Best Fishing Backpack with Tackle Boxes

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1. KastKing Fishing Backpack Waterproof Protective

KastKing Fishing Backpack Waterproof Protective

Every item is carefully manufactured with no-nonsense attention to detail and they ensure that it is of the highest quality. If you are dissatisfied with the goods, please contact them. Waterproof and resilience are important. The nylon fabric used in the fishing tackle backpack is tough and reliable. The rain cover is water resistant and will keep your belongings dry. The bottom is covered with waterproof non-slip materials and there are two non-skid pads on the bottom to keep your bag in place. The top compartment has a Soft Plastic System and 20 pockets for your soft plastic lures, which makes it easy to access and keep track of. The fishing backpack has pockets and storage areas that help you stay organized. The versatile pockets allow you to carry all the essentials for a day of fishing. There is an adjusted main complaint. The large-capacity storage compartment is in the fishing backpack. There is a foldable padded partition in the middle of the main storage area. The clapboard can be folded down on the main compartment to get two smaller storage spaces. The upper layer holds clothing and snacks, while the lower layer holds tackle boxes. The fishing tackle backpack has a cushion for superior back support. The foam-padded shoulder straps are easy to adjust to fit your height, and are Breathable for better comfort. The reflective stripes on the straps keep you safe at night. The handle design of the Oxford fabric makes it easy to hang your bag on a rack. It's perfect for any activity outdoors. This bag is specially designed for fishing enthusiasts and avid anglers and can hold all your fishing gear. This large storage waterproof backpack is perfect for hiking, camping, sightseeing, exploring, cycling, working, or other outdoor sports. Men and women love camping.

Brand: Kastking

👤It has a waterproof rain cover, plenty of pockets for your cell phone, water bottle, pliers, sunglasses, and 2 portable fishing combo, and it's perfect size. Plus 4 people.

👤I ordered a bag. The bag is great. It was small. I got this and it's bigger than the day tripper I got and I still have the main compartment empty and side pockets to fill. The bungie cord style on the day tripper is better than the Velcro rod holder straps. The day tripper was small on me, and I felt weird. The lady in the video is a small girl and the backpack is large. It would be great if it had a big pocket on the back of the main compartment. This is a great backpack.

👤I think this bag looks great with lots of storage options. I have owned multiple products from them. I think you should pick one of these up.

👤I was looking for a fishing backpack when I came across the KastKing Bait Boss Fishing backpack. I read the description and decided to buy it. The backpack was well packaged and delivered perfect. The plastic bait containers with the kastking logo on them feel sturdy and solid, and I saw them when I opened the box. I was amazed at how many pockets this backpack has. The sunglasses pocket on the top of the phone is large enough to hold my phone and keys, and the side pockets are large enough to hold my phone and keys. There is a secret pouch on the backpack carrying strap. That's how much thought was put into this backpack for storage. The backpack material looks and feels good. I like the kastking logo on the front and the american flag on the side. I like the zippers and the pulls. The backpack is made of high quality material and the zips are orange to match the backpack's color. I will be trying out the fishing pole holders on the backpack to see if they can hold the fishing poles snug and tight. Every backpack has a drink holder on it. The KastKing Bait Boss fishing backpack is a must have for everyone. I will be filling it up with fishing gear and hitting the water for some big fish.

👤The pack was well made. Can't wait to wade fish this summer. I have a Walmart brand pack and it never worked. Hopefully they hold up.

👤The bag has a lot of pockets to hold your stuff. I use it for fishing. It's convenient to hit all of your tackles on your shoulder. It is waterproof and durable, which is a plus when you are at the beach. Love it very much.

2. RUNCL Shoulder Backpack Crossbody Traveling

RUNCL Shoulder Backpack Crossbody Traveling

The straps can be split into two, easily changed from a backpack to a sling shoulder bag and vice versa. The bag can be used as a fishing tackle box bag, as well as a great outdoor storage bag for camping, hunting, hiking, travelling and other outdoors activities. This fishing tackle bag is made of high density strong nylon fabric seamed with extra firm stitches and it is water resistant. Two-way smooth yank is easy to pull, soft rubber handle is easy to carry. The back of the shoulder fishing tackle bag is made of a mesh-covered foam and it allows more comfort and coolness. There is a slip pocket on the back that can hold a laptop under 15 inch. The clip Buckles can hold a hat, shirts, jacket and raincoat, and the front MOLLE belts are great to cling to. TheExpandable Water Bottle Pocket has 2 retractable strings to keep it in position, it can deal with most of the tools you need while fishing. The size of the fishing tackle storage bag is 16.9" x 11" x 5.5"

Brand: Runcl

👤If you came to the reviews, you are considering buying something like this for yourself or someone else. I have been fishing for many years and you will struggle to find a better bag for the price. It has a lot of room so you can keep everything organized so you spend more time fishing and less time rooting around. The straps are padded for comfort. There are slots in the back of my gloves that could hold a lot of different things. There is a nice size place for a water bottle. There is a compartment for your valuables. It is a great quality bag and you can get it while they are in stock. You will not be disappointed.

👤I thought the bag would be small. It seems to be of good quality. I can't comment on the longevity of it because I only have it for a short time, but it can hold a lot of stuff. I have a bag that holds my tackle, binoculars, and the pump for my boat, and it's located on the inflatable Kaboat. There are a few complaints I have. The bag has a center divider that is held in by velcro. The bag is always big and has a bow in it. My next complaint is not fault of the manufacturer, but I have a narrow inflatable boat and this bag is massive. It will fit in the boat but takes up too much room, so I leave the bag in my truck and grab a few trays to take in the boat with me.

👤Barbara Harris used this tackle bag at an LBAA event on Lake Hartwell. If you are not familiar with being a Co-Angler, you have to be prepared for fishing any type of water and any type of technique each day. Be versatile and be prepared for anything. The Runcl tackle bag is the best tackle bag I have ever used. There is a lot of space in the main compartment for tackle trays. If they don't fit then you are packing a lot. It has a hard case on top of the bag for sunglasses that is priceless. There is a place on the side for easy access to your pliers. There are webbed pockets on the side for things other than fingernail clippers. There are multiple pockets for your plastic baits. I knew I would use one of the pockets that I had. I knew that other baits could come into play. I had another pocket for my extras. There were pockets everywhere. I had enough room to include my chemicals for the livewell, as well as the extra line, towel, and wallet. Do not pay for the name on the bag. Runcl is for everyone who fishes. The bag has a grey one and bright orange one. It is a very good price. You found the bag you needed. Continue to catch those fish.

👤I haven't had this submerged in water or anything besides a light drizzle, so I can't comment on water resistance, but this has been quite a useful bag thus far. There is a lot of room without being cumbersome. I keep it for short road trips. You'll stay well organized with lots of pockets. Basic black is not available but tan and camo are. Runcl makes a nice bag.

3. BLISSWILL Multifunctional Water Resistant Shoulder Crossbody

BLISSWILL Multifunctional Water Resistant Shoulder Crossbody

The dimensions are:12*8.7*6inch / 30.4*22*15 cm. The bag can be used as a backpack, shoulder bag and handbag. The humanized design of the triangle strap is that it haslengthened and widened shoulder pads to relieve shoulder fatigue. 1000D water- resistant nylon fabrics have a strong quality. With extra firm stitching and a left/right shoulder strap. There is an alcove storage space. There are multiple storage compartments and exterior pockets in this tackle bag. The lures, pliers, pole, fishing boxes, wallet, keys and other accessories are all stored in a secure area. Good quality gifts. Moderate in size. You can move forward with ease with me. It's the best gift to give to a father on Father's day. If you want to buy a fishing tackle box, please search the ASIN:B0969MM41G.

Brand: Blisswill

👤It works well for daily surf fishing. Carries what you need. For people who are wondering about a rod holder and how many boxes it can hold, this is what I have done: I fit two boxes in the main compartment, one pocket size box in the secondary pocket, and I put my keys in the secondary pocket. If the shoulder strap is worn over the right shoulder, the rod holder is accessible. In this situation, you can put the pack in front of you, then place your rod into the pipe, and put your zippers on top for easy access to the different compartments. I endorse this bag and am very impressed with it. I think so. I would not recommend overloading the bag with too much weight since it could cause your shoulder to get fatigued. I was thinking of adding a shoulder pad that would help distribute the weight.

👤This pack is perfect for multi use. I'm using it as a fishing bag and I'm very pleased with its utility. I fish in California's Sierra Nevada so I need to get to the fish. It's made from nylon and has plenty of pockets, straps, rings and hold downs. The main strap is very sturdy and can be rigged in many different ways. The main compartment is large enough for a lunch or a stack of plano boxes. The front panel straps are compatible with molle so the pack could be further expanded. I don't intend to do this now, but one could strap a breakdown rod to this thing for an extended hike. I got a long small strap which could be used as a waist strap on a smaller person, but it was too short for me. The pack would be $100 more if it had a name like Simms attached to it. Great value.

👤For most of the year, I keep a fishing bag and a few rods in the back of my SUV. I usually keep the bag packed with a little bit of everything since I don't have a lot of time to plan. Wife is working. Got out of the office early. Someone who has tried to carry a lot of fishing gear designed this bag. It has pockets, D-rings, and straps to hold all kinds of gear, and most of it would be easy to access. Having a personal best on the line and having to do a one-handed dig for a tool is worse. This bag does not have that. The stitching is sturdy and well done. The top handle is done well. One of the things that needed improvement was the bag that I have used since last spring. The bag's handle is easier to grab. The water bottle holder is one thing I could change. I would like it to be larger. I usually carry a large bottle of camelbak with me when I hike into my fishing spots. It doesn't fit. I found a good place to clip it on. The bottle holder is a good spot for powerbait jars. I will try to update this once my winter ritual is done and I have everything in this bag for the season. This will be my main bag this year.

4. Mouhike Waterproof Shoulder Backpack Crossbody

Mouhike Waterproof Shoulder Backpack Crossbody

Can hold up to 7 trays. The mouhike fishing backpack is made of high density anti-tear nylon fabric and has good water resistance, high abrasion resistance and durability, suitable for any freshwater or saltwater fishing trips. The large capacity pack has a main compartment, front pockets, and two external pockets for holding accessories to keep it neat and organized. The fishing pack has rod belts and shoulder straps to hold your fishing poles. It can also be used as a crossbody bag. The back pack is 15 x 9.4 x 5.9 inch. The 1.96Ib is a large storage space that is great for organizing fishing tools and accessories. Various usage The backpack is designed for fishing. Breathable and padded shoulder straps give you ultimate comfort no matter where you go.

Brand: Mouhike

👤It would be great if it had more pockets.

👤Overall, I like it, but this is my first tackle backpack. It has enough to keep the basics in place, but doesn't have a ton of individual compartments or pockets. The material and zippers seem to last a long time. You can either use it as a traditional backpack or use the single cross-body strap. It comes with three straps, so you don't have to use one of the regular straps as the cross body strap. I got a set of tackle divider boxes. They barely fit into the main pocket. The two of them make it hard to zip all the way shut. You can fit other items in the main pocket if you just use one.

👤To find where the fish are biting, it is necessary to keep moving along the bank. If there are no fish, I move. This requires a hand to carry the box. The backpack style tackle bag leaves my hands free while I move around. I plan to wear it on the front. The material is tough and should hold up for a long time. The seams are sewn well and the hardware is of good quality. The third shoulder strap is interesting. There are two shoulder straps, but there is a third one in the middle. This is to carry the bag over one shoulder. There is a pocket on the back of the bag that can be used to store the unused straps. I'll store the middle strap when it's front-mounted. The bag has a handle loop at the top that can be used to carry it like a handbag or hang it. There are two D-Rings on each strap. There are lots of pockets in the bag. One of the side pockets is intended for fishing piers and the other has a strap for securing and carrying a fishing rod with a stabilizing strap that can be hooked onto a shoulder strap. There are a couple of pockets in the interior compartment. I think I can access the interior compartment when I carry it in front. This will hold the gear in place. The front flap can be opened completely if I need to. The bag design is flexible enough to hold all the fishing gear I need. It will make a nice day-pack if it's not used for fishing. I think this bag will be used a lot for shore fishing.

👤This backpack is made of solid materials and has interesting features, but no documentation to tell you how to use it. I think it is small, but not as small as my work back pack that I carry my laptop in. As you can see in my photos, this pack looks like a tactical pack and an office pack, with some of each, and a baby backpack. I have never had to carry my iPad mini with me while fishing, but this pack has a place for it. It doesn't come with plastic boxes for organizing tackle, but it does have a hook pad near the top. It has a lot of loops and straps, and a patch that mimics many of the tactical rigs for adding hook and loop or clipped items. The shoulder straps can be stuffed into a pocket on the back of the bag if you just use it as a tackle bag, which is a feature I like. I think it's the way it's supposed to work. I would have liked to know how to use it and if this was the only use for it. There are a lot of loops on the bag. If they prove to be a nuisance going through brush and such, I'll have to figure out how to eliminate them. This pack is an ideal size for tossing a few of my self-supplied plastic tackle organizers bait bottles or can extra reel. A break down pole is on the outside. A day-fishing trip. It's not enough for being the tackle box or carrying a lot of a lunch. It is well built and is good enough for the above uses.

5. Amoygoog Fishing Backpack Capacity Backpacks

Amoygoog Fishing Backpack Capacity Backpacks

Sport type: outdoors. The fishing backpack is versatile and can be used for hiking, kayaking, or more remote fishing locations. The design is comfortable. No matter where you go, the fishing tackle backpack Thicker padded back and padded shoulder straps give you ultimate comfort. The MOLLE webs are designed to free your hands as they could easily hold pliers, clippers, hooks and etc. The fishing tackle backpack is made from tough 800D high density nylon fabrics for excellent long-term performance and reliability, and the water repellence coating on the inside provides extra protection to ensure your contents are protected from the elements. If you have a question about this fishing backpack, please feel free to contact them, they will help you solve your problem.

Brand: Amoygoog

👤I love this backpack. It's the perfect size for my drawing supplies. My drawing pads, pencils, and other accessories are finally in a place to be stored. I can just grab my pack and go whenever and wherever I want. The pack was made stronger than I expected. It would be great for hiking, camping or fishing. It would be a great pack for college. It is a convenient all around pack.

👤I like this bag a lot. I can fit a tackle box in the biggest section. I can keep a reel, a small tackle box and a couple rolls of leader line in the second biggest section. There are two small compartments where I keep my phone, wallet, and digital scale. The bag material is good. I have a habit of ruining zips, so I make sure to zip it carefully, as I don't want to ruin what is a perfect bag for fishing.

👤It was shown online. The backpack is great and the price is right. It holds one rod on each side and is great for fishing. The material is thick. There are a lot of straps.

👤The backpack was nicer than I had expected. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤The backpack is good looking and has many compartments which I needed to carry the bait, hooks and weights. The backpack has sections to hold the rods and the zippers are strong. I need a good backpack for fishing.

6. Piscifun Fishing Backpack Capacity Protective

Piscifun Fishing Backpack Capacity Protective

Water-resistant 600D high density nylon fabrics are made with high-end equipment to ensure Hatchback's safety. This bag is the best choice for surfing fishing, hiking, boat fishing, and other activities because of its DWR water-resistant technology. Storage space that is very large. The large storage capacity is an amazing feature of the Piscifun backpack. The main storage space has a capacity of 38.6 cm and can hold up to 9 3600 trays. The design is comfortable and ergonomics. The shoulder pad of the Piscifun offshore Hatchback backpack has been changed to make it easier to carry. Breathable back pads fit the lines of your back. The bag is not easy to shake, and the chest belt and waist belt make your back more evenly stressed during use, so as to achieve a more comfortable carrying experience. The Hatchback backpack has a rod belt, side pocket, bottle holder, and front patch pocket, which can easily and safely hold your fishing rods, water bottle, keys, clothes, fishing pliers, and fish lip gripper. There is a board in the main bag. You can collapse the board and get a large room for the tackle. The board should be opened to have two separate rooms for more effective use.

Brand: Piscifun

👤99% of this thing I love! I went from a huge tacklebox to this and it fit everything with ease and I still have way more room than I ever did for more tackle, I lined the top storage part with plastic and made a cooler out of it, no leaks or anything. I was able to put 3 casting poles, one fly rod, and 4 reels in the bag, as well as the back pads are very nice, and it just fits my style of roaming around. I thought my back was sore. Very nice pack. It wasn't 5 stars. I may be off on the point, but once you pull one tray out the pack will melt on itself and you can fall over easily. I would ask for a sturdier frame, otherwise it's perfect.

👤My wife bought me a backpack. It was returned because I wasn't happy with it. I liked the quality of the Piscifun backpack and the flaps on the Plano backpack. The boxes can be retrieved from the front or top of the pack. I do a lot of fishing in kayaks. It was important for me to have access on the front of the bag.

👤I bought this for my husband as a gift, and I watched him open every compartment to see how excited he was. He said the design was thought out and the color was nice. He has to wait to get it out to his boat in Minnesota, but already started filling it up.

👤I was pleasantly surprised to see I could fit everything I had in this bag, only the test of time will tell me if it's durable.

👤I love it because it's the only reason for the 4 star want to make sure the zippers hold up and the backpack holds up.

👤It's perfect for getting around ponds with a few more boxes.

👤I like the amount of storage space it has.

👤The tackle box has lots of pockets to place things. I wish the tackle boxes were a little bigger. That is perfect for my needs.

7. Sucipi Fishing Backpack Outdoor Water Resistant

Sucipi Fishing Backpack Outdoor Water Resistant

The best choice for outdoor life enthusiasts is Exquisite Workmanship. You have a tackle bag with double sewing. Please contact them if you have any issues with their product. The material is high quality. The fishing bag is made of 600D Polyester and is ideal for rough use in tough weather conditions. The fishing backpack is separated by a partition and has a large compartment that can hold a lot of stuff. W is 8.6in. You can put something needed in the H room for the big tackle. There are multiple storage compartment and exterior pockets. There are three external pockets for storing your daily items with quick access and two side pockets for organizing your gear. The left pocket has a water cup. The two fishing rod straps on the right and the maintenance pockets at the bottom are designed to hold fishing rods. There is a sunglasses bag at the top that you can put your glasses in. No matter where you go, the thicker padded back with the breathable design and padded shoulder straps will give you better comfort. You can use a whistle on the chest strap in an emergency. You can get a free fishing pliers if you buy this fishing tackle backpack. The backpack is multifunctional. The backpack is a tackle bag. It's perfect for hiking, camping, travel, sight-seeing, and so on.

Brand: Sucipi

👤The backpack has a lot of pockets. Excellent clippers and comfortable! Would recommend! The fabric is light for walking in the woods and the black is very nice.

👤I've been looking for a quality fishing backpack to hold all my gear and leave my hands free to hold my shiner bucket. I fish a lot of places up in Rhode Island that you can hike a distance to and this backpack is the real deal. It's comfortable, sturdy and comes with a pair of utility pliers. I keep the top storage area available for a sweatshirt or lunch. The bottom storage has five tackle boxes in it. Not 4 like advertised. I can swap out the boxes and gear for anything I need. Either freshwater or saltwater. Most of the zippers have a pull cord. The rubber feet help protect it. The shoulder straps have holes for things like key rings. The paracoards seem to work well. I recommend this fishing backpack to everyone I know who fishes because it is the best on the market. I've done my homework and this one doesn't let me down. Do not hesitate to order it. You will want to give it a 10 star rating.

👤The bag was bought to carry essential fishing equipment. It's helpful when trying to find good spots to fish by the rivers. It has enough space to hold what you need. There are lots of pockets for storage. I have only had the bag for 2.5 weeks and so I can't say a lot for its longevity, but it has held up well since I bought it and I've been fishing almost everyday. The upper section and bottom section of the main compartment are separated by a flap lined with velcro, which I wish they just separated. If the bottom isn't packed with items or lure containers, it will fall to the bottom. I've been putting lighter stuff at the top level. The bottom half of the main compartment is not in a good shape. It's the most annoying part of the bag and I knew of it before I got there. I keep 6 types of lines in the upper half with rope and tape, and I place two lure containers at the bottom. The bag sinks in when I have to take out a container because of the lines in the upper half of the bag and the extra rods. My husband made a wooden box and put it inside to help keep the bag upright. I can fit 3 containers at the bottom and have no problem with taking them out or putting heavier items in the upper compartment. The makers could change that for later models. I bought the bag because it fit what I was looking for, but I knew of the other cons before I did.

👤The bag was even better because there were more hidden compartments for small storages. It's worth every dollar you spend. There are four extra pockets in the work that are great for small random items. I went from carrying two back packs to just this one after ordering this bag.

8. Piscifun Water Resistant Multifunctional Travelling Camouflage

Piscifun Water Resistant Multifunctional Travelling Camouflage

Water-resistant and resilience: The nylon fabrics are made with high-end equipment to ensure its safety. The KAM buckle and SBS zippers are more durable than the competitors. It is adjusted and restrained. Two left/right shoulder straps can be exchanged. The main strap can be extended up to 51.2'', while the associate strap can be extended to 36.2''. It can be used as a backpack, handbag, chest bag, fishing tackle bag, travelling bag, shoulder bag, and so on. Two rod belts hold your rods. The main compartment of the multi-functional bag has a dimensions of almost eight feet. It is convenient to have a place to keep the items you need in your life. Unique innovative design. The humanized reflective sticker helps you be safe. The user feels very comfortable with the overall design of the shoulder strap and mesh. There are multiple storage condominiums and accessory pockets. The main pocket has 3 components that help clarify your stuff. You can store your daily necessities in 3 external pockets. The left pocket has the water cup/bottle and the right pocket has the tools. It is fashionable and durable for both adults and kids. It is the best choice for outdoor life enthusiasts.

Brand: Piscifun

👤The bag is of good quality. There is a size listed on the product page. It is a good size and holds the necessary items for fishing on the bank. The purpose of having a nice, compact bag is being defeated by a full size back pack. I had to make a prioritized list of the items to put in it. I would recommend this bag to anyone who uses it for an outing. Load it with the items you need. The kitchen sink is not going to be held. That is not the purpose. The pictures posted by other customers are not the actual bag you are buying. There is no way to close the large compartment on the bag. The pictures on the page are correct. The bag I received is attached to four pictures.

👤I wanted to downsize my tackle bag a bit for when I am just walking along a bank fishing in the park, and this one fits the bill. The Plano 3650 boxes were in the main compartment. There is a The side has space to hold 2 pliers, and the bottom holds a fish holder. There is a The small pouch on top is perfect for a spray can. There is a There are many bags of soft plastic bait crammed into the front pouch. I would like to say something around 14. I need to thin those down but there are so many different things to throw. There is a nice spot on the side to hold a water bottle, haven't done it yet, but it sure looks like it will do the trick. If you want to have a million things dangling off every which way, I am sure you could accomplish that with the extra straps and attachment options I pulled off. If you feel like there isn't enough bags in your life, you can stack bags on bags with the MOLLE grid on the front. I will probably buy more of these in the future if the components don't give out too quickly as I beat on them.

👤This is the first part of my review, I will follow it up in the spring. I have nerve damage. I see things differently now. Since I was a boy, I have fished many places. I use a cane, which is like having an unwieldy third leg, and I also have a pole and tackle box, so I can cross a parking lot with ease. It can be dangerous for pets and friends. So far... I have found enough pockets for all of the gear. The plan is to get better fishing at local rivers. I should make it farther with the pack and cane. When I saw this product, I almost felt like I had to click it to get it to slide into place, but I found someone else did a better job. I hope to get feedback soon.

👤I started using the bag after receiving it. I've been searching for a fly fishing rod that is waterproof and can hold all of my heart. This thing has more storage than the previous ones. I can carry a lot of flies because it is capable of holding larger boxes. I carry a lot of stuff and there are more than I need. It has loops and clasps that I can use to reach my nips, floatant and tippet. I'm not constantly adjusting it because the straps keep it secure. It should last a long time because it was put together well. I got my flies wet and rusted last year. I don't have that worry with this bag. The bag is worth three times the price.

9. KAWAGARBO Fishing Backpack Waterproof Protective

KAWAGARBO Fishing Backpack Waterproof Protective

There are three comfortable carrying modes on the Piscifun Travel Pro tackle bag. The over-sized shoulder pad and the special non-slip material on the handle give you a firm and comfortable grip. Water resistance and durable. The fishing tackle bag is made of strong 1000D polyester and is ideal for rough use. Your licenses and other valuables are visible and secure with a clear pocket under the lid. Rain cover is to be kept in the back pocket. The tackle bag has a very large capacity. W( 6.7) H is 16.5 The large main compartment has a divider that can be used to store larger items. There are two front pockets, four side pockets, two mesh pockets and a waist pack. The back panel and shoulder straps give you better comfort when you carry. The waist pack can be used as a waist belt and stored in the back panel. The reflective strips at the front keep you safe. Rugged base pads protect the backpack from being scratched. Their products are made of high quality materials and they will give you a free return and refund. They inspect each item before they sell or ship it to their customers. They will replace a defect on their product for free if it is found in the materials or workmanship. If you have a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Papazau

👤3 months ago, we started fishing together. We go every weekend. He has been carrying his equipment in a bookbag. I bought him a trip to go fishing at the beach for his birthday. I decided to get him some new equipment and a fishing bookbag, but what else? This thing was great. You can either make it two separate pockets or make it one big pocket by closing the inside. There is a slot on the outside of the tackle boxes that you can attach your fishing pole to, so you don't have to carry it with you. He and I both loved it.

👤It is a decent size. I'm not sure if it holds any more than the old tackle box, but it does not come with the boxes.

👤The kids love it. The bottom tackle box holder is important.

👤The front and top had broken.

👤It would be durable for the price. No piece of furniture can stick. The zips come apart. Very disappointed!

👤Absolutely love this bag. I have my hands free from carrying my poles because this holds everything I need. There are 3 poles on one side.

10. Plano Weekend Premium Laser Cut Stowaway

Plano Weekend Premium Laser Cut Stowaway

Service and package The package includes a fishing bag and a fishing trophy box. Plano Tackle Storage has been protecting your passion since 1952. The Plano Weekend Series Speedbags have a patented fold-down system that allows for one-handed access. The Quick access side handle is comfortable and secure. You can easily label and identify the contents of the panel. Two Plano tackle boxes are included.

Brand: Plano

👤This bag is made to last. The material is a decent weight and the seams are tight. There are two pockets on each end, one with an outside mesh pocket, and another with a large front packet. The main compartment is easy to fit a deep (3.25”) and two standard 3700 containers. It would fit two deep ones or four standard ones, but I don't think it would fit comfortably. Two deep and one normal would be stretching it. The bag doesn't have padding, but it still protects the boxes inside, and I've dropped mine several times with no damage. I use this to store and keep my firearm cleaning supplies, and it works well with the deep box for patches and rags, and the normal boxes for the jags, pull-thrus, Q tips and and other smaller items. The cleaning rod segments fit in either the back or the front pocket, but without much room to spare. It's exactly what I was looking for, and I'm really happy with it so far.

👤If you are smart, this holds more than you. There is no box in this world where you can get everyhing you need from kokanee to lake trouts. Most fresh water fish are mid size. This is my yearly tackle for my boat and bank. I got the size where it fits four of the larger boxes.

👤The tackle bag seems well-designed. I'm able to fit 4 large cases in the main compartment, and a smaller case in the front compartment, along with some other gear in the side compartment. Went from having cases floating around in shopping bags to having everything in one bag. It looks like a decent value.

👤The tackle box is small. I keep my tools, leader material, and soft plastic baits in their original bags because of the large side and front zip ups. The product literature says it can hold up to four Plano 3600 boxes. The newer Edge 3600 boxes are harder and have a less smooth surface than the older ones, but I use them because they keep my lures and tackle dry. It is a very tight fit and does hold four. It is hard to get things in and out while I am fishing. I wish it was a little bit bigger.

👤The bag that would allow the use of my plano 3215 side kick box was a bag that was great for organizing fishing gear. The 3700 was the perfect size for the 3 1/2 inch rifle. The bag should be large enough to address most fisherman. The cover is very durable and the tan color is classy.

👤One of the two plastic insert boxes was shattered when it arrived. I didn't have time to return or replace it because I needed it that weekend. I reached out to Plano but never heard back. The cost of the case was disappointing. The inserts are made of plastic.

👤I was looking for a bag that could hold all my tackle and be easy to manage. This bag has all of the advantages, but it also has some disadvantages. There is plenty of space, a good quality rubber base, and two big tackle boxes.

11. Seaknight Saltwater Resistant Multifunctional Green 7 5L

Seaknight Saltwater Resistant Multifunctional Green 7 5L

Their waterproof dry bag is suitable for an enormous range of outdoor activities, no matter hiking, camping, climbing, biking, even water sports like floating, kayaking, swimming, rafting, boating, canoeing, fishing, surfing, rowing...all allowed. Excellent companion for outdoor enthusiasts. Water-resistant and resilience: The backpack's safety is ensured by the high quality water-resistant 1000D Polyester material. The SeaKnight tackle backpack is made of a heavy duty material that can prevent water from splashing and keep items in the bag dry. It is ideal for rough use. There is a larger storage space. There are two capacity options for 7.5L and 25L. The backpack is divided into many different areas, the unique components help it to be more independent. The feature offers larger space to clarify equipment and necessities. The main bag has a clapboard that splits the large space into two independent spaces for different things to be used more effectively. The lower main compartment has tackle boxes. There are adequate spears. The shoulder straps are padded for better fit. The mesh back panels are padded. The straps relieve pressure on the shoulders. The anti-clockwise top: The backpack is protected from being scratched on rocky ground. It's perfect for camping,hiking,gyming and so on.

Brand: Seaknight

👤I had been using my over the shoulder bag, but finally decided to use this one. I tried it out with everything loaded into it and it was easy to get my stuff from my car to the boat. It seems to be put together well and doesn't seem like it's going to break apart. Since my old bag was killed by a failure of the zippers, I will make sure I keep them coated with Silicone spray. I have another bag that I can use for larger items that won't fit in this one. It was easy to handle my metal jigs and bucktails. The smell of hooks, and sinkers ranged from 4 to 10 ounces were a challenge. I don't seem to have a single solution to getting my tackle to and from where I am fishing. Anything that holds my stuff is heavy and bulky. This will be a compromise. It fits on my shoulders and holds most of the stuff I need, so I don't have to carry anything else. There is a Yeah. I'm one of those guys.

👤I have owned the 25L for a year. The big is water resistant, and the zippers still work great. It was left in the tube with the cast nets in a rain storm and everything was filled with water. After draining the aterout, the big was dry. I left it in the boat during the Georgia rain storm and it was dry. Getting ready to buy a second one.

👤I have been using this backpack for about 2 months. I have a lot of fishing gear. The four included boxes are okay, but the closing tabs are a bit shotty. I will probably replace them at some point, but they are working well for now. If you don't yank on the zippers, they work great. The pockets on the sides have a knife, clippers, 2 spools of line, 2 spinner baits, 2 buzz baits, a scale and a pack of sinkers. I have worn it for as long as 5 hours without any issues. It is sturdy and doesn't collapse under its own weight. I would highly recommend this backpack in this price range. Better ones cost more. I target largemouth and fish from the banks of ponds, lakes and rivers 3-4 times a week.

👤This was going to be your typical fishing bag. It is very flexible. I like the open sent up in the inside to be used with dividors or open set up. I used it as a clothes bag for a trip over the weekend. It worked out perfect. There are lots of other pockets for different storages in this hold. It is the perfect bulk and is made to last. A fishing box is great for hiking and travel. It was telling ya that you were impressed.

👤For the husband, I got for Christmas. The husband took it with him on his fishing trip. He was able to fit all of his fishing gear in it, including the extra I got him for christmas. He says it fits the cases we have. He loves the fact that it is a back pack and he can carry his nets and rods without having to struggle. I want the review to stay at all 5 stars. We will see how durable it is in a few months. The back PCK has been updated to reflect my husband and his fishing adventures. He loves it!


What is the best product for fishing backpack with tackle boxes?

Fishing backpack with tackle boxes products from Kastking. In this article about fishing backpack with tackle boxes you can see why people choose the product. Runcl and Blisswill are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing backpack with tackle boxes.

What are the best brands for fishing backpack with tackle boxes?

Kastking, Runcl and Blisswill are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing backpack with tackle boxes. Find the detail in this article. Mouhike, Amoygoog and Piscifun are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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