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1. MEEYO 20pcs Plastic Fishing Bells

MEEYO 20pcs Plastic Fishing Bells

The bell's diameter is 1.57" and its light size is 3.15". The thread design is better than clips because it is easy to attach and it won't hurt your fishing rod. The package included fishing alarm bells and glow sticks. The glow sticks will light and glow when you crumb the pellet in the tube, snap and shake to mix the pellet, then insert into the fishing bobbers or fishing rod bell alarm. Work with all kinds of fishing rods. You can hear and see when a fish is biting.

Brand: Meeyo

👤A simple design that works well.

👤That's a good product.

👤They are great and don't come off badly.

2. OHOH Night Fishing Indicator Lights

OHOH Night Fishing Indicator Lights

50 Pcs Fishing Alarm Bells, each size: 1.8 X 0.9 inches, are included in the package. More fish rod clips can be shared with friends and family. The method of using fishing bite alarm lights is to spin out the light and take out the button battery inside. Remove the button battery and put it in the light. When you flip the battery, make sure the wire is folded over the positive side. The light will light up if the light is tightened. The OH OH night fishing pole bite bait alarm light is made of plastic and metal. They are coupled by spring and will not fall off. It's great for professional fishermen and fishing lovers. You only need to turn the upper battery on when you need the fishing bite alarm lights to shine. The battery should be restored to its original position when the fish light is not needed. The fish rod bite alarm can be used as a bell if the battery runs out. The bell will ring when fish strike your fishing pole. 10 fish bite alarm that emit green light and 10 fishing bite alarm that emit red light are included in the package. You can find replacement fishing lights here. The fishing rod bite bait alarm light is a great accessory for your fishing rod. It's suitable for different kinds of fishing pole.

Brand: Ohoh

👤40 percent of them won't light up. I know how to flip the batteries and make sure the connections are made. Good luck getting these together on a dark store because they are difficult to operate with tiny batteries and loose tolerances. These are "Amazon's Choice", so if you need a cheaply made light that will work to cornhole yourself with, these are definitely recommended.

👤It's a good deal if you're okay with a few things. Many of the LEDs won't work. You get a lot of them. It's difficult to turn them on and off. You have to loosen or tighten the wire inside to turn it off. The batteries are reversed on some of them, so they have to be flipped to work on others. Many won't work at all. The bells work well.

👤I went through them again and flipped more batteries to get some work done. It didn't help the few I tried. The posting said to flip the battery after I looked at the reviews. These instructions should be included in the package. I just received these and no one works. I requested a replacement and it was definitely annoying. Hopefully the next batches work.

👤Someone gave me a few of these. The green ones are very bright. I contacted the seller for a return after half of them had bad batteries. They promised to replace the bad ones. I think I'm out of luck because I haven't received them yet. There was a lot of promise that turned to disappointment. Hope they have a better experience.

👤I just got these for the bells, the lights were cool lookin, but after testing them out last night I must say I am very impressed with the lights and the ease of use. I accidentally cast out one of the lights and retrieved it from the water, but it is still working. I am sold on these.

👤The green lights are better than the red ones because they work all night and are still glowing strong in the morning. Next time I'd ordered all green, I'd think about not ordering red.

👤Led didn't work when I got it. The seller told me how to install the battery again after I contacted them. The installation instructions are on the page that I found wrong. My mistake. The seller's service is very good. I have to recommend it.

👤My husband and son love fishing, so I bought them a night fishing alarm light. They looked like a kid in a candy store when they opened the package. They absolutely love using them.

👤It is a good product, but it is somewhat fragile. The battery will last you a night. You can wave good if you don't cast with them attached. As it came off the end of the rod, Bye.

👤You get batteries fitted in all the units so it's kind of acceptable, but only about 70% of the lights actually worked. They are cheap so you get what you pay for.

3. Fishing Electronic Indicator Adjustable Sensitivity

Fishing Electronic Indicator Adjustable Sensitivity

The button cell material is energy saving. High sense: Enjoy the day and night. Their fishing bite alert is perfect for fishing at night, since it emits sound and lights up when a fish bites a bait or runs. Adaptable sensitivity: The upgraded fishing pole alarm can ignore most noise from current or wind, reduce false alarm, and provide a relaxed and comfortable fishing environment. Easy installation. You can clip the alarm on the rod and wrap the fishing line around it. The power on/off switch needs to be adjusted. It is easy to install and will not damage your fishing line. WIDELY used. The rubber sleeve can be used for fixing small fishing rod. It is great for someone who wants to catch fish but doesn't want to miss a fish. It is a long working time. The alarm can last up to 100 hours with the help of the button cell. If you have any questions, please email them.

Brand: Linkstyle

👤Fishermen and women are amazing. Before buying, read my review. It could use some work. It should say that it is not meant for small poles. The tip of the rod bends too much and does not give enough tension on the alarm, even though I could get it to stay at the smallest part of the rod. It would be best if the instructions were in the box. We are not sure which way to spin the sensitivity wheel so that it is the most sensitive. Is it a small bar or a big bar? The sensor doesn't ring or light up unless there is a big grab on your line. We switched back to our bells because we bought enough for all poles. If you want to fish for cats, go for it. The device won't set off if trout, sunfish, bluegill and the like don't give enough pull.

👤You get what you pay for. They will get wet in the rain, but they will dry out. Not that sensitive. I go cat fishing and it doesn't matter to me. I gave these alarms five stars because they are affordable, loud and can be adjusted to fit any volume setting. The real issue I ran into was that the alarm gets in the way of the shell. It is a pain to take them off and on.

👤It's too sensitive for surf fishing. Waves alarm a lot with wave action.

👤They performed well when used for drift fishing and trolling on Michigan's inland lakes. It was nice to be able to leave the rods in a holder. I did not use them with the planer boards but I think they would work. I bought more surf rods to use in Florida. The only issue was the large clamp for the walleye rods. A few wraps of tape fixed the problem.

👤The gap between the two claws is too wide which makes it hard to hold onto something. My fishing rods have blanks that are 5/16 in wide. To get a firm grip, the blank width needs to be at least 7/16 in wide. The online description doesn't mention this. I had to return the product.

👤I like how it has both tension and volume, and the led light is great if you like to play music while fishing, and have a lot of friends around.

👤It was perfect for what I wanted. Light gear can be used on a troll. It's well worth it because of adjustedability.

👤The bite alarms work well if they are used with a stiff rod. They don't fit well on lighter rods. Don't bother if you find yourself tying your rod up so that the alarm won't go off. The rod tip is too flexible to be triggered by an alarm.

4. Fishing Indicator Portable Accessories Lights

Fishing Indicator Portable Accessories Lights

It is a perfect fishing gift for men, fishermen, fishmen, anglers,boyfriend, Dad and Husband on Father's Day, Christmas, and other holidays. They are made of plastic clip and metal bells and nailed together by a spring. Professional fishermen and fishing lovers can use this for night fishing. If a fish bites the hook, the bell on the alarm will send out a sound that will remind you that the fish is pulling the rod. The clip is solid and durable, without sliding rod phenomenon, the galvanized bell is pleasant and crisp, and it can automatically alarm, and the double hole design can be used when you don't want to use the alarm bell. The method of using fishing lights is to spin out the light and take out the button battery inside. The button battery needs to be turned over and reinstalled. The light will light up if the light is tightened. It is a necessity accessory for you to catch full fishing, and can be used in different situations. The alarm is easy to carry and is suitable for most fishing rods on the market.

Brand: Hlogree

👤I use this product on my fishing poles because I love jingles.

👤I was turned on to this product by the anglers. Found them here and bought them. I like how the lights clip on the poles. Extra batteries were sent.

👤It would be nice if the clip fit smaller rods. I love my cat rods. Garbage is the battery setup. The screw should be engineer off and on the design. Unless you move the metal prong out, lots of dead batteries will screw it all the way out. Great product. The batteries should be taken out after use. The lines are tight.

👤The lights don't work, which is really disappointing, and all the items tell me they've been stored and are old. Don't waste your money.

👤I tried these out for night fishing and they worked as designed. Recommended product.

👤I use them for night fishing. They are easy to control and have a great price. I will recommend them to my family and friends.

👤Terrible batteries. Some work more than others.

👤These are hard to see. The bells are not worth the money.

5. Zerone Fishing Tackle Accessory Portable

Zerone Fishing Tackle Accessory Portable

There are 30 fishing bite alarms, which include 15 that emit green light and 15 that emit red light, and when you need to use them, turn out the LEDs and flip the button battery inside. The twin fishing tackle is perfect for night fishing. It's easy to clip on your fishing rod. It is a great way to catch fish. It will ring with dual bells after installation, and instantly indicate when fish strike. High grade material is made of high quality plastic and metal and is practical for use. The fish alarm can be used in rain.

Brand: Zerone

👤They work well. You have to take them off before you cast. I lost 2 of them that way.

6. DAFURIET Pieces Fishing Alarm Plastic

DAFURIET Pieces Fishing Alarm Plastic

Fishing pole lights turn on the power after locking, and then turn it off after disassembles, no need to remove the battery. If you remove the top to replace the rod adapter, be careful not to lose the ring around the very thin battery. Without it, it won't shine. The material is high quality. The fishing rod bells are made of plastic clips and metal and are strong for long time use. Sturdy Clips: Each clip has a strong force, can hold the fishing rod tightly, just clip the fishing bell to the fishing rod, the bell rings when hooked fish. The Bells are dual alert. Fishing rod alarm designs with two bells, making a louder sound to remind you when a fish is hooked, it's very convenient and useful, and perfect for night fishing, no need to stare at the fishing rod all the time. There are multiple uses. Fishing rod alarm bells can be used to meet the needs of different groups of people. You can use it as a warning for biking on mountain trails, for entertainment for cats and for dogs. 50 pieces fishing alarm bells, enough quantities for your use, each size: 1.8 X 0.9 inches, best gifts to share with your friends, best value package.

Brand: Dafuriet

👤Awesome fishing bells! I stopped using the metal clip on bells because they scratched my fishing rod up really badly. These do not scratch and stay on.

👤I've lost a few already.

👤Muy buenos todos es lo, llega en el tiempo acordado.

👤They are perfect for catfishing.

7. LemonBest Newest Night Fishing Strike

LemonBest Newest Night Fishing Strike

100% satisfaction guarantee for every customer comes with service and quality guarantee. If you have a question, just contact them and they will help you out. The energy save system prolongs the life of the battery. The waterproof design has an intelligent motion sensor. When attached to a rod tip, it automatically turns on. It will fit on the tip of most rods with two attachment clips. The smart processor can detect a bite compared to other rod and line movements.

Brand: Lemonbest

👤I didn't expect much from the other reviews. This was a must for my night surf fishing. If you remove the top to change the rod adapter, be careful not to lose the very thin ring around the battery. It won't work without it. It's a blessing in the night if the light is green, because you know the rod is not moving, and I had very few false hits. It was easily visible from 30 yards and saved me from losing the rod to a stingray. Doesn't move when you cast. I was afraid I'd throw it in the water. Nope. The thread of the head is difficult to fit in the adapter. You can lose the thin contact washer if you un-thread the top. Overall, great. My fishing buddy used one of mine and he ordered them on Amazon. It does a good job. The main point is that I saw it as a warning, an attention grabber, and I needed to turn my lamp on. I didn't rely on it to set the hook, but to tell me when the tip is moving.

👤These lights worked great when I bought them. One of my old lights went out and my wife ordered me these again. One of them was used for one day and the other didn't work the second time I used it. It's not cool! I tried the other two because I was suspicious of the first one. Nope... They don't work. These lights don't work so I'm disappointed. I had them before and they worked well. It seems that the lights have changed a bit and that may be related to the degradation of quality.

👤I'm hoping the batteries don't work. The batteries were put in a different position. The product was returned from a previous person. I have figured this out. They work as expected. When you get a strike, blink red and the flashes green. It is very sensitive. A little wave moves a pole. There is still a good view of the pole in the dark. Light stays on when pole is removed. Light stops blinking when you twist the cap.

👤The green light didn't stay on. The ones that stay off until a fish strike will flash green. The older style stays green and red when fish strikes. Will try to get the correct ones if they don't.

👤Our larger poles were too sensitive and went off every time they moved from a wave, even though they worked okay for our smaller poles. We decided to zip tie glow sticks to the end of the poles, cheaper and work better.

👤Did not get what was described. I have to take the batteries out every time my items are taken off. You have to keep messing with them to get them to work. They flash red and green when there is a bite. These are not as good as the ones I bought before.

👤I bought them a long time ago. I bought some new ones and was disappointed. Old ons were green and red. Slow flash red and fast flash green. Slow nibbles with a flashing light is not something to watch for.

8. Wixine Night Fishing Strike Alert

Wixine Night Fishing Strike Alert

Excellent service and guarantee. You can get colorful bells, 10 fishing bite alarms that emit green light, and 10 red fishing bite alarms. If you have a question, just contact them and they will help you out. The energy save system has a long battery life. Light will flash green when fish hit it. It can be used in rain. If there is a problem with the product, please send them pictures and tell them more about it. Their store would like to thank you for your purchase. Feel free to contact them with any questions.

Brand: Wixine

👤The items were well put together, but the product was very sensitive and could be set off by a small movement.

9. Cailauer Double Fishing Alarm Indicator

Cailauer Double Fishing Alarm Indicator

The package contains 20 Pcs fishing bite alarms bell and green led light. The Cailauer double bell fishing alarm clip is made of high quality plastic and metal. It is easy to install the alarm on the fishing rod. The Bell will sound when the fish bites the bait. It can be applied to most fishing rod models. Night fishing, lake fishing and winter fishing can be done with the help of the lights. The double bell will sound when the fish bites the bait. The bell can be used alone during the day, and the alarm clip can be used for fishing at night, which is convenient to carry. If you want the light to last longer, you must first remove the battery and then put it back, the light will become Luminous, please restore the battery position when not in use, so that it can last longer. The package includes 20 fishing bite alarms.

Brand: Cailauer

👤These are difficult to work on. I am trying to use a few tonight. It is hard to get started. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong.

👤The lights don't work.

👤The light is bright and easy to see.

10. 55PCS Fishing Bells Night Suitable

55PCS Fishing Bells Night Suitable

They are perfect for fishing at night in complete darkness, since they emit sound and light up when a fish hits or runs. 1. The waterproof fishing bite alarm light bulb is made of plastic clips and bimetallic bells. They are coupled together by the spring and will not fall off. It is suitable for fishing in the dark night. 2. The Fishing Bite Alarm Bell is made of plastic clip and dual metal bells, and is an ideal indicator for night fishing. The fishing light lifetime can be extended by using the metal material. 3. Before the led fish light can shine, please remove the button battery from the lamp cover. The coin cell battery needs to be turned over and reinstalled. The light will light up if the light is tightened. The battery should be restored to its original position after using the fishing alert. 4. The high sensitivity bell. The alarm bell is very sensitive, just clip it to your fishing rod, it is solid and durable. The bell can make a sound if there is a fish bite. The fish hook is attached to the extractor. 5. 25 fishing bite alarms that emit light and 30 bells made of high-quality German metal are included in the accessory. The size of the alarm is suitable for most fishing rods on the market, and it is easy to carry, which is very suitable for fishermen and fishing enthusiasts.

Brand: Liumayas

👤5 of the 55 piece turned on. Not working the money is definitely not something that you should do. I am.

👤It helps to keep fish.

11. Lixada Wireless Indicator Stainless Illuminated

Lixada Wireless Indicator Stainless Illuminated

If you don't like their products in 6 months, they will give you a USA address for return. The steel is of the same type as the ABS and STAINLESS steel. There are alarming signals with high output speaker. The high visibility light is on for 40 seconds. The tone button has a sensitivity that is adjusted. There is a code to prevent interference. Extra jack for swinger. The rubber finished surface is special. The design has an antenna. The range is more than 100m. On and off, sound and button. A speaker. It was automatic to pair. The swinger has different light colors. There is a material made of steel. The fish will give you a signal when it comes to your hook. 5 cm / 3.5 cm and 2.0 cm are the size of the Bridle Arm. The size is 17.5 * 6.2 * cm / 6.9 * 2.4 * 1.5in.

Brand: Lixada

👤It's a cheap version of something you really want. If you're interested in buying this item because you like to fish, then you should go to an actual dealer rather than buying stuff from Amazon. I didn't have to use it to find it horrible. The alarms are made of plastic and feel like shells. The line weights are the most heavy thing in the box. Unless you're using a 3.5oz sinker, you can't use these line clips. It's supposed to remove the slack on the line. They are not even usuable. I don't think I'm impressed with quality. Will be coming back.

👤The product was ok, but not impressed with the threaded insert. Please put a standard thread on them. Time will tell if these will hold up to the loose threaded fitting.

👤The operating instructions don't tell you how to operate the equipment. There is no idea how to operate the swingers. They don't seem to interact with the transmitters.

👤I gave it a 4 because it uses a lot of batteries. There are four transmitters and one receiver. Depending on your use, the battery life is long.

👤Excellent for any kind of fishing, if you like to read or play with your phone... The alarm works to alert you of any movement on your lines.

👤The instructions are easy to figure out. Make sure you have compatible bank sticks. This is worth it. I can fish from my car at night.

👤I have used it many times and I like it very much. I am a disabled veteran and I don't move as fast as I used to so it gives me warning. I can get to my rod.

👤If it came with instructions, I would figure it out.

👤The bite alarms are in the box. After a few days of use in wet weather, one of the alarms stopped working, but still works in every other way. I am not sure how long they will last.

👤This is a great product. Very sensitive to the fish's response.

👤It was used a lot and had no issues to complain about.


What is the best product for fishing alarm light?

Fishing alarm light products from Meeyo. In this article about fishing alarm light you can see why people choose the product. Ohoh and Linkstyle are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing alarm light.

What are the best brands for fishing alarm light?

Meeyo, Ohoh and Linkstyle are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing alarm light. Find the detail in this article. Hlogree, Zerone and Dafuriet are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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