Best Fishing Boots for Men Wide

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1. TIDEWE Multi Season Waterproof Neoprene Realtree

TIDEWE Multi Season Waterproof Neoprene Realtree

If you don't know the size CHART, choose the right size. The waterproof and anti-slip design of the rain boots features 6mm neoprene uppers and a natural rubber material. The rubber soles have a deep tread that provides traction in rough terrain. The neoprene uppers are comfortable and flexible so they can be used with your foot movements. With a simple, easy to install mesh, your feet will remain cool with outstanding air circulation and temperature regulation. TideWe put in a steel shank between the boot and the insole to provide added support. Extra protection on the toe and heel of the boot is offered by the reinforced rubber shell. The pull-on and kick tab make it easy to get out the door. TideThey's rubber boots are great for flooded areas, snow, mud and more. TideThey's rain boots will fit your needs whether you are working, hunting, fishing, camping or even playing in the rain. The comfort rating is (-4F - 68F)/.

Brand: Tidewe

👤These are easy to wear. They seem to have good grip. I plan on using these to clean the pool deck. I can't say that they're bad, the heel feels a bit lower. I don't want to wear high heels to prance around and make soccer moms jealous. I got a bit more of a cowboy walk with the heel on. The unofficial mayor of the neighborhood should have more of a solid walk as I have a certain status to uphold in our sub division as the first official chili cook off winner, best decorated yard, and unofficial mayor of the neighborhood. The walk is a bit harder in these boots.

👤So far, so good. They hunted once so far this season, which just started. I crossed a creek twice and there were no leaks. It is comfortable when sitting or standing. If you wear the right socks, it will be warm enough for late September. It was size appropriate. I think muck boots with proper socks are the ultimate whitetail boot. You probably want more stability if you are in the deep mountains or facing a long poke to your spot. These are like wearing heaven on your feet, for getting in/out and staying dry. They had a rubber smell out the box. I keep them outside in the elements, upside down, for the entire year. Once they offgas, this smell fades. They are good to go for two weeks.

👤The waterproofness of these boots is impressive. I don't have to worry about my feet getting soaked or leaking when I stop through the creek or river. It can cost 2 to 3 times more to find a boot that can do what this one does. I will probably buy more pairs in the future, but the quality seems to be so good that it may take a while. I will recommend these to all my friends for hiking and trail walking. I use a bigger size to add extra socks for cold days, but they fit true to size. It is easy to work with the company if you make this purchase.

👤I bought these boots in October 2020. They were very comfortable and easy to use. The price was decent, but the boots started coming apart at the seams lower on the boot. I am getting water in from the bottom of my feet. When I am in wet mud, my feet are wet, even though I haven't found anything. Not soaking wet, but damp. I was hoping to get a year out of these boots. I don't recommend these boots and I won't buy them again. The majority of use was done in trenches and snowy terrain. The terrain was soft and not used in sharp surfaces.

👤I have owned these boots for 3 months and they are leaking and tearing apart.

👤My 13 year old son has two pairs of TIDWEs. They are a more affordable option for a growing child. After a year of heavy use, he outgrew his previous pair. The label was rubbed off. The TIDWEs are an excellent value after owning a few pairs of mucks. The two boots seem to be different in width. I did not return them because my son said that the narrower one fits better. I don't know which one is abnormal because he doesn't have a wide foot. These boots fit loose.

2. XTRATUF Legacy Neoprene Insulated Fishing

XTRATUF Legacy Neoprene Insulated Fishing

A durable boot can be made with high-grade rubber. The hand-layer construction provides flex and strength at critical stress points. Excellent traction is provided by the slip-resistant, non-marking Chevron outsole. The boot temperature is -10 F (-23 C). The open cell structure of the Breathe-O-Prene insoles reduces the drying time. Toe & heel guards protect against injuries; heel counter protects the foot from movement in the boot. Toe & heel guards protect against injuries; heel counter protects the foot from movement in the boot.

Brand: Xtratuf

👤There is a seam on the inside of the foot. I wore these boots for the first time and they are very stiff and difficult to remove, and a little smaller than past boots, because of the bend. I felt something move as I pulled the right boot off. The flap that is when taking off the boot is caused by the part of the seam that is not glue down. The flap would keep peeling back until it was unwearable. My last pair of made in the USA XtraTuf did not last more than 2 decades. I was dismayed to learn that the XtraTuf,s are made in China. The boots were mostly well built and sturdy, but the quality control was poor. They were small and tight on my 10 1/2 foot. The last pair of XtraTuf,s of the same model and size were not so tight, making it doubtful I could wear a thick pair of wool socks. It is possible that a half size bigger may be needed. I decided to get a refund because I didn't want to replace these. I dug my old boots out of the trash after returning them. I would like to thank Amazon for their no hassle returns.

👤I only had them for about 2 months. In that time, I've worn these boots while fishing, working on my tractor, digging holes in the mud and dirt, and taking a few short hikes in the rain. The boots are amazing. There were no problems. There was no leaking. It is comfortable and durable. The deck of the boat was slippery during the halibut fishing. I had no issues with traction with these boots. The non-slip surface works well. I will be able to try them in snow and ice in another couple of months.

👤We have to buy new boots every 3-4 months because they are not waterproof for long. They are not the cheapest. They used to be made in the USA, but now they are made in China. Poor quality! We could stop to buy these if there were better quality waterproof boots. Does the manufacturer care? Hello?

👤My husband's ankle and foot were severely injured after only one time wearing the specific pair of boots, which is a fan of the Xtratuf brand. When he tried them on at home, we thought they might need breaking in, but they were just poorly made and molded. He has no "out-of-the-ordianary" ankle or feet and has worn these boots for his job before and loved them. We went ahead and got him a new pair just like he had before, when it was time for a new pair. It's a word that means "wah-wah." I don't blame the seller, but the manufacturer. We would say it was a fit thing, but seeing as it was the right one, it was definitely a manufacturing error. If you notice that these boots are not the same as your first pair, please return them, you are not alone. The quality has gone downhill dramatically, but I'm still wearing my pair that was made in the USA. I don't work a trade where I run through boots like my husband does.

3. Fans Fishing Hunting Anti Slip Lightweight

Fans Fishing Hunting Anti Slip Lightweight

Men's wading boots have 7 American sizes from 8# to 14# for different demands. Please help them by sending all your questions to them by e-mail so they can solve them before you buy. It's convenient and light. It's important to choose the satisfactory wading boots with lightweight, well-cushioned soles and quick draining. Their wading shoes have all of the features that are designed for a comfortable experience. REINFORCED TOE AND HEEL. The men's fishing wading boots were made to last and were reinforced with speed laces. Protection and safety are important. The fishing boots had rubber soles that were non-slip and had a padded ankle collar. It protects you from slipping on mossy rocks, downed logs or muddy bottoms. You should prevent your feet from being hit by objects at the same time. You will be able to match their wading shoes with fishing waders because of the wide collar design.

Brand: 8 Fans

👤I would give these boots a negative review. I was walking on a rocky ledge when the boot sole came unglued. I fell to the river while wearing full waders. I almost drowned when my waders filled with water. The trip was ruined when my fly rod broke. My finger is cut from the rock ledge. Don't buy.

👤I was pleased with the fit of the boots I tried on. I like the tread wear on the bottom as I wanted to avoid felt bottoms as many streams are worried about the transmission of parasites that attach to felt bottomed boots. To make sure you account for the type of wader you are ordering, order one size up from your normal foot. A self-contained solution is not something I prefer. Fish On!

👤I was not happy with the shoes. They were not anti slip. They were more slippery than hiking boots I normally wear. The inner sole on one of the shoes came loose after I got wet and began to bunch up under my foot making it very uncomfortable to walk. I would not recommend these shoes.

👤A good boot! I was comfortable all day. They looked a little heavy. You can't tell when they're on your feet. I thought they would get heavy when wet. The grip in the water is great, but I will put the studs in them only for a short time when I am out of water. They did not hold the dirt well. When my feet slid out from under me, I busted my butt. The boot was overall 5 out of 5. They feel like they will last a while, but I can't speak on that after one use. Pull the Trigger if you are considering these. I think it's worth it.

👤They fit perfectly. It felt like walking on ice without studs. It was very slippery. I have been fishing the same rivers for 40 years and have never had this problem before. Setting the studs in is much better than buying them. If you walk in sand, rubber soles are fine, but on the rocks they are terrible.

👤The boots are a good quality for the price. They fit true to size for actual boots, just size up a bit to make room for the neoprene of your waders. They were comfortable for my husband and kept his feet dry. Would recommend them to others.

👤They're a decent boot, and for the price point, have a place among the other Amazon options. The construction of the sole and exterior was sturdy and the padding was comfortable. I am a size 13 on the dot. 99% of the time I wear a 13. I ordered a 13 and a 14 because I'll be wearing wading socks with them. The toe box could be rented by the 14's. The toe box area was large even with the wading socks on and my normal size, but it felt good. The stability of these in a CO stream was knocked out by just enough wobble. There are two more My only big con with these is that they won't go too hard on the large toe box, everyone's feet are different. It took 36 hours to dry the shoes that are built to walk in water. Outside in the mountain air. My hiking boots dried in the same amount of time, if not quicker, than the other one. That's a huge issue to me. If I'm in a remote area where I'm going to wade fish, I expect my shoes to be dry by the morning. If I didn't fish the night before. The shoes were all good, but the drying issue was a big problem for me, and probably pushed me to buy a nicer pair of shoes.

4. NORTIV Waterproof Lightweight Backpacking Trekking

NORTIV Waterproof Lightweight Backpacking Trekking

The shaft is from the arch. The boot opening is around 13 All-day comfort is delivered by the NORTIV 8 Men's waterproof hiking boots. The best support for your feet is provided by shock absorbers. Reducing foot fatigue is achieved by lightweight and flexible eva midsoles. They are designed for long-term comfort and high energy return. High-quality rubber soles are slip-proof and feature advanced traction for firm stability on challenging terrains. There is no more slipping and falling on wet or muddy surfaces. It's perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, camping, climbing, cycling, fishing, running, backpacking, trekking, and so on. Nortiv 8 aims to provide high-quality outdoor shoes.


👤I've been wearing them daily for a week now, both in casual situations and out in the woods on both flat and steep terrain. I took a stab at them because they have an excellent grip on mud and dirt. When I ordered, I didn't have a single review so I took a chance. What is the most important? I can't say yet. I've looked over it's construction and it seems to have all the right details, but even looks can deceive so time will tell. When the time comes, I will update my review based on how long it has been since I last looked at it. They are made in china and should be no surprise to anyone. I have only seen a few issues with the sowing, and my advice is to melt them before they get out of hand. I will keep an eye on it. I felt like I was walking on clouds when I walked in them, since they have an EVA insole, which isn't glue in. If the boot holds up, you can buy replacement insoles from other manufacturers. I got a packet that had 2 extra laces, so I can get back ups if I need them. The tongue is a wrap with no opening but over an ankle deep of water and they will flood, so I think it's fine. I got a pair of black/ gray shoes that are a little warm on the feet, but I expected that most black clothing is not as warm as light colors. I have a pair of RND1 basket ball sneakers and they are light, but the boot is incredible light, as light as a pair of RND1 basket ball sneakers I have. The boots are easy to put on and take off and I was happy with that. For poison oak reasons. If you like a foot hugging snug feel and tightness, I recommend relacing these after you get them. I preferred lacing the little loser out of the box, but not a flaw that is a personal preference. The snug feeling I got from my relacing of the boot stayed snug all day long. These are not wides, even though some men and women wear wide boots and shoes, there is no option at the time I bought these for a wide foot. My foot is about 4 inches wide at the widest point, and I wouldn't be comfortable with it. My dad taught me to buy shoes with a hiking boot tread. If you wear a size 10, go with a 10 1/2. He told me this rule of thumb before I wore a 10.5. It was great advice from a wise man that I wear a 11 now. The advice makes things feel better and more comfortable. This is just general advice when buying a shoe, be it online or in a store. August 21st is the review update. I took a bottle of guerilla glue after 15 days when part of the sole on the left rear heel started coming lose, but I have had no issues since. I filled that hole with glue. I have only had one serious issue with these, and that is still wearing them daily. Buy guerilla bottle glue when you buy these. Since I bought them, they have been the only serious problem. It was made in china and it did for me. I think it's fair that no one should have to glue their shoe back together after 15 days of daily use. I would go back to 3 but I'm still wearing them. guerilla glue should be used as they work well together.

5. Kamik Mens Icebreaker Work Black

Kamik Mens Icebreaker Work Black

The shaft is from the arch. The Heel is about 1.5 inches. The platform is approximately half an inch. The boot opening is around 17 The temperature is -40f. There is a thermal guard liner. 97 percent of the liner is recycled. The lining is moist. The collar is waterproof.

Brand: Kamik

👤Most manufacturers don't think about the lager opening of a boot. I have big wide feet. I have to pull, stomp, and walk my foot into most boots. Here's the Rick. Put the liner on your foot and then put the boot on it. voila! The liner can't bunch up. I have tried this method with other boots. I wore them all day and they were dry. Buy Them! There is an update! They would be bought again for 2 years.

👤Finally a boot that didn't break the bank. My husband and I always buy yellow rubber boots when working in muddy or wet conditions. The last pair purchased was ripped in the first week of wear, and that's always an issue with them. I stumbled upon these Kamik's while browsing for work boots. I buy a brand of snow boots for our kids and they are very well made, and even pass them along to another parent for their child because they are still in excellent condition come the next season. I thought, why not? The person made the purchase after taking the plunge. I was so happy I did. My husband said that they are comfortable and that he kept his feet dry and warm since he doesn't have to wear work boots. He wore these boots through the winter. They held up, no tears or wear. There are a few marks that are expected. I would give 10 stars if I could. Will purchase them again in the future.

👤These boots are disappointing. After one season of average use, they are not worth the high hopes I had. There is a piece of metal that runs along the bottom of the boot. The traction is subpar and it is starting to let water in. The tread is brand new, so I was not using them for heavy-duty work. Maybe my pair was not up to par? They are not more than a year old. It's really upsetting. The seller won't respond to me, so I can't get a replacement through Amazon. If you are thinking of getting these, I'm just a reminder.

👤I decided to go with this product after reading many reviews. I was looking forward to using these to stay warm and dry in the winter, because it is very cold here. I put them to use immediately after I purchased them, because they were delivered on January 11th. After only 5 weeks, one foot gets wet. My feet are not warm. I am stuck with them because it is after the return window. I don't recommend these to anyone who will be outside for long periods of time. A very discouraged and unhappy customer.

👤The boots are the same as advertised. I read a review that talked about how if you are a 1/2 size like me, then you should go up a size. The boots fit well with a little room at the end. The insert in the boots keeps your feet warm. I have used them all winter to shovel and walk my dog, they have good traction, and I have even used them to clean out my gutter with no leaking or change in temperature, they kept my feet warm. If you wear your feet for a long period of time, they will keep to warm, but if you sweat and get cold from your own water, it will be a downfall. I have several noticeable scuffs that I found annoying, and these boots get scuffed very easily. I think you have boots to use.

6. PROTECTIVE 8677512 Lightweight Protective Footwear

PROTECTIVE 8677512 Lightweight Protective Footwear

You can choose between brown and green colors. These waders are designed to keep warm and dry. It's best for fishing adventures, hunting, farm working, or any messy situations. Pick the right size if you don't know the size CHART. A one year quality assurance is back by the US. The design is 25% lighter than the previous design. The Bay-Loc Outsole has channels that can be used to Repel Water.

Brand: Dunlop Protective Footwear

👤I didn't choose the steel toe version since I was only 20 bucks without them, but almost double that with the lightweight and waterproof version. I thought the size was correct. I normally wear a size 11 and these give me room for thick wool socks. They aren't all-day comfortable. They are not insulated. They have good traction in mud. The rubber is soft. I wouldn't go far in them, but when it comes to field work and swamp work, these are the best.

👤For comparison, I ordered four pairs of rain boots, each underUSD 50, all size 11. Reviewers have complained about the difficulty of removing them. There was too much space in the heel area for me. The boots are not as heavy as the totes. The price isUSD 20-35. I kept this one. It has kept my feet dry for over 60 miles, and I have been wading through puddles. It's large. The tread seems to provide traction. dunlopboots dot com has the same size as Amazon. The Kamik Ranger is worthUSD 33. My toes were crunched the narrowest. It seems to have been built well. The totes were worthUSD 40. The shortest of the four. The rubber side panels are waterproof. I wonder if the tread is made from rubber foam, it is soft and light. The leg opening is large and I would be concerned about the rain entering the shoe. The top of my foot was rubbing against the throat, which was too short. The size-11 were close to each other. The order is Kamik, totes, Crocs, Dunlop, Crocs.

👤I gave the size 11's to a friend who wears a 12.5. The size 10's were in stock and I ordered them. A half an inch in front of my toes is much better than before. I could probably wear a size 9. I'll keep the 10 and wear some thick boot socks and add more comfort. I'm increasing my rating because these are a great deal. I wear shoes and boots in a size 10. Some of the reviews said these are close to size, and a question shows someone who wears 10 got an 11. I ordered size 11. 11 is even molded into the bottom. They are too big for my toes, and I have over an inch in front of my toes. Apparently there is no size 10 because the larger sizes skip some. For some strange reason size 9 costs $25.67 while size 11 that I ordered only costs $16.49 which is out of line, I do not feel like I should pay more for a smaller size. There is a size 10 available on the Dunlopboots website, but it is not available on Amazon. If they were close to fitting, they would be an excellent value and I paid a good price. I don't want a single half size larger than what I normally wear. If I can get a size 10 for the same price, I'd change my review, but I'm not happy with these.

7. Frogg Toggs Bootfoot Cleated Outsole

Frogg Toggs Bootfoot Cleated Outsole

There are boots with cleated or felt soles. The upper has waterproof welded boot attachment and waterproof taped seams. The belt leashes have elastic stride flex and quick-release locking buckles.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤I don't write reviews. I wanted to give some clarification after using them for two fly fishing outings, so I am taking my time to do so now. I grew up fly fishing with my dad and grandpa in Idaho. The canvas hip waders were only worn by us. I was looking for a couple of pairs of them this year and found some cheaper ones. I've used them for two fishing trips. They are not a rule leak. If you get a pair that leaks, return them for another pair. The boots are not as supportive as the canvas waders. I highly recommend following others' advice and buying some running insoles. Are they necessary? The bottoms of your feet will be sore after a day of fishing. I woke up the next morning with my feet sore after my first trip out with them. No more sore feet were added after the running insoles were added. They hold up well to walking through brush, crawling over downed trees, sliding down a rocky embankment, etc. I haven't yet puncture mine. They are easy to put on and take off. You can pull off the canvas ones with one hand. They don't breathe, that's what makes them waterproof. They are not as well insulated as the canvas waders so you feel the water more. They run true to their size. I wear a size 11 shoe. I ordered a size 11 waders. Hope this helps! I have switched from the canvas waders to these.

👤I have fished in these boots a half dozen times and walked many miles a day while fishing and can honestly say they are very comfortable, even though they are a size too big. I would recommend these boots to anyone who is against them. If you buy these boots, make sure you size according to actual foot size as I generally go between a 9 and a 10 depending on manufacturers, my actual size is a 9 and I picked 10's when I bought these boots. I can only imagine how comfortable they would have been if I had picked the correct size. I am happy with Boot as they get me off the banks and into the water closer to where I wast to cast.

👤The water feature of the koi pond requires cleaning. The pond is lined with rocks. Very slippery! The felt bottomed waders were perfect for me. I did not slip once. I wore knee high boots and was sure I would meet my demise trying to clean the pond. I noted in at least one other review that the felt soles start to come off after a few uses. I only used mine for two days. There are no problems yet. Time may tell. I didn't want to pay a lot as they aren't used that often and will get trashed My old knee high boots were more expensive than these. I was safe and dry in the waders. The straps/fastex buckles are durable. The boots of the waders are comfortable. I bought high quality insoles that I used to improve the support and comfort. I wore them all day for 2 days in a row. It was comfortable. If I were fishing, scrambling on stream banks, hiking in to streams, they might be less comfortable. For cleaning a pond right out my door, they work great. They fit me well. Not long or short. So. Why only 3 stars with all my positive comments? These perform at a 4-5 star level for light duty. But OmIGOSH! They stun! I was surprised that no one had complained about it in other reviews. I would give them 0 stars based on smell. The smell is strong and pervasive. I am not sensitive to odors, but these are in a class all their own. I couldn't bring them inside the house. The jeans I wore made the smell worse and now smell the same. I can never wear jeans again because of the smell. My washer and laundry room now smell after I tried to wash it out. I hope those will go away soon. The jeans will be kept in the garage next to the waders. What is in these things that make this smell so bad? I was afraid to wear them into the pond because I was wondering how much chemical is in the water. It is that bad. I would pay twice as much to avoid this smell again. It is not good to inhale. March 2021. The smell went away from my laundry room. It lingered for a few days. The smell in the garage lingered for a month or so but has been gone for a few months. I will try to keep the review up to date once I reopen the pond in May. We will see how bad they are. I am not sure if I would feel right wearing these into a lake or stream as an avid outdoors person.

8. Xtratuf Legacy Neoprene Fishing XML 000

Xtratuf Legacy Neoprene Fishing XML 000

XTRATUFs recommend half sizes. Extra tough watertight protection is provided by the 100% waterproof Triple-Dipped Neoprene Shells. Flex and strength are added at critical stress points. Open Cell Footbed Insoles are made of foam. Non-Marking Chevron Outsole is slip- resistant.

Brand: Xtratuf

👤These boots are perfect for working in New England in the fall because they are normally seen on fishermen on boats in Alaska. They keep your feet dry. I wore the boots all day to rake leaves, clean the garden and prepare the yard for winter. It is easy to keep your feet on the boot when driving a pickup or tractor. When I lived in Alaska, it seemed like everyone wore them everywhere. They were called "Juneau Tennies". I am happy to have them in my first winter in New England.

👤The deck hands and divers used to wear these boots. I couldn't find them when I looked for them. I couldn't find a 10. I ordered the 11 and they were too big. I used thick socks and boot inserts. I realized that they felt better after walking a few miles. I like that they are chemical resistant and they are very comfortable. My boot soles fell apart when I sprayed my lawn. I can recommend these boots for hunting, fishing, or any outdoor work based on my outdoor experience.

👤The boat has great traction. Can fold over in warm weather. Very strong. I love these. You can't go wrong. Highly recommend!

👤If you have to be wet, it's lovely.

👤These boots are comfortable. It's a great combination for fall and winter.

👤I wear the standard 12 in most pull on boots, but I wear a 12 wide. They fit like a glove. Hunting boots are the best for hunting in the fall and winter.

👤I used to use great boots for fishin but now I use them for concrete work. So far, so good!

9. Grundens DECK BOSS Durable Waterproof Brindle

Grundens DECK BOSS Durable Waterproof Brindle

The men's DECK-BOSS Ankle Boot is protected no matter where the adventure takes you. The cooling liner on the thicker insoles promotes shock resistance. You will be standing upright on the deck all day long with the gum rubber outsole and built in siping that helps move water out from under the shoe. The DECK-BOSS collection was designed to provide anglers with comfortable footwear options that will last even the longest days on the water. They prioritized a thicker insole to promote noticeable shock resistance and a cooling comfortable liner. Since the start of the 20th century, Grundens has pioneered high-quality fishing gear and apparel that resists the forces of nature, keeping men and women warm, dry and safe when doing what they love. Fishermen face any condition on waters across the globe, and they help them. For generations, Grundens has developed and manufactured high-quality rainwear and protective clothing. Their waterproof clothing has been proven to work in the toughest environments. For the lifetime of the product, Grundens brand products are warrantied against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship.

Brand: Grundéns

👤I wore these boots for the first time in May. I thought it was sweat since I live in Florida. The pictures show that both boots were not nice. All's good, I returned the boots. I received my money back. They gave me a big refund. Yes! One dollar and seven cents. I paid taxes for these hats. I was going to return them because they were too tight. I found them to be manageable with a thinner sock. I wish I wouldn't have ordered them. I buy from Amazon a lot. I've never been so upset with a supplier. I wrote the company and never heard from them again. There is a word of warning. Don't buy from this company.

👤These boots are disappointing. It has been 4 weeks of wearing only 4 days each week. They started pealing and a white line appeared on the top of the boot. They cracked at the beginning of the 4th week. Like dry rot. These are supposed to be a fishing boot. I paid over a hundred dollars for these and they only lasted 4 weeks. 16 days.

👤I wanted to wear these boots. They were comfortable after a week. The sides started splitting after 2 months. The pictures are taken after 3 months of wear.

👤The initial impression is good. I wore these boots during New Orleans's Carnival. I was on my feet for 10 to 14 hours at a time. Some people stated that the grip was not an issue. It was worth every penny. I can't speak to the long-term use yet, but from the abuse I've given them, they still look brand new. It looks like a good sign.

👤My husband got these for a cooler summer replacement for his muck boots. He loves them over sneakers because they have no dusty or wet toes. Crops and livestock are perfect on our farm. I wish they came in women's sizes.

👤They were bought on the same day. They were used three times. The top layer began to peel when I cleaned them for the third time. Read the bad reviews. Only returnable for 30 days. Don't buy.

👤After 3 months of random use on recreational boats, you can see what it is. I didn't wear them everyday because I wanted to keep my feet dry. I have a lot of items from Grundens/Gage. These boots are not worth the price.

👤Quality is much better than xtratuffs. After a few days, they break in.

10. Frogg Toggs Aransas Neoprene Cleated

Frogg Toggs Aransas Neoprene Cleated

5mm outer shell. The EVA is lightweight. Sand is kept off your feet with a heavy-duty zipper closure. The toe and cap are reinforced.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤The Frog Toggs Aransas 2 is an excellent shoe. It is easy to put on. A person can wear a nylon or nylon-like material while wearing a shoe. The closure is built to last. The shoe has traction. The shoe size is random. I wear a 12. I wound up in a 10 after returning a 12 and an 11 that was the same size. I decided to wear thicker water socks so they fit and are comfortable. There is a If you wet wade to fish, Frog Toggs wading shoes will help you to hike to the stream in comfort and safety, and give you extra ankle stability. Prepare to use trial and error to get the right size. I love these. It's easy to put on and off. I use them to wade while flyfishing and the sole grips the bottom very well. The ankle support design works well. These are great for hiking up and down slopes. Adding a waterproof type insoles will make your feet happy at the end of fishing. After you get the right size, these are five stars. These boots are new and used for a season. Excellent wet wading boots for all types of bottoms. It's great for the hike down to the stream, which can be more difficult than wading in the stream. Adding a gel type insole will add more comfort.

👤I received them and got 3 stars. They run large in their own experience. I read a comment and bought a larger one, but realized they were too big. I wear a size 9 shoe. I returned the size 10's because they were large. I ordered a new pair of size 9 from Amazon and they were great about the return process. They have plenty of room after arriving today. I plan on wearing a pair of cotton socks at the beach this weekend. The pull strap at the top of the boot is odd. They must have been modeled for someone with larger ankle sizes, as the velco will not match up when I cinch the strap tightly around my ankle. I pulled the strap in the opposite direction to counter the weakness, and it should work. I will make another comment on the success of boots on the California beach once I return from my outing.

👤I wore these boots for the first time after getting them in February. We can be back on the water in May. I went to get my boot out. I contacted Frogg Toggs, but I have to send the boots back to them to be replaced or repaired, because I was too late to return via Amazon. It costs $22 to send in a pair of boots. It makes no sense to try to get them repaired or replaced and will look for a local shoe shop to fix them. I am very disappointed with both Frogg Toggs and Amazon that this is turning out this way. If you buy these, good luck.

11. Bogs Classic Waterproof Insulated Black

Bogs Classic Waterproof Insulated Black

The shaft is from the arch. The boot opening is 16 inches around. Natural hand-lasted rubber and a four way stretch inner bootie. There is no slip on the non-marking and self-cleaning outsole. The fit is for maximum support and movement. It can be rated from -40 F to sub-zero.

Brand: Bogs

👤I saw people in the Alaska Wilderness wearing these boots. I returned them because they were way small and the size seemed to run small. I had to go to a store and try on several pairs. Make sure you try them first. There is a I did not rate them five stars because of the size issue.

👤The boots are great for muck work. They are pricey but have the advantages of a thicker rubber compound than typical "galoshes", a very much more comfortable insole that provides nice cushy support, and outside rubber nibs that protrude in the back about where your Achilles tendon would be for assisting removal of one boot by prying withe You should be aware that wearing a wicking type of sock will retain your foot's perspiration. We don't think twice about buying a third pair of Wellington style waterproof boots when there is a need.

👤I stopped buying cheaper products that lasted a season or two. I read a lot of customer and product testing reviews. For a good reason. This product is an example of how you can save money by paying a lot of money up front. The fit, quality, and durability of these will make you happy because of the extra money in your budget. I wear these almost every day, and they're good for all sorts of tasks. Strongly recommended. I didn't recommend it, but I was pleasantly surprised that they were still comfortable when I put them on in the morning, and they kept my feet warm during my outside chores.

👤I wear a size 10 D(M) in my Altama and Original SWAT boots. These were ordered in size 10 as well. I think they are a great fit. The toe box is roomy and helps keep your feet warm when your toes can't move. Even though they are warm boots, I have not had a foot sweating problem even when the temperature is in the 40's. I like the kick off on the back of the boot. The other boot/foot helps take the boot off. The boot opening is 16 inches and my calf is 16 inches, but I can still tuck my pants into the top because of the stretch of the upper neoprene. The tread is designed to be a compromise so the mud does not stay in the tread as you keep moving and it is easier to get the mud out. I have had boots that had a severe tread design, but with clay type soils after a few steps the mud builds up so bad that the severe tread design was of no help, so I like the sole tread design of theBogs Classics. The waterproof claim makes it convenient to hose them off. I have seen a lot of footwear. I took these out of the box and got a good look at them, and I thought they were well designed for their intended uses, and if they fit correctly then I will smile. All expectations have been met or exceeded for me and my use of animals. I wear these boots with a crew sock that is not a thick or bulky sock and they are made in China.


What is the best product for fishing boots for men wide?

Fishing boots for men wide products from Tidewe. In this article about fishing boots for men wide you can see why people choose the product. Xtratuf and 8 Fans are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing boots for men wide.

What are the best brands for fishing boots for men wide?

Tidewe, Xtratuf and 8 Fans are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing boots for men wide. Find the detail in this article.

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