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1. Underwater Fishing Monitor Waterproof Infrared

Underwater Fishing Monitor Waterproof Infrared

The Underwater camera for fishing is an excellent fisherman gear for locating all sorts of fishes with the beautiful 4.3" high resolution colorIPS full viewing angle color screen with useful data such as timestamps, date, and battery status, remind you charging in time. The sun-visor on the ice fishing camera makes it easier to see during sunny days or it can be used as a protection against snow. The all-in-one light weight waterproof underwater fishing camera is designed to be portable when needed to carry for long distances as well as containing the entire system in a custom made container that will assure that your device is properly protected. It's easy to use the fish finder and use the underwater fishing camera HD, so you can spend more time exploring the water. The portable fishing camera is built to look like a fish and you can use it to record video with sound and share it with others. The ice fishing camera underwater has 6 lights that will make it easy to see fish at night. The portable fishing finder system can power your fish cam for up to six hours with a 5000mAh battery secured inside the protective case. You will receive special brackets that will make it easy to install your fishing video camera with your fishing rod, giving you the freedom to either maneuver the camera by hand or by the fishing rod. The premium built underwater ice fishing cameras is the best gift for people who like fishing and is an excellent product that fits in many settings such as going ice fishing, deep sea fishing, lake, rivers, ponds and with the included fishing rod brackets you have. Their team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. The premium built underwater ice fishing cameras is the best gift for people who like fishing and is an excellent product that fits in many settings such as going ice fishing, deep sea fishing, lake, rivers, ponds and with the included fishing rod brackets you have. Their team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

Brand: Anysun

👤I go stand up paddle boarding with my son every weekend. He has rediscovered his interest in learning to swim after enjoying being in and around water. The camera will encourage him to get more interested in being with water, and to explore the ocean, streams, and lakes. Plug the camera into the display unit and turn on the power. If you don't see anything happening, make sure the plug is pushed in all the way. The camera started working when it took a little bit of force to snap in. The camera can be used to point down or up. The display unit is not waterproof. I put it inside a waterproof bag so that my son wouldn't accidentally drop it into the water. The card was used to store photos and videos.

👤The picture quality is good, but I can't hold it to my face if I hold the kayak paddle, so it's a bit small. The screen is almost unreadable in bright sunlight. It works well on overcast days or in the evening and has good picture quality for the price. The picture is of the same quality as a cell phone. I am very happy with the battery life of the cable spool. This is the way to go if you want something small. If you can, try one first to see if you want a bigger screen.

👤A high quality camera is needed for ice fishing. I use it to track deep holes where the fish hide in warmer weather and also to check the area for what is moving. If the water is clear, the picture is great. The battery life lasts me all day. It is very easy to use. The price was worth it. There were no complaints. Recommended.

👤I wanted to get something that was not a permanently mounted fish finder, as I kayak fish, and I have a boat that I use all the time. I bought this unit because I wanted to be able to move it between the two vessels. Works well. I was surprised by the strength of this fish finder. It's better to convert a boat mount unit into something portable. It's also waterproof, which is nice when on the kayak or when my kids are using it, and it can be accidentally dropped in the water.

👤My camera shows the Chinese language on the screen. I was told to email the company after contacting Tech support. I didn't get a response in 2 days. I can't get a video to display on a blue screen. I need the company to contact me with instructions on how to fix this or send me a new unit.

👤It was a hard pass. It doesn't work in any water. The camera was less than 12 inches from my jig. The water in Utah during ice fishing is not even usable, even if you were in a pool. The fish doesn't collect enough light. Get an Aqua-Vu brand if you spend more. Don't buy.

2. Underwater Temperature Display Waterproof Monitor Infrared Life Ultimate

Underwater Temperature Display Waterproof Monitor Infrared Life Ultimate

There is a working time of 8 hours. The battery cell box can be used for light control. Whether you are an amateur or already fishing at a professional level, you can take your fishing game to the next level with their amazing portable fish finder. The underwater fishing video camera system will allow you to see what is happening under the surface. The screen has a tint. The underwater fish finder has a 7'' screen with a HD definition that produces crisp and clear images. The monitor has a sun visor that you can use when fishing on sunny days. It's easier to see the depth and temperature of the water through the screen, which makes fishing more fun. The underwater fishing camera has a 130view so you can see the fish in dark environments or murky waters, as well as 12 IR LEDs which can be turned on or off. The fishing camera is waterproof. The underwater video camera fish finding system has a powerful 12V battery that will give the camera a full run time of up to 8 hours when fully charged. The CONVENIENT. The underwater fishing camera system comes with a carrying case that you can carry with you wherever you go, and make sure you always have the fishing camera in your boat or car.

Brand: Anysun

👤I like to share my use of a product with you because it's in an aluminum box. A 7-inch color screen appears when the package is opened. The buyer is very thoughtful, he provided a sun visor and a 15M coil, and he also provided a rechargeable battery, patch cords, and instructions.

👤I like ice fishing and want to find a device that is easy to observe the status of underwater fish stocks, I see a lot of similar products on the Internet, and recently I searched the Internet for my own underwater fishing equipment. I looked at the description. It was not anticipated. A function attracted me. It has the function of water depth and water temperature display, and I will look at it again. I didn't find this function in other products, but I bought one immediately, and I couldn't wait to use it. I put the camera into the fruit and it was great, it has sun visors, large-size HD screens, and the water and the humidity of the water can be displayed on the screen; it's great. I highly recommend this underwater fishing camera.

👤The length of the cord and the size of the screen make the camera great. Both seem to function well. The box doesn't float, the cable for the camera is very thin, and the clips that came with the camera are all related to the fact that the box doesn't float. It is hands down a better build than others at this price point. Time will tell if the quality is good. I bought the extended warranty, that is a small piece of mind. It is worth the try with the money back guarantee.

👤I bought this underwater camera for ice fishing. The camera worked well and displayed good pictures. The fish was showing the bait I was using. The IR camera is turned on or off by using the power/LED plug in. It took me a while to figure that out. The only menu options on the unit are rotating and reversing. There is also screen size mode. A conversion to US measurement is missing. The temperature is in Celsius and the depth is in meters. There should be a conversion option, but it isn't as far as I could see. The instructions are pretty useless but it isn't hard to figure them out. Plug and play. There is a menu button, but no settings to modify. This unit met my needs for underwater visibility for fishing. It was difficult to stop the unit from spinning in the water because of the slight current, so you may need to use a stabilizer like legs on the bottom.

👤The product worked one time and now we get a message that it won't work. We spent hours researching online how to fix it, but couldn't find a model number, so we paid $110 and used it one time. We gave it as a gift and it was weather dependent so we didn't get to use it twice in the month.

3. Underwater Fishing Anysun Portable Waterproof

Underwater Fishing Anysun Portable Waterproof

The fish finder is used frequently by fishing enthusiasts. It is ideal for sea fishing, swimming,ice fishing,diving,lake fishing,snorkeling,inflatable kayak fishing,boat fishing,underwater ice fishing and other underwater adventures. HD The fishing camera has a color screen and a height definition camera which provides more clear and vivid image. The camera is waterproof and will not rust, crack or fade. The underwater fish finder has a 7''LCD screen with a resolution of 1280*720. The monitor has a sun visor that you can use when fishing on sunny days. The underwater fishing camera has 30 white and IR lights. You can adjust the brightness of the LEDs to get a better quality image. You can record the underwater landscapes on a 16GB card with the underwater video fishing camera. This system supports 64 gigabyte of the 64 gigabyte of the 16 gigabyte of the 16 gigabyte of the 16 gigabyte of the 16 gigabyte of the 16 gigabyte of the 16 gigabyte of the 16 gigabyte of the 16 gigabyte of the 16 gigabyte of the The video camera fish finding system comes with a 12V 4500mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery that can be used for up to 8 hours when fully charged.

Brand: Anysun

👤I wanted to find the places where the fish were when I was on the river. My depth finder shows that there are fish in several deep places. I wanted to see them. I'm still learning how to use it, but I'm making progress. It's easy to connect the screen and camera to it because the battery charges quickly. The screen is ready to use when the battery is turned on. I like the different modes of the LEDs with the adjustment knob. If it's sunny, you may have to move around a bit to see better, but that's normal for a screen. You can record with a push of a button if you buy a DVR. The video was recorded during the day. This is a must if you want to explore what's underneath you. You get more features than the standard brands for half the cost, which is the biggest benefit for me. I tried it under the bridge yesterday. I could see the bottom from below 30 feet. Very impressed. If you want to find fish, check under the bridges.

👤I wanted to show the people on our boat how the hoop nets work, so I bought this camera system. Everything was in order after I unpack the system. The instructions are not user friendly. I played with the functions for a while, but I couldn't figure out how to set the time and date. I formatted the larger card to the unit after installing it and was up and running. The first night I played with it, the picture kept changing colors and I thought the camera was malfunctioning. The picture was great when I played with it the next day, even though the camera was trying to adjust to the poor lighting. The only way to do this is to have the ability to adjust the lights on the camera. One improvement I would make is to have an icon on the screen showing what light mode is being used. TheIR,LED,IR andLED are together. We went to Dana Point, CA after I rigged up a way to mount the camera to my hoopnet. Some customers are going to get some bugs. We had a great time Hooping and catching lobsters. There are pros and cons. The long cord is easy to use. Excellent quality long battery life lights. Instructions are not easy to understand. Would I recommend this camera to someone else? I would! The price, quality, and fun are great.

👤The underwater camera is great for ice fishing and works great, no issues at all with the battery lasts over eight hours on full charge. It has plenty of storage for a day of fishing. It depends on the water and the sky. It's pretty good for the money. Would recommend it to a couple friends who love to fish.

👤I got my replacement from the first one that wasn't working. The housing for the camera has fog and water inside. It said it was waterproof. Customer support is not available. There is no way to contact the company. Think again if you think you're saving money. Find something that isn't Chinese.

4. Portable Underwater Upgraded Waterproof 1024x720p

Portable Underwater Upgraded Waterproof 1024x720p

TheOKK fishing finder has a new upgraded camera and screen. It gives clearer images and brighter colors. This will give you a realistic underwater world. There isn't a DVR. TheOKK underwater fishing camera has 12 white lights. You can see fish in the dark water if you look from 130Angle. It is made of waterproof material, which can prevent water from entering the camera. The camera has a powerful battery that can hold a 12V battery. It can be used for a long time after fully charged. If you have questions about the battery, they can send you a new one. The underwater fishing camera system comes with a suitcase, so you can easily carry it wherever you are, and make sure the fishing camera is always in your car. The screen is easy to carry around. Fishing enthusiasts can use the OKK fish finder. It is ideal for sea fishing, swimming, ice fishing, diving, lake fishing, snorkeling, inflatable kayak fishing, boat fishing, Underwater Ice Fishing and other underwater adventures. Fishing enthusiasts can use the OKK fish finder. It is ideal for sea fishing, swimming, ice fishing, diving, lake fishing, snorkeling, inflatable kayak fishing, boat fishing, Underwater Ice Fishing and other underwater adventures.

Brand: Okk

👤This was hooked up in my boat. It is simple to use and has great picture quality. It was about 5 minutes. I Hooked a 7 Lb. The bass was stripped. Very happy with the purchase. The trees/rocks are below the water. No regrets.

👤The quality of the video and recording feature was good. I need to test it out. The all in one box was very convenient.

👤The screen doesn't work after being used two times.

👤The camera was good. I was able to try it out right away because it has a great picture and was fully charged when I received it. Definitely recommend this!

👤I fried the unit after getting wet from a splash. I used it twice. What a waste of money.

👤The lights on my unit did not work. The manual was followed to the letter. Contacted seller and did not reply. The unit is poorly put together.

👤The camera is good for the price. I would like to control the light intensity.

5. Eyoyo Underwater Portable Upgraded 1024x600

Eyoyo Underwater Portable Upgraded 1024x600

Eyoyo is a new portable video fish finder. The upgraded AHD 720p camera and 7 inch screen brings you a more realistic underwater world. This one does not have a DVR function. The new AHD 720p camera has a better resolution than the old 1000TVL camera, which makes the images more clear and the color of it more vivid. The new 7 inch display has a full-viewIPS panel that makes it easy to see the image from any angle. It has a sun-visor for more convenient use outside. The continuous using time of the battery can be up to 8 hours when fully charged. If light is weak underwater, these 12pcs IR lights will give you an undisturbed light source. When the IR lights are on, the image will turn to black and white and the lights can be turned off. If light is weak underwater, these 12pcs IR lights will give you an undisturbed light source. When the IR lights are on, the image will turn to black and white and the lights can be turned off.

Brand: Eyoyo

👤I couldn't decide if the Eyoyo 1000TVL underwater camera was better or worse. This one has a camera resolution of more than double what the other one has. The screen size is also improved, from 800 x 480 to 600 x 600. It was fun to see fish approach my jig or swim away. There were times when fish were seen. The camera is out of the water and shows images out to 8 feet. We could only see 2 to 3 feet underwater. This is not a camera issue. My camera had a cracked battery charge. No questions were asked when Eyoyo shipped a replacement. Their support was very helpful. I think the wire on the camera is to hold bait to view fish close up. I was able to remove this with a pair of pliers. It doesn't go back in once removed. The color reproduction of the camera is not good. The colors are off, but I could clearly identify bass, bluegill, crappie, etc. The sun visor is helpful as the sun will not be as bright as it could be. The case is awkward. There is a lot of stuff in this picture. The lid doesn't adjust to different angles. The snow on the ice made it difficult to get a good angle for the screen. The mount on the camera is not good for horizontal viewing. The camera has rings on it to help it get a horizontal view. It is a great camera at a great price, even with all of the negatives. You can make this a great underwater camera system for less than the brand name ones if you don't mind some of the difficulties. I am very happy with my purchase. If you sign up with Eyoyo, you can get six months extra warranty.

👤The second Eyoyo underwater camera. This camera is amazing. When I saw a chance to upgrade to a better version of the 1000tvl, I had to have it. I watched my fish eat my jig all day. The clarity is perfect and I think it compares to some of the expensive brands available. It was worth buying hands down. The screen is much clearer in person, but I added a few shots of some fish. I have a tv in my fish house that I want to watch on a bigger screen, so I ordered an AHD conversion that I hope will fix the problem.

👤The camera comes in a nice case that is easy to store. The display is sharp. The murky lake water causes any cloudiness. I'm using it to recover a lost item. Having a blast looking, but still no luck finding the missing item. We will be sharing underwater images with our grandsons when they visit.

👤I decided to return the screen because it was fading in and out. It worked when it did. I didn't like the definition ofvisibility. The lake I fish from is known for its clarity.

👤The hard case is easy to use. The picture quality is good. If you take the battery out, it will fall over.

6. Eyoyo Portable Waterproof Underwater Infrared

Eyoyo Portable Waterproof Underwater Infrared

There is a large color monument. The display is more delicate. A sun-visor is ideal for bright environments. The 1000TVL program chip and IR lights will help the fishes to see in the dark. If you open the light, the image will turn black and white. You can record the underwater landscapes as you please. The special fish shape and silver color design can lure the fish close to them. There is a working time of 8 hours. The battery cell box can be used for light control. There is a working time of 8 hours. The battery cell box can be used for light control.

Brand: Eyoyo

👤I love this camera. It took a while but I got it to do what I wanted. I put the camera in one hole and my bait in the other for ice fishing, because I drill 2 holes as close together as possible without touching. If you have to twist the camera cord in murky water, use a larger or easier to see bait. I don't think the footage would be good if the camera was on the bottom, it's easier to get the bait centered on the screen. It really is. In cases like this one where the fish aren't on the bottom or there's a lot of weeds, you need to suspend the camera and this takes a good bit of time to get it to hang just right with your bait in the center of the screen. The product is great for what I paid. I used the battery for 4 hours straight. It was still over 50%. The camera is still good in 720p. I put my gopro's 32 gigabyte card in place of the 8 gigabyte one they give, so that I never have to worry about recording too much. The settings, features and setup can be a little confusing so make sure to read the instructions and don't worry if you struggle the first time. The product has made ice fishing more enjoyable for me and I love making videos with it. Would definitely recommend.

👤I gave this a rating of 4. The design of the cable coming out the back of the camera is not something I am fond of. It would be better if it came out of the center. I will be using my camera for ice fishing. I was able to fix the problem by attaching a swivel to the top of the camera and running the line through it. There are two more The IR is not great. I bought a light to attach to the camera and hope that will help. The light is manufactured by aquaview. The camera's IR is not worth a dime. It is either on or off. It is being adjusted up and down. The camera turns off completely when an adjustment is made. I disconnected the cable that powers the IR to turn it off. The case design impressed me. It looks like it will keep the components safe while I drag my gear around the lake. I don't know if it is waterproof, but it is better than nothing. I think I will have to open it when I get home from fishing. I can't believe that the other electronics will benefit from the fact that there is always a lot of water left on the cable. There are four The cable on this unit is not as thick as the one I had on my ancient aquaview. I think it is 1/2 the diameter and strenth. I think that is a plus because it weighs less and takes up less space. There are five The camera has a record function. It records an image that is way better than I thought it would be. It can take pictures. I bet I will get a great video of pike and walleye this year. That will go on Facebook. I hope my assessment helps you make a decision.

7. Eyoyo Original Professional Underwater Recorder

Eyoyo Original Professional Underwater Recorder

The video camera fish finding system comes with a 12V 4500mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery. Up to 8 hours of continuous use is what the battery life is capable of. The monitor has a color display. This underwater video fishing camera has a 7 inch large color screen with 800*480pixels and a sun-visor that is ideal for bright environments. The camera has 12 pieces. The fishes will be seen more clearly in the dark environment with the specially manufactured 1000TVL program chip and 12pcs IR lights. If you open the light, the image will turn to black and white. You can record the underwater landscapes as you please. 8 hours working time When the battery is fully charged, it can take up to 8 hours for the battery to work. The camera is made of metal. It is firm and durable. The level is waterproof.

Brand: Eyoyo

👤I'm impressed with the product. I bought two systems and plan to use them on my boat. I don't mind that I will have to engineer a solution to meet my needs because the company can't anticipate all of the ways customers will use this product. This product gives me a good start on viewing my presentations below my boat. I like the following features. The carrying case is made of aluminum and has functional dividers. Plug the camera and tablet into the already charged battery and experiment with the video tablet, it's not a problem, just use the included instructions and you'll be good to go. You will be able to figure it out. 3. The fifty meters of camera cable is wrapped in a piece of tape and held in place by a rope. The camera has different attachment points. 4. Plug everything in and get power from my boat's 12v. Press play to view recordings, position the camera, view the camera feed on the video tablet, press record to capture video, and so on. Plug the included 4 gigabyte card into your computer when you get home. You can download your camera files or share them with your friends. Everything works as it should. I appreciate that the company included a few plastic and stainless clips that may be useful when using the camera. The memory card on my computer can't be accessed via ausb port on the tablet. I bought a memory card reader on Amazon for seven dollars. One of my monitors stopped working. Baiklov sent me a replacement DVR after I contacted them. They were very helpful.

👤It worked well when I first used it. I liked being able to see the fish chase my bait. The power cords became touchy after a year and would glitch out on me. I wish the company that I bought it from would replace the old one with a new one. I kept it in good shape after I used it 20 times. It started glitching out on me. This was very upsetting for me. I thought it would last a lot longer than a year. If the company would help me out with a replacement camera, I would appreciate it.

👤The camera system works well for the price. The plugs are labeled so you can't make a wrong connection. The battery lasts a long time and if kept in it's compartment in the case, it keeps the case from tipping backwards but could use more frontal weight. The button controls are pretty sparse and there are some functions that could be improved on. The camera doesn't produce accurate colors out of the water, but in the water, it did a good job. I would buy it again. The camera went bad one week after the 1 year warranty expired. I was kept indoors for a couple of weeks but didn't come back to life. The company offered to send me a new camera for free after I sent them pictures of the bubbles in the lens. I received the new camera about 2 weeks after receiving several E-Mail updates. I have it in my fish pond and am watching a lot of fish activity. The water is cloudy and I am not getting good video at this time but should clear up as the summer progresses.

8. Eyoyo Fishing Camera Monitor 1000TVL

Eyoyo Fishing Camera Monitor 1000TVL

The monitor has a color display. This underwater video fishing camera has a 7 inch large color screen with 800*480pixels and a sun-visor that is ideal for bright environments. The 1000TVL program chip and 12pcs IR lights are specially manufactured to make the fishes see more clearly in the dark environment. If you open the light, the image will turn to black and white. You can record the underwater landscapes as you please. The special fish shape and silver color design can lure the fish close to it. 8 hours working time When the battery is fully charged, it can take up to 8 hours for the battery to work. 8 hours working time When the battery is fully charged, it can take up to 8 hours for the battery to work.

Brand: Eyoyo

👤This is the second one I have purchased of this brand. One for husband and one for son. They showed their friends the eye balls of the fish. The picture is clear and easy to use. It is a nice case that has everything that is needed to get underwater and check out the fish that a fish finder missed. You can see the fish looking at you. It is amazing. Every fisher man needs one of these.

👤The low-light performance is really impressive, even though I wasn't expecting my socks to be knocked off. I don't know how the little LEDs are able to create so much light in complete darkness, but they do and it doesn't wash out the picture. Try this camera and see if you like it before emptying your wallet. The instructions are not the best, but it was easy to figure them out. Can't wait to go ice fishing this year.

👤This is my second Eyoyo camera. I wanted to record the action when I go ice fishing, so I bought a second one. I broke my camera, but the Eyoyo service was great. I was happy to talk to them about my mistake after I bought a new camera. You won't be disappointed if you don't spend more than 300 dollars on an ice fishing camera. Even after a day of fishing, the battery never dies. Everyone that sees the video for the first time should order one as soon as possible, I should be part of the sales team. Eyoyo, keep up the good work. Thanks for the help.

👤Excellent service from the seller. They replaced the battery and charger at no cost because of an issue with them. dislikes,none

👤The image I see on my screen is not the same as the advertising. The camera is facing downward, but it looks like it's facing up. There are no tips for this issue. The cable connection gets twisted when the camera is not in use, and there is no way to make sure the cable is not lost. I am using the camera system in my kayak to observe northern puffer fish. It's easy to stop recording. It's easy to view recorded images.

👤It was very easy to use. The camera and screen are clear. The battery life is good. I have a spare battery and haven't needed it yet. The feature is very easy to use. The only complaint I have is that the cable to the camera is a little thin, I have to double it up in the tripod, definitely not a big deal at all. I would put this camera up against other cameras. Eyoyo has a winner with this one.

👤I used the camera for the first time and love it. The picture was clear and easy to use. It has a memory card for recording video and pictures. You can still see the fish even in cloudy water with the led lights. Would recommend it to anyone who is considering one.

9. Eyoyo Underwater Recording Waterproof Adjustable

Eyoyo Underwater Recording Waterproof Adjustable

The lights areAdjustable Infrared and White. The camera has been developed to have two kinds of light, 12 white and 12 red, which can be selected according to the environment. The lights can be turned off. If you open the light, the image will turn to black and white. It supports video recording function and is a DVR Recording Fish Finder. You can record the moments when fishing. The package has a memory card in it. The professional video fish finder comes with a 7 inch color monitor and a hight definition camera which has HD 1000TV lines, and is equiped with a sun-visor ideal for bright environments, giving you more realistic and delicate images. The Eyoyo 7 inch video underwater fishing camera with specially manufactured 1000TVL program chip is waterproof and makes it easier to see the fishes in the dark. Professional underwater fishing can be done with waterproof equipment. A good choice for a fishing enthusiast is multiple applications. Also can be used for underwater exploration. A good choice for a fishing enthusiast is multiple applications. Also can be used for underwater exploration.

Brand: Eyoyo

👤I used this unit only four or five times this season, but I fished it often. It worked well and was fun. The dirtier water was more challenging but the light on the bottom made it more interesting. Then... The manual wasn't very helpful, and I forgot how the light turned on. I watched a number of videos on the unit and then, today, someone asked a question in the Question section on Amazon about how to turn the light on. I hooked up my unit and pulled it out. The dimple is what turns it on. "Now remember!" I say to myself. The manual is not very useful. The little box is convenient and appears to protect the unit, but it is heavy with the lid open and requires attention in setting it up. I was setting the pail on top of the ice hole. There are wires and connections between components. I had an igloo cooler on hand that fit in a snug and suspended position. I can put the flat foam cover on the bottom of the cooler. Taking off is a breeze and I can manage components better. All fit in the cooler. The picture is attached. I increase my star rating to a four. For an affordable unit, as they say you get what you pay for, I now have a practical unit to enjoy watching fish and the bite.

👤I own a 7in and a 10in model. The lights are dual white and IR. The cameras are easy to use. I run into some video issues when I start. The best value in a camera with light and the ability to switch them for white to IR if the fish get spooky is these. There are better cameras out there. There is nothing close to this price point and features. If ice fishing a lot, I highly recommend using the Aqua-view camera holders. If fishing all day, I would recommend buying a second battery pack. The last hour of use is the most noticeable decrease in picture quality. I solved the issue by adding a jumper to the box to power it when it's low and on the go. The battery pack on the 7in model has been reduced to half capacity because it is 2 years old. I contacted the seller about buying another battery and was offered a replacement battery in exchange for a positive review. I'm not shopping for a new camera but for another battery.

👤I had a small problem with how to setup the camera. I received a quick response from the company after I email them, and my issues were resolved quickly. It is good to have a company that is willing to help solve a problem. Eyoyo is a good camera for underwater use.

👤I had a great camera until I went to view it and it was in a file format that I couldn't view.

👤Just received our Eyoyo! Can't wait to get out on the ice. There will be more reviews and video.

10. TIGERSECU 16 Channel Security Recorder Supports

TIGERSECU 16 Channel Security Recorder Supports

HD 1000 TV lines camera has a color CCD. This 16 channel DVR does not include a hard disk drive. There is an option to install an internal hard drive. 2 internal surveillance hard drives of up to 16 terabytes each. It's compatible with all of the hard drives. External hard drives are not suitable for use with TIGERSECU DVRs. The Super HD hybrid security DVR is a full featured hybrid digital video recording system that can be used with 2MP and 5MP HD TVI, AHD, CVI, and analog security cameras. The TIGERSECU DVR with TIGERSECU security cameras can be used for optimal performance. With no contract or monthly fees, TIGERSECU's HD Viewer allows remote access to play and control security footage. 1 The recommended upload speed is Mbps. Slower network speeds can be accommodated by adjusting the rate in the DVR. The mobile app needs to be installed on an Apple device or on a mobile device with an operating system other than iOS 9.3 or later. It's compatible with both the iPad and the iPhone. The heat sink fan technology that enables the DVR to self-cool and prevent overheating means no fan noise and a quieter system. There are 16 channels of video recording and 4 audio inputs. There are 3 monitor connections through the ports. The set includes a 16 channel security DVR without a pre-installed hard drive, a 12V power supply, a remote control, and screws to attach the hard drive. Lifetime Support and a 2-year warranty are provided by TIGERSECU.

Brand: Tigersecu

👤What do you think about this product? What did you dislike about this product? This review was written with my needs and requirements in mind. My needs may be different than yours. It's good that you stumbled upon this review because they are similar to mine. I discovered something that everybody who wants, needs or purchases a DVR should know after returning two of the 3 DVRs I purchased. There are a lot of manufacturers jumping on the bandwagon to try and sell us all a DVR, and that's because DVRs are a big item on the list of things we want. 3 images I've attached are examples of 3 sellers, but they're not just examples, they're part of my personal experience. ZO DVRSI is the first image. Zosi has a great group of people running their shop and their customer service is one that all sellers should aspire to. I had to return the DVR because it didn't support my needs and there was no way to reconcile or make due. The support team spent close to 30 minutes with me on a live video call so they could see what I was experiencing first hand. The support guy was in China. To me, a DVR is for the purpose of monitoring an area, a home or a property and being able to view that monitoring from the control tower. My house has 5 rooms in the control tower. I should be able to view my cameras from anywhere in my house. If I hear a loud noise in the living room, I should be able to see my cameras in the bedroom, even if I have to run to the main monitor in the living room. I'm old fashioned and this unit didn't work for me. I like to use things as long as they work. I use my old smaller TV sets as monitors in each room of my house because I take good care of things and these old TVs just keep on working. The newer type of TV sets are not considered the older style TV sets when building the DVR, so it doesn't work with my older sets. The Zosi has an output for external monitors, but it only works with newer TVs and not older ones. If you have newer flat screen TVs that you're using for external monitors, there's no problem. The second image is AMCREST. I'm confused about it so I can't say much. The component setup on this device is baffling to me. There is no output for external monitors. The seller told me that the video will pull from the BNC ports through the analog cameras. Amcrest doesn't recommend running 3rd party cameras on Amcrest because of software incompatibilities. Amcrest Team, I'm not sure what this means, but the bottom line was that I had no output to connect any external monitors except for the primary monitor through the HDMI output. There were no additional monitors in the other rooms. The Amcrest doesn't have an output for external monitors. If you have the primary monitor and not a monitor in any other room, there's no problem. TIGERSECU Super HD DVR is the third image. I'm going to cut my review short and give everyone a break. There's not much to say about this device. I feel obligated to include it in my review because it would not be fair to anyone reading this review if I didn't. The only thing I can say is that I paid a bit more for my previous two DVRs, but I got my new one for a reasonable price. When I found out that this DVR did everything all the others should do, I was willing to pay more for it. It works with all types of cameras, it has an easy to use online remote viewing application for my phone and PC, and it works with every type of camera. The output port on this DVR allows you to connect as many external monitors as you want, whether you're using old style TVs or new style ones. I have nothing more to say about this device except to say thank you to Tigersecu for making a device that makes sense. There's nothing else to say except that if you buy a different brand of DVR other than this one, I wish you luck.

11. Eyoyo Underwater Function Horizontal Infrared

Eyoyo Underwater Function Horizontal Infrared

A horizontal panning camera is used for observation. You can use the remote control to control the direction. The camera will be more stable under water. You can view a real underwater world, fish moving, and even fish biting with the underwater fishing video camera. The 8GB card is included to store images and videos. The video fish finder comes with 18pcs IR lights, which make it possible to see clear but black and white images in a dark environment. The controller can turn off the IR lights. A large capacity rechargeable battery can be used for up to 3 hours. If you need a replacement battery, please contact them. This fish finder is designed for fishing enthusiasts. It's great for fishing in the sea, ice, lake, boat, and underwater adventures. This fish finder is designed for fishing enthusiasts. It's great for fishing in the sea, ice, lake, boat, and underwater adventures.

Brand: Eyoyo

👤My son brought his eyoyo camera to ice fish on the Lake of the woods. I had a more expensive camera. I used it. His ease of set up, clarity in murky water, compact case and camera sold me. I bought a camera. Never looked back. Still smiling. You will never fish without one. You will know if the fish are biting or not. Along with all the other interesting things. I bought the more expensive model that could video take pics of what you saw down there, I would recommend an extra battery. The mine lasted 4 hours. My son lasted 9 hours with less features. You won't have regrets if you choose either expensive or less expensive. Happy fishing!

👤I have cameras. I bought the wrong model of the 9" monitor because it was too small to record, but I found the 7" one to work well. It works well. I use it to look into animal holes to see if they are occupied. I am a nuisance trapper. The camera is the only problem with these units. Why do you make a camera look like a fish? I've had big fish grab it and think it's food. I finally decided on the 9" unit. The camera is better, but they should have put an additional islet on top to connect a separate line. I don't think the cable will hold up over repeated raising and lowering. I am attaching a ring to the camera.

👤The model I recently purchased is the EF360 underwater fishing camera. I got some good footage when I used it. Before using, I added a tether and brackets to support the camera. The cable and tether were winded with a larger spool. After using the system under water, I will add a fin to the brackets to make sure the camera doesn't spin on its own. The fin should help with the random spinning, I like the ability to rotate the camera. The battery can last 6 hours or more. The unit works well. I'm looking forward to using it more. It would be great to have a longer cable. Thank you Captain Pete.

👤I was referred to this camera system by my friend. They were very helpful when I contacted them to inquire about the product. They sent me documentations and a manual via email. Calyx, Eyoyo's rep, follows up several times after the purchase. Customer support is great. I was happy with the system. The view is amazing. The hard case was the only thing I didn't like about this product. The hard case is very nice in itself, but it did not open past 90 degree, which made it difficult to view the monitor. My only other use is ice fishing. The view is limited until I tilt the system. Most people probably don't have an issue with it.

👤There is no tethering point on top of the camera for lowering it, and the cable that comes out of the camera is very thin. The cable is so thin that it will not hold up for very long. I would have thought that they would have put a tethering point on top of the camera for tying a rope or string to lower and raise the camera. This is not what I was expecting.


What is the best product for fishing camera dvr?

Fishing camera dvr products from Anysun. In this article about fishing camera dvr you can see why people choose the product. Okk and Eyoyo are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing camera dvr.

What are the best brands for fishing camera dvr?

Anysun, Okk and Eyoyo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing camera dvr. Find the detail in this article.

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