Best Fishing Combos On Sale Quantum Rod

Combos 9 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Ministoream Telescopic Fishing Saltwater Freshwater

Ministoream Telescopic Fishing Saltwater Freshwater

Since 1949, people have been invited to explore the outdoors. For a period of one year from the date of original retail purchase against defects in workmanship and/or materials, Zebco products are warranted. 2PCS Carbon Fiber Fishing Pole, 2PCS Spinning Fishing Reels, 2PCS Carrier Bag, Various Fishing Lures, and Fishing Hooks are included in the full kit. The telescopic design of the fishing rod makes it easy to carry around. The telescopic design of the fishing rod makes it easy to carry around. The rod case is.9 x 8 x 3 inches. You can take it on planes. The spinning fishing reels have a folding design, metal handles, and a more comfortable handshake. The fishing wheel is controlled by the reverse stop switch. The rocker arms can be swapped for different user habits. They packed every tackle box for your fishing rod with hard and soft lures, hooks, worms, and more. The telescopic fishing rod and other fishing accessories were made with unbeatable quality that helps you tackle every lake, river, pond, and stream with confidence.

Brand: Ministoream

👤These are not bass pro shop reels, but they are worth the money. This kit will work. Pleasure or survival can be added to any situation.

👤I thought they were going to be cheap, but I was pleasantly surprised by their quality. I am excited to use them more in the future.

👤I like my new reel. It's easy to assembly and lock in place. I would like to get a new line. I used the line to practice tying knots.

👤It is very portable. I haven't used them yet but they don't seem to be high quality. It may be good for panfish. I will not be using them for anything bigger.

👤I love this set. The lightweighr has rods that collapse for travel. It's very easy to assemble and comes with two full sets, as well as all the accessories you need for a day at the lake.

👤It's great for traveling. Have not used yet. I bet they are strong. It didn't snap. It is easy to keep 2 poles and reels in the car. The bag is large enough for a small tackle kit. Can't beat it.

👤I regret buying it. The line is small and the quality is not good. It broke in two weeks.

👤So far... I haven't found anything I like. You have to disassemble the reels and rode to get them to fit back in. Get better ones at Bass Pro Shop.

2. Richcat Telescopic Pre Spooled Saltwaer Freshwater

Richcat Telescopic Pre Spooled Saltwaer Freshwater

The dimensions are: The combo length is 65 inches and the reel width is 5 inches. The Richcat rod combo has essential fishing accessories. The experienced and beginners can use the fishing alarm bell. The fishing rod is made of high density carbon fiber. The tip of the first section snapped. The reel has 400ft pre- loaded wire. It's perfect for catching fish in the winter. The guide and reel seat is made of aluminu, which is resistant to rust, and can help you cast farther. The metal fishing reel has a 5.2:1 high speed gear ratio and a smooth retrieve rate. Richcat rods are a great gift for your father, husband, or boyfriend, because they have stylish look and high quality workmanship.

Brand: Richcat

👤The reel is holding up. I got to take this product out fishing recently, I purchased it in April. While collapsing the rod for storage the reel fell off the rod when I looked at it closer the top portion that the reel slides into was just glue on the rod. I only give this product two stars because the reel is still functioning at this point and I did not like the rod until it started failing.

👤Thanks to Fulfilled by Amazon, it arrived earlier than expected. Couldn't wait to open it and was impressed with everything, from the packaging to the quality of the pieces. The tip of the rod was protected from shipping damage. The reel spins smoothly and the rod feels sturdy. This is a pretty looking rod.

👤I received a collapsible pole,geared it up and caught a couple catfish, but I wasn't sure if I wanted one. 5 stars.

👤This is a great fishing pole. I gave it to my son for his birthday. It's easy to set up. He caught a 13 pound fish with ease.

👤I ordered another rod because I love this one so much. I've landed four catfish that are 10 pounds or more. This rod and reel is perfect.

👤Excellent quality. The delivery was on time. A great fishing rod and reel combo.

👤I had to test it myself after watching a video and reading all the reviews. My friend grabbed the pole and asked how much it could handle after it held a stingray. I said I didn't know I bought it. The line is 20 lbs. It was taken to Malibu Pier and pulled up 3 fish. Then to Marina Del Rey bait dock, you can pull big smelt and barracudas. I own a lot of poles but this is my favorite. I would suggest anyone to get this and see for themselves. It is very sensitive to feel so it is easier for me than my deep sea to feel, but I use both just to maximize my fishing game. I bought it for travel. It is small enough to pack. I clean the scales off after a day of fishing, don't want it to mess with packing it, and my friends spend hundreds of dollars on reels and poles and I catch more most of the time. I use the extended pole under my arm to help me fight a fish.

3. Hotoby Telescopic Spinning Saltwater Freshwater

Hotoby Telescopic Spinning Saltwater Freshwater

China is the country of origin. You can start fishing immediately with the full set, which includes a carbon road, spinning reel, fishing line, accessories, and a storage bag. Not only for beginners but also for beginners. Enjoy fishing with your family and friends. The carbon road is lightweight but tough. The handle of the reel can be folded with one touch, and it can be easily exchanged for another one by removing the screws. The accessories have the necessary tools. The storage bag protects your fishing equipment. It is convenient to carry and store because it has a closed size of 1.35ft and a weight of only 15.07oz. Small children and women can easily throw it in. You can keep it in your bag or car. You can easily take it to your destinations. It is easy for beginners. I don't know how to use it. Don't worry about these. The User's Quick Manual is for beginners. It explains how to use a reel and how to wind the line. Beginners can use it with ease. A wide range of uses is suitable for gifts. It's the best gift to give to your family on Father's Day, Children's Day, birthdays, and Christmas! It's useful in a lot of scenes, such as surf casting, river fishing, lake fishing, sea fishing, and boat fishing. In case of emergency, please contact them using the after-sales service email address.

Brand: Hotoby

👤My son is very happy that the company sent a replacement for the bad fishing pole.

👤Hey. For the money. It is what it is. It was easy to use. It is easy to carry. It's great for a child. If you are going to catch a few big hitters, you better bring a spare. Other than that. The rod is not a bad one.

👤It works well for keeping in the trunk for fishing.

4. KastKing Centron Spinning Reel Stainless

KastKing Centron Spinning Reel Stainless

It's the best gift to give to a father, son, husband, fiancée, or boyfriend for Christmas. Do you want to buy a single rod or reel? The ASIN is B01MQ1MRIA or B07YFP8KV3. The Toray IM6 Graphite blank is light and sensitive and designed to provide exceptional value and performance for all fishermen. All of the combinations come in lengths from 6' to 8' for Bass, Trout, Panfish and even Salmon. All models with premium O-ring inserts perform perfectly with both mono or braided lines, and are made of strong and durable STAINLESS- STEEL. The lightweight frames look great and keep the weight down for a perfectly balanced rod blank. The rods feel great in your hand and provide all day comfort and a sure grip while providing for a perfectly balanced rod with the use of the contoured EVA handles and fighting butt. The 6' to 7' all-purpose combo and full-length EVA handles on the 7'6” medium heavy and 8' heavy action combo are perfect for catfish, salmon/steelhead or other large fish. Each combo includes a perfectly matched KastKing Centron spinning reel that matches the rod and the type of fish that it is intended for. The smallest reel size is 2000 and goes all the way to a powerful 5000 that is perfect for the heavy action rod intended for catfish, salmon and Steelhead. The KastKing Centron has a 5.2:1 or 4.5:1 gear ratio, 9+1 Maxi-Dur ball bearings, anti-twist line roller, and a light weight graphite frame. The reel action is smooth and the drag system is powerful.

Brand: Kastking

👤I bought this combo for my son. He asked for a pole for his birthday. I wanted to return it because it was expensive. He deserved a nice combo. Did I listen to the reviews that said the tip snapped? I bought it anyway. He loved the combo the first time, but the second time the tip broke off and he was stuck. I contacted kastking and sent photos, video, and a copy of my invoice. The customer has to pay for shipping and handling back after they send back a pole. If they find it's a manufacturer issue, that's all. They will only charge you half of the cost of the rod, plus shipping and handling, if they find it's your fault. If you divide the cost of shipping by the cost of rod, you get a total of 75.00 dollars. Amazon sells this for 70.00 dollars. That is a warranty. I was sent a link to purchase a new tip. The new tip is just as bad as the old one. I think there is a reason for the negative reviews. I have been sending multiple emails to customer service and have no solution, but I have to pay a lot of money out of pocket.

👤This combo really impressed. I bought this combo to take to my cottage in upper Michigan and use to catch Muskie, which is the only place I would use it. The braided line is highly recommended. I used a swim bait for the first time and grabbed a large stick within 10 minutes. I snapped the first 6 or 7 inches of the tip of the rod off after pulling up hard to break loose from the snag. I own a couple other medium poles that have dragged up heavier sticks and have no issues with it. It was disappointing considering the usual quality of the products I order, and also confused as this was an 8ft heavy rod I bought for Muskie that is now nothing more then a paperweight. I hope this was a defect and will be contacting Kastking to see if there are any options.

👤I bought this combo for my boys. We took it to the jetty to fish. The rod is very strong. A boy can easily cast a 1/2 oz spoon 30,40 yards away. The drag is also great. He caught a keeper on a really slow day.

👤As soon as I got this, I braided it with 10lb braid and hit the river. I was going to cast in to see how well Uncle Jim's worms stayed on the hook, since the river was in flood warnings. The combo has a nice balance. No hang or pause on the first crank as bail returns smooth. The river is high. I didn't expect much when I caught this cat. I always worry about the rigidity of newer rods and how they handle pressure from bigger fish. The rod was a winner. He hit the deep fast current. The rod was not being stressed. He would try to run under a log when I got him into calmer water. The Centron combo was great. I lost 2 of my old combos last year and his should be an excellent replacement.

5. Quantum Telescopic Medium Heavy Comfortable EMBTELC665MH FB3

Quantum Telescopic Medium Heavy Comfortable EMBTELC665MH FB3

A spinning reel holds 260 yards and 25 lbs of test. Ultra-durable. The Embark telescopic casting rod is made with a solid glass tip and reinforced with graphite for long- lasting durability that can hold up against even the biggest fish. It can hold a line weight and lure weights. Excellent performance. The Quantum Embark telescopic casting rod is built to endure the most rugged fishing conditions. It's ideal for targeting medium-Heavy species such as walleye, bass, catfish, striper, saltwater fish and more. It is a combination of container and conveyor. The collapsible casting rod makes it easy to travel with, use, and store. The built-in hook-keeper can be used to secure your fishing line and hook. All day long. The telescopic rod is designed to last and has a comfortable handle. The power rod is hard-working and heavy to use.

Brand: Quantum

👤These rods were compared to 2 piece rods. I fish for bass with heavy baitcasting equipment. I use 2 piece rods so I can keep a rod under the back seat at all times. I fish all weekend and on my days off. I like to have at least 2 rods with me and they take up a lot of room in a rod bag. I like these rods so much that I just bought my 3rd quantum. I bike fish a 93 mile long canal and these things have held up well on many fish from 10 to 21 inches in length, and an average of about 2 pounds. At the end of the day, I put my seat pocket on the back of the seat, so I can easily fit three rods in a backpack. People who don't fish different action rods may think they look "flimsy" because they seem to be close to a fast action rod tip. They are sensitive to bites and strikes. There are only 5 guides and sometimes the sections turn a little. You have to adjust now and then but that is not a problem. My one and two piece rods have only been used once this season, but casting seems to be just as smooth. I like the company's version of a telescopic rod, but the handle length on the Quantum is what I like and am used to. I get a kick out of meeting up with a fishing buddy and asking if he forgot his poles, only to have them pull 3 feet out of my backpack. These are great for someone who just gets out to enjoy fishing and wants to have a few rods with them.

👤I bought another rod after liking this one so much. Even though I haven't fished with either rod, I have dry fished in my yard against trees, bushes, fences, etc., and found it to be sensitive at the tip with plenty of backbone. You can go wrong with this rod for small and medium game fishing on a budget.

👤The picture says it all. I went to set the hook when I got hit. It broke in the pole.

👤It's very easy to make sure that the tip doesn't break when you walk to the walk lake with your baby.

👤Fantastic rod at a fair price. I wish it was available in more lengths.

👤It is light to child use and thinks that it is right. The next model wants you to improve guide.

👤The line was broken on. I was claimed to handle 17 lbs.

👤That cover for a pole is awesome.

👤This moto is being used for camping. A quality telescopic rod. I have a three piece pack rod, but this one is shorter. The cast was pretty good. The fish aren't going anywhere even though it's a little time consuming to pull it apart and collapse it. A leader and a line. The rod didn't feel stressed after the two Walleye were caught in the rapids. The plastic threaded coupler feels like a higher end rod when attached to the reel. It's a great rod for packs. It's that small and can be strapped across handle bars. Great purchase.

6. Zebco Spinning 2 Piece Fishing Anti Reverse

Zebco Spinning 2 Piece Fishing Anti Reverse

There are wide application and gift ideas. The fishing rods can be used for freshwater bass trout fishing, saltwater fishing, or inshore fishing. Father's Day Gifts is the best gift for father, son, husband, fiance, boyfriend. Fishing rods and reels are suitable for women. Carry on the fishing pole bag and enjoy the weekend with your family. 30-days full refund money and 12 months warranty are provided by the pole. The CONVENIENT COMBO. The Bite Alert Spinning combo is an open-cast fishing reel with a fiberglass rod and Cajun line, and comes pre-spooled with 20-pound Cajun line so you can go fishing today. There is power. The reel has a dial-adjustable drag system. The rod has medium- heavy power, which will help you to reel in your next catch. LIABLE: The Bite Alert is a spincast reel that brings an elevated fishing experience. The patented no tangle design, instant anti-reverse technology, and right/ left hand changeable retrieve will enhance any fishing trip. It's 888-282-0465 Use when fishing for heavy fish such as catfish, striper, and walleye. Since 1949, people have been invited to explore the outdoors. For a period of one year from the date of original retail purchase against defects in workmanship and/or materials, Zebco products are warranted.

Brand: Zebco

👤I needed a budget friendly combo for freshwater shore fishing and bought this to try it out. The rod and reel themselves were worth every penny, even though the bite alert function is ok. I was happy with their performance after landing a 40lb blue cat for 50 bucks. I was worried about the product when landing the fish pictured, but the pole bent as it should and the drag worked well during the landing of the cat. I replaced the line with 65lb braid. I recommend this combo to beginners who are looking for larger fish.

👤I thought it would be a great combo. The reel is mostly made of plastic parts. After a few runs, it began to fall apart. The handle was loose and wore away. A lot of issues were caused by the stripped screw holding the bail arm. I would say move on to a more durable rod with better construction.

👤Will update after the first use. The husband and I like the look of it, the weight and feel of it when held. It was not completely cheap. Can't wait to try catfish at night. We love Zebco. I think it will do its job. The pole is broken down. The box was huge and had a lot of empty room with the pole, but it was only 1-2 lbs lighter than the room with the pole.

👤Good rod. If you don't angle it away, it will hit the reel. The ends of the rod are not compatible with water, spit, or some other lubricant. It is easy to separate the 2 rods. I'd rather have a hard time putting it together than have to take it apart. The included mono line should be enough to hold up if swapped out for 40 or 50lb braid. The bite alert has not been tried by me. It doesn't seem like fool proof.

👤I put the box on the door step. I am 5 years old. I could almost be in this thing. I thought a bike was in it. Nooopse. The entire box was stuffed with paper. It's a good thing to let everyone know what to expect. If it's clean, it's a rod. I will be going to wildwood this weekend. Updating soon.

👤The ceramic guides are facing down, like a normal fishing rod, and the website doesn't work, no paperwork or manual, and nobody answers. Don't waste money or time.

👤The combo is better than what was shown. The price was better than other stores. The spinning reel and rod are of great quality. It has 20 pound line on the reel. Excellent outfit.

👤It's a decent rod and reel for $55. The job gets done without any problems. It is closer to 7 feet than the advertised 6 1/2. Comes out of the bag. I don't use the bite alert and it seems like a trick to me.

👤Unfortunately the rod arrived broken, I am sure it is great.

7. Okuma TU 1002 80 Tundra Combo Medium

Okuma TU 1002 80 Tundra Combo Medium

Since 1949, people have been invited to explore the outdoors. For a period of one year from the date of original retail purchase against defects in workmanship and/or materials, Zebco products are warranted. 1BB ball bearing drive is smooth. It is resistant tocorrosion. A multi-disc oiled-felt drag system. The glass fiber rod is blank. The guide inserts are ceramic. The foam fore and rear grips are comfortable. A spinning reel holds 260 yards and 25 lbs of test.

Brand: Okuma Fishing

👤I am very impressed with this rod. It is a great deal. The reel is not broken. The reel was strung with 20 or 25 lbs. test mono. I used it to catch fish, including a shark. I have fished my entire life. Due to lack of boat access, I had to change my fishing style. This pole was what I was looking for. It is stiff enough to rough the fish away from the pilings and long enough to afford long casting. I wish it was available in a conventional bait casting configuration, but it is. The reel should last me about a year with propper maintenance, which is cool since I expected to replace it immediately, but I didn't. That should show you how impressed I am. This is the perfect combo for fishing on the beach or pier. I caught a 4ft. blacktip off of Tybee Island Pier. I had a hard time with it. The rod weight and diameter were a problem. The configuration of the rod makes it difficult to contol. I have to change my rating.

👤I took the baby apart to see what was under the hood. Less things to get rusty from the salty ocean is a result of mostly plastic. After I added a half pound of oil and spent about an hour fishing it out of the deep confines of gears and Jelly, the clip to hold the reverse switch was plopped out. I was able to get the clip back with the help of the tweezers. I don't think the manufacturer wanted their customers to tinker with the insides. I slapped it on this pile after I rigged her up. I'm pretty sure my cast went at least 12 nautical miles, so I felt like uncle Riko. My first surf setup was rad.

👤It is a nice inexpensive combo, but it won't make for a lot of fun for a person who is new to surf fishing. You will be happier in the long-term if you spend 3-4 times more money for a better setup. The combo is easy to maintain. I sometimes lubricate the reel, but sometimes don't rinse the dried salt and sand off for a few days, because it still functions perfectly and looks almost new. The rod is stiff, which negates the fun factor, and it is tough as nails, not a mar on it after many uses. Sometimes, this combo will be on a best of list for surf rods, but don't believe everything you read in reviews. Reviewers tend to exaggerate their strengths and link to Amazon. The best-of lists were never used in the surf. I would only recommend this setup for people who go surf fishing a few times a year. It is tiring to use bottom rigs.

👤Its not a very good reel. The 10' and 15' versions of these rods were purchased by me. There is a The spinning reel broke after the first use. The third piece of the 15' rod was discolored. The rods are too heavy for 40lb line rods. The 15' is not comfortable to cast with. It casts a 10' rod using a pendelum swing. I look like a douche at the beach. You need a fighting belt to hold the giant rod. This leads to more problems with these rods. The rods are too thick. It's not compatible with a fighting belt or a sand spike rod holder. I have heavy rod holders that can't hold the fat fishing rods. This thing has no sensitivity to action. It's like fishing with a broom stick. The reel that came in the combo is worse than the build quality. I used the reel for the first time. An oncoming wave wet my reel as I was casting. The water and sand got into the gears. I tried to fix it at home, but it wasn't worth it. The components are too cheap to be put back together. The rods are not new. I tried to take care of the rods, but the line guides started falling off. I noticed that the line guide on each rod was missing. A quality surf rod should cost more. The Penn Prevail 11' rod is trash compared to the other surf rods. The other surf rods are very thin. It is more expensive to buy cheap rods than it is to buy a quality one. These rods are not productive fishing tools in the long run. The whole point of fishing is to have fun and catch fish. These rods are bad for fishing.

8. Wakeman Swarm Spinning Reel Combo

Wakeman Swarm Spinning Reel Combo

The metallic finish is emerald green. A 20 spinning reel has 65 yds of 6lb monofilament line. The handle on the fiberglass rod is comfortable. The ratio is 5.2:1 with a single ball bearing drive. The dimensions are: The combo length is 65 inches and the reel width is 5 inches.

Brand: Wakeman

👤I bought this pole for my son. The pole was packaged well and arrived as described. The color was even better than the picture showed. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the rod and reel handle worked. It has great sensitivity for the smallest fish. I would recommend stripping the line and replacing it. The line snapped quickly. I would recommend this rod and reel combo.

👤I don't understand why there are so many negative reviews for this. The value was well worth it. This is the only pole I've caught trout on this year, and it's the cheapest of the three poles I own. It was able to pull in a 17 inch rainbow. Very happy with this combo! It seems like more user error than anything I've read.

👤Used for fresh water and salt. After seven months, the reel stopped working. The rod is small and durable. I used it to hit it on the side of the concrete. After 7 months, it's still in use.

👤Good light pole. The line that it comes with is not very good and is easy to tangle with. Purchase your own higher quality line. I had to replace the like because of tangling issues.

👤I got back into fishing and bought a blue one. I like inexpensive rods and reels until I know more about what I'm doing. I've caught many fish on the one prior to this, and it's mostly plastic. This one had a drag that was not adjusted so it had to be sent back. I don't know what kind of quality control this company has and their website is not helpful in regards to product information on products that they make. If it didn't work as well as I bought it, I'd give it one star. I might be too nice. Idk

👤After about 9 uses, the reel broke. Since I live on a lake, I fish almost daily and I think I was over using it. I could feel every rock on the bottom and every bite. It works despite the fact that something broke inside and started making a noise, but now has no sensitivity. You should know that you are getting what you pay for.

👤It was easy to put together. Instructions were not put in the box to explain how to use each part. The reel was loose and I couldn't figure it out, the line was all tangled up in a big mess. Do not get this rod if you are a fishing beginner.

👤The rod and reel are small.

👤No sirve, el dinero iso a la basura, el hilo y peor aun no da opcin de devolucin.

👤No trae un manual de usuario y ademas, pero no tienes.

👤Para peces pequeos, Bien para comenzar y para peces pequeos. El carrete trabaja. Sencillo, por el precio.

👤The spinner started jamming after less than a month of use. If I have to buy another spinner a month later, it's not worth it.

👤The material is delgado and recomendado mucho para todos.

9. Wild Water Fishing Complete Starter

Wild Water Fishing Complete Starter

The one-way bearing is easy to use and has no tools needed. There is a correlation between FLY ROD COMPONENTS. This well-crafted 9-foot fly fishing rod is made of light and durable black graphite. A high-quality reel seat with double lock rings, a stripper guide withSilicon carbide rings, and a laser-etched butt cap are also provided. The cork handle is 7 inches long and comes with rubber and cork trim rings. The Wild Water Fly Fishing Starter Package comes with a nylon carrying case for travel and storage. The case has enough space for any additional fishing gear. A cloth bag with ties is included. It's a great way to store your gear. There is a waterproof box with nine fish. The key to great fly fishing is having a wide range of flies readily available. The starter package includes a rugged plastic fly box that can hold up to 372 flies. The fly box has the following flies: 3x Size 6 Chernobyl Ant, 3x Size 12 Green Tinsel Nymph, and 3x Size 12 No Hackle Tan Caddis. The sturdy blade. The fly fishing package has a die cast aluminum fly reel. The reel has a one-way clutch bearing and an 85mm diameter quick release spool. The reel comes with a chartreuse floating fly line, 20 lbs orange backing and a 9 foot leader. All Wild Water fly reels can be changed from left to right. The package is perfect for fishing in streams, rivers, lakes and ponds. You can catch trout, panfish or small bass with ease with this well-crafted rod. Learning to cast a fly rod with a medium-fast action will be easy.

Brand: Wild Water

👤I tried out my friend's Orvis rod/reel before buying this fly rod/reel. I thought fly fishing would be hard, but it was not as hard as I thought. My friend told me that I needed to spend a couple hundred dollars to get a quality setup, so I didn't buy this combo. I'm glad I didn't listen because he realized he was wrong when this thing came in. I couldn't be happier that this thing performs nearly as well as his setup. The drag on the reel is smooth and the action on this rod is great. If you fish frequently, I would recommend buying a spool of tippet to go with the kit, as you will shorten the leader very quickly. If you only plan to fish for trout, the tiny flies that come with the kit are only good if you do. Casting a fly rod is more relaxing than being exiled until you catch a big fish on a fly rod. Traditional rod and reels don't allow felling through the rod. You won't want to use a regular reel again once you start fly fishing.

👤I got a fly fishing rod. I noticed that the reel "scrapes" against itself while reeling it in. It happens when the reel is in a certain position. Otherwise everything seems to work well, rod will probably still work fine in practice if it eventually binding in the spot where it was nicked. I filled out their contact support form on their website and within hours, they responded and offered to replace my reel and pay for the postage back. I am impressed with their communication. I can't emphasize how great Wild Water's customer service is. The replacement reel works perfectly. My son, wife and I took this out to the Golden Gate Casting Club class and had a blast. I wish I'd discovered this rod earlier so I wouldn't be stuck in the "which rod should I get" phase for so long. Thanks again for Wild Water!

👤It is a pretty good beginner setup, I've purchased a couple of these. The medium action rod performs well. The reel is ok, but there are two screws that hold the reel seat to the reel. The reel fell off the rod. I will use the screws as a practice rod. The entry level combo is worth a few extra dollars if you purchase a 3W Maxcatch setup. The rod is fast and light. I will post on that one after I use it a bit more. The Cabelas Three Forks/prestige combo is a combo that I enjoy. Is a step up and built for a lot of use. The Wild Water combo is good for beginners.

👤Got a fly rod. I have fished for many years with spinning reels. The quality of the reel and pole is great. There are 9 flies in the fly case, all of which are well made. The carry case is very high quality. I sent wild water because my order was missing a cable. I got a reply in 20 minutes asking for my address. I would recommend this company to my friends if they were interested in fly fishing because of the unbeatable customer service and the fly kit. If you're new to fly fishing and have a doubt about which kit to get started, order this one now. You will not regret it.

10. PLUSINNO Traveler Spinning Saltwater Freshwater

PLUSINNO Traveler Spinning Saltwater Freshwater

Richcat rods are a great gift for your father, husband, or boyfriend, because they have stylish look and high quality workmanship. The Plusinno Freedom travel is 7 feet long and has a Medium-Split Handle and a 3000 reel. It's ideal for freshwater saltwater fishing, like bass, trout, salmon, river, lake, reservoir, pond or inshore fishing. The Freedom Spinning Traveler Fishing Rod is made of 30 ton carbon fiber and is lightweight with tremendous strength. The reel seat has a hood that keeps your reel in place and won't loosen when traveling long distances. EVA handles are slip resistant and comfortable, making them ideal for fishing poles. Super Smooth Power- Powerful Spinning fishing reel is made of 8 quality ball bearings and 1 instant stop one-way anti-reverse bearing, these exceptional bearings reduce noise and offer you silky smooth & balanced operation and all day fishing comfort. Fishing reels have a high-capacity aluminum spool and a left or right-handed retrieve handle. It is more smooth because of the premium O-ring inserts in the guides. It's easy to carry and fit in a backpack, trunk, boat hatch, and other places. The portable combo of the fishing rod and reel is light and can be carried anywhere. Everything a beginner needs to begin their adventure with angling is included in the Plusinno Fishing Rod and Reel combo. It is a great gift for a beginner or addictive fisherman. It's a good idea to give your boyfriend, father, son or your friends a gift of fishing gear for Father's Day, Christmas or their birthday.

Brand: Plusinno

👤It fits in a backpack and is 6 pieces. It has a lightweight foam Handel and not cork. Even though it is a 6 piece rod, the design is good and it has the flex and backbone expected of a medium rod. The top two guides are small and won't let a bobber stop through which could be an issue if you fishing a slip rig. If you need to store it somewhere on the go, a good rod is a good one.

👤I have had this pole for a couple of months now and I love it, I have taken it on a road-trip to Florida to fish the salty waters and it held up against some large catfish. I was able to fit it into a backpack and fly out to Colorado to catch rainbow trout. It is a cheap option for a travel pole, it is easy to take apart and store away, it catches large fish, and it has a good action. These are minor and can be fixed. After 20 or so casts, the top section can come off, however it can be just as easily put back on, you could use superglue for a more permanent solution, or something like duct tape that can be taken off and put back on, and that is the only con. I really like this product. If you need one for travel or something that takes up little space, this is for you.

👤I was not expecting a 6PC travel rod to have so much strength. I would consider this rod to be med to med heavy power and moderate fast action. This is a good combo for freshwater fishing. My son and I used it the other day and caught more than a dozen 8lb+ channel cats, a few big sheepshead and 2 very big carp. The rod and reel preformed well. The 6PC rod is perfect for throwing in a backpack or large tackle bag. The reel operates well and holds a good amount of line. Drag was easy to adjust and smooth. The reel was left a little to be desired in the looks department, but it worked well.

👤The rod looks very stylish and feels great in my hands with a smooth reel. I was amazed by the length and end result of this rod, it comes in a tiny travel bag. I am not afraid of this rod breaking with any of the fish I am aiming for because each piece feels very sturdy and attached far enough into the connecting pieces that they feel very secure. This rod is so cheap because it comes with a storage bag and its own reel.

👤I am always on the hunt for budget gear that will continue to perform as an avid fisherman and father of 5. My son needed a new rod. This was a good option. Having a rod that breaks down to small foot print is a huge benefit. This rod is a great full time replacement for his trout fishing needs and it also fits our camping needs. He has caught 5 trout at the 1-2lb size. The rod is an amazing deal. I like Plusinno. It is a budget option and it is amazing. The value is great.

11. Lews Fishing Hypersonic Speed Spinning

Lews Fishing Hypersonic Speed Spinning

Everything a beginner needs to begin their adventure with angling is included in the Plusinno Fishing Rod and Reel combo. It is a great gift for a beginner or addictive fisherman. It's a good idea to give your boyfriend, father, son or your friends a gift of fishing gear for Father's Day, Christmas or their birthday. The product is a fishing reel. The package has dimensions of 5.08 L X 7.62 W X 96.52 H. The package weight is 0.263 kilograms. China is the country of origin.

Brand: Lew's

👤I fish for 3 to 4 days a week. The pole held up well. Someone got my pole after I left it on the side of my car. The reel I bought seems to be having bearing problems after one month. I ordered another Hypersonic today and am going to use it tomorrow. I can't wait.

👤The pole broke in the first few days. My teen son fishes at a small pond across the road and this pole snapped at the top with just a small bass on the line.

👤I was excited to receive my rod and reel, but I was disappointed that the tip of the rod broke. Don't know if it was a shipping issue or a broken seller.

👤I like the feel of light and the cost.

👤The tip broke off about the 3rd use. I'm glad it wasn't expensive, it may have been damaged in shippment, but I've ordered two other Lew's combo's. It's not the time to be getting stuff shipped.

👤I have Lews rods and reels. This one is 6ft and sensitive and I absolutely love it. People are giving negative reviews for broken rod because of the shipping issue.

👤The feel is great out of the box, lightweight, and smooth reel action.

👤The Product fell apart on the 3rd cast.


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What are the best brands for fishing combos on sale quantum rod?

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