Best Fishing Camera Accessories

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1. Zookki Accessories Session Lightdow DBPOWER

Zookki Accessories Session Lightdow DBPOWER

The gopro camera can be installed on your chest. The chest mount harness can be adjusted to fit all sizes, making it easy to take pictures and video from your chest. It's perfect for skiing, moutain biking, motocross, paddle sports. It is a fashion to share an extendable monopod handle. It can be shortened to 37in. When it is reduced to the shortest length, it is only 8 inches. It's easy to carry and it will help you adjust the height and distance to take pictures of yourself. It is easy to spot in water and can straight up out of the water. Wrist strap design provides extra protection. It's easy to carry and it's high standard. The Suction Cup Mount allows you to fix your camera on any position in a car, boat, or motorcycle. It is easy to attach and remove. The mount can be adjusted to different angles. Before fixing the mount, make sure the surface is clean. It is very comfortable. Attach your remote to your wrist, arm, bike handle, steering wheel. The strap is made of nylon and polyester. It has a black strap and a plastic buckle.

Brand: Zookki

👤The mounts on the knock off accessories are not the same size as the ones on the GoPro mounts. They come out of the chest harness. I lost my Hero Black 7 when it popped out of my chest harness. These are not the same size as the real ones, and can easily be forced out of the connection. Even though I used a lot of force, the mounts did not fail. Don't buy if you're warned. Poor quality cost $230 in 10 seconds. I should have purchased the real accessories. Lesson learned.

👤The set of accessories looks great on the surface. Any metal parts that are wet will rust instantly. I used the floating grip for a few hours at the water park. The tensioner was rusty and brown when I removed it. I bought the cheapest screws from home depot and they take weeks of weather exposure to rust. I don't know what kind of metal they're using, it looks funny. The chesty and wrist strap are useful and a good value. The cup is not sanitary. The stick is not very useful. The metal pieces are not worth anything. I'll be returning the set and buying something higher quality.

👤The original is still there. There is a decent set of mounts, but no instructions on how to put them together. It took me some time to figure it out, but I'm not sure I'm doing it right. I'll experiment to see what works best. I had them figured out after playing with the mounts. A detailed PDF with full instructions was provided by Zooki customer service. They followed up multiple times to make sure I was satisfied. I highly recommend them for their customer service. They should email the instructions to you when you place the order.

👤It's fantastic value for money. Overall, quality seems to be good. I got this for the chest harness. I had doubts about being able to put it on because it is small. Before I tried it, I let out all the slack. It goes on over a t-shirt without being too uncomfortable. I don't think I would want to wear it over a ski-jacket. You could wear it under your jacket and keep it open. The band on the head is tight. I let out all the straps. It's still tight on my head, it's only a medium. I used the extension stick, which wasn't something I needed. I used it to film some birds outside my window and it would be fun to film myself while boarding. The dash mount is a nice bonus for traffic incident capture, which was something I hadn't thought about before. The float device could be useful for messing about in the sea. Overall, a nice kit.

👤This bundle is a great price. I've only used the mount and the chest harness. A lot of the pieces can be combined. Since I know most products are geared towards the newer models, I'm happy I could find something that fits my GoPro. The extendable-stick is not a good idea to use on a jet boat in winds over 30 mph. Sometimes the screws rust. Sometimes, I wipe one after using it in the water and the other after it has rusted a little, because one has rusted a little while the other hasn't. Take care of them a little more. I've taken these on a few of my travels and am looking forward to using some of the things in my next trip. Highly recommended!

2. IBobber Wireless Bluetooth Android Devices

IBobber Wireless Bluetooth Android Devices

Better boat products are why to choose them. They are a family owned American business that makes premium quality products. The quality of their products and support is what they stand behind. Patented technology that identifies fish. The charge status indicator light shows the status of the battery. The battery life is over 10 hours. The operating systems that are used to sync with are Apple's 10. Accurate readings to a depth of 135'. The connections are used as bobber or as a remote fish finder. The app is free on both platforms.

Brand: Reelsonar

👤Two years ago I did research on portable fish finders and settled on this one. The features and price point were important to me in my decision. It marks fish, depth, and water temperature accurately. The underwater mapping and fish alarm are nice features. I have dragged it behind my kayak when casting from shore. I will turn on the fish alarm when I am paddling and it will alert me of fish I've gone over. I don't have to stare at it. I use a waterproof pouch around my neck to keep my phone dry. There are two different fish sizes, those under 15 inches and those over 15. The led light is a great feature. My friend has a Deeper app that looks like an advanced map, but I'm not sure it's better for the price. He had problems with the app freezing on his phone. I have had very little crashes on the ibobber platform, because I use an iPhone. His deeper is heavier than the ibobber. I wouldn't recommend casting it without heavy braided line. I use a dock demon pole with heavy braid to cast mine out and leave it there while I fish with my other rods from shore. It's ridiculous that the Deeper makes you purchase a separate cover if you want to use the led light for night fishing. The devices have a battery life issue. They last around 8 hours once they're fully charged. You have to charge it before you go out. They go dead before you get there if you charge them a couple of days in advance. I'm satisfied with the ibobber. None of them are perfect yet. I'm sure that improvements will come along in castable fishing gadgets. The price point and features of the new device caught my attention. Good luck out there.

👤I just got mine. I will use it this weekend. It is easy to use and compact. I will give an update after I get some time to think about it. I used it most of the day. The fish were picking up a lot of different sizes. The only thing I don't understand is that the app says it picks up fish with orange tags for under 15” and green tags for over 15” The tags on the fish were orange. I am not sure what to think of that. The tags should have been green for those sizes. I like how it tells me how deep the water is.

👤I like the idea of fish finders on the move. They are great for shore and kayak fishing. I decided to try the ibobber brand because of its simplicity and price. When I got this thing, I tried it out and decided to return it. The way this thing was attached to your fishing line was one reason for concern. There is a small metal device with a hole in it that is surrounded by a small amount of plastic. I was worried that the cheap mounting method would break and cause a loss of the device. If you want to charge the device, you must use the cradle. You are going to be without your product if that gets lost or stops working. They don't use a more popular changing Port. The battery was a concern for me. I charged it for a while before using it. I decided to try it when the battery was at a low percentage. It took me about 7 minutes to drive to our local pond and by the time I got there the battery level was at a reported %34. I saw that other people had the same issue with rapid battery discharge. Maybe the device isn't reporting the battery level correctly. The lack of accuracy was the final reason I decided to rate this so poorly. When I put it in the water, it said there were fish everywhere. I thought this was a bad unit. I tried a few other places and got the same thing. Smaller fish symbol for fish under 15 and larger fish symbol for fish over 15. I'm certain that is incorrect. At the minimum, 50% of the fish on my screen were larger than 15. I was concerned that there were not many fish over 15 in this pond. I took it to a small body of water that was branches of the river to see if it was still there. There are larger fish in this area, but they are usually not the most popular fish in the area. This thing was still picking up fish. The accuracy of the depth is also reported in other reviews. When I got it from the shore, it said the water was 6' deep, but it was only 1'-2' deep. After about 30 minutes of usage, my battery on the ibobber was getting low as it started having a few issues. It has a few good features. The use was easy. It has a strike warning which I'm not sure if it works or not, but it would be awesome if it did. It has an led light that you can turn on and off at night if you want to see it. I wanted to use it. I think this needs to be improved. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone because of the cheap feeling structural design and lack of accuracy.

3. FE Active Waterproof Activities Increased

FE Active Waterproof Activities Increased

Their travel hiking day packs are great for a lot of different things, like shopping, walking a dog, a boy scout camping trip, biking, a day at the amusement park or going to the gym. This daypack can be used as a carry-on for hiking, travel, camping, fishing, mountaineering, backpacking, climbing, etc. Environmentally safe and certified. There are bungee cords that hold tackle box, fly fishing gear, yoga mat, camping supplies and outdoors survival kits. The straps increase utility to hold wet bathing suit or climbing shoes. Extra large safe storage for gadgets like cell phone, camera equipment, clothes, gifts and money can be found with the roll top waterproof design. The chest strap is used to keep the snorkeling pack secure. There is construction. The bag is made of thick marine grade 5mm eco friendly Vinyl Tarpaulin and has high Frequency welded stitching. This 30L dry bag backpack has padded shoulder straps with mesh lining for better air flow and a built-in padded support for your back, it's ideal for hiking and camping, and it's IPX8 rating makes it ideal for scuba diving. DIMENSIONS This professional waterproof backpack has a 30L capacity and is 26.7 in long and 12.6 in wide. The backpack is light and heavy duty. It's a must have for your kit. The bag is dry and does not need rain or snow. It was used by the USA military for its ability to keep tactical gear dry. It's a great beach bag to keep your phone, towel, and other accessories dry. The pouch is built to hold essentials and accessories. There is a side mesh net to hold things. The rolltop water proof feature makes this a great rucksack for swimming, paddle board SUP, beach, kayak, surfing, and keeping laundry dry. It's perfect for a cruise vacation when you are surrounded by water. If you want to bring it inside your luggage, it is foldable, compact, and lightweight. Great Christmas and birthday gifts for those that love hiking, camping, boating, hunting, climbing, trekking, rafting, canoeing, backpacking, skiing, and snowboarding. It's better than other dry bags because it can be used to keep your dog accessories dry, a great daypack for the gym, or even a diaper bag. If you need to keep drinks cold, just throw ice packs in the cooler. If you commute by bicycle, bring the airplane as a carry on bag or use it as a work bag.

Brand: Fe Active

👤I have used this bag for about a year and a half and am a wilderness guide in Alaska. It keeps your stuff dry and it's not nearly as expensive as similar products on the market, so you're getting your value worth. If you put wet things in this bag, it will keep them wet. I'm not giving this bag 5 stars for a number of reasons. The waterproof material has begun to degrade in various places, which makes me believe that it might not last me more than a year or two. The plastic bag that held the water bottle pouch broke off in the first month of owning it. The waist strap is not large enough to go around anyone of a reasonable size, and I'm not a huge dude, so it doesn't make it all the way around me. This is the best value bag on the market, because you're going to see three digits for prices for anything from Sea to Summit or anything like that.

👤Costa Rica is a rugged place, especially for a guy with cerebral palsy. Humid rain forests, sandy beaches with expert thieves and bags that are usually stolen from beach goers. They would pass by our bag of snacks because it's airtight. The 30 ltr bag was the perfect size for us. There is room to spare. The bag has comfortable straps and is convenient to carry. It was used to haul back 8 kilomes of coffee from Cafe Trebol, located at Market Centrale in San Jose. When you unpack the med/dark roast, be sure to keep your head in the bag. You will be drunk. For the money, we couldn't ask for more.

👤I'm a river guide in Hawaii and I hike and paddle several miles to reach a waterfall. The bag has been rubbed against bushes and thrown on lava rocks, and it's held up well. I'm very happy, it's been a month and I don't see any signs of wear and tear. It's very comfortable and has a lot of stuff.

👤I have been using this pack as my surf rig for a week now, and it has replaced my 888-739-5110 The build quality is second to none. The high-frequency seam welding looks like it will stand up to years of heavy use, and the super-comfy straps are ready to handle the heaviest loads. The D-strap on top of the pack is clever and can be used for hanging or single-hand carrying, which is much easier on water-logged hands than the usual nylon. The bungee webbing on the back is versatile and I use it mostly for drying towels, but sometimes I use it for yoga mats as well. The mesh side pockets that include draw strings can be cinched down to securely carry anything from a water bottle to a trace gps beacon. This pack will be the last one you need.

4. GoFish Cam Wireless Underwater Fishing

GoFish Cam Wireless Underwater Fishing

The Venterior Portable Fish Finder is eligible for a 2-year warranty from the brand support. If you have an issue with the fish finder after purchase, please don't hesitate to contact their brand support, they will respond within 24 hours every day online. Full HD video with 60Fps, 30Fps, and 720P. A stabilizing design and easy in-line rigging make it easy to record. Night vision green leds are used for fishing and deep water fishing. There is a mobile app integration. You can use the app to review and share your fishing adventures.

Brand: Gofish Cam

👤This thing is very easy to use. Charge it. Put the card in. Go when it's turned on. The quality of the image determines how much storage you have. It comes in handy when you are looking for water. It's great to watch after you troll to see how well you rig your baits and how fish come in to grab them.

👤The camera was the perfect gift for my husband. He uses it all the time and is sharing great video clips with his family. The product is easy to use.

👤I thought that the device would allow me to look at my biat while the line is water. The camera does not transmit underwater. They don't reveal this fact on the website. I decided to use the record video feature with the SD card. I put the camera out of the water and the computer in, but there was nothing. There was a folder that was empty. Garbage product and waste of time.

👤This is a great idea. This guy deserves a lot of credit for the ingenuity of this device, however there are other ways to use it. I took it out and charged it up, and it seemed fine. The app crashed when I started recording, but it saved the video most of the time. The video is usually still there after the app crashes. The buttons and power slide were locked up. Just a total lockup. The buttons and slide started working again after being let sit and run down the internal battery. The bottom line. It will be great if you have some patience and stick with it. If you don't want to be involved in the R&D process, look elsewhere. This has potential, but it also has issues.

👤The GoFish cam is easy to use. My husband's channel has caught some amazing underwater shots. The video is clear and crisp. Would highly recommend this.

👤The camera is not usable because the app is buggy. Half of the video is off screen when I try to view it in landscape. The phone I'm using is supposedly supported. If the app worked, it would be a great product. The camera locked up on me and won't power off even if I put the switch on. Very disappointed.

👤One of the best fishing products on the market. This camera is easy to use and adds a lot to your fishing and fishing videos. You can see what you don't see from a fish's perspective.

👤The fish hit my hook from the side, so it doesn't do a good job. I'm getting more hookups after changing it up.

👤It is easy to use with the iPhone App and has excellent resolution. I cast it hard and it is strong enough for my needs. The design of the underwater camera is better than the last one I had, as it kept catching the line. The float is ideal for close work and adds excitement when stalking a big fish as you can see it beneath your bait. Fixed rigs are not allowed on some of the coarse fishing waters I fish, so I have adapted mine to be free running. It's a good thing. I am going to post some barbel and chub fishing videos soon.

5. Eyoyo Portable Waterproof Underwater Infrared

Eyoyo Portable Waterproof Underwater Infrared

The monitor has a color display. This underwater video fishing camera has a 7 inch large color screen with 800*480pixels and a sun-visor that is ideal for bright environments. The camera is 1000TVL. The 800TV lines camera has a definition of up to 1000TV lines, which is clearer than the 1000TV lines camera. The fishes will be seen more clearly in the dark environment with the 12pcs IR lights. If you open the light, the image will turn to black and white. The waterproof suitcase is mini and portable, which is very convenient for you to carry anywhere you want. Up to 8 hours of work time. After being fully charged, the battery can last up to 8 hours. Up to 8 hours of work time. After being fully charged, the battery can last up to 8 hours.

Brand: Eyoyo

👤The camera works great now that I have used it a dozen times. The picture quality is comparable to my friend's, in murky water, normally had 2 feet visibility. His camera had water temp, camera depth and camera direction. The Eyoyo doesn't have those functions, but it's fine. The aluminum case will fit down an 8 inch hole so be careful. It is easy to take the battery inside. I would recommend the camera to my family.

👤My brother-in-law got an Eyoyo last year and I was so impressed I got my own this year. We caught a bunch of perch using the cameras after ice fishing. The camera was the only way to tell a fish was tasting your bait because the bite was so light. You could see if the fish had a hook or not. The cameras were close to the baits. We were in the mud bottom of the water. We didn't use the lighting because it picked up too much floating particles and reflected the light back. The clarity was good and the brightness was good. We were setting up on ice. There was not a lot of snow. We fished straight for 8 1/2 hours. We were impressed. He has a camera. I have a motorized positioners. I don't have to move around the shelter to change the camera angle. After seeing mine in action, he decided to get a motorized positioner as well. Two years ago, we fished with a guide and used his camera. The Eyoyos picture is just as good as the Marcum at a lot less money. Eyoyo and I both had reason to ask him questions. We were very happy with the support we received. The cameras are a great product at a reasonable price. Fred.

👤The camera has been working well. The picture is clear. The battery has never died on me. The camera is painted like a fish and it attracts fish. A dog fish is fighting with a camera. It was funny, and I caught it. I can watch the fish take the bait in and know exactly how to set the hook, which makes it almost unfair. It's too cool!

👤It makes a huge difference in finding fish. I used to have an aqua-view, but this camera works just as well. The camera's shape and color don't scare the fish. The picture and video were attached. There is a side note. The screen needs to be protected. Don't let the water get to the screen protectors, leave them on for as long as possible. #Bobbersdown

👤Today was the most enjoyable ice fishing I've ever had. I will give it 5 stars if it lasts for a while. The image quality is great. The night vision lights are useless because they don't show the image, but I have another under water light that can illuminate a hole. I will check back on this review after I use it for a while, so far on the first day, it was impressive.

6. Underwater Temperature Display Waterproof Monitor Infrared Life Ultimate

Underwater Temperature Display Waterproof Monitor Infrared Life Ultimate

There are additional reel pockets, gear pockets, small mesh pockets, and flat zip pockets in the roomy armrest. The solution is here. Whether you are an amateur or a professional fisherman, you can take your fishing game to the next level with their portable fish finder. The underwater fishing video camera system will allow you to see what is happening under the surface. The screen has a temperature display. The underwater fish finder has a screen with a HD definition that produces crisp and clear images. The monitor has a sun visor that you can use when fishing on sunny days. It's easier to see the depth and temperature of the water through the screen, which makes fishing more fun. The underwater fishing camera has a 130view so you can see the fish in dark environments or murky waters, as well as 12 IR LEDs which can be turned on or off. The fishing camera is waterproof. The battery has beenEASED. The video camera fish finding system has a powerful 12V battery that will give it a full run time of up to 8 hours when fully charged. There is an inherent correlation between CONVENIENT and this. The underwater fishing camera system comes with a carrying case that you can carry with you wherever you go, and make sure you always have the fishing camera in your boat or car.

Brand: Anysun

👤I like to share my use of a product with you because it's in an aluminum box. A 7-inch color screen appears when the package is opened. The buyer is very thoughtful, he provided a sun visor and a 15M coil, and he also provided a rechargeable battery, patch cords, and instructions.

👤I like ice fishing and want to find a device that is easy to observe the status of underwater fish stocks, I see a lot of similar products on the Internet, and recently I searched the Internet for my own underwater fishing equipment. I looked at the description. It was not anticipated. A function attracted me. It has the function of water depth and water temperature display, and I will look at it again. I didn't find this function in other products, but I bought one immediately, and I couldn't wait to use it. I put the camera into the fruit and it was great, it has sun visors, large-size HD screens, and the water and the humidity of the water can be displayed on the screen; it's great. I highly recommend this underwater fishing camera.

👤The length of the cord and the size of the screen make the camera great. Both seem to function well. The box doesn't float, the cable for the camera is very thin, and the clips that came with the camera are all related to the fact that the box doesn't float. It is hands down a better build than others at this price point. Time will tell if the quality is good. I bought the extended warranty, that is a small piece of mind. It is worth the try with the money back guarantee.

👤I bought this underwater camera for ice fishing. The camera worked well and displayed good pictures. The fish was showing the bait I was using. The IR camera is turned on or off by using the power/LED plug in. It took me a while to figure that out. The only menu options on the unit are rotating and reversing. There is also screen size mode. A conversion to US measurement is missing. The temperature is in Celsius and the depth is in meters. There should be a conversion option, but it isn't as far as I could see. The instructions are pretty useless but it isn't hard to figure them out. Plug and play. There is a menu button, but no settings to modify. This unit met my needs for underwater visibility for fishing. It was difficult to stop the unit from spinning in the water because of the slight current, so you may need to use a stabilizer like legs on the bottom.

👤The product worked one time and now we get a message that it won't work. We spent hours researching online how to fix it, but couldn't find a model number, so we paid $110 and used it one time. We gave it as a gift and it was weather dependent so we didn't get to use it twice in the month.

7. Easy Mounted Fishing Camera Clamp Session

Easy Mounted Fishing Camera Clamp Session

2 AA batteries are not included. The nylon material is not easy to break. The tripod mount adapter for the standard thread is included. It works for any pole up to 1.3 inches in diameter. The action camera is fastened to the fishing rod. Optimal directions for your Gopro Hero cameras can be achieved with multi-angle and multi-joints design.

Brand: Kolasels

👤I missed the return window because I didn't open the package when it arrived. This doesn't work at all. It is not new. It's completely rusted closed, and not a single screw will open it. I would give it 2 or 3 stars if it worked. Shame on the seller. The brother is karma.

👤I am not a fan of how it allows the camera to rattle while everything is tightened. Spring tension holds the camera mount piece in place. I'm not sure if I would trust it to hold my camera on a moving vehicle. It was mounted on my compound bow.

👤The gopro mount worked great for my crossbow. Couldn't handle the recoil of the mounted 30-06.

👤I did not get to use it, but it felt solid in my hands. It wouldn't set straight when I mounted it to my shot gun barrel, because the jaws were not even. It would be fine with rifle barrels or shot gun barrels. I'm returning it because of this.

👤This holder is very flimsy. I don't recommend it. The mechanism to lock in the direction of the camera is loose.

👤It works great on my fishing rods. It's easy to adjust. When placed on the bottom of the rod, I can make smooth video from the time the fish bites to the time it's caught. This is a great attachment for your camera.

👤Terrible! I can't get a decent photo of the joint at the base of the painters pole because there is so much play. There is no way this would get a good video or photo if mounted to a bike handle. I'll be back next week when I get home.

👤It is large and clunky and only opens so far so anything larger than a bikes handle bars will push it. The thumbscrews hold for normal walking and climbing. I have had it in the rain more than once and it is not showing any rust or staining. If it is on the larger side, you can't beat this product for the price.

👤It was a gift and it came very quickly. The scope almost doesn't fit, so the husband had a hard time mounting it. So far, it has been so good that I haven't used it yet.

8. Aqua Vu MO POD3 Wireless Underwater Positioner

Aqua Vu MO POD3 Wireless Underwater Positioner

1 x aluminum tripod, 1 x monopods, 1 x carrying case, 2 x screws, and 1 x Trekking pole bottom part. NIANYISO provides online customer support. If you want a camera stand and a cell phone monopod, the BPAULL Tripod is the best choice. The Motorized Ice Pod 3 holds your underwater camera. You can use a wireless remote control to follow the action or locate your lure. 2 AA batteries are not included.

Brand: Aqua-vu

👤I also have a panner. There are pros and cons. The Aqua-Vu Pros Wireless Remote stands above the hole are easy to adjust. Camera height is not accurate. If you hit the button, it will move further than you would like, and it's much more precise. This could be the reason for more accurate movement. Hope this helps.

👤This was a huge waste of money. Getting the cable to catch around the "s" is annoying since it will just keep wrapping the cable around itself until it pulls the actual camera towards it. There is no precision at all when you get to that point, and the camera will spin halfway around leaving you annoyed. For $60, I expected better. I end up using my fingers to spin the camera where I want it, and it will likely be thrown away.

👤I didn't have one before now. If you have a camera, it's essential. Works well. If you want to use a 10" hole, you will have to untie the cord. There is a hole in the photo. Make sure you tie it off so it doesn't fall down the hole. The cord holder won't stop it from getting dunked. I've used it on two trips and it's the same batteries. The remote is always useful and won't get lost, it's a nice feature. I used duct tape to reinforce the plastic packaging. The cord holder is the only thing that can be drawn back. I think they should add a sleeve holder that can be tightened up to hold the cord vertically. I might modify it myself. It's worth it.

👤I gave it to my son for Christmas and he's used it maybe 6 times, but it's dead. I hope Amazon will allow a return. I wouldn't read this review as it sounds like it's common for them to fail. They verified my purchase and sent a new one to us. Time will tell if the new one will last. Customer support at aqua-view has two thumbs up.

👤I think this is well spent. It made it easy for me to control my camera. It did slip from the notch a few times, but I kept turning the camera around in circles to play with it. The shipping was fast. It took less than a week to get here. Definitely recommend.

👤This is a must have. This is a must have. The only thing I don't like about this is if you have a micro series, you need to carefully tie it because it's so small. This is a must have for ice fishing and my small monotor plays a big role too. Enjoy!

👤I received the device before I went ice fishing. It worked as advertised and it was definitely worth the money as I tried to move the camera around without it and it was very difficult to control. The main reason I wrote this was that I cracked the battery cover when I came in from fishing and it wouldn't stay on. Within a couple hours, I received a new cover free of charge, after I contacted customer service. This day and age, customer service like that is rare and will make me a repeat customer of products from a company made in the USA. Thank you, Outdoor Insight!

9. Moocor Underwater Portable Infrared Waterproof

Moocor Underwater Portable Infrared Waterproof

The fish finder camera has an underwater camera and HD monitor, it is a good partner for those who like sea fishing or ice fishing. HD 4.3in display has multiple functions such as: 4x digital zoom, low battery power reminder, high fidelity video output functions, Control, and can be used under the sun. The fishing camera underwater has a 1000TVL HD camera, which can bring the realistic and delicate underwater world in your eyes. A sensor. In the dark water, the lighting is low. The cable wire of the video fishing camera with the length of 15m is very strong and waterproof, which is a great advantage for you to see clearly in the deep water. The maximum bearing tension is 40 KG. They are committed in pursuit of the products with superior quality. They will reply you within 12 hours if you receive any quality problems or defects within a year. They want to make you feel good about your feedback. They are committed in pursuit of the products with superior quality. They will reply you within 12 hours if you receive any quality problems or defects within a year. They want to make you feel good about your feedback.

Brand: Moocor

👤The compact underwater camera works well when ice fishing. It hasn't yet run out of battery on a single trip, but the battery life lasts at least 4 hours. The angle of the shot can be changed by how you feed the wire through it. It has not been affected by the cold weather.

👤I have found myself hooked on ice fishing, but I don't know what is under the ice without the use of electronics. After reviewing so many products on Amazon, I finally made up my mind and picked this one. I like the size of the phone, it's very handy, like the size of my phone. Plus. I don't like big screens. The camera has a wilder angle which allows me to see more. It allows you to see everything in a dark place. Drop this underwater camera down a nearby hole and see what's going on. This is a life saver. I can tell if I am on a school of perch with this quality underwater camera. I like my ice fishing camera, it works great for me.

👤We needed a fishing camera for our vacations, and we found one two days before we left. We got the order on time. I got one that I was able to return because the camera has everything that is mentioned in the description, and I read a review that said it did not bring it. The HD monitor has a real HD image, it was really cool to be able to see all the fish and wild marine life. The cable is very strong, we were around sharp rocks, and it did not get scratched, it was like 15 meters long by the way. When we got the camera on the mail, all of our stuff was already packed, so the poor camera went in a suit case, but it was in excellent shape. The camera is fun. The wonderful memories from the marine life stay with you forever. Cheers!

👤I got to use it after buying it a while back. Would highly recommend the camera over other cameras.

👤We had tried the underwater fishing camera a few times and it works great in clear water, even if it is green from the summer bloom. The fishing camera has a 4.3 inch HD screen, which is similar to a digital camera back, and you can zoom in up to 4x. The camera has a 130 degree angle, so you can see what is down the water, the battery life is good, and the cable is long enough to move the camera around the water. We went to a little lake not far from where we live, but no fishes were seen, because the creek behind our house was so clear. It has bright lights at night that work well, and they are so clear that you can see the view even at night. The camera is portable, easy to use, and has a sturdy case to keep it safe. We are going to go fishing soon and I will post a better video. This is a great underwater camera that can be used in salt or freshwater, it looks so bright and clear even at night, it's a must have for any avid fisherman. Highly recommended.

10. Eyoyo Portable Underwater Cablewith Waterproof

Eyoyo Portable Underwater Cablewith Waterproof

The video underwater fish finder has a waterproof lens and 4.3 inch display so that you can clearly see the fish biting bait. It's more fun to fish. It has a sun-visor for more convenient use outside. The view angle with the 8 IR lights isadjustable for a clear display in low light conditions. The UP and DOWN keys can be used to adjust the intensity of the lights. If the lights are on, the image will turn to black and white. A battery for 8H. The working time is. The Eyoyo fishing camera has a larger battery than the other one. The use time can last up to 8 hours. It can be powered by a 5V/1A power bank for more convenient outdoor use. The fishing camera can be installed on the fishing rod. You will get a lot of fun fishing. This fish finder is designed for fishing enthusiasts. It is ideal for ice fishing, lake fishing, boat fishing, and other underwater adventures. There is a Master Power switch on the side and a front power button. The master power switch must be turned down when you don't use the product. It will continue to consume electricity if it isn't changed. This fish finder is designed for fishing enthusiasts. It is ideal for ice fishing, lake fishing, boat fishing, and other underwater adventures. There is a Master Power switch on the side and a front power button. The master power switch must be turned down when you don't use the product. It will continue to consume electricity if it isn't changed.

Brand: Eyoyo

👤The battery lasts longer than my energy. I spent 6 hours there and it was still at 2 bars. The camera visibility is great, even in cloudy looking water, as long as the water is relatively calm, it should be easy to see 5 feet ahead of you. The purchase was the best I've ever made. Crawdads fish right up to it. I wish the display was better with better viewing angles.

👤The camera is terrific for the price. I ice fish a lake that is relatively cloudy and if the IR lights are on, they will illuminate all the suspended goodies in the water. I was able to see my jig to about 6' away from the camera. I could see fish approaching and identify them. I was able to see all of the features on the lake bed if IR was on, but the camera was not doing anything. The price is hard to beat. I had control of the view direction and angles because I made a jig for the camera. When compared to my flasher, it worked for me. Your eyes are the only ones that can see a fish inhale a bait.

👤The indicator light on the charger is missing. A great product night vision.

👤I bought this for my grandson and he loves it. We are going to Disneyworld with him because he has been taking lots of pictures. Can't wait...

👤Customer service is great. We had a problem with the camera. The camera and cord were replaced. Customer service from Calyx was very helpful. The grandson is happy to be using his camera again. Thank you!

👤I got this product charged up and went out in my pond, but it didn't work, nothing else in the house saw the same thing.

👤I gave this as a gift and the receiver has been using it daily.

👤It worked for a while, but it got cold in the ice shanty.

👤This product is used for ice fishing. The water is 25 feet high. The camera is easy to use. The unit as a whole looks cheap. We dropped the camera to see what was happening and started catching fish. If you want the camera to be far off the bottom, you should put a weight on it. The weight will allow you to set the position of the camera.

👤I want a travel case and holder that comes with this one for the other one, so I contacted support from Eyoyo, asking if I could order the case and holder. They gave them to me and shipped them to me for free, I found them very good to talk to, and they followed up to make sure I was happy, so I would recommend them to anyone. I got both of these for portable use and the batteries last a long time, but I would love if the cameras were good and the support behind them were fun.

👤There is a little skepticism at the beginning of the installation. When we see the fish bite on our jigs, it's amazing. It's just amazing.

11. Scotty Extended Gear Head Adapter

Scotty Extended Gear Head Adapter

It is very comfortable. Attach your remote to your wrist, arm, bike handle, steering wheel. The strap is made of nylon and polyester. It has a black strap and a plastic buckle. Simple and quick changes. Attach your rod holder to your mount. It is made of nylon. The extension is only compatible with the Scotty post or spine mount rod holders. Attach your rod to the Scotty Gear-Head Mount Extender by snapping it into place. Comes with No. 428 There are three gear head mounts: .

Brand: Scotty

👤You would think that when you get the extender and your boat mount is level, there will be a setting on it that will keep your device level with the boat mount. You would be wrong. If level doesn't matter, then this is the one for you. You can find another option if you need level. It is about 10 to 15 degrees off of the level. If you go the other way, you are 20 to 25 degrees off of the level in the other direction. There was no other way to get to level other than to remove the extender.

👤The extension was used with the triple rod holder. It is a mild irritant because it seats a little loose in my surface mount holder. The extension can't be setup to be straight. The gear teeth were not set correctly. The little discs are needed to fix this. I wouldn't do a lot of trollying with my setup, but it works fine for my needs. It is definitely a cheaper alternative to other spider rig setup. The gear-head snaplock is on the extension. This is not a replacement for the twist lock mounts. Really like the snap lock. I wish Scotty would make a snaplock extension for their mounts.

👤I have used a few Scotty products recently and have been satisfied with them. All are good. I assumed that this would be a little weak extension arm and wasn't sure if it would work for my application. I had a shopping cart full of RAM mounts and thought this wouldn't work. My cart is empty because I am not familiar with them. This thing is versatile. I just bought the offset disks and they were recommended to go straight. From the boat mount up, arm over the side. This is $30 because of 5 bucks for slip disks. If I missed anything, the ram set up would be about $75. If it fails, it won't be the products fault, I think this is what I need. It will be mine. The lines are tight.

👤I realized I could mount it on the mount for the fish finder after I installed it on the kayak mount. I could adjust the camera without having to lift the base and drop it down in its crevice, because I had the ability to adjust the arm.

👤The extension is great but the locking clips are terrible. The gear head track accessory has the same problem. The clips are not locked. Zip ties are not the best solution for securing the clips.

👤I use this on my 10' tamarack. It keeps my rod accessible while I paddle and stops me from being able to paddle a full stroke. I feel like I'm finally able to fish the way I want to because of this device. The only thing that could make this better is a quick release hinge for the elbows, as I like to quickly lower it when fly fishing to avoid line snags.


What is the best product for fishing camera accessories?

Fishing camera accessories products from Zookki. In this article about fishing camera accessories you can see why people choose the product. Reelsonar and Fe Active are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing camera accessories.

What are the best brands for fishing camera accessories?

Zookki, Reelsonar and Fe Active are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing camera accessories. Find the detail in this article. Gofish Cam, Eyoyo and Anysun are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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