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1. KastKing KKBS BB 6S Utility Binder Tackle

KastKing KKBS BB 6S Utility Binder Tackle

Convenient carry handle. Sport type: outdoors. The KastKing bait Boss lure bag is made from tough rip-stop nylon for long term performance and reliability. A protective coating on the inside of your tackle will keep it protected from the elements. The transparent material allows you to quickly find the perfect bait and the large sleeves give you plenty of space to load up on all your favorite soft baits. The bait boss bag has clear sleeves with double pockets. There are additional pockets inside the front and back covers, and there are also small and large transparent internal pockets. The versatile design of the KastKing Bait Boss tackle bag allows it to be used for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Tailor your bait boss to target bass, crappie, pan fish, red fish, and more. It is perfect for a short trip to your local pond or a day of fishing with your friend. Product dimensions are 13.4” x 9” x 4” Their self-healing zippers ensure your bait Boss won't become useless with a split zipper from an overloading binder, and the loops offer easy one finger operation for quick access to your baits. A mesh pocket and an external pocket are ideal for storing small tools. The SBR handle wrap is very tough and soft and will provide extra comfort when your bait Boss is loaded to capacity. This bag will become your travel bag for fishing adventures.

Brand: Kastking

👤The quality is absolute. It's going to burst at the seams, but it's packed to the gills. It keeps me organized by using each bag for a different type of plastic. If you have a lot of plastic, then maybe look to something else, but I have the basics and feel like there is enough room. There are loads of hooks and weights of different types in the Senko bags. There are 33 bags of plastic in this bag. The bag has a thick canvas and is very strong.

👤I used a tackle binder for my bass and walleye fishing last year. Fishing makes it easy and convenient, but there are very limited options out there. The pages seem to rip easy, are flimsy, and have not been made well. The KastKing Baitboss is awesome. It is tough and water resistant, and it has a big front pocket for holding a small tackle box or two, which is very easy to misplace. There are 6 internal pages and 6 internal pockets to store my terminal tackle and a back mesh netted pocket for storing things like pliers, tape measure, fish grips, scale etc. I highly recommend.

👤The review has been updated. The more I used this, the more I liked it. It became apparent to me that I needed the handle on the other side. I want a shoulder strap to free up my hands. I move a lot when I bank fish. I don't always take the time to put my lures and tackle away immediately, which means loose tackle in my bag. You need to zip the case completely or risk it falling out. You might be surprised how many times you wish you could just pick up the case and move on. My opinion on quality and durability is the same as mine. A couple of rings on each side or on the back would be needed to carry a strap. Maybe it's me. The handle is on the wrong side. This little bag was loved by the initial review. I like the storage/organization system. It seems well made, lots of sleeves with quality zippers for plastics, terminal tackle, tools, anything you would need. If you need a hard case of lures, there is an amazing amount of room. I prefer a rigid tackle box. A shoulder strap or cross body strap would allow you to carry your rods and reels without having to hold your hands up. If you don't zip the bag completely, the handle on the opposite side of the bag could fall and cause injury. Should you decide to carry a hard plano type tackle case, a couple of velco straps would be nice. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤This thing is tough, I have stuffed it to the max with 10 lbs of plastic, and it fits a good bit of every plastic I have, which is a ridiculous amount, the inserts are super. I think they will sell them in the future, just what I've heard or read, and the only other color I can think of is orange, it's worth every penny, even if you think it's a little pricey.

2. Raprance Soft Sided Fishing Saltwater Freshwater

Raprance Soft Sided Fishing Saltwater Freshwater

8.7 x 15.4 x 1.4 inches. The main compartment holds up to 4 medium utility boxes and has a front pocket with a zip up closure. Fishing tackle bags are made from tough 600D rip-stop nylon for long term performance and reliability. The bag is easy to organize and can be adapted to your fishing needs. It is perfect for a short trip to your local pond or a day of fishing with your friend. The bag is a great luggage for fishing. The D-ring and front pocket are ideal for storing small tools and accessories. The main compartment has a size of :11in/7in/ 7.87in and the front pocket has a size of :10.2 x 5.9 x 1.5. It gives you enough space for a long day of fishing.

Brand: Raprance

👤My nephew was surprised on the kitchen table at the camp. Swedish fish is a snack in a fully stocked tackle box. When my youngest brother gave me the okay to buy his son a tackle box, it was like a right of passage and something my entire family is passionate about. My nephew was immediately attracted to the large lure of a perch. He wanted the big one. I bought a special fishing shirt for him from Amazon. This is a great product with plenty of space inside and the perfect size for him to easily care for him. You don't forget your first tackle box, at least our day, and this is the start of a lifetime of adventures. Looking forward to catching some huge keepers, to add to the ones that made their way to the wall. The stories and memories that will be told while waiting for his bobber to move is something that is not replaceable. Our camp is called 'The Blue Heron'. It is very convenient to get the same box for myself.

👤Convenient size. Good size exterior pouch. It's big enough to handle your fishing trips. It was not made to be a carry all tackle box. It could be used for anything, not just fishing tackle.

👤I ordered this for the shoulder strap because my old tackle box didn't have one. It can fit 4 tackle organizers along with your tools in the front and ropes and line in the side. There was damage while shipping, but the build quality seems good. Even though I bought a Raprance branded product, the Kylebooker brand was on the front. The tackle bag is very affordable and worth the money. The strap can be long or short. It is small and can fit anywhere.

👤It's much smaller than expected and worthless to me, but I'll use it. I don't read the specifications correctly.

👤The bag seems to be holding up well.

👤The right size for my RC repair tools.

3. KastKing Saltwater Resistant Medium Hoss 15x11x10 25

KastKing Saltwater Resistant Medium Hoss 15x11x10 25

The Gone Fishing Party theme includes Colorful Fishing and Fishing tools, which will add a party atmosphere. Your Gone Fishing Party will be worth remembering if you use these cute Hanging Swirls to make a huge hit. There are up to seven 3600 size lure boxes with terminal tackle, fishing lures, and fishing tools. The tackle bags of the KastKing Hoss are made from tough rip-stop nylon for long term performance and reliability. The fishing tackle is protected from damage and the elements with a double layer of protection. The waterproof bottom of the bag is compression molded to repel standing water and the tacky material grips any surface to prevent the bag from sliding. The Hoss tackle bag can be used for transporting fishing gear. A large main section holds tackle box trays in either vertically or horizontally, and internal pockets hold small items such as keys, wallet or phone. Terminal tackle, tools and more can be stored in 7 external slip pockets. Leader line, rain gear, pliers, and any other items can be secured with External rubber coated mesh pockets. The molded tool holder is designed for function and efficiency with the angler in mind, and it ensures easy access to fishing pliers or other fishing tools without fumbling through your bag with a fish on the line. Their front pocket has been designed to hold a tackle box tray. Self-healing zippers ensure your bag won't become useless by an accidental split zip, and double loop pulls offer quick and easy one finger operation. Extra padding and the unique Neo-grip shoulder strap material offer comfort for larger loads. They are comfortable to carry. It's the best in class capacity. Load up your tackle trays with fishing gear. The Hoss can hold up to seven 3600 tackle trays, six in the main storage compartment and one in the front pocket.

Brand: Kastking

👤Awesome size and capacity, great zippers, and structural support. Holds my prize possessions.

👤The bag is great. It was a gift for my husband who has been using a giant tackle box for 20 years. He loved that box, but it was too big and heavy. It's hard to get to the pond quickly. I gave him a tackle bag that was 888-282-0465 to make it easier to carry. He got all of his tackle into this bag. He was pessimistic at first, but changed his mind quickly.

👤Love the bag. The materials are strong. The zippers are nice. There is a great location for pliers. Everything is nice. You'll get cases with almost all other bags in this price range. I had to spend more money on cases. I could have purchased a Plano Guide bag with cases for less than the original price.

👤I was close to buying the Bass Mafia tackle bag but I found the KastKing tackle bag. The storage options make me want to buy it. I received it. I'm not disappointed at all. I think I made the right choice. I was looking at a big bag. The material is water resistant. The bag has more storage space than my previous Plano bag but it takes less space in width and it can hold 12 3700s and 4 3600s instead of 6. I feel like I'm having more trouble with me in the same space. The bag is designed well. The gripping bottom won't slide anywhere. I highly recommend the product.

👤It was easy to switch from a backpack to a tackle bag. I have enough room to bring a lot of tackle and extras so that I am prepared for all my fishing days.

👤Just buy it. I tried to find something similar. There is no comparison. I never feel like I'm digging because there is so many pockets and one for everything I need. The bottom is so important to the design that other bags tear open or degrade after being set down. The 3700 is larger than the compact size. I don't feel like I lose out because I can fit so many boxes. The boxes are thin. I could easily get away with 3 thin and 5 normal. There are 2 3500s in the front. 7 noraml is not too tight in the main compartment. There are so many options. The strap is comfortable and durable. Pack it tight or walk around the lake if you want to. It's good for the boat.

👤I am happy with my bag. This is the best tackle bag I have ever owned. I was able to fit 4 other tackle bags into this bag. And still have space.

👤The medium Hoss is the perfect tackle bag for kayaking.

👤The bag is perfect for me. I think it holds 50% more than my old bag. Plano 3600 worm boxes are double sided. I can get 4 in the main compartment. The bag is nice and thought out.

4. Kylebooker Fishing Shoulder Crossbody Messenger

Kylebooker Fishing Shoulder Crossbody Messenger

A simple yet practical companion for fishing fans is a great gift. A perfect gift for a family member. The big size of the Multi-Use Bag makes it easy to keep your fishing gear. The main pocket is 7.8'' x9.8''. The front pocket was 5.9'' x 6.7''. To carry tackle boxes, and small pockets for easy storage of bait,pliers,fishing line, accessories you need in life, such as wallet,phone,keys, etc. The back of the bag is lighter than a fishing tackle bag. The weight of the overall weight greatly reduces unnecessary burdens when fishing or outdoors. Fishing lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will love this gift. The fishing storage bag has padded shoulder straps that can be adjusted to fit most men and women. The sling shoulder bag is widely used in many outdoor activities, such as fishing, climbing, hiking, running, travel, casual, going out, and also suitable for daily use. It can be used as a crossbody messenger bag. Kylebooker want to provide excellent customer service. If you're not happy with their products, please contact them and they'll make it right.

Brand: Kylebooker

👤It seems to have been made right out of the box. The main compartment is made of fabric and stitching. The padded parts seem cheap, but they had to cut corners to make it that way. I wanted it to be simple and not have a lot of things. This is what it is. The main pocket is 7.8' x9.8'x2 and the description states that. .5" It will not hold the two trays I was planning to carry in it. The main pocket's height is not close to 9.8", and the trays are close to 9 1/2. I'm leaning toward keeping the bag because it was cheap and I could use it for something else. If you are going to be that far off, why bother with the tenth of an inch?

👤I have a big vest that weighs 900 pounds. If I'm going to be out all day, it's a good idea to have a run, but for an hour after work is not a good idea. The sling pack is great for throwing things like flies and leader. The shoulder strap is very long. I'm 6'1" and it hangs below my waist. I used a heavy duty clip at the top to shorten it up. A sling pack from one of the big names would be more useful than this.

👤It was for me. I fish in both fresh and saltwater, and in different environments, such as big streams, small streams, hard to get to places, grass flats, beach, etc. I get tired of carrying a lot of gear even when it's neatly packed in my vest. Sometimes I don't want to carry that much. The little rig helped me solve that problem. It's small and light so I can wear it in places I don't want to carry all my gear. It holds a lot of gear. The design allows me to swing it out of the way and it lays against my body. The construction will last a long time. I'm 6' and with the strap length it sits at my waist. It can be adjusted. I like it and would recommend it. I would like it to have a leg strap to hold it to my leg when I'm moving through brushy areas. That's my situation.

👤The pack is great. It seems well made with lots of storage and separate pockets. The stitching and zippers are strong. The fit is terrible. The pack was still below my waist, so I tightened up the straps as much as possible. I had to double the straps and safety pins. I have to take a lot of safety pins when I go fishing.

👤The strap was too long and could not be shortened. I had to use tie straps.

👤The small bag is nice, but when you are in the stream with hands full, the zip on the side that hangs down is inconvenient to reach, and anything loose will fall out. There should be a change in the zippers.

5. Dr Fish Spinners Crankbaits Swimbiats Freshwater

Dr Fish Spinners Crankbaits Swimbiats Freshwater

There is a fishing book. Fishing experts teach you how to catch fish. LURE KITS are 100% productive. Huge kit with 5 fishing boxes loaded with 40 spinners, 8 spoons, 6 Soft Lures, 5 Crankbaits and 1 piece of Popper. There are no redundant accessories that waste fishermen's money. The quality of the goods. Spinners are made of brass, plastic, and polished metal. Softs are made from suppler silicone with flash foil inserted and hardbaits are laser painted. The soft swimbaits are pre-rigged with at least one razor-sharp treble hook. A strong built tote bag. This bag is made of high quality water-resistant 900D Oxford fabrics, which is the reason they call it heavy duty. It will last long-term using in different condition with extra firm stitching and a zip lock. Excellent Dust and Stabilizing are also included. Extra help. The padded side is comfortable to wear. The waist belt and shoulder strap is padded for extra comfort. The two belts enable double security wearing and stop the bag from swinging back and forth when you are moving fast. There are details of the event. The outer dimensions are 30*20*18 cm and 11.8*7 inches. Spinners are weighted from 2g to 4.5g. You can find the bag's details and the lure assortment details on ASIN B014H453D2 and ASIN B014XKMABG.


👤It's ridiculously small and not worth the 80 we paid, my husband would be able to expand and hold tons of fishing stuff. Tom sent my husband a bigger bag, which he was thrilled with, and I received an update from Tom. The company does their best to make the customers happy.

👤I bought this for my husband as a birthday gift and was excited, but couldn't believe how small it was and it's expensive for the size. The boxes have to be even smaller. I'll have to return because he can't use this.

👤The spinners are of good quality and quantity, and I caught some nice trout with them after I got them. I was worried about the bag size, but it fit well. I don't need all the fishing boxes around to carry it. Excellent quality construction, lined pockets, and strong quality zippers. There are lots of pockets with easy access to what I need.

👤I thought it was going to be a full sized bag with fishing stuff, but it is the size of a yorkie dog, and it is a good quality bag. I guess that is what I am not reading more into. The stuff inside is good. It would be great if it was a full sized tackle bag.

👤This is a joke. I ordered it for my grandson and he was not happy. This is not much bigger than a sandwich. There is very little room on the sides. ... I warn you that you will waste money. Spend your time getting better than what this company offers.

👤I bought one for my son. Santa dropped one down the chimney for me because he loved it so much. The array of tackle was great for us because we were new to fishing. The bag is large enough to hold a lot of boxes and still have room for other things. The value is great. Thank you.

👤The little fishing bag is great for the unexpected fishing stops on the way home from work. It's big enough to carry everything you need. Would recommend and buy again.

👤I bought three for my family. They had fun transferring their gear that day. They mentioned that the pockets kept everything organized.

👤This was worth the money. The case is small but nice. There are a lot of quality lures. I was pleasantly surprised by the value of this.

👤Fast shipping. The size of the item was disappointing. It seems like a bag to take fishing is more like a kid's lunch bag. I wanted to use the space in the bag to add more stuff. I will have to look for another bag.

👤I feel like there are a lot of fake reviews on here that claim that this is the most legendary bag ever created. It isn't. The bag is smaller than the pictures depict, the lures are mediocre at best. On the plus side... The materials and pokets are of the highest quality. It's more like a big bag.

6. Rodeel Fishing Shlouder Storage Outdoor

Rodeel Fishing Shlouder Storage Outdoor

The perfect return and after-sales service is offered by Blisswill. They will do their best to help you if you have any questions. It's the best gift to give to a father on Father's day. If you want to buy a fishing tackle box, please search the ASIN:B08PXQNWG9. The main fabric of the bag is 600D polyester which has a high strength, abrasion resistance and water repellence, and the YKK zippers which has a high manufacturing standard, established the basis of their intention to present a durable and frequently-used bag. The craftsman pays attention to details. They use the most suitable fabric in different places to meet different needs, super high strength thread in seams, soft and breathable mesh for the back panel, shouldler strap pad for the most comfortability, fleece fabric for pockets to store cellphone or keys for the best protection, and Elestic bands You will find a proper place for everything among its various storage spaces, which include a designated drop-down front panel, a high-density EVA fly organizers, and multiple tippet holders. The bag is multi-purpose and versatile. You can use it as a backpack or a chest bag. A top bag for a day's activities. A good gift idea is for a father or son. Main Pocket volume is 8L.

Brand: Rodeel

👤This shoulder backpack is exactly what I was looking for, I do Surf Fishing as a hobby, and this is exactly what I need. I put my fishing gear in a way that makes it easier to take with me. Excellent waterproof material and a good price.

👤The quality of this product is good, so I gave it three stars. The placement of the zippers stood out to me. The pack is designed to go over the shoulder. The main pocket of the pack has a face down. Everything falls out if you open them without taking the pack off. I don't want to have to take the pack off to get things out.

👤It is better than my last bag, which was a pain to keep on my shoulder while I was fly fishing. There is a While fishing, my fly rod case doesn't get in the way.

👤A very cool pack. There is a lot of space and small. If this doesn't have enough space for your gear. You have a problem.

👤My husband got this! He got back into fishing. We are the get up and go type and this is convenient. He can fish anywhere with his supplies. 5 stars!

👤Heavy duty zippers, decent construction. I got it into some micro stream fishing and onto Lake Michigan. Held up well.

👤The bag seems to be built well. For me, it's too small. It's not an issue with the company, it's a personal preference.

7. Kylebooker Small Fishing Tackle Storage

Kylebooker Small Fishing Tackle Storage

This portable tackle binder is 3.3 cm wide and 21.5 cm long and is Camouflage Green. The box bag has a dimensions of 14” x 8.2” x 15.9oz. The fishing tackle bag is a great luggage for fishing, it gives you enough space for a whole day of fishing, and it keeps your gear organized. The main pocket of the Quick Access gear bag is:11.8” x8” The front pocket size is10.2” x 5.9” x 1.2” and the side pocket size is 5.9” x 5.9” and can hold up to 4 medium utility boxes. There is a fashion style and unique colour. The fishing tackle bag is well designed in its color and style. Fishing joy and a sense of fashion are brought about by its simple but fashion style. More than a bag for fishing. This bag is great for camping, hunting, hiking, and other outdoor activities, and can be used as a fishing tackle box bag. Kylebooker want to provide excellent customer service. If you're not happy with their products, please contact them and they'll make it right. It's possible to give a try without hassles.

Brand: Kylebooker

👤The bag was fine, but I had an issue with it not having tackle boxes inside.

👤When I am shore fishing over at one of our local lakes, I need a small but spacious place to hold everything I need. It seems to be well made. Good value for money.

👤I went out for a bank fishing yesterday, and I was very pleased with my results. I have enough space for my fishing tackle box. I don't need to carry my bag along the river anymore. This is a big plus for me. The product is made well and has good quality. Overall happy with the product. Definitely 5 stars.

👤My grand kids play dou. Everything is in a single bag. It's great!

👤It should have had box's with bag.

👤The little bag is a great price. So far, so good.

👤It was just right for his needs. Well made and sturdy. It's used for a carry all for meds.

👤It works great for fishing.

👤I have a portable fish finder. The material seems to be of good quality. Time will tell with things like stitching. It's what I was looking for. This is a great deal.

👤The bag was small. It's a large size and there are lots of pockets for my tools. It will be great for my tackle. Excellent quality for the price.

👤It was the perfect size for what my husband needed. Fit his fishing gear in it. He liked it.

👤It's better than big name brands.

8. SpiderWire Sling Fishing Backpack 15 Liter

SpiderWire Sling Fishing Backpack 15 Liter

The outer dimensions are 31.5′′ x 9.5′′. The sling backpack is great for weekend fishing trips and has a medium tackle box. Storage includes a main compartment, two pockets for additional storage, and a sunglasses pocket. The sling strap can be left or right. The front tool holder has a closing mechanism.

Brand: Spiderwire

👤You can't use the whole length of the pack. The way the pack is placed prevents you from taking an item that is as long as the pack and putting it in the pack, which is what I wanted to use it for. It is a well-made item and I am going to try to get it around the pole, which will stick out of the largest pouch. I would like to tell the manufacturers that the product here is nice, but it would be nicer if we could put a pole inside.

👤I bought this bag because of my regular backpack. It has been abused. I used to sit in the back of my truck, packed with my archery gear, at the range as a gun rest, and I also used to sit on the sandy beaches. I use this bag a lot. Every pocket has a purpose, the handle is strong, the zippers are flawless, and every little pocket has a purpose. The padding is still firm and good for a seat. The shoulder strap is very strong. I can't tell you how much I've been abused. Not a single tear. Good range bag, hunting bag, fishing bag, book bag, and so on. It can be sat on. I saw this and wrote a review while I was shopping. When you're older, you realize that you take everything you can possibly need, so I need another pack for carrying more lures. The bag is awesome.

👤I use this as a camera bag, not a fishing gear bag. I have purchased this one before. The first one we got for a trip to Alaska, we liked it. I ordered a third one for my new camera because I lost the second one at my mother's funeral. It works great with a Cannon rebel camera, two extra lens, batteries, a telescope tripod, my wallet, and a small makeup bag. In it. This is a bag that can be used multiple times.

👤I use this bag to hold everything I need for fishing trips. Depending on what I'm doing at the time, I have a couple different boxes for different types of fishing. The bag has a lot more pocket space than it looks like. I haven't found a situation where I was wishing I had bought something else. Everything feels very sturdy and it's strap is comfortable. I've been using it for a couple months now and I absolutely love it. I wish I'd found this years ago.

👤If you flip the bag around to get access to something while fishing, you're using the wrong materials. I hope mine lasts long so I can buy a fishpond.

👤This pack is comfortable. It seems to be well made and rugged in the short time I have used it. There are improvements that I would suggest. The compartments should be bigger. It is difficult to remove the tackle trays from the main compartment. This issue makes it difficult to use, especially when standing in waist deep water. There is no pocket to keep a pair of pliers or other tools. It would be nice to have a side pocket for a water bottle. I believe these improvements would make this tackle bag perfect. The pack is a decent looking one. I would not recommend this pack because of the difficulty in getting tackle trays.

9. PLUSINNO Saltwater Resistant Water Resistant Suitable

PLUSINNO Saltwater Resistant Water Resistant Suitable

The main compartment size is 9.8 inches, which can easily fit three boxes. There are two internal pouch for storing the licenses in the main compartment. There is a belt to hold the fish lip, a left pocket for your small fishing accessories, and a right pocket for your water bottle. Fishing gear dimensions are equivalent to 7.8”x 11.1” The Plusinno fishing tackle bag is made from 600D high density nylon material which is better than the traditional 420D rip-stop nylon. After a long time of development and testing, Plusinno will bring you a new experience. Water-resistant and great Zippers keep your gears free from water and rust. The saltwater fishing gear bag bottom is made with special techniques and antiskid material, and is durable and tacky, so it doesn't slide around inside your boat. The bag's zippers are strong and easy to use, giving you quick and easy access to any pocket. Breathable padded back and a shoulder strap with a waist strap offer a super comfortable feeling. You can use it in many different ways, such as a tote bag, shoulder bag, chest bag, fishing tackle bags, for easy carrying, and to quickly grab for the fishing trip. It's a must-have for travelers. A shoulder bag, fishing tackle box bag, camping bag or travel bag can be used with the Plusinno fishing tackle storage bag. Your time is much better if you have a well-organized fish tackle bag selection. Special for Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Father's Day, and more.

Brand: Plusinno

👤The bag doesn't come loaded, you have to load it with your own gear, and you won't have to mess with the clunky boxes as a result. It's water resistant, has a bottle holder with a drain, two nice pockets inside, and is designed as a strap shoulder carrier and also comes with a waist belt strap. Plusinno has a lot of the best bang for the buck for fishing, starting or advanced.

👤The way this is built, it looks like a quality product with a large zip up, a water resistant bottom, and padded back. The bag has a large pocket at the front, two medium side pockets, and two small pockets inside. The dimensions are 15 " length, 8 Depth and 9 tall. I tried to semi-immerse the bag into water because of the look of the quality. I was careful not to immerse the zip opening in water because I noticed it. There are still some water in the bag. This is water-resistant, not water proof. If you drop the inner bag into the ocean, river or lake, it won't stay dry. Another great product from Plusinno! I received this as a gift from Plusinno in exchange for my honest review.

👤The bag is pretty good. I found some pros and cons after using it for the first time. The convenience of having easy access to your tackle without having to take the bag off is a plus. It's especially important when you're fishing for trout. There's plenty of space for a 3 to 4 medium size tackle box, and plenty of storage in the front. The bag's smooth and silky zippers are great. Since you can only wear the bag one way and can't alternate sides, I found that you would have to purchase the right bag for you. The belt buckle is cheap, and I believe it could be made from better material. It still does the job. I haven't had the bag long enough to give a complete honest review, but it seems to be made pretty well. I would say it is water resistant, but I would need to test it a bit more. The bag provides convenience and accessibility, so I would recommend it to people who like to surf fish or fly fish.

👤I don't think there will be any problems in the near future. The front pouch is large enough to fit three boxes. I put the elastic band on the reel handle to hold the rod in place and use a mesh side pouch for the butt. The main compartment has two small inner pouches that are sufficient for a few little hook packages. The pouch on the other side is large enough to hold two standard frog in their boxes, perfect for those special ones that need extra protection. I have this to help organize my lures according to where I'm fishing, it's full of topwaters for those days when I'm just walking a shore somewhere casually or hitting a small pond, and I don't need the entire arsenal. This is not a backpack and you will enjoy it too. I don't have it wet yet. I don't know if it's waterproof, but I think it won't be a problem.

10. Night Cat Fishing Lightweight Waterproof

Night Cat Fishing Lightweight Waterproof

There are ten bags of fishing bait. Soft plastic baits are not included. Night Cat fishing bag is made of 100% high-density nylon fabric and nylon lining, and is waterproof. The fly fishing pack can be put on and taken off quickly, and the tools are easy to access, because the leg straps, waist straps, and main compartment are designed with buckle closure. The main compartment has an anti-drop bag mouth design. This fly fishing bag is big enough for your tackle box, measuring tape, glasses, mini pad, cell phone, wallet, and more. An extra bag is attached to a water bottle. Breathable elastic mesh padding and waist and leg straps allow you to wear comfortably and move freely. The shoulder pad is nice. The Night Cat fishing tackle bag can be used in many ways, such as crossbody bag, fishing waist bag, sling shoulder bag, fishing hip pack, and hunting.

Brand: Night Cat

👤This is a great way to keep your important tackle close by. When the tide changes, I park my truck up so I don't have to move it. I keep my tools here. If it's frozen, keep a few shrimp in a zip lock, so you don't have to walk all the way up to the beach to get more. I use it frequently and it works for me.

👤The bag has many side pockets so that it can hold many tools. I bought this for one reason, to save my precious time of fishing, once I organize all my fishing needs in it, I can grab and go whenever I want.

👤He wanted to go fishing.

11. Ghosthorn Fishing Tackle Backpack Storage

Ghosthorn Fishing Tackle Backpack Storage

100% satisfaction guarantee. TRUSCEND makes and sells the fishing lures kit. Customer service and product quality are their responsibility. Don't buy counterfeits from third-party sellers. They will reply to your questions in 12 hours. The fishing backpack is made of 1000D nylon and has a rod holder. The fishing backpack has padded shoulder straps which can be easily changed from a fishing backpack to a fishing sling shoulder bag. The fishing bag could be adjusted to fit different needs for a fishing trip. The large size of the lures, pliers, 3600 TACKLE BOX, wallet and phone is big enough for you to keep your daily fishing gear. The tackle backpack's front pockets are designed to easily hold tools while fishing. The side pockets can be used for things like a water bottle, small tools, keys and fishing license. The water-resistant fishing backpack is made of high density nylon fabrics with extra firm stitches. You can take this fishing tackle bag to any freshwater or saltwater fishing trips. The front MOLLE webs of fishing backpack are designed to hold pliers, clippers, hooks and etc. You can hold your jacket and hat in the middle of the clip buckle. Two rod bets on the side and a patched belt are used for fishing rod storage. They will provide a 1-year warranty to replace any faulty fishing bag in their product, 30 days no-hassle return and customer support from Ghosthorn.

Brand: Ghosthorn

👤A lot of attention was paid to the details of the tackle bag, which is compact and nice looking, and has plenty of room for tackle boxes and attachment. I quickly put two Plano tackle boxes into the two main compartments and could probably put another box into the outer most compartment if I wanted to. The bag can be used as a sling bag at tight fish spots where I can't put the bag down. The bag has a lot of hanging hooks on all sides except the back and 17 D-shaped hanging hooks. Even though the bag is small, I can hang all kinds of accessories on it. When I climb down a steep slope to get to my fishing spot, I look for a tackle bag that doesn't get in my way. Two thumbs up!

👤I bought this for my son and he absolutely loves it. This is the best bag I could have gotten for him. It is so comfortable for him to wear everything he needs. It has great ways to strap on other bags. It can turn into a bigger bag. You will love this bag. You need to buy this bag.

👤The pack is small. It's big enough to fit in a couple of plano 3600s in the large compartment, but that may be all it has. The other pockets are hard to get to. You can't see what's in there because they don't open all the way. They have a pocket sewn in vertically in the smaller compartment, but the zip opens only on the side. The pocket is sewn closed so that it won't open. How are you supposed to find anything in there? Hope for the best, dig around and see what you can find. The straps seem to only serve an aesthetic purpose. It looks cool. It will work if you want it for the larger pocket. If you want easy access with more storage, look elsewhere. Some poor design choices. I have to say that their customer service is top notch, even though my thoughts on the bag have not changed. They contacted me immediately to try to remedy my unhappiness with the product, and to discuss changes to the bag in the future. It's nice to see a company stand behind their guarantee.

👤All 5 stars are from the first look, so I'm writing this as a 1st impression viewpoint. I needed a small backpack to hold all of my surf gear for short trips to the surf. I had a big Plano lure box and a bag that I lugged around. There are two Planos in the middle, one medium and one small. I have a pocket space for leader matrial and a pouch for my phone and wallet. I am using my perch pole as a small pole holder, but it looks like I could carry it on my back. There is a surprising amount of storage areas. There are a lot of places to attach carabiners. Tools can be tucked into the back of the room. I like the construction. Time will tell how well the zippers will hold up in the salt environment. This pack is easy to carry as a backpack or shoulder pack with a decent room.


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