same model that the review fits. The reel is only 3.5 inches in diameter and 13 inches deep. The item description did not include this size information. The size is important because it shows you how small the reel is. At the time of this review, the saltwater and freshwater reels are the same size. The line weight and terminal tackle are the same between freshwater and saltwater. The reel is made from aircraft grade aluminum and has a gold finish. The open side where the line comes off during casting is smooth and perfect for casting lighter lures and it also reduces line wear. It can still be cast a long way even with it's small size. I have been considering buying a hand line reel for a while, but I was able to get the last two Amazon had in stock. I was very happy that I didn't miss out. The freshwater model comes with 20# test mono-filament line and some hooks and sinkers. A nice little bag was used to hold the hooks and sinkers. I only use the bag itself when fishing with artificial baits, because I almost never fish with anything other than artificial baits. The 20# test is too heavy for me. I replaced it with 200 yards of P-line C21 so it would cast light farther. I will use weight lures of between 1/6 oz. and 1/2 oz. And a quarter ounce. I will be using it for crappie and sand bass which don't get big enough to need heavier line. I have been using 4# test on my ultra lite spinning reels for several years and it's an extreme rarity to have my line broken by a fish so even with no drag control, I feel perfectly confident with 8# test on the hand line reel. I'm going to put a 6# test on the second one. I attached it to my wrist with a nice lanyard so that it wouldn't go over. I wondered why some manufacturers didn't make a pocket-able and well made reel when I was thinking about buying a hand line reel. As soon as I saw these on Amazon, I knew they were what I was looking for and I have no disappointment with it. Most of the other models that I could find are made of plastic or a combination of plastic and rubber. All were larger than I wanted. I couldn't find a pocket size. When I watched a video on the collapsible model that the manufacturer recommends you wet the spool before casting to make the line slide off easier, I realized it was not only bigger than I wanted, but probably wouldn't work for me. The need to wet the spool is a serious flaw. The Yoyito reel and light line can cast a small lure without the need to wet it. I mainly fish with a rod and reel. I keep a couple of rods with spinning reels in my car and that won't change. I wanted to use the Yoyito reel when the mood was good. I only tried it on the water one time, and it took me about 20 minutes to get to the shore. I was able to learn how to cast it proficiently and even caught a crappie and a sand bass on a 3/16 oz blade lure. If you're thinking of buying a hand line reel, I'd recommend buying a Yoyito. You won't find another brand like this at any price. The aluminum Yoyito is the best hand line reel in the world.

2. Challenge 50153 Hand Reel 9 Inch

Challenge 50153 Hand Reel 9 Inch

A black finish. Comes ready to have the line added. A Cuban reel is also known as a Yo-Yo.

Brand: Challenge

👤I got my first yoyo a couple of weeks ago. The bucket is called the Gator Bucket. I decided to try other brands after getting some more. I ordered all of them in the same order. The 9 came today, not all at the same time. It took forever. The box can hold six or more. The part where the line goes has stickers on it. The Gator bucket is larger. The walls are smaller and the width is smaller at the bottom of the line channel. It probably has less line capacity than that. I have 200' of braided seine twine on the Gator that has room for mono on top of it. I don't think I'll get half that. The hand feels better with the bucket in it. It fills my hands up well, while this one is small. There are little finger undulations on the inner grip ring. I don't like that. They are not really pokey. This one looks like the Gator Bucket, but it is not. Get the bucket or not.

👤I hold over 100' of paracord. I was looking for something to help with line control for the paracord attached to the anchor for my kayak and this was perfect. I made a single knot so the cord wouldn't pull out after I drilled a hold through the bottom. The end of the paracord is attached to the kayak and the rest of the cord is wrapped around the reel. It is easy to hand reel the cord back in and store it when needed.

👤These are easy to use. YOu hold them in one hand and control the other. It's better to tilt it to let the string off during a cast. You have total control without gears. It's cheap and doesn't require a rod. It's easy to take the car. I don't get tangles. I would not fly fish with it. After some practice runs, kids do well with it. Everyone in the family can fish with my set.

👤This reel is not very good. The parts of the mold that were used to make it are not perfect. The result is many prominent seams and sharp bits of thin plastic flashing that seeped between the cracks during manufacture. It can be made functional with a piece of sandpaper and some work, as others have said, but it won't hold up if used as delivered, and it will tangle the line wound on it. It's not a 9-inch reel. It's a little more than 8.25. The line is wrapped around it in a diameter of 7.25" That is a reasonable size, but it is not 9.

👤I will not be using this for fishing. I pull the fish up from over 100 feet down. They have to be lowered to below 60 feet before they can swim. I have a release mechanism but it is difficult to remove the rig on my pole, attach the mechanism, hook the fish and lower it, and then replant my rig. The mechanism under my kayak's seat can be used to release one fish while lowering my line to catch a legal sized replacement. This is not flimsy. I could notch it to hold it. It functions just as I imagined it to.

3. Yoyito Aluminum Pocket Travel Fishing

Yoyito Aluminum Pocket Travel Fishing

The product is a fishing reel. The reel is aircraft grade. All weather finish. It's ultra compact and fits in your pocket. There is a case with PAL webbing for the MOLLE attachment. There is a pocket for accessories in the case.

Brand: Yoyito

👤It's definitely not the cheapest, but the quality of the reel and the pouch are definitely worth the price, I've got over 100 rod and reels, like 20 different Cuban yoyos, a couple hobo handlines, pen fishing rods, and more. It's the only fishing accessory that fits in my pocket. This one is comfortable. It is the only thing I will have on me. It makes the price worth it. If a travel fishing device can't travel, what's the point?

👤This product is very nice. It was designed and made in the USA. That means something to me. Rather pay more for a USA made product. I have some 30lb test mono on it, but may trade for braided in the future. I want to keep it in my pack. We've hiked into the high country before where we saw fish jumping or swimming by the shore. We wish we had a pole with us. The Yoyito will allow me to get a hook and bait into the water. I've seen videos of people using it. Have not used it yet, but did some practice casts. It will work well on piers. Try and make a wrist lanyard out of the 550 cord. I hate to see my Yoyito disappear into the water after a nice hit.

👤The Yoyito is a small piece of fishing gear. My son became obsessed with handline fishing. I started using it because he is way young for it. We go fishing a few times a month. If my son had his way, it would be daily. The cast is easy to understand. You think the retrieve is easy. You definitely won't be using spinner baits. It is very well made and fits in my hand. Get the one with line and hooks with the extra money. It has been fun trying to catch a fish with it. When I land my first fish, I will be hook. Happy fishing!

👤A small reel. There are no moving parts that break or malfunction. If you have large hands, that could be an issue. It is small enough to hold a lot of line. I put a lot of line on it. Once you get used to it, it casts smoothly. It was like a spinning reel with all of the excess removed. A good piece of equipment.

👤This thing is beautiful. It's much nicer than wrapping your line around an old beer can. Once set up to your liking, it travels fully rigged and ready to go in it's own pouch. If you spot a promising fishing hole while driving, you can toss it in your glovebox and be ready. Your wife will not mind waiting in the car. Her brother's funeral isn't over for an hour. The family will understand. When you gotta fish, you gotta fish! Be happy if you get one.

👤There was a previous video of this product. Liked it. A simple packable fishing system works well to get the line and bait into the water. It works well for tight spots where a rod and reel are impractical. Practice to learn how to use.

4. Piscifun Fishing Spinning Spooling Automatic

Piscifun Fishing Spinning Spooling Automatic

Christmas Gifts for Men and Women. The patent line spooler is being sold by Piscifun. Piscifun logo will be illegal if any spoolers without it are used. A must have for a fisherman. It's a clever tool for loading your reel with braid or mono, or for tying a #6 fish hook, which can cause line slips and tangles. You don't need a pencil or wife to hold the reel. A quality built product. The Line Winder works well with both wide and narrow spools. There is a 3/8 in. The Mono / Braid Line string spools have smaller diameter center holes. When winding a baitcater reel, make sure to tighten the wheel fastening on the tip and let the reel spin. The Line Winder is portable. You can carry it no matter where you go, as long as it's in your car. The Piscifun Reels and Line are only for reference, they are not included in the package.

Brand: Piscifun

👤This is the first line spool-er I have ever owned and I have a feeling it will be my last. This thing is a beast. Excellent build quality is what it is. Strong and stable. It takes a little getting used to but it works perfectly. It would be okay if you ran this over with a truck. This line should rank up with the best. There is an update. I discovered something that I think is worth mentioning after having the line spooler for a few weeks. I uploaded a video explaining my findings.

👤The ten reels were damaged in the Florida Keys after Hurricane Irma. They ranged in weight from 8 to 80 lbs. This is not an enjoyable task. It's too time consuming and results in some tangled line. That task was made easier by this tool. It takes a couple of reels to understand the pace that is needed to have the reel rotation at the proper speed. The line is tangle free. I expected my spinning reels to fit on the device, but I didn't expect to be able to mount a Penn Senator. Adding 700+ yards of braid was much easier because it was handled easily. The old fashioned method of adding thumb tension on the line as the reel is turned is tighter than this. It would be perfect if they could automate the reel so it wouldn't turn 700 yards.

👤My initial negative review was a little bit of experimentation. I was initially unhappy with the lack of untwisting ability on bait casting or flat reels. A tight even wrap was produced by careful placement of the reel. The product is much quicker and easier than any I have used before. My apologies to the mfg for the hasty review.

👤This is the best reel spooling device I have ever tried, and I finally got a chance to use it. The way the action works on this thing makes it easy to use a spinning reel and a bait caster. It eliminates a lot of line twist when it spins the line as it unwinds, which makes it a better toy for cats and dogs than having a dancing line turn into a knot on the floor. You should watch a video on how to set it up. It wasn't intuitive to me but once I watched someone set it up, it was a cake walk. I wish it had a line counter. I knew how much I was adding.

👤A genius design. This tool is worth a lot. Since receiving this, I've re-spooled all my reels and it provides the same results each and every time I use it. Load line with ease if you adjust the line tension to where you want. The same ease of use can be achieved with the same materials. The design allows the fresh line to go onto the reel with the same curl or memory as it comes off the factory spool. You will spend more time stripping old line than you will re-spooling fresh line. If you're challenged with re-spooling, get yourself one of these.

5. KastKing Counter Trolling Fishing Baitcasting

KastKing Counter Trolling Fishing Baitcasting

The KastKing Brutus Spincaster style spinning reel has more fishing line capacity than competitive push button reels, which means you can make longer casts, fish for more species in deeper water conditions, and simply have a better fishing experience. It comes pre-spooled with 160 yards of 10lb test KastKing Premium Monofilament fishing line so it is ready to go fishing right out of the box. It's great as a trout fishing reel or bass fishing reel. The ReKon Line Counter Trolling Reel is new from KastKing. ReKon conventional reels are perfect for many species of fish. Both feature a mechanical line counter that can be used to keep your bait in the exact zone that is producing fish over and over. The ReKon baitcasting reels are designed for tough conditions and use the best components. KastKing uses 3 double shielded ball bearings in high stress points and an Instant anti-reverse bearing for trouble-free operation. The main gears and worm shafts are made of brass. The line guide shaft is made of high quality steel. The ReKon Line Counter round casting reels use a smooth, carbon disc drag that delivers 30 lbs of fish stopping power. The function of the line clicker makes it easy to release the planer boards. You can use it as a strike detection system. The ratio is 5.1:1 on the size 10 and 5.3:1 on the size 20. The great line capacity was kept as compact as possible while still giving tons of line capacity to the angler. The size 10 and 20 ReKon cast reels can hold over 250 yards of 20 lbs. mono or about 10 colors of Micro Leadcore line. The handles on the two models are different for a reason. The size 10 ReKon is mostly used for Kokanee, Walleye and Trout, so KastKing included a comfortable double paddle handle with EVA grips. The larger size 20 reel has a single Power Handle with a comfortable round knob that gives more leverage for larger fish and longer retrieves for Salmon, Steelhead, Lake Trout, Striped Bass, or other uses such as a catfish reel that require more fishing line.

Brand: Kastking

👤I was a bit underwhelmed by the quality of the packages after reading reviews and hearing things from a charter captain that swears by these reels. I brought them salmon fishing on lake Superior. The line counters on 2 of the 3 reels malfunctioned and wouldn't count when the line was spooled out. I expected a Chinese knock-off of the Okuma Coldwater and I was told they did it. It was cheaper than both. It got 3 stars because they are inexpensive and can be used to reeling in a medium sized king salmon and a steelhead. We will see how they hold up over time. If you don't need the line counter feature, they might be worth the investment if I can get the counter to work properly.

👤I would rate the reel around a 3.5 and support a 5. I was very pleased with the feel of the reel when I first got it, it fit and finish seemed really good for the money. I needed a line counter so the reel would be useless if I started using it. I contacted the support team via email and they requested a picture or video of the problem. I sent the information to them and they sent me a replacement reel a week after I sent the original one. They were easy to work with. The line counter is working. I have only tested it a few times at my home. I will update my review if things change. If it continues to work after some use. I'll probably buy one more. I like the look and feel of the reel, it feels solid, and I like the placement of everything on it.

👤I have 2 and the reel is nice. Use it for striper fishing, troll planers and have pulled in fish over 30 lbs. The drag on this reel is odd because when I troll it I set it so that if a fish is hooked it can take the line but if you tighten the drag it will not take the line. You would think there is more. If you know how to play a fish, you're good. It takes some getting used to. All and all is a good reel.

👤This thing is great. The 20 series is a big reel. The power handle is not available on the smaller version. The drag and clicker sound good. I have over 1000 ft of 50 lbs. There is not enough room for any more lines on it. It's not possible to ask for more in a line counter reel. Especially at this price.

👤The line counters on both reels don't work at all after 2 uses. 2 were bought for striped bass. Line counter on these reels are unreliable and inaccurate. It might read you only put out 18 feet after putting out 20 feet of line. You pulled in 19 feet instead of 18 when you reel in the same 20 feet line again. The bearings in one of the reels started to feel rough. The drag was the only thing that felt nice on the reel. For the price, I will probably just put out the extra money for a quality reel and get a separate line counter. If you want all of the features for a really low price, the reel is not the worst in the world.

6. Mechanical Fishers Fishing Package TRIGGER

Mechanical Fishers Fishing Package TRIGGER

The handles on the two models are different for a reason. The size 10 ReKon is mostly used for Kokanee, Walleye and Trout, so KastKing included a comfortable double paddle handle with EVA grips. The larger size 20 reel has a single Power Handle with a comfortable round knob that gives more leverage for larger fish and longer retrieves for Salmon, Steelhead, Lake Trout, Striped Bass, or other uses such as a catfish reel that require more fishing line. The Flat Trigger mechanism is very sensitive. The frame is made of galvanized steel. Pre-Spooled with 12 to 18' of Test nylon line. The tension of the spring.

Brand: Yo Yo Reel

👤There was no paperwork when mine arrived in a plastic bag. They are not the same as the picture. Different brand. I am not saying that is a bad thing, but it is odd. Instructions would have been nice. The action is smooth and they seem to be decent quality. They are not allowed to use in my state. I knew it was going in. They are going into my emergency gear box. It will not be possible to give a review based on actual use. Right now. Have to be prepared for an emergency. wink, wink I think I would buy again. It seems like a reasonable gamble. Thank you for reading.

👤It looks like it should work the same, but it doesn't look the same as the photo. It says Fisher company. I don't know if it's a fish with a s. It also says it's made in Missouri. I believe the original ones are made in Arkansas. The instructions did not come in the same packaging. I hope it's not a knock off that will not perform like the original one, but it does say it is made in USA.

👤Not much. Spring doesn't seem to be strong enough to catch a large fish. These things were very popular with the serious fishermen in Arkansas when I was a boy. If you got out on the lake early in the morning, you would find the trees full of fish. It's fascinating.

👤These are great for camping. Set the spring and bait your hook by tying it up to a branch. It has a success rate of 70% when using a treble hook and dough bait on the bottom and a success rate of 90% when using a baitholder, shad and bobber. We caught 5 fish without even fishing in the time it took to set up camp. These are great for anyone who wants to catch fish without having to wait in line. It's highly recommended for docks and shorelines.

👤It's pretty cool. I haven't tried to use them yet. They are in good working order. When they wind back up, don't pull too hard to set them off. Will catch a fish with a hook. Make time to play with them.

👤Can't wait to try them out!

👤I was skeptical, but I was able to get a bluegill with wax worms off the dock after testing these. This was on a private pond. The item is great for the bag. It's necessary to rig something like a wood stake or something to use off of land for the side of a canoe or dock.

👤I put these in my bag. It is a wonderful invention that allows you to fish while doing other things. Attach it to a tree and leave it. You can collect your fish when you come back later. Purchase several and you will have a better chance of having a fresh meal for the evening. I wish I had invented it.

7. Mechanical Fishers Fishing Reels Trigger

Mechanical Fishers Fishing Reels Trigger

A Cuban reel is also known as a Yo-Yo. The Trigger mechanism is very sensitive. The frame is made of galvanized steel. Pre-Spooled with 12 to 18' of Test nylon line. The tension of the spring.

Brand: Yo Yo Reel

👤I bought yos in March. The new springs were reviewed. I was impressed that they wouldn't rust. The older style spring version can get some rust on the springs, but it will last a lifetime. I decided to go with the best. The mechanical fisher has a spring. I ordered 30 for myself and 30 for my brother. They arrived quickly. I noticed that some of the yos were not recoiling. The instructions that came with them gave instructions on how to fix it. I followed the instructions. I felt the tension recoil as I pulled it out. The older style had a smooth play. I took them out to use. Some were pinched again and had to be adjusted to work properly. I only set out a few and they worked well, but some were pinched and needed to be fixed. This was annoying because I realized that all of the new yos will have to be adjusted at some point. They stayed wet for 3 days because it rained on them. Wow. They aren't water safe. The yos got a white stain on the spring that was not rust. The yo started acting up after it was a bit gummy. I am writing about the new springs. They may never rust, but they appear to have quality control issues. The main purpose of the yo is to set the hook and catch a fish. Depending on the type of fish you are targeting, it needs to be possible to do this with different depths and hook sets. The spring does a poor job. It sets the hook very hard if you want to pull out 5 ft of line. It's fine for catfish, but if you adjust it for crappie it won't pull the crappie all the way up before it stopps and you lose the fish. If you adjust it to pull it all the way to the top of the water it will rip the hook out. You don't have the ability to adjust for your fishing needs this spring. It fails at times and pinches. It is very frustrating. I paid for a quality product, but it wasn't what I got. The quality of the cheaper ones of years past is not what my brother said about the 30 I gave him. The hole that you put your line through to hand is small and limits what line you can use. I gave it one star for the speed it arrived and the instructions on how to fix it when it pinches. I gave it another star because I think the new flattrigger is more sensitive.

👤I bought these twice and set them out for 24 catfish. Anything larger than 1 lbs will be tired out fighting on the hook unless it can throw the hook. The spot without the end of the line is a set spot. The hole to the left is where you clip in the large barrel clip to attach the parachute cord. I set mine at a 6 foot length for catfish to extend the spring to its fullest and hand winding up until I have a 6 foot length, this increases the spring pull. White perch have less tension. Have used these to catch hundreds of fish.

8. Mechanical Fishers Yo Fishing Package

Mechanical Fishers Yo Fishing Package

The product is a fishing reel. The Flat Trigger mechanism is very sensitive. The frame is made of galvanized steel. Pre-Spooled with 12 to 18' of Test nylon line. The tension of the spring.

Brand: Yo Yo Reel

👤The yoyo reels are great for fishing. I have caught many fish and turtles with these. I recommend tying a large knot at the end of the rope so that your fish doesn't get pulled out of the water overnight. Adding a steal leader with a hook makes it easier to detach the fish from the reel. One tip would be to use a steel leader to attach it to whatever you anchor it to, rather than using the little rope ties they provide. It makes for a simpler setting and gives you a better idea of what you're going to get with it.

👤I keep these in my bag as a survival tool. They seem to be made in the U.S., and will do the job of catching fish while leaving me time to do other things. There was no instructions included. The yo yo's didn't come with enough line to hang from tree limbs, so be sure to keep some bank line handy. Overall, happy with the purchase.

👤This product is for you. It's definitely not safe to packaged or sealed up. A mess! Instructions were used on the paper.

👤I tied one up on a tree limb next to where I was fishing and didn't expect to catch a fish, but I did and it was on the limb. I didn't catch anything this day, but the yoyo works well, turtles seem to set it off without hooking, so watch out for those.

👤I haven't seen these since I was a kid. I ran across them. I have caught a lot of fish with them.

👤It's so cool. It's a must for a get home bag. I put one in every family member's backpack.

👤The product is good. These were bought for a food acquisition. It works well. It is definitely worth the cost.

👤It is easy to apply to a fishing rod, just add a lead and a hook.

9. Challenge 50282 Yo Yo Assorted Colors

Challenge 50282 Yo Yo Assorted Colors

The package is 15.494 cm long. The package is 15.494 cm wide. The package is 5.334 cm high. The product is a fishing reel.

Brand: Challenge

👤I have been using these for over 30 years to fish from the coast, on piers, from boats, kayaks, and so on. I am not going to argue if you need a rod, if you don't know then that is what you need. I have caught saltwater fish of all kinds and sizes with the line. Not for kids of any age, is large for their hands even a small size yo-yo like this one, not at least until they know how to coordinate their movements / hands in sync properly as manual work is required to cast, retrieve the line, and know what to do when you There is a I have never owned a fishing rod, so if you like to think outside the box, give it a try.

👤This thing is perfect for a man or woman who needs a spare fishing pole tucked under his truck seat. I have grown to love my own. I shaved the little bit of manufacturing quality control plastic from the seem lines which I was expecting from a low price product. I loaded mine with Walmart braided line. It took more than a typical fishing pole. I did not need to put that much on there. I wanted a lot on there. A clasp combo is attached to my line. I have found that using 30lb leaders for a weak point for the line to break in a snag has worked well for me. It's perfect for crabbing or fishing.

👤I am very impressed with this hand reel. The quality is nice. The modifications took a couple minutes. I shaved down the mold line with a razor and cut two line holders in the back lip. I used electrical tape. I tied 30 lbs flouro to my bait and used 30 lbs mono. My first casts in the yard were about 30 yards. You can stop the line with your thumb. Next week, I will be fishing with these.

👤You can either put it in your carry-on or in your glove box, and then add some string, a weight, and a hook, and you're fishing! When we're on vacation, my husband likes to fish, but when we fly there isn't room for his pole. In Puerto Vallarta, we watched locals catch big fish, one after another, using one of these, and then walked all over downtown trying to find one for sale, but didn't. I ordered one for my husband and son because Amazon sells them.

👤Aunque la foto se ve dos uno solo...bastante rustico, poco pulido, creo. Para adulto, buen tamao.

👤I'm not sure if they are the same brand. I ordered three of them, two in the 9" size and one in the 5" size. I gave a negative review after I received the 9. My first review. I thought it was important to give a positive review. The 6 looks very different from the 9. It's never a good idea to know if you get things on places like Amazon. I'm not sure if they are the same brand. The 9" I received looked nothing like the picture or what I wanted, as well as being too small, smaller than a 9 of another brand. These two are just like the picture, and were what I wanted. I would definitely recommend them, I will probably be getting a few more. They will probably hold over 300' of mono line. I'm looking forward to having some catfish on these. There is a chance of hooking something much larger than an eater. If you're not sure, go for it. I think you will be happy.

10. Yoyito Aluminum Pocket Travel Fishing

Yoyito Aluminum Pocket Travel Fishing

The package is 6 inches in width. 30 lbs of tournament grade fishing line. 2x small, 2x medium, 2x large circle hooks and 2x large J hooks. 2x 1/2 oz bank and 1x 1oz egg sinkers. The barrel is medium in size. The package is in your pocket. The pouch has a MOLLE attachment and two inside pockets.

Brand: Yoyito

👤First impressions are very positive. It feels good in the hand, it's easy to use, and it has a high quality appearance. I practiced it for a few minutes yesterday and feel good about taking it on my next camping trips. It's so basic and light that there is no reason to stop fishing on a random trip. This is what I was looking for. Telescoping rods are still bigger than I wanted. I wanted something that would work, so I didn't want to make my own kit. I haven't taken this out on the water yet, but I'm more interested in the maker of this product than I am in catching fish with it. Can't wait to try it. The Yoyito is very good.

👤It's a bit smaller than I thought, but my finger fit in the holes. I went fishing with some friends from work. They made fun of me for using one. I caught 3 perch 2 sunfish and a bluegill on it and it's fun to use, especially when you show up your buddy by being the only one to catch something. I want to go night fishing with it and try to get a big cat to bring in, I love it, you can feel every nibble even better than with a rod. The string that comes with it was garbage and the spider wire was three times harder to brake than at the test.

👤The coating and finish of the yoyito is very nice, I got the kit and the tackle was good, and the yoyito is as nice as any coated or anodized aluminum I've seen. I might be moving the bag to a bag that can hold more tackle, bobbers, and spare line. I'm excited to use it here in Tennessee and I'm looking forward to ice fishing back home in Minnesota, it's a high quality product and I'm itching to use it.

👤You can build a better kit for less. The hand reel is well made, but as far as an addition to a bug out bag is concerned, it's not worth it.

👤The yoyito hand reel is made of aluminum. It feels natural when casting. The finger holes are great. It can be used in a set and forget fashion due to the small holes on the one side. You can put the pouch on your belt. It is very portable. They have an assortment of different size hooks and weights. I have already caught 2 trout using this purchase. It is. It's a good recommendation for random on the go fishing or back packing.

👤It is easy to bring this reel anywhere. This is the reel to get if you don't like carrying a lot of stuff. The product is made in the US.

👤A great fishing reel. It is high quality, lightweight and compact. You could keep this in your pocket. I can use seam seal or duct tape to close my carry pouch, it only had a small tear from where it must have caught on something. I have only added my favored floats or lures to my kit because of the useful tool. I would recommend this to anyone.

11. KastKing Spincast Fishing Reversible Casting

KastKing Spincast Fishing Reversible Casting

The ankle fit locks the heel in place and the top strap has an option for a secure fit. The line pick up system is the heart of a good Spincasting Fishing reel. The Brutus Spincaster reel has a dual pickup system that grabs slack line quickly so you can quickly set the hook or make another cast. The high speed with the 4.0:1 gear ratio will save time in between casts. You can increase your catch rate by catching fish that run directly at the angler and eliminating slack in your line. The smooth performance of the Brutus Spincast reels is due to the double shielded ball bearings. Unlike most spincasting reels, the KastKing Brutus push button fishing reel has a double paddle handle that can be changed from left to right by simply removing the handle retainer cap. This feature means that you can have one reel that best suits you. The KastKing Brutus Spincaster style spinning reel has more fishing line capacity than competitive push button reels, which means you can make longer casts, fish for more species in deeper water conditions, and simply have a better fishing experience. It comes pre-spooled with 160 yards of 10lb test KastKing Premium Monofilament fishing line so it is ready to go fishing right out of the box. It's great as a trout fishing reel or bass fishing reel.

Brand: Kastking

👤I was looking forward to my new Brutus Spincast because I am a happy owner of a KastKing Sharky III Spinning Reel. The Brutus Spincast is a letdown. It feels clunky like my cheap Shakespeare and Zebco reels. The reel-in performance of the Brutus is not smooth. The bearings on my Brutus Spincast were the crappiest I've seen. Attached is a photo. The Brutus Spincast is said to have "MaxiDur double-shielded bearings", which is a complete lie. The nylon bushings on my "toy" reels are more smooth than the cheap bearings inside the Brutus Spincast. The handle of the Brutus Spincast is loose. The pressrivet that holds the aluminum handle doesn't offer a solid connection. The Brutus tends to wind the line toward the front of the spool. After 100 casts, the front of the spool gets overload and the line rubs against the inside of the pickup. The Brutus Spincast is a real dud, so it's time to go back to the drawing board and re-engineer this design. I received a call from KastKing on Amazon, thanking me for pointing out the manufacturing flaws, and requesting that I call their 1-800 number. I was able to describe the various defects that I've found in this reel to Jessica, who picked up the phone immediately. She promised to share the issues with the teams. She will notify me when a new manufacturing run of the reel is ready to ship out, and she will also initiate a refund. This kind of customer service with a human on the phone is commendable. I'm adding a star from my initial review. I will update this review again when I receive a Brutus Spincast. If you purchase this reel, I would recommend that you remove the handle and look into the opening. You should return the reel if you see bearings that are not sealed. I forgot to update this review after I received a new Brutus Spincast. The good news? The replacement had sealed bearings. The bad news? Only two of the bearings are sealed, a third is not, and the remaining three are notexistent. There are 5 sealed bearings in this reel according to KastKing. I found only three bearings in the two reels that I disassembled, and the original one that I reviewed. An annotated photo has been attached. The pickup system stopped working after a few months of using the new Brutus, even though I kept the front cone off and washed the rotor on a regular basis. I have three spinning reels that are still going strong after thousands of casts and hundreds of bites. I would recommend them. I have two Daiwa BG spinning reels that were 2 the price of the Sharkys, and two Shimano Curado DC baitcasting reels that were 4 the price. I have added a star to the review to reflect the use of two bearings in the new manufacturing run and the excellent customer service that KastKing gave me.

👤On May 4th 2020 I ordered the KastKing Brutus Spincast Reel for my son. On May 11, 2020, we received the reel. My son took it on a fishing trip. It became difficult to reel in right handed after he cast it out about 8 times. It reels fine if you switch the handle to the left. He doesn't like reeling left handed. He was excited about it and I wanted one of my own, but when he brought it to me he was upset and it was not working right. I was not happy. I am hoping that we just got a bad one after reading all the reviews. The experience with KastKing Customer Service has not been very helpful so far. I might have to return and go with another brand. Will update. I am returning the Reel via Amazon and will not be buying any KastKing products in the future, after 2 weeks of dealing with BS and no real answer from the company.


What is the best product for cuban yoyo hand fishing reel?

Cuban yoyo hand fishing reel products from Yoyito. In this article about cuban yoyo hand fishing reel you can see why people choose the product. Challenge and Piscifun are also good brands to look for when you are finding cuban yoyo hand fishing reel.

What are the best brands for cuban yoyo hand fishing reel?

Yoyito, Challenge and Piscifun are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cuban yoyo hand fishing reel. Find the detail in this article. Kastking, Yo Yo Reel and Kastking are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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