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1. Plano Weekend Premium Laser Cut Stowaway

Plano Weekend Premium Laser Cut Stowaway

Service and package The package includes a fishing bag and a fishing trophy box. Plano Tackle Storage has been protecting your passion since 1952. The Plano Weekend Series Speedbags have a patented fold-down system that allows for one-handed access. The Quick access side handle is comfortable and secure. You can easily label and identify the contents of the panel. Two Plano tackle boxes are included.

Brand: Plano

👤This bag is made to last. The material is a decent weight and the seams are tight. There are two pockets on each end, one with an outside mesh pocket, and another with a large front packet. The main compartment is easy to fit a deep (3.25”) and two standard 3700 containers. It would fit two deep ones or four standard ones, but I don't think it would fit comfortably. Two deep and one normal would be stretching it. The bag doesn't have padding, but it still protects the boxes inside, and I've dropped mine several times with no damage. I use this to store and keep my firearm cleaning supplies, and it works well with the deep box for patches and rags, and the normal boxes for the jags, pull-thrus, Q tips and and other smaller items. The cleaning rod segments fit in either the back or the front pocket, but without much room to spare. It's exactly what I was looking for, and I'm really happy with it so far.

👤If you are smart, this holds more than you. There is no box in this world where you can get everyhing you need from kokanee to lake trouts. Most fresh water fish are mid size. This is my yearly tackle for my boat and bank. I got the size where it fits four of the larger boxes.

👤The tackle bag seems well-designed. I'm able to fit 4 large cases in the main compartment, and a smaller case in the front compartment, along with some other gear in the side compartment. Went from having cases floating around in shopping bags to having everything in one bag. It looks like a decent value.

👤The tackle box is small. I keep my tools, leader material, and soft plastic baits in their original bags because of the large side and front zip ups. The product literature says it can hold up to four Plano 3600 boxes. The newer Edge 3600 boxes are harder and have a less smooth surface than the older ones, but I use them because they keep my lures and tackle dry. It is a very tight fit and does hold four. It is hard to get things in and out while I am fishing. I wish it was a little bit bigger.

👤The bag that would allow the use of my plano 3215 side kick box was a bag that was great for organizing fishing gear. The 3700 was the perfect size for the 3 1/2 inch rifle. The bag should be large enough to address most fisherman. The cover is very durable and the tan color is classy.

👤One of the two plastic insert boxes was shattered when it arrived. I didn't have time to return or replace it because I needed it that weekend. I reached out to Plano but never heard back. The cost of the case was disappointing. The inserts are made of plastic.

👤I was looking for a bag that could hold all my tackle and be easy to manage. This bag has all of the advantages, but it also has some disadvantages. There is plenty of space, a good quality rubber base, and two big tackle boxes.

2. KastKing Hopper Fishing Tackle Storage

KastKing Hopper Fishing Tackle Storage

The item is 1.63 inches in height. The flexibility of the design of the KastKing Pond Hopper fishing gear bag made it ideal for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. The bag was designed for the adventurous angler who likes to hike, canoe, kayak, or SUP to more remote fishing locations. The essential features of the Pond Hopper fishing bag will allow you to fish for a few hours without weighing you down. The Pond Hopper sling tackle bag is made from a tough nylon material that is water resistant. A protective coating on the inside of your tackle will keep it protected from the elements. The double loop pulls offer quick and easy one finger operation, and the self-healing zippers ensure your bag won't be rendered useless by an accidental split zip. The padded back pad and shoulder strap will help to reduce fatigue during a long day of fishing. You can adjust the strap length and lower mounting point according to your preference. The Pond Hopper outdoor bag is light on your feet. The Pond Hopper is designed to manage everything you need of fishing. The main compartment is large enough to hold a utility box and internal pockets are ideal for storing terminal tackle. The main compartment can be used to store a lunch,rain gear, or lures, and internal pockets are perfect for keys or wallet. Front mounted molle straps are great for attaching tools. Two hide-away pockets offer a secure method to transport a rod, combo, water, or soda. If you want to secure the rod to the top of the bag, you need to unZIP the right side pocket and put the rod butt in it. There is a bottle of water in a hide-away pocket on the left side.

Brand: Kastking

👤I love this bag! It's perfect for surf fishing. The larger compartment will hold a 3700 box along with bags of Gulp and leader spools. The front is large enough to hold a box. Enough for a day out. The water bottle is in the side compartment. The flashlight is in the side rod storage pocket. I went to the Jersey shore and fished the surf. The fish were a double-headed Fluke and Triggerfish. I caught the first one north of Florida. The bag is sturdy and easy to access. Highly recommended!

👤I am able to fit everything I need in the main compartment, and in the smaller compartment I can hold my plastic and terminal tackle. It makes it easier to grab a few rods and head out. It pairs well with a collapsible rod or two and has spots on the side to hold them. You can attach and bring even more items if you have extra spots on the outside. When you put all of the stuff in the bag, it gives you the ability to use your hands for things like water, coffee, or a small cooler.

👤It's good for license and phone storage. I can fit 3 storage boxes without a problem, despite the description stating it can hold two. A hidden water sleeve won't hold a large container, but a regular bottled water will fit easily.

👤You can rate the item one star, two star, three star, and four star. Storage Capacity one startwo stars, three stars, four stars, five stars, Light weight one startwo stars, three stars, four stars, five stars, Add a photo or video Shoppers find images and videos more helpful than text alone. The Great Pack is perfect size. Write a review of the pack. It's not too big or too small for carrying into places that are hard to reach along creek banks. I almost forget I am wearing it. This is a great place for a day of walking creek banks, fishing while bicycling or just keeping in your rig without taking up too much space for that last minute fishing opportunity! You can submit.

👤I don't want to give a low review for this bag, because it's a nice bag for managing a small amount of tackle for a day's fishing. The bag is advertised as waterprood, which is false advertising. The material that the shell is made from is waterproof, but the seems holding it all together are not. I bought this to be my tackle back for kayak fishing, so I'm disappointed. I'm not happy that I have to open all of the compartments and take the gear out of the bag, because I don't want it to dry out. You can't store items that can't be exposed to water here. I'm not sure why the product description on Amazon does not make the waterproof claim, because it's sold via Kastking. I'm giving this product 2 stars because of the inaccurate product description and the fact that it failed to meet expectations.

3. Plano 3450 23 Double Sided Premium Storage

Plano 3450 23 Double Sided Premium Storage

Two hide-away pockets offer a secure method to transport a rod, combo, water, or soda. If you want to secure the rod to the top of the bag, you need to unZIP the right side pocket and put the rod butt in it. There is a bottle of water in a hide-away pocket on the left side. Plano tackle storage has been protecting your passion since 1952. There are 18 compartments for versatile organization. The double-sided storage is perfect for storing your most used bait and tackle. A secure system. The 3400 Series Footprint is transparent for quick and easy identification of contents.

Brand: Plano

👤The dimensions on this product are incorrect. I will not be able to complete my project on time because of this. The product size is 8.25x 4.5x2.38 inches.

👤My experience is in a minority, but it may be useful for someone. I had a Plano Mini-Magnum that I kept drawing in, but one of the hinges broke. I bought two of this model to replace an old friend, but found several things disappointing. 1. The top and bottom of the box are not clear from the photos. It is not a problem if you just throw it in a tackle box, but it is not a problem if you are storing it on a table. 2. The black clips are hard to open. I can see a scenario where they could spray the contents if you tried to open them. 3. The included dividers don't sit flush with the lid, which is my real problem with the design. There is a millimeter gap between the lid and the top of the divider. I find my pen nibs jumping compartments with minimal handling, because unlike the 3214, it should be able to handle being flipped or held at any angle. It would be a problem for anyone with thin items. The gaps are a problem for me.

👤I keep finding stuff to put in these boxes. I outgrew the slightly smaller Plano box that I used to organize bore cleaning brushes and other gun cleaning equipment after I got a new rifle in a new caliber. I keep my cutting bits and mills in these boxes in the shop. I don't need to label my stuff because I can see it at a glance. It's very easy! I love the high quality plastic that is supposedly unbreakable, and I love the double latches on each side. The hinges are strong. Plano is the winner in every case I've bought Plano products. The second law of thermodynamics states that the system's entropy increases over time. The Plano boxes are helping me organize my doo dah.

👤The size description was wrong. Well made product. I need something bigger than this. This is not 11”x7”x3

👤I have bought these boxes for a long time. The first day I used it, the hinge broke. I didn't overload it or stuff it. It sat in the cabinet for a long time. It broke when I got around to use it, and now it's past the return/refund time. The plastic seems thinner than the other ones and the little slides did not fit. They were too small to stay in place. Will not be recording it again.

👤Plano boxes are great for storing art supplies. It can fit 18 to 25 watercolor tubes. The ones shown should fit other brands as long as they are the same size. I don't have to worry about the tubes being crushed because I can throw this in my art bag. Winning!

👤The construction quality of this box was impressive. This little box is well worth the price because of its tight seams, well-designed andremovable divides, and seemingly hardy latches. I was surprised by the small size of the tackle box, but it can hold a dozen or two medium to small lures. The rounded design of the box and the well- seated dividers make it a positive feature. The container lacks a lanyard loop and is not waterproof, which is a downside. The plastic-on-plastic seal is decent, but it is not waterproof, which is what the product is advertised for. The only tying-off point on this box is a flimsy looking loop that one would use to hang an item for sale on a horizontal peg. I tied a length of paracord around the center of the box with a leader line and loop through the plastic hanger to remedy this. The Plano 3450-23 Double-Sided Tackle Box is well made and well worth the price.

4. Plano 23715 00 Stowaway Single Compartment

Plano 23715 00 Stowaway Single Compartment

There are two 2-3650 utility boxes, one of which is a FTO Elite utility box. Plano tackle storage has been protecting your passion since 1952. There is one large open compartment. The 1/2 size of the classic 3700 Series is great for maps and other difficult-to-store items. Listen for the ProLatch click and know your tackle is safe. It is transparent for easy identification of contents. Plano brochure, Plano order form, and Plano Pro-Latch StowAway are included.

Brand: Plano

👤I would like the dimensions to be for the inside and not the outside. I don't care about the space on a shelf. I'm not using for tackle because of the ridges inside the box. It doesn't work for me. It seems to be durable.

👤The product is great, I already have several, but the service and communication from this vendor is the issue.

👤This box is great. I use it for pre rigs. I can fit two boards in the box.

👤This allows you to store other gear in a tackle box.

👤It's a good place to store weighted head jigs for fishing.

👤I was looking for a box that was made of plastic. The box is heavy enough to hold the jigs and accessories and it fits the bill.

👤I would love it if it was a bigger size like the ones with 4 compartments.

👤The box I received was much smaller than the description said, with the inside dimensions being only 6 x 6. Plano boxes are well made and have excellent locking latches. The box will be useful if it meets your requirements. doesn't tell you that you can only order one box per week. If you enter more than 1 in the amount, it will be reduced to 1 at checkout. If you try to order a second box within 7 days, it will be reduced to 0 at checkout. There is no explanation for the limit. They don't allow us to buy the boxes at full price. Also, note: The marketplace sellers are a joke. They have a higher price and shipping and handling costs. Most of them end up in the $30+ range. This isn't a $30 box.

👤The Plano 3700 weekend series satchel bag has a practical size in its front pocket.

👤I was able to get it to work despite being slightly smaller than I thought.

👤The dimensin para organizar cables and acomodar dentro del backpack is ideal.

👤Well made and priced.

5. Plano 23620 01 Stowaway Adjustable Dividers

Plano 23620 01 Stowaway Adjustable Dividers

There are 20 compartments. Plano tackle storage has been protecting your passion since 1952. The 3600 series has a footprint. There are 4 horizontal compartments for versatile organization options. Listen for the ProLatch click and know your tackle is safe. It is transparent for easy identification of contents. Plano brochure and order form are included. It's for Plano hard and soft systems.

Brand: Plano

👤Absolutely perfect, what I wanted it for. I used this like a snack bar to make sure my toddler was entertained while I was on the Greyhound bus.

👤Plano Stowaway products are easy to use and reliable. The clear plastic that the 23620-01 is made of allows me to see what's inside from all angles, the latches snap shut without being so loose they freely open, and the flexibility to adjust the spacing allows me to modify and reuse containers as I see fit. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to organize. The 23620-01 is perfect for keeping nuts, bolts, and screws organized while keeping the overall weight to a minimum making it easier to handle. If you're stuck in an apartment, this size is helpful because it's the same size as a standard book, and I can store them right on my bookshelf. I was able to create labels for the inside, front, and back with the help of Microsoft's excel program, and it turned out to be a good winter project. I'm still collecting the 23620-01 and I'm satisfied with the purchase I made. I have over 100 of these in the shop and I hope they never stop using them.

👤I have a lot of small items that need to be kept separate and organized. The boxes do the job at a good price. The plastic separators used to divide the interior into smaller compartments are a nuisance. They are attached to each other in groups of 5 or 6 and must be cut apart in order to be used. It is hard to fit the dividers into their slots if the divider pieces are not cut off just right, so I had to make multiple cuts to get the dividers to fit. I would have given 5 stars if the dividers came apart. I have a lot of little stuff to organize so I will probably buy more of these.

👤I got this as a snack container for my daughter, and I love the fact that it can be used multiple times. I like that the dividers aren't fixed, since I don't know what snacks I'll be packing, a definite "pro" in my book. I can have long pieces like Twizzlers in some rows. I hand washed it once and plan on hand washing it again before putting food in there, as it is not likely food safe as a tackle box isn't held to the same testing and quality standards as food containers are held to. I will only have the snacks in there for a short time so that I can empty it before we leave. This was perfect for less than $4 and I was looking for it. I can use it to store whatever she has around the house so it will definitely get good use out of it.

👤I use them to store my minis. The dimensions of the box are the same as mentioned. I can divide a cube into two or more figures. The boxes can hold up to 30 figures. If you have a pocket knife, you can cut into the fixed dividers to make larger cutouts. I can fit a few of these boxes in a back pack. Measure your packs interior size.

6. Plano 1349 00 Level Magnum Tackle

Plano 1349 00 Level Magnum Tackle

It is transparent for easy identification of contents. It was tested for resilience. Made using the highest quality components. Plano tackle box should be included.

Brand: Plano

👤I decided to downsize and clean after carrying a huge tackle box for years and not being able to find room on my small boat. I chose this box because of its apparent internal storage and compact size. I give a 4 star review because of two reasons. The description states that there are two spinnerbait racks, but mine only contained one. This is fine as one is all one wanted to use, but it should have two racks. The smaller utility boxes are not included. The box is less useful without them and the inflated price of the small boxes makes the overall cost a poor value. I was able to find a very good price on the others through a local home improvement store, even though I already had one at home. Plano could include them or give a coupon that could be used at a retailer. Fishing is expensive. The product was in good condition when it arrived. A good product that holds a deceptive amount of tackle.

👤It's a box that can be used for many things, but it's also the perfect size to fit in a backpack. This box is large enough to hold most of the things you'll need for trout fishing. It's also very versatile, with more than enough compartments for any and every type of trout lure. When you open the top compartment, you will see smaller things spill into other compartments. I had to place a piece of packing foam between the compartments and the blue lid to avoid this.

👤I bought this to hold my gun cleaning supplies. It worked well.

👤I bought this box for my truck. Started out well. The pin in the hinged was sliding out and had to be pushed back in. It shouldn't be happening considering the number of times I've used it. The top lid cracked when the pin slid out, because small lures wouldn't stay in their compartment. Not a sturdy box. Get a better box if you spend a little more.

👤A portable acupuncture travel kit has a tackle box or hard case. The top case has a lot of different needles in it, as well as a large bottle of alcohol and a stethoscope, while the bottom has a stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, and gloves. It's great for clean needle technique classes since it has separate locks so equipment won't fall out when you open the bottom part. Both sections open and close on their own. The tackle box has a pull up and out mechanism. The product is sturdy and great value.

👤The box was bigger than I expected. It's probably a good idea to buy something smaller for kayak fishing. It's easy to accidentally trip when grabbing the handle. There is a lot of space to organize your stuff.

👤Some parts were missing. The bait trays are missing. The box was the only one sent. I didn't need them with big fishing liters and offshore lures. I keep it.

👤Se siente tiene una compra para hermana, pero se aprecia en la imagen.

7. Plano Guide 3500 Polycarbonate Field

Plano Guide 3500 Polycarbonate Field

There are three utility boxes. Plano tackle storage has been protecting your passion since 1952. Keep valuables safe and dry with a wrist strap. The Dri-Loc O-ring seal and Cam-action latches ensure a safe environment. The interior slip-resistant rubber pad is used to protect fragile items. Footprint equivalent to a 3500 Series StowAway utility box is 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. The Dri-Lock O-ring seals are made of O-ring material. The rubber lining protects valuables. It fits into Plano tackle bags.

Brand: Plano

👤It works well in my kayak. In the video, I did water tests. I'm confident taking it out on the water. I don't know if it could handle dropping the case from waist hight. My main concern was keeping my wallet dry.

👤It is odor-proof and waterproof. Some might want to know. It is a hard case, not a soft plastic. It would take a lot to break it. I never take a phone fishing, but the Silicon tray for the iPhone is a nice feature, and it's perfect for a wallet and glasses. They want you to tie knots and bait hooks for them, so are a general pain. I'll find something to use it for. The black tether has an ability to be adjusted so you can secure it to a belt. When you get yours, check it out because I didn't notice it until I started writing this review. A great little box for that day on the water.

👤I bring a small cooler when I travel. Most hotels don't have freezers in them to refreeze ice packs. I fill this Plano box with ice because all hotels have ice machines. It is the perfect size, doesn't leak, and is so easy to use.

👤This product is amazing and I don't write reviews often. It does the job well, but is a bit heavy. I was able to put all my stuff in it, even though it took up most of my typical-sized backpack. The box was submerged at all angles and didn't leak after I caved in. It was hit against the cave walls many times. The seal is tight. I got the 3600 and it fit a lot. Two large phones, a portable pop-up toilet, two Wowtac headlamps, fruit strips, 5 full sized energy bars, two pairs of gardening gloves, a decent sized piece of toilet paper, and 4 backup batteries for my headlamps are just some of the things I have. All of that was full. I could have shrunk it down and fit more stuff in it. If it is overfilled, this box isn't the type to burst. Either it fits or it doesn't. It would be a good idea for anyone to have this box fully submerged.

👤The dimensions are off, so I wouldn't give it a 5 star. I measured my phone to make sure it fit with my cover and it was slightly off, but it wouldn't fit in the box. I was able to carry a couple of small items inside because it fit on an angle. I was in the water for over an hour with the cord around my wrist and the box floating in the water. When I bought it, I was hoping it would leak and work the way I wanted it to. The box still closed despite my phone laying flat. I have a case for the S20 Ultra that I can give you an idea of the box's size.

👤The box is not close to the normal dimensions of a 3600 tray. Only the outer edges of the snaps meet the width and length of a tray. The tackle bag has a lot of space. The box is of good quality. This is a poor design because of the wasted space.

8. Plano Tackle Backpack Three Storage

Plano Tackle Backpack Three Storage

The 3700 tackle box and 3600 tackle box are compatible with any standard size tackle bag with a 3700 or 3700 footprint. Plano tackle storage has been protecting your passion since 1952. The ultimate tackle storage. Protect your tackle with the durable, water-resistant exterior. x 17 7”W x 1”H. Air mesh straps and padded back cushion are included. The Hydration system is compatible with bright interior for improved visibility. It's great for paddle board fishing since you can keep your hands free.

Brand: Plano

👤The Plano tackle backpack is what I was looking for. It is water resistant, lightweight, and has plenty of pockets for my stuff. I can walk around a lake or pond with my stuff on my back instead of carrying a box. It has a bladder and a hole for the tube, but not included. Three tackle trays with partition are included. I took it on a 1.7 mile hike to the lake. I love it!

👤This is an excuse for a tackle bag. There is room for at least three more in the boxes. The tackle bag is not used for tackle, only because of that. There is a generic run of the mill backpack.

👤I've had a backpack for a few months now and it's been on about a dozen fishing trips. It holds a bit of tackle. You can make the backpack more ridged by adding your own cardboard. You can buy Plano boxes in different sizes to fit your needs. The Plano boxes that come with the backpack are made with thinner plastic than if you were to buy them separately. The stitching is starting to come out. If you open the main pocket, make sure the backpack is on level ground.

👤The bag is good but not the best. The tackle warehouse bag is cheaper at the price point. Flaws Soft plastics management is not available. The Pros Room has a hole on the top of the water bladder. The rest is standard for any other bag room. The water bladder room is what made me buy it. I think the hole is for headphones. I saw a video about using a water bladder in Texas heat and it was a must have.

👤It is nice quality and this one has good size, but it is a bit pricey, and you have to buy the trays that go in.

👤The backpack tackle box is made from high quality materials. It is a good value. I use it for my surf casting gear and have more space. It is convenient to hang to keep from touching the sand.

👤The tackle pack enhances the ability to hike, wade and fish.

👤Aunque llegaron las 3 charolas transparentes, ya se solicit la devolucin.

👤Didn't like that the whole backpack had to be open. There was a side zip up.

👤Me encant de hecho.

9. Plano Professional Standard Organization Prevention

Plano Professional Standard Organization Prevention

Lifetime warranty. Plano Molding Company is the leader in tackle storage. The same quality Plano tackle boxes that fishermen trust are used in the 3600 Edge Stowaway premium tackle box. The Plano tackle box organizers features an innovative labeling system with pre-cut vented dividers, enforced with water-absorbing desiccant material for effective and safe tackle organization. The tackle box kit includes a rust preventative in base, Dri-Loc watertight seal, a clear lid, and an oversized latch to open with one hand. The dimensions are 11 x 7. 25 x 1. 63 inches. The item is 1.63 inches in height.

Brand: Plano

👤I got this recently, so I can't comment on its longevity or performance, but I will answer two questions that I had before purchasing. The small boxes that come with the 3700 Edge Terminal Tackle box fit in the 3600. You can shoe-horn in a few of the smaller boxes, but they are too wide for the rows of the 3600, so they don't fully seat, and you can't put two next to each other in different rows. The stress might cause the dividers to break. Plano missed the boat. They might have made them compatible for a fancy high-end system. One of those 3700s fits enough terminal tackle for several species and types of fishing, so I'm a fishing generalist. It would be nice to pack light with the 3700 and 3700 alone. There are two more The square hatches of the pro angler are close to being filled by the 3600. The PA's come with waterproof 3600's in the square hatch, but the edge series is too long to fit. The hatch is easy to fit within, but the little insert that holds the tackle boxes is too small. The edge series seems nice, but I have some concern about its impact resistance. The plastic used for tackle boxes seems to be more brittle than the dull, semi-opaque plastic.

👤The small crank bait box was a major issue for me and I wanted to warn other people. Don't leave it on the deck. I liked the tackle box. It was perfect until I realized the lines on the top of the box made the sunlight affect my new megabass lures. I don't want to leave it on the deck.

👤I had high hopes for these, they look really cool. I returned the one I bought because I was disappointed. I didn't test the water tightness, but I think it will keep most water out. It might leak if you submerged it, but can't say for certain. The one-handed opening latch and the dividers were great. The box seemed heavier than a standard box. It would make a difference if you prepared to carry a tackle bag with 8 of these. There are two more I wouldn't trust the plastic to not crack if it was dropped on a hard boat bottom. There are 3 more Someone jammed the water divider in the box slightly out of alignment, and one of the lips that was supposed to hold it in place broke. I suspected that the plastic was more brittle because it could easily be moved to another one. There are four This box has less space than a normal box, so you'll be disappointed if you're used to fitting in multiple lures per section. It's harder to fit in a lot of bait because it's just slightly smaller. This won't be a problem if you are used to carrying a small amount of baits. It didn't meet my needs. There are five They are more expensive. The tighter fit and less bait storage was the main thing for me. It wasn't easy to move my lures from one box to this. I would have kept it and bought more if it had been there. I didn't want to spend a lot of money and have to cut back on the amount of tackle I bring.

10. Plano Multiple Stowaway Storage Fishing

Plano Multiple Stowaway Storage Fishing

There is independent access to either storage area. Plano tackle storage has been protecting your passion since 1952. The utility boxes are at a 15-degree angle in the main compartment. Duraview covers and doors have non-skid rubber feet to prevent slipping and sliding around your boat. Two top-access storage areas and spacious storage under lid. The 3400 and 3700 Series of StowAway Utility Boxes are made in the USA. There are two 2-3650 utility boxes, one of which is a FTO Elite utility box.

Brand: Plano

👤I replaced a soft sided box with this one because I use a lot of lures. I use the two side storage areas to keep bags of soft plastics upright, as long as the tacklebox works. The space in the top of the sides is good for quick access, and I often stage a lure there and leave one side empty. Since I swapped out my lures at the end of the trip, I keep salt water off the lures. The main top storage is useful, but a little limited space wise since it can take a little work to figure out what will fit and still allow the lid to close. The box is not close to waterproof, but it handles some light splashing fairly well. The plastic clasps seem to be of questionable sturdiness, I am a little iffy on the long term durability. Make sure to price shop, there's a lot of people asking for these. I ordered the next size up, but it was too large. If you're carrying it onto a boat or dock, it's a good size, but if you're walking a lot with it, you're better off with a backpack style box. I have a lot of Plano boxes that slide in the front, and I will swap them out for 3 I need on any given day, which is convenient. I think the slanted compartment for boxes in the front could possibly keep them from falling out if the clasp failed. I'm not sure if it's going to last if you're using it daily. It's a versatile box for occasional trips.

👤The top box is great for my bulkier tools. Would have rated it higher, but one of the hinges that attach the top part of the box to the bottom was missing. I guess it's just something overlooked on it's assembly. I threaded the wire through and bent the ends to hold it in place. It works, but it is not smooth and looks like I did it myself. It's funny. I would still recommend it, even though I am happy with the box thought.

👤A Plano tackle box was replaced. The traditional fold out style used to haveremovable trays. trays are the same size as the ones that fit in the front of my boat and have a 2 tray built in tackle stowed in. It is perfect. I just grab the trays I want for the fishing I am doing and put them in the front of the boat where they fit and the tackle remains stowed for the day.

👤I decided to review my strategy in tackle storage after seeing something like this at Walmart. I went through the options and decided on this one. It is perfect. I have two side boxes that are good for carrying with me when hiking up the river and fit in cargo shorts or a vest storage pocket. The other boxes are great for keeping my fish separate. There are lures. Leader lines, bobbers and other larger items can be stored in the top section. This is a great box for storing small items for those who work in the IT industry. I've used this for a forensics toolkit storage system, holding my cables, write-blockers, etc.

11. Plano Roll Top Waterproof Backpack Stowaway

Plano Roll Top Waterproof Backpack Stowaway

The main pocket of their bag is large enough to fit the tackle boxes included in the kit. The dimensions of the 3 PCS 3600 trays are L 10.6 x. W 7.0 x H 1.65 in Inches. There are 14 individual compartments in the one tray, which contains a total of 68 compartments to store your favorite lures, bait, and other tackle and lures. Take your choices with you on your next adventure, no need to pick before you leave. Plano tackle storage has been protecting your passion since 1952. The Plano Z-Series Roll-Top waterproof backpack is made with 500D PVC and welded seams to keep it protected from the elements. The side pocket is for easy access to most used fishing gear. Additional storage options can be provided by molded attachment points. A comfortable and secure fit is ensured by the padded backpack straps.

Brand: Plano

👤When I saw the video of the bag, I used a milk crate to hold my 3700 Plano boxes. I fish inshore. Anything that has zippers is at risk of breaking due to saltwater corrosion. The bag has two side storage areas with Velcro and it holds four 3700 boxes. The heavy top makes it easy to get to the boxes. The rubber bottom feet are great on a wet deck or in the rain. The carry strap is large enough to hold the bag.

👤I needed a bag to hold my tackle. I replaced the 2x 3700 boxes that came inside with the 3x 3600 boxes that I already had, which left plenty of room for the rest of my stuff. The smooth fabric of the bags outer shell is easy to clean. The flip top lid only closes good, so make sure you close it before you move. The open type lid is not waterproof and can be splashed or sprayed. The bag was only used for a few weeks, but so far it's like it.

👤There was no zippers to corrode. There is a side compartment on the outside.

👤Storage is great for flashers. I have a few of these and will see more in the future.

👤The bag seems to be of good quality. The material is thick and durable. It can hold Plano 3700 series tackle boxes. It doesn't have any pockets except for a small picket, the biggest down side so far. I want a pocket on the front for my everyday items. It seems like a good waterproof backpack. Will update after some use.

👤This is a basic bag. The rectangular design is better than the circular bags. The value is great. There are other dry bags that are more expensive. This bag is perfect for my occasional need.

👤It's perfect for saltwater. The bag feels like it will last a long time. Water will drain from the mesh bottom. I plan to get one of each size. Added note. This product was 10 dollars less than any other place I've found it at.

👤Sichere Unterbringung fr meine Hartkder. Alles ist schnell gegriffen. Hab die Hardbaits darin verpackt. Selbst fr Kleinkram ist. Ihren Sicherung von Hobie-Angelkajak ist ins Wasser. Geniale Tasche...Kam viel schneller.

👤The bag is large and waterproof and holds everything I need for fishing. The straps for the shoulders are comfortable and the snaps are lightweight. It is what I was looking for. It is much easier to pack a backpack than a dry bag one. Very happy with this! Thanks to Plano!

👤The tackle bag has enough room to stack 4 Plano series boxes vertically or horizontally. The only complaint I have is that it should come with 4 boxes instead of 2.

👤Excellent product. This allows me to pre rig and keep everything organized, I like to make up my spin doctor/ Twinkie/ rockets combo. Highly recommended.


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