Best Fishing Assesseries for Boys

Assesseries 28 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. GOANDO Freshwater Accessories Including Crankbait

GOANDO Freshwater Accessories Including Crankbait

Click here to see full product details and photos. Life-like fishing lures feature a precisely engineered shape, stereo 3D fisheye and realistic scale patterns making the fish look more vivid and realistic, like a living fish in the water. The genuine plated fishing spoons show a brilliant flash in the water and more reflective surfaces attract fish and make them strike. A bait that can easily be used to cheat. Work well in all water layers and is great for both saltwater and freshwater. All trout and bass fishing lures are carefully selected to meet the needs of different types of fish. It's perfect for ocean boat fishing, ocean rock fishing, ocean beach fishing, lake, river, reservion, pond and stream. The fishing lure set has nearly all accessories, including crankbaits, VIB, topwater, plastic worms, jigs, and fish-shaped soft bait. The accessories are realistic and swim well. This fishing lures set can be used for any season in the water, it has a wide range of fishing accessories from common fishing baits to accessories. The fishing accessories are made of soft plastic and are not easy to defrom. The bass and trout fishing lures had a longer service life than other fishing bait. The plastic fishing tackle box is free for you. All fishing tackle is packed in a small box which is easy to carry and give you the exact fishing lure kit you need at any time.

Brand: Goando

👤Product works like a champ. It bent the hook but was able to keep the luer.

👤I caught 15 trout in a single day using things from this kit and am well equipped to continue using this little tackle box for a long time.

👤He was very excited when he received it.

👤It's everything you need. You can get better with lures like those. Everything you need to get started is here. It's more than the beginner needs. If you're a beginner, you'll need to learn how to use the kit. It's all there. If you can't use live bait, this is a great kit.

👤The kit for bass fishing was very popular with the son.

👤It is a good way to start your fishing tackle.

👤The set is good to get your fishing box together. There is a good amount of lures to choose from.

👤This kit is not very good. There are no eyelets on the 300 or 400 hooks. They give you instructions to go to old school and tie line along the shaft of the hook. Definitely not impressed. If option was available, I would give 0 stars.

👤En pesca el paquete, regalo para los principiantes, tiene un bueno.

2. Flying Fisherman Buchanan Polarized Sunglasses

Flying Fisherman Buchanan Polarized Sunglasses

The Tri Acetate Cellulose lens is made of Cellulose. The coating is scratch resistant. The lens width is 62 millimeters. The lens height is 38 millimeters. The bridge is 12 millimeters.

Brand: Flying Fisherman

👤I've been buying these sunglasses for 3 years now. I enjoy being able to try a new style whenever the old pair gets lost, or I'm bored. I'm not spending a lot of money on sunglasses. I'll tell you why these are beasts. My hubs was driving in crazy conditions on our road trip over the Christmas period, so I bought these Flying Fishermans. The nights were not good. He got desperate on the third night of driving because the streaks on the windshield were not helping. I gave him these things, and he was shocked that they gave him so much clarity as he dealt with oncoming headlights and such. As he drove, the streaks disappeared into the clarity offered by them. He used them all the time when the cars challenged his $100 fancy pair. I got him his own. When you have three babies, and you're trying to get across the country, you tend not to care. He loves me. I found FF for less than $20. :D

👤I bought the copper lens version of the Flying Fisherman Buchanan sunglasses as a gift for my husband after doing some research about which color lens was best for golfing. He felt they were very comfortable and flattering to his face. They were not so dark where he could not see subtle contrast in color and had no trouble keeping an eye on the ball, but they were doing a good job keeping out too much light, even though they are not overly dark. He is very pleased with the sunglasses and I am very pleased with the price, so I purchased another pair for driving! The reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 was that I was looking around the house to find a box that was the right size. He could keep them in his golf bag because The Flying Fisherman Buchanan sunglasses do not come with a protective case and they do not arrive individually boxed. If you don't keep them somewhere they could be crushed, they come in a bag. These sunglasses do not fold down very flat so your average sunglasses hard case, although long enough, might not be high enough to accommodate these sunglasses without crushing them down a bit. A photo of a glasses hard case is next to a pair of Flying Buchanan's. Overall, a great price for a great pair of golfing glasses, but just wish they had a box or case.

👤I bought these after reading a review on the internet about the best fishing glasses. I ordered 3 more sets after returning from that trip. They looked great, were comfortable, and held up well. Will they last as long as a set of fishing glasses? I don't know. I bought more because of that. I needed to keep them away from me. You can buy a bunch of these for what you pay for one set of high dollar sunglasses, if you want.

👤I have bought the Crystal Gunmetal Frames 3 times. I wear them in a gathering, a family member likes them, and I lend them out all day, and they are sold. I'm not trying to sell this product. The copper lens allows you to see in bright sunny situations. I fish, boat and ski, and I have perfect clarity with these. The fit on my big head is perfect, and I don't need anything to keep them from falling off. The nose rests are molded so that they don't break off in an impact. I squeeze these into my ski helmet in the winter and they hold up. I've been hit with rocks and oars and the lens and frames protect me. I wish they had a clear frame with a yellow lens.

3. American Flag Fishing Shirt Vintage

American Flag Fishing Shirt Vintage

The American flag fishing shirt is perfect for people who love fishing. Your love of fishing and patriotism are important to you. A unique fishing shirt for kids. Any gift giving occasion is perfect for the american flag fishing shirt. A great addition to fisherman jewelry. The Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem are lightweight.

Brand: American Flag Fishing Shirt Lovelyshirts

👤It was ordered for xmas. When purchased, it was guaranteed. It would arrive a week after xmas after 2 hours of purchase. I tried to cancel a week before delivery. Came a week late. You can tell the quality of a garment by how nice the tag is. The tag is similar to paper. It is very cheap. The image faded and the shirt became smaller after one wash and dry. I expect a better shirt when I pay 20 dollars. The shirt is cheap. Not worth the price.

👤After the first wash, the logo came off. The quality is very cheap.

👤I ordered a large but the shirt that came looked closer to a small or medium, I guess it will look good on someone's child.

👤I ordered one for my husband and one for my dad. The fit was good but the stitching on the bottom of the shirt was completely torn out after one wear. The neck loosened up. The design is great.

👤The husband likes the shirt. He likes long shirts. The 3XL fits him well, he is around 400 lbs. Good material, not like paper. I hang it to try to wash it out. I'm not sure how they do in the dry. I wouldn't be concerned about it.

👤It is not comfortable and has poor quality.

👤The first one I ordered was very small and I requested a return. I ordered an xl because your company didn't want to give me a return, it's perfect! My son will have a shirt with his son's shirt.

👤My son loves this shirt but it needs to be washed to feel soft. He's slim and it fits in a small room. The design for the angler is simple and it is grey.

4. Sun Bucket Hat Outdoor Fishing Hat Boonie Cap 7 14Yrs

Sun Bucket Hat Outdoor Fishing Hat Boonie Cap 7 14Yrs

The circumference is 54 cm and it is suitable for 4-7 years old and big kids. The soft, comfortable, foldable, tear-proof, fabric material and hat wide brim design make sure the head is cool and fresh. Excellent camouflage design that can be used for hiking, jungle travel and so on. You can change the style of it. The sun hat is great. Machine wash is suitable for cold water and hand.

Brand: Utowo

👤A great birthday gift. He likes hats with camouflage shirts. The price is great. I buy a large. The comments made it easier to find the right size. I couldn't find the chart. There is a shirt. He lives out of town, so no pictures to share.

👤It's perfect for an 8 year old boy. He was very happy to receive it.

👤It's perfect for a 14 year old. The strings help keep the hat around the neck if it falls down.

👤Purchase the camouflage hat for my 7yr old son and the fitting was great, this hat can fit a 10yr old head It protects the back neck area and provides good coverage for the front. The quality material is very good. It is definitely worth the purchase.

👤The hat is very comfortable. Good quality. It's perfect. I painted it. It looks great!

👤I bought it for my nephew. He likes it.

👤My grandson likes camo. The hat is well made.

5. BLITZU Brightest Flashlight Waterproof Adjustable

BLITZU Brightest Flashlight Waterproof Adjustable

The Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem are lightweight. It's easy and convenient to improve your visibility with hands-free bright lighting. You don't have to struggle to hold a flashlight when you need both hands. Leaving you free to work, read, and explore. The lightweight design of the Blitzu headlamps makes it easy to take with you wherever you go, in your backpack, glove compartment or side pocket. Made of non-toxic materials. The most reliable head lamp in its class is child friendly. The head strap is stretchy and can be adjusted to fit everyone. Weighing 2.2 ounces. It's so light you won't notice. It's now easy to see up close and long distance with the ultra bright cree 3w led technology. The headlamps body tilts up to 45 to focus light where you need it. The power provides a good field of view, plenty of peripheral light and is bright enough to light up large areas. Cold and impact resistant, waterproof with 7 lighting modes. The Ipx-5 rating protects against splashing or spraying water from any angle. The headlight has a wide variety of light modes and a 45 degree tiltable body, making it the most versatile in its class. Order now with no risk. They offer a money back guarantee with a lifetime warranty, because they are so confident you will love their headlamps. Order now with no risk. They offer a money back guarantee with a lifetime warranty, because they are so confident you will love their headlamps.

Brand: Blitzu

👤I bought two of these for my grandsons because I have many other brands. The headlights are of superior quality, with more features, than any of the higher priced ones I have, which are usually advertised as for running at night or working in a dark spot. Many other people have covered the wide range of functions of the white and red lights, the water tolerance, the whistle, and the importance of being able to use rechargeable batteries. It is not possible for a child under 10 to attach a band to the back of a light. For any child to fully understand and enjoy this gift, they need to understand the responsible use of them: not shining a bright light in anyone else's eyes, when and where to use the different features, and the importance of not. The piece of paper that came on the inside of the plastic said that the warranty was 3 years, but the product detail page on Amazon states that the warranty is unlimited. They should clarify that. I always find white items much easier to find in the dark, so I would suggest that they make these in white. I realize that white may not be as appealing to kids as the colorful ones, but clearly, given all its features, this item has considerable appeal for adults as well!

👤The light is wonderful. I was a bit concerned about "comfort" since it appeared to not have any padding for the forehead, but I did not need it, just in case. The headlamp is very comfortable to wear. The attachment of the head-strap was easy and quick, even though it wasn't attached and separate in the packaging. It's wide so that it fits securely on your head. The "light output" is very good for my purposes, which is working on my SUV or Harley in the garage. The ability to adjust the light intensity helps to cut down on glare, which I admit can be blinding at times. It will be Excellent at night on the road side. There's a lot of light to change a tire, look under the hood or anything else you might want. This Head-light would be great for Home Defense at night in the dark. I have tactical flash lights all over my home, but I want one for my bedroom when I'm not awake, because I want to be safe. It is easy to put-on and leaves both hands free for other things. I'm sure you understand my point. Some would say, "Hey, it makes you a target." Accuracy is what is important in a gun fight. The degree of tilt angle is also excellent. I don't see why you would need more since the actual adjustment is closer to 45 degrees. The adjustment is fine for my purposes. The "Red" light is Intensity and adjustments are Excellent. There are at least three different modes. "SOS" and "Steady-On" were used. I believe that there is a combination of both white and red lights on at the same time, which is a plus. The "low battery indicator" is the only thing that confuses me about this Head-lamp. I thought it was in the "On-Off-Mode Selection" switch/button, but the person I talked to said it was next to the "white" LEDs. The front of the light behind the lens appears to have three (3) LEDs Horizontally across the unit. One of these is the low-battery indicator. The description was confusing to me, but I can't find anything wrong with it. It's an excellent product, well constructed, comfortable and a great value. When I can, I would purchase additional ones. Since I am retired and have limited funds, I will get more for the car and bedroom when I can. You can't go wrong with this product. Excellent shipping and delivery is another excellent value. Plus. The customer service has been described by many. I don't have any problems with this product and I expect to have no. I will get additional units when I can.

6. Survival Kit Birthday Boyfriend Emergency

Survival Kit Birthday Boyfriend Emergency

The Flexfit design does away with snaps and velcro, and offers up a clean fit and stylish look in both adult and youth sizes. Cool Unique Gifts for Men: Does your father-in-law enjoy spending time in the outdoors? You can give him a gift that will show him you care about him. Look no further! This gear and equipment is ideal for hunters. The emergency survival kit has a Pocket Bellow, Wire Saw, Emergency Blanket,Flint stone Scraper, Flashlight, Credit Card, and a waterproof box. This camping accessory is the perfect companion to help keep you safe and have peace of mind while you're hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, backpacking, travel or adventures. There are Christmas gifts ideas. Birthday gifts for men, best gifts for father, best friend brother hunter, and even who has everything. A stocking stuffer, Fishing Gift Hunting Camping accessories for teen boys scouts teenage boy or family who are interested in adventure. Service is provided. Their priority is your satisfaction. If stocking stuffers for men doesn't live up to your expectations, contact them and they will solve it for you as soon as possible.

Brand: Trscind

👤I tried to return it as it was through Prime Day, but now it tells me I have to pay $7.65 because I can't drop it off at the store like I normally would. If you want to try it out, you should not buy it, as you will be charged as well. I will try to get pictures with the other items I have bought so you can see the comparison of quality. The item is a decent set, but for 30 bucks, it is a little better. You would expect a decent quality of stuff for 30 bucks. You can get these items from Chinese websites. The compasses are unreliable and hard to use as you have to manually get it to face north. The knife feels heavy but it is just steel and black and will dull out quickly. The blanket is okay. I guess, but very, very thin. I don't think it will retain much heat. I have the exact same spark as overseas and it works a few times. It works the same. The tac pen is just a pen that will run out of ink and just be a glassbreaker, that is the nice part about it, as it does feel like it can survive a couple of hits to solid things. The wire saw is good for small branches, but not for large branches or limbs. You can get a better quality light for 5 bucks at harbor freight. Is it waterproof? The case is waterproof, but only keeping a few things inside so the case doesn't warp and allow water in. It should be called "water resistant" but not waterproof.

👤Most items on the bag are very cheap, and like to get a well made materials for purchase, but this is garbage.

👤The product is good for the price. It's a cool kit for a kid to have. The only problem is the compass. That piece is not very high quality. The shell is cheap. The compass doesn't work so that wouldn't be bad. The directions are on a piece of cardboard under the compass. You have to take the compass out of the shell and adjust the piece of cardboard to show where you want it. You should tape it in at that point. There is a solution for the cheap piece of cardboard. However... It's not straight. If you face SW, it tells you you are facing SE. NW tells you where to go. Also. I'll keep the product but get a different compass. If it's good enough for you, there is a small compass on the parachute cord bracelet.

👤I couldn't get into this kit. It was difficult to open for a woman with long nails. I was going to put it in my van as a survival kit, however, not being able to get an emergency kit defeats the purpose of the kit. Returned it.

👤The survival kit will be used for a long time in the wilderness. The knife is the only redeeming value of this kit. The brass compass is useless. The fire starter broke. The other pieces are useless. Total disappointment.

7. Lanaak Kids Fishing Pole Tackle

Lanaak Kids Fishing Pole Tackle

The service was 100% Satisfactory. 100% satisfactory after-sale service is provided by them. The fishing gear kit includes a telescopic fishing rod, spincast reel, tackle box, beginner's guide, and carry case. The easy to cast reel has a push-button design. No assembly is needed as the reel arrives pre-spooled. There are 2 floating bobbers, 10 hooks, 10 split sinkers, 10 swivels, 2 jig heads, 6 plastic worms, and a crankbait lure in the bloated mackerel box. There is endless fun provided by BAIT NET. They will entertain themselves chasing crickets and minnows if they skip the bait shop. There is aARRY bag for storage and travel. This kit can be used under a car seat or backpack. Today is an outdoor adventure.

Brand: Lanaak

👤Line would wrap around the central post. It was a very disappointing birthday present. The company's owner contacted me after I posted a negative review. He was concerned that our daughter had been disappointed. A replacement was shipped that day. The new rod works great and the customer service was great.

👤The little fishing rod and reel exceeded my expectations. My son caught double my number of fish on our trip, and my set up was $300 compared to his $30. The fat 19” trout was held up by the line on the reel and drag.

👤I bought this kit for my Scout. We've used it twice. It has everything you need to get them going. Sunnies have been caught with it. The second ring from the reel became detached from the rod base. We were able to fish with it for that trip, but on the second trip, two rings became unglued from the rod base, so we can't use it. My six year old was very careful with his new rod under my guidance so we were very disappointed and he was a little sad that his rod can't be used any more.

👤I am very impressed with this kit. The rod expands to a full sized fishing setup after it arrives in a little pouch. It worked well for a day out fishing with my nephew, and when he got bored, my boyfriend took over and had fun. The net is a bonus for the kids and the rod worked great for both of them. My nephew won't outgrow the rod and my boyfriend now wants his own. It collapses and stores small. We're going to take it on some hikes. It would be a great gift.

👤Basic requirements for fishing with a kid are fulfilled by this fishing pole. It has the same setup as professional poles. Instructions could be more detailed to explain what each item is for and what to catch. We didn't understand how to engage the float and weights to line, there should be a heavier lead included in the package. The package needs a smaller hook to catch smaller fish.

👤Our 5 year old daughter has been begging us to buy her a fishing pole, but I was not able to find one that would hold up on a fishing trip. I was curious that this one could collapse into a small package. After you got started, you were surprised to see how well it worked. She is able to handle it because it is light and long. She is excited about it and her two year old brother is already running around with it, they are eager to go fishing with grandad and test out the new fishing pole. The kit came with a pamphlet with kid-friendly instructions on tying a decent fishing knot and other helpful/ fun tips, so I think it will be a good idea for her. I was really happy with the purchase.

👤My boys and I are going to a Lake in VA. They were great. We caught over 20 smaller fish. A great pole for kids. The ages are 9 and 7. The boys loved using it. I would definitely recommend it.

8. AmazonBasics Portable Foldable Photo Studio

AmazonBasics Portable Foldable Photo Studio

Under-40-C is strong. It is easy to get on. And Off lightweight folds. In your pocket. Collapses into a thin, portable, and durable portfolio case with no assembly required. The product measures 25'' x 30'' x 25'' and includes a power supply, user manual, and a bright-white backdrop. High output built-in lights for handheld photography. The lights are positioned for optimum contrast and provide 5600k daylight balanced LEDs. An extra light gives better highlights, contrast, and shape to product images. A front 3-door system maximizes image angles while reducing outside reflections. Shoot, edit, and directly upload catalog images to Amazon are compatible with the Amazon Seller app.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤Clean background in your product images is the whole point. The hard crease in the background is terrible. One more step in the process is necessary. The solution would be to package the backdrop in a rolled tube and install it after un-boxing the product. The one time install step is more convenient than the edit steps.

👤I love it! I run a rescue and have been looking for a camera to take pictures of cats and kittens. The animal would be contained while I take pictures. The cats and kittens look great. I added a white shag rug. We use the hole at the top to distract them. The three windows are the only things I would change. I would have liked to have secured them better. I understand that this is used more for objects that are still in motion. It's fun and I love it.

👤The look and feel of the package was excellent. My first impressions were very good. For a few reasons, I am dropping my rating from 5 to 4 stars. 1. There is no switch to turn off the lights; the light box must be unplugged or collapsed to turn off the lighting. If your outlet is accessible, it's not a huge deal, but flipping a switch is still less convenient. 2. There are lights in the center and left. It isn't perfectly even because of the slight shadow cast. 3. The white backdrop has a crease in it. It can be edited out, very easily, depending on the app or software you use. The light box can be set up on a table, but the electric cord is not long enough to plug in a wall outlet at the standard height. It is very convenient to position your camera at different heights because of the three flaps in the front that are held open or shut with magnets. The opening at the top is good, but it would be better if there was a magnet to hold that flap open. I'm very happy with this purchase. It's portable and easy to store. I kept the item for home use and light business use.

👤You have to use the portable studio correctly. People are not following directions when they complain about the crease in the backdrop. Manual setup of ISO and shutter speed are recommended for your camera profile. That is listed on the website but not in the instructions booklet. This gives the best amount of light to white out the background and expose the subject. The example pics show a muddy off-white/grey background and a shadow of the backdrop fold because people are shooting with an automatic camera profile. I agree with all of the pros of this photo studio, but I think there are some drawbacks. I think the LEDs offer adequate illumination, but would love the ability to buy additional strips to attach separately, opaque sides, and for the price, throw in a cheap reflector to help bounce some of the light around inside. It's simple and convenient, especially if it's portable.

9. Connectyle Bucket Protection Summer Khaki

Connectyle Bucket Protection Summer Khaki

TheUPF is 98% protection against UV rays. Extra protection is offered by the foldable floppy brim. The hat is 50 cm tall and 21 cm wide and fits most children. A fastener chin strap holds a hat and elastic drawcord. The mesh side vents are for better air flow.

Brand: Connectyle

👤It's perfect for a young child and will last a long time. He wore it all week at the beach.

👤My son's sun hat doesn't flop into his eyes like a lot of sun hats for toddlers do. The material is lightweight and soft. The strap is not tight or loose because of the Velcro. It has kept my son's face, head, neck, and chest from being sunbleached after a full day of yardwork.

👤My son was at the beach in California with a sun protection hat. I thought it was too big at first, but the back has a piece to adjust the tightness. It was wonderful! The wide brim was perfect for the best protection. This product is very good.

👤I bought two hats for my grandies, who are two and three years old. The fit of each one is a little loose, but they can be tightened up with an elastic cord at the back of the brim. The ends of the hat can be twisted under the child's chin before connecting with the Velcro ends to keep it in place. The girls think their hats make them look like cowboys. They are so comfortable that they happily keep their faces on.

👤I love this little hat for my grandson. It fits his head. It has a cord around the head that we can snug up to get the perfect fit. I think we will be able to use this for a while. It is lightweight and keeps the sun out of his eyes and ears. It's going to be great for the pool.

👤My son broke his tie back elastic after one gentle wash after the return window was closed. I bought these for my children because I wanted them to wear them all the time on our vacation to FL. Even when they get wet, they are light weight and cool, and the kids did not mind, just wrung them out and put them back on. Fantastic hats, just wish the quality lasted longer. They use it in yard play to protect themselves from the sun and the kids will not keep hats on without it, so I think this product is great for us. It fits both of my kids.

👤My 7 year old loves this hat and the vents on the side. She says it makes her feel comfortable. It has everything the mom of three looks for in a kids' sunhat, including SPF protection, a chin strap, and a back button to snug the hat on the child's head.

👤My son likes playing with animals. I needed something that would protect him from the sun. I bought it even though I was afraid it wouldn't fit him. He is obsessed with this hat and will wear it even inside the house. It looks like he will be able to wear it for a long time. The fabric is light and airy, making it perfect for summer.

10. Multitool Accessories Survival Stainless Boyfriend

Multitool Accessories Survival Stainless Boyfriend

With high quality design, zoom in/ out to adjust the light range. To mark the pet's urine,Enlarge the beam to circle the suspected area. The body is made of high quality aluminum. The camping hatchet has 14 tools that can be used at a critical time, including axes, hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutter, fish descaler, Saw, and more. It's also a life-saving device for outdoor hiking, hunting, camping, and home do-it-yourself. The handle of the camping axe is made of heavy duty STAINLESS steel and undergoes special aluminum oxidation to give it a higher resistance to rust and high temperatures. The camping accessories come with a pouch that is easy to carry in a pocket or belt, and a flap that allows one-hand access. When not in use, a leather case and a reinforced sheath are given to cover the blade, so that it is not exposed to the elements. This all-round survival gear is a cool gift for outdoor explorers who like hunting, fishing, backpacking, climbing, exploring or other outdoorsy sports. It is also suitable for women as survival tools. It is a practical daily home tool to replace the whole set of tools. They are dedicated to offering high quality camping equipment and easy-to-reach support to guarantee their customers have no-hassle purchase experience. They will try their best to deal with your issues until you are satisfied. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! They are dedicated to offering high quality camping equipment and easy-to-reach support to guarantee their customers have no-hassle purchase experience. They will try their best to deal with your issues until you are satisfied. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!

Brand: Adoric

👤This multitool is strong. I bought it because I really needed a hammer and it does the job well. The axe/hatchet feature works as described. My spouse used it to open crab when we had a crab feed at home. When not in use, it is sheathed and kept in a case. Can't wait to use all the features when camping.

👤I liked this trip a lot. The hatchet blade is strong enough to pound stakes into the rocky ground. The flip out screwdriver tip holder is the only issue I have. I lost one of the tips when I came out when pounding stakes. Poor design and no way to "click" it in place. The heft of the unit is good, as is the pliers and hatchet/hammer.

👤The product was broken. I had a screw at the handle that broke. I was not sure if the pliers worked for me or not. The handle is cheap. I think the axe needs to be bigger. You broke your hand or both.

👤I bought this for my husband as a gift and he liked it.

👤Very useful. I bought it!

👤My family has a survival gear tool in their backpack. We live in tornado/flood/blizzard country and we learned long ago that you do not take life for granted. One never knows what Mother Nature will throw at them. One needs to be prepared for floods, high winds, hailstorms, road outages, and even simple car trouble. This is a small tool. If needed, it gives peace of mind. A friend was gifted one of these and he used it to help secure wood when a window was blown out during a storm. He used it to cut away branches. It was a small tool, but when other tools are better, you use what you can find. He had it at hand. I have purchased multiples of these and will continue to do so. If they break, they break. They can be replaced. They were worth the small price if they helped once. I may try other options, but for now, this is the model I will be buying. Thank you for the product.

👤I wanted to have a hammer for my camping bag. I have a knife that is the same as the hammer. I've never used any of the tools this one has, but they look like they will be useful. I needed the hammer the most to cut the branches for the fires. It won't be your friend for heavy duty jobs, but it will work just fine for basic necessities. Medium pieces of wood can be hollowed out with this guy.

👤The multi tool is worth a lot of money. The blades are sharp. Attachments are strong. It has hidden tools in its small design. It fits my hand perfectly. I recommend!

11. XBLACK Fishing Gripper Saltwater Resistant

XBLACK Fishing Gripper Saltwater Resistant

The 8 inch fishing pliers saltwater is portable and easy to use, and features a coiled lanyard and custom molded sheath for quick access and easy reach while wading, surf fishing, or bank fishing. The back of the sheath has a belt clip that makes it safer to attach your belt or shorts to it. Special for Father's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, and more. The Perfect fishing Tools Set includes fishing pliers, fish scales, and a fish gripper. The tools that fishmen must have. The fishing accessories and kit were adjusted using pliers. The fish lip gripper was used to hold a fish. The Fishing Scale can weigh both small and large catches alike, from a mere 0.2 lbs to a jaw dropping 110 lbs.! The state of the art weight sensor can measure within 5g and convert from lbs. to oz. or kilo. The included measuring tape can be used to measure items up to 3 feet. The pliers and grippers are extremely light and are ideal for freshwater and saltwater fishing trips. You can grip the fish quickly and easily with one hand, and it's easy to use. The fishing pliers are one-hand operations. The eagle claw jaws can be used to replace hooks. It is a perfect fishing gift for men, fishermen, fishmen, anglers,boyfriend, Dad and Husband on Father's Day, Christmas, and other holidays.

Brand: Xblack

👤The scales are accurate. On our fishing trip, I became the "go to" for official weigh in. The tools are adequate for dealing with fish up to 10 lbs. Also super resilient. Scales got dropped in water twice, and we just pulled the batteries and let them dry out. It was not expected to be done for the price. After drying out, came back to life. Great value.

👤The scales are sturdy and well built. The pliers are very useful and feel like a real tool in your hands. The hook puller is useful. A nice case to hold the pliers and a lanyard is all you need. There is a The price is very competitive, I have seen the pliers at other prices. I recommend.

👤I bought this for my son's birthday and he loved it. The perfect gadgets for the avid fisherman. The scale broke for the first time. It wasn't made better.

👤Works great, will buy again.

👤These are the sets I always wanted for my fishing trips. The quality is good. I haven't used them yet, but they feel very high quality. They are a bargain.

👤The scale is accurate. My sone likes it.

👤I like this set. It is cute and fun. The tackle box is easy to carry around.

👤It was a gift for my grandson. He loves it and I do as well. The quality is better for the price.


What is the best product for fishing assesseries for boys?

Fishing assesseries for boys products from Goando. In this article about fishing assesseries for boys you can see why people choose the product. Flying Fisherman and American Flag Fishing Shirt Lovelyshirts are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing assesseries for boys.

What are the best brands for fishing assesseries for boys?

Goando, Flying Fisherman and American Flag Fishing Shirt Lovelyshirts are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing assesseries for boys. Find the detail in this article. Utowo, Blitzu and Trscind are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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