Best Fishing Boots for Kids

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1. HISEA Fishing Toddler Children Waterproof

HISEA Fishing Toddler Children Waterproof

Before buying, please remember the Size Chart and choose the right size. The bootfoot chest waders of the Hisa Kids were launched with expected affordable innovations. The waders were made with waterproof fabric. It was approved up to 35% lighter than traditional rubber waders, and it is rugged and soft. The Next-generation nylon has a knitting density performance that is 2.5 times higher than the competition. This made hisa kids' waders rugged with soft touching feel than ever before and provided comfort when your kids are playing in puddles and creeks, or even fishing, camping. They are certain that their Water Intrusion Resistance (WIR) processing will help prevent water and dirt from getting into waders. Every kid's waders must be filled with water and hung to dry. The wader is ready to be shipped. Go on with the design for kids. There are a number of features in the Hesa kids' waders, starting with H-back suspenders with high-quality quick release buckles for easy take it on/off, front D-ring for accessory attachment, built in flip-out & front chest pockets to organize personal belongings, The chest waders of the Hesela children were designed to keep them dry and warm. It's best for outdoor activities. The waders come with a free hanging belt and one year of quality assurance.

Brand: Hisea

👤A gift for my nature loving 6 year old. He always wants to explore the lake. He loved the size of the waders and they fit him well with room to grow. He is taller than average with a shoe size 13 and 6T. He didn't get wet on his first adventure because they are light and sturdy. He was in waist high at one point. I recommend these for their quality and price.

👤My 6 year old has great waders. They are supposed to be baggy. She likes them and feels comfortable walking around in them. They work in the water. Will buy again. The boots are easy to walk in. If you want, you can adjust the straps by the shoulders to make the waders tighter around the chest.

👤I bought these for my daughter who is small. These fit her perfectly and are really good. She wears them while mud riding on four wheelers and they have held up well.

👤I ordered these for a child who loves to explore. He is getting dirty in the swamps and streams. I did not want to risk waiting because the ones I wanted were sold out in his size. These are of good quality. I will try to update after Christmas to see how they hold up.

👤My 4 year old grandson loves walking in streams. His pants are kept dry. It appears to be very well made.

👤I love these things. My crazy toddler loves to go into the ocean in the winter, but it's a great balance between his love for the ocean and the cold. Good material and a repair patch just in case.

👤It was very well made. My 5 1/2 year old ordered a 1/6. He wears a size 5 clothes and a size 11 shoes. He should be able to wear it for several months.

👤My 5 year old loves fishing. It's a good thing.

👤First off, for me, this item was shipped from China, which isn't indicated on the website, and second, I was disappointed that the shoe size was vastly different from what I was used to. We have a UK size 10 boot/shoe here, which is larger than the size 12 that arrived, and I think it's about a UK size 9.

👤My 7 year old loves them. He is a size 13 and we bought the size 1. We had enough room to grow, so we wore a few layers of socks to keep his feet warm. The are essential for rainy days.

👤The cardboard box protects the contents very well. First impressions are very good, these don't have a strong smell like many cheaper sets I've looked at. The finishing is excellent and they feel very sturdy. They were a little larger than expected, but that isn't a bad thing as there is room to grow and they need to wear extra layers to keep warm. They are sturdy and flexible, but there was no restriction to movement during use. You get a set of repair patches with the waders, which is a nice addition. Over the course of several weekends of use, the waders have proved themselves to be up to the job. These are more expensive than the cheapest, but they are worth the extra cost, and I would buy another pair if needed. A good product. Four stars.

2. Western Chief Waterproof Printed Handles

Western Chief Waterproof Printed Handles

Shaft is 6.75" from the arch. The Heel measures approximately 0.25" The platform measures 0.25". The boot opening is around 10 inches. Natural rubber is the main material they use. The handmade vulcanization process allows them to make fun prints. DC and them have collaborated to bring their characters to life. Batman is on his way to help people. The side of his signal is printed. The cape is not on the ground. The cape has a signal printed on it. Soft and cotton twine. Kids don't want to wear boots that are rough. The lining on their boots is soft and cotton. Their lining absorbs water. Children are rough on boots and need a comfortable insole to run around on. The boots are made of rubber. Their insoles are easy to clean and replace.

Brand: Western Chief

👤I need to get these boots because I am a firefighter. That was a great decision. The boot is made of thick material. My daughter got a few years of wear from them after I bought a size 7. The cookies are still bright even in a rainy climate. I passed them on to a fellow firefighter. He will pass them along after. My old rubber firefighter boots are as good as these. She got a lot of praise for them. I will buy another pair after writing this review. The cat is wrong with these.

👤I am aware that kids run through shoes. I bought these boots for my daughter so she could keep them when she outgrew them. Nope. She won't be able to outgrow them. I need waterproof boots because I live in a very rainy environment. These fell apart in about 2 months from normal wear. We're not in the rainy season where she'd wear them daily, so they hardly got worn during the summer. I will not recommend or buy these again. The pull handle came off on one side, so I had to cut it off. She wouldn't have to wrestle them on, so it must have been poor construction. The rubber seal on the back became unglued, so these are no longer waterproof. Almost the entire height of the boot was not just a little bit. There is a There are obvious scuffs on the front. The seal came off near the toe. Very disappointed.

👤Poor quality and don't last long. I ordered these boots for my son and they looked good when they were new. The rubber cracked where the boot flexes when a step is taken after about 2 months. They weren't put under a lot of stress. They used walks on rainy days. It looks like they'll be in pieces soon because they aren't usable as rain boots.

👤I try to find shoes that are non toxic for my kids since they are so young. This includes rain boots. They don't say if their paints and dyes are lead and heavy metal free or if the glues are formaldehyde free. It is very difficult to find. This is the third pair of boots we have owned. There are different colors. I know they haven't held up for some reviewers, but in the three pairs we have owned, they have been workhorse boots. My son loves wearing rain boots when working in the yard with his dad and they have done many projects together and kept his feet dry and clean. When he was small, they were on the heavier side. He walked in them, but they are heavier than those for kids. My kids have very wide feet and thick instep and it is hard to find footwear that accommodates their feet without being specifically for wide and xtra wide width. The Western chief is very generous. There is some give on the sides of the boot, so their feet are not vacuum packed into the boot. I bought a frog gree size 9 and it has a great fit to grow into and comfortable fit width wise. They have a lot of cute designs to choose from. I don't know if your kid has very narrow feet. At least try them. I have also purchased boots from the same brand and they are also non toxic. Unless you hit a deal, they are $10 a pair more expensive than Western chief. Western chief is right now! There was a natural rubber smell when I opened the box and I can't test the materials content of the boot. When I opened the box after buying another brand of rubber boot, there was a very strong brain cell cancelling out the smell of petroleum. Kind of like gasoline? I'm wondering how natural those were. I returned them.

3. TideWe Children Neoprene Waterproof Insulated

TideWe Children Neoprene Waterproof Insulated

Before buying, please remember the size chart. The build of toddler and children is the same at the same age. Please check the chart carefully. Versatile Kids Waders are great for more than just fishing, they are great for more than just hunting, camping, riding ATVs, gardening, or playing near wet environments. The 3.5mm neoprene upper has a tough poly, jersey shell and stretch liner and triple finished seams that make it extra solid and keep water out and heat in. reinforced knee pads and a thickened shoe vamp are added protection. Better balance and traction on wet and muddy surfaces is provided by their rugged boot tread pattern. The simple design of the shirt makes it easy for your little one to take off the waders. The belted waist and fully-adjustable arm straps allow these waders to keep pace with your little fishing buddy as they grow.

Brand: Tidewe

👤These are my first chest waders and they are amazing! These were the right size for me, as I am 5'3" and couldn't find women's waders short enough. The boots are bigger than expected, which is perfect for wearing thicker socks, and the size chart is perfect. I wore them with only leggings underneath and was warm in the 50 degree weather while sitting in camp after dark. To make the boot bottoms a little bit stiff, and to buy some thick felt insoles for warmth, is my only suggestion. I am buying a pair for my son as well.

👤If you are getting them as a female. I am a small female. 120lb 4'11" I wear a size 6. I got the correct shoe size and the other measurements were correct. The rest of the shoe part was small. I am the same size as most kids wear that shoe size. They were starting to tear just walking and sitting. Wasn't in the woods.

👤I bought two pairs of waders for my children as a Christmas gift. I had to return the pair because of the concern of leaking where the pant leg meets the boot. I could see where the boot was pulling away from the neoprene, and the seal didn't seem enough. I still have concerns about the same problem as I can see where the boot is pulling away from the pant leg, even after I received a second pair. If the seal issue was not present, I would give these waders a 5-star rating and recommend them to all of my friends with little duck hunters. They seem to be well made. The quality of the boot and the reinforced knees are what I like the most. Maybe a quality check before shipment could do the trick.

👤My daughter is going to love these waders. I was looking for a set of waders that were cost effective and durable, and these are exactly that! They are soft and comfortable, yet they are very durable for wading through heavy rocks and wood. The pocket is great for snacks and the straps are great for a growing child. I will be buying more for the other children in my family.

👤I bought a pair for my daughter. She loves them. I have been looking for a year for someone who made kids' waiters. I am proud to back a product that I have finally found. The quality is the same as my waders. The glue and patch material were brought with them. It's hard to buy regular waders that supply this.

👤The upper pocket could have been a bit bigger and the stitching wasn't as durable as it could have been, so this didn't get 5 stars. After duck hunting, some of the stitching came loose. Not terrible. In some areas, the stitch started and stopped. I used permatex ultra black for waterproof outerwear fixes. I used this in the areas that the stitching was coming loose. These are perfect for kids. I would like to see TIDEWE glue all the stitching and seams on the outside and inside. I would pay more money for this feature. It would be worth the extra money to make the product 5 stars.

4. Columbia Cypress Brook Black X Large

Columbia Cypress Brook Black X Large

The technology is advanced. The Columbia Youth Cypress brook II pant has a stain resistant exterior. There areANDY features. Your little one's smaller items are secured with a single side pocket. There are adjusted features. An elastic waistband and tabs at each cuff allow for an adjustment. The nylon fabric is light. Go ahead, try and get dirty. You can stay dry and clean by resisting the absorption of liquids. Unlike most fabrics that absorb water, Omni-Shield dries quickly and repels water.

Brand: Columbia

👤I bought small, small and medium. My 3.5 year old wears a 3t. My 8 year old wears a 7/8. There is a The baggy has room to grow. The medium was stored away. If you want a fitted pair, I would size you down. The pants are perfect. There is a cargo pocket. The ankle strap is made of nylon.

👤It was perfect in a pinch. I couldn't find snow pants for my kids unless I spent more than $40 a pair. These worked well. I put sweats and pants on. My kids stayed dry for hours because of the snow. The boots are sealed with the velcro on the bottom. They are large because this was the smallest size I could find, but the waist was tight enough to stay up. They were outside for over two hours. It is amazing.

👤These pants have been great for a parent. The playground in the Pacific Northwest is muddy and wet during the rainy season. We don't mind the rain but our car ends up in the water. I put these larger size pants over my son's regular pants. He was splash and play without getting wet with his rain jacket and rain boots. There are no limits at the playground or on trail walks. We don't have to worry about staining his clothes because he's free to play and get dirty. We can get a snug fit around his boots with the Velcro closure on the bottom. When we leave the playground, remove the pants and the mess will be contained. These are a must have in wet areas.

👤I bought these for myself, a 32 year old female, to use as snow pants in the winter and rain pants during the rest of the year, knowing I will need a thermal layer underneath the pants. I didn't know what size I bought. I would be in boys size, and they work great.

👤These are a great way to stay protected from the rain on a budget. I bought these for a backpacking trip that was going to rain. I am a 5 foot tall woman and these fit well for me. They are tight in the thigh when I bend, but they didn't affect my hiking. They roll up fine, even though I wish they packed down a bit smaller. There are ankle straps that help keep mud out of pants. Would recommend!

👤We live in Portland. My son wears it at school for recess for over 3 years. We ordered the same pair for the boy and his sister. Would recommend.

👤My son wears 3T jeans and I bought 4T rain pants. They fit perfectly over jeans. My son is 3 years old and thin. Hope that helps someone.

👤These are great. I am glad I learned about rain pants and got a pair for my daughter, I didn't know what I was missing. We live in the desert so I didn't think rain pants would be that great of an investment but I decided to grab a pair while planning a trip to the Oregon coast in October. These kept out sand and water. She had no issues until grandpa took her out to run off some energy in the sand and didn't seal the pants around her rain boots. The seal is very effective. We have used these for beach going, puddle jumping, and over snow pants. They do an amazing job of keeping the nature dry and out of rain boots. They are an essential part of her wardrobe. Water just rolls off of them. I don't put them through the washer or dryer so I don't know if I can speak to that, but I just rinse them off in the sink when they get dirty. It seems to work. I have been very happy with the rain pants. These were a great purchase, and I didn't think they would use so much.

5. Crocs Handle Rain Boot K Little

Crocs Handle Rain Boot K Little

The Heel measures approximately 0.91". The boot opening is around 10. Crocs Handle It Rain boots keep your feet dry and cozy when the rain is in the forecast. Kids can take these boots on and off easily with oversized handles and a reflective heel logo. What size should I buy? They recommend ordering a size down to the next largest whole size for the roomy fit of these rain boots. It is easy to clean. These rain boots are easy to clean. You can wash in cold water and soap. The state of Colorado. The bright colors of the toddler rain boots make them great rain boots for girls and boys.


👤The boot is small. I thought someone sent me rain boots. I was excited to find little rainboots because they are not waterproof and the size 7 ones are. I ordered a size 6 for my one year old who wears a size 5 or 5.5 and they are smaller than her size 5 sneakers. They are very small. I couldn't get them past her toes. I compared her size 5 sneakers to her size 6 boots.

👤There is an update. We believe that one boot was placed on a heat vent and that caused the shrinkage. We decided to order another pair of boots because they are great. We discovered that one of the boots had shrunk. Before we bought these boots, we read a review that said their pair also shrank. We were skeptical. The boot went from being equal to the other boot to being significantly smaller within a few days. I don't know why the one boot shrunk so much in such a short time, we hadn't done anything differently than we normally would.

👤My son started with a size 6 and has moved up to a size 9 with these boots being passed down to younger siblings. They are durable. However! The structure is different now that we have purchased a size 9. The same as size 6 is the measurement around the smallest part of the ankle. My son can't fit his foot through the ankle. I make small children with bird bones and he can't do it himself. I can't get them on. The ankle is the same size as the boots my 2.5 year old is wearing, but the footprint is great. Our relationship with Croc boots is over. They used to be the best, and I've always liked how lightweight they are. The ankle is broken. To the drawing board again.

👤In the Bay Area, where the rain has been generous this year, sending the kids to school in rain boots isn't too bad of an idea. This was the year that our son decided to rip the back seam of his shoes and cause a leak in his right boot. I purchased that boot in November of 2015, but it only lasted one rainy season as stormaggedon never showed up. The Crocs Rain boots seem to be a good replacement boot. These are much lighter than other rain boots. These are very lightweight and molded into a single piece. The boots are comfortable for my kid to wear, and he loves that they're half the weight of his old boots. It's unlikely that a tear would happen because there's no seams. I have been keeping an eye out for wear, and despite daily use, many stomps through puddles, and running around like an ant on speed, the boots seem to be holding up quite well to my kid's use. Like all other Crocs, these have no lining. This was not an issue for us as we simply wore thick socks and our kid was good to go. The boots tend to run on a smaller size. I ordered a size up because the boots fit my kid well and I found other reviews that said the same. I can't say if the Size 2 was snug, but I didn't order two pairs for comparison. There is room for my boy to grow into this boot. If you order the Crocs, I would go a size up for the Western Chief boots. I'll keep you updated when the rain boots wear out and develop leaks.

6. Western Chief Waterproof Printed Toddler

Western Chief Waterproof Printed Toddler

The shaft is from the arch. The boot opening is around 10 inches. Natural rubber is the main material used in their waterproof printed rain boot. Weak spots in their rubber are reduced by the handmade vulcanization process. Soft and cotton twine. Kids don't want to wear boots that are rough. The lining on their boots is soft and cotton. Their lining absorbs water. Children are rough on boots and need a comfortable insole to run around on. The boots are made of rubber. Their insoles are easy to clean and replace. Their boots are made with a slip-resistant outsole to help provide traction on slippery surfaces. You won't have to wash mud and other grub off the boots because the outsole is self-cleaning. They made their waterproof printed rain boots with two handles that your child can use to pull them on and off, so it's easy on and off. Independent dressing is promoted by this.

Brand: Western Chief

👤The binding on the back of the boots came apart at the end of November, after I ordered them. My daughter wore these boots 15 times. I'm stuck with garbage boots because the return window closed after 30 days. I wouldn't recommend these boots since they don't seem to last very long.

👤I bought these for my son for Easter and he wore them for a week. I just assumed it was because he was playing with the garden hose that his feet were always saturated. I saw where the seam had come apart after the boots were dry out. After a week? My 4 year old has had his Western Chief for 2 months and has no sign of wear. I am sorry. I think they are fake. Poor quality. I thought I was getting a good deal on them. I was mistaken. Not a happy customer.

👤I give my kids rain boots at Easter. The cute prints and handles of the Western Chief brand were purchased by me. We went out for a beach walk and both pairs came unglued, not just one seam but the sole seam and the side seams. The rubber on the boot cracked when the other pair did the same thing. The boots did not last more than four months. What good is a cracked umbrella? No good at all. I wouldn't buy another Western Chief boot. All 3 of them will get new boots for Christmas, not from Western Chief.

👤The Western Chief rain boot is a size 12. The tag on the boot says the correct size. It seems a little big. He wears a size 12 in gym shoes and has a little room in his boots. The boots are a tad narrow compared to my son's boots. My son has no problem getting his feet on. I am not sure if they would work for a kid with wide feet. He really likes wearing these boots and loves the shark print. His feet are dry. I would recommend them for the price we paid.

👤My child attends school outside. She needed an affordable pair of boots for the last 6 weeks of the school year. I noticed the backs were starting to split after wearing these boots for a couple of days. They were no longer waterproof. The backs completely split open after wearing a total of 7 times. The boots are not holding up. The soles look like shoes that have been worn. They did not last through normal wear and tear. I wouldn't waste my money. I contacted the manufacturer via email, hoping they would address the quality issues. They recommended that I ask for a refund. Western Chief refused to take responsibility for their product, despite Amazon providing wonderful customer service. You have been warned. These boots are not for you.

👤These are perfect for my daughter. They are not ugly or bright. They're a bright rainbow. Her feet stay dry and she's wearing quality, but she's jumping in puddles without rain pants and water gets in from the top. My daughter is a size 9 and these are a little big on her, which is fine and to be expected with a 9/10 size. That means there is room for thicker socks. I like the double sizing because it makes the price tag worth it, even though they are a little big in the beginning. We'll purchase bigger sizes as she grows, and this is her second pair of Western Chief rainboots.

7. Fishing Portable Telescopic Combos 150CM 59in

Fishing Portable Telescopic Combos 150CM 59in

The telescopic fishing rod, spinning reel, fishing line, fishing tackle, necessary fishing gears and travel bag are included in the kids fishing kit. There is a perFECT size for kids. The kids fishing rod has a choice of poles. They are made for small hands, soft and lightweight, easy to assemble and use, and safe for children aged 3 to 10. PREMIUM MATERIAL The telescopic fishing rod is made of fiberglass and resists wear and tear. The handle is comfortable to hold. Going fishing was to build discipline and concentration. Fishing can improve mental and physical well-being, and can also create fun and happy memories with family. The rising gift is a gift. It is a great choice to take the fishing kit with you when you go fishing with your child, as well as an ideal gift for birthday and Christmas.

Brand: Gonex

👤I am very impressed. I've bought different types of these for my son. This one is the best so far. The pole is well built. Telescoping is an advantage. Not a fan of enclosed reels, but it has been fishing well for a few days now. Has a drag. Comes with hooks, weights and jigs. The hooks are very strong. The trout held up well after being caught by the son. Throw the carry case over his shoulder and he's off!

👤The fishing pole is awesome. It is very sturdy and durable. Everything you need for a first time fishing trip for young kids. The carrying case is cool. There are many lures included. Excellent price and value, and definitely recommend.

👤I bought this for my son, he loves it, the bag is nice, and the starter kit is nice, I use it more than him, and the compartment behind my truck seat is perfect.

👤I think the beginner fishing rod is good. All the equipment you need is here. It holds up well. We haven't caught anything yet, but we are working on how to cast. It is easy to use.

👤This is for an 8 year old granddaughter who started fishing last year. She loves it!

👤The fishing rod is made of high quality material. We opened the rod after taking it out. A child can eventually use it by himself, but there must be some guidance first. Our grandson will need help putting it together because he is 4 years old. He is very happy with it.

👤The fishing pole is cute. My daughter likes fishing with her dad. The button release is much easier than the last pole she had. Everything a beginning fisherman needs is included in the carry bag and tackle box.

👤This is a good fishing pole set for kids. It's a toy, not so basic. A child won't use it. I like the bag that came with it. It was easy to assemble and had everything you need to start. I would buy it again.

8. Rubber Boots Handles Earthy Toddler

Rubber Boots Handles Earthy Toddler

It has a benevolent warranty. OAKI has a 6-month warranty. You can have peace of mind when you buy OAKI rain boots. The design is light. Kids and toddlers can keep their feet dry and clean in the muckiest puddles with the help of Oaki boots. The rubber sole and zero-drop heels are perfect for all day play. The sole design of OAKI makes walking easier for young children. There is a waterproof and odor fighting material. The rubber blend used in the boots is designed for better flex and rebound. Feet are dry and comfortable with the help of rubber. It's easy on hands. Hang them up to dry, put them in a backpack, or put them in a closet. The loops are perfect for storage. Handles are sealed into the boot for improved strength. The design helps kids dress themselves. It's less stress for grown ups. Their goal. OAKI's goal is to let kids be kids. They design each and every product so kids can worry about things like building a fort, or spotting a big fish, and you can feel good knowing they are comfortable and dry.

Brand: Oaki

👤My son loves these boots. He takes them on and off by himself and they fit well. They aren't clunky and don't slow him down. I didn't expect to get more than one season out of any boots because my son is very hard on shoes. Most shoes last 3-6 months as he finds a favorite pair. We only got 3 weeks out of these boots. I can handle the shirles and worn look but they are already cracking at the seams and will not keep his feet dry. I hoped these would help us out of the rainy season. I will have to find something else. These are great for occasional use. He really liked these boots.

👤I bought my twins boots for their 3rd birthday. My boys are hard on shoes and we live on a farm so we might give them more work than the average child. I think they will last more than 2 months before they are useless. They replaced the other pair for me but also charged my account. I paid for 3 pairs and received 3 pairs. All of them cracked within 2 months. I wish I had not spent money on this brand. Next time, I'll stick with Kamik.

👤Cute print pattern, horrible material quality. New rainboots had to be replaced by November. I couldn't understand why my 3-year old was coming home from preschool with wet socks and rainboots. The rubber material on the shaft is cracking even when it is doubled up on the back seam. I don't understand why products have a lifecycle. I buy new rainboots every 6 months as my feet grow, not because the product didn't perform. This was the first time. I will not purchase from this brand again.

👤It runs big. Soles are not very flexible. I don't understand how shoe designers don't remember that our feet bend when we walk... The pattern and colors are cute. The size comparison of the Toddler boot is next to a size 6. My daughter wears a Speedo brand water shoe. They are cute and will fit my daughter in a few months or so, but I am disappointed because they don't seem to sell any smaller sizes than 4. Update 2020: My daughter had a pair of crocs and she also wore these rain boots. I bought this style in the next size up because she liked them so much after she outgrew them. I plan to buy another pair in the next size up because she will soon outgrew those as well. I kept my rating at 3 stars because one pair started to tear in some areas, causing her socks and feet to get wet, and now I can't give them to her younger sister. They ended up in the trash. She wore them a lot. She had two rainy seasons. She can get on and off them. She is now in a size 6/7 in most other shoes and she is outgrowing the size 5 of these rain boots.

9. Xtratuf Mens Inch Ankle Yellow

Xtratuf Mens Inch Ankle Yellow

The boot has a hook-and-loop strap and bungee-cord closure. XTRATUFs recommend half sizes. Extra Tough Protection is built with 100% waterproof construction. Breathable mesh liner can be used for long days on the water. The slip resistant outsole is non marking and provides excellent traction. Tabs have front and rear pulls. Tabs have front and rear pulls.

Brand: Xtratuf

👤I was so drunk that night that I thought I'd get a pair of them. I woke up the next morning and found an email from Amazon letting me know that the pair of rubber boots I blew 75 stripper coupons on is on its way. They've finally arrived, a brand new day with a new hangover. I intended on returning these before I received them, but I have to say, they are some new looking footwear.

👤Chaos was very helpful and courteous when they eventually sent me a shipping label. I am very happy with the outcome. I wore them everyday and they fell apart in 30 days. The manufacturer referred me back to the retailer for not handling their own claims after I contacted them about the warranty. I never received a return label from Chaos fishing. I don't have time to play this game.

👤I've tried a lot of boots. I have to put wax on them. I don't want to. They said non-slip, so I thought these would be great. I realized after buying them that they were not. They say that the boots don't work with oils or chemicals. I assume a small amount of soap. Slipping while cleaning cars is dangerous. It drops by 30% or more. Sometimes my pants get so sweaty that I feel like they get the fabric at the top of the boots wet, which causes my socks and feet to get wet. I haven't had boots that had more water in them while wearing pants. How? Why? I'm not a scientist, but I am a regular person working a crappy job that pays too much for boots. Don't step on the diamond plate when it's wet. You could get hurt.

👤So far, so good. I'm willing to pay more for better shoes. I have wide feet and was worried about the fit. I wear a size 9.5 wide in most of my shoes and can get into a 9W. I wore these for 10 hours in my boat on the ocean and they performed great, so I'll replace the insoles with them. I'm quite happy with them for now. I'll probably buy another pair if they last the season. I like to wear footwear that I like.

👤The boots were great for a while, however they only lasted for a couple of months. The pictures show the seam on the inside split apart as the heel gave out. I was not being hard on them, not even being on gravel.

👤Size 11 usually wears a 10.5-11. It's great to be fit. Since I am still recovering from a pair of knee surgeries, having a good pair of boots would be very helpful. The conditions were too rough for me to fish. The amount of effort to reel in the fish would cause great harm. Why are you asking? We landed 200-300 lbs Bluefin. I was praying and casting out irons. I would have taken up a crew member who was already busy if I had brought in a fish. One crew member gave me a hooked fish. It was a baby, just 30 lbs. On most trips, that little baby would have been the winner. The Pacific Queen is out of San Diego, CA.

10. Kamik Raindrops Rain Little Black

Kamik Raindrops Rain Little Black

The shaft is from the arch. The Heel is approximately 1 inch. The platform is about half a million dollars. The boot opening is around 12 inches. The rain boots have a rubber upper. The mid-calf boots have a rounded toe, side-buckle detail, soft lining, and a padded synthetic footbed. A rubber sole provides traction on wet surfaces.

Brand: Kamik

👤These boots are great. As an adult with child-sized feet, I'm always looking for quality footwear that has a neutral design or a non-juvenille pattern. These boots are flexible enough for walking but not too thick that I worry about cracking, and they have a nice rubber that is not too flimsy or cheap. They are narrow. I have narrow feet, so I was very pleased with the fit of these boots. With these boots, I don't have to do my usual double-sock routine. I would caution other buyers to be aware of the fit. If you or your child has a foot that is wider than a B-width, these boots might be too narrow. I was able to wear thick winter wool socks without any problems, but I was surprised how narrow these fit. If you're concerned about growing room, you might want a larger size or a different boot.

👤I have gotten a pair of Kamik boots for my daughter before. They are a bit more narrow than other rain boots. The traditional boot heel of these is different from most rainboots. The heel makes them look cute. My daughter wears them everywhere. The other pair held up well after being abused. When my girl outgrew them, we got a second pair. The second pair had their buckle taken off. The inserts came out quickly. I gave 4 stars because of that.

👤My kids play in the creek. They were a lot better than I thought. My kids say they feel great in their clothes. There is a home run in our house.

👤I bought these for my daughter. I opened the box and found two of the same shoe, one in size six and one in size five. It's so upsetting. Someone else will be getting two of the same foot in different sizes. carelessness

👤I ordered a pink pair but returned because the size was a bit small and the next size up I had to order purple because the larger size didn't come in pink. The boots were wet on the inside. I have to take the soles out and put them in the water. I had to fill the boots with soapy water and get a long enough brush to clean the insides. It seems like they allow for mold or something because they stunk like nasty feet after the first use. My daughter has stopped using them.

👤These boots are made of rubber. It's also stylish! My daughter couldn't fit her foot in the boot. I did the same as well. She doesn't want to wear any other color than the next size up. Why does that happen? It seems like what you want is always in the same size. It's really sad.

👤I wear a size 5 to 5.5. I ordered the correct size. My foot is wide in the forefoot area. It fit my wide forefoot well. I put one of the Dr Sholl rubber insoles.

👤My daughter and I love wearing rain boots. She wore them to school for a few weeks while we experienced our version of monsoon season. She walked through puddles and the rain and never had a leak. These boots aren't meant to run in, they are bulky and cumbersome to run in. The material scratches easily. My daughter is a 9y/o and doing kids stuff while at school and she was able to scratch them on the first day of use. It takes away from its appearance. The Periwinkle color is an amazing color that matches her school uniform and her daily clothing. These boots are very good.

11. HUK Rogue Wave High Performance Fishing

HUK Rogue Wave High Performance Fishing

Huk is a performance- engineered, technical gear designed to fuel your passion and pursuit no matter where you fish. The Huk Rogue wave fishing boot is made for all kinds of nasty conditions, with full neoprene and rubber upper construction. huk's tread pattern gives a lock down on wet and slippery surfaces. The micro-channel openings allow water to escape while the lugs are engineered to grab in all directions. If the weather gets nasty, a thick 8mm modlded EVA footbed will keep your feet dry. The pull-straps on the fishing boots help you get them on in both wet and dry conditions.

Brand: Huk

👤I sent them back because they were too small and looked brighter than the picture showed. I paid 100 dollars for these shoes and only got 75 dollars back. The fee is 25$. If I had known that, I wouldn't have bought them. Not happy!

👤They charge me $20 for a return because I'm too small. They accused me of damaging the boots. They were the one who sold me the boots. Terrible customer service! I used to like Huk. I will never buy huk again.

👤I am standing in water. I am a huge fan of muck boots but wanted something shorter and lighter and heard great things about these huk's. They go great with my uniform, I got the blue. They still look good when they wear shorts or pants. I ordered a smaller size based on the reviews. I usually order 10 1/2, but I ordered 10. They fit perfectly. It was very comfortable straight out of the box. I have put a couple of days on them now and am not disappointed. The first night I was soaked, water ended up in my boot. I assumed it would happen from time to time. After I got them off, they dried out quickly, but still smelled like new. If they hold up for more than 6 months, I will probably stay with this brand. You will read about it here if it isn't.

👤I bought these boots for my boyfriend. He loves the brand Huk. Depending on the shoe, he's usually between 10 and 11. I bought a size 10 and they fit perfectly. It arrived sooner than expected.

👤The boots are comfortable and I like them, but they faded after a few days of use. I bought them for our yearly trip to Captiva, FL because the weather in November is unpredictable. I wanted to wear boots on the boat because it can be warm in the afternoon and cool in the mornings. After only a few days of wearing them, they had faded a lot. I only wore them for the morning and they never got wet, but apparently they can't survive a few hours of fall sun without fading. I am very disappointed in what they cost.

👤I love them. I ordered a 12 and tried them on and they fit right. I expect these to wear well on the boat because they look good. I hate gear failure and will update my review if they fail early.

👤The company is junk. I sent them back because they didn't fit right after I bought them. They charged a $30 restocking fee. Don't buy.

👤My husband ordered these on feb 27th for work, he cleans pools. They are leaking from the bottom of the shoe. I am so disappointed because they are fishing shoes made to be in/around water. $90 is gone. So disappointed. There is no way to contact the seller to see if there is a way to fix the situation.

👤I had to return my Huk because it was too tight. If you wear a size 11, you should order a Huk size 12. Not sure about the other sizes. An excellent boot. A very excellent boot. These boots are made to last. 100% quality.


What is the best product for fishing boots for kids?

Fishing boots for kids products from Hisea. In this article about fishing boots for kids you can see why people choose the product. Western Chief and Tidewe are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing boots for kids.

What are the best brands for fishing boots for kids?

Hisea, Western Chief and Tidewe are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing boots for kids. Find the detail in this article.

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