Best Fishing Boots for Men Size 14

Men 25 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. TideWe Waterproof Durable Neoprene Hunting

TideWe Waterproof Durable Neoprene Hunting

Before buying, please remember the size chart. The sizes are for men. The CR Flex-Foam is waterproof and hasabsorbs impacts. Keep WarmHeat-resistant insulation prevents body heat from escaping, and returns up to 90% of your body's warmth. It was -4F/-20C to 50F/ 10C. The CR flex-foam boot is lightweight and completely waterproof, with 15-way stretch nylon to make your feet stay as comfortable as possible in your extreme setting. If you have a question, please contact them at the first opportunity, they will be glad to help.

Brand: Tidewe

👤I like the heal feature and the boots are great. I went to use them today because I had them sitting under the back seat of my pick up. I pulled out my boots and found the heels were not the same as before, as I was going to do some pressure washing. It is an easy fix, but the manufacturer needs to test their product for what they are intended for.

👤I am very impressed with this second pair of TideWe muck boots. The grip provided in wet or icy conditions is amazing and I love how comfortable they are. I used my other pair for ice fishing, and they were great. I have worn these boots in the summer and they were very comfortable. I would recommend these boots to anyone. My other boots are in good shape. I wanted a pair for hunting and fishing.

👤The boots are very comfortable, but they are not durable. I wore mine twice and on the third time, the top portion of the boot separated from the boot part. The rubber was walking in a very mild brush. If you only use these for light activities that don't involve walking in brush or stubble, then they might be ok. I would suggest looking at other options.

👤I've had Wal Martians for 20 years. Within 2 weeks, air bubbles from the seams, threads coming undone, and the tread on the bottom ripping open.

👤I have a pair of Muck Glacier Pro that have been through hell with me and I'm looking to replace with something that is more lightweight. This seems to fit the bill. I don't think it will hold up as well as the Muck. The rubber sole is almost half the price of a Muck. The neoprene is not as thick as in the Muck, but it doesn't require you to size up. It's lightweight and flexible, but we will see how long it will last. Once I use in real-world, I will update.

👤These boots are very comfortable. I tested how water proof these boots were and they kept my feet dry. I'm looking forward to that this winter and fall. I enjoy the comfort. They are a well made boot that will get a lot of use and look like they will hold up well.

👤I got a new pair of boots. Awesome boots. There is a good fit, plenty of traction and water proof. I would recommend these boots to anyone who is looking for water proof boots.

👤Excellent quality and comfortable boots are what they are. They are well built. The size chart is the only issue. I wear a size 10 shoe or boot in all the other brands. I ordered a men's size 10 and it was too big, loose and floppy for my feet, even with thick winter socks. I got a size 9 after returning them. It would still be a little large if it weren't for the thick socks.

👤I bought them to work in the cold and muddy weather. I was a bit hesitant as they are made of a thick material. They do not have additional insulation on the sides. They are great! They are comfortable, warm, and work in snowy conditions. The sole is thick and has good traction.

2. Dunlop 8677611 Lightweight Protective Footwear

Dunlop 8677611 Lightweight Protective Footwear

The design is 25% lighter than classic boots. The BAY-LOC outsole has channels to repel water. The pull tab is easy to use.

Brand: Dunlop Protective Footwear

👤I wear these boots every day to work on our dairy farm. The tread was great and no one was slipping on wet surfaces. I could work in them with my insoles. After just 3 months, the tread is worn down and there is a hole at the back of the boot. These boots are good if you don't wear them a lot.

👤Yes, it's waterproof. If you plan on wearing these for more than an hour, I suggest buying some insoles. These are cheap and thin insoles.

👤I work for a union. These work well. Go off and do it easy. You have to wear an 11 1/2 and be ordered a size 12. They fit.

👤The first pair of rain style boots I ever purchased was a different model and was ordered in a size 11. The fit of most of the footwear I purchase is perfect. I can not describe how large they are. I felt like a 7 year old when I put on the 11. I thought ordering a size 10 would work. My heels are always lifting up as I walk. The size 9 would have been fine, but I don't care anymore. I tried to fill up as much free play as I could, so take this warning seriously. They run fast. You might want to go 2 sizes lower.

👤I've found that extratuff and muckboots keep up. I recommend that you get a pair of Dr Scholls inserts. There is an update. The left boot fell apart after a month after it began to rip along the feet. Despite the lack of longevity, the boot is still a great one.

👤I wanted to leave the boots outside by the back door so I could slip them on easily when walking my dog. They were great for that. Since they are all rubber, they didn't oxidize due to being left outside. The finger holes at the top make them easy to pull on. After 8 months of daily use, that part broke. I am impatient so I pull them hard. I found comfort and fit once I put an insulated foot in. I ordered an 11 and they were a bit loose before that. One of my boots is always flopped over when I leave them, the rubber shafts are a bit flaccid. If I wasn't abusing them so much they would probably have lasted longer, because they were great for daily use. Steel toe was good for wood splitting.

👤These boots are really nice. They have a raised spot where your ankle bones are to prevent them from rubbing against your body. The grip circles at the top make pulling them off easier. The toes are roomy and they are comfortable to walk in. I am a women's size 10 shoe. The men's size 8 was just right for me. I put my shoes in my feet. I have worn them many times and they have not leaked. A hard rain can easily get in between the boot and pants, and then your feet can get wet. This is not a fault of the boot. They aren't meant to keep pouring rain. The plastic they are made of has a strong off-gassing chemical smell, but it's not a flaw or defect, it's the nature of the material. I have a very keen sense of smell and this smell was a big annoyance. As the boots brush against your pants, the smell can transfer onto them. The smell is likely to transfer onto any porous surface they come into contact with. If you are concerned about the smell transferring onto the floors and items in your home, I recommend that you store these boots in a box by themselves, on a mat, or on concrete. The smell of the boots is not noticeable to you. The smell of these boots is not a deal breaker for me, and I still love them! You can work in the yard, wash your car, go hiking, attend a creek stomp event, go fishing, or whatever you want, with these boots. Pun intended. Your feet will stay dry as long as the water remains beneath the grip circles. I am amazed by the value of the money. The reinforced toes are nice, and I like the thick treads. Thank you for making this great product!

3. Servus Comfort Technology Steel Boots

Servus Comfort Technology Steel Boots

Polyblend injection molded construction is waterproof but flexible for comfort and is resistant to degradation from agricultural chemicals. A guide along shaft allows for a custom height, and a unique scalloped top-line for easy flexing are offered by theComfort Technology. The lightweight FOOT FORM is a cushion that provides arch and heel support. Slips and falls on slippery surfaces can be prevented with a deep angle cleated outsole, which has an electrical hazard rated outsole. Food processing, custodial, farm, general purpose should be used.

Brand: Servus

👤I ordered a 11 since I wear a 10-10.5 and also planned for a larger size to allow extra room for thick socks. The double socks were still not enough and these are a little more than 11. These boots are heavy and well made. These are heavy and can provide a good workout. I spent a long weekend at the beach wading in the water and tide pools and keeping my feet dry and warm. Good traction in the sand and rocks. Will keep and use, just need to remember to include additional padding in the boots to provide a better fit.

👤33 days into wearing, top cracked. The gorilla tried to glue them. The seller refused to accept the return. They are out of the return window. It's clear that it's clearly faulty. It should not be usable after 33 days. Stay away!

👤The only thing left on these boots is the tread. I'm wearing them as I type. I work in an animal shelter. I wear the boots 3-4 times a week. I've had a lot of shoes in the past five years and one that just eats through them is the destructive chemical I work with. The boots are just as good as the day I bought them. I average 9 miles per day at work on a hard concrete surface, so you can guess where all the tread went. They maintain grip on rough, smooth, and polished surfaces. My feet have not gotten wet. They aren't insulated, so on those cold days, you can feel it, but a heavy pair of wool socks stops that. The cheap insoles don't provide much comfort. If you think about how much you would spend on a similar boot, $20 insoles are a decent investment. I want to buy another pair. I can't praise this product enough. If you spend $20 on any other "American made" work boot, they won't hold up to the same punishment I put these through each day.

👤It's hard to complain about what you're getting because this is a really good price. I usually order a size 10 in mens. I wear a size 10 in my shoes. I wear a size 9.5 in my boots. The size 10 I ordered was very tight, my toes were touching the toe box. The exchange was good. You have to return your boots first and then order another size if you want to exchange for a different size. This wasn't bad because we are talking under 30 dollars. I ordered the next size up and got them in two days. I waited to get my size 10s. I can compare to the size 11s. If you are wondering if you should get a 10 or 11 you can take a picture of the two sizes with a tape measure. I have more room in the toe box in the size 11s, and it's very easy to slip on when walking. The openings are wide. It wasn't a surprise that others have talked about this. I'm in the dirt a lot when I work in construction. It would be hard to wear these in the rain. My jeans can't go over the boot shaft because it's too wide. The steel toes from the Original Muck Boot Company are the only ones I have seen that are slim in the shaft. Those are over 100 dollars. These will do the job for a cheap pair that I can work on.

4. Duck Fish Neoprene Ankle Hunting

Duck Fish Neoprene Ankle Hunting

The collar has fleece lining. The calendar rubber outsole has traction in all weather. All day wear has aremovable insole. If you wear wide, choose one size up. There are two sizes of men and women.

Brand: Duck&fish

👤They looked good, but I never bought them. After only seven months of lawn work, both boots let water in. Both boots had cracks where your toes bend back and forth. The way I got my money back was by the people that work for Amazon customer service. The boots were made in China and not worth $5. Let the buyer beware.

👤I didn't want to pay the premium price for the name brand version of these because I didn't want to use them much. I tested these in a Michigan winter where there was 10 inches of snow and a -13 degree temperature. They are exactly what I was hoping for. Warm, light, waterproof and comfortable. I wouldn't suggest going on long hikes in these but for everyday extreme cold/wet weather duties around the house or going to back in forth to work, this really does the job. I hope they hold up for a while. I would buy them again if they do. I wear a size 11 and it is not available. I went up to a size 12 and it works well for me, especially if you wear thicker winter time socks.

👤These feel good. They are comfortable and wide in the front. I paid 90 bucks for the previous set of Muck boots, but they are more comfortable. The rain suit and boots were stolen from my boat, so I ordered replacements. If you have a wide foot, I recommend these boots. The W is for Women's in the size chart. I ordered a W. The return process was quick and painless. I had the free shipping return label printed up and had it delivered to my place of business. The boot is very comfortable for the price.

👤These are comfortable and are holding up well after a couple of months of light use. I'm happy with the purchase and I'm satisfied with them. The pull tab on the heels should be backwards, not toward the toe. It's a huge annoyance that could be fixed. If you start putting your foot in before grabbing the tab, you can't grab it because your foot pushes the tab into the boot. Terrible design flaw. The sole should be stronger. Sole is very flexible. The boot would have a more rigid sole.

👤On time delivery, the shoes were comfortable and good fit. This time of year in Florida, when the grass is wet, it's a good time to buy this for yard work. I have worn the shoes 5 times. The left shoe broke loose when I put them on the strap. A 5 star rating would be achieved if not for that. The pull strap looks to be sewn down with very light thread, not sure what is meant by the line "2nd edition strap problem fixed". The pull tab might be a weakness for you if you order.

👤I received a set of boots on Sunday. I wore rubber boots to work on Monday and Tuesday. I put them on the boot rack on Tuesday night and noticed that most of the tread on the shoes was gone. I threw away a lot of money on junk boots.

5. Tingley 31251 12 Pilot Cleated Steel

Tingley 31251 12 Pilot Cleated Steel

The pull tab is easy to use. The package weight is 6.41 lbs. 100% waterproof. The steel toe is called Astm F2413 M/I/75/C/75. The flexible upper material is good for walking in cold weather.

Brand: Tingley

👤Two weeks after wearing the boots, they developed cracks on the big toe area. I work in food processing and stand on wet floors all day. Water hoses are sprayed and trash cans full of water are dumped all day to keep the plant clean. It makes work miserable when you work with wet feet. I usually use tape to cover the holes, but I'll have to go to Walmart.

👤I will keep buying them even though they are for $10. You should order a smaller size if you wear what you normally wear. These are holding up better than I thought. The pressure washing company I work for has a few people that pay over $100 for a pair ofuck boots, but these $10 boots last just as long. I wear these with regular ankle socks. They are very close to the calves. The water is kept out. Unless I sweat or shoot water directly down my leg, I stay bone dry. It's a good thing. I did that. These boots are very good. Thank you people!

👤Let me tell you about the 4 stars. I needed a next-day-boot solution so I got these boots. These boots are heavy duty. They are very strong. I have to walk a lot when I wear them. I walked like Frankestein in these boots. For about an hour, but to be fair. If you don't have to do much walking, these boots are great. The Dr. Scholls boot inserts cost more. They are my emergency backup boots.

👤I bought these for my dog in the rain. I've never used them for anything else. When I got them, they looked good. I walk through the woods. The trails are not muddy. The water came rushing in after I stepped in the puddle. I can see a split on the side of the boot, closer to my big toe. I can see that when you walk. I can't imagine using these boots for any kind of work where they would be under stress.

👤Their boots are thick and rubbery. I got 2 pairs for $12. If you want, you can buy expensive Timberlands and ruin them the first time you step in mud or do work, or you could just wear thick socks and these are easy to clean. I find that walking through mud or raw sewage and looking good stepping out on the town are mutually exclusive activities, best solved with separate foot wear specifically adapted to each task.

👤I use these boots all the time and have had them for a while. Commercial construction sites in Florida are always wet and muddy. The boots are comfortable and do a great job. The tread is good for climbing. Even kneeling down is comfortable. I thought the steel toe would hurt my feet. It doesn't.

👤I almost have to buy new work boots every time I go to work, so I bought these for the cheap price. The amount of chemicals, oils, and mud that I walk through on a daily basis is too much for some boots. I used them for a week and a half. They held their own. I bent down and they creased a bit. I work in areas that are very dry and in extreme temperatures. If you don't wear them everyday like I did, you'll get what you pay for. I worked 12 hours a day. forgot to mention that They have amazing slip resistance. I work on matts and iron and I never felt like I was losing my feet.

6. Columbia Newton Hiking Cordovan Squash

Columbia Newton Hiking Cordovan Squash

The technology is advanced. The Columbia Men'sNewton Ridge Plus II waterproof hiking boot features a lightweight, durable midsole for long lasting comfort, superior cushioning, and high energy return, as well as an advanced traction rubber sole for slip-free movement on rough ground. There areANDY features. The waterproof full-grain leather and mesh bootie construction of this boot makes it comfortable and worry-free to savesay' There are adjusted features. The lace-up closure on theNewton Ridge Plus II waterproof hiking boot is flexible and secure. The style isTILE. The men's waterproof hiking boot has contrasting color combinations and soft mesh exterior. It's called OMNI-GRIP. The multi-terrain traction system matches compounds and treads to environments. Solid footing is ensured on ice and snow with a dual-zone winter tread pattern.

Brand: Columbia

👤I bought these boots for work. I work as a night watch person on a horse farm, where it is not unusual for me to walk 5 to 10 miles in an 11 hour shift each night. After a couple of weeks, I found these boots to be not as comfortable as I had thought. They became very uncomfortable when they broke down. They are not waterproof, I walk through many lanes, turnouts, fields, and if the grass is the least wet from rain, my feet are soaked in a matter of minutes. If you are looking for a waterproof hiking boot, look elsewhere.

👤I found the boots comfortable but not waterproof. I need waterproof boots when walking into wet areas because I walk miles a day as a locator. On the other day, my toes were wet after walking in tall wet grass. I thought my feet got wet from my jeans getting wet in my boots, but I realized my toes were wet on both feet, so there appears to be a problem with the tongue and boots. I found them to be tight to use foot pads when I first put them on. I thought I would break them in by wearing them around the house for a few days. I found them to be a bit tighter around the foot arch for my liking. They are not worth the money if they are not waterproof.

👤I had high hopes for these boots. My feet were dry and cool. I never had a problem getting into the boot. After about 3 weeks, everything seemed perfect but then there were issues. I don't put my shoes on anymore because the back of the heel is digging into my foot. It is very thin if it only lasted a month. The shoe lace tabs are made of cheap aluminum and bend very easily. I had to use a pair of pliers to bend them back so I could fit the shoe lace in. It would be great if they made some simple improvements to this boot. I won't buy these again.

👤The review has been updated. I have had these boots for 9 months and have to lower the rating to 1 star because of their poor quality. The rubber on the toe of one boot is chipping off and the other boot is coming loose. The boots are comfortable but not durable. _______________________________________________ I am in the military in Afghanistan and my favorite pair of boots, Vasque Sundowner GTX, which were resoled prior to deployment, failed me, the sole came off, I guess I used the wrong cobbler. I ordered a pair of Columbia Men'sNewton Ridge Plus II WP Hiking boots because I needed them for my deployment. I am very satisfied with my first pair of Columbia boots. It only took 9 days for them to reach me. When I put them on, they felt great. I was a little nervous after wearing them for a while because I felt a rub on the bridge of my toes. The boots fit perfectly with the Fox River Dry Maximum socks I wear. I wore them the rest of the day and the next morning when I put them on they fit perfectly, but the rubbing was gone and they seem to have broken in in a few hours. The boots are not hot at all and I am at a temperature of around 120 degrees. The recap was done. The boot size and width fit perfectly, the boots "broke in" in a matter of hours, they are not hot and seem to be unreliable. I would recommend this boot for it's size, comfort and style. If they don't hold up well and they are tested, I will update the review. I gave them a 4 star because I have never been to Columbia before.

7. Simms Tributary Rubber Fishing Striker

Simms Tributary Rubber Fishing Striker

The Tributary rubber wading boot provides traction and support to help you negotiate the muddy river bottoms. These boots have a synthetic upper. Studs are sold separately. There is a person named Neo Paralegal Lining. The shoes have a lining. You can slide these boots on or off with this lining. The reaction rubber is out. The fishing boots have a thick traction rubber outsole. The fishermen will have a firm grip over slippery riverbeds, lake bottoms, and algae-covered rocks with the stud-compatible outsole. The rubber toe cap on these wading boots is durable. These rubber caps will be useful when walking across rocky terrain. This thick toe protects your toes from the elements, no more stubbing your toes on rocks or underwater tree trunks. There is foot wear care. If you use these wet wading boots in saltwater, you should always clean and rinse them. Dust and dirt can be removed with an old toothbrush or vegetable brush. Before cleaning, remove the laces. Use a boot cleaner, saddle soap or a mild dishwashing soap. Do not use detergents. Place wet boots away from a heat source. Always dry.

Brand: Simms

👤The boots are not worth the money. Not strong. The stitching on the left boot is coming apart after wearing them for about a dozen times. I fly fish in the Upper Peninsula. It is a limestone landscape. I have owned a number of wading boots, but those are the worst I have ever owned. They do not give stability. It's like trying to run across a piece of linoleum. I have fished in rivers since I was 8 years old. The boots are going in different directions. Terrible.

👤I do environmental science. Most of the time, I wear a waders at least once a week. I have used a wide variety of wading boots from cheap brands to name brands like Simms. I have worked in areas of arid, dry, grassland, basalt, and muddy rainforest in the NW US. The sole near the toe of these boots started coming off after less than 10 days of use, and I am waiting for a reply about a repair or replacement since the Amazon seller wont accept a return or replace them. I was surprised at how bad the grip was with these boots. On dirt, mud, trails, and gravel it has been fine. It feels like ice skating on smooth cobbles. I tried them with the sole, but then I put some screw type cleats in and it didn't help. Even though I purchased these from a 3rd party seller that didn't honor a warranty, Simms is replacing them at no cost to me. The complaint has been temporarily fixed.

👤The reviewers who are complaining that these are heavy must have started with cheap tennis shoes. The majority of the time, a good boot is heavy. I have a pair of size 11s that weigh 3.5 lbs. I changed the size of my work boot to an 11 and they fit perfectly. I wear stocking foot waders.

👤One usually orders the next size up to accommodate the stocking feet of the waders because there was no direction as to how to size. The site reads that they are EEE to accommodate the stocking feet, but no mention of length. I usually wear a 12 but ordered a 13. I don't have access to size 12s to determine if the best fit is available.

👤Adding a size for socks foot waders is a quality boot construction. I don't recommend this boot for rocky bottom wading. I would have been more comfortable in Colorado in a more athletic style of boot that would have allowed me to negotiate the large, slipper, rocky bottom better.

👤I was going to go trout fishing in the cold waters. I was unsure if the felt was legal. It was slick in the water on the rocks. I think the majority of my time walking along the rivers on dry rocks made me appreciate the grip they had. It is very sturdy and very grippy. I bought the 14 and wore a 13 shoe. There was room for the special socks. I think there was too much room for a 13 They worked. The set up with 3.5mm socks worked great when walking into the cold rivers. I wish I had thicker socks but the boots worked well. I remember the second day as I was spending money on my friends, I was happy they were wearing wet shoes.

8. DLGJPA Drying Sports Lightweight Walking

DLGJPA Drying Sports Lightweight Walking

Breathable Beach Water Shoes. On Aqua Sport shoes. The Solyte midsole is lightweight and has good bounce-back. The Water Grip outsole has exceptional traction in wet and slippery conditions. ComforDry sockliners creates a cooler, drier and healthier shoe environment. The open mesh on the upper and hole on the sole provides for quick drying.

Brand: Dlgjpa

👤I have been wearing these shoes for three days. They are more impressive than I anticipated. I needed a shoe that was comfortable and would not cause blisters on my feet, a shoe that would provide arch support, and a shoe that wouldn't make my cement slippery. They check every box. The main complaint seems to be on size. I wear a street shoe and a tennis shoe. When I stand on a ruler with my foot and ruler against the wall, my bare foot is 10 1/2 inches to the tip of my toe nail. I ordered a size 10 and they fit perfectly for me. I have 1/2 inch to the end of the shoe if I stand with my bare foot. I think that might cause blisters. Even with the garden hose running water on them, these shoes never feel soggy. Water can run through the holes in the sole of these shoes. The fabric is wet for a while. They do air dry quickly when you remove the shoe. I have no affiliation with the company and receive no compensation for this review. I will order another pair for the house.

👤The water shoes are awesome. You barely notice them. The drain holes work well. The sole is soft and comfortable, and has enough padding at the front and back to protect your feet from small rocks that would be uncomfortable to walk on. The style is nice looking and can be used as a casual athletic shoe for walking around town or even some light exercise; they look very similar to some of the lightweight knit athletic shoes that have been popular recently. I'm rating these four stars because they are too big for me, and I had to return three different pairs. I only wear 12 or 13 US sizes for most of my life, so I ordered both of those sizes. I returned the 12 and got an 11. There was a lot of room beyond my toes. I ordered a 10.5 and it fits perfectly. Since middle school, I haven't worn a 10.5. If you want to try on different sizes, I suggest ordering a couple different sizes at once, smaller than what you normally wear, so that you can try on different sizes.

👤I ordered them to wear shoes that didn't matter if they got wet while hanging out at the lake. They are light and seem to be made well for the price. I would be careful with the size. I wear a men's size 11 and they fit perfectly. I ordered these in a size 11 and they came as European size 45 which I believe should be close to the same, but the shoes left me with close to an inch of room at the toe and seemed pretty wide. I will not fault the product for that. I got a 10.5 to try after sending them back. Hopefully they fit better. If I have any issues other than size with the next pair, I will update this.

9. Grundens DECK BOSS Durable Waterproof Capers

Grundens DECK BOSS Durable Waterproof Capers

The men's DECK-BOSS Ankle Boot is protected no matter where the adventure takes you. The cooling liner on the thicker insoles promotes shock resistance. You will be standing upright on the deck all day long with the gum rubber outsole and built in siping that helps move water out from under the shoe. The DECK-BOSS collection was designed to provide anglers with comfortable footwear options that will last even the longest days on the water. They prioritized a thicker insole to promote noticeable shock resistance and a cooling comfortable liner. Since the start of the 20th century, Grundens has pioneered high-quality fishing gear and apparel that resists the forces of nature, keeping men and women warm, dry and safe when doing what they love. Fishermen face any condition on waters across the globe, and they help them. For generations, Grundens has developed and manufactured high-quality rainwear and protective clothing. Their waterproof clothing has been proven to work in the toughest environments. For the lifetime of the product, Grundens brand products are warrantied against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship.

Brand: Grundéns

👤I wore these boots for the first time in May. I thought it was sweat since I live in Florida. The pictures show that both boots were not nice. All's good, I returned the boots. I received my money back. They gave me a big refund. Yes! One dollar and seven cents. I paid taxes for these hats. I was going to return them because they were too tight. I found them to be manageable with a thinner sock. I wish I wouldn't have ordered them. I buy from Amazon a lot. I've never been so upset with a supplier. I wrote the company and never heard from them again. There is a word of warning. Don't buy from this company.

👤These boots are disappointing. It has been 4 weeks of wearing only 4 days each week. They started pealing and a white line appeared on the top of the boot. They cracked at the beginning of the 4th week. Like dry rot. These are supposed to be a fishing boot. I paid over a hundred dollars for these and they only lasted 4 weeks. 16 days.

👤I wanted to wear these boots. They were comfortable after a week. The sides started splitting after 2 months. The pictures are taken after 3 months of wear.

👤The initial impression is good. I wore these boots during New Orleans's Carnival. I was on my feet for 10 to 14 hours at a time. Some people stated that the grip was not an issue. It was worth every penny. I can't speak to the long-term use yet, but from the abuse I've given them, they still look brand new. It looks like a good sign.

👤My husband got these for a cooler summer replacement for his muck boots. He loves them over sneakers because they have no dusty or wet toes. Crops and livestock are perfect on our farm. I wish they came in women's sizes.

👤They were bought on the same day. They were used three times. The top layer began to peel when I cleaned them for the third time. Read the bad reviews. Only returnable for 30 days. Don't buy.

👤After 3 months of random use on recreational boats, you can see what it is. I didn't wear them everyday because I wanted to keep my feet dry. I have a lot of items from Grundens/Gage. These boots are not worth the price.

👤Quality is much better than xtratuffs. After a few days, they break in.

10. New Balance Casual Comfort Trainer

New Balance Casual Comfort Trainer

The impact is absorbed through a combination of padding and compression resistance. The Imeva foam is flexible and firm. Midfoot structure and support are added by the internal midsole shank.

Brand: New Balance

👤The toe box on the 608v5 is much smaller than the one on the 608v3 in the picture. I bought the same size and width as the ones I replaced, and they were the same size and 888-270-6611 The old 608v3 shoes fit my feet perfectly, but the new 608v5 shoes are too narrow up front, causing my big toe to jam into the side of the shoe. The width and length of the rest of the shoe are the same. I don't know why New Balance would change the fit in such a drastic way, but keep the same model number. Very disappointing.

👤I've been wearing the 608 V4 for a long time. Love them. I don't like the new version. I've tried to break this pair in, but I've given up. I can see a slight difference in how the shoes fit around the ankle when I compare the Version 4 to the Version 5. It causes my little toe to go spastic because it presses against the bottom of my ankle. My ankle and little toe are not feeling well a mile into my walk.

👤I have been to many different makes and models in the last few years and have been disappointed by every purchase. My left ankle was shattered in an accident and I have arthritis in both of them. I was buying shoes for the cushion but they bothered my back and hips. My shoes only lasted about 10 weeks. I have been wearing this pair for 4 months and they are still supportive and comfortable. I hope New Balance doesn't mess with a good thing. I would recommend these to anyone who needs a supportive shoe. I live in SW FL. It rains there every day. I wore a new pair to work. I was caught in the rain. I had to walk in the sand because my shoe lost its support when it got wet. The shoes were only a week old when I rolled my foot. I walked on the side of the shoe. I had to wear them walking on the side for 2 more days while I was out of town. I had to crawl through the house because I couldn't walk. I couldn't put any weight on them for 2 more days. I ordered another pair of New Balance after just trying them on and it felt awkward. I took a mini square and was amazed at how far the shoe was. The top part of the shoe was not straight. See the picture. I ordered a pair of Reeboks to try.

👤My old New Balance 608V2 shoes wore out quickly. I came across these 608v5 models when I was looking at the newer versions. They feel like they're broken in right out of the box. Lighter than the older ones. These are the shoes that I wear to church as well as the shoes that I wear everyday. It's worth every dollar.

11. Timberland White Ledge Waterproof Ankle

Timberland White Ledge Waterproof Ankle

The shaft is 4.75" from the arch. The White Ledge Men's Hiking boots have waterproof leather uppers, seam-sealed waterproof construction, and rustproof lace hardware with hooks at the top for secure lacing. Look no further for trail-ready performance and style. Their selection of men's hiking boots, waterproof hiking boots, casual boots, and casual shoes is designed to fit in with your outdoor- ready ensemble. Whether you're looking for men's boots, women's boots, or kids boots, Timbuk2 has you covered. For the best in hiking boots, rain boots, work boots, casual shoes, and more, choose Timberland. What you need in the outdoors are jackets and coats, backpacks, luggage, and accessories.

Brand: Timberland

👤I have an old pair of boots. The 5 year old pair are very comfortable all day on the concrete floor. The old pair have stayed together despite a few quick-lace failures. They were made in Vietnam. The same size and style were made in China. The inside of by heels began to burn after less than an hour. The Chinese model of the shoe was more narrow than the old one, and it explains the smaller upper. If you want to maintain your reputation, outsourcing to the cheapest manufacturer isn't always the best option. There's a wally world on every corner, the same boot at half price, minus the label. They cut that corner too, but they didn't put any stitching in the tongue. Anything to save a buck. Disappointed...

👤I needed a pair of hiking boots to replace the boots that were only 1 1/2 years old but lost their waterproofness in the first six months and almost broke my skin when a weed stalker went through the side of the field. I was getting tired of replacing the second pair of Keene's that had gone bad and they were at $130. I started looking at reviews and found these. They have a large toe box. I put a coat of oil on them after taking them out. I knew they would take a break. I have about three or four miles of walking through the fields and they seem to be breaking in quickly. I put on about 700 miles a year. If you are looking for hiking boots that will give you good ankle support, look elsewhere. These are for easy hiking. I put in a pair of Dr. Scholls first to make them comfortable. I will give an update in three or four months if I remember correctly. I have had a chance to wear these for a while, including the recent snow storm and frigid temperatures. We got 5” of snow this morning, and we are 4 or 5 degrees with a wind chill of -8. My feet have stayed warm and dry on a 25 to 35 minute period, because I had been wearing wool socks. Walk through the fields. I decided to try summer cotton socks because of the cold and snow. I am a 70 year old with diabetes and it affects circulation so I am sensitive to cold and heat. Even in the snow and cold, I walk 3 miles a day with my dog. The results of a 20 minute walk were warm and dry. Harley was getting snow turning to ice between her toes every few minutes. We would have to stop. I would have to remove it. When I received these boots, I put my Dr. Scholls insoles from my previous pair in, rubbed them in with a coat of oil, and started walking. I have found them to be more comfortable than the Keens. I wore it previously. I don't walk as much as a lot of people, but they're doing well for me for field and neighborhood walking. If you want a pair of boots to wear, every day, and forget when you take them off, look elsewhere. These are leather and need a lot of care. If they get wet, don't wear them the next day. When I get soaked in the rain with my dog, I wipe them clean with an old towel, put shoe trees in them to keep the leather from Shrinking, and set them aside where there is a flow of air to let them air. You will ruin the leather if you try and dry them with hot air. It seems to work if you put them a few feet away from the fan. I keep an old pair that I use while they are drying. After they have dried completely, I retreat every inch of leather, paying particular attention to the seams and around the grommets, and then let it sit and dry. Is the pain above? You need to take care of these boots, not let them get muddy and wet, and toss them in the corner for the next day. The boots were a good buy for the money and I have had them for a year. I will repeat a few of the points I made before. 1. They are not waterproof in any way. 2. Do not leave them in a dark hallway if you get soaked. They will be ruined if you do that. They should be put on a towel in front of a fan. If you place them on a heated surface or someplace where hot air blows on them, they will ruin the leather. 3. Once dry, polish your boots. I put a match to the polish in the can and let it flame and liquify, then take a rag and dip it into the liquid polish and rub it into the leather. I rubbed the polish in with a cloth and then used a brush to buff it to a shine. If you wear leather hiking boots and walk through wet fields you should take care of the leather because it takes time and effort. I don't wear these two days in a row in wet weather. If you are looking for that type of boot, you will be looking at three times the price.


What is the best product for fishing boots for men size 14?

Fishing boots for men size 14 products from Tidewe. In this article about fishing boots for men size 14 you can see why people choose the product. Dunlop Protective Footwear and Servus are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing boots for men size 14.

What are the best brands for fishing boots for men size 14?

Tidewe, Dunlop Protective Footwear and Servus are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing boots for men size 14. Find the detail in this article. Duck&fish, Tingley and Columbia are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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