Best Fishing Bait Boat

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1. Scotty 455 Bait Board Mount

Scotty 455 Bait Board Mount

Quickly mount to any post mount. There is a built-in Lure and accessory rack for easy access to what you need. It keeps your tools at your fingertips.

Brand: Scotty

👤I recommend this item to anyone that might need it. I use it to cut up some fish. My knife is perfect for the top square hole. I was expecting this tray to have some sort of play. Not at all! I did 55 on the water and it is better than I expected. Zero movement. I didn't buy this item for 6 months because I didn't know why it was amazing. Cut bait is worth it if you use it. It keeps the nastiness off the boat. Hope this helps. The photo is all I could find in one of my videos. Will try to take pictures again.

👤I wasn't able to see how the bottom looked. I ordered it even though I gave it a shot. It was very well made when I received it tonight. It is worth the price. The picture of the bottom was uploaded. I wanted to avoid buying the extension arm/pole so I ordered the plate and mount. I was going to mount it on a board at 45 angle so I could put my table on the plate, but I'm ordering the arm after seeing how well it is made. It's a lot of money for the arm. I'm sure I'll be happy with it.

👤You can use this little unit to rinse off the mess that comes from cutting up catfish bait on a cooler, but you have to clean it up with a towel, so you just take it out of the sockets and rinse it off in the water. No flies, no mess.

👤I have several Scotty products on my boat and have been happy with them. I like to fish from the front of the boat, so I used the captains style chairs to set stuff on to have it in reach while I am fishing. I have stuff all over the seat. I mounted the board so it doesn't hang over the water and use it to hold my tools. The board is small and light enough to hold the tray steady, but still large enough to be useful when fishing. The board is stable enough for my needs even with a glass bottle in the drink holder. I use it all the time and would recommend it to others.

👤Completely exceeded my expectations. I bought one a year and a half ago for use on my fishing kayak. I added one to my jon boat because I liked it so much. They're great for a small room. I like that I can keep my stuff off the floor and seats. This table is durable and versatile, and you can put it on anything with any of the Scotty mounting options. There are holes and table mounted options. This is a great item and you're paying $20 for it. If you buy this, you will be happy.

👤It's durable, it's easy to clean, and it's versatile. I had to purchase a gear head extender arm, but it fit perfectly in my sockets. When locked, she has the ability to adjust to multiple positions and hold that position.

2. Marine Metal Aeratr Bubble 1 5V

Marine Metal Aeratr Bubble 1 5V

The best gift for fisherman. A cool gift for someone who fishes. Style A Package: 1x fishing tool set, 1 fish lip gripper, and 1 fishing plier with sheath. The pumps are for the minute. It is designed for fresh and saltwater use. The space saver clam shell package is 7.5 inches wide. It is designed for fresh and saltwater use. The space saver clam shell package is 7.5 inches wide.

Brand: Marine Metal

👤We moved our home aquariums north. The aerators were humming along after an 18 hour project. Not a single fish was lost.

👤I felt like I should write a review after the power went out. I forgot the batteries for all 3. I own 5 fish tanks. One box was powerful enough to give oxygen to all the tanks. Tubes are spread across the living room. It kept all 6 tanks and inhabitants alive during the 10 hour power outage. There is a side note. Don't forget about the batteries.

👤The clip and hose hole in the plastic protectors are modified to work with the thing. Don't throw the package away. It keeps the water out. To change batteries, you have to take the protectors off. It's good for the price. Two batteries last a long time.

👤The portable bubble box works well. For less than $10, thats a great deal. It's perfect for traveling. It needs two Size D batteries. I didn't have an issue with the product. It works and is very reasonable. Definitely recommend it.

👤These things are life saving. I have 5 for power failures. When I was moving my 90 gallon tank, I bought 3. I had to re setup my tank so I didn't have to rush to get it done. I have a small generator that I bought for the fish tank and it's harder to carry than before. We lost power for an hour or two when a storm came in. I didn't want to setup my generator because I live in a place where it wouldn't be out long. I decided to make sure I have plenty of oxygen for my fish so that I am not in danger. I have different air stones that I use to make better bubbles for the fish. My old set was loud and didn't hold up long. These are quieter than my other one. I can only hear it in the room where the tank is located, not throughout the house. When the power is out at night we want to get some sleep, and that quiet helps.

👤I am very impressed with the performance of this little aerator so far. I have had it running for over 80 hours on one set of batteries. The store stated that there were few deaths even with a lot of poor bait. Your bait should only have to worry about your hook if you use a larger tank. I thought the unit was destroyed when it got completely submerged. I pulled it out of the water and it started coughing and spitting water like I'd done cardiopulmonary resuscitation on it and then went back to working like the champ it is. I recommend buying a plug in aerator for when you are not on the water or en route to save money and not have to worry about batteries dying. Amazon has some of the aerators for sale. After less than a year of use, one of the two had the air nozzle break off. I've had it for a decade and it's been used more than most will.

3. Frabill Deluxe Bait Bucket Lid

Frabill Deluxe Bait Bucket Lid

The table can be mounted on single rod holders. Five countries have been developing high-quality marine and outdoor products for 40 years. Frabill has been trusted by fishermen since 1938. A snap-on lid keeps bait and gear safe from the elements. Most buckets have a lid. There are slots for tools and bait net. For fast access, keep your most used items available. 1401 is a bait bucket accessory. It's easy to snap onto anyGallon bucket. There are slots for bait net, aerator, etc. The door is self-standing and has easy access to bait.

Brand: Frabill

👤I don't use this for bait storage because I fish in salt water and have a recirculating live well on my boat. It fits on a standard 5 gal bucket and gives me a convenient place to keep my bait net and cut bait. A place to hang lures that will need to be flushed with fresh water when I get home is also there. The lid stays up when you open it. All for less than $10

👤The minnow shop runs out of minnows when I want to go fishing so I took matters into my own hands and set up a reserve using a 5 gallon pail and a frabill bait bucket lid. The lid has brackets for hanging tools. I used a Unicliffe air pump. It is a little loud. Since the bucket is in the garage, this doesn't matter.

👤This and the Marine Metal Products version are both mine. At the moment. I rate them the same. I don't have a Frabill bucket, so you might be ok if you get one, but I don't have a good fit on the buckets I have. The bait lid pops open when running in chop and I have to stop the boat and try to catch all the shrimp and mullets that are jumping all over the place. The aerator is knocked off of both of them. The aerator and bucket do a good job of keeping my bait alive.

👤This is a great idea but needs some tweaking. It is well thought out and built cheaply. Within the first day of catching bait and putting them in the bucket, the little tab that holds the lid closed broke.

👤It is nice to have items that you like to own. The tap that holds the lid down fell off, as did the hinges on the door. I wanted to like this but now it's just plastic. Don't buy.

👤It fits on any paint bucket. The bait was given a larger environment to survive by drilling holes in mine. The access lid is hard to open. It needs a bigger "nipple" to open it.

👤The bait bucket lid is my favorite design and lasts much longer than less expensive models. My last one was ruined by a rainstorm. It has an opening for my bait net. It fits on my bait bucket.

👤Getting into your bucket is easy. It was nice to have a small hole for the air pump tube. There are places for hanging things on the sides of it. It was strong enough for me to sit down.

👤It wasn't comfortable to sit on a standard 5 gallon bucket. I had to trim the rim on my bucket. It was exactly what I wanted and I would probably buy it again, even though I have to change a standard bucket to make it work.

👤It fits my bucket, it seems thin and brittle, but hope it lasts.

👤It's tight to fit on the bucket and it splits with the pressure.

4. Thrasher Lures Boat Trash Topper

Thrasher Lures Boat Trash Topper

The Michigan artists were embroidered by the professional techs in the stitching department. Keep trash in the can by using the mesh trash can topper. Help keep their waterways clean by being a responsible boater. Looking for unique boat accessories? Their top hat is one-of-a-kind. It has an opening to allow easy disposal of garbage. No more fumbling with the lid. Use wherever it's needed. Their trash can covers are not only for boats. It's a great accessory that can be used in construction sites, truck beds, and anywhere you need a garbage bin. Don't have a dedicated trash bin on your boat? Don't worry! Their trash can has a mesh cover. In seconds, turn any bucket into a trash can. They care for their water. They give a portion of the sale to the coastal efforts. It's their way of making sure that their waterways are still around for future generations to enjoy.

Brand: Thrasher Lures

👤Don't waste your money at all. I ordered this to go with my better half's yeti bait bucket because it didn't have a lid. This isn't a kid, it's a mesh piece of material that you can stretch over. It is cheap and thin, and it is not spill proof. There is a I could have made this myself. This seller's description was completely inaccurate. I wouldn't have paid over twenty dollars for this. Such a waste.

👤A yeti bucket makes for a cool trash can. It is very secure, but it is hard to stretch it on to the bucket, I would rather it be tight than loose at high speeds on the water. The product is high quality.

👤I was very excited to use it on our boat. I assumed it would fit on our loadout bucket. It was brand new and I thought it was just tight. Two grown men pulled and pulled at it. There is no way it will fit.

👤It works exactly as advertised for a trash can lid, keeping empty lunch bags, cans, and discarded monofilament from blowing around the boat. There is a The best use is as a bait bucket cover. Drop a portable aerator in your bucket and reach through the slot to grab a fresh shrimp. No more leaving the lid open while chasing shrimp around the deck. My arrival was marked " Yeti" instead of "Thrasher" on a side note. I can live with it.

👤This works well on our boat. Everything stayed in the 5 gallon bucket and there was no trash. I gave it 4 stars because it's hard to put on by yourself, especially if you have arthritis.

👤I bought a yeti bucket and am very pleased with the fit and function. When retieing, use the boat to discard extra line. It is easy to throw away and not blow out when running. There are three more for the garage, dock, and boathouse. Great product!

👤It works well to keep the bait out of the bucket.

👤The fit on my bucket was great. I didn't have any problems after reading reviews. It's nice to have a trashcan on the boat so you don't have to worry about cans blowing out of it.

5. Fishing Crappie Submersible Underwater Battery

Fishing Crappie Submersible Underwater Battery

The package includes 6 baits. The fishing light has 120 LEDs and is bright. The LEDs are arrayed in an 8-sided design to provide a full light output. These super bright led fishing lights can be used to catch prawns, squid, bass, and trout. The night fishing lure bait performs well in small fishing nets, sea fishing, cage fishing, and light cover net. Special waterproof sealants on the outside of the lamp will not fog up or get water inside, making it perfect waterproof. No added weight is required. No more worries about floating. It is suitable for fishing in both freshwater and saltwater. If you have any problems with your purchase, please contact them. Also, note: If you received the wrong item, please contact them via email.

Brand: Linkstyle

👤Coleman lanterns or electric lamps are hung over the water by all of the night fishing crappie anglers who use lights around here. They draw a lot of bugs during the late spring and summer. I found an inch of dead bugs in the bottom of my lantern after fishing. The light reflects off of your face. I can only see bugs in my eyes. I wanted to try out a light. I looked at the reviews and they all had negative ones that mentioned leaks and short warranties. I bought this one because I wanted to have a $20 light fail than a $120 light. I have only used it once, but it seems well constructed. It ran for 4 hours off a sealed 12V 7Ah lead-acid battery and only brought the battery down to 50%. Very bright. There was a 20' circle of light around the dock and the water was clear. After about an hour, there were thousands of water fleas around the light. The location was probably wrong for drawing large schools. There were some large trout or smallmouth bass darting through the light. We caught a lot of small crappies and some nice perch using a jig that matched the size and shape of the minnows we saw before a storm chased us off the water. I am impressed with the quality and brightness of this light and plan on buying another one. I plan on taking them out in my kayak soon, because the size is perfect for a small boat. The long cord is great for hanging off piers at low tide. Don't buy the $100 lights that only last a few trips. If it has problems in the future, I will update.

👤The product was purchased for a camping trip. We were very excited when the product arrived. We noticed a small amount of rust but decided it was from testing. The light filled with water after we arrived. We can't determine how much water he got in because it's still in it and it's rusting. The product was very disappointing. After talking to the company. They were persistent in sending a replacement. The new item works perfectly and we were very happy with the customer service we received.

👤The first time I put it in the water, I saw how great it was. I used it in a canal in the Florida Keys where I caught instant bait fish and cast a 6 foot circle of light around it. It attracted sharks. We caught a nurse shark and a tarpon after buying this light. Highly recommended!

👤I only used these for a single saltwater trip, but they worked for 5 nights without issue. I am not sure if they will last for a long time. They definitely delivered this time. After placing them in the water, I held them down with 8 ounces of water and connected them to a battery. We washed the lights with fresh water and put them in a Coleman 12V 1.5A smart battery charger. We caught a lot of fish and they appeared to attract little schools of bait fish. Don't be confused, the picture is an above water fishing spotlight and the product is the same. The product is glowing in the left side of the picture. I'm sure it would look better in clearer water, but it still put out a good amount of light for the price.

6. Deep Water Float Yellow 6x3 Inch

Deep Water Float Yellow 6x3 Inch

If you have a problem after the service, please contact their customer support. They will take full responsibility within 30 days. There is a bright color. You can locate your crab trap, lobster cage, or other buoy marker with no trouble with their fishing floats. The high density is related to nicotine. The closed-cell foam design keeps the marine buoy lines afloat. MARKER BUOYS: For fishing, rope, hazard, and regulatory markers. It works well as a boat moorage buoy. Crawfish float, crab trap float, winter buoy, buoy for boat, Outrigger float, buoy for rope, anchor float buoy, floating marker buoy, lobster float, buoy for lake, tow rope buoy, ski rope float, and more are unrestricted uses. Yellow float mat is 6 Inches x 3 Inches and has two yellow floats.

Brand: Jezero

👤A couple of yellow floats are reviewed. The yellow floats meet the criteria of being a couple of yellow floats. They are not green or purple, they do not sink, and there are two of them. A couple of yellow floats were reviewed.

👤I bought them because they were advertised as 3” by 6” I intended to use them as an anchor line float for 2 kayaks, but they were too large to fit inside. The floats, line, and anchor were to be stored inside. Let the buyer beware.

👤Excellent quality. It was bright yellow. I put them on a mooring safety line so they won't sit on the bottom. They are supposed to do what they are supposed to do.

👤I want to attach these to my kayak tackle holder in case I flip it. If I flip and loose that box, it will be a small price to pay.

👤These are exactly what they are advertised to be.

7. IBobber Wireless Bluetooth Android Devices

IBobber Wireless Bluetooth Android Devices

Better boat products are why to choose them. They are a family owned American business that makes premium quality products. The quality of their products and support is what they stand behind. Patented technology that identifies fish. The charge status indicator light shows the status of the battery. The battery life is over 10 hours. The operating systems that are used to sync with are Apple's 10. Accurate readings to a depth of 135'. The connections are used as bobber or as a remote fish finder. The app is free on both platforms.

Brand: Reelsonar

👤Two years ago I did research on portable fish finders and settled on this one. The features and price point were important to me in my decision. It marks fish, depth, and water temperature accurately. The underwater mapping and fish alarm are nice features. I have dragged it behind my kayak when casting from shore. I will turn on the fish alarm when I am paddling and it will alert me of fish I've gone over. I don't have to stare at it. I use a waterproof pouch around my neck to keep my phone dry. There are two different fish sizes, those under 15 inches and those over 15. The led light is a great feature. My friend has a Deeper app that looks like an advanced map, but I'm not sure it's better for the price. He had problems with the app freezing on his phone. I have had very little crashes on the ibobber platform, because I use an iPhone. His deeper is heavier than the ibobber. I wouldn't recommend casting it without heavy braided line. I use a dock demon pole with heavy braid to cast mine out and leave it there while I fish with my other rods from shore. It's ridiculous that the Deeper makes you purchase a separate cover if you want to use the led light for night fishing. The devices have a battery life issue. They last around 8 hours once they're fully charged. You have to charge it before you go out. They go dead before you get there if you charge them a couple of days in advance. I'm satisfied with the ibobber. None of them are perfect yet. I'm sure that improvements will come along in castable fishing gadgets. The price point and features of the new device caught my attention. Good luck out there.

👤I just got mine. I will use it this weekend. It is easy to use and compact. I will give an update after I get some time to think about it. I used it most of the day. The fish were picking up a lot of different sizes. The only thing I don't understand is that the app says it picks up fish with orange tags for under 15” and green tags for over 15” The tags on the fish were orange. I am not sure what to think of that. The tags should have been green for those sizes. I like how it tells me how deep the water is.

👤I like the idea of fish finders on the move. They are great for shore and kayak fishing. I decided to try the ibobber brand because of its simplicity and price. When I got this thing, I tried it out and decided to return it. The way this thing was attached to your fishing line was one reason for concern. There is a small metal device with a hole in it that is surrounded by a small amount of plastic. I was worried that the cheap mounting method would break and cause a loss of the device. If you want to charge the device, you must use the cradle. You are going to be without your product if that gets lost or stops working. They don't use a more popular changing Port. The battery was a concern for me. I charged it for a while before using it. I decided to try it when the battery was at a low percentage. It took me about 7 minutes to drive to our local pond and by the time I got there the battery level was at a reported %34. I saw that other people had the same issue with rapid battery discharge. Maybe the device isn't reporting the battery level correctly. The lack of accuracy was the final reason I decided to rate this so poorly. When I put it in the water, it said there were fish everywhere. I thought this was a bad unit. I tried a few other places and got the same thing. Smaller fish symbol for fish under 15 and larger fish symbol for fish over 15. I'm certain that is incorrect. At the minimum, 50% of the fish on my screen were larger than 15. I was concerned that there were not many fish over 15 in this pond. I took it to a small body of water that was branches of the river to see if it was still there. There are larger fish in this area, but they are usually not the most popular fish in the area. This thing was still picking up fish. The accuracy of the depth is also reported in other reviews. When I got it from the shore, it said the water was 6' deep, but it was only 1'-2' deep. After about 30 minutes of usage, my battery on the ibobber was getting low as it started having a few issues. It has a few good features. The use was easy. It has a strike warning which I'm not sure if it works or not, but it would be awesome if it did. It has an led light that you can turn on and off at night if you want to see it. I wanted to use it. I think this needs to be improved. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone because of the cheap feeling structural design and lack of accuracy.

8. Fishings Microfiber Bait Towel Carabiner

Fishings Microfiber Bait Towel Carabiner

Storage boxes are perfect for holding small accessories. Can meet your needs. Quality products and services, as well as a good shopping experience, are what they strive to provide every customer. If you have any questions, please contact them. The bait towel is a 6 pack and is used to take to the shore, the boat, the kayak, and the tackle box. Always rinse clean. Keep your hands clean. A quick wipe after a baiting hook. It's perfect for cleaning eye wear. Attaches to your belt loop for convenience. Move the old fishing rag to a new microfiber bait towel. A super absorbent microfiber with plush nap yarn wipes away blood, oil, and bait completely. You can wash and reuse the fabric. The perfect size is 16 x 16 and not too big or small. The bait towel is designed to be a convenient towel that can be kept with you but not weigh you down. You can get a Value Pack at a great price. One should be on your belt loop and the other in your tackle box. On rainy days, bring a few. Share with someone you care about. There are many popular colors for the bait towel.

Brand: Baitowel

👤I just received my order of these towels, and I'm thinking of ordering again. I love them. I bought them for fishing. I fish with worms in my kayak, and I'm catching a lot of catfish. I'm going to use one of these on my PFD. It's nice to have a rag to help protect my hands from the catfish horns or the other fish when I take the hook out, because I'm always needing something to wipe my hands off with from the worms. However, but... I can see myself using them when I cook. I always look for a towel to wipe my hands on or to wipe up a spill when I grill the same. I usually put a shop rag in my back pocket when I work on the car or wood shop. I clip these to my belt loop, and always have a rag with me. These are great. My new favorite item. I am very happy I bought them. I'll be buying more. It's a good thing.

👤I almost didn't order them because they were just a towel with a clip. The real test was how they would clean up after the boat, I got a towel that helped clean the hands, but the real test was how they would clean up after the boat. They do a great job. Take the clip off and put it in the washing machine. Wouldn't hesitate to order again.

👤I have to buy more bait towels because I forget to wash them. These are a steal. They are absorbent but still dry on a fishing day. I like that they have a carabiner. I don't have to rip a hole in a towel. If only I could remember to wash them after fishing.

👤We have one of these in our packs. Hiking, camping, fishing, keeping one in the car... It's handy for mud and slobber at the dog park. Take the clip off and throw them in the wash. We have given many gifts to other outdoorsy people in our lives and everyone has found them useful.

👤These towels are great for fishing. I can clip it to my pants. The problem is that after two uses and washes, the grommet is useless, as that was the biggest appeal.

👤My husband uses them all the time. Anything hands free helps when you are on the boat. He asked where he got them and gave one to his fishing partner. Great purchase!

👤I love these things. I felt terrible when one of my boat rags was left out by a guest on my boat and the rag ended up in the drink. I bought these and haven't lost a thing yet. I think they're a good choice.

👤Fast shipping! I love these towels. Light weight, absorbent, big enough to do the job, small enough that you don't get tangled up in it. I would buy these again.

9. Umbrella Trolling Frashwater Saltwater Swimbait

Umbrella Trolling Frashwater Saltwater Swimbait

Each set can hold a fishing pole and 2 drinks, for YETI rod holder, for RTIC rod holder, and can work with all casting and spinning fishing rods that save your space while fishing, boating, camping and more. The Alabama rig is revolutionary. The revolution was completed in a matter of hours. Only half of the boats that took part in the fishing competition could catch more than 10 pounds, and Paul Elias caught 26 of them. The next morning, he caught 20 pounds of fish, before the other boats got to eat it. The camera clearly showed the man throwing something. The fishing rig is made of an umbrella and has soft baits connected to a wire. Simulate a group of bait fish and largemouth bass in the water waiting for the chance to chase the fishing group. The Alabama fishing rig must have a heavy rod, thick wire, and a hard-skinned reel. The baits of the fishing rig are parallel to each other and do not interfere. Problems have been solved by this fishing squad for hundreds of years. The time for bass fishing fans to wait for the bass to attack the bait may be reduced from a few hours to 10 minutes.

Brand: Gll

👤You have to bend across each other oddly to set up wires that come out of the head. It looks like blades are on the wrong arm. The head is very light. I thought it was foam. I am not sure if it is. The paint is chipping off of the head everywhere after it was cast in the water. I used upside down for most of the day. I wish I would have spent my money on a better product. I will try to return it.

👤One of the rigs came with a broken arm, so I'm giving this 3 stars. I can't find the company to ask for 1 I already have the other setup, so I can only return the whole package.

10. Hands Microfiber Bait Towel Midnight

Hands Microfiber Bait Towel Midnight

Wishing you good luck. In your fishing trip! God bless you! Proberos promise to stand behind their products. "Reel clean" is a perfect size 16” x 16” to keep in your back pocket or belt loop. You can take a bait towel with you on the boat. After handling bait, quick wipe, dry your hands, and clean your eye wear with no streaks. Attaches to your belt loop for convenience. Move the old fishing rag to a new microfiber bait towel. A super absorbent microfiber with plush nap yarn wipes away blood, oil, and bait completely. You can wash and reuse the fabric. It's not too big or small to keep a fishing towel handy. The bait towel is designed to be a convenient towel that can be kept with you but not weigh you down. You can get a Value Pack at a great price. One should be on your belt loop and the other in your tackle box. On rainy days, bring a few. Share with someone you care about. There are many popular colors for the bait towel.

Brand: Baitowel

👤The recipient loved it when he received this as a Christmas gift. An avid fisherman, it was nice to have a towel that he could clip to his belt loop and always have a towel at hand. It is easy to clean.

👤I am glad I got these because I didn't think I would like them as much as I did. The carabiner makes it easier to clip on the belt loop, and they are very useful. A good score.

👤This was a good way to clip my fishing backpack. The towel is of good quality. The towel clip is reliable and sturdy. The price for a three pack is great.

👤Handling a fish and then dealing with the slimy stuff is nothing worse than doing it. My wife is happy that I am not wiping on my pants anymore. My waders are stained by wiping on them. A great gift! When my wife gave it to me, I was neutral about it, but I need it when I go up their right next to my Leatherman!

👤They are great to have on the boat. My hubs always has a fish slim attached to his pants so he can wipe it off after catching and handling fish.

👤I wanted to use these as hamster blankets. They work well. I used the clips for keys when my hamsters cuddled in them. My hamsters are very happy that my guinea pig didn't get one. She's jealous of everything the hamster trio gets.

👤It will keep your hands dry. Just wash it and use it again. I have not seen it fade on me.

11. Fishernomics Collapsible Livewell Container Rechargeable

Fishernomics Collapsible Livewell Container Rechargeable

Quickly toss your catch into the drop-in lid and get back to fishing. It is possible to carry it on a long distance hike to your secret spot. "EASY STORAGE" is what it is. You can place it down to 2 inches. The strap is to keep the bucket in a compact state. RECHARGEABLE OXYGEN PUMP The aerator has two modes to provide you with 13 hours of continuous oxygen or 25 hours on intermittent mode. No more forgetting batteries. You can charge your phone from a car's port. The side pocket gives you quick access to some of your favorite fishing tools.

Brand: Fishernomics

👤I need this to collect live fish on local aquarium club trips. The container is made from premium rubber that will hold up over time. The inside is easy to clean. The lid closes after dropping in fish. The air pump kept the fish alive and well. It will fall down to a couple inches. I am very happy with this live bait bucket.

👤Good material. This bag is really large, so I wish there was a smaller size.

👤The fish holder is easy to use and it makes it easy to remove fish. The air pump stopped working after it got wet from the rain. The air line was folded so many times it was hard to get it out. I used a waterproof air pump from my minnow bucket.

👤The only thing I don't like about the sides is that they are not as durable as the product.

👤Not worth $60. The materials seem okay, but the design could use some work. The black interior makes it hard to see and kill fish. It's too big and cumbersome to get water into it, and you need a lot of space to open the top flap, as it's a 20 inch flap on the short side. Bigger is not always better. The side of the pump pocket is welded with no drain holes. It got water in it so the pump sucked it up through the aerator. The water has no place else to go. I'm not sure what this will do to the pump. The trap door is malfunctioning. The springs are already fatiguing after I plopped a few fish through it. One door won't close completely. I only used it once. It's worth mentioning that the door failed already. This product does what it says it will do. It holds the fish. There were no leaks. Any bag can fold down flat. okay The trapdoor top is a nice feature. When both my hands are occupied, no doors to unlatch or open. It is easy to clean. The fish bucket is not a bad one at $60. If they make some design changes, I would say pass.

👤What I needed and worked out great.

👤It's a good size for my kayak and all sizes of fish, and it's easy to slide the fish in without having to open the cover. Don't stay together and are always in the way. It would be the biggest improvement if the straps and handles were removed. A plastic tray insert that is 4 to 6 inches in diameter would be a great addition.


What is the best product for fishing bait boat?

Fishing bait boat products from Scotty. In this article about fishing bait boat you can see why people choose the product. Marine Metal and Frabill are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing bait boat.

What are the best brands for fishing bait boat?

Scotty, Marine Metal and Frabill are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing bait boat. Find the detail in this article. Thrasher Lures, Linkstyle and Jezero are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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