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1. TOURIT Insulated Backpack Compartment Picnics

TOURIT Insulated Backpack Compartment Picnics

The liner of backpack coolers is made from superior quality material. Companion gear for lunches, beach picnics, park, tail-gating, hiking, camping or backyard use. The lightest lunch backpack on the market is leak resistant, durable and perfect for men and women. The insulated backpacks have high density insulation to keep food warm or cool for 16 hours. A thick layer of insulation cotton inside of the large backpack with cooler makes it leak resistant. The large double decker backpack cooler has a bottom insulated cooler compartment for your lunch, a top storage room for your dry items, a front pocket for your personal effects, and two side mesh pockets for your water bottle. The liner of the cooler compartment is made from bpa free material. Companion gear for lunches, beach picnics, park, tail-gating, hiking, camping or backyard use.

Brand: Tourit

👤The bag blew away my expectations, it is made of strong quality material, and I think it is the best investment I have made for traveling for work and for body building. My meals, drinks, utensils, and seasonings fit into it.

👤The bag was amazing. I loved the way it was sturdy and how much I could fit into it. The stitching has held up well and I pushed it to the limit. The extra parts keep my drinks cold, and it's a bonus. The cooler's zippers have failed. The first and second ones broke in the last 2 weeks. I hope I can fix the zippers because this was my favorite backpack. The rest of the bag is in perfect condition, so I expected it to last longer.

👤I tried to return the item under their lifetime warranty after I shoes the sales receipt, but I was ignored. This product is not good.

👤I used it as a light lunch box for 2 weeks a week, never stuffed it full of beer or ice, and it still looks great. Both of the zippers broke in less than a year. That's correct, both of them... I contacted the manufacturer with the original order number from Amazon and they said they would replace it. They never did. They haven't responded to my follow up emails, not to confirm or deny that they are replacing their product. They don't have a customer service number to call. They do not respond to email. Terrible customer service, poor product. I will pay a million dollars and get a YETI next time, because Amazon did nothing to correct the situation. I'm sure they support their products.

👤I love my backpack. I work in the auto industry and it is very hot, so I decided to give this pack a try, I was sick of carrying a heavy handheld cooler and a backpack for all my other daily items. If I'm in a 90 degree plant for 12 hours, I use freezer ice packs to keep my drinks and food cold. This product is very good. I would like it to be a little bit bigger and heavier. I could fit a few more water bottles and food but it doesn't do the job. Only one disappointment... I packed my cooler section with way more weight than this pack could handle, and the fabric tore under the top pocket zip up, not the products fault. Don't over fill it. You'll be fine.

👤I know this bag is supposed to hold beer. I used it while traveling to NYC to pump milk for my baby. It carried my pump on the top compartment and kept the milk chilled in the bottom compartment. This one did everything I needed and more, it's ugly and doesn't fit the larger Spectra pump, but it's the only one that did. It was a backpack with soft padded straps. I could fit all the pump parts on the top and have plenty of room below for other items. It's lightweight and helped when I added ice packs. I did a lot of research to find the perfect bag and I was lucky to find this one, it was on a "best of" list.

2. Backpack Foldable Fishing Lightweight Portable

Backpack Foldable Fishing Lightweight Portable

The perfect return and after-sales service is offered by Blisswill. They will do their best to help you if you have any questions. It's the best gift to give to a father on Father's day. If you want to buy a fishing tackle box, please search the ASIN:B08PXQNWG9. This folding chair built-in with cooler bag converts from an amazingly lightweight backpack to a mini stool chair with built-in cooler bag for your drinks and snacks. The bag size is 7.1 and the folding chair is 23.6. The main body of the cooler bag is the same size as a normal hunting backpack. A strong metal structure supports up to 200 lbs. The cooler backpack camping stool folding cooler chair bag portable can be easily separated for two parts, one is a simple portable camping folding chair, and the other is a professional backpack, which can be used for any purpose. You can use the foldable seat and the hunting bag in different ways. You can sample carry it to any location for seat and storage. The cooler backpack camping stools have lots of pockets and are designed with multiple pockets. You'll always have a seat for rest and drinks if you carry it wherever you go. The shoulder straps of the camping backpack seat are made of thick quilted padding so that they are wide enough to reduce the pressure on the shoulders. The hunting bag material is waterproof and silent, so you won't disturb the prey when you walk in the woods.

Brand: Timber Ridge

👤This was used for deer hunting. I don't know how well that works, but the pack had plenty of room for deer calls, scent wafers, snacks, rope, and other things. There are a few compartments to choose from. The extra clips for the chair worked well to clip my backpack to my climber, because I never used the chair. I had a problem with one of the shoulder straps. I tied it in a know andnit because it kept slipping out of the brackets. I let my friend borrow a chair and backpack to hunt on opening day. The sling style chair is much more comfortable than the tripod style and the pack and chair weigh almost nothing. He liked it. He liked that it all fit in a backpack and he didn't have to worry about carrying his gun. I think I'll use it more than hunting. This lightweight chair, backpack, cooler combo would work great on the beach. It would be great for a concert.

👤I bought this chair to relieve my back pain. I was disappointed when I lifted it up. It's heavy. I put it on my scale and found it was not the weight I thought it was. That was advertised. This solution to hiking in pain makes the problem worse. With this much of a lie, how can you trust anything else the manufacturer says? It doesn't say for that matter. If you buy this, you'll find that it's banned in California because of the presence of DEHP, a substance that can cause birth defects and increase the risk of cancer. I'm returning it.

👤I have not had a chance to try it out yet, but so far it is great! I have been looking for a chair like this for a long time. The bag is not easily accessible when sitting, the bag does not hold much, and the seats are not comfortable. This is a big deal! The chair is sturdy and comfortable, it is light weight, and it seems durable. The bag is on the side and I like that it has side pockets. I am very happy with this purchase so far.

👤I was very excited to receive this backpack, but was disappointed when I opened it to find that the inside stitching was missing. I replaced the damaged bag with a new one and this was not a problem. When I looked at the new one, I found that it was not the same as the one I received, but it was a different spot on the inside. I believe the bags are poorly made and won't hold up for a few uses. A.

👤The best of the best! I use the backpack all year long and it's very happy with my 3 in 1!

👤The product is great, price is good and quality is good. I was surprised to use this still hunting this year.

👤The backpack was put together backwards at the factory, the seat was sewed upside down, and the back pack was not shown in the picture.

3. Seaknight Saltwater Resistant Multifunctional Green 7 5L

Seaknight Saltwater Resistant Multifunctional Green 7 5L

Their waterproof dry bag is suitable for an enormous range of outdoor activities, no matter hiking, camping, climbing, biking, even water sports like floating, kayaking, swimming, rafting, boating, canoeing, fishing, surfing, rowing...all allowed. Excellent companion for outdoor enthusiasts. Water-resistant and resilience: The backpack's safety is ensured by the high quality water-resistant 1000D Polyester material. The SeaKnight tackle backpack is made of a heavy duty material that can prevent water from splashing and keep items in the bag dry. It is ideal for rough use. There is a larger storage space. There are two capacity options for 7.5L and 25L. The backpack is divided into many different areas, the unique components help it to be more independent. The feature offers larger space to clarify equipment and necessities. The main bag has a clapboard that splits the large space into two independent spaces for different things to be used more effectively. The lower main compartment has tackle boxes. There are adequate spears. The shoulder straps are padded for better fit. The mesh back panels are padded. The straps relieve pressure on the shoulders. The anti-clockwise top: The backpack is protected from being scratched on rocky ground. It's perfect for camping,hiking,gyming and so on.

Brand: Seaknight

👤I had been using my over the shoulder bag, but finally decided to use this one. I tried it out with everything loaded into it and it was easy to get my stuff from my car to the boat. It seems to be put together well and doesn't seem like it's going to break apart. Since my old bag was killed by a failure of the zippers, I will make sure I keep them coated with Silicone spray. I have another bag that I can use for larger items that won't fit in this one. It was easy to handle my metal jigs and bucktails. The smell of hooks, and sinkers ranged from 4 to 10 ounces were a challenge. I don't seem to have a single solution to getting my tackle to and from where I am fishing. Anything that holds my stuff is heavy and bulky. This will be a compromise. It fits on my shoulders and holds most of the stuff I need, so I don't have to carry anything else. There is a Yeah. I'm one of those guys.

👤I have owned the 25L for a year. The big is water resistant, and the zippers still work great. It was left in the tube with the cast nets in a rain storm and everything was filled with water. After draining the aterout, the big was dry. I left it in the boat during the Georgia rain storm and it was dry. Getting ready to buy a second one.

👤I have been using this backpack for about 2 months. I have a lot of fishing gear. The four included boxes are okay, but the closing tabs are a bit shotty. I will probably replace them at some point, but they are working well for now. If you don't yank on the zippers, they work great. The pockets on the sides have a knife, clippers, 2 spools of line, 2 spinner baits, 2 buzz baits, a scale and a pack of sinkers. I have worn it for as long as 5 hours without any issues. It is sturdy and doesn't collapse under its own weight. I would highly recommend this backpack in this price range. Better ones cost more. I target largemouth and fish from the banks of ponds, lakes and rivers 3-4 times a week.

👤This was going to be your typical fishing bag. It is very flexible. I like the open sent up in the inside to be used with dividors or open set up. I used it as a clothes bag for a trip over the weekend. It worked out perfect. There are lots of other pockets for different storages in this hold. It is the perfect bulk and is made to last. A fishing box is great for hiking and travel. It was telling ya that you were impressed.

👤For the husband, I got for Christmas. The husband took it with him on his fishing trip. He was able to fit all of his fishing gear in it, including the extra I got him for christmas. He says it fits the cases we have. He loves the fact that it is a back pack and he can carry his nets and rods without having to struggle. I want the review to stay at all 5 stars. We will see how durable it is in a few months. The back PCK has been updated to reflect my husband and his fishing adventures. He loves it!

4. Rodeel Fishing Backpack Holders Storage

Rodeel Fishing Backpack Holders Storage

There are 2 smaller compartments in the main storage compartment for organizing your gear, and 3 external pockets for storing your daily items with quick access. There is a left and right pocket for water cup/bottle and tools. Two rod belts on the side and a patched belt on the bottom are used for fishing rod storage. The fishing bag is durable and fashionable. The fishing backpack has a large, upper storage area and a front-loading tackle box. The backpack can hold 4 tackle trays. The backpack has a front cover that can be folded down to give the angler a flat working space. The fly fishing pack is made of 600D Polyester and is ideal for rough use in tough weather. The backpack is very comfortable with the padded at back and shoulder straps. The design of the backpack will make you feel better, and it will also make you sweat less. This backpack is used for fishing tackle. It's also perfect for hiking, camping, shopping, sight-seeing, travel, and so on.

Brand: Rodeel

👤Update 10/30/ 2020. It was fun while it lasted, but it is falling apart now that the strap is torn off, so it is going to give it an update. If you use 2 to 3 times a week, you will get a year. It was a good backpack. I would hope for a complete year or 2 but not a full year. Has faded in color. I am blown away by the quality of the material and the zippers. The plastic compartments are very strong. I haven't taken it out yet. I have no doubts that it can handle what I will be throwing at it. It is highly recommended for ant fisherman or woman.

👤I've read the reviews and know that the bag has an issue. I thought I'd be careful with mine. I filled one of the trays with lures and the other with hooks and took it with me. I usually bring two drinks, a pair of line clippers, and an empty jar. I have never gotten a hook stuck in it's material, and I never cast it on. I baby this thing, and it ripped at the inside of the main compartment. There is a The backpack would be amazing if not for the rip. It fits everything I need. It's odd how durable the outside of this bag is, it's just the sewing on the inside. There is a It's not worth it for the price. I really did love this bag.

👤It's Christmas and you have to put it in a box. I love having my kids Christmas presents with a picture of the contents on the porch for them to see. This time of year, the package does not tell what it is, but it does tell you what it is. There is no idea of quality in the box. I'm not happy.

👤The thing fits everything I need to bring to the beach. There's a compartment for my jacket in case it gets hot. The rod holder's slit is very good. Highly recommended. Their trays are cheap and fit perfectly. Make sure you pick that option. The top compartment tore after a while. It can be difficult to hold a squeezy. The backpack is not strong enough to stand alone. The design causes it to be backward. It was worth it for light fishing. If you like fishing, you should get good at sewing.

👤I bought this for my husband so he wouldn't have to carry his fishing poles and gear to the water and still be able to climb up and down the hills more safely. He likes it. The size is great, not too big or small, and the quality is nice. The tackle boxes that come with it are a plus, but they are not deep enough to hold jars of power bait when they are laying on their sides. He used one of the packs pockets for the jars. He liked the waterbottle holder in the pack.

👤I gave this item 5 stars for its quality. You get 4 tackle box trays and two rod holders for the price of this item. I use this as my surf fishing tackle bag so that I can carry it down the beach with no issues. It has a lot of space for me. I like how I can section off the top and use it for my tools. There are enough pockets for my glasses. I attached a carabiner to hold my baits. The bag is durable and quality. An amazing giftable item.

5. PORTAL Lightweight Backrest Backpack Supports

PORTAL Lightweight Backrest Backpack Supports

The sport type is camping and hiking. A multi-functional bag. The cooler bag can keep drinks cool. The cup holder and pocket on the storage cooler are great for holding stuff. The steel frame construction with powder coating makes sure you sit securely. Attached padded backrest provides support for your back. The chair supports up to 225 lbs. The set up is 13 L x 12.5 W x 29.5" H. The cooler has a size of 10.8" L x 7.9" W x 15.7" H. The double shoulder strap-type is easy to use. It's used for camping, fishing, tailgating, hiking and picnicking. Enjoy the time when you have any outdoor activities. One year warranty policy is applied to the product. You can contact them if you have any quality issues.

Brand: Portal

👤This is close to a perfect product. I used clip on backpack straps to turn this into a cooler. The cooler is not water proof so if you use ice it will get wet. It would be 5 stars if it came with backpack straps. I use it every day to walk my dogs in the woods. I have various camping chairs and this one is my favorite, I am a big guy and it is very comfortable. The cooler is large enough to hold everything I need. The frame is strong, the zippers are solid, and the quality is great. I will love it if my breaks will buy again. There is a link for the backpack at the bottom of the page.

👤I like the color of this one and it has a back. The frame is sturdy and the backrest does what it's supposed to do. There are braces on the corners that keep the chair stable. The cooler keeps things cool, but you want to be careful about how you put things in or things may fall out when you open it. It's easy to convert into a chair. I used to wish I had a place to sit when I was riding my mountain bike.

👤I wanted to avoid sitting on the ground while sketching during hikes so I was looking for a fold up chair. This is a backpack and chair combo that I liked. It is not possible to sit on it with the metal bars behind the back of the knees. The bars are the highest part of the chair and they push into the backs of my knees. Within minutes it stops circulation. This one is the most uncomfortable chair I've tried. I'm 5'9" I don't think being different in height or weight could help. It's a problem if the seat is lower than the bars.

👤It is unbelievably lightweight and sturdy. The metal part is made of metal. I can tell you that it won't wear out. I like the backpack part. The comfort rating is low because it's not comfortable for me, not because there's anything wrong with the chair. You don't buy things for comfort. You buy them to use. This is what I need.

👤I like it! It's light and sturdy, perfect for my hikes. It's nice to sit and take a break from hiking. It's definitely worth it.

👤I never bought anything from Amazon. Never. The back support was not broken. The sack seems strong. The seat! The bar that forms the front digs into your legs. It stopped my circulation when I sat in it. I am not exaggerating. The concept is great, but the product isn't delivering.

👤This backpack is a lifesaver for someone who needs periods to replenish. The backpack's design makes it easy to carry and it also has storage capacity so one can set up on location anywhere. I find the chair convenient for meditation because one must open their legs to excess the storage underneath. If I put a travel pillow or blanket in the seat, I can use it as a foot rest or side lounger. I use this for work as I am on location and for fun off days hiking, picnic or the beach:) obviously with the built-in chair it is a bit heavier than another simple backpack of it's size. I am happy with the sturdy construction. The quick grab and go handle is missing. I am happy with my purchase after several uses and am beginning to get used to how it folds and unfolds. I love it and hope it lasts me a long time.

6. Backpack Leakproof Insulated Lightweight Cooling

Backpack Leakproof Insulated Lightweight Cooling

We offer a customer satisfaction guarantee to make sure customers have a stress-free shopping experience. They are always here to help, so please rest assured to buy. If there is a problem with the product, please contact them. There is a long-lasting cooling function. The Cooler Compartment is designed to keep goods cold for 6 hours. It's a great solution to haul food from the grocery store. The outer layer has a water-proof surface which ensured no sweat, the middle layer is high density foam and the interior is lined with leak-proof material. 100% leakproof cooler: The Cooler Bag uses hot pressing technology to connect the PEVA. The interior lining is made of food grade PEVA and padded with 8mm foam. Don't worry about leaking water or ice while using it. The 1680D Oxford fabric exterior cooler bag is dirt-proof and high-density, making it easy to clean. Get ready for your next adventure. 35L large container is 14.7 X 9 X 6.6 inch. The interior can hold up to 35 cans or 17 bottles and the maximum capacity is 19L. You can put water or ice into the cooler and pack it with dry food. The backpack is perfect for hiking, camping, beach, road trip, and lunch. The picnic mat is 24 X 18 inch. The cooler bag set can be used as hiking backpack, camping backpack, fishing bag, hunting backpack, travel backpack, trail, cycling, other outdoor activities. It's suitable for both men and women. There is a multi-POCKET STORAGE. The ice backpack has a large main storage cooler compartment, 2 side mesh pockets, 2 large front zip up pockets, and 1 beer opener and mesh pocket on the strap. Multiple pockets can be used to store different items.

Brand: Kuyou

👤I bought this bag to use throughout the summer, so I could carry it on the golf course, at the pool, at the park, on the boat, and so on. The bag is very comfortable against my back and the size is perfect. My husband likes the bottle opener attached to the back strap and it is a gender neutral grey. He is much happier with this one. My phone, keys, and snacks can all be found in one of the several compartments on the bag. The blanket that comes with it is about the size of two bags side by side. I will probably not use it because it is much smaller than I expected. I love this bag and will use it a lot. It looks good and feels good. I have included a few photos and a video to show what it looks like in real life, instead of just the stock photo. Hope that helps!

👤I bought it after hearing about it. I can only say that I love it. I tried the product after receiving it. I went back home from my grocery shopping and filled it with frozen products. It didn't go down in these hot summer days. It is leakproof and useful. This is a great option if you are tired of carrying weird coolers. It's possible to fill it with your trail or beach foods without worrying about temperature change inside the pack. Extra pockets make space for your other belongings as well. The pack is durable after a long grocery trip. Soft shoulder pads make it easy to carry. The small picnic pad is really useful. Beer opener on strap is really cool. Highly recommend.

👤I took this to Florida as my carry-on. We kept the cans cold overnight. My nephew loved it so much that his mother is buying him a new one. This is very deep. The mat is small and would be perfect for a picnic lunch or diaper change. love it!

👤I plan to use this next week for a beach vacation and it seems like a good quality. I will let everyone know how it works once we use it. I wanted to write a quick blurb about the misleading pictures in the product description section where they have a family of 4 sitting on the picnic mat, which is 1'x2' and could be mistaken for a picnic mat.

👤This was taken on two beach vacations. Did not miss out. It was upside down when it leaked on the way home. I think anything would do that.

👤I use this product for more than just a to-go picnic backpack. I use it as my daily backpack. Being a mom of three children, this product helps me with packing snacks and drinks for my children when we go for road trips or just a simple trip to a kids park. I recommend this product to my friends and family because I love it.

👤I like it. We are going to a water park. We could take drinks with ice packs. We put towels inside. It was easy to carry our drinks. We use it to get to the golf course. The pack is easy to carry.

7. Rolling Fishing Backpack Wheels Attached

Rolling Fishing Backpack Wheels Attached

It's comfortable and comfortable. The backpack has a padded back and shoulder straps. The design of the backpack will make you feel better and reduce sweating. The fishing bag for men is made of sturdy, durable wheels and a reinforced telescopic handle, padded shoulder straps, and an additional securing strap. The waterproof fishing backpack with rod holder and fishing tackle box is very durable. The cooler is attached to the backpack and held in place by large strips of fabric. It's big enough to keep you hydrated, snacks, and sandwiches for a full day of angling. A backpack that is great for camping would be great for men. The waterproof fishing backpack, 4 rod holders and 3 plastic tackle boxes for fishing are designed specifically for all your angling requirements. There are lots of pockets and compartments that you need for fishing. This fishing bag, measuring 19.5x12.5” with a cooler, is the perfect birthday, Christmas or "I Love You" gift, ever! The fishing tackle storage bag and fishing backpack tackle boxes and rod holders are a great accessory for the fishing enthusiast. At Romali's, they bring you an outstanding quality bag with the most durable zippers, handles, straps and accessories on the market. If you are not 100% satisfied, just get in touch with them and they will work it out for you. Purchase your fishing backpack today and enjoy angling activities that are never before done.

Brand: Romali’s

👤I was surprised when we unboxed the backpack. There are three areas on this bag. The top piece has a cooler on it. There is a large compartment in the middle. There are 3 tackle boxes in the bottom. There are two rod holders on each side. There are two pockets on the back of the bag, one with a hook for pliers and the other with a zip. There is a The top piece holds ice, bottles, cans, water bottles, and food. The cooler is soft and will not stay ice cold on a hot summer day. There is a There is a place to put a name card in the middle compartment. The inside of the compartment is open and there are two different types of dividers. There is a The tackle boxes are in the bottom compartment. Each box has three rows. Each box has 8 dividers and the row is 9 7/8” x 1 7/8” The tackle box will not close if the two different dividers in each box are not in the front row. The boxes are not flimsy like some other brands. There is a The stitching was great and the zips worked well. I looked at the entire product and didn't find any pulls. The material is strong. There is a There are straps with the bag. You can either carry it as a backpack or pull it. The wheels are rolling nicely. The cooler will come off of the bag if the entire unit is lifted by the cooler handle. I couldn't find any. I will update and amend my review if I do. I love this bag. The craftmanship is exceptional and there are so many compartments. I am so happy we found it.

👤I have to take a lot of pictures at the convention and have to bring a lot of gear with me. I have to fit whatever I use on an escalator. I've added a couple of compact stands and longer light sticks to my kit. I've attached tubes to a cart with a camera backpack, a roller cart, and more. This is a product that works great. There are pockets and straps on the sides that can hold poles. I have a compact stand and three pockets for light tubes. The main compartment is similar to a camera bag. The bag only has two large dividers, but I have boxes of them from other bags so that's not an issue. The compartment is large enough to hold a standard camera bag. I have a bag that holds a camera, two lens, speedlight, and various accessories. I can put it in the top compartment. There's a big bottom compartment with shelves that can be adjusted. You can use the included parts boxes or remove the shelves and put a couple of smaller studio lights in here. The bag can be used many different ways. The top of the bag has a pair of strips that match the ones on the bottom of the cooler bag. The bag can hold things. There's a variety of straps and D-rings in the bag. Flat pockets are great for maps, notepads, and so on. The bag has a set of features.

8. FORICH Backpack Insulated Portable Backpacks

FORICH Backpack Insulated Portable Backpacks

If you don't have a fridge, these ice packs will keep your food and drinks chilled. 30 Cans/30L, Measures: 18.1”x13.3”x 7.9” ForICH cooler backpack is large enough to hold all your necessities, such as meals, beer, drinks, tall beverages, snacks, fruits, ice pack, cellphone and other outdoor activities necessities. It can hold 4 bottles of wine. Backpack cooling products are INSATEDUL LEAK PROOF. The backpack cooler was made of high density insulation and leak proof liner to make sure drinks and food are kept cold and hot. Anti-leaking from outside is added to the high quality waterproof zippers. Light weight and resilience: The large cooler backpack was made of heavy duty durable fabric and was lightweight. It is easy to pull a high quality zipper. The design of the shoulder straps and padded sections on the back offer a comfortable and soft feel. Function: Multiple The backpack is suitable for both men and women. It is a portable cooler that can be used as a travel backpack, beach cooler backpack, hiking backpack, picnic backpack, fishing bag, and so on. The cooler bag can be used as a backpack. One main roomy insulated leak proof storage compartment for drinks or food, one large zip pocket in front for dry items, and one vertical design front zip pocket for snacks are included in this multi-pocket bag. The large mesh side pockets are perfect for wine. There is a beer opener and mesh pocket for the phone on the shoulder strap.

Brand: Forich

👤January 6, 2020 is when I bought this item. Today is March 4, 2019. I didn't fill it with any heavy items besides my two small containers of food. One was a salad. Yesterday I saw a rip in the linear. I haven't contacted the seller or Amazon because I know little will be done to get this resolved unless it's on a review. Do not buy it.

👤I had a back pack for a week, I used it TWICE, and on the first day of use, I only had something small in it, so it wasn't over loaded. I used the split one. On the second day, I had grapes, cherrys, crackers and strawberries in little sandwich bags and one of the main straps was ripped completely. I had less than 5 lbs of stuff. I was shocked how quickly this fell apart and I am very disappointed. I hope I can get my money back.

👤I am looking for a backpack cooler that is thick and can hold about 24 cans and other items. I don't want to buy a YETI and am trying to find an alternative that isn't as expensive. I tried this for the first time and it wasn't what I was expecting. I am a positive person and don't like to say bad things, but I was disappointed in the thickness, size and quality of the inside lining. The lining was loose, the inside claimed it held more than it ever could, and it wasn't a good quality. The price is low and I just wanted something better.

👤I was excited that this arrived before we went to the beach. I put all our stuff in it and when I tried to put it on my back, I heard a rip. The stitching on the side of the arm strap was a little torn. The cooler was great. Drinks and food were cold all day at the beach. If the company sent me a new one and showed good customer service, I would write a glowing review. We will see!

👤The fabric used in this backpack cooler is very strong. The insulation does not leak from the bottom of the pack. I have had this bag for a week and a half and am loving it. The only thing I feel is a bit of a set back is the zip ties, they are cheap, and one has come off after the first time I pulled it, but a set of pliers will push the clasp closer so that the pull will not come off. This is a great soft duty cooler that I will use for picnics and beach days.

👤The backpack cooler is very sturdy and we love it. I don't want to use ice because it will leak. It's what we were looking for and we just used ice packs.

👤So far, so good. There was no leak. My drinks stay cold for over 24 hours with ice packs. In Florida. Even when full, it's easy to carry. There are lots of pockets for keys and phone. There is a slit on the straps. Comes with a bottle opener. There was a bonus added.

9. PERMIAN Portable Cooler Camouflage Insulated

PERMIAN Portable Cooler Camouflage Insulated

The perfect return and after-sales service is offered by Blisswill. They will do their best to help you if you have any questions. It's the best gift to give to a father on Father's day. If you want to buy a fishing tackle box, please search the ASIN:B0969MM41G. The most cold cantaloupe you have ever owned. Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, sailing, kayaking are all possible. These insulated, waterproof dry bags from PERMIAN Coolers can keep your drinks cold when paddling, surfing or canoeing. The cooler bag is designed to keep ice bricks cold for up to 24 hours. The performance is unsatisfactory. The roll top dry bag is the perfect accessory for small adventures. The welded seams on the tow-behind kayak bag prevent water from getting in. It has a padded shoulder strap that has been reinforced with metal. This floating portable cooler bag is perfect for on-the-go adventures, whether you are surfing on the beach with friends or planning a paddling expedition. Their waterproof backpack can hold up to 10 cans and ice bricks, and it has a 15-liter capacity, so it can hold up to 4 bottles of wine. Ready to go in seconds, their floating, waterproof dry bags are perfect to take anywhere. After folding the opening 3 times, you can create a seal. Lock the clasps together on the other side of the folded top. Your bag is ready to go. Your next adventure will have storage for it. Their bags are easy to store. Once you have finished using one of these exclusive coolers, empty the contents, rinse with water, and dry, then open the air valve and roll up from the bottom of the bag. It will become a travel companion once secured with a utility strap. A great gift for any occasion.

Brand: Permian

👤Contacted the seller and got a replacement bag 2 days later. The weather changed from 70f to 92f during the 32 hours that this bag was sitting on my balcony, and it still had ice in it. I am pleased with the replacement product. Customer service is good. Thank you. I'm wondering if they meant ice cubes wouldn't get out, since the description said water won't get in. I put ice in the bag and closed it, but after 4 hours I realized there was water in it, so I turned it upside down. The melted ice was leaking out even though some of the ice was still inside. Since the bag has been in my office where it's a cool 75 degrees, I don't think there will be any cold ice in it after 30 hours. I might have got a bad bag. Maybe I wasn't supposed to turn it upside down. The magic is gone after I peeked behind the curtain.

👤Things have been kept cold so far. I've only used it three times. I dumped out the water but the bag was still heavy. Water got through the lining and was absorbed by the insulation. Water poured out of the vent when the bag was squeezed. The bag is not usable for me because I intended on using it for bikepacking. I have a three week trip coming up and it feels doubtful that it would keep the temperature up after one day. The water absorbed into the insulation will add a lot of weight.

👤The purchase arrived with a hole. Didn't realize until use. Almost immediately, a new one was sent. The first one was used on dry land and worked well. I used it in my kayak for the second time and discovered that it took water in the air chamber because the seam was not sealed. I had to calm down and write a review. The return window has now closed so I have a cooler and cost. Zero stars! The bag was not in my return window, but Amazon has decided to give it back. Way to go Amazon! A replacement has also been reached out by the seller. I will update once I receive it. I thoroughly inspected all the seams after receiving the replacement from the seller. I will update once I use this week on vacation. Customer service stars are updated.

👤I love this cooler. It was bought for swimming in our lake. What more could you ask for? I can tell you that this cooler is lined so well that ice floats in the lake water for your favorite beverage. Would buy again and also buy gifts.

👤The cooler was purchased for use with day trips. The cooler is easy to store when not in use and is always available to a quick pack up, which is a great find. It is ready to go after a quick two step process. It's a quick way to store after use. The product has a good look and feel. I have used this cooler many times and I am looking forward to many more. Definitely recommend this cooler.

10. KastKing Backpack Waterproof Protective Camouflage

KastKing Backpack Waterproof Protective Camouflage

The shoulder strap was included. Waterproof and resilience are important. The fishing tackle backpack with rod holders is made of tough high-density Oxford fabric for exceptional long-term performance and reliability. The rain cover is water resistant and will keep your belongings dry. The bottom is covered with waterproof non-slip materials and there are two non-skid pads on the bottom to keep your bag in place. The top compartment has a Soft Plastic System and 20 pockets for your soft plastic lures, which makes it easy to access and keep track of. The fishing backpack has pockets and storage areas that help you stay organized. The versatile pockets allow you to carry all the essentials for a day of fishing. There is an adjusted main complaint. The large-capacity storage compartment is in the fishing backpack. There is a foldable padded partition in the middle of the main storage area. The clapboard can be folded down on the main compartment to get two smaller storage spaces. The upper layer holds clothing and snacks, while the lower layer holds tackle boxes. The fishing tackle backpack has a cushion for superior back support. The foam-padded shoulder straps are easy to adjust to fit your height, and are Breathable for better comfort. The reflective stripes on the straps keep you safe at night. The handle design of the Oxford fabric makes it easy to hang your bag on a rack. It's perfect for any activity outdoors. This bag is specially designed for fishing enthusiasts and avid anglers and can hold all your fishing gear. This large storage waterproof backpack is perfect for hiking, camping, sightseeing, exploring, cycling, working, or other outdoor sports. Men and women love camping.

Brand: Kastking

👤It has a waterproof rain cover, plenty of pockets for your cell phone, water bottle, pliers, sunglasses, and 2 portable fishing combo, and it's perfect size. Plus 4 people.

👤I ordered a bag. The bag is great. It was small. I got this and it's bigger than the day tripper I got and I still have the main compartment empty and side pockets to fill. The bungie cord style on the day tripper is better than the Velcro rod holder straps. The day tripper was small on me, and I felt weird. The lady in the video is a small girl and the backpack is large. It would be great if it had a big pocket on the back of the main compartment. This is a great backpack.

👤I think this bag looks great with lots of storage options. I have owned multiple products from them. I think you should pick one of these up.

👤I was looking for a fishing backpack when I came across the KastKing Bait Boss Fishing backpack. I read the description and decided to buy it. The backpack was well packaged and delivered perfect. The plastic bait containers with the kastking logo on them feel sturdy and solid, and I saw them when I opened the box. I was amazed at how many pockets this backpack has. The sunglasses pocket on the top of the phone is large enough to hold my phone and keys, and the side pockets are large enough to hold my phone and keys. There is a secret pouch on the backpack carrying strap. That's how much thought was put into this backpack for storage. The backpack material looks and feels good. I like the kastking logo on the front and the american flag on the side. I like the zippers and the pulls. The backpack is made of high quality material and the zips are orange to match the backpack's color. I will be trying out the fishing pole holders on the backpack to see if they can hold the fishing poles snug and tight. Every backpack has a drink holder on it. The KastKing Bait Boss fishing backpack is a must have for everyone. I will be filling it up with fishing gear and hitting the water for some big fish.

👤The pack was well made. Can't wait to wade fish this summer. I have a Walmart brand pack and it never worked. Hopefully they hold up.

👤The bag has a lot of pockets to hold your stuff. I use it for fishing. It's convenient to hit all of your tackles on your shoulder. It is waterproof and durable, which is a plus when you are at the beach. Love it very much.

11. FORICH Insulated Waterproof Backpacks Watermelon

FORICH Insulated Waterproof Backpacks Watermelon

The stylish design of their insulated cooler backpack can be used as a lunch backpack or daily pack. It's perfect for lunches, picnics, work or travel. The leak proof PEVA liner and inner insulated material are used to keep drinks cold or hot for many hours. The interior lining is made of high-quality material that is easy to clean and is on all sides. The compartment cooler is made of 30 cans and measures 17 x 12 x 8. ForICH cooler backpack is large enough to hold all your necessities, such as drinks, beer, fruit, ice pack, meals, tall beverages, snacks, cellphone and so on. It can hold 2 bottles of wine. One main insulated leak proof storage compartment for drinks or food, one large zip pocket in front for dry items, and one vertical design front zip pocket for cellphone or small items are included in this multi-pocket bag. The shoulder strap has a beer opener on it. It is light and durable. The Oxford fabric used in the fashion backpack coolers is waterproof and lightweight. It is easy to pull a high quality zipper. The design of the shoulder straps and the padded sections on the back make them very comfortable. The color and style make you look younger. There is a multi purpose. The soft cooler backpack is suitable for both men and women, and it fits all your outdoor activities. You can use it as a travel backpack, beach cooler backpack, hiking backpack, camping backpack, picnic backpack, fishing bag, lunch backpack and so on.

Brand: Forich

👤The pictures are not clear. I thought from the pictures that it was a formed bottom pack that you could set down after taking off, but it wouldn't stand on its own. If you are looking for a soft foldable pack, it is that type. It is a good size and has a lot of insulation in it. I won't return since it seems well made, but I was somewhat disappointed out of the box.

👤I used mine once, but it didn't work out. There were no issues with packing ice, sodas, water bottles, nalogen bottles for 3 people working outside. It was in the bed of my pick up all day long. Everything was ice cold, but about 40% of the ice melted. I was impressed with the hot truck bed, but I didn't put much ice in. The pockets were great. I kept my phone and fruit out of harms way. There were no leaks. I'm excited to break it. I like orange. You will definitely find it!

👤I would never have thought that I could keep food and beverages cold for a full day. My daughter and I loaded up the cooler at 9 a.m. after I received my back pack. There was ice left in the cooler after all the shopping, sightseeing, hike, and beach time. The backpack stayed in the hot car the majority of the day. The straps were so comfortable that I never had an issue carrying the back pack. The bag is pretty and well made, but it looks like a watermelon inside, because of the amazing color. Highly recommended. Oh, and no leaks either.

👤The bag kept our water cold for a long time. I had half a pound of ice in there and it kept it cold for 8 hours. I took it paddle boating and kept it on its back, but I don't think it leaked. I think it leaked out of the bag. I can not be certain. Even though it was full of beer and La Croix, it was not heavy to carry. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤The bag is the best I have used. Doesn't leak! I had a problem with all the other bags. There's a lot of space for things to be stored.

👤So far, so good. It holds a lot and I didn't experience any pain while carrying. I put my ice into food storage bags so that it wouldn't melt in the bottom and I sweat as it melted. It felt cold on the bottom of the backpack. I would say this is a good choice after a long day of outdoor activities. The drinks stayed cold all day, and the straps are comfortable.

👤I use this as my lunch bag. I have to walk a bit to my break area in construction. I need something big for my icepack, breakfast containers, and hydroflasks. I like the back pack style so I don't have to carry a cooler or lunch box around. The extra pockets are handy for all the daily things I like to have on hand, and the zippers seem to be sturdy. The smell is the reason I take the stars off. The inside smelled strong when I opened it. I wiped it out with a cleaner and it still smelled like plastic. I wiped it down a couple more times after I left it open and didn't use it for a week. It has a faint smell. I think it is getting better. I wipe it down at the end of the day after I leave it open.


What is the best product for fishing backpack cooler?

Fishing backpack cooler products from Tourit. In this article about fishing backpack cooler you can see why people choose the product. Timber Ridge and Seaknight are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing backpack cooler.

What are the best brands for fishing backpack cooler?

Tourit, Timber Ridge and Seaknight are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing backpack cooler. Find the detail in this article. Rodeel, Portal and Kuyou are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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