Best Fishing Bait Bucket

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1. Frabill 4825 Insulated Bucket Aerator

Frabill 4825 Insulated Bucket Aerator

The dimensions are 10 x 9 x 9. The aerator is included in the Frabill insulated bait bucket. The insulated liner allows your bait to stay alive longer. The compartment lid had a aerator. There is a hole in the lid.

Brand: Frabill

👤I have had frabill products in the past and the pumps get ruined very quickly if used in saltwater. The insulated bucket protects the pump that goes inside the bucket. Make sure to connect the tubing from the inside of the compartment to the insulated bucket when you disassemble the pump. Don't make the mistake of thinking that the guy that lost bait made a mistake. The small holes were made to keep the tubing tight.

👤Also, note: The initial rating is 4 stars because I haven't used the bucket yet. There is a Some criticisms of other posters are summarized in a review. 1. Who doesn't have a black sharpie? There is a Ignore the one fellow in the back who has his hand up. You can indicate the orientation of the battery with your sharpie. 2. Instructions for aerator and plastic hose are not clear. There is a After marking battery orientation and loading batteries, replace the aerator with a nub connection. Do not thread the hose through the opening. You need to connect the hose. Doing it this way makes parts fit well. I can see what people are saying about the hose falling off. I used a left over tube of silicone seal and circled the hose after pushing it tight against the lid. That will keep it fastened. 3. The price on Amazon is fourteen dollars. It is not the cadillac of minnow buckets. I think it will be an excellent value. It is a best seller. My father used to have a two piece aluminum minnow bucket. It worked out great. The minnows and fish should be in the bucket. Put the liner in the water at a fishing hole or boat stop. The liner doesn't drift away when the shell is filled with water. Fresh water is a must before moving to next location. The aluminum conducts the temperature. Your bait will suffer if you go too long between stops. The water temperature will change slowly because the bucket is styrofoam lined. It would be an issue in Florida. It gets warm most days. Looking forward to fishing for bass and crappie.

👤It is a really good product, even though one of the Duracell batteries popped, due to a friend putting the batteries in the wrong way. It's a good idea to keep oama alive.

👤I knew I was getting something cheap when I ordered a back-up minnow bucket. I didn't think it would be cheap. It arrived without a box and a label on the side. It had several pieces of plastic broken off while in transit and was dirty and grimy due to the lack of a box or even plastic wrap. I try it out. I'm going to describe a lot of what happened when I used it to ice fish on a day when the temperature was 10 to 35 degrees. The locking mechanism for the battery compartment is made difficult by the plastic. Prepare to curse if you get it closed. This isn't a big deal, but it should be closed. The bait is kept in the main compartment. It's difficult to lock and open in the cold. The aerator hose and how it connects to the aerator was the only thing that earned it a low 1-star rating. The nipple is about an inch long. I mean every time I connect the hose and close the lid, the hose comes off the nipple, making it useless. It's difficult. The length of the nipple for the hose to slide onto is too short, so how can anyone design something like this? The air won't be able to travel from the aerator to the bait, so you can't glue it on. It's useless and sits on a shelf in my garage until I throw it out or use it for something else. If the air can't reach the bait, you can't keep it fresh.

2. Plano Gallon Bucket Topper Organizer

Plano Gallon Bucket Topper Organizer

Made in the USA, not included is the chiller. Plano tackle storage has been protecting your passion since 1952. The Bucket Top Organizers are good for wasted space and fit most standard 5-gallon buckets. The top layer has fixed compartments that are ideal for organizing small items, and the second level has large storage area and cut-out detail. Clear flip-up lids for easy identification and access to contents are provided by theremovable bottom. There are 18 Compartments for gear and bait. There is a floor for bucket access.

Brand: Plano

👤I bought 2 yeti buckets as Father's Day gifts and got these to go with them. I tried it on a bucket and it snapped in place. I spent the next 5 minutes trying to get it off. It's brand new, so maybe it needs to be broken in. The opening on the yeti buckets is larger than usual, but there's a lip inside where this top can sit. It's perfect for the price and has a lot of storage space for small electrical parts, which my dad and husband will use. It makes the seat more comfortable.

👤This is my tackle box. I use this box every time I use a tackle box. It has enough room for me to fish what I want. I travel light because I like to travel to new secluded spots. The tackle box stays on tight when it is on a 5-gallon bucket. It has enough space for my leaders. I'm a big guy and I can sit on it comfortably, but make sure the box is clean and the clear top is not cracked. No cracks or breaks so far. I have knocked it over a few times. You can cut out a hole under the tray to use as a live well for panfish. The trays I bought to go into the bucket were too shallow. I might buy deeper ones to replace my trays. The tackle box is the best I've ever spent and it's 12 dollars.

👤The simple solution is to drill another hole opposite the existing hole and use a rope handle with 8 knots on each end. It works well with the rope handle. The plastic is soft, I used awl to drill a small hole, and a philips screwdriver to enlarge it. The upper trays' storage slots are not changeable. The slots are up to 4 1/2 feet long. > If the upper tray is not present, the lower sections are half-moon shaped, 1 1/2 deep or 3 1/2 deep. The lower sections do not have dividers. You can create 3 triangular storage spaces by using 2 pieces of cardboard and a piece of rigid plastic. > The storage space is lost beneath the hinge. I don't know of a specific tray system which would be compatible with the Plano Bucket Topper, so I assume this space was left to allow for the handles of other storage trays in the bucket below. The design of the fishing bucket is wasted storage space, as a component of a small-parts storage system. The small tackle box is more convenient. The rope handle has to be balanced so that it doesn't flop to one side. > The seat is slippery. Most of the time when fishing, the slipperiness can be a problem. A few lengths of tape can fix that. If you use a 5-gallon bucket with a Topper as a step stool, it will probably break and collapse, or your foot will slip. TheRemovable bottom provides bucket access is not true. The bottom is not replaceable. You can permanently cut the bottom out of one or both of the lower sections with a very sharp utility knife. That would leave a ragged hole if you are a very careful craftsman. If you remove the bottom of one of the sections, you will lose half of the storage capacity of the Topper. > It's a mixed blessing that the bucket won't come loose by accident, but it's also very hard to open or remove in the summer when the temperature is 95 degrees. There is a need for an easy-lock system. > A paint-bucket-lid is leak-proof because it has a gasket. Even with a gasket, the Topper wouldn't be waterproof because of the hole in the top of it. Pros > I love my Plano Bucket Topper despite the shortcoming. Conclusions > The idea of a fishing bucket t-shirt is a great idea, but needs to be changed into two separate products, one for a small parts storage system and the other for a fishing bucket t-shirt. The design does not do well.

3. Fishing Indicator Portable Accessories Lights

Fishing Indicator Portable Accessories Lights

It is a perfect fishing gift for men, fishermen, fishmen, anglers,boyfriend, Dad and Husband on Father's Day, Christmas, and other holidays. They are made of plastic clip and metal bells and nailed together by a spring. Professional fishermen and fishing lovers can use this for night fishing. If a fish bites the hook, the bell on the alarm will send out a sound that will remind you that the fish is pulling the rod. The clip is solid and durable, without sliding rod phenomenon, the galvanized bell is pleasant and crisp, and it can automatically alarm, and the double hole design can be used when you don't want to use the alarm bell. The method of using fishing lights is to spin out the light and take out the button battery inside. The button battery needs to be turned over and reinstalled. The light will light up if the light is tightened. It is a necessity accessory for you to catch full fishing, and can be used in different situations. The alarm is easy to carry and is suitable for most fishing rods on the market.

Brand: Hlogree

👤I use this product on my fishing poles because I love jingles.

👤I was turned on to this product by the anglers. Found them here and bought them. I like how the lights clip on the poles. Extra batteries were sent.

👤It would be nice if the clip fit smaller rods. I love my cat rods. Garbage is the battery setup. The screw should be engineer off and on the design. Unless you move the metal prong out, lots of dead batteries will screw it all the way out. Great product. The batteries should be taken out after use. The lines are tight.

👤The lights don't work, which is really disappointing, and all the items tell me they've been stored and are old. Don't waste your money.

👤I tried these out for night fishing and they worked as designed. Recommended product.

👤I use them for night fishing. They are easy to control and have a great price. I will recommend them to my family and friends.

👤Terrible batteries. Some work more than others.

👤These are hard to see. The bells are not worth the money.

4. Fishernomics Collapsible Livewell Container Rechargeable

Fishernomics Collapsible Livewell Container Rechargeable

Quickly toss your catch into the drop-in lid and get back to fishing. It is possible to carry it on a long distance hike to your secret spot. "EASY STORAGE" is what it is. You can place it down to 2 inches. The strap is to keep the bucket in a compact state. RECHARGEABLE OXYGEN PUMP The aerator has two modes to provide you with 13 hours of continuous oxygen or 25 hours on intermittent mode. No more forgetting batteries. You can charge your phone from a car's port. The side pocket gives you quick access to some of your favorite fishing tools.

Brand: Fishernomics

👤I need this to collect live fish on local aquarium club trips. The container is made from premium rubber that will hold up over time. The inside is easy to clean. The lid closes after dropping in fish. The air pump kept the fish alive and well. It will fall down to a couple inches. I am very happy with this live bait bucket.

👤Good material. This bag is really large, so I wish there was a smaller size.

👤The fish holder is easy to use and it makes it easy to remove fish. The air pump stopped working after it got wet from the rain. The air line was folded so many times it was hard to get it out. I used a waterproof air pump from my minnow bucket.

👤The only thing I don't like about the sides is that they are not as durable as the product.

👤Not worth $60. The materials seem okay, but the design could use some work. The black interior makes it hard to see and kill fish. It's too big and cumbersome to get water into it, and you need a lot of space to open the top flap, as it's a 20 inch flap on the short side. Bigger is not always better. The side of the pump pocket is welded with no drain holes. It got water in it so the pump sucked it up through the aerator. The water has no place else to go. I'm not sure what this will do to the pump. The trap door is malfunctioning. The springs are already fatiguing after I plopped a few fish through it. One door won't close completely. I only used it once. It's worth mentioning that the door failed already. This product does what it says it will do. It holds the fish. There were no leaks. Any bag can fold down flat. okay The trapdoor top is a nice feature. When both my hands are occupied, no doors to unlatch or open. It is easy to clean. The fish bucket is not a bad one at $60. If they make some design changes, I would say pass.

👤What I needed and worked out great.

👤It's a good size for my kayak and all sizes of fish, and it's easy to slide the fish in without having to open the cover. Don't stay together and are always in the way. It would be the biggest improvement if the straps and handles were removed. A plastic tray insert that is 4 to 6 inches in diameter would be a great addition.

5. Frabill Galvanized Floating 2 Piece 8 Quart

Frabill Galvanized Floating 2 Piece 8 Quart

The fine mesh net holds minnows. Frabill has been trusted by fishermen since 1938. Attach the inner bucket to the dock for aeration. No matter how rough the waves are, the galvanized steel is tough for long-term use. The lid is large and easy to open.

Brand: Frabill

👤The gauge is the same as a paint can. I am almost 50 and my Dad still has a thicker one, made of a less shiny metal. You can see it in the pictures. There is a yellow substance at the bottom of the can. I tested it. It holds water well. However. My father's wood handle was better than this one. It is very nice. The inner basket is attached to the inner handle. That is a good quality. I would feel confident throwing it. It feels the same. The old one has a nice secure latch, but you have to shut it a certain way. The people say this is the same quality as the old one. For the price. It will last for 5 years. I am certain that people are using it in salt water. The paint can rust in salt water. I will edit this review if something happens to it this year. 3 stars. The gauge of the material is a joke. Give me the exact can of old if I charge you 50. Not a paint can.

👤I'm not very happy with this item. I thought the metal bucket would hold up better than the plastic ones, since I keep breaking the handles on the plastic ones. I left this one in the water for a few days with minnows, and it's clear that the galvanizing is coming off. I think it will be a rust bucket. It was a little banged up, but nothing that stopped it from working, even though the rim around the floating insert was bent a little. I like that it's in the water, and I think the handle will hold up better than the plastic, but I think the galvanized finish is going to be a flop. I might paint it to slow down the rusting.

👤My bait guy calls this bucket old school. It works well for me. I am an ice fisherman. I have a camp in Maine with a stream that runs year round. After a weekend of ice fishing, I can put whatever bait I have left in the bucket and place it in the stream. The bait is still kicking after I come back a week later. The floating bucket keeps the bait in the water while the bucket sitting on the bottom is filled with water.

👤It is the same bucket as my old one.

👤I thought this was a minnow bucket, but it was only received without the top part.

👤The bail on the outer bucket is coming off. I think it's junk.

👤My dad has always used these over the plastic mino buckets, but it seems like you can't find them anymore at the store. Plastic is all you can find. My family and I love them, and I have ordered off them three times. I recommend to my friends and family.

👤These don't last a year for me as they rust out. I have to spend too much and they never last.

6. Goture Double Willow Blade Spinnerbait

Goture Double Willow Blade Spinnerbait

There is a self-closing lid and a locking door on top. The material is lead +stainless steel, per weight about 1/2oz, hook size is 3/0, colored elastic silicone skirt, and 5 colors per pack. The willow leaf blade has a smooth running ball bearing and clevis which can help to make buzzing sound underwater, which can help to attract the fish efficiently. A bright and dark colored Silicone skirt with a realistic swimming effect will make the target fish think it is a small school of fish and open their mouths. The skirt hides hooks, which makes it easier for fish to catch the lure. The spinnerbait with a willow leaf shape dives faster than the round one. The double willow leaf blade has more splash, less resistance, and faster speed. The sequin is made of high-quality material with a good reflective effect, which can attract fish in a wide range. The unique fish head shape design with realistic 3D eye and Sharp and upward hook point design helps to prevent hook snags from weeds and the closed ring connection ring helps to prevent the ring from falling off. Goture spinnerbaits are ideal for targeting fish in areas with dense weeds and obstacles. It can be used for all kinds of predatory fish, including perch, pike, largemouth bass, and all kinds of bass.

Brand: Goture

👤The spinnerbaits were well packaged. They ran true when I tied them on. I had no problem with the blades. The blades were giving off a good amount of energy. They are well constructed.

👤Solid spinner baits with a nice combo of colors. The blades on these are very nice.

👤I rolled the dice on these and am very pleased. They run very true and appear to be of good quality. It's great if you fish in rivers/streams, or any water where you can easily catch a spinnerbait, and you don't want to lose money. Would definitely recommend.

👤When I first purchased these SpinnerBaits, I was a bit hesitant but after I received them, I was amazed at how well they were made and the colors on them are really nice. They are individually packaged which is really nice. I will probably purchase more of these in the future.

👤I've been using it for a while. Quality spinner baits. Especially for the price. The lure/hook did a great job catching the bass last Saturday. There is a lot of junk. These are good.

👤The bait allows it to stay higher in the water column. Aflutter on a free fall. Will buy again.

👤I bought this for my dad. He said it is easy to use.

👤The cost was below average. It was true on retrieval. The hook has bait catch rings on it. It is cost efficient. It's a good idea to recommend it. And buying more.

👤No era lo ped, regrese ese producto. No tengo noticias de la hayan recibido y menos de la reembolso. P├ęsimo servicio.

7. Goture American Saltwater Fishing Radius

Goture American Saltwater Fishing Radius

If you have a question about the product, please contact them. One year warranty is provided by them. If you don't like the product they send you, they will exchange it for something else. There are two types of fishing net. Their color is the only difference. One is both blue and white. The other is blue, white and orange. 4' Radius - 1/2' Half Mesh Size; Mesh thickness 0.2mm; 32' long floating braided poly hand line secured with a commercial-grade 2'' anodized swivel. Handmade. The mesh is made of copolymer. Most bait species can be accommodated by the mesh. Capture live bait and have fun. Significant savings in bait cost can be provided. Feels softer, throws better, and lies flatter. bait can be captured in deeper water. The border has a weight per foot. A tight seal bottom and quick sink help prevent bait escape. It was strong and secure to close the deal on the retrieval. The belt and instructions are illustrated. Please search 'Goture Cast Net' for Nets of the same size.

Brand: Goture

👤I was mad that I received the wrong size net, so I submitted a review. After watching several videos on different techniques of throwing nets, I am very satisfied with the net quality, even though I am still mad about that. I filled 5 buckets with golden shiners. I wouldn't have been able to get half that many with 10 throws. I lost about a dozen smaller minnows that were caught in the mesh and slid out of the net right into the buckets because of the 1/2 inch mesh. If you're looking for a net that's 8 feet in diameter, this is the one for you. It is a full 8ft, even though it is said to be 4ft.

👤Some of my mono line is lifting something. I will have to tie a line to line knot with electrical tape or crimp it with electrical tape to fix it. Net still functions, even with heavy load, anything is bound to break. I will probably use the 10 foot net instead of the 12 foot net. The amount of bait you catch is bound to damage your net. I was taken with my friend to hoist the net up. The net contained 40-50 lbs of anchovy. I caught over $250 worth of bait and the net still functions, so for me it's fair.

👤When the bait fish are thick and easy to get, I ordered a 4 foot net. The 4 foot is very easy to throw and I get it perfect every time. The quality of the net is good.

👤I thought I would give it a try after reading the comments. It was a bad choice. The net only weighs about 8 lbs. The net opening is only 7' at best, it is 10' long. You have 3.5' of net there. Maybe my product was malfunctioning. The net was not able to open a 20'diameter.

👤The cast net is easy to use, it's 6', so it takes a little practice to figure out the size and weight to throw over, but I'm glad I bought it.

👤It's okay. I can throw it, it appears to have been designed well. The horn section snapped together and caused a section of the lines to break. I didn't want to be without a net until I got a replacement. I snapped it back together after fixing it. It works. I wouldn't buy another net from Goture.

👤The horn is poorly designed which leads to major issues. The band's rope came off after a couple of weeks. It would be an ok deal if it was at 1/2 the price. If you have a few self inflicted troubles, you would return.

👤The weighted area in my hand was torn by the net. I hope the seller can send a replacement.

8. MR LION Foldable Container Multi Functional

MR LION Foldable Container Multi Functional

The bait is made from mesh. The material is thick and has impact resistance. The bait bucket has two sizes for it, medium and large, to meet your needs. It's perfect for fishing, camping, outdoor water intake, irrigation, and other outdoor activities. The bucket has a high-quality mesh that makes it easy to see the fish and prevent them from jumping out. It is easy to draw water with a rope, and it is also possible to prevent falling. Long rope can live in water for live bait and is easy to carry and carry.

Brand: Mr Lion

👤The first one I received had a small hole in it, so I had it replaced. The second one was in good shape. The material is water proof. It's very convenient to carry around. You don't have to keep a hard bucket with you if you don't want to catch any fish. You can still bring fish home with this pop out bucket. When it's time to pack up and go home, I would like to see a completely enclosed cover over the vent. If you put it in the car with water still in it, the fish will splash the water up and out through the top vent.

👤I like the bag. It can be used with my kid when we go fishing. This product has 10 gallons. It is not. I fill the bag with my 5 gallon container. It is definitely not a 10 gallon bag. It was an inaccurate description. The product is good.

👤Well built and very durable. The interior is strong enough to hold a 5lb bass. The material kept the temperature constant. I would love to have a bigger size to hold more fish. It's perfect for live baits.

👤I needed something to keep my live baits. I received a leak. The material is cheap and not worth it.

👤It was kind of flimsy. It doesn't match up. If I had a do-over, I would go for the hard case.

👤The handle is on the first use. My car was soaked. It was cheap and poorly sealed. It's supposed to be the only actual thing.

👤It's a nice way to transport live fish. Keep minnows. This bag is amazing. It works perfectly everywhere I have needed it. Kayaks. A boat. Very strong.

👤I like the weight and strength of the bucket and have used it a few times. The air vent helps with putting in fish. Also used for crabbing, the crabs can't cut the inside.

👤Gre ausreichend und hlt dicht. Weil man es insgesamt, wie Gummis richtig Flach ist.

9. Celsius Floating Minnow Bucket Dip

Celsius Floating Minnow Bucket Dip

Fishing net diameter is 100 cm/39.37" and it has 12 holes. The weight is 220LB (100 kilogram). The handle is orange and white. For a lifetime of use. The fine mesh net holds minnows.

Brand: Celsius

👤The net and handle look decent. We bought this to include in a children's water activity set. Right on the handle, it says "contains lead". That's not feasible. If the "contains lead" disclosure was in the product description, we wouldn't need to know about delivery. If it didn't contain lead, it would be better.

👤When we got this net for my grandson, it said that it contained lead. Don't buy it. The net is very small. We tried to return it, but it wasn't eligible for a return. There was a huge waist of money.

👤There is nothing special about this bait net. It does its job. The foam handle allows it to float. I had to peel off the ugly label from the foam handle because it was difficult to do. If it's one thing that I hate the most, it's stupid mfgrs putting their labels on a product that makes it difficult to remove, or it's unattractive. It will take a while for this stupid label to wear away. I would pay more if they put the label on a plastic loop.

👤Two boys were very happy. They've been using them for a week to catch minnows. They float! It's perfect for little people who lose interest quickly, but need to find their nets when they remember.

👤We go fishing together. The smaller fish were used as bait. This item worked well. For fish that are less than 4-5 inches, the net is best. If the product gets lost at sea, the floatation on the handle helps. It's a good thing. The thickness of the wiring was the only knock on this item. It is sturdy enough to grab small minnows, however, I would have liked to see a bit thicker of circumference. I would give it a 1/2 star.

👤My extendable fish net was stolen from my home fish tank. This is cheap enough to not worry about it being stolen.

👤There's not much else to say. If you drop it in the water, it scoops minnows. That is the same quality as a small minnow net. Buy it if it fits in your budget.

👤The metal handle of the buoy makes it hard to net the minnows because it doesn't stay in the same spot. Had to take it off because it was making it useless.

👤Way to small. You could catch minnows with your hands. When I clicked on the return, a notice came up that it didn't qualify. I wouldn't give it a single star.

👤The palm of your hand is larger. I thought I would use this to remove insects from the pool. I think so.

👤The product didn't say it has lead. Way to small. You could catch minnows with your hands. When I clicked on the return, a notice came up that it didn't qualify. This thing is not worth 5 cents. I wouldn't give it a single star.

👤I leave it in the bait. It doesn't get lost. Works well.

10. Frabill Deluxe Bait Bucket Lid

Frabill Deluxe Bait Bucket Lid

The table can be mounted on single rod holders. Five countries have been developing high-quality marine and outdoor products for 40 years. Frabill has been trusted by fishermen since 1938. A snap-on lid keeps bait and gear safe from the elements. Most buckets have a lid. There are slots for tools and bait net. For fast access, keep your most used items available. 1401 is a bait bucket accessory. It's easy to snap onto anyGallon bucket. There are slots for bait net, aerator, etc. The door is self-standing and has easy access to bait.

Brand: Frabill

👤I don't use this for bait storage because I fish in salt water and have a recirculating live well on my boat. It fits on a standard 5 gal bucket and gives me a convenient place to keep my bait net and cut bait. A place to hang lures that will need to be flushed with fresh water when I get home is also there. The lid stays up when you open it. All for less than $10

👤The minnow shop runs out of minnows when I want to go fishing so I took matters into my own hands and set up a reserve using a 5 gallon pail and a frabill bait bucket lid. The lid has brackets for hanging tools. I used a Unicliffe air pump. It is a little loud. Since the bucket is in the garage, this doesn't matter.

👤This and the Marine Metal Products version are both mine. At the moment. I rate them the same. I don't have a Frabill bucket, so you might be ok if you get one, but I don't have a good fit on the buckets I have. The bait lid pops open when running in chop and I have to stop the boat and try to catch all the shrimp and mullets that are jumping all over the place. The aerator is knocked off of both of them. The aerator and bucket do a good job of keeping my bait alive.

👤This is a great idea but needs some tweaking. It is well thought out and built cheaply. Within the first day of catching bait and putting them in the bucket, the little tab that holds the lid closed broke.

👤It is nice to have items that you like to own. The tap that holds the lid down fell off, as did the hinges on the door. I wanted to like this but now it's just plastic. Don't buy.

👤It fits on any paint bucket. The bait was given a larger environment to survive by drilling holes in mine. The access lid is hard to open. It needs a bigger "nipple" to open it.

👤The bait bucket lid is my favorite design and lasts much longer than less expensive models. My last one was ruined by a rainstorm. It has an opening for my bait net. It fits on my bait bucket.

👤Getting into your bucket is easy. It was nice to have a small hole for the air pump tube. There are places for hanging things on the sides of it. It was strong enough for me to sit down.

👤It wasn't comfortable to sit on a standard 5 gallon bucket. I had to trim the rim on my bucket. It was exactly what I wanted and I would probably buy it again, even though I have to change a standard bucket to make it work.

👤It fits my bucket, it seems thin and brittle, but hope it lasts.

👤It's tight to fit on the bucket and it splits with the pressure.

11. Frabill 4822 Insulated Bait Bucket

Frabill 4822 Insulated Bait Bucket

The cord is 72 inches long. Frabill has been trusted by fishermen since 1938. There is a 1-2 gallon capacity for bait storage. bait is protected from extreme temperatures The hose hole in the lid can easily be filled with water.

Brand: Frabill

👤A good bait bucket. The product listing shows the one I received as described. The exterior is made of plastic and can be removed for easy cleaning. The bucket has an image printed on it. The interior is made of insulated foam and has a channel for the air hose from a pump to be inserted, so air is directed to the bottom where it's needed. The minnows are designed for the angler. I had concerns after reading some reviews and seeing one other customer photo. I received what I ordered. I'm happy.

👤I decided to redesign the bait bucket I bought from a competitor because I wanted to use the aerator tubing instead of the metal wire handle. I thought I was crazy when I did this for a day or so and I would end up with a jury-rigged bucket. The problem with this one was solved when I found a channel for the aerator tubing molded into the foam lining and a plastic handle. I got this one after taking the other one back. Frabill makes a similar looking one that has a proprietary aerator in the lid and that has gotten very bad reviews.

👤I use insulated bait buckets for ice fishing. I learned the hard way that you need to empty the bucket of water before storing it in the cold. I spill some water and drag my equipment onto the ice between the liner and the bucket. Great bucket!

👤I like this thing. It keeps my car dry. I can tell you that this bait bucket does everything you need it to, however I have a caution for you, be careful how much water you add with your bait, it does have a tendency to slosh about. I keep my bucket in a milk crate lined with a small bag to catch any spills. It's what live bait needs. Very happy.

👤The styrofoam interior seems to allow the bait to breathe. The bucket kept the bait alive for a week. The lid is almost impossible to open in cold weather if it is closed and frozen in place. In very cold fishing activities, the bait is active. The ice on the lake or pond does not freeze over when you are fishing. I would buy it again.

👤I found the bucket and bubbler. I moved from Florida to Arizona with my aquarium. The fish made the drive perfect. I only needed to change the batteries once because the water temp was the same. I popped the lid open to give the fish some light. I would recommend this product to anyone in the same situation. I didn't have to give up my fish because of moving.

👤It's a perfect size for most live bait. The foam insulation works well to keep the water cool in hot weather, and it can be easily removed. I don't use the foam for most of the time. The bubbler clips on.

👤I bought this bucket to transport live minnows from the bait shop to my boat's bait well. I plan to buy minnows the night before I go fishing. I'm hoping the minnows survive the night. The bucket appears to be well made, but not sure how well the styrofoam liner will clean up.


What is the best product for fishing bait bucket?

Fishing bait bucket products from Frabill. In this article about fishing bait bucket you can see why people choose the product. Plano and Hlogree are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing bait bucket.

What are the best brands for fishing bait bucket?

Frabill, Plano and Hlogree are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing bait bucket. Find the detail in this article. Fishernomics, Frabill and Goture are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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