Best Fishing Bibs and Jacket Waterproof Mens

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1. Rivers West Kokanee Bib X Large

Rivers West Kokanee Bib X Large

The Oxford Shell is 600 Denier WOVEN. The outside of the fish bib is 600 denier and is very strong. The Kokanee can easily be converted to a pant because of the reversed suspender buckles. Simply unbuckle...fold the chest down...wrap the suspenders around your waist like a belt. When the action gets hot, you can cool down. The 2-way center front zipper is designed to keep you high and dry, so you don't have to expose too much when nature calls. The fishing bib with reindorced knees and ankles has a full taffeta lining that provides cooling relief while making it slide easily under layers. Hidden pockets on the interior of the bib are as cozy as they are unique. It's the perfect place to chill out between your chest and the elements.

Brand: Rivers West

👤My husband bought these to wear while fishing and so far he likes them. They fit well without the "tent" look. He said they worked well in keeping out the wind and cold. He said they wouldn't be warm enough if it were very cold. They have a warm layer on the inside, but not enough thickness for cold. When the temperature was in the 40's and 50's, he wore them out fishing on the lake. I guess the only complaint he has is that they make noise when he is moving around. The material is similar to Carhartt material and anyone who has had those knows what I mean. They are not as stiff as Carhartt. He is very happy with the bibs.

👤I used these on a trip to Canada and they were great. The bibs add warmth to your chest area and block the wind well. There were some intermittent rains, but there were no problems. They are strong. If you stay in the 40s all day, I would suggest long thermals. If you experience warmer afternoons, you could turn the bibs down. I will buy my son a pair of shoes when we return. Great value.

👤He didn't take them off for a week. My boyfriend loves them. He's a 34x30 and 190, so I got a large. They are not very long. He's used to that. I was secretly hoping they didn't fit him because they fit me. I could keep them. I'm buying myself a pair soon. They kept him warm and he didn't get hot. He was excited that he could put his gun in his pocket. He walked around with it because it fit. The gun fit in all of the pockets. He liked the chest pockets for his gun.

👤I ordered theses for my husband as a Christmas gift. They are what he was looking for. They are large enough to fit under them, but not bulky. They seem to be very well made with high quality materials, but they were not too expensive compared to other brands. If I ever need more, I will order these again.

👤These bibs are nice, but they are not a lightweight bib, so if you are looking for something like that, I would give you 5 stars, but for lightweight spring or summer. I am planning to use them in appropriate situations.

👤I just returned from a salmon trip. Morning temperatures were 39 and 32. I wore blue jeans, a tee shirt, sweat shirt, and my Kokanee coveralls and jacket. I was not cold. They will be waterproof. Both pieces are made to order. I was going to peel off my sweatshirt and jeans after the afternoon high. I was happy with my purchase.

👤The overalls don't weigh you down, you have to layer with under clothing to keep warm, and they do repel water, I weigh 180 lbs and chose a med. A pair of booots solve that problem.

👤It was blown away. I was amazed by the quality and features of the bibs and jacket that I received. The bibs were too large. I went back for a small. I own huk bibs and simms bins. These are better with more features. It is possible to upgrade the hardware, but it is not enough to surpass everything else. I can't wait to get them in the water.

2. TBMPOY Lightweight Winter Windproof Fleece

TBMPOY Lightweight Winter Windproof Fleece

The waist size is 28''-28''. S fits for 30''-31'';M fits for 32''-34'';L fits for 36''-38'';XL fits for 40''-42''. The soft shell is Polyester. Breathable, waterproof, windproof,durable and lightweight. The Inner Comfy Fleece keeps you warm in cold weather. There is a belt included. The stretchy waist with belt allows maximum comfort. Practical design and multi-pockets. The security pockets keep your small items out of harms way. Men's Snow Ski Windproof Soft Shell Snowboarding pants are suitable for daily wear, hiking, hunting, travelling, skiing, camping, fishing, mountaineering, biking, and cycling.

Brand: Tbmpoy

👤A quick note. This is pretty good. Great for the money. On waterproofness. No. They are not waterproof. I woke up to a cold and rain on the second day. I thought it was a good time to try them out. I ride a bicycle for transportation. I got dressed and headed out in the rain. It felt like I was getting wet, but I know from other things that you aren't. When I got to down, I could feel the water on my knees, and it was obvious they had wet me. I got into town to deliver my first delivery and thought about changing, but didn't bother, as I was chilled. I made my first run, which took about 30 minutes to set up, and I was very comfortable, but I started to get a bit too warm. All in all, my body heat dried them out. Those of you who know, know that you really don't want to be in a place where you are relying on your body heat to keep you hydrated, that way you will get exposed to the elements. There is a They are not waterproof in any sense of the word. The garment does not make a claim to waterproofness. The description does, but I didn't find a tag on the garment itself. I am very pleased with them, except for the waterproofness issue. They would be fine in a light rain, but not much in a real rain.

👤Despite the fact that I returned them, I give these pants 5 stars. I returned the pants because they hugged my backside too much. They were tight around my butt, despite the fact that they fit my waist very well. They fit me. I didn't like how they fit. I don't like form fitting pant legs so I should have looked for something described as "relaxed fit". I liked the way they looked. The feel of the fleece lining was really nice. The materials seemed high end and the stitching was high quality. They fit my waist perfectly, but there was just too much form for me. I received an email from the seller after I submitted the review. They insisted on sending me a new pair of pants that they think will fit me better at no cost to me. I accepted their offer because I liked the picture of the pants and I felt it would be rude to reject it. I've been shopping on Amazon for years, and often find the shirts and pants small on me. I have made many returns and exchanges. I've never been offered a free garment to satisfy me. This seller is a good one to purchase from. I will update this review after I try on the new pants they sent me. I received a free pair of pants after I received my full refund. They were comfortable and loose fitting. I received a second pair of pants. The first pair were very similar, but in a different color. I have been shopping on Amazon for over a decade and have never been treated kindly by a seller. The family business is generous. They still wanted to make sure I was happy with my experience, even though I had already given them a 5 star review. Not just one pair of pants, but two. I will repay their generosity by doing business with them more often. Thank you for your kind words from the people at TBMPOY.

3. Carhartt Shoreline Jacket Waterproof Breathable

Carhartt Shoreline Jacket Waterproof Breathable

Carhartt Company gear. A waterproof jacket with a storm placket.

Brand: Carhartt

👤I bought one of these 8 years ago and have not received a single compliment. I wear it at work as an industrial electrician and at home on cool days. It took 8 years to get to the point of water penetrating the outer layer, which is why I bought another exactly like it. They'll be available in 8 years.

👤It's not like the rain gear you see all the time. I've only worn it twice so far and it's more like a stiff cloth. It's not bulky, so it moves well even though it's a bit stiff. I wore it in a light rain. I was concerned about keeping it dry. You can work in very cold temperatures if you keep dry. You can die if you get wet. I needed the light rain to stay out. I was producing a lot of sweat but never got drenched. I would wear a regular jacket like that. This is great so far. I'll find something I don't like after more use, but for now this is one of the best jackets I've ever owned.

👤I can compare good rain gear to the thin nylon plastic coated jackets that are out there. There is no comparison. This jacket is worse than the "good ones". I work in Maine during all four seasons. I used to like getting wet in my younger days, but now I have a miserable day. I decided it was time to dress nicely. This jacket is tough enough and made well that it could be used as a regular work coat, and it's also not just a rain jacket, you could wear it as an every day jacket. I have yet to wear it in 90 degree Maine August, but it does not build up heat or humidity. I wore the bibs for two hours in my 70 degree house, doing normal things. I was never hot or clammy. It feels like a heavy jacket, but the weight doesn't equal insulation. I would wear a large, but I wanted this for four seasons in the colder months, so I wore a small. I thought I would need the space. I have the space. If you want to order your normal size, you don't need to worry about it. I'm tall with long arms, the sleeves are perfect if not a hair to long, the body has a bit to much extra space in the XL. The Large would have been a perfect fit for me. I have worn it through two nine hour rainy work days and one all day dreary rain that nobody likes. It was laughed off by Jacket. There was a shower all day with the wind. The jacket laughed at it. The only negative thing I have noticed is that it isn't an issue for me, but it might be for some if you want to wear it. The jacket gained some weight after being in the rain. You don't get wet or damp, but the outer shell of the jacket does soak up water which makes it way down the jacket and drips off, the harder the rain is the heavier the jacket. The weight of the jacket might be an issue for some people, and the water pulling heat away from your body is another issue, although this is a great way for the jacket to be rugged and be well waterproof at the same time. The jacket is cold if there is more water in it. This can be solved by layers, but can be difficult in some temperature ranges. The coldness did not become an issue for me until later in the day when I was tired. There is a word on the strength. I am the senior crew person in the plant nursery. I carry everything from paper work to concrete blocks to a daisy for my grandma, I spend my days wrestling root balls, climbing around in bushes, tromping through mud, and carrying anything from paper work to concrete blocks. I work with dangerous equipment. Most of my work gear is heavy, dirty, wet, and demanding so it gets very extensive testing. You will not regret buying this jacket if you order your regular size. I got a size to big and I don't regret a single dollar spent.

4. Stormr Strykr Neoprene Jacket Comfortable

Stormr Strykr Neoprene Jacket Comfortable

All-weather performance includes pouring rain and gale force winds, jacket and bib, ready to handle whatever nature throws their way. Without the bulk, the neoprene core technology holds up against harsh conditions. Strykr jacket and bibs are a must-have for wet conditions. It is thanks to their technology. It's strong, durable and lightweight, but it also offers positive buoyancy in the event of an accident. The waterproof jacket and bibs keep you warm and comfortable in the cold. They have stretch for long range of motion. Premium materials and thermal welded exterior seams ensure that they deliver longevity and durability. There is more than enough room for all your essentials in the spacious pockets. Stormr understands that one size does not fit all, so their jackets and bibs are sold separately. You can order the jacket and bibs in different sizes to fit your needs.

Brand: Stormr

👤There are zero stars. The jacket is made for guys who drink coffee. I wore it with high hopes of a commercial cod season out of Chignik, Alaska. Within half an hour, I could tell that the jacket was terrible. The coat is black. My stomach was soaking wet after ten minutes on the rail. The jacket absorbs water like a sponge. The coat was so heavy that I had to change into my old one. I never returned. If you are ice fishing in a tent, it's a great buy. It was warm, but not for a commercial deck. If you're thinking of ordering this junk, send me mine for free. It's a medium.

👤I bought this jacket for fishing, but it has become my favorite foul weather jacket. Warmth without bulk. Don't sweat without sweating to death. Love the look and the pockets. If you feel like you are between sizes, think about going down.

👤You get what you pay for, and this is a great product. The alternatives are not close to the construction of this jacket. It's meant for wild weather, cold and wet conditions.

👤I bought this for my husband who loves fishing. He absolutely loves it! It fits well with stretch and warmth. There are a lot of good things about this. Highly recommend it!

👤I love this jacket. The neck collar is very warm.

👤I have used the best rain gear and fished in the Pacific Northwest with a lot of them. Many of my fishing guides use this brand. It is waterproof as well as absolutely windproof. It is not intended to "breathe", so if you are doing something strenuous, you will need to zip open a bit, but this is not a problem in most fishing outings.

👤I bought the large. The sleeves fit well. It works for its purpose despite being too snug across the chest. I think the XXL would have been too large across the shoulders and long in the arms. It is not perfect because of the chest, but it does fit well for the weather. Shame because it is nice. I wouldn't get it again because of the chest configuration.

👤High quality, vary warm and protects well from the elements, used to winter fish in Long Island well worth the money!

👤I returned it because it was built like a wet suit. I'm pretty sure it's waterproof and warm, but for me it wasn't comfortable and didn't feel right for salmon fishing in the north west pacific. It's more suitable for cup racing in the Americas.

👤It was dry as hell. There are lots of pockets and d rings. Late season fish to hard water fish. It was built tough.

👤Fast shipping is true to size.

👤I was happy with the price I paid.

5. Simms Challenger Insulated Jacket Black

Simms Challenger Insulated Jacket Black

The challenger waterproof fishing boat. The late fall, winter, and early spring 800-273-3217 The problem is that the more layers you need, the more you have to collect. The Challenger insulated jacket is a waterproof jacket that warms like no other. ToRAY FABRIC TECHNOLOGY. The Toray fabric technology was specifically designed for winter wear. The fabric featured in the Challenger jacket is a heavy-duty engineered fabric with a micro-porous waterproof coating that utilizes 2-layer coated fabric, a single membrane layer and a tricot backer to offer improved durability. Stay warm with phlegm. The insulated fishing jacket is designed to keep you warm on cold days. The winter jacket has 2 layers of waterproof Toray fabric and is insulated with silver throughout the body and sleeves. When it's wet, the insulation keeps 85% of its warmth and delivers maximum insulation on the cold days. A winter coat that is adjusted for winter. The Challenger jacket is comfortable to wear. The jacket has a center-front storm flap, a 3-point storm hood, 2 handwarmer pockets, a chest pocket, and a dual draw-cordadjustable bottom hem. Waterproof cold-wet Parka. The Simms insulated ice fishing jacket is waterproof. The jacket has fully taped seams for a waterproof performance. There is no water leaking when you are walking in the snow, fishing, hunting, or walking in the rain.

Brand: Simms

👤The jacket was purchased for a fishing tournament. The jacket was delivered in time for my trip. The jacket worked out great for what I was expecting, it was much warmer than I anticipated. I don't have to wear so many layers to stay warm. The jacket performed great in the rain. I was warm and dry all day. I can see why this jacket got good ratings. The only issue I have is that the size runs a little big. I usually wear a large in anticipation of wearing layers underneath, but since the jacket is much warmer than I expected, the jacket seems a bit big. I would definitely recommend this jacket to anyone who is serious about staying warm and dry, even though ordering the perfect size on line is always a challenge. Two thumbs up for this one.

👤I tried to move it but it snapped. Customer service is what it's called. They said to email pictures first before sending in warranty repair work. 2 days ago, I did. There is no response yet. It wouldn't be right to just send a new one and make this right. They are brand new never worn junk. Absolutely will not purchase again. This will return.

👤There is a lot of room in the arm area. I don't feel like an astronaut because I layer a lot on. I don't need much more than a good hoodie on most days before I start to sweat in the cold.

👤I ordered this jacket for my boyfriend who is a fishing guide on the river. He loves it. It is very warm. It protects him from the wind and keeps him warm. Highly recommend this product.

👤I bought one for myself and loved it. I bought my wife one as well. The jacket and bibs are very warm. Fit was perfect. We fished Center Hill Lake in 38 degree weather and a brisk 10 to 20 mph wind. I can't say enough good things about the job done by Simms.

👤You get what you pay for. The best is Simms.

👤The husband loves it. Fly fisherman in Maine.

6. Grundéns Neptune Fishing Anorak Pullover

Grund%C3%A9ns Neptune Fishing Anorak Pullover

It is designed for the seas and heavy rain and is protected no matter where you go. This hooded anorak is built with medium-weight fabric and is able to protect against rain, wind and spray. The athletic cut and underarm gussets enhance comfort and movement. This jacket is ideal for active lifestyles. The Neptune collection is waterproof, stain- resistant, and flexible so you can move with ease. They have waterproof pants and jackets for you. The Men's Neptune commercial fishing pullover anorak jacket was designed with the needs of commercial fishermen in mind. The material is waterproof, stain-resistant, and durable. The active fit of the jacket is secure but also comfortable. Since the start of the 20th century, Grundens has pioneered high-quality fishing gear and apparel that resists the forces of nature, keeping men and women warm, dry and safe when doing what they love. Fishermen face any condition on waters across the globe, and they help them. For generations, Grundens has developed and manufactured high-quality rainwear and protective clothing. Their waterproof clothing has been proven to work in the toughest environments. For the lifetime of the product, Grundens brand products are warrantied against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship.

Brand: Grundéns

👤The first one was stolen and I had to buy a second one because Dungeness held up the works.

👤The rain coat was good but not what I expected from grundens, after wearing fishing 3 times the stitches started to loosen up and come undone along the bottom. I didn't expect this for $90. I know of several other fishermen who have the same coat but have better luck with it. The material is very tough for the thickness.

👤I wanted to like this jacket, but not. Garbage is the quality. The stitching on the sleeves started to fail, then the rubber started to dry out, crack, and loose all waterproofness withing a year and a half of light duty use.

👤I used one of these jackets for commercial fishing in Bristol Bay and decided to get another. Light rain caused the jacket to leak in the stomach area. It was probably a manufacturing defect that was causing the leak on the boat. I had a spare raincoat. I will not try this jacket again.

👤I'm a skinny guy. It was ordered xlarge. It's difficult to get off. I never had xxl clothing. If you plan on having layers beneath, you should order 2 larger sizes. It's the top of the line.

👤The jacket is waterproof and easy to move in. I can't say enough good things about it. The L is great, I'm 6'3" and 200 lbs, and there is room for a few under layers if needed.

👤Awesome. It's much better than my old Grundens and similar to my expensive Helly Hensen gear. The seamed wrist seals are more comfortable and not as stiff as my HH, which is seamed. These seals are tight on big wrists. They work well for me.

👤Just returned from a fishing trip. Every day it rained. I wore this pullover and some bibs. The last minute purchase was great for me. Is that correct?

👤Comodo... Alle mezze stagioni... impermeabilissimo... Manica in neoprene un po' strettina ma dipende tutto dalla fisionomia.

👤This jacket is very tough and waterproof.

👤This is great for fishing. A good product and warm material.

7. Stansport Commercial Rainsuit Yellow Large

Stansport Commercial Rainsuit Yellow Large

The construction is heavy-duty. The shoulders and sleeves are full. Commercial grade protection. The ankle cuffs and seat are made of Velcro. J-hook suspenders are in the Bibs. The best foul weather protection is offered. The jacket is 42mm thick and the suit is heavy duty.

Brand: Stansport

👤The pocket seam opened up after 30 minutes of holding my cell phone. The overalls had a seam that ripped from the crotch to the back upon bending over. The rain suit is described as a commercial product, but it won't handle any serious work. The only reason it got a single star is because the jacket remains intact, and I am very disappointed in the quality of this product. If you need commercial quality rain gear, look elsewhere.

👤During the early morning hours, when the weather can get below freezing, my job has me outside. On the last time it rained, I was soaked to the bone and had weak rain gear. The reviews decided to try it out. One reviewer said they were a medium fit. Since I am 180 lbs and like to wear layers to stay warm, I thought a large would fit perfectly. I am happy to say that it fit over my layers and today was a rain storm. The shift was affected by rain and wind. I stayed dry. I can wear less layers because this material is not breathable. The rain suit did its job, I was warm and dry.

👤I purchased a small size after reading some reviews that it would be in the ballpark of fitting, but I was wrong. This product is laughable in terms of width, even though it is not bad vertically. I could easily fit two more grown up adults into the bibs/jacket. It makes me wonder who they are trying to fit this stuff for. The bibs have a strap above the hips, but they are useless. The jacket has no straps that can be adjusted within or outside of it, and the straps do not help to adjust around the waist. It is pointless to tighten the strap around the waist because it is only on one side. If you can, try something in a store and save your time and money. If there was an extra-small, I would recommend it to everyone. Even with layers on, a small will not fit you unless you push the upper limits of two hundred. Save your money.

👤The front zip is useless. It's made of plastic hardware that's difficult to align and zip up, and it's also cheap, so just use the plastic snaps provided instead. The Star Wars Death Trooper uniform is more difficult to dress in than the bottoms. What a debacle. If you're in the middle of a storm, take 30 minutes to relax. I really, really hate running down anyone's product, but if I had not purchased this at a substantial discount, I would, considering so many people are employed trying to make it and make a living. Be. So. It's so crazy. It was not happy.

👤This rain gear is the worst I have ever used. Allowed water through the first time. 3 times it has holes. It was used for pressure washing.

👤The size is too big, but the wrist and ankle straps help. I was worried that it would be too hot, not fit over my clothes, or just goofy looking. They fold up nicely to fit under the seat. The quality is quite good. I am visible in the rain, even though I look goofy on a Piaggio in bright yellow.

8. Frogg Toggs AS1310 109XL All Sport

Frogg Toggs AS1310 109XL All Sport

The fully seam taped jacket and rain suit is made with a DRIPORE GEN 2 middle layer for waterproof, wind resistant and all day comfort. The jacket has a hood that can be removed, a front zip, elastic cuffs, and a storm flap to keep elements out. Pull on elastic waist, open leg openings, and 4-panel cut straight leg design. DURABILITY. The perfect rain suit for hiking, biking, ATV, hunting, fishing, or any outdoor activity where waterproof breathability is a must. A quiet and supple waterproof jacket and pant can be found at an incredible value.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤I bought this as a cheap rain suit. A storm came up as we docked at Port Clinton after we went to a boating rendezvous on Lake Erie. I put the suit on. The storm grew to be very large. Waves closed a 4 lane highway. I was trying to keep the boats from breaking free. The water was close to the docks. The wind was so bad that the dock lines were pulling cleats out of the docks. The dock on the next row broke loose and about 20 boats, all larger than 40 feet, were attached and went up the river. I spent the night trying to keep the boats safe. 70 mph winds and storm surge all night. The only part of me that was wet was below the knee where I had been standing in the water. When I bought the amazing suit, I thought it was cheap paper. I would take this thing anywhere.

👤I ordered a large after reading reviews. This thing was huge. I wear large shirts and 34 pants. I could have fit two of you in that thing, no worries, Prime Member, returned it and got a refund in 24 hours. Two days later, it arrived. The medium is great over cloths. I hope this helps answer some of the questions on the reviews. Have not used it in the rain. It does not come with a carrying case. I followed another user's suggestion. Put the pants in half, put the sleeves in, fold each side into a hood, and put the entire suite into the hood. It is easy to fit and small. No ties or straps, it just fits. Excellent recommendation...

👤I was excited to try the Frogg Toggs suit after reading good reviews. It failed completely at what it was supposed to do. I drove 20 minutes on my motorbike to work in a light rain and had a wet shirt all the way down the front. On the way home from work I drove for 20 minutes in a heavy rain and ended up with my front soaked from shirt to pants. The suit leaked so badly that I was not kept dry. I will return my product as soon as possible because I can't recommend it.

👤My husband drives a tractor and is out in the elements for hours a day. We bought a cheap plastic one a few months ago. It ripped and never kept him dry. This one is very high quality. It's super thick. He loves the elastic waist pants that he can easily pull on over his uniform and they are long enough to cover his boots. I decided to go down to the XL because it is a perfect fit and roomy, as he usually wears 2x in shirts. He is 5'11 and weighs 220 lbs.

👤The rainsuits were ordered with the intention of comparing and returning two. SWISSWELL Black Large is a Mens waterproof rainsuit. Result Mens waterproof rain suit (L) (Black) is $23. Frogg Toggs Men's All Sports Rain and Windsuit, Black, Large is $40.00. Swisswell was chosen in the end. Swisswell had the best fit, style, and function. Swiswell has their own pockets, no pass through holes. A quick test under the faucet proved that the material wouldn't absorb water. I am not sure how well these will breathe. I am confident that they will keep me dry. This was the top choice because of its appearance, fit, and draw strings in all the right places. I don't like the left handed zip up. Will update after use. The results were very rubbery and tight. I would have ordered a bigger size if I had liked it. If you have a budget that is below the other two, this one is fine for minimal use, but it came in last place for my preference. It is difficult to get back into the original bag, but only one of the three tested has a storage bag. Has access to the pockets in the clothing. Also has a weird left handed zip up. Get it right China. Frogg Toggs were large and made of a grocery bag material which was the most absorbent of the three, but I didn't like that it didn't have pockets or pass through holes to access pant pockets underneath. If I am standing watching my daughter play soccer, I want pockets for my hands so pocketless top and bottom was a deal breaker for me. The best way to put on quickly was with these. I felt I could have fit a helmet under the hood. Only one of the three had right handed operations. I knew this would be the winner because it would be worn over heavier clothing.

9. Frogg Toggs Cascades Sportsmans Jacket

Frogg Toggs Cascades Sportsmans Jacket

The DriPore Gen 2 technology construction of the sportsman pack jacket keeps wearers dry and comfortable. Heavy-duty front zip with storm flap keep the rain out. The perfect fit is ensured by the elastic wrist cuffs and shock cord waistband. The hood has an extended bill. The jacket has 18 pockets inside and out and a rod holder. There are two accessory D-rings on the chest.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤The jacket I bought was for a fishing trip. My previous Frogg Toggs jacket lasted me many years and I was excited for this one. It has a lot of pockets. There are a lot of places to keep whatever you need. The pockets are big enough to keep stuff dry. I stood under the shower for a while to test it. There were no leaks. It breathes well and keeps me dry. I don't feel like a clown with waterproof outer gear. It lasted me for the entire fishing trip where it rained almost all the time. I'm looking forward to my next fishing trip.

👤It is a decent rain jacket. It has no inside pockets. I think there would be no outside pockets for your hands. If you have side pockets, you can put your hands to warm up. It is a decent jacket for the low price with a lot of pocket knives. There isn't a single pocket, and there is a lot of em. The flaps over the pockets are useless. After every fishing outing in the rain, I return to my house and open every single box or bag and drain the water, it's fun. It keeps you dry on all areas of your body except for the chest area in a driving rain because none of the zippers are waterproof. It is a really cheap fishing vest that is hung on the outside of a rain jacket. The stitching is not good. Have a nice day and keep spending your money on worthless things. The waste band is very tight. I won't look for the main zip to hold up.

👤It's pretty good, but it doesn't compare to a pricey wading jacket. It's going to keep you dry. There are many pockets. It was 75 and sunny for five days in 2020 and I used it for steelhead fishing. I was happy that it wasn't too warm. It would be great in bad weather. Not sure on the longevity. It's definitely worth the money.

👤3 times. This was over 40 days because I'm a disabled vet and have very little income. The body zip up came apart for the first time. I fixed it. The stitching around the pocket began to come undone. Most of the pocket stitching was falling apart by the 3rd time. I wanted my money back but neither Amazon nor the second party retailer wanted to admit they sold me a lemon. I should have sent it back at the first sign that it was bad. I spent an additional $16 to send it to frogg toggs. I was told I sent them back a large even though I was certain I had ordered an extra large. Frogg toggs is sending me a bigger one. This product should be made in America for better quality assurance and support of the local economy.

👤I used the jacket a second time and did a small repair on the main jacket zip. The jacket completely came apart for the third time. I can't return the jacket because it's only been worn 3 times and never once for fishing, and I just used it to walk to the store. I've used Frogg Toggs rain wear in the past and loved them, this jacket is garbage, all the zippers are cheap junk, and never again Frogg Toggs.

10. Fishing Waterproof Jacket Weather Medium

Fishing Waterproof Jacket Weather Medium

Premium quality: 100% nylon 2-layer waterproof/ breathable shell protection, with neat solid stitching, durable and practical, not noisy when moves with it. The WP-Waterproof Index is 5000. You can dry yourself on the inside of the Breathable Membrane. User-friendly. The rain suits are designed to keep the rain out, and you can change your fit easily. The large side pockets make it easy to access your gear. It is easy to carry and store your suit. It is 100% waterproof and keeps you dry. The rain suit is waterproof due to high density fabric and sealed seams. The rain suit is waterproof and innovative. It is a rain gear and windbreaker, which makes it perfect for outdoor activities like fishing, hiking,hunting,camping, and motor cycling.

Brand: Rizzon

👤The husband is happy with the suit.

👤My husband wore it in the rain and ended up soaked. I missed the return window. The money was wasted.

👤They haven't been used.

👤It's perfect, snug and not limiting to movement. The XXL is about 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs about 300 pounds. The set is easy to put on. I had no issues putting the pants on while I was wearing my boots. I can work outside in the pouring ran and stay dry, or fish in the surf without getting wet. If it is a warm rainy day, expect to have wet clothes because there is no place for the sweat to go.

👤I'm in and out of my truck a lot. These worked well for me. It was light and didn't feel heavy. There is a flaw. After you adjust the pants, the straps won't stay in place. The teeth in the strap are not strong enough to hold it. I used tape to hold them in place. I would buy it again. Love the deep pockets. The hood stayed in place in the wind, which is a plus.

👤This rain suit keeps me dry and warm. This is a great gift for the fisherman in your family.

👤My fishing wet suit is perfect.

👤I have to kneel on the concrete floor to scrub items and the knees on the rain pants are starting to leak after 2 days of working as a cleaner at a clam processing plant.

11. Arctix Performance Tundra Visibility X Large

Arctix Performance Tundra Visibility X Large

The lining is Quilted 100% Polyester. 120 grams of thermatech insulation keeps you warm in a lightweight, low bulk garment. It provides greater safety and nighttime visibility.

Brand: Arctix

👤I bought the "improved visibility" version. It's easier to see because of the bright fire engine red color and reflective areas in the pictures. The outer material is similar to a light firehose material and it stops the wind. The inside wrist cuffs do a good job and are not intrusive. The front zip up is covered with a flap which is held to the opposite side by snaps and a piece of Velcro which keeps it flapped down. It didn't keep me warm as advertised. I walked a little over 100 yards from my parking space to my office in 33 F and by the time I got there my arms were cold. This would be an excellent coat for winter, but not a stand alone coat. I would have given it five stars for design and manufacturing, but the failure to achieve protection at close to freezing temperature dropped it down to four stars.

👤This jacket is the best I have ever had. It looks better in person than it does in the pictures. It's like a piece of clothing that you instantly fall in love with when you see it. Almost everyone gives me a compliment about my jacket. I have never owned a piece of clothing where I got so many nice things to say. I have owned a lot of jackets, from 300 dollar leather motorcycle jackets to popular name brand jackets, and this jacket beats them all, and has gotten the most compliment from everyone. It looks like one of those futuristic jackets with the popped up collar. There is a I feel like I got more than my money's worth, because a jacket like this would be worth 200 dollars at Macy's. The jacket is very heavy. It is made of a type of fabric that is similar to a school backpack and has a layer of water-proof on the underside. Most jackets are made of plastic, leather or cotton/wool fabric, and I have never seen a jacket made from canvas before, which is really cool and unique. The jacket is not heavy. It has a lot of pockets, like 10. I can't feel the wind at all because it keeps me warm. My co-workers thought he was walking around like it was a nice day. It was 30 degrees outside with a cold wind. There is a I wear a t-shirt underneath a jacket, long johns, gloves, and a hat at work, and I am warm and comfortable all day. I wear my jacket all day long at work in a cold warehouse where I am driving a forklift, and lifting boxes, and stacking pallet, and I have put it through the washing machine multiple times, and it is holding up really well. There is no damage to the seams, no tearing, or cuts, or pilling, and no damage to the clasps. I was worried about the seams tearing or the clasps breaking when I read the reviews, but I didn't have any of those problems. I think they were unlucky. The black and grey clasps on my jacket are grey, instead of black, as seen in the pictures of the bad reviews. I think they fixed it or replaced it since the old reviews were posted. I don't think most people would ever use it unless they were in a place like Antarctica or snowboarding, and the bottom of the jacket has a drawstring around it. I think this jacket is better than the North Face jackets. This jacket costs less as well. This jacket is a 10 out of 10. If you're thinking about getting it, then do it. P.S. If you like your jackets to be more slim fit, and you wear a medium, then you should order a small.


What is the best product for fishing bibs and jacket waterproof mens?

Fishing bibs and jacket waterproof mens products from Rivers West. In this article about fishing bibs and jacket waterproof mens you can see why people choose the product. Tbmpoy and Carhartt are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing bibs and jacket waterproof mens.

What are the best brands for fishing bibs and jacket waterproof mens?

Rivers West, Tbmpoy and Carhartt are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing bibs and jacket waterproof mens. Find the detail in this article.

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