Best Fishing Cart Caddy

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1. Kolpin Rhino Grip Double 21505

Kolpin Rhino Grip Double 21505

It's ideal for carrying tools. The nylon construction is made of rubber overmolded. The offset configuration is used to maximize rack space. Mounts to tubular or square bars from 1 inch to 1 inch in diameter or to flat, drillable surfaces. You can use Rhino grips in any vehicle. They are designed to fit any vehicle that has a smooth surface. A 4-corner bolting system. A 4-corner bolting system.

Brand: Kolpin

👤I have ordered 29 sets of these Rhino Grips and have failed 10 of them. There have been failures in the mechanism. The plastic breaks. See the pictures attached. I've spent a lot of money on Amazon, but this is the worst I've ever spent. I've had 17 failures.

👤Incredible! Everyone is saying that the rubber is too hard and that it is better for durability. The rubber is easy if you place these upside down. I like the rubber being this way because it lasts longer. The ar15 model can be done to any vehicle, I bolted the 4 holes in my challenger trunk for my ar15 model. The ones I bought were perfect size. There are three options available as well. I tried to capture every detail of this in the photos and video above. Great purchase!

👤The product is decent, but it won't hold up in use. The only way that this product can hold an item is upright. The plastic knob on the shotgun will still slip loose even after I tighten it as much as possible, because I purchased this product to mount it a slight angle. Customers shouldn't have to modify something that is advertised with a feature that is supposed to work, because I will modify it so that it stays in place. I was able to get it to work and that's okay. It's not worth $30. It should be listed for about 15 dollars. It is plastic.

👤The plastic mount is cheap. The gun rack I chose was reviewed on Amazon. The installation kit has screws with aPhillips head on one side and a lock nut on the other. It was difficult to remove the lock nut from thePhillips end. It would have been a five star install if it was a standard machine bolt. After the painful install, looking at the rack, grabbed a gun to see if they were aligned properly. It broke. Look at the design. They skimped on material because it's plastic. There is a gun rack. It should be safe. I'm very lucky that it didn't break on a hunt.

👤I converted an old Instep jogging stroller to a gun cart that could hold up to 4 shotguns. I attached the Rhino grips to the outer frame of the stroller at the top and bottom, and removed the attachment for the basic seat. I put a panel under the seat to give it strength. It's strong enough to hold 16 boxes of ammo for a full round of sporting clays. I trimmed the top nubs on each side of the grips to make it easier to mount/unmount shot guns. Light load discharges can cause a rod to be held in the center hole of the mounts.

👤I read the bad reviews before buying them. I bought them because I liked the concept so much. Some problems expressed in reviews are fixable. The base was mounted to the rack. Make sure you put a piece of rubber on the top and bottom of the clamps. When it was packaged, it looked like there were only two pieces of rubber, but when I tried to mount them, they were actually two pieces stuck together. The Allen screws that hold the grip together were loose and caused the wobble. Tightened them a bit and the wobble was gone. A metal plate was not used on both the top and bottom of the base. A little W-D40 is sprayed on the claw hinge. When they are holding something, I found that if you squeeze the jaw with one hand, it opens easily. I bought these because they work perfectly with my crossbow. I used this with my rifle and it worked great. Went on bumpy trails at 15 mph. They have not moved since I mounted them. My 4-wheeler is always on the road. The road and road to the deer lease have not failed because of the clamps. The temperatures I experienced were 20 degrees, but they worked well. I don't expect them to stand up against running into a tree, or having a large vine grab my rifle or crossbow while riding down a trail, as I am not that careless with my firearms. These are great for my needs. I would have given them five stars if I didn't have to change them. Just order another set. I ordered the first set and it still works. It was done through four hunting seasons and off season chores. I think the rubber parts are getting old because I sprayed them with a spray of spray lube. I should've used a lubricant made of graphite. I got four good years out of them. It was worth it to me. Had I used the proper lube, it would still be fine. I'm going to use new ones for guns and old ones for tools. They are easy to swap. These would be a great recommendation.

2. Mac Sports Collapsible Outdoor Utility

Mac Sports Collapsible Outdoor Utility

Extra large wheels for hauling gear to the beach, outdoor sporting events, concerts, picnics in the park, and around the house are an easy transport. It is not made to transport children. The large capacity wagon opens to 43. There is a 7. Set up in seconds - 20 x 2 x 22. No assembly is required. The wagon is only 8 inches thick. A protective cover is included. Lighten the load! The heavy duty frame can hold up to 150 lbs and the Durable 600D fabric can be cleaned easily. The functions include an easy to use handle, 2 cup holders in the front, and a rear folding table with 2 additional cup holders. It's easy to carry gear around the house and it's great for trips to the park. It isn't made to transport children.

Brand: Macsports

👤Be careful with the written size. The large interior measures out to a capacity of 43.7" x 20.2" x 22.5", however, it is only 33" at its longest. I wanted a bigger size.

👤4.12.2020 is an update. The first wagon I purchased was better than this one. We have two wagons to share the load and this one has not been used as much as the first one. The handles are broken. The lock that holds the handle is often malfunctioning. It's hard to push the handle up or down. I am really sorry that I bought this wagon. After two weeks of use. It's not as good as my first one. The wagon will come to an abrupt stop if it encounters a small rock or pebble because the front wheels spin/twist so much that it causes it to have a mind of its own. The wheels flop around when trying to roll it because they don't stay in place when folded. The wheels fall flat and drag on the ground, which is making it difficult to pull behind you or they fall against the other tire and drag, causing odd wear on both sets, and again difficult to pull. I will be happy if this one is as good as my original one. My first one died after 9 years of use. We take it to the swap meet, farmers market, traveling to haul luggage, use it to bring groceries into the house, move garden dirt and other garden supplies, haul stuff out to our RV, and a lot more. I love the lock that holds the handle up against the wagon and the different handle. I've had it for a week and it's been to the grocery store twice, moved two loads of soil and plants, and hauled books from one building to another. It is doing its job and doing well.

👤I know that this wagon is not specifically designed for transporting kids, but it's perfect for that and a lot more, as well as fishing trips, fairs, festivals, outdoor parties and a whole lot more. I took my kids to the zoo the other day, and this wagon made it so easy. They like riding in it. It's easy to take drinks and snacks with you. There were many people at the zoo. I asked a lady who was towing kids. She agreed that it was one of the best purchases she had ever made. There is a place where you can put all of your gear. Very large. The quality is high. Buy this! It's fine without a brake, but I would add one.

👤I looked over a lot of these wagons before I pulled the Trigger on this one. I was hesitant because the wheels weren't the "monster" ones depicted in some models. I wanted to make sure it was portable in my car. The tires were nice and I realized there wouldn't be any issues. We don't use a cart for the beach, but over grass, hills, gravel these wheels are fantastic. The first test was this weekend, with a cooler, 2 folding chairs, a large bag, and a backpack all fit in. The field was a 15 minute walk from the parking area. We lent it to other parents who had more stuff at the car, but couldn't bring everything in one trip. We packed it away in the car for the next tournament after we finished. We've been to over a dozen tournaments with this wagon and it still works as good as new. It is folded in the garage during the height of the season so we have easy access to it. I updated my review after one of the parents from my son's team asked me for information about the wagon, and we've used it for over a year.

3. ROD SPROCKET Fishing Rod Holder

ROD SPROCKET Fishing Rod Holder

Don't be fooled by attractive offers. Sam's Outdoorsman only sells their items on Amazon. The only fishing rod of its kind, it is perfect for all inflatable crafts. Their unique design holds your rod up at different angles for a more tailored bank fishing experience. It's easy to use by everyday fishermen. Attach the fishing pole holder to almost anything, it's hands-free fishing anywhere. Even when the fish bite, it has a heavy duty strap and buckle. No more jerry-rigging homemade rod holders, jamming poles into mud and muck, or using cumbersome traditional ground stakes. Rod Sprocket works wherever you are. If you want to avoid having a rod holder in the way when casting or reeling in, you can attach the Rod Sprocket to your Float TUBE with their simple strap design. The Rod Sprocket is portable and lightweight, making it ideal for fishing excursions. Great for bank fishing. They're not happy unless you are. They will make it right if you don't like your rod holders.

Brand: Rod Sprocket

👤I stumbled across this when I wasn't looking for something and was very hopeful that it would hold my second pole. It's not quite there yet. It's still ahead of the curve, but it's hard to find a fishing pole holder that works and is easy to use. I think it would be great if it were strapped onto a cooler or some other hard vertical surface but on a folding chair it just twists and falls to the side. I'm still playing with adding additional straps and other ideas to make use of since the spoked wheel design seems to be a great concept, I just can't get it to work for me yet.

👤The thing is worth its weight in gold. There is a This is the holder if you have more than one pole license. Your brother, this will strap to it awesome. I use one in my and my kids fishing buckets. Can't say enough good things.

👤The product helps you setup a rod holder without having to stick it in the ground. It's easy to strap onto anything. It was great to work on the dock piling and bucket. The exposed metal showed signs of rust within less than a week after a freshwater rinse. The Rust is most likely due to the airborne salt near the bay. I would love to see better metal used.

👤I use it every time I go fishing. Usually mounts on my ice chest. Light weight and better than trying to hold a pole in the ground. It works with all the rods I own.

👤The strap is the only thing keeping this from being five stars. I used a perfect strap that I took off the supplied strap. It's great if you have something to attach it to. Change the strap and you will get the full five.

👤I use this to hold my fishing rod. Need some modifications to fit a surf casting rod. This fit perfectly for my lighter rod. Love the idea and product.

👤This rod holder was purchased immediately after discovering it. It is small and easy to set up on different situations.

👤I put my rod in it and it broke.

👤I didn't try this rod holder yet, but it looks cheap and I think it's made of plastic. I think your rod will fly out if you are fishing for big game. It's just my opinion. I might be wrong.

👤The product was the same. It worked great when I was fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead. It's easy to get stakes in the ground.

👤Customer service is even better with the product. 10/10 recommend.

4. Rush Creek Creations Fishing Storage

Rush Creek Creations Fishing Storage

It's the best gift to give to a father, son, husband, fiancée, or boyfriend for Christmas. The tackle storage cart can hold up to 12 fresh water rods. The middle wire shelf and smooth rolling caster allow room for your fishing gear. The base and top boards are made of carbon fiber. The frame is powder coated. The instruction manual was included.

Brand: Rush Creek Creations

👤I don't buy a lot of products. I like to rely on reviews for my decisions. A lot of the reviews are not accurate in regards to quality for money. The instructions were very easy to understand and made assembling this rack very easy. You don't need to be a mechanic to do it. If you assemble it correctly, the product is very sturdy. I can see where over tightened items could cause instability, but that is not due to workmanship. It will be very sturdy if you take your time. If this is done, the wheels will not hold up, but if set up and left in a semi permanent location, they will last a lifetime. The wheels do not have to be installed. It is very stable when loaded and rolled. The middle rack creates a lot of space for tackle boxes and bags. The third side of clips for more rods would be amazing. The price is great and I think it will last me a long time and is a great addition to my Mancave. I might purchase another for the gear that I don't use often.

👤The rubber grips that hold the rod to the unit don't stay tight, even though it holds a dozen rods with reels. It stays wide when you adjust it to fit a rod's diameter. It doesn't feel like it's made of rubber. The rod just falls over after a couple of uses because the rubber clip or the rubber clamp will not hold it. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤I liked the product and it was sturdy. The product had two wheels break off at random. I put tennis balls on the bottom instead of removing them. It works like a charm now. I can only give it three stars since the wheels broke the same day I got it.

👤Shipping was on time. Assembly is very easy because the instructions were clear. Bad. The handle of the surf rod is too long for it to fit into place, as shown in the photo above. I clipped a rubber band from one clip to the other to keep my surf rod in place. Very light. It isn't that sturdy. The middle shelf has gear on it. The heavier it is, the more stable it should be. It is hard to move in carpet because the wheels are too small. The wheels should work on hard surfaces. I keep mine out of my house. After every use, I wash my reels. When my reels are dry, I put them back in this cart. I don't want the bottom shelf to be wet. Some buyers complained that the bottom shelf started to peel when it became wet. I still think this is a good idea. I will see what the woman of the house thinks, because it works as an indoor furniture.

👤Amazon Prime has a quick delivery option. Un-packaging is defined as organized packaging. Instructions for assembly are simple and clear. Assembly is easy with one person. All parts are contained within. The parts are in good shape. The plastic wheels are small. The double-ended threaded post connectors are easy to install. Without stops within threaded holes, there is no way to make sure that the posts are connected. The unit is attractive. Don't overload it, it's not "Heavy Duty".

5. Sea Striker BRSC Runner Fishing

Sea Striker BRSC Runner Fishing

Your Fly Fishing Set will come through for you time after time, thanks to its tough construction. They will replace it at no charge if it breaks within a year. There is a surf CART. The cart has a heavy-duty frame and can hold up to a 54 quart cooler. The piece of equipment includes a frame with seven rod accessory holders. It's durable. This cart is made with galvanized steel and has a powder coat finish to protect it from the elements. The outdoors is not good enough for this cart that can hold chairs, buckets, coolers, rods, fishing poles, and so much more. The wide surface plastic wheels on the bottom of your wagon are convenient for transportation. The plastic tires are strong enough to pull on the pavement and can ride over sand. DIMENSIONS The carts size is 34 inches by 14 inches by 7 inches. It is easy to assemble and ready for your next fishing trip. The sea striker. Sea Striker has been around for nearly 50 years. They have a wide range of high-quality fishing equipment and accessories.

Brand: Sea Striker

👤The product is very cheap. The screw heads were almost stripped out while trying to put it together. I used the cart for a week and the wheels split apart as I pulled it through the sand on the beach. I don't think it's a good idea to spend a little more money on a better cart. I didn't have to pay to return the item because Amazon did a great job of refunds. That is the only positive thing about this purchase.

👤I assembled my fishing cart properly after receiving it. I took the cart out to the fishing spot that is 2 miles down the dirt road. The handle became loose when one of the bolts fell off. I used a fishing line to hold it in place. One of the plastic tires spits in half. I told my friend to buy duct tape since I was stuck with a tackle box and cooler. I made it to the spot after taping the tire back together. The cart became loose on the return trip because the rod holders were not keeping the top rim and lower rim together. I dragged it for 2 miles to get it back to the vehicle. The cart needs better tires and is not sturdy enough. I was not happy with the quality of the product. It is not the most expensive one. It would make it more than 1/2 mile without falling apart.

👤I got this because I didn't want to pay $300+ for one of the other carts, and I'm glad I did. I used it on the pier and on the beach and it did well. I was able to carry my gear with me and it handled the role without any problems. The soft sand in the dune area where you access the beach made me worry about the wheels on the beach. It went over that without difficulty. The design of the wheels made it easy to clean out the axle once you're done. I made a couple of modifications, one of which was to use old hacksaw blades, as they are the perfect length, light, pre-drilled at each end, and are rigid in the direction you need them, especially if you cross them. I put on a wire mesh base so that if something fell through, I could catch it. If balloon tires weren't so expensive, I'd put them on. I think it's a good idea.

👤Not bad for the price, considering most other carts are over $200. Just spray the whole cart with clear rustoleum to keep the salt out of the metal. I haven't had any issues yet and I think the locktite is what it is. I put a cooler, tackle box, and a back pack on this cart with fishing rods and a net in the rod holders. I can pull it with ease in the sand and it will roll on hard surfaces.

👤I bought this cart because it was the cheapest one I could find that had all the features I needed. I can't go to the beach without a chair because it's hard to collapse at the beach. I've used it on three trips and it works just fine with modifications. I had a few issues with this cart, but once I dealt with them, I really liked it. It's light, I like the metal, the frame was powder coated after the holes were drilled, and the assembly instructions were easy to follow. I had issues with the cart. The description says it breaks down for easy storage and transport. That's not true. The wheels reduce the space this cart requires by about 3% in height and width. It's not worth it. You can take it apart further, but you have to remove the bolts and nuts. My Chevy prizm breaks down for easy storage and transport. I found a way to assemble this cart in my car, but it was not possible. There are two more The screws were so loose that they were in danger of falling out. The bolts and nuts that secured the handle to the frame were removed and replaced with a set of eye bolts, washers, and wing nuts. I was able to get the cart into my car with the help of this. The manufacturer uses metric bolts and nuts. If you're looking to replace one, you should use a larger piece of furniture. I screwed the bolts back in after removing the bolts that held the rod holders to the frame. I only used 5 of the rod holders because I hope I never need them again. The rod holders are the vertical connections for the cart so you can't go below 5 without compromising rigidity. I wiped my cart down because it was going to be used at the beach. Since I made these modifications, I have a cart that fits in my trunk and is big enough to carry my tackle bag, water jugs, and rods along with the chair. There is room for a yabbie pump or a sand shrimp gun. The cart is hard to load in the sand. That is just physics. If you want to get around that, you can either get a cart with a lot more wheels or buy a pair of Wheeleze tires. The entire cart cost me more than a pair of shoes. I would recommend this cart to anyone who needs something to haul their gear on the beach or for outings. It's between excellent and outstanding for the money.

6. Shoreline Marine SL76642 Large White

Shoreline Marine SL76642 Large White

It is durable and lightweight. Your boat is neat and organized. There are holes around the edge. There are no excuses for a messy boat.

Brand: Shoreline Marine

👤The cups failed after a few more days. Attempts to reattach have been unsuccessful. This has cost the product a couple of stars. Sorry, dear. There are a few things I don't like about this product. I bought two. I am using one with the cups. The other is mounted on my bow. The first issue is that. It is not easy to permanently attach it to anything because it is not flat. It would be easy to correct in the design phase, but it wasn't done. The holes for the cups are too big for screws. So plan on punching some smaller ones into it. It works well out of the box, but it does have some sag if you put something heavy in it. If the back of the unit was designed flatter, I think this would be corrected. The darn sticker on it is hard to remove cleanly. These are okay. I might look for something nicer.

👤It seems that screws are more stable than attaching with a plate.

👤The cup holder is on the side of the chair. There is a lot of room. My only complaint is that the cup holder section is large and even large. It is not completely flush with the mounting board I used, but it is used screws to mount. I need another chair since the holder has been destroyed by the storm. The current price is double what I paid a year ago, and so what was a great value is now nothing more than that. Looking for a better deal.

👤This is the second tray I have purchased. It is easy to reach without getting in the way. I was able to mount them securely to the gunnel with screws, and the angle of the hull made sense to mount them in a level position. I have a boat.

👤It would be nice if it came with screws, but you might prefer a different type of screw. It's the same color as the pictures show. The product is not to blame for my boat being too white. It would be great if they had other shades of grey. I think it attracts dirt and needs a whip down, but that's probably just my dirty boat.

👤It's big enough to hold many items you would need for a day of fishing, but the plier hole is small. You can make it bigger with a sharp knife. The plastic is easy to crack. Plastic needs to be more of a sturdy material.

👤You should be allowed to give zero stars. The product is too good for one star. It won't stick no matter what surface you try to stick it on. The perfect surface for a smooth boat is fiberglass. nope!

👤My daughter gave this to her dad. I had read that the section cups didn't work. It is perfect because he screwed it to the boat where he wanted to put it. It should hold what we need.

👤I was expecting more from this caddy. I don't know where the suction stays on my boat. It doesn't matter. I thought I would not have to drill any holes. If you don't want to drill any holes on your boat, move on to the next product.

7. SimpleHouseware Heavy 3 Tier Utility Rolling

SimpleHouseware Heavy 3 Tier Utility Rolling

Product type is sporting goods The metal cart is heavy-duty for storage and space saving. There are 3 metal baskets and heavy duty Casters/Wheels with Brakes. Sturdy metal construction. L x 16.75 W x 32'' H.

Brand: Simple Houseware

👤There is a compairison between this and ikea cart. I use this item as a sewing supplies storage cart and both are good for it. Minor fit adjustments can be made if the screws are not tightened until all the baskets are in. I took 17 minutes to assemble. The ikea cart and the white cart are very similar. The white cart has small differences in basket size as they stack in the packaging. Ikea carts are the same. The cart has a wheel. Ikea does not. The cart lower basket is slightly closer to the ground than the basket above. The middle shelf has less space. The ikea cart is the same as before. The Ikea cart top bin does not have supports. The mesh is much better on this cart. Both are flexible with weight. The finish on this cart is super shiney metal and dog fur sticks to it like crazy. Ikea cart is finished. This cart would probably be better used for stickers or decoration. The Ikea cart is more sturdy. For what I am using it for, it won't be an issue. Both could hold items with ease.

👤I was 8 months pregnant when I assembled this cart. I use it in my baby's nursery to store breast feeding essentials, such as a pump, snacks, water, wipes, remote control, books, and a few other things. I can wheel this to where I need it, it's a nice feature. This cart is very good.

👤I use this cart to hold my supplies. There is plenty of room for my brushes, dandelion liquid watercolor paint, water jar, and paper. Three tiers are mesh bottomed. It was easy to Rolls easily. There are two wheels that can be locked. It is a small cart. Can not beat the value. I am not a handy person so it is a plus that it is not overly difficult to assemble.

👤I love this cart. I use it to hold my books and paperwork because the pile is too high and I have to move it between my desk and bed. The cart was easy to assemble. It glides on the floor with ease and is made of good quality metal. I am happy with the sizes of the trays. I was surprised when the bottom tray held a stack of magazines and there was a lot of space left over. Everyone needs a storage cart. I don't know how I lived without one.

👤I need a cart that is durable and can be moved around the salon whenever I need it. It took me 10 minutes from start to finish, but it was a little tricky at first. The baskets are the same size. I was annoyed that they don't look like they are at all, but my husband measured each one and they are all the same size. It is easy to roll around, the wheels lock, and it is not heavy. I took it out of my vehicle and into the shop with one hand, this is important and a nice upside because I can take it with me if I am doing hair at a different location. It has plenty of room for what I need and I love it.

8. Collapsible Outdoor Utility Folding Camping

Collapsible Outdoor Utility Folding Camping

We are proud of their customer service, if you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact the seller online. Within 24 hours, they will reply to you. The garden cart wagon is heavy duty and has a weight capacity of up to 165 lbs. You couldn't find a bigger one. Their beach wagon is designed to be a carryall, it fits easily anywhere, and is foldable to fit different sizes. The handle is long and short. There is a foldable utility hose with a sturdy strong material. The portable wagon cart is made of 600D fabric and has a heavy-duty metal frame. The Beach Warrior with big wheels is suitable for hard surface of the beach. The camping wagon is easy to set up and folds to only 5.9 inches, it is 20 x 5.9 x 28.6 inches and has big wheels for sand. Save time for installation. Good to use for carry grocery for outdoor sporting events, and as a fishing cart, camping cart, beach wagon. It isn't made to transport children.

Brand: Jse

👤This wagon is much better than I expected. I was worried because it was a lot less expensive than some carts that were smaller. It is very easy to move through sand. Even with a load full of shells, it still did great, even though it is harder in soft sand. It is very easy to open and close the case. It's great that there's a handle when it's folded up. I can get this out of my car and onto the beach with ease because I'm a smaller woman. There is a lot of space. I went to the dollar store and found pretty containers for shells, a hand basket and bins to store the shells, a thermal lunch box and a tissue box. I love it so much! Highly recommended.

👤The product is great to carry all your gear. The wide wheels are great.

👤Cary a lot of stuff in it, heavy duty, easy to use, foldable, good quality. Don't hold heavy stuff by your hand. It's great for camping or the beach. It's good for family picnics. Highly recommended!

👤I read a lot of reviews on beach carts. We use the beach several times a week. I don't have any issues with it. Depending on how soft the sand is, how deep it is, and how much effort you put into pulling it through it, how much weight you put in it will be with any cart. I would recommend this one. I will review it again after a year since we use it all the time.

👤It's a nice wagon. I'm going to use it for laundry, groceries, and beach necessities, and I'm also going to use it for my car. There is no wheel locks. I expected wheel locks for the price.

👤I haven't used it yet but it seems sturdy. The bag is put back over the wagon for transportation. A snap tie is a better way to keep it closed.

👤Don't buy. The item is dangerous. While pulling this on the sand and off the sand, it sends a static charge through the handle. There were multiple people with no shoes on.

👤We have this to use to move stuff back and forth. Was a great purchase!

9. Timber Ridge Outdoor Collapsible Shopping

Timber Ridge Outdoor Collapsible Shopping

The TIMBER RIDGE products come with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty for quality defects so you can purchase with confidence. If you have a problem, please contact them. The large capacity to carry is ensured by the strong steel frame, and the internal size is 35 1/2L x 18 1/2W x 12H, with plenty of space to hold stuffs. Extra storage space is available. The collapsible wagon cart has a huge side storage pocket and 2 cup holders for drinks that will give it 20% more storage space than other wagons. The beach wagon has all-terrain wheels and a fixed handle that makes it easy to maneuver. This collapsible utility wagon folds compactly and can be stored in your trunk, garage, or closet, it is easy to use and no assembly is required. The TIMBER RIDGE products come with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty for quality defects so you can purchase with confidence. If you have a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Timber Ridge

👤You get what you pay for with a great purchase. It is easy to fold up. The rubber wheels are great on sand. It holds a lot. If you are looking for a beach wagon. This is the one.

👤I bought this wagon after reading about doing good on the beach. I bought the Ozark Trail one from Walmart because it was coming a day later than I wanted. It is the same, except it is $60 cheaper. One works on sand. I had to pull and someone had to push and we had to take breaks along the way. I think I will have to get a big balloon tire to work on the sand. I will return this one. I might keep the Ozark Trail one because it costs less and holds more.

👤I tried to read reviews to see if this worked on the beach, but the answer was no. My husband was able to pull it out of the sand because it was packed full. He got a workout that exceeded his expectations. It collapses down pretty compact. It's great for traveling and for going to a park. The wagon is great.

👤We can't say enough good about this cart. After getting our covid shots, we went to Seabrook Island. We were amazed how it was able to carry everything we needed to the beach. We walked to the beach with our stuff, even though we had to pull the car on the board walk.

👤This wagon is great! I use it to carry items from my barn to the house over rough terrain. The wagon is easy to pull and is very stable. It's held up well to my regular use. The 150lb weight limit is not realistic. If the weight is evenly distributed, kept low in the wagon and pulled over smooth pavement, the wagon may be able to handle it. In everyday use where the weight is not evenly distributed, the object is a few feet tall and the surface is not smooth, flat and level. The wagon isn't suitable for children. The sides of the wagon are not strong. The fold up feature is not perfect, but it is great for some things. If they aren't loaded sideways, the sides are sturdy. They can't take much force from small children. The floor is not completely rigid but is foldable into thirds. The wagon isn't good for children and most dogs aren't suitable for it. Small dogs and dogs that are old and not really mobile would work just fine. Pulling your cat around would be stupid if you could teach him to not jump out of the wagon. Unless it's halloween, don't put a costume on your cat. The wagon was easy to assemble and sturdy for a lightweight device. It is very maneuverable and can pull over tall grass. The 150 pound weight carrying capability seems like a stretch. It folds up fairly compactly, but it needs to be folded and put in the wagon floor. That doesn't take a lot of time or effort. You have to do it. The floor isn't completely rigid so the device isn't very good for pulling around dogs. Maybe not children, either.

10. Rush Creek Creations Fishing Capacity

Rush Creek Creations Fishing Capacity

The size of theRACK is 23.19 inches. L x 2.56′′ W x 0.259′′ H is a premium storage solution for your fishing gear. A multi-purpose fishing pole storage system has 2 rod clips. The dual rod clip technology allows 2 freshwater rods or one saltwater rod. Four utility boxes are not included. There are padded slots on the base plate for rod handles. The rack is 22.83"L x 14.37"W x 23.74"H.

Brand: Rush Creek Creations

👤This is too short. The reels are the same height as the top rod clips, so it doesn't fit my saltwater rods. My micro rods are too thin and slip out of the rubber rod clips. The rubber rod clips are designed poorly, it is easier to pull the rods out than to put them in. I have to use two hands to put them in the clips and I only need one to pull them out, I would rather it be the other way around. The rod holder positions are too close together. I pull one rod off the rack and it pulls one of the rods next to it out of the rubber clip. If the clips held better, that might not be a problem. The rack is not as solid as it should be. It has good stability. It is questionable. I mean when I rock it backwards and forwards. It makes cracking noises when I do the same thing. It should have at least 6 bolts in the bottom and one more permanent shelf. The pieces that take the #8 screws should have been at the bottom.

👤I was impressed by the weight of the package, which usually points to a degree of sturdiness. Things went downhill from there. One could see that it was not cut straight. The rubber rod holders were not completely detached. The American company who "test and design" the products they market and sell don't monitor quality control was the first thing that came to my mind. I would send it back if it wasn't so hard to disassemble and repackage.

👤I was looking for a rod rack that would hold all my fishing gear. I was a bit skeptical when I found this because it didn't have any reviews. I'm glad I made the purchase. It is very easy to put together. You may need a drill for the screws. This product is amazing.

👤ZERO STARS is not an option and that's why I gave this product a 1 star. The vinyl surface was damaged in several places and buggered around one corner. The plastic edge strip was unglued. The rod clips are stiff and cheap. I will have to replace them with rubber clips. This is junk.

👤I've been looking for something similar in terms of rod/tackle storage. I put everything together in less than 10 minutes. There are a few screws that hold everything in place, and you need an Allen wrench to install the feet. The rack is too short to hold saltwater rods and the butt is too thick to fit in the rubber clips. It could be built a little more solid. I had to nail the rubber clips back in after one of them fell out. I am happy with the purchase. This product will last a long time for this weekend warrior.

👤I bought this rod because my other one that I was storing in my garage snapped in half one day when I reached over it to get something I spent around the same price on that rod rack as I did this one, and the differences are night and day. This product is so sturdy that it is easy to assemble just sliding panels in place and put the feet on with two Allen key screws, and it is also as good as a rock in the desert.

11. Rush Creek Creations Fishing Storage

Rush Creek Creations Fishing Storage

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Quality assurance and professional customer service are offered by their fishing baits. Feel free to contact them at any time. Within 24 hours, their friendly and reliable customer service will respond to you. The fishing rod storagerack is round. There is a round fishing pole rack that has up to 16 rod and reel combinations. A handcrafted wood post. A traditional looking rod rack made of wood grain laminate is a great addition to your décor. It is easy to access. The center post is the perfect height for your fishing poles to store your rods away in no time. There are padded slots on the base plate for rod handles and soft rod clips that adjust to the rod. It's easy to assemble a premium storage solution for your fishing gear, with the same sizeRACK.

Brand: Rush Creek Creations

👤I nailed it. Any complaints you read are missing the point. It looks good, but thinner rods will shift around in their holders, and reels will knock into each other. My kids are interested in fishing again after I put the rods in and have them displayed in the garage. What else matters?

👤I gave this 5 stars because I have been planning to build a rod holder for a long time and finally completed it for $18.89. There are 4 pictures that may or may not help you decide if this will work for you. The picture shows the rod holder. The measurement of the height of the top holder is shown in one picture. The measurement is 30 inches, but the top holder is not that high. A surf rod is too tall to fit in the holder. I want to replace one of the original ones with a larger one so that the rod will fit. The rod is yellow in the picture. There is a red lacing that is just 7 inches in diameter. I don't know if it will hold up. The maximum height that I could use is shown in the picture. I would buy it again if I could get a couple of larger rod clamps and a great rod holder. Is it real oak? It looks good! I added the last three pictures to show the YYST 4 PCS Kayak paddle clip paddle holder paddle keeper and the rod holder. The fifth picture has a rod diameter of 1.25 inches. The red and yellow rod in the sixth picture is 7 inches in diameter. The seventh picture shows the clips I ordered. This holds my rods securely.

👤I bought this for my hubs. The only problem we had was when we went to assemble, the screw on the bottom wouldn't tighten, it was very simple instructions. I gave 4 stars because of this. My hub's skills saved the day. He was able to place it in the bottom so it wouldn't fall over. The fastners are very close together. The top of the rods has a lot of space, but the bottom of the rods is tight. We missed a few spaces because some wouldn't fit in the next fastner. All of my husband's rods fit even after skipping a space because we didn't have 16 rods. We can't complain at $20 bucks. It serves its purpose well.

👤It is cheap by comparison to other fishing rod holders. It isn't the prettiest and it isn't the smartest. It took two minutes to put it together. I was helped to clean up my gear. I was leaning my rods in a corner. They would fall over. It's nice and organized. I don't think this thing will hold up to abuse. There are a few bolts and a laminated particle board. I don't see why it would be an issue if you are not hard on it. It should last a long time. The clips seem to grab on the rod. I didn't want to spend a lot of money and just wanted my fishing gear cleaned up. Those needs were filled by it.


What is the best product for fishing cart caddy?

Fishing cart caddy products from Kolpin. In this article about fishing cart caddy you can see why people choose the product. Macsports and Rod Sprocket are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing cart caddy.

What are the best brands for fishing cart caddy?

Kolpin, Macsports and Rod Sprocket are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing cart caddy. Find the detail in this article. Rush Creek Creations, Sea Striker and Shoreline Marine are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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