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1. Emerson SmartSet Radio Bluetooth ER100301

Emerson SmartSet Radio Bluetooth ER100301

Just ask 'Alexa, order SanDisk microSD' and you'll get it. The button cell battery maintains time and alarm settings. There are 20 station memories. The smartest automatic time setting system has been patented. It will set itself to the correct year, month, date, day and time when you plug it in. Easy-to-read, 1.4” Cyan clock display. It's easy to program. The night light is soft. The alarm can be programmed to only work on weekdays or all seven days of the week. To wake you up, set the alarm to wake you up.

Brand: Emerson Radio

👤There are different alarm clocks with different features. I didn't want an alarm clock for myself, but my wife wanted a radio to use in the kitchen. I got her this one because it looked like it might be easier to use than her last one, and she has poor vision, and the picture showed nice large numbers. She told me she only wanted a radio. I decided to swap it for my old alarm clock which was adequate but not great. This clock is something to be proud of. This is the first time I have ever owned a clock that can set the local time on its own. The correct time is displayed a few seconds after you set it. Nice. There are two different alarms. You can set alarms for work and the weekend. I wake up at 5 am. I sleep till 8 on the weekends. I have two alarms and only one is M-F and the other is Sat-Sun. "Just set it and forget it!" was an old TV ad. It's easy to control the alarm when it goes off. It will turn off after 10 minutes if you don't do anything. If you want to snooze, just tap the front of the silver colored plate on the top and it will start the alarm again in a few minutes, and if you want to turn off the alarm completely, just tap a button on the left side of the top. An easy to turn on and off radio function is one of the nice features. The clock numbers are easy to see. You can change the brightness of the numbers by touching a switch on the top of the clock. The top of the clock has a bright night light on the bottom and you can turn it on/off by touching the back of the plate. You can charge a phone or device with a power connection on the back. I can't remember if it is AUX out or in, but there is a plug on it. I haven't used that function yet. This alarm clock has a place for you to put a battery in it, so you won't be late to work if there is a power outage.

👤This would be a great replacement for my old clock radio. If you don't need loud alarms to wake you up, don't get this one. I usually wake up at a low enough volume to listen to the radio, so I set it on the lowest possible setting. It startled me the first morning and the second morning was so intense that I knocked the radio onto the floor. Yes, 2 days of use. I had the volume set on the lowest possible setting again. Don't get this if you are a light sleeper.

👤The item was re-boxed for return. I was not sold on this item after reading many reviews. I was looking to replace my alarm clock radio and this seemed to be the perfect upgrade. The clock resets when power comes back on if it is lost. It's perfect for us M-F workers. Large numbers with the ability to dim or lighten. There was no thin wire to serve as an antenna. Correct, right? What else would one like? The designers and marketing team decided to have the alarm radio volume automatically increase to 8 of 10 with no option for the user to change it. That will wake people up. People are giving a high-five at the table. Success! The holy grail. We're giving this to every customer because they've been clamoring for it for years. Nope. This could be the worst design idea. Ever. Future marketing and engineering classes should use this product as a guide. I would get a radio to play music at 6. I want an alarm radio that plays a radio station at the right volume. The sound is not good. The clock radio I have is 20 years old. The delivery driver made it to his lunch break before the item was back in the box. Disappointing.

2. OHOH Night Fishing Indicator Lights

OHOH Night Fishing Indicator Lights

50 Pcs Fishing Alarm Bells, each size: 1.8 X 0.9 inches, are included in the package. More fish rod clips can be shared with friends and family. The method of using fishing bite alarm lights is to spin out the light and take out the button battery inside. Remove the button battery and put it in the light. When you flip the battery, make sure the wire is folded over the positive side. The light will light up if the light is tightened. The OH OH night fishing pole bite bait alarm light is made of plastic and metal. They are coupled by spring and will not fall off. It's great for professional fishermen and fishing lovers. You only need to turn the upper battery on when you need the fishing bite alarm lights to shine. The battery should be restored to its original position when the fish light is not needed. The fish rod bite alarm can be used as a bell if the battery runs out. The bell will ring when fish strike your fishing pole. 10 fish bite alarm that emit green light and 10 fishing bite alarm that emit red light are included in the package. You can find replacement fishing lights here. The fishing rod bite bait alarm light is a great accessory for your fishing rod. It's suitable for different kinds of fishing pole.

Brand: Ohoh

👤40 percent of them won't light up. I know how to flip the batteries and make sure the connections are made. Good luck getting these together on a dark store because they are difficult to operate with tiny batteries and loose tolerances. These are "Amazon's Choice", so if you need a cheaply made light that will work to cornhole yourself with, these are definitely recommended.

👤It's a good deal if you're okay with a few things. Many of the LEDs won't work. You get a lot of them. It's difficult to turn them on and off. You have to loosen or tighten the wire inside to turn it off. The batteries are reversed on some of them, so they have to be flipped to work on others. Many won't work at all. The bells work well.

👤I went through them again and flipped more batteries to get some work done. It didn't help the few I tried. The posting said to flip the battery after I looked at the reviews. These instructions should be included in the package. I just received these and no one works. I requested a replacement and it was definitely annoying. Hopefully the next batches work.

👤Someone gave me a few of these. The green ones are very bright. I contacted the seller for a return after half of them had bad batteries. They promised to replace the bad ones. I think I'm out of luck because I haven't received them yet. There was a lot of promise that turned to disappointment. Hope they have a better experience.

👤I just got these for the bells, the lights were cool lookin, but after testing them out last night I must say I am very impressed with the lights and the ease of use. I accidentally cast out one of the lights and retrieved it from the water, but it is still working. I am sold on these.

👤The green lights are better than the red ones because they work all night and are still glowing strong in the morning. Next time I'd ordered all green, I'd think about not ordering red.

👤Led didn't work when I got it. The seller told me how to install the battery again after I contacted them. The installation instructions are on the page that I found wrong. My mistake. The seller's service is very good. I have to recommend it.

👤My husband and son love fishing, so I bought them a night fishing alarm light. They looked like a kid in a candy store when they opened the package. They absolutely love using them.

👤It is a good product, but it is somewhat fragile. The battery will last you a night. You can wave good if you don't cast with them attached. As it came off the end of the rod, Bye.

👤You get batteries fitted in all the units so it's kind of acceptable, but only about 70% of the lights actually worked. They are cheap so you get what you pay for.

3. Cailauer Double Fishing Alarm Indicator

Cailauer Double Fishing Alarm Indicator

The package contains 20 Pcs fishing bite alarms bell and green led light. The Cailauer double bell fishing alarm clip is made of high quality plastic and metal. It is easy to install the alarm on the fishing rod. The Bell will sound when the fish bites the bait. It can be applied to most fishing rod models. Night fishing, lake fishing and winter fishing can be done with the help of the lights. The double bell will sound when the fish bites the bait. The bell can be used alone during the day, and the alarm clip can be used for fishing at night, which is convenient to carry. If you want the light to last longer, you must first remove the battery and then put it back, the light will become Luminous, please restore the battery position when not in use, so that it can last longer. The package includes 20 fishing bite alarms.

Brand: Cailauer

👤These are difficult to work on. I am trying to use a few tonight. It is hard to get started. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong.

👤The lights don't work.

👤The light is bright and easy to see.

4. KIMROO Fishing Alarm Tackle Indicator

KIMROO Fishing Alarm Tackle Indicator

OH OH has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for every customer. If you have a question, just contact them and they will help you out. The fishing pole light will ring when fish strike and not easy to fall off, it is made of plastic clip and dual metal bells. The package contains 20 fishing bells for rods that emit green light, which is a useful fishing accessory for your fishing rod. Striking Design The fishing rod bite bait alarm is an ideal indicator for night fishing because it shows the fishing line in the dark. It's perfect for fishing at night. If the battery of the light runs out, the fishing bite alarms can be used as a bell. It's perfect for occasional fishermen and professional fishermen. Before using the fishing alert, you need to twist the lights lid off, take out the button battery inside, and then reverse the batteries, the led light will light up, after using the fishing alert, please restore the battery to its original position to save power.

Brand: Kimroo

👤The bell set is a great price in a tackle shop. The bells were well held on the rod and a few of the light had bad batteries. The ones that worked were easy to see at night. I would buy again.

👤Bells work great and the lights are bright but most of them don't work. Half of the batteries were bad.

👤I like them, they are in good condition, the batteries are included, and you don't have to have the light with the bells, they come out and just don't lose them! I bought them for night time ice fishing tip ups and am looking forward to using them.

👤The product works well. Matched the description. Bells are loud. The clip is on the rod. The lights are bright. The only lights that weren't working was due to the battery issue. Just need to replace it. It's a great buy.

👤The product is bright and strong. This product allows you to have multiple fishing rods cast. If you hear a bell or see a green light, you can attend. While your rod is cast, you can read or do other things. The bell and light will tell you when you have eaten.

👤These things worked out. You need to glue the peg into the light so that it doesn't fall off.

👤I love these things. Cheap and effective.

👤Love these! They work great, even though a few came dented up. We caught the wicked fosh while using them. Definitely recommend and will buy again.

👤I used a 9' bass rod and the product didn't stay on during toss, but that was understandable! The light went on to tip. I will just order lights for another year.

👤Bells are loud and they light up.

5. Coolnice Batteries Adjustable Electronic Indicator

Coolnice Batteries Adjustable Electronic Indicator

There are notes. It is loud and if you like it, please purchase it. Some smaller fish may not set it off. It may not be good when it's windy. Sound volume adjustment The sound volume can be adjusted if you don't like the voice. 90dB. And then turned to silent. If you have more than 10 fishing rod at the same time, you don't worry because you will miss any fishes even if you have a loud alarm. Don't worry about the fish line. The fishing alarm won't hurt your fishing line. The alarm will turn on when a fish swallows the bait. You will be able to fish at night without any noise thanks to the sensitive electronic fishing bite alarms. You will be very concerned. It is suitable for beginners, for people who want to catch fish, or for people who don't want to miss a fish. It will be powered by 3 button batteries, which are low energy consuming and last 100 hours, and there are 10 bonus batteries for backup. If the alarm doesn't work for you or you don't like it, please contact them for a refund and they'll reply to you within 24 hours. Their goal is to provide superior products and better services.

Brand: Coolnice

👤I had a similar alarm system that worked great. I left them out in the rain. I decided to try this design. I like the look of this design. I like the way the volume is adjusted. The first day I used them, they told me to use a 6lb flathead. I took one star off because of the way it was attached to the pole. If you have a big fish pull on your line, it will twist if it stays in place with the rubber strap. When a big fish pulled the line from the open face reel, the alarm twisted on the pole and the line came free. The alarm turned off when the line came free from the pole. I have tried a lot of different places on the pole. Maybe this device is for a baitcaster. Maybe I can glue a rubber piece to the inside of the alarm so that it won't stick to the pole.

👤They are bulky for our panfish and walleye rods in the ice castle, so they take a lot of tug to set off. It's great to work for eel pout and over night fishing, but not so much for other species that bite. When I had a fish interested in my line, I wanted to be notified. I was not jigging.

👤The item was ordered due to the photos and description which show that the alarm is using a different style of alarm activation. I didn't get what I ordered. I'm giving it a bad rating for being deceptive, but I'll try these out.

👤A handy device. There are several suggestions for use. 1. The alarm is better on a rod with a wind reel. There is abait caster. If you keep the rod relatively parralel to the water surface, it will absorb a lot of the energy of a strike before it is translated through the alarms mechanism.

👤I will say it. I took my dad on a camping trip and he saw how I fish with my poles. He wanted some for himself. I would set my poles, put the bite alarm on and go back to camp. They are great.

👤Product was too sensitive and indicated strikes in the water. I had to return it.

👤Don't put line to tight can cause alarm even if fish aren't hitting

👤I did not use my small diameter ice fishing poles, but they would be great for a standard size rod. They are loud. Good that there is a volume control.

👤Amazon Prime ist schnell. Ihren Produkt war beispielsweise bei Schden. Anbringung an jede Rute + stabiler/fester Halt is flexible and simple. Lautstrke des Signalton ist verstellbar. Gre der Bissanzeiger ist mglich. 3 Batterien in jedem, 10 Batterien Extra, and 3 Batterien in jedem. Meine Erwartungen waren bei Grund des Preiss. I was so berzeugt. Top-Produkt zum gnstigen Preis. Klein passen in jede Angeltasche. Ich bin bei dem Kauf! It's absolute! In das Sinne!

👤Klein aber fein! Ihren Blind-fisch ist fr mich. Einfache Anbringung und Handhabung. Ist jeden Fall wert und man damit.

6. IBobber Wireless Bluetooth Android Devices

IBobber Wireless Bluetooth Android Devices

Better boat products are why to choose them. They are a family owned American business that makes premium quality products. The quality of their products and support is what they stand behind. Patented technology that identifies fish. The charge status indicator light shows the status of the battery. The battery life is over 10 hours. The operating systems that are used to sync with are Apple's 10. Accurate readings to a depth of 135'. The connections are used as bobber or as a remote fish finder. The app is free on both platforms.

Brand: Reelsonar

👤Two years ago I did research on portable fish finders and settled on this one. The features and price point were important to me in my decision. It marks fish, depth, and water temperature accurately. The underwater mapping and fish alarm are nice features. I have dragged it behind my kayak when casting from shore. I will turn on the fish alarm when I am paddling and it will alert me of fish I've gone over. I don't have to stare at it. I use a waterproof pouch around my neck to keep my phone dry. There are two different fish sizes, those under 15 inches and those over 15. The led light is a great feature. My friend has a Deeper app that looks like an advanced map, but I'm not sure it's better for the price. He had problems with the app freezing on his phone. I have had very little crashes on the ibobber platform, because I use an iPhone. His deeper is heavier than the ibobber. I wouldn't recommend casting it without heavy braided line. I use a dock demon pole with heavy braid to cast mine out and leave it there while I fish with my other rods from shore. It's ridiculous that the Deeper makes you purchase a separate cover if you want to use the led light for night fishing. The devices have a battery life issue. They last around 8 hours once they're fully charged. You have to charge it before you go out. They go dead before you get there if you charge them a couple of days in advance. I'm satisfied with the ibobber. None of them are perfect yet. I'm sure that improvements will come along in castable fishing gadgets. The price point and features of the new device caught my attention. Good luck out there.

👤I just got mine. I will use it this weekend. It is easy to use and compact. I will give an update after I get some time to think about it. I used it most of the day. The fish were picking up a lot of different sizes. The only thing I don't understand is that the app says it picks up fish with orange tags for under 15” and green tags for over 15” The tags on the fish were orange. I am not sure what to think of that. The tags should have been green for those sizes. I like how it tells me how deep the water is.

👤I like the idea of fish finders on the move. They are great for shore and kayak fishing. I decided to try the ibobber brand because of its simplicity and price. When I got this thing, I tried it out and decided to return it. The way this thing was attached to your fishing line was one reason for concern. There is a small metal device with a hole in it that is surrounded by a small amount of plastic. I was worried that the cheap mounting method would break and cause a loss of the device. If you want to charge the device, you must use the cradle. You are going to be without your product if that gets lost or stops working. They don't use a more popular changing Port. The battery was a concern for me. I charged it for a while before using it. I decided to try it when the battery was at a low percentage. It took me about 7 minutes to drive to our local pond and by the time I got there the battery level was at a reported %34. I saw that other people had the same issue with rapid battery discharge. Maybe the device isn't reporting the battery level correctly. The lack of accuracy was the final reason I decided to rate this so poorly. When I put it in the water, it said there were fish everywhere. I thought this was a bad unit. I tried a few other places and got the same thing. Smaller fish symbol for fish under 15 and larger fish symbol for fish over 15. I'm certain that is incorrect. At the minimum, 50% of the fish on my screen were larger than 15. I was concerned that there were not many fish over 15 in this pond. I took it to a small body of water that was branches of the river to see if it was still there. There are larger fish in this area, but they are usually not the most popular fish in the area. This thing was still picking up fish. The accuracy of the depth is also reported in other reviews. When I got it from the shore, it said the water was 6' deep, but it was only 1'-2' deep. After about 30 minutes of usage, my battery on the ibobber was getting low as it started having a few issues. It has a few good features. The use was easy. It has a strike warning which I'm not sure if it works or not, but it would be awesome if it did. It has an led light that you can turn on and off at night if you want to see it. I wanted to use it. I think this needs to be improved. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone because of the cheap feeling structural design and lack of accuracy.

7. Fishing Bells 20pcs Spiral Luminous

Fishing Bells 20pcs Spiral Luminous

There is a way to light up a room with an excretory led light or a flashlight. If you want to illuminate your fishing bells with lights or glow sticks, a hole is designed to plug in the lights or glow sticks. 20PCS spiral clip fishing bells for fishing rod alarm are included. The sound is louder and clearer with twin bells. Good quality. Their bells are made of tinplate and are well manufactured under strict quality control. It's not easy to be lost and broken. The fishing bell is mounted firmly and the spiral clip design makes it easy to fix it. There is a way to light up a room with an excretory led light or a flashlight. If you want to make fishing brighter at night, you can add external lights or glow sticks to the fishing bells.

Brand: Hibd

👤This style of bells is only used by me. Would recommend to all fishermen.

👤Great help when fishing on the bottom and also using another rod with a lure. It is easy to use and setup. A box will last a while because it is inexpensive.

👤It's a great idea to let the kids experience night fishing. They work well and I didn't have a break.

👤I bought this after doing some research and I am very happy with the purchase. They work well. It's easy to know when the fish are biting because they are easy to tighten. The price is the best of all.

👤They don't fly off if put on right.

👤It seems like a sturdy build compared to others bought from other places. Excited to use them next season!

8. Wingsflying Electronic Overwatch Straight Indicator

Wingsflying Electronic Overwatch Straight Indicator

74mm x 26mm x 16mm x 1.0" x 0.6", powered by 2 button batteries. All fish can use ourAMP OWL fishing alarm. It's ideal for canal, river, pool or sea fishing. A very loud buzzer. The straight line design is unique. It's easy to make night fishing easy. Every time you bite, the alarm sounds. The Bleeper and LED indicator is on when you have a bite, so you don't have to worry about missed catches. When not in use, please turn off the switch when the alarm is powered by three button cells.

Brand: Wingsflying

👤I was robbed of all the things my sone bought for me.

👤My wife loves them, they are louder than the set she has already.

👤The work was happy with the product, but a few items came broken and had to do a Magiver job. It's not worth the effort to return the item.

👤I received a package of four. One broke after a day of trying it. Good for the price. I wouldn't purchase again.

👤It is easy to use volume control and adjust sound for close or far away notifications, which is a useful product.

👤They are great but difficult to put in place.

👤It's hard to put on fishing poles.

9. Mylivell Flashlight Stretchy Screwdriver Repairing

Mylivell Flashlight Stretchy Screwdriver Repairing

Practical Finger Flashlights Glove is a gift. This flashlight gloves are a great gift for dad to use when working on cars or electrical work in tight places. It's also a practical present for a mother who is running or working. They will help you. Bright Enough - Flashlight work gloves with 2 lights on the index finger and thumb, and could point to any place you want, bright enough for tasks. The perfect gifts for men, dad, step dad, grandpa, boyfriend, women, mom,grandma,brother,son,friend on Father's Day,Thanksgiving gifts, Christmas stocking stuffing,birthday. The material is comfortable. The glove made of the flashlight is more stretchy and Breathable than others. The gloves come with long straps that are able to fit most hands. A practical tool gear gift will become a third helping hand. It is easy to turn on or off the glove, which makes it a lot easier to fix things in a tight area. The mechanic gloves with flashlight come with 2 CR 2016 button batteries in glove and one screwdriver for easy battery replacement. The battery can be replaced after 30 hours. The mechanic gloves with flashlight come with 2 CR 2016 button batteries in glove and one screwdriver for easy battery replacement. The battery can be replaced after 30 hours.

Brand: Mylivell

👤So disappointed. I bought this for my husband. I was excited to receive a gift that was unique. You took the excitement away. They were used and broken. You can see the wear on them. I thought they weren't in a plastic bag, we took them out of the box and they did work, now I know why. Where is your quality control? Somebody use them, break them, return them, and sell them to me. I am angry. Why would you do that? I couldn't really rate this. I can't rate it because it didn't get a chance to be used.

👤When there is not enough light for knitting, I buy these. It was perfect! They are very secure and thin. They fit any hand size. It's great for fishing as well. It's aha.

👤I bought these for my husband last year. I've seen him struggle in dark places before. He rolled his eyes at me when he first got them, but I knew that he would be happy with them. He said they were more helpful than the "head light strap" when he used them this weekend. He told me not to take pictures and said it was never recommended to use power tools in the dark. I asked him for a review. When you need them, they are really handy. A set in a "car safety kit" and a set in a "storm kit" would be great, as well as a set in a toolbox or house. They were too small for him. He said it was annoying that the velcro popped off when he moved his hand around. A star was removed for this. He said that another size would be good for people with larger hands. The light is bright but hard to focus on the areas you need them to focus on. The "spotlight" would have helped if there had been a "broader range" of lights. My thoughts as an observer. I thought these things would be great at a rave. He looked pretty cool when he was walking back and forth and moving his hands in the dark. I suppose some people would be annoyed by this, but most of them are going to be annoyed. No matter what you do. They would be jealous that they didn't have fancy dance hands. The summary is " SUMMARY". He was glad he had them, and they could work well with some improvements. Unless they stretch, they are not comfortable for large hands. A light on the palm side would help. They are nice to have around and do the job in a pinch. The price-point to value of having them is high. I gave back a star for the reason that a pair or two are not very expensive, because I saw several reasons to have them around. RATING: Husband and me, who purchased and observed them. I'd recommend these if for anything to have around for 'emergency' situations. A pair for the car and in the house, if power is lost, and if you can't hold a flashlight.

10. HLOGREE Lighting Indicator Portable Accessories

HLOGREE Lighting Indicator Portable Accessories

A partner for fishing pole holders are easy to use and are suitable for beginners and inexperienced people to enjoy fishing with the family. It can be given to people who love fishing on major holidays such as Father's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, and birthdays. The night fishing rod alarm is made of plastic clip and metal bells and is nailed securely to the ground. Long service life and strong and durable. Professional fishermen and fishing lovers can use this for night fishing. When a fish bites the hook, the smart auto alarm will flash red and blue, and the bell will send out a sound to remind you that the fish is pulling the rod. The fish rod will not move and the lights will turn off. The method of using the fishing lights is easy to use. The button battery needs to be turned over and reinstalled. The light will light up if the light is tightened. The bell will ring when fish strike it. The accessory comes with a fishing rod alarm indicator and a fishing bite alarm indicator. It's a great accessory for your fishing rod. It's suitable for different types of fishing rod. You can fish with your friends or family. Excellent service and guarantee. You can get colorful bells, 10 fishing bite alarms that emit green light, and 10 red fishing bite alarms. If you have a question, just contact them and they will help you out.

Brand: Hlogree

👤It's perfect for night fishing. Extra batteries are sent for the lights that didn't work.

👤I take these with me when I go fishing at Fort Morgan. The glow stick type that snap onto your rod has a nice feature, they are battery operated and have bells, but these have another nice feature, they are battery operated and have bells. I like the smaller bells and they stay on the fishing rod, at least for the salt water fishing gear that I own. The green lights are the best in my opinion. I think the bells are too big for a kids rig. I wouldn't use them. I will never use the lights that alternate red and green when disturbed, they are more of a novelty in my opinion. The green lights with the smaller bells are nice, but you get a lot of those with this kit. It is worth the price for those in my opinion.

👤I use these lighted rod lights for catfishing and crappie fishing at night and low light conditions because they are bright, red, green and clear and fit all the rod tips. I highly recommend this product, it is very easy to use and great value. There are batteries and bubs. I highly recommend these.

11. MEEYO 20pcs Plastic Fishing Bells

MEEYO 20pcs Plastic Fishing Bells

The bell's diameter is 1.57" and its light size is 3.15". The thread design is better than clips because it is easy to attach and it won't hurt your fishing rod. The package included fishing alarm bells and glow sticks. The glow sticks will light and glow when you crumb the pellet in the tube, snap and shake to mix the pellet, then insert into the fishing bobbers or fishing rod bell alarm. Work with all kinds of fishing rods. You can hear and see when a fish is biting.

Brand: Meeyo

👤A simple design that works well.

👤That's a good product.

👤They are great and don't come off badly.


What is the best product for fishing alarms bite alarms bluetooth?

Fishing alarms bite alarms bluetooth products from Emerson Radio. In this article about fishing alarms bite alarms bluetooth you can see why people choose the product. Ohoh and Cailauer are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing alarms bite alarms bluetooth.

What are the best brands for fishing alarms bite alarms bluetooth?

Emerson Radio, Ohoh and Cailauer are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing alarms bite alarms bluetooth. Find the detail in this article. Kimroo, Coolnice and Reelsonar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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