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1. KUFA Sports Commercial Rubber Locker

KUFA Sports Commercial Rubber Locker

China is the country of origin. The crab trap bait bag is a commercial style. Keep your bait in the bag by tying up a rubber locker. If you want to make sure the bait doesn't get to the outside of the trap, hook it at any place you want. It is durable and convenient. Make it easy to clean.

Brand: Kufa Sports

👤I bought these for my kayak. I am aware that they are supposed to be used for something else. I love them. I just clipped the clip on to my bungees and let it chill in the water or on top of my hull. I don't have trash in my boat. It is easy to clean and durable.

👤The small size crab traps are not made for this bait bag. It seems to be a good one for the bigger traps. I bought it for my small trap, not realizing it's full size. The bag alone takes up most of the trap. I'm not returning it because it was cheap. I'll write it off as an experience. It seems to be a decent and inexpensive product.

👤I used this product for at least 5 hours a day. The mesh size is perfect and you can put small items in it. You can wrap it around the pouch and secure it in place with the added length. I liked the size and the fact that it was durable. There were no nicks or frays in the mesh. It was common to haul in 20 crabs per pull after 10 minutes, and it showed no wear from the claw activity against it. The breeze was to empty and clean. This item will last a long time.

👤The bag is heavy and will last a long time. It is small with nothing in it, but large enough to hold a large amount of bait, like a young turkey. The cinch rope is long, but it wasn't an issue for me. I used it to tie off the bait bag.

👤I use these baitbags because the seals were messing with my bait cages. These are soft and can't be mangled like bait cages. To secure the bait bags to my traps, I ziptied them flat in the center of my traps. I shortened the drawstrings on them because they are long stock. I will be buying more of these in the future.

👤We bought these for our traps. They are too large to fit in the bait holder.

👤Too rapid loss of bait can be prevented. The bait can't be easily cleaned if a fish gets in the trap. It's easy to fill and stays sealed. Will need to be washed off periodically to keep the mesh clean.

👤The quality is good but the ring was much larger than I expected. A lot of baitfish would be holed for a soak. I would like a smaller version for my needs.

2. Mimilure Fishing Feeder Basket Available

Mimilure Fishing Feeder Basket Available

The diameter is 4CM/ 1.6INCH. The quality of the steel is good. You can store bait in the mesh fish bait cage. It's great for catching shrimp, minnows, shrimp, and crab. Tools for fishing.

Brand: Mimilure

👤Over time, I lose them to snags or accidentally step on them and crush them. I have fished with and without them and they bring in bigger and more cats. Well made, easy to use. Try them with some jello mixed with corn.

👤I had a triangle weight attached to the bottom of the item and it broke on my first cast. I lost the item and all of it with my weight.

👤I was horrified to see that 7 out of 10 bait cages had been crushed to a mess of useless metal wires. I can't comment on the effectiveness of catching fish but the incident says a lot about the quality of the product. I will post images of the crushed cages soon.

👤The item was described and met my expectations. I have not caught a fish with this, but it does what it is supposed to.

👤It worked well. A lot of fish are eating it.

👤The bait is held very well. It helps attract fish. It is easy to clean and reuse.

👤These rigs are amazing. Over the past two days, I fished with them and caught about 30 fish. They catch fish very well.

👤Utilisé pour poissons de fonds, permet de mettre appts.

3. SF Rubber Locker Fishing Catfishing

SF Rubber Locker Fishing Catfishing

The entry on the trap is adjusted. Sturdy anddurable. The nylon mesh has zero wear from claw activity of crabs. The mesh size is perfect for small items like chicken hearts and crushed bait fish. It is easy to fill with added length. It can be wrapped around the pouch to make it more secure. The mesh holes are large enough to prevent rapid loss of bait. The bait can't be easily cleaned if a fish gets in the trap. SF want to provide excellent customer service. If you're not happy with their products, please contact them and they'll make it right. It's possible to give a try without hassles.

Brand: Sf

👤I put the chicken and salmon carcass in the crabz. My preference is for a bait bag that makes bait stay and crab get trapped by me trap. The bait bag is very good.

👤I would have kept the bags, but they were too large for me and I had to return them. I could see them holding up well over time because they are made of quality material.

👤There are two options for purchase. One bag for $8.49 or three for $16. The product description describes it as a pack. I was disappointed when I only got one bag. After I received the product, I realized there was another option. The quantity of bags was not described in the description.

👤How easy is it to attach a crab trap?

👤These bags are filled with chicken. They make the bait last longer.

👤When I received the 3 pack, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the product for the price I had paid, an outstanding value for a superior product. I recommend this product to anyone that uses bait bags.

👤Big bags make crab traps easy to use.

👤The bag is too large. If half of the size is good.

4. PuDong Crawfish Trap,Crab Foldable Catching

PuDong Crawfish Trap%EF%BC%8CCrab Foldable Catching

There is a mention of the feet radius. 49 ft long braided poly hand line. The Fishing Cast Net will give you a pleasant experience. If you need to add more weight, you should search ASIN: B0868W8CZR. The net could stay strong with the use of 8 solid steel bar brackets. The fishing net cage is high quality. The special design makes it easy to take out the fish, crab, lobster and crawfish. A large fishing net with 8 holes. The package contains a cast net with rope of 18 feet and a packing bag.

Brand: Pudong

👤I caught 13 blue crabs and 3 large eels with these two nets. I have had them in and out of salt water for about 2 weeks and they have not had a problem. If you look into them daily you can catch small bait fish, but if you leave them in all night they will escape or crabs will eat them. The product is easy to use.

👤It was used to go for fish on the lake. It worked well, and I caught quite a few. The biggest problem we had was that the traps were too light and not weighted well, so when we threw them out they would flip upside down. They had to be flipped back over so they would work. Adding some weights to the ends of the legs might help keep them upright.

👤The net is light and easy to use. I got this for my husband because he loves fishing and catching crabs. The net caught small crabs. You have to keep an eye on it because it is not strong in the water. The net was knocked down by big fish so we had to fix it. The net is very small. We only used the net once, so I don't know if it can last a long time. It is already kind of bended. The net is more suited for small lakes and ponds. We will try again on our next water trip after we didn't catch anything on our trip.

👤After using it one time and rinsing it after use in fresh water, the net won't be able to get to the BA.

👤The idea is great, they can be put away in smaller places. The execution is terrible, the netting is thin and cheap, it ripped in multiple places after the first few uses. The plastic pieces that create the umbrella effect broke very quickly. The items are no longer usable after 3 days of use. If you get these, use very light bait and treat them gently, you might get a few more uses out of them.

👤I had this fish trap for a few days but decided to put it out in the pond behind the house and within 30 minutes I had several baby crappie in it. The only reason for 3 star is that it is not sure how long it will hold up. It should hold up for a season or two.

👤It worked and held more than I thought it would. A turtle and a sun fish are in a trap. There is not an opening to reach in besides the same hole to retrieve your catch. It lands and rolls upside down because it is not bottom heavy. The last one is so brittle that the white stopper came off and got lost while being retrieved. There is a If you get it, replace the black string with something stronger, and cut a slit where there is a zip up, as there is no other way to get something in or out besides the holes for the animals.

5. Drasry Crawfish Portable Collapsible Accessories

Drasry Crawfish Portable Collapsible Accessories

It is easy to operate. Even if you are a beginner, you can learn to catch more live bait with this design. Capture it easy and fun. Significant savings in bait cost can be provided. It is possible to meet the needs of professional fishing enthusiasts, so come and choose their fishing net as a Christmas, New Year, holidays, or birthday gifts for friends and family. The galvanized 0.16 in steel wire is used as a circular spring cage, and the mesh of the polyethylene mesh is hand-processed to provide stability and convenience. It's suitable for fresh and salwater. The network entrance and mesh design will help you catch more prey. ADVANTAGE: It is easier to take out the captured prey with the special openable design. Avoid being bitten by animals. The package includes a fishing trap, hand rope, bait bags, and a trap bag. It's easy to converse. It is easy to carry up without taking up space. It's the first choice for most fishing. The application is for something. It can be used to catch arthropods. Simply place the bait in the bag, hang the bag in the middle of the net, place the cage in the water, and wait for the prey to enter the cage from both sides of the entrance.

Brand: Drasry

👤I was not sure how to get the crabs out. No instructions, but quickly figured it out. Just released the 2 hooks, deployment was easy. Tie rope to the mangroves. It is easy to get the suckers out. Hold the trap over the bucket and compress it so that everything comes sliding out. I like it.

👤The crabtrap is a starter trap for catching crabs. I've never done much crabbing before and wanted to try it out, but the trap is small and not heavy, however, it is strong and durable, so I'm not worried about it being heavy or bulky. The trap is more suited for catching bait fish and smaller crabs. It's an inexpensive trap for beginners, but I would strongly recommend a larger trap if you want to catch bigger crabs.

👤I use traps for crawfish in fresh water lakes in Utah. They caught 100 to 200 in one night. If the trap is full, pull them up, they don't get out of the trap like other traps. They are easy to open and dump out. I have 6 traps and have used them many times. The traps are holding up well after I leave them out overnight. There are no repairs yet. I will buy new ones when they wear out, I have got my money's worth out of them. It's easy to use for kids. The cheaper ones that do not have a door to open should not be bought. I tried them first and gave them away because you have to remove each crawfish by hand one at a time.

👤I caught a big crab with this net, I put it into the beach.

👤I was skeptical at first, but after putting the trap out I had crabs and shrimp in my trap. I put the trap back out after 2 hours and had 8 more crabs and at least 2 dozen shrimp in my trap. There are a couple of small fish. If you live, make sure to register and get proper floats and tags for your trap, or the game warden will fine you and take your catch.

👤I wanted to use the trap for at least a month before I wrote a review. I was born and raised in Louisiana, where old ways are held onto like a bad cold. I have used every type of trap you could think of, and this is the best trap that is easy to use and produces more crawfish than any of my other traps. Excellent quality.

👤We were excited when we got this item, but unfortunately it didn't work out as we had expected. We never catch anything even though they send you some bait bags. We were going to catch some fish. We don't know why our bait is gone, but we break the outside. We did not catch anything. That is hilarious. People mentioned trap crabs in the previous customers reviews. Maybe next time I will try to catch some crabs. I edited the review since the seller contacted me and gave me some solutions and suggestions, that was nice of him/her. Things worked out for us. I'll give them continuous support, but you should consider a seller with great customer care.

6. Nswdhy Fishing Foldable Minnow Crawdad

Nswdhy Fishing Foldable Minnow Crawdad

The rope and float are orange and made of polyethylene. It's easy to use, just pull the string attached to the top tip and it's ready to use. It has a design that allows to catch different kinds of fishes and crustaceans. The bottom hole of the steel wire support and button device can help you remove the fishes quickly. The fishing net cage is easy to carry. It can be portable and light. The package includes a fishing net and packing bag.

Brand: Nswdhy

👤It worked great until the alligator decided it was his.

👤I use this to catch minnows. You just snap it together, put a little bait inside, and drop it in the water. It catches a lot of minnows. When you're done, put it in the storage sleeve and fold it up.

👤I like it. I left it inside the water for a while and had a lot of bait.

👤Does well at what it says it will do. There is a lot of bait and shrimp. Netting tears easily. Since there is no actual door you can open to get inside, removing a crab is very difficult. The crab tears the nets while you attempt to pull them out of the small hole. If there is a current or waves, you will need to attach weights. The low cost cancels out the problems. It would make it 5 stars if they had a hatch on top.

👤It's a great way to catch bait. You don't need to throw it out. Set it in the water and watch it go in.

👤When we tried to remove the two catfish that got caught in the umbrella, their fins tore the net to shreds, so we threw it away. $20 spent for nothing.

👤My son is an avid fisherman. He thought it was great, but didn't say what it was used for.

👤I broke it when I first got it. It's difficult to lock into place but once it's there you don't have to worry about it collapsing.

7. Gees 110650 M Gee Feets G 40 Minnow

Gees 110650 M Gee Feets G 40 Minnow

The door is self-standing and has easy access to bait. It is made of galvanized steel. It is easy to store when not in use. Overall length is 16 inches and diameter is 7.5 inches. The dimensions and size of entrance holes are dictated by most State laws.

Brand: Gees

👤I recently bought the G-40 from Amazon and it was a great story. It didn't fit together as expected. Something must have been damaged in the shipment. I spoke to "Greg", the manufacturer of theckle factory, in NY state. He was great. He said that they don't sell to Amazon, and that they don't know how they got them. Amazon isn't an authorized distributor. If I paid for the shipping, he would ship me a new one. He said he would call back with the shipping charges after I gave him my ZIP code. He asked for my full address and then told me he would send me a brand new trap for free. He just wanted me to be happy with their product. You can bet that I am. A new trap was one of the options received in the box. This is a company that has been made in America for about 100 years and we need to support it. The company that makes this product is a good one.

👤I love using minnows for bait. When fishing for catfish. A lot of smaller fish is what catfish like to eat. The trap is very effective in catching small fish. I like using bread or small dog food. I used one of those bags when I bought the garlic bulbs. Stuff your bread or dog food in there, use a twist tie, and secure it inside the trap so that it hangs away from the wall of the trap. If the bait is pressed against the side, a lot of minnows will attack it from outside the trap. You want to get them to the middle of the trap. The bait should be hanging in the middle of the trap when you toss it in the water. Pictures to help. Happy fishing.

👤We have a pier in the canal. A small amount of dog food was used. We caught more minnows than we knew what to do with. They were big juicy ones. I had to get a bucket to keep them in because I didn't want to catch any more. Let half of them go. They ate all the dog food so they had enough energy to stay active for the next few days. We didn't catch any fish. It's not a bad idea to let them all go a few days later. Even if there is no more bait, it will still capture more minnows because they are attracted to groups. It was found to be most effective near the surface of the water. After using it for the rest of summer/fall, it will say that the results are highly dependent on time of year or some other fishy details. It was the right time for the original review. As the season went on, there was a drop off. Trying different depths rather than just the surface helped in catching mostly shiners instead of minnows.

👤The summer of last year. I had snake problems in my poultry area. I was able to catch one snake, but not the other, because baby birds and eggs were being eaten. My goal is not to kill the snakes, but to remove them from the poultry area. A man uses traps to capture snakes. I contacted the company that makes the traps and ordered more traps and parts. There are caps on the ends to stop the snake from getting out while being transported. The company that makes the minnow traps was very helpful and I was aware of the traps being used for snake traps. I know that they work because I captured a small snake. It is important to keep a check on the traps because other animals were found in them. I will put traps out this spring to reduce snakes eating eggs, because my baby birds that survived have grown to adult size now. There are lots of snakes.

8. Frabill Deluxe Crawfish 2 Piece Torpedo

Frabill Deluxe Crawfish 2 Piece Torpedo

Product type: fishing equipment Frabill has been trusted by fishermen since 1938. Two-piece design makes baiting and catch removal simpler. Black vinyl-dipped steel provides camouflage. The dimensions are 10 x 9 x 9.

Brand: Frabill

👤I ordered 5 traps. They feel good. The metal is covered by thick vinyl. I will not be using them for a while but I can tell they are good. The clasp is the only issue I can see. When you put the clasp on at a certain angle, the Pod can come off. The gap on the end is too wide. This is the solution to the problem. The trap can't wiggle loose from the clasp if you crimp it a bit more. It is an awesome product to catch swordfish. I was finally able to use the traps. It worked well. After soaking for a few hours, there were 21 crawfish in one trap. Crawfish is able to escape out of the trap with some effort. If you asked me if I would recommend these traps, I would say yes. Went on another trip to Eastern Sierra for 7 days. These traps worked well. We filled a bucket in 4.5 hours. Money was spent on these traps. I was able to use a square trap with a single entrance. I think it sells for between $20 and $25 If you have to throw the traps, they were a pain. The cylinder traps always land perfect.

👤We checked it out and there were a few good size crawfish inside the cage. We are going to leave it in overnight and I was expecting a good amount of crawfish in the morning. We have a lot in our pond and we need to get rid of some of them so we are going to try this. We took a net with some ham slices in a piece of bread and threw it in the cage. We will take the kids out of the water tomorrow morning. I was excited to get the cage out of the pong, but I found it full. It's good! I am very happy that it worked. We aren't using this as an avid fisherman. We are using this to try to reduce the amount of animals in our pond. We will keep it in the pond. The rope was cheap at walmart. I am happy I got this one and not a cheap mesh net.

👤If you know how to use traps, they are great. It reminds me of catching shrimp. You need to keep pulling until the line has all the slack out of it. They worked so well that I bought four more. Those that got away are the ones that you loose.

👤I used this to catch the crawdads that were in my pond. After the first night, it was complete. I wrapped the chicken liver in a panty hose and it worked. It was the perfect size and well made.

👤Friends and family had a blast at the cookout after they caught a bunch of crawfish.

👤Not sure what happened. I bought 2 traps but one is missing the locking mechanism. It was in the box. One of the tie-down straps was cut and the other was missing. I know I can use other things to lock it, but I would like to get all the parts that it's supposed to have. I would be happy with the trap if I got everything as promised and better packaging.

9. Drasry Foldable Crayfish Collapsible Accessories

Drasry Foldable Crayfish Collapsible Accessories

There is a mention of the feet radius. 49 ft long braided poly hand line. The Fishing Cast Net will give you a pleasant experience. If you need to add more weight, you should search ASIN: B0868W8CZR. The Drasry fishing trap uses checkered manufacturing process to make it more durable. To make sure the correct shape, 0.1 in thick steel wire brackets. The service life of the trap is increased by covering the brackets with plastic. It is a great gift for fishing enthusiasts. The set-up is easy to use. The bait bag should be inside the trap. The special design of the trap can help you take out the captured prey. 3. Attach the rope. 4. Put the cage in the water so the prey can enter the trap. It's multi-faceted porous design easily captures a variety of prey such as fish and crustaceans, including shrimp, crab, minnows fish, lobster and crawfish. The foldable design is easier to carry and store. There is a list of things: 1*trap, 1*6m hand rope, and 1*trap bag. The entrance size is 15*8 cm and the trap size is 6 holes.

Brand: Drasry

👤This is a great trap. It's packable for hiking in to fish a lake, easy to clean, fast drying, and folds flat to fit back into its bag, and it's also easy to clean. It's large enough that bait fish can't get to the bait except through the one-way doors, and it settles at the bottom of the lake. Couldn't be better!

👤We don't know which reptile destroyed the mesh trap. The inlet holes were large enough for turtles and an alligator to get in. It was fun to get out. I used fishing line to repair the small tear. Something blew out an entire side and completely destroyed it. I have a metal trap and no issues. If you have a predator, I suggest finding a metal trap.

👤We only had product for 2 days, but we love it! It was very easy to set. Put bait in pouch, clip, zip, and go! We caught a fish in the creek. My son is excited to check it. A piece of dog food was put in a trap and caught 6 animals. It was fun, fun.

👤It is fun to walk around the bank. Turtles and a small perch were caught. Through them all, but still exciting.

👤I used this to see if I could catch an anchovy. I used all sorts of bait and waited in the middle of thousands of anchovies. I would have thought that there would be a few that would have entered into the net by accident, since they were too stupid to enter the trap. It's funny... I am not sure if it is the net's fault. I wouldn't buy it again.

👤This thing is awesome. It's simple to use and it's compact to take anywhere you want to go. I have never been exposed to it in fresh or saltwater. Say hello to all the creatures with some bread chunks in this thing. The kids love it. You can wash the trap off if it smells bad after you put it in the water. The rope should be longer and better quality. I replaced it and it is perfect. You can't beat this thing for the price.

👤He loves anything outdoors, so I bought him for his birthday. The net is weak and it seems like it will break after a few uses. This will be updated after a dozen or so uses.

👤I was fishing from the pond. It's easy to handle. It worked well. I left the hook unhooked because it would get tangled when connecting. Seemed to work the same. I put 2 key rings across from each other at the top to keep it balanced. The little pouch held the bait. I'm not sure how much of a difference that makes.

👤The product was supposed to come with a rope. When we put the rope in the water, it snapped and we lost the product in a deep river, because it wasn't a rope that was in advertising, but a tiny thin rope with no instructions at all. All options are asking for the damaged or faulty good which is at the bottom of the river, so we can't get our money back or replace it. It wasn't what we expected.

10. Goture Portable Fishing Crayfish Automatic

Goture Portable Fishing Crayfish Automatic

Goture is a portable fishing net with a cast mesh trap. The steel wire support is of the highest quality. The fishing net trap has a double-decker design, which makes it great for catching crustaceans. The large design makes it easy to take out the prey. It is portable and can be folded into a small size. The fishing net diameter is about 88 cm, the height is about 31 cm, and the weight is about 432g.

Brand: Goture

👤This will be the third year with this trap. I see a lot of bad reviews and think they are idiots who don't know how to take care of their stuff. I use this net in Northern Michigan for minnows all summer long. It sits on the back of my Big Red. I bought my second one just to have 2 out at the same time, and had to tell my experience, but it's not a problem yet.

👤If you need minnows or crawfish to catch bigger fish, these portable fishing nets are a must have. I put the net in overnite after mixing some dry bread with half a can of cat food. I thought the net had gotten caught on the bottom, but it was half full of crawfish. We had hot mud bug gumbo that night. The net is easy to fold down and put in a back pack. I'm very happy. I'm looking to buy a few more in the future.

👤We were surprised that the trap was stored for next year's trip after it was returned with us from Florida. The quality was good and the function was good. The net was taken to Florida to catch bate fish. We caught 6 crab with this trap, but not much bate. The trap was used for the holding tank. It's nice to have a tool that will pack well for vacation.

👤If a turtle gets in the trap, there is no exit to get your bait other than back out through the holes. The net for the bait is flimsy, and you need a rock or similar to settle it down in the water. The excitement that these traps can generate is what they take away. I was lucky to have only minor turtle damage, both to the frame and net. I would buy one again.

👤Excellent trap. It was very easy to use. I used dog food as my bait for the first time. We had a lot of minnows, over two dozen shrimp, and two large stone crabs. If you want to empty your catch when you open the opening on the side, you should cut the area open. Would buy again.

👤You have to make a slit in the mesh to open the area. I attach the net with a string. In this trap in California, I get about 50 Crawfish per hour, using chicken and anchovies as bait. Most trips is what it means. Bringing home at least 1/2 of a full bucket. The material is made out of mesh, so if it lasts more than 2 years I would be happy. There are small white zipties that hold the wholes together. Replacing the zipties may be necessary after a while. It can't be thrown too far. The best way to throw it is to hold the white piece at the top and toss it gently to make sure it sinks.

👤Really nice. I bought to catch bass. That has paid off so far. Turtles like climbing in to check out the fish. I caught 15 of them in 2 days. Would I get it again? Absolutely. Since the original review... There are 1 Pumpkinseed, 1 Six inch Catfish, and 18 more Turtles. One of them had a long neck. Live action!

11. Rectangular Specifically Designed Freshwater Saltwater

Rectangular Specifically Designed Freshwater Saltwater

The opening design makes it easy to place bait and remove prey. The bait bag is the only thing you need to use the trap to catch fishing bait. Frabill has been trusted by fishermen since 1938. Heavy-duty, vinyl-Dipped steel mesh construction for long- lasting durability has a dimensions of 18.25" x 12.5" x 8.25" camouflage is provided by black color. The entry on the trap is adjusted.

Brand: Frabill

👤The entry is too big. The pins are free to go in and out. More of a crab trap than a pinfish. One day, I had 3 pins and 5 crabs, but no pins. They didn't eat them, that's a waste of money.

👤I should have read the reviews. The trap is useless because the door was lost on the first use. If I get a replacement door, I will update my review.

👤Good trap and good craftsmanship. It is easy to bait and remove fish. The wire is Poder coated. In just 1/2 hour, I caught dozens of pinfish. Pays for itself in 2 ways. I put a leash on 25 feet of paracord with an empty water bottle.

👤I did catch one blue crab, but haven't caught a pinfish. The opening is too large and allows the pinfish to swim back out.

👤Have not caught a pinfish with this. The pinfish that I caught in the trap can be out in an hour. This should be advertised as a crab trap.

👤The material was very good and the price was great.

👤It is pretty decent. The door spring is not strong.

👤The perch were going in and out, like a trap.


What is the best product for fishing bait trap?

Fishing bait trap products from Kufa Sports. In this article about fishing bait trap you can see why people choose the product. Mimilure and Sf are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing bait trap.

What are the best brands for fishing bait trap?

Kufa Sports, Mimilure and Sf are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing bait trap. Find the detail in this article. Pudong, Drasry and Nswdhy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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