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1. Facikono Fishing Connector Saltwater Freshwater

Facikono Fishing Connector Saltwater Freshwater

5. Customer service and email support are included in the price. If you have a problem, please contact their customer support. There are five different sizes of fishing rolling swivels, ranging in size from 2# to 7#, in a small plastic box. The high speed rotation is designed to release the dragging force from fishes. Fishing Line Connection is a popular way to connect mainlines and sub-lines, making it more convenient to change your sub-lines. It is built to be strong for all types of fishing. Bass, panfish, salmon, pike, and other fish can be caught in freshwater and saltwater. Smooth body is made of steel and has a polishing ring that is smooth and doesn't cut your fishing line.

Brand: Facikono

👤Sometimes you get what you pay for. Which is not much in this case. When you check the line after tying it on your rig, it will break. I've had two breaks in half. One when my wife was casting out with only a small shrimp and a 1/3 oz sinker. I caught two things. That didn't make it to the shore. Again, it broke in half. Junk is pure. Buy local and get something that works. I don't like losing a rig or fish to a crappy swivel.

👤I can use the two biggest sizes, but the other three are useless to me. If you were fishing for small panfish they would suffice, but nothing bigger than a bream. The way they are shown on Amazon makes them look bigger than they are. I will not buy from this vendor again. This was a small amount of money, but be warned if you think the picture on the site is representative of their actual size.

👤I didn't buy them for fishing. I got them to make crafts. I don't think they're of the highest quality, but they're fine. There are some loose pieces of the swivels in the container. I don't know if they just got in there in packaging or if some of them are messed up.

👤These will make nipple covers. They work well.

👤Wow! These are so small that it will be hard to use them. It was very disappointing.

👤I get them for two reasons. One for my windspinners. The Gourd Birdhouses were hung number two. My pumpkins won't get wound up on their own wires.

👤Great value, does the job. I wish it came in black and not shiny metal. A type of bait fish can mistake it for food. Not the type of fish I want.

👤I attached the clip to my line and it broke apart. 1 out of 30 isn't bad.

2. 50pcs Fishing Freshwater Saltwater Nickel

50pcs Fishing Freshwater Saltwater Nickel

The package contains 1#,2#, 4#, 6#, 8# and 10pcs per size. There are five different sizes in a portable plastic box. The package has 50 different size fishing hooks. One set has a clear box that is easy to carry. Fishing hooks are made of carbon steel. The fishing hook has a barb, a sharp tip, and a strong puncture. Double fixation is more reliable than twist lock fishing hooks.

Brand: Huki

3. Freshwater Fishing Bobbers Sliding Stopper

Freshwater Fishing Bobbers Sliding Stopper

It is delivered in a box that makes transporting and organizing. The bait and float are wrapped. It's easy to have gear on your fishing trip. 130PCS FRESHWATER FISHING TRIP: Includes 6pcs Slip Bobber, 5 Grub Tail Lure, 7Stainless Steel Wire Leader, 3 Bobber Stopper, 10 Octopus fishing hooks, 10 Circle hooks, 10 Bait holder fishing hooks, 4 Jig head hooks, 20 Barrel fishing swivel SLIP FISHING BOBBER is extremely sensitive. When the fish takes the bait, it's very responsive. bobbers slide down the fishing line. It's great for fishing in a variety of situations. High visibility paint. It's easier to see when the fish take the bait with bright slip bobbers. The application is for something. The slip bobbers rig is the ultimate for fishing live bait. A quick adjustment of the bobber stop puts the bait where you want it. It's perfect for crappie, panfish, walleyes, bass trout and etc. The slip bobbers are easy to use, they stop the bobber from sliding up the fishing line. A bead with a hole in the center is slid onto the line. The lower end of the main line is used for fishing. The most popular rig for fishing is the sliding bobber. A suit for lake, river, pond and stream fishing. It's also a great gift for friends.

Brand: Agool

4. Luminous Fishing Plastic 3mm 12mm Accessory

Luminous Fishing Plastic 3mm 12mm Accessory

There are different sizes of rubber Luminous beads to fit your needs. It is made with soft rubber and will not hurt your line. The outer diameter is 0.12 and the inside diameter is 0.04. 200 pieces of rubber Luminous fishing beads.

Brand: Unclesportinfof

👤They fit inside my hobby/craft paint bottles. They are not rusty. The air is removed from the hole when the beads sink. These are rubber. I don't have to worry about them in glass bottles. Working in craft paint bottles. It makes my paint work more efficient. I assume I can use hot water and soap to remove paint from them and then use them in another bottle when the one they are in is empty. There are no cons. These beads fit into all my craft/hobby paint bottles and don't seem to be affected by oils or water based paints. I started looking for alternatives after reading reviews on ball bearings that aren't what they are claimed to be. I have had experience with Hematite shattering, but a video suggested Hematite beads. I started looking for plastic and found these perfect.

👤The bumper is made to protect the knot and is not just for "Carp". As they do glow, they may provide some attraction. I've used them for bass and catfish. I recommend them to others.

👤I use the glow beads for jewelry, even though they are made for fishing. They could be a little more glowy, so I gave them just the 4 stars. I'm familiar with a wide range of glow-in-dark products and powders. I think it would be helpful for fishermen to have the beads glow more effectively. They glow in the dark and are a good value for what they are and I will buy more when I need them.

👤It seems like top quality glow in the dark beads. I was able to get 80lb braid though the hole, they are soft enough to squeeze but firm enough to stop the impact of a 10oz no roll sinker. The glow in the dark works well and is bright. I will be ordering again. It's a bargain for the price.

👤It was described exactly and received on time. These are soft rubber and can protect your line. They glow quickly when exposed to light. It was well made.

👤I got some beads for fishing. They are put on the line between the two machines to keep them apart. I thought glow in the dark might be cool and attract fish, since most of our fishing is at night. I'll find out next week when I head up north to try them. These are soft rubber, not hard plastic. I hope my experiment works because we have used plastic before.

👤The beads have an ample hole through them to accommodate heavy food. They work very well, but they are not 6mm diamenter, more like 5mm.

👤I have to charge them up with my led flash light in order for them to glow, they only last for about 4 minutes. They stop glowing in the fishing pole.

5. JSHANMEI Fishing 1000Pcs Plastic Luminous

JSHANMEI Fishing 1000Pcs Plastic Luminous

The item package has dimensions of 12.7 L X 7.62 W X 0.762 H. The material is lightweight and durable. It is convenient to carry a long-term preservation. A fish's natural instinct to be attracted to bright color can be taken advantage of by the selection of attractive colors. The bead is easy to use, it has a hole in the center for fishing line to thread through, it can be used on lures, hooks or on your line just above the hook. Green beads have a glowing effect, yellow and red beads glow a bit. Exposure to light provides better results. A nice package includes 1000pcs 12 kinds soft fishing beads with 2 layers hard strong plastic box, each size would be put in one compartment for easy storage.

Brand: Jshanmei

👤The challenge with using hard plastic beads is the potential for a plastic sharp point, which results in lines being nicked and snapped. These are the best fishing beaks I have ever used. They feel like rubber. There are no sharp points with hard plastic beads. It has a wide range of colors and shapes. The sizes are small, med, and large. I use sliding water bubbles and sliding swivels to bait and lure. I use these beads to protect my pole and sliding items from each other. I put items on my line. The med bead is then water bubbled by the big bead. The top of the setup protects the eye of my pole and the bottom protects my knot to my leader. I will put any combination of xsmall to large of different colors above my hook with bait. They come in a nice snap to close case. I have not experienced any cons to this set at all.

👤These beads are: 1. There was very little excess material from the process. The rubbery consistency can be used to attract fish and shock them. They sink! If you want to use them for this purpose, you can always add foam, cork, or quill, but they won't affect the buoyancy of the float/bobber sliding/slip rig. They glow in the dark. I expected the greenish beads to glow, but the yellow and orange beads did not. 5. There are lots of different size and color combinations. I am looking forward to using them in the fishing season.

👤The package was received in a few days. The box keeps the beads in their own compartment. There is a rubbery texture to the beads. The leader line is 80 lbs. It might take 100lb. The color will not fade. Can't wait to soak them.

👤I have to do the same thing. I was surprised to receive a package of beads that were all jagged, cheap and great for fishing, but I thought it was going to be one of those packages. All the beads were in their respective slots in the 2 sided case, with the exception of a small amount. If you're a fisherman. Don't pass these up.

👤I thought the fishing lures I made were plastic. I will give them a try. They look good and are big for me.

👤I use them to save fishing rods. Hard beads go to your bobber stop. They have a small diameter hole that your line can slide through and not slip over the bobber stop. Great stuff.

👤The case is terrible and the beads are fine. I had to clean up a mess of beads. It would have been better if the case had been skipped and used a plastic bag.

👤I like making my own rigs and these are fun.

6. Hilitchi Luminous Fishing Assorted Plastic

Hilitchi Luminous Fishing Assorted Plastic

This is a notice. Do not put it on a place where children can easily take it. The fishing beads assorted kit is made with fluorescent powder and when exposed to the light, they would absorb energy and glow in the dark surroundings. After absorbing light for 3 hours, they emit light that attracts fish beads. They could only absorb light. If you want to find out more about the fishing supplies they sell, please click on the product description. There are 9 sizes in one kit, in green, yellow and red. There are various options for your rigging needs. They offer hard plastic beads with more choice and convenience. The box has fishing round and beads. You need enough beads for your fishing needs. The application is easy. Luminous fishing beads are suitable for all kinds of fishing situation. It has a smooth touch and round beads. Each size would be put in one compartment for easy storage in the nice package. You could make a lot of rigs with this kit. Adding a glowing bead to the hook could make the bait more attractive. When fishing at night, reduce eyestrain. Fishing can be an activity that helps one cultivate their temperament, their health, and their mental state. If you don't like their glow fishing beads or have any questions, please come to them. They will solve all the problems for you. Within 90 days, you can get a free replacement or refund.

Brand: Hilitchi

👤I haven't used them yet. They glow well from natural light and shine brilliantly after being hit with a UV light. I haven't used them yet so I'm giving 4 stars.

👤I was hoping they would be bigger. All are 1/32” and smaller in dia. So yes. The smallest ones are very small.

👤Good beads. The clicking affect could be brighter and harder.

👤This is a good starter pack. I haven't had a chance to see how long they glow after being charged up. The sizes are perfect for any need.

👤Every bead is used for the string. Going to work well.

👤It is small but still good.

👤The little ballies seem reasonable. Even the small balls were stretched. Greens glow better. There is a Looking forward to testing next week.

7. Facikono Fishing Assorted 1000pcs Tackle

Facikono Fishing Assorted 1000pcs Tackle

There are 7 colors, gold, silver, nickel, red, green, and blue. 1000pcs in total, 10 different bright colors are sorted in a quality plastic box. The fishing bead has a 1.5mm hole in the center. Only 3 colors glow in the dark and other colors have no effect. The fishing bead will be a hit. Luminous Beads have an advantage. Adding fishing beads can increase visibility of your fishing rig and help fish to hit it. Go fishing in the evening if you put beads in the sun. Must have for rig making, such as hook, lure and spinner rigs. It's a good way to make your own creations. Quality hard plastic makes float fishing beads durable and reuseable. The box set of large quantity and variety color offers you helpful fishing tackle to create your rigs.

Brand: Facikono

👤The beads are smaller than depicted. The beads in the photos are not what you get. The print says 5mm. The beads in the photos are not 5mm. You might be looking for beads around 12 to 15mm.

👤The beads are great. They can be used to make spinner rigs for fishing. This set has a great color selection. Like the ones that glow.

👤The beads are small. The pictures of the beads on the fishing pole are not real. It was not possible to slide fishing lines bigger than 10 pounds. It's not meant for saltwater fishing. 10 pound lines are used for saltwater fishing. This product is very small. It is not described.

👤The beads are smaller than depicted. The beads in the photos are not what you get. The print says 5mm. The beads in the photos are not 5mm. You might be looking for beads around 12 to 15mm.

👤The beads are small. I prefer a larger bead to catch seaweed. I like a bigger hole in the bead to slide over. For other fishing applications, these may be fine.

👤I didn't know the size of the product when I looked at it. The colors were great and I was hoping for something bigger.

👤I haven't had the chance to use any of them yet, but they are the same one. We have always been pleased with our use.

8. PLUSINNO Accessories Including Saltwater Freshwater

PLUSINNO Accessories Including Saltwater Freshwater

It is easy to take arround. Every piece of bait is carefully produced, for you to show a good quality of the products is their responsibility. Excellent customer service. If you have a problem, please contact their customer service. The kit includes Off Set Hooks, Fishing Weights Sinkers, Spinner Blades, Fishing Floating Bobbers, Barrel Swivels, and Three Way Cross-line Barrel. Their superior fishing kit is made of anti-corrosionstainless steel, which is strong in the sea, and it will help to attract more catches and cause predator fish to strike. The fishing gear is easy to carry around. Fishing gadgets box size: 7.8" x 5.5" It is easy to fit in your fishing seat box. You can travel to your favorite fishing spot and enjoy fishing whenever and wherever you want. The large organized tackle box comes with a selector side by side tackle box for keeping all accessories in order and easy to find. The Plusinno Fishing Kit is a great gift for any beginner or addictive fisherman. Special for Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Father's Day, and more.

Brand: Plusinno

👤Need a fishing rig set up before you go fishing? This is what you need to buy. I didn't want to mess with putting together a rig when I got out to my fishing spot. I put bait on my line and cast these out. The rig is made in great quality. I have used the same rig twice and it has not shown any signs of rust. They are made very well after 10 in total. I use this rig for fishing when I need to get a line out quickly. Great buy, package and product! I trust Plusinno with my fishing gear needs.

👤I'm just an average fisherman. I don't know the tides or the rituals of fish. I was not sure if this kit would be better than my experience level. It wasn't. There were many things I could use to catch Bass and Catfish. The box is large. I secured the lanyard to the outside of my fishing pole bag. There are telescopic fishing poles with a carry bag in my possession. Since the covers are easy to remove, I can replace any items I want for a custom box to go along with my fishing trip. If there is anything you don't know about, I recommend that you look up the name in the description and watch an online video that will show you how to use it. I recommend this kit for many uses. It will be with me when I go fishing.

👤I'm very happy with them. They come pre-assembled, which is nice. They are more convenient than trying to make the same thing from scratch. I've used them on a few trips and they are very strong and well built. I was worried that the rig would break apart if a big fish pulled on it. They seem to be strong and nice. I use them for catfish, where you put a bullet weight on the wire, bait on the hook, and a bobber on the line. For catfish, I use a small bobber that will sink with the rig to the bottom, but still pull enough to keep it upright. I landed a big catfish for the second time. I ordered 10 more.

👤Wow. This kit is awesome. It was well packaged on delivery. The fishing accessories are in a hard-case that has an individual compartment that prevents them from moving around in the other compartment section. This kit has everything you need to rig your line. Plussinno makes great fishing gear. I used this kit to rig my fishing pole. Highly recommend using fishing gear from this company.

👤I love how small it is. I take my Plusinno telescopic fishing rod and reel with me when I go fishing. It's easy to take necessary gear to fishing holes.

👤The kit is designed for fishers of any level. The tackle box is very small and easy to store in my travel fishing bag or my regular tackle box. There are lots of ways to modify. Pick this kit up!

9. OROOTL Fishing Saltwater Luminous Assortment

OROOTL Fishing Saltwater Luminous Assortment

Please be careful with use and keep out of reach of children. 100pcs glow in the dark fishing beads with plastic tackle box. GLOW: The beads attract fish and give them higher visibility. Exposure to light provides better results. EGG BEADS: Oval shaped fishing beads can be used to reduce resistance. The burr free hole in the center of the glow fishing beads is easy to use. The value is great. Luminous beads are perfect for deep drop rigs, as well as rigging lures and other fishing equipment. Please keep out of reach of children.

Brand: Orootl

👤It's nice to have an addition to my Flounder rigs to draw them in.

👤A good bead. A bead on a deep set hook rig is a very bright glow. It holds up well and is hard.

10. OriGlam Shopping Luminous Freshwater Saltwater

OriGlam Shopping Luminous Freshwater Saltwater

The fishing tackle has a compact box that is easy to fit in your fishing seat box, fishing backpack and fishing vest's pocket. The movie glow in the dark. Luminous material is put on the inner hook for night fishing. Shrimp Lures are made of top quality silicone material, which makes them soft and durable. High-quality forged shrimp, vivid and realistic looking, is easy to catch fish. The Shrimp Lures are easy to use. Just connect the fishing line, hook it up and use to lure the best fish you can. Good for - Catfish, Bass, perch, Whiting, Snakehead, Flounder, Jewfish, Kingfish, Mandarin Fish, Trout.

Brand: Origlam

👤It's a perfect lure for speckled trout. These are very life like shrimp. I love em!

👤They must have used someone with a small hand because these are so small.

👤It looks like its hand made, not bad, but not as durable as I thought. The fish came from the surf in Costa Rica.

👤They may be great, don't know yet, but the guy in the picture is tiny. Sorry, dude. They are small.

👤Agradecido por Amazon, es un 2 productos en un solo paquete.

👤They are well built and look good. The line that connects to the lure is shaky, but steady enough to get the job done, still waiting to land a fish with them. I will update when I do.

👤The product looks good in the water, but I don't think the green ball on it is necessary. But beside that, it looks good.

👤These lures are bright and ready to catch fish.

👤The quality is good and they look great, but haven't tried them on a fishing trip. These are great looking and feel lures, and I think they would catch some cod or pollock later on in the year.

👤Just need to start catching fish now, but look very real, seem to swim well also.

👤I thought they would be terrible. I was wrong to think that strong wire and sharp hooks would work.

11. BB Hapeayou Saltwater Freshwater Assortment

BB Hapeayou Saltwater Freshwater Assortment

Please allow a slight difference due to the different manual measurements. Please don't swallow, it will hurt the children. Their fishing beads are suitable for saltwater and fresh water, and the packaging is perfect for each color. These fishing beads are great for sea bass, salmon and trout. Only 3 colors can glow in the dark, while the other 7 colors have no effect. You can go fishing at night if you put the beads in the sun. There is a color assortment. There are 10 different colors. Bright colors will attract the fish's natural instincts. There is a hole in the center of the 5mm fishing bead for the fishing line to pass through. It can be used as bait on the fishing line. It's suitable for perch spinners. Provide you with useful fishing tackle and bring more convenience to anglers. Fishing gifts for people who love fishing. It's suitable for freshwater lakes, rivers, saltwater fishing, etc.

Brand: Bb Hapeayou

👤It's hard to find fishing beads on Amazon. In a lot of cases, item descriptions are too vague for me to know whether the beads are flat, sink, or glow. These are floating beads in various colors and three of which glow. They are all about the size of a peppercorn. I mostly fish light tackle for trout and bass, so these beads suit me just fine. The glow beads look to be typical with the glow strength. Light them up with UV, cast the rig a few times, and light them again. It makes a big difference when fishing at night.

👤Not bad. Not worth the cost either.


What is the best product for fishing beads freshwater?

Fishing beads freshwater products from Facikono. In this article about fishing beads freshwater you can see why people choose the product. Huki and Agool are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing beads freshwater.

What are the best brands for fishing beads freshwater?

Facikono, Huki and Agool are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing beads freshwater. Find the detail in this article. Unclesportinfof, Jshanmei and Hilitchi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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