Best Fishing Apparel for Men Shirt

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1. Mossy Pursuit Sleeve Hydro Glacier

Mossy Pursuit Sleeve Hydro Glacier

Huk is a performance- engineered, technical gear designed to fuel your passion and pursuit no matter where you fish. The Huk Pursuit Vented Long Sleeve Shirt has Huk Performance Technology to handle the elements on the water and is an ideal layer on cooler days and perfect worn by itself when it's hot. Sun protection. Huk added the most advanced sun-blocking +30 UPF materials to their apparel to block both UVA and UVB rays. Because fishing can be dirty, Huk added a special stain release treatment that not only enables stains to be easily washed out but also resists oily substances from attaching to the garment in the first place. Like all sportsmen, fishermen sweat and have anti-microbial treatment. Huk performance shirts have special fibers that transfer sweat away from the skin and synthetic materials that allow air to pass through to create superior breath-ability.

Brand: Huk

👤The fish like this shirt. They can't wait to be with me. It doesn't matter what bait I use. Hot dogs on a stick. They are going to get their picture taken. I look amazing to the fish and I'm also comfortable. The mesh vent fabric on the sides keeps the cool breeze in and it dries quickly when it gets wet.

👤I still say "Huk" but I have learned that it's pronounced Hook. My friend loves his shirt. The sexy effect of the shirt will have strangers drooling and saying "Ooooh, nice shirt". That's correct.

👤This shirt is great. The protection from the sun and wind is a must when fishing. The Huk pursuit shirt is perfect. Light weight and vented for hot summer weather.

👤Several HUK shirts have been purchased as gifts. The recipients love them and they have all arrived. They provide great protection from the sun and wind. The material is light and thin, but don't think that means anything. They keep you warm in the winter. Everyone has said how comfortable they are. I was very pleased with the product. I will continue to purchase.

👤I prefer the Huk fishing long sleeve medium because it has a cool camo design. It dries fast and is great for sun protection. I use it to protect myself from the harsh sun when I'm out for a long time. It's better to wear a shirt than a longsleve for outdoor activities.

👤I caught this for $25.50 and it was delivered by Bass Pro. Huk shirts are the best because they don't retain odors.

👤I like this product very much. 100% UV protection. It is so thin and light that you are not wearing anything. The heat and the sun are not good for you. Very happy. The sun ware is very high performance. A number.

👤The main requirement was that it didn't look dirty and kept the sun off. The logo is made of rubber. I would have liked to see it in the design.

👤No tiene un material, pero no tiene un sol varias horas. I am a talla ms pequea.

👤Realmente estoy encantado con la compra, lo recomiendo, para 4 salidas de pesca y excelente.

👤Great color! I bought it for my husband for shore fishing, kayak fishing and boat fishing. He is protected from the harsh UV rays. No fading.

👤I have purchased two Huk fishing shirts. It's a great way to avoid the sun screen. This product is very good.

👤Great fit and color. They are the best out there.

2. Mens Icon Sleeve Shirt X Large

Mens Icon Sleeve Shirt X Large

The product is for outdoor recreation. The clothing is sporting goods.

Brand: Huk

👤I wore this shirt on my fishing trip into the Gulf of Mexico. The heat index was over 112 F that day and this thing was a lifesaver. The Huk gaiter and the shirt kept me protected from the brutal sun while I fished from the coast. It's comfortable to wear and doesn't get wet quickly. I didn't have any signs of a burn underneath the UV protection. This shirt is a must have for any avid fisherman.

👤I like the comfort of the material for hot weather, but it's not always an option to live in a place with bad UV rays. I wore this long sleeve on the lake up to 90 without feeling too hot and it protected my arms and shoulders from the burn my neck got. It's time to switch to the short sleeve if you go past 90. sweat is quickly evaporate and can be absorbed very quickly. It is true to size which is rare these days. HUK is one of the outdoor clothing companies that offers these little dude sizes. During the summer, you will find me in nothing except these in the summer, as well as 3-4 other brands light weight shirts for hell on earth heat that we experience. As comfortable as it gets. I always get praise for the patterns.

👤I ordered two HuK shirts. Always wear large clothes. There is a large blue one underneath. The fit on this one is small. How can two shirts be different? If your size is not consistent, how could you buy a gift for someone?

👤The newer shirts are different in size compared to the older ones. I have medium in the older versions and they fit well. This medium is not as large as previous ones. The shirt is tight in the shoulders and the sleeves are shorter.

👤I wanted to protect my skin while doing yard work. I am ginger and allergic to a lot of things. This shirt has SPF to protect against the sun, so it keeps me cool while mowing the lawn. I don't have to worry about having an allergic reaction to all the plants and weeds because I am able to wear long sleeves. It's lightweight and great for camping, fishing, or any other hot weather activity when you want protection and to keep cool at the same time. I will be buying more.

👤It didn't look like a nice person. I was not happy that I had to pay $10 to get it back. I paid for shipping to get it and then returned it. I'll always be from a third party.

👤These shirts are awesome! Excellent for hiking and fishing. I have three now. Just returned from a fishing trip. Hike every day. Sun protection and comfort are outstanding! Even though these shirts are long sleeve, I never felt like hiking to a fishing spot or just hiking. It's very good at moving water away from your body. If you love hiking and fishing, you should buy these shirts. I am 5'11 and bought XXL. A little big but comfortable for hiking.

3. Columbia Terminal Tackle Heather Charcoal

Columbia Terminal Tackle Heather Charcoal

Be safe and protected. The Omni-Shade blocks the sun's harmful rays. The UV absorbent yarns block harmful UV rays. There is an item called "omni-wack." The ultimate technology for managing the outdoors. The fabric of Omni-Wick quickly absorbs the sweat from the skin, keeping you cool and your clothing dry. Sun protection is built-in. The Columbia Men's Terminal Tackle Heather Long Sleeve Shirt protects against sun damage. It is a quick-drying fabric that keeps you cool and dry. The fishing shirt is made from a quick-dry material that is compatible with the water. The long sleeve tee shirt is built for comfort in any adventure and is classic fit.

Brand: Columbia

👤The husband loves them. He is 6ft, Slender, and the medium is perfect. They are true to size and drifit material. He has one in every color. We don't dry these shirts because the writing on the sleeves will start to come off after awhile.

👤A great shirt. It was bigger than expected. Size down.

👤It's great for a lot of things. I own several and get a bit warm over a cotton shirt. There are excellent long sleeve shirts for spring and fall. If you want it to be loose, I would buy a bigger size. Everyone will find the sleeves long. I think this is said in many of the comments.

👤I would expect these shirts to get reviews on the internet. I like them. They aren't expensive and a stain isn't the end of the world. The white ones are great for the end of a day in Long Beach. The arms are tight enough that they make a great lower layer, and they don't get in the way when you are paddling. If a piece of hot ash falls on them, they melt.

👤I sweat in hot weather. The top I wore during my recent trip to Disney World kept me protected from the sun, absorbed water and had a cooling effect when drying. I bought a white one. Highly recommended!

👤I liked the shirt and ordered a few more and they went up in price. I am happy with the purchase. I sat on the lake in the sun for hours and my skin was protected. The sleeves are long and come down to my wrists. I usually have a different problem. The size was perfect.

👤If you don't own a Columbia shirt. Just buy it. You will not be disappointed. They are a bit baggy, but they provide excellent sun protection and are soft and comfortable.

👤I ordered a blue and gray one. The blue one was larger. I don't understand why the same shirt was different. I returned it. The shirts are great but the size discrepancy was odd.

👤La compramos para un regalo. Especial para alguien. Lleg con envoltura original. Recomendable!

👤The playera is una, con la calidad Columbia, esfresca, el problema tiene es una talla menos.

👤La calidad is a color solido solo, comprende una talla mas, ser mas ancha, y un par de cm larga.

👤relacin calidad/precio

4. Columbia Bahama Sleeve Shirt Large

Columbia Bahama Sleeve Shirt Large

The Columbia Men's PFG Bahama II Long Sleeve fishing shirt has a fabric that blocks the sun's harmful rays to help prevent sunburns and skin damage during long hours in the sun. There areANDY features. The long sleeve fishing shirt has two handy chest pockets with a velcro closure for storing and roll-up sleeves. COMFORT AND BREATHABILITY: There are hidden vents at the shoulders. A quick dry shirt is comfortable during any outdoor activity. A relaxed fit makes this fishing shirt the ultimate choice for casual days outside as well as for activity out on the water. Be safe and protected. The Omni-Shade blocks the sun's harmful rays. The UV absorbent yarns block harmful UV rays.

Brand: Columbia

👤I bought this shirt for backpacking, and I am testing it out. I wear it for 2 weeks at a time without washing it, while hiking and wearing a pack. It has held up well so far. The fabric is light. In hot weather, the shirt serves as a base layer and in cold weather, it keeps me cool. There is some sweat, but it's not bad. The sleeves are rolled up and down. It looks good and feels secure. I thought I was asking a lot of it, but the shirt seems like it will live forever. I have worn it through many forests and scrambled up and down rocks and there is no rip in the fabric. There is a lot of room in the shoulders. I am a female. I weigh 180. I wanted the medium to be big. I used to own a small and it was big on me, but I like them this way because they are very airy. I will attach a picture.

👤Most people want to know the size. I am 6 feet, 175 lbs. and wear a large 34-35 sleeve. The sleeves fit perfectly and I ordered a large one. The rest is big in the shoulders and body. I ordered a short sleeve in Medium. The fit of my large shirts is similar to that of a large. I included pictures and measurements because they tell the truth. If sleeve length is not an issue, the medium fits best if you wear a large. The medium is more spacious than my other large shirts. The large is 26" wide. Length from the bottom of the body to the top of the body. Large is 16. The shoulders are from seam to seam. Both large and 21.5" A long sleeve has a length of 33.5. On a large. If someone else could post a review of the sleeve length of a medium, it would help others.

👤I bought 4 of these shirts at once. The first two were perfect for what I wanted. I ordered two more. That makes 4 shirts. I bought 4 other Columbia shirts, made from a different fabric, so I can have 8 fishing shirts on rotation throughout the week. I washed these shirts in cold water Tide, medium heat to dry, and they looked like they were 5 years old. The neck has horrible staining and the color has faded. The color and fabric look tired and worn out after only 6 washes, and the "puckers" which are usually on shirts have worn out. I hope that Columbia will adjust as this must be a mistake on the material or dye lot. These shirts did not stand up to wear. It's too late to return them, they're now "donation quality" shirts.

👤The build and quality of this shirt is very high. I have an issue with fitment. I usually wear slim fit shirts and ordered this based on the image. The shirt sleeve length was good, but the cut around the stomach was baggy. I'm 190 lbs and this shirt doesn't fit me. I'm keeping because it seems all of these shirts are baggy in the belly, unlike the sporty PFG Terminal Tackle shirts.

5. Palmyth Fishing Protection T Shirts Largemouth

Palmyth Fishing Protection T Shirts Largemouth

There is a hidden pocket on the right side of the fishing shirt that can be used for things like cell phone, credit card or keys. You can't fish on the water when it's wet and cold. You need a shirt that is super absorbent to stay dry. The MythCool fabric system is a double-whammy design that transfers sweat to dry areas away from your skin to the exterior of the fishing shirt, where it can evaporate more quickly and efficiently. The MythCool 4-way stretch fabric protects your skin from the sun's harmful rays with a UPF 50+ sun protection, properties to minimize odor and outstanding wicking performance. Extra sun protection is provided for the back of your palm. The angler shirt helps you stay dry, cool, smell and sunburn free all day. The sleeves are built in with thumb loops so you can cast your fishing rod from any angle without worry. Multipurpose Fishing Short is great for fly fishing, lure fishing, kayak fishing, and inshore fishing. It is a great gift for anyone who loves fishing.

Brand: Palmyth

👤You need to read the size for this shirt. I usually wear a medium size shirt, but I ordered a small in this shirt. It is not loose enough that it does not fit correctly or it is uncomfortable, but it is still a little loose. The pocket on this shirt is large. The pocket fits my display size and is a huge plus. This pocket is useful when kayak fishing. It allows me to keep my phone in a pocket. It allows me to not keep my phone in my shorts pocket because it is hard to get out of the kayak. The sun protection is great and the shirt is Breathable. I haven't used the feature enough to fully rate the sunglasses, but they have been good so far. The design on the shirt is nice. I really like this shirt. I will be purchasing more of their products.

👤I am 6ft tall, weighing in at a very broad 236 lbs. I wear a 2xl in every shirt because of my shoulders. I feel uncomfortable if it's anything smaller. I read the reviews and thought, "well, if one size smaller is too small, I'll just return it and get a 2xl" I could have fit in a large. I might end up getting a large in a different color, since I got the bass. This thing is huge.

👤I'm 6'2” 270 with long arms and this shirt fit great in the arms and was loose around the rest of my torso. It looks to be made well. For the money... it's worth it. It is a tad big. If you want loose fitting order normal size, more tight fitting then a size down.

👤I ordered a smaller size, which was XXL. I felt like a stuffed sausage when I tried on the shirt. I was able to return the shirt at my local store. I will let you know how the XXXL fits. I received my shirt. After I returned, I received a message from XXL. The XXXL is too snug. I have ordered XXXL in HUK and Realtree, but they don't fit like they should, a little. I like the design of this one and it will help me lose weight. The Busch light is really bad.

👤I ordered a number of long sleeve shirts. There are 3 from one mfg., 1 from another and 1 from Palmyth. I wanted to compare the shirts I had never purchased. It is much higher quality than the only shirt with graphics on it. Although I could wear a large, my Med was hanging on me. It is perfect. It's the only one that has a pocket of any kind on it. It's a little thicker but still very light. The graphics look great!

👤Well. Maybe they adjusted the size. I am not sure. I ordered a shirt with a bass. The reviews say to order a smaller size. That is not as reliable as it sounds. I usually wear a small dress. In fishing shirts they are usually loose. I followed the advice and moved my size down to L. It is tight. This material is heavy and I have similar fishing shirts. The only benefit is that it is white, but it is much heavier than I would have thought for a fishing shirt. It was pretty sad.

6. Columbia Meeker Wicking Collegiate X Large

Columbia Meeker Wicking Collegiate X Large

Be safe and protected. The Omni-Shade blocks the sun's harmful rays. The UV absorbent yarns block harmful UV rays. The signature logo is. The Columbia logo is featured at the chest. The fabric is soft on the skin and allows for a comfortable fit. The style isTILE. The crew neckline and short sleeves of this shirt make it versatile for everyday wear. The Columbia Men's Meeker Peak Short Sleeve Crew Shirt is made with their signature UPF 15 fabric that helps to block harmful UVA and UVB rays as well as wicking technology to help keep you dry and cool on the trail.

Brand: Columbia

👤I ran into counterfeits when ordering clothes from Amazon. Since then, I only order products that are shipped and sold by Amazon, but these shirts have slipped through the cracks of their security checks and are most likely gray market goods. The price is too good to be true for authentic Columbia shirts. The light comes through when you hold it up. There's no reason to believe that this shirt is SPF 15 or SPF anything, and the shirts I ordered came with missing stitches on both of the sleeves, in very similar spots. I think these are factory seconds that someone is shipping out the back door and into the gray market. There is no way these shirts would have been approved for sale in Columbia. I can live without the side stitches because they are just my "wear around the house" shirts. If you think you're getting a steal on authentic Columbia, I would re-consider the purchase.

👤The shirts are great for keeping dry. I've had many of these shirts over the years, but it looks like they've changed the weave. If you look at them, you'll see pills and pulls. Do you walk by a bush? Some thread will be pulled. Look at the sticky side of the material. You now have a pilled area. Carry something heavy against your body for a few steps, the shirt will show where you touched it. I have had other shirts from Columbia for a long time and they look great. I bought the 4 months ago and it looks a lot older. They are wearing shirts that are not worth the price.

👤This shirt is one of my favorites. The fit is great. The features work as they always do. The shirt can be cleaned with a little soap, water and hand scrubbing. It dries quickly. The only thing I don't like about this shirt is the fact that the chest logo is embroidered and I can feel the stitching on my chest. So, minus one. Other than that, it's great.

👤I have Columbia t-shirts and long sleeve t-shirts that are five years old, and they are still in good condition. I bought 4 of these t-shirts and 3 of them can't be worn in public. I don't play sports in them. I can't imagine why Columbia would make a garment that is so prone to snagging. If I can see the shirt in person, I won't be buying Columbia online again.

👤I like Columbia shirts. This material is not as good as their other shirts... It keeps you cool. It does help to keep the sweat away. It ferments the moisture into a rancid B.O. stinch that could only be described as a bum who hasn't. It takes 2 to 3 hours of wear. There is a I only wear this shirt to work out. It is not a long day shirt.

👤The shirt is great. The shirt is a 5 star winner. It is my husband's favorite for hot sweaty jobs. I keep getting the wrong size when I order a 3xt. I received a different color than I chose. We need the 3XT, but I don't care what color we get. I had to return and reorder both times I received 2 and 4xl. This shirt is great for any man outdoors.

7. Columbia Terminal Tackle Black Medium

Columbia Terminal Tackle Black Medium

Columbia's Men's Terminal Tackle 1/2 Zip shirt features a signature UPF 50 fabric for maximum protection against UVA and UVB rays and a breathable fabric that pulls water away from your skin to keep you cool and dry. The signature logo is. Their logo is on the sleeve and chest. The fabric is absorbent. sweat can evaporate quickly if the fabric is quick-dry. An active fit provides you with the comfort to take on any activity. Be safe and protected. The Omni-Shade blocks the sun's harmful rays. The UV absorbent yarns block harmful UV rays.

Brand: Columbia

👤Twice I have ordered the Large Tall item via wardrobe and once the wrong color and size was sent. The first was a 4xl in dark blue and the second was a small and orange. This is crazy, but no idea what's going on. Don't order them from Amazon.

👤Soy compRADOR DE HACE AOS, QUE COM PROALGO. No tienes una imagen, pero no tienes la imagen, pero no tienes la imagen, pero no tienes la imagen. The decathlon is held in QUE GRAN. Mauro, Creo QEU HAN PERDIDO UN CLIENTE. There is a A Los Comprados CUIDADO CUANDO VAYAN ARE PRODUCTS. De volverlo sale MAS CARO, DE LO QUECUESTA EL PRODUCTO.

👤The medium is a little big. Medium is small. I usually wear a large, but this time I will return for a small. Overall quality is good.

👤My boyfriend loves this shirt. We live in Florida where it's so hot and this shirt protects him from the sun and keeps him cool. I may need to buy a second one for him.

👤Polera columbia tiene una calidad, solo un poco larga de Mangas.

👤I have two other speedo's that are better at wicking my sweet but this one is very comfortable as well and gives good protection from the sun. I use it for 3-4 bike rides a week. Will have to see how it holds up but it's well made so far.

👤The shirt protects against the sun.

👤As expected. Be careful with the size. Measure at least your chest.

👤There were no issues with the shirt or shipping. Exactly as described. I am a fishing guide and I am out on the water all the time. The Columbia Omni shade shirts are perfect for keeping you cool in hot weather.

👤Me gust la camisa por, de las Mangas, viene larga.

👤The doy 4 estrellas were porque no me llega el color, ped una roja y me llega una gris. L me perfecto.

👤Me gusta porque es Fresca, no tienes ajustadas.

👤Muy amigos, la descuento.

8. Columbia Slack Shirt Carbon X Large

Columbia Slack Shirt Carbon X Large

Be safe and protected. The Omni-Shade blocks the sun's harmful rays. The UV absorbent yarns block harmful UV rays. There is an item called "omni-wack." The ultimate technology for managing the outdoors. She can keep her cool and her clothing dry with the help of Omni-Wick. A shirt that's quick drying and comfortable during the big catch has hidden back vent and 100% polyester fabric. There areANDY features. The shirt has a chest pocket that is handy for small items and a vent in the back to keep you cool and dry. Columbia's attention to detail is what sets their apparel apart. Only the highest quality materials are specified. This is a shirt that will last a long time.

Brand: Columbia

👤It was a perfect shirt for Florida. I've bought Columbia shirts before, but the pockets rod holders limited my use. They didn't make a casual shirt for the town. The look of these is somewhat polished. The material is great and I don't sweat when I walk out the door. The single chest pocket makes me want to wear my good jewelry with it and they seem highly Wrinkle resistant. I ordered 5 more after trying on my first one. The color palate is great. Babies will never see a fish unless it's on a plate.

👤The shirt is casual and functional. Love it. There is a swatch of microfiber inside the front seam that is useful for cleaning glasses, as well as pocket and neck cuff loops that are useful for multiple functions. The construction is light and strong, the best I can say is that it is slightly stiff rip stop parachute material. It's very fast drying and sun blocking. The pattern detail in the material is very impressive, as are the buttons and stitching. I've been buying Columbia products for a long time and have hard used clothing that has lasted over a decade. The product seems to be more of the same but better. If you're looking for a stylish button up, either from appearance or ability to endure abuse, I'd highly recommend you try this shirt out.

👤I have purchased a number of these shirts in different colors this summer and they are very fond of me. They drape perfectly and fit nicely. They blow away cotton that is notwrinkle-free. They look great out of the dryer. They travel better than anything I have owned before. On a recent vacation when the temperature was 100, these looked as good at 5:00PM as they did at 7AM. The single pocket and unadorned design are appealing to me. Highly recommended.

👤It's the best shirt. I was reluctant for a long time because I felt like only old men wear these shirts and they don't care what others think. It feels like you're next to nothing when working outside in the heat. It keeps sweat off of you. There are no sweat marks in the black. It doesn't take long to dry air. The man of these other fishing-style shirts have many pockets, and it has only one breast pocket. It looks chaotic to me, but if you're actually fishing, it's great.

👤I have 5 of them. They are amazing in construction, strength, and UV protection. However! It's a pro tip. Some colors are terrible. Nobody likes this green, it isn't lime, and it isn't lime. It's actually a green. It is less expensive than the more popular colors. The blues are nice. Any of the colors are good. The less expensive ones are not selling well.

👤I love the fact that the columbia men's shirt is made of a lightweight material that has subtle vents built into the back along with a mesh panel liner. The mesh keeps the material off the skin so it's even better. I can't stand a shirt that fits my shoulders and upper body shape well but has the pocket located too low for a small person. The Columbia emblem in the center of the back is white and some will not like that, but this black color looks really attractive. I wash my clothes in a mesh bag on a delicate cycle because of the delicate nature of the material. Colubia needs to make more shirts.

9. Under Armour Boxed Sportstyle Sleeve

Under Armour Boxed Sportstyle Sleeve

Cotton is 60 percent and Polyester is 40 percent. The cotton feels good, but it dries much faster. The construction moves better in every direction. The relentless pursuit of innovation and passion for design is what Under Armour is all about.

Brand: Under Armour

👤I bought this for my son, he is 5”8 and 140 and it fit him perfectly. The quality of the material is good. He liked it. The color was the same.

👤I like having large comfortable shirts to hang around the house and sleep in. I own a lot of under armour products and this shirt is smaller than the large ones I wear to the gym. I'm not sure if it was mislabeled, but it fits like a small large rather than an large one. It's frustrating that there is so much difference between this shirt and the other styles I own. I bought a different color to see if the size might be different. It isn't. The shirt is short and wide. I am 6'2" and it barely goes past my waist. Atrocious combination.

👤The shirt that I received is different from the one pictured in the listing. I am not happy. I have sent this shirt back twice because the size is off and I am tired of having to send stuff back. I'm keeping it. I am not very happy with my purchase. I spend a lot of money on Amazon and am considering changing to a different site because I have been having problems with all of the clothing I have purchased.

👤I wanted to add a black shirt to my collection. The fabric is different and the size is too small. The fabric is very thin. Sending back the money.

👤I ordered black, royal blue, and navy blue. The navy is about 1” shorter than the other two, and the baggiest is the royal blue. It is a good shirt. I would order in different colors.

👤I have many 2xl shirts that fit me perfectly after purchasing a 2xl. This one is tight. I look like a sausage. It doesn't look good because I'm a big guy. Go for it if you are a 2xl. It will look great on you. I dropped something on it when I took it out of the pack, but I would have returned it. I didn't want to wash it. I'm keeping it. I'm letting you know what to expect, even though I'm disappointed. I advise you to get a bigger size.

👤It's not cheap to make thin and soft, perfect for warm weather.

👤It is extremely thin and I thought it was like an exercise shirt. You can see it when you hold it up. She would expect it to be something you could wear, even though it cost so much.

👤Great for running. It feels cool and comfortable. The fit is the same as a normal T-shirt. Polycotton blend is the best material for exercise. My previous polycotton T has lasted for many years. I don't like 100% polyester tops because they cling to the skin when wet and get smelly in just one use.

👤I've bought a few t-shirts from the same brand in the same size, but this one seems to be larger than the others. I thought it might need a wash first, but if it looks more baggy than before, that's a problem. I haven't returned the t-shirt because it's good, but if I order again I might go Large.

10. Carhartt Workwear Short Sleeve T Shirt Heather

Carhartt Workwear Short Sleeve T Shirt Heather

Cotton is 60 percent and Polyester is 40 percent. Side-seam construction reduces twisting. There is a left-chest pocket with a Carhartt label.

Brand: Carhartt

👤I'm 6'3 and 205 lbs. This shirt is the size of 45 normal size t-shirts and is embroidered with the words "L tall" on it. I called a house meeting in the living room because it was so huge that it was compared to a normal XL. I have enough material left over to make drapes, so I could use this shirt as a cover. You would need a team of people to fold this shirt, the way they fold the american flag at center field during halftime, even if you could buy a commercial washing machine. One or two cottonpickers' entire lifetime of work would be contained in this single XL shirt if cotton was still being picked by hand. It's bigger than it is.

👤Normally I wear a large shirt. I ordered the large. It was too big. I ordered a medium. I ordered a small because the Medium was the same size as the large. The Small was the same size as the Medium and Large. All of them are the same size, but only one is marked with S.M.L.

👤The sizes are different from other manufacturers I've purchased from. My shirt was larger than what was indicated on the label. This thing is a regular fit, but it's ridiculous because it goes all the way past my knees. The shirt is so large it's gross. It looks terrible, but it would be dangerous to work in because of the loose fabric, which is just begging to get caught on anything and everything. I've loved Carhartt stuff for a long time, but something has gone seriously wrong with their design and manufacturing. I will never buy this brand again.

👤I was not disappointed with the Carhartt shirts I purchased to be embroidered. Hunter Green is pictured on top of Carbon Heather, Dark Cobalt Blue, and then the navy, all Carhartt brand and original fit. The size large men's is 24 inches under the arm and 32 inches long from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the shirt. The Carhartt is an inch wider, longer, and the arms are way wider as a result of the Guilden shirts. Excellent quality. They hold up well with heavy use and heavy washing.

👤The shirt is not 100% cotton and is not the lightest color, but it is shown on the label. You sent me Desert grey. The other two made in Haiti and Mexico were rough.

👤I weigh in at over 200 lbs. I've been buying an XXL for 35 years, and it's not no XL at all. The thing was large but had an extra large tag. The ad photo is deceiving, showing nice longer short sleeves. These were standard short, goofy sleeves that poke out at the ends. The false advertising on Amazon is getting worse. It's easy to return a product, but it's happening more and more lately where the ads are just flat out false and here again with the Carhart shirt, maybe just hoping people say, oh, screw it, and keep it.

11. Willit Protection Fishing Lightweight Tangerine

Willit Protection Fishing Lightweight Tangerine

Silky fabric keeps you hydrated and dry, it's lightweight and quick to dry. UV protection. The fabric rating is good for protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. No-Chaffe COMFORT: Flat lock seams and no tag collar offer great comfort. It is machine washable. The design is shabby. The hoodie design prevents sunburn in the sun. The thumb holes keep the sleeves in place. Their sun protection shirt is lightweight and fitted without being too tight, making it great for fishing, running, golfing, biking and all kinds of outdoor activities.

Brand: Willit

👤I thought the fit would be smaller, but I'm happy that there's room for air between my skin and the fabric in the hot weather of Panama. The sleeves could be a couple of inches longer. If you have longer arms, you might want to size up. The T-shirt I am wearing is a size M.

👤I'm female, but around 135-150 lbs. I like to buy men's for torso length. I bought the small and medium because they fit me. This hoodie is not as nice as my $85 ones from name-brand outdoor companies, but for a quarter of the price, I would recommend this one. I attached the only pictures I have of it in action where I'm climbing and have the sleeves pulled up a bit, but for hiking I can comfortably get my thumbs through the loops for full coverage. It's long enough to cover my butt to prevent me from riding up with a backpack.

👤I bought something. I'm 5ft 5,100 pounds, and this covers to mid thigh standing and cover me when I squat outside or sleep. It's great for people like me who can't stand heat, too lazy for sunscreen, but get red. I used to wear a hood dress or pajama. If you're not willing to pay 40 bucks for the same amount of material in women's clothes that are more fitted, this is a great value.

👤The shirt's fabric is a tight weave, lightweight, slippery material that makes it a rather clingy fit. That's what I expect, without going to the high-end brand-specific fabrics that cost 4x what this does. The thumb holes are a nice option for extra protection to the back of the hand and not often found on men's shirts outside of cosplay and anachronistic fairs. The Large is often too big for me and the size is off. I had to return my Large and order Extra- Large to fit my 170 lbs "Adonis Bod". Good protection is a must for those who are medically sun sensitive and for those who want to avoid skin cancer, and this short gives good basic protection at a very reasonable price. For the price, I'll replace the fabric if I need it, it's not very durable and can't be used as body armor.

👤I'm a 6'8" guy with broad shoulders and a longer torso. My build is described as "constantly get confused for a football player, wrestler, or firefighter", but I am not one of those things. I ordered a large size. I can wear a large-long or large-long with room to shrink. The shirt fit well in the body, but its length hit below my belt, and it would've ended up being too short. I'm going to re-order in a larger size to account for the smallness. It would be great if someone offered something similar for us big guys.

👤Holly's husband wrote it. I got this shirt to wear when hiking and kayaking so I wouldn't have to use sunscreen like I normally do. I went up a size and got a shirt that was a true large after reading the reviews. I'm not sure what people are looking for in a size but the chart seemed to work for me after this experience. I ordered a medium which is what I normally wear and it fit like a medium. Depending on the COVID-19 weight gain, I weigh in at 165 - 170. The medium is not tight. The sleeves are long enough for me to use the thumb holes. If you are tall with long arms, this might be an issue. I think it is good quality and will be something I wear throughout the summer and can even layer to make it warmer in the spring/fall.


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