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1. Zebco Telescopic Extendable 22 5 Inch Anti Reverse

Zebco Telescopic Extendable 22 5 Inch Anti Reverse

No warranty is provided by San 800-244-0167, it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty for any products with quality issues. The Zebco 33 is easy to use and perfect for the go-go-go lifestyle. The patented no-tangle design reel comes pre-spooled with 10-pound Zebco Cajun line, so you can hit the water with it. It's great for beginners and experienced fishermen. EXPERTLY DESIGNED: The telescopic combo was designed to collapse down to 22 inches. A great all-purpose fishing set-up, the easy-casting spincast reel is custom-matched to a durable E-glass rod to help you to reel in the big ones all day long. All day long. The EVA handle on the telescopic rod combo provides hours of comfort. Its moderate-fast action and medium power is ideal for targeting a wide variety of species from panfish, trout, bass, catfish and more, and is designed to hold a 6-12-pound line weight and 1/2 ounce lure weights. SMOOTH PERFORMANCE: The size 30 spincast reel is constructed with all-metal gears and a 4.1:1 gear ratio. The changeable right- or left-hand retrieve reel has a MicroFine dial-adjustable drag and QuickSet anti-reverse to stop your handle from moving backwards and create a solid hookset in the mouth of a fish. Since 1949, people have been invited to explore the outdoors. For a period of one year from the date of original retail purchase against defects in workmanship and/or materials, Zebco products are warranted.

Brand: Zebco

👤This is a good combo. I haven't used a spin cast in 30 years. Nowadays it is mostly bait and spinning rods. Once you get used to it, it is fun to fish with it. It fits nicely in my back pack when this rod is in its travel configuration. The grip is long and comfortable. The reel is cheap. The rod is pretty good, but the last section is not. I have caught small pan fish on this rod, and it is a great fight. The rod is great for emergency fishing trips.

👤Took it fishing for the first time. I got the line caught in a tree. The pole snapped as I walked towards the tree. I have had my line stuck in a tree before. I have to get the line out before I go fishing. This is my first time using a brand new rod and I have never seen a rod break before. The rods need to be reinforced.

👤I expected more from the brand. Since the 70s, my family has been buying Zebco products. I learn how to fish on a rod and reel from a local store. It's true that things used to be like that. This product does not live up to your name, and I am very disappointed in you. It feels like a toy. Maybe it's made by Fisher-Price. I was expecting something better for the price. I have purchased cheaper Chinese made rod and reel on eBay. I will be returning the product to Amazon for a full refund, and maybe never to buy another product again. Not worth the money.

👤I have several inexpensive rods and this is my favorite. It serves its purpose well. I bought this combo for backpacking in the North Georgia mountains to fish the rivers and streams for trout. The combo is 8.4 ounces and has a protective tip cover. The rod is rated for 1/64-1/8 ounces. This power rod is thin and bends easily. I find it easy to cast #1 and #2 spinners farther away from my previous rods. If you are looking for a similar combo for larger fish and tackle, you can buy it from Zebco. The reel comes with 4 lbs of mono line. If abused, delicate and easy to break Rods in this category tend to be. If your lure/hook gets caught in a tree, don't jerk the rod wildly to try to free it. The rod will fail eventually. It is definitely worth the money. I have taken this combo on a few trips and have caught many Coosa Bass and Rainbow Trout. A great combo.

👤I wanted to love this rod so much, I got a few Bluegill, one of the 4th one, snapped the pole! Less than 1 lbs! The concept is awesome, had to reline out of the box because line was jacked up and wouldn't let you go further than 2ft. It was nice to fit in my tackle box. I think a Barbie pole would have been better.

2. SNACPICK Telescopic Accessories Collapsible Freshwater

SNACPICK Telescopic Accessories Collapsible Freshwater

Their telescopic fishing rod and other fishing accessories were designed for freshwater and saltwater fishing so that you can tackle every lake, river, pond, and stream with confidence. The all-in-one SNCAPPIK Fishing Rod Kit is the best value fishing kit. A travel bag is also available. The closed-length design of the fishing rod and reel combo is convenient to carry, and it weighs only 1.1 lbs/0.5 kg, making it portable and lightweight. You can enjoy fishing anywhere. Quality and comfort. The telescopic fishing rod has a soft grip design and the handle part swells slightly, which makes it easy to use and take. The best choice for children is this fishing rod. The BK fishing reel has a smooth and balanced operation. The left-right handles make fishing easier for both hands. Line capacity: 0.2/W. Fishing rod kit is the best gift for fathers, sons, husbands, and boyfriends. It's a great time to enhance intimacy when family members or friends go fishing. It is suitable for trout, walleye, bass, striped fish, some saltwater surf fishing, and more.

Brand: Snacpick

👤We take the RV and camp when Grandpa goes fishing with our kids. My son is 5 years old and we bought him a fishing kit. The fishing pole kit from Snacpick has a fishing rod and reel combo, fishing line, and even lures. There is a nice carrier bag with all the accessories in it. The collapsible fishing rod kit is perfect for beginners and the reel is very lightweight and can be stored easily. The closed-length design makes it easy to carry and fit in your backpack or small space in the boat. It's a great gift for your little fisherman. Good casting is something we are taking with us to spring break.

👤This fishing rod is great for fresh water or salt water fishing. When it's folded, it fits inside of the case without any issues, but it folds down to nothing and can be stored or carried around a lot easier than when it's completely pulled out. When it's full length, I can go fishing off of any of my spots near lakes and rivers, but when near the ocean, I'm able to fish off of some rocks. The pole is very strong and sturdy, which is a big difference from what it looks like. Even though the fish put up a really good fight, this pole was able to handle it without any issues. My hiking backpack has hooks on it.

👤This is a great gift for Cub Scouts. It is a good set to start with. There is no concern of it not functioning for a child that is left-handed. It has a pole that can be used for storage. It's much more convenient to travel with it. It's a great starter set because it comes with everything you need to start. The pole is light and strong. It is easy to assemble. It has a great bag to keep everything together. It is a perfect gift for someone who is new to fishing and is at a price point that is perfect for beginners.

👤I bought this pole for my son who is just starting to fish. He likes the part that is extendable because it is compact for storage and can be extended when fishing. It is a very nice fishing pole. It comes with a lot of awesome accessories. The reel doesn't get stuck. It is a lightweight pole. My son recommends it because it comes with a nice beginner's starter bag kit.

👤It was a good choice to buy this combo for my child. My boy really likes it and we have tried it. He can easily cast the line far enough and hold it for a while without any issues. He can learn a lot from the small pieces in the combo. It's kind of annoying when he asks too many questions.

👤It is very useful because we are beginners and they give many fake fish so you can try to catch different fish, you don't have to buy bait, and we can go fishing whenever we want. The reel is very smooth. Fishing is so much fun when we used to have the rod.

3. SAN LIKE Saltwater Telescoping Releasing

SAN LIKE Saltwater Telescoping Releasing

A fishing rod and reel combo is a great gift for beginners. It's a good idea to give your boyfriend, father, son or friends a gift of fishing gear for their birthday or Christmas. The premium freight rail is called the Mierail. The fishing net has a high-density aluminum pole which makes it solid and reliable. The rubber coating is knotless to prevent fishhooks from getting tangled. Soft mesh won't hurt fish. The fishing net can be used for a lot of things. The fishing net is used for swordfish. You can carry and keep this net with ease because of the foldable design, retractable pole and framework. The handle on the fish is skid-resistant. The extended length is 37. The folded length is 17. The loop is 15''. Net depth is 12''. It is easy to operate with a switch. The pole can be adjusted easily. No warranty is provided by San 800-244-0167, it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty for any products with quality issues.

Brand: San Like

👤I can't chase the cat who needs treatment for her ear. If you try to buy a net that's labeled for catching cats, you're going to pay more than $150 even if it's the same product. This one is great. It's strong and has rubber mesh which decreases claws. The handle is strong. It's large enough for my cat, who is a tad smaller than average. My nephew is a devoted fisherman and he says this is a great net for fishing.

👤There are lots of crappies at an excellent fishing spot under a bridge. The area is covered with water and rocks, making it difficult to land the crappies. I purchased a landing net because I lost a lot of cappies while fishing, which was very frustrating. I chose this net because of its length and depth. I have used the net on a couple of fishing trips and am very pleased with it. Being able to extend the net to 100 inches is a good option since it is already long enough. I have not lost a crappie since using the landing net. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤The mine arrived broken. I don't recommend this item. If you plan on using it for a long time, you should buy something else. I don't have the time to return this item so I will put it up as a lesson learned.

👤The net looks high quality. I was able to hear the plastic cracking as I pulled the net out of the water. I am nervous to try to catch minnows along a creek, but I don't have a decent net that is enough to study for anything. I don't plan on trying to catch salmon out of a waterfall. I don't think this could hold a large fish. I walked to the lake carrying my pole and tackle box because there was no way to seal the extension. I caught a lot of minnows but at the end of the day my net detached and I realized that it was held together with glue. There is no twist function that allows you to detach it. The images in this advertisement are very misleading and make it look like there is a twist feature. It was not a smart invention, not reliable, and it was made into Amazons Choices. Do I have the net for you if you are delicate with your gear boy? Customer service will get an extra star from me. They plan on updating the product and will refund me for my troubles. I want to give this net 5 stars in the future.

👤I wade fish and keep things organized on my person when in the water. I thought this would be a great addition to my gear. It takes two hands to open and two hands to close, which is not good when you have a fish on the line. You can't put the rod down to get the net out. There is no hook to attach it to the fishing vest. It is still awkward, even though it is good for fishing in a small boat.

4. PLUSINNO Telescopic Ultra Light Sensitive Spinning

PLUSINNO Telescopic Ultra Light Sensitive Spinning

The combo includes fishing rod and fishing reel. The rod can be no longer than 15.7" long. Spinning 6' weights are 0.22Ib. The rod is light, compact and easy to fit in a backpack, which makes it ideal for travel and carry. The rod is designed for smaller fish, like small trout, crappie, bluegill, and other panfish, but can also handle medium sized fish. Premium material. The Plusinno telescopic fishing rod is made with high density carbon fiber reinforced with fiberglass for great power and premium strength. Premium TiO2-rings ceramic inserts are used on all models with guides that are made of 304 steel. Full cork handle will provide perfect balance and comfort while on the water, so you can handle long days of fishing and won't feel tired. When fighting a fish, the reel seat will not come loose and drop your reel at critical points. If you want to give a gift that will last a lifetime, get your boyfriend, father, son or your friends a fishing gear and equipment gift. The rod is a good choice for beginners. It is easy to use and keeps light tackle in the right places.

Brand: Plusinno

👤The pole is light and sensitive. My tip broke at the very end guide eyelet where they connect before I even got to use it. I put it in my trunk and connected it to my backpack while I was fishing, but it broke when I got to my fishing spot. It doesn't take much to break it. I fished with the last rod even though it was off. I wasn't going to let it ruin my day. I'm going to try to fix it with the extra pieces that come with it, and try to keep the rod cover on it, so it doesn't happen again. I'll try a different light rod if it does. I did glue in the extra tip that came with the pole, but I haven't had it long yet. It was as good as new. I've been fishing out of the Miami River a lot the past week or so and have landed some nice sized bass and pan fish. It's holding up just fine, and one day I was throwing a lure too heavy for this rod, but I didn't break the sensitive tip. I would buy it again at this price point if it broke on me again. It broke the first time because of my own carelessness. 10/16/2021 is an update. I've caught some big fish on it. A smallmouth bass is larger than my hand. I weighed it and it came in at over 1.5 pounds. The pole easily handled it. I can feel the rooster tail lure blade spinning when I reel it in. I can tell you the difference between dragging a shakeyhead and not. I can feel it being dragged through the grass, weeds, rocks, mud and over the tree. I like fishing with this pole and don't think it can be beat for its price. I'm not a fan of cork handles, but I like the feel of the forum handles on this.

👤I was a little nervous about buying a 24T Carbon Fiber spincast combo from Pulsano as I have never owned one of these travel poles before. I was pleasantly surprised with the feel of the pole and how smooth the reel was. I decided to buy a new pole because I liked it so much and wanted to fish in the local streams. I was more impressed with the new pole than I was with the old one, but it didn't last long and neither did the pole. The tip of the pole snapped on a crappie that was more than 8 inches. The whippy tip snapped as I reached for the line to lift the panfish out of the water. I ordered the exact same pole again after I returned it because I thought it was a faulty rod. When something hit the tip, I went to set the hook and you can figure it out on your own. I fish almost daily. I have broken at least 5 poles in 30 years. The last 3 weeks have seen 3 of them. 3? Yes 3. I took an hour road trip to fish a little lake north of home. When I pulled my spinnerbait through some vegetation on the third cast, my 24T combo snapped. The 10 lbs test did not snap, but the pole did on the 2nd eye. It was made for a short time and an angry drive home. When the other broke, I realized it was the brand. I urge you to avoid this brand at all costs.

5. PLUSINNO Fishing Rod Reel Combos

PLUSINNO Fishing Rod Reel Combos

The fishing rod and fishing reel are included in the warm prompt. The Bronze Warrior fishing rod is constructed with a carbon matrix technology that is ultra-sensitive and light but durable. Premium components. The ceramic inserts in the welded steel guides make them more durable and efficient at dissipating heat. The Exquisite Reel Seat is made of machined aluminum for a solid base and all-day use. EVA handles are slip resistant and comfortable, making them ideal for fishing poles. The saltwater fishing reel is made of 12 quality ball bearings and 1 instant stop one-way anti-reverse bearing, these exceptional bearings reduce noise and offer you silky smooth & balanced operation. Fishing reels have a high-capacity aluminum spool and a left or right-handed retrieve handle. A fishing rod and reel combo is a great gift for beginners. It's a good idea to give your boyfriend, father, son or friends a gift of fishing gear for their birthday or Christmas.

Brand: Plusinno

👤I wanted a telescopic rod and reel that I could carry in my backpack, so I decided to try Plusinno. I was pleasantly surprised by how small and compact it is, as it still has the strength to catch large mouth bass. The rod has a medium to heavy power. The reel is 3000 in size but has a smaller spool to keep it compact. I used a reel with over 200 yards of braid and it felt smooth and gave me nice long casts. If you're looking for a compact travel rod and reel that will catch fish, then this Plusinno telescopic rod and reel combination is for you.

👤A small package extendable package is perfect for any fisherman who wants the convenience of a great rod and reel. The rod has different sizes. I like the way the carbon fiber rod shrinks to the right sizes. I was looking for a setup that would make it easier to get to locations with bushes and trees on the trail. This setup is easy to deploy and reduce. The different sections hold up when extended. The rod is amazing. I was not expecting that handle to fold up. What a great feature. The 12+1 ball bearing makes for a smooth action. The rod and reel setup is better than you could ask for. The cherry on top is the fact that it is compressed for a travel set. The fisherman had no complaints.

👤I was looking for an excellent travel rod and reel combo that I could keep in the car, that would not break the bank. This combo was perfect for the bill. I have a Plusinno BE4000 that I use for surf fishing and have caught many fish, including a 20lb stingray. The drag on the BE4000 is very smooth and the reel is very smooth. It's a lightweight rig on a rod. The reel is just as smooth and fun to fish as the BE4000. It has a smooth retrieve. This combo is great for freshwater pond fishing. It's also great for fishing at the beach. The 7.87ft rod handles largemouth bass without overpowering them. It works great for bass and bluegill. It is fun to fish, and I always have it with me. I simply fish more with this on hand. I can get a few casts in the pond. It's great when you have time to fish. The telescopic rig can be found in a small suitcase, bag, or under/behind your seat. You can take it with you on a bike. It's a great option if you don't want to carry a bulky rod. It's definitely worth the money. I would buy again and get another in each car. If you ever drive by a pond and wish you had a reel to catch fish, this is the ticket. Have fun, fish more, and live a little. Stay safe!

👤I got it stuck once. Didn't pull it hard enough to let it drag out. Snapped right away. The reel is garbage. The handle set has screws on it. After only half a dozen times, I found that out. If you don't re-tighten the screw every few casts, you'll end up like me, wading in a lake trying to find my reel handle after it flew off on the cast. I want my money back.

6. Telescopic Lightweight Sensitive Ultralight Freshwater

Telescopic Lightweight Sensitive Ultralight Freshwater

The collapsible design of the Plusinno Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod makes it easy to carry with you. A carry bag protects the pole from getting damaged and makes it easy to carry it. It's the best gift to give to a family member for Christmas. Fishing Rods are made from lightweight carbon to give you a sensitive blank. It's light weighted and has great power, strength, and sensitivity. The reel has a carbon fiber drag system. The max drag of the drag system is 20 pounds to help stop the big fish from running into cover. The reels are lightweight and easy to palm for ultimate comfortability. This extremely light reel is made of carbon fiber and is 80% lighter than brass. The handle knobs are sweat-absorbant and durable to handle fishing conditions. The fishing reel has a fast 7.2:1 gear ratio that makes it easy to fish efficiently and to keep pressure on the fish while reeling them in. The reel can get the job done so that you can focus on the fish. The travel fishing rod has actions in travel spinning rod and casting rod models. Whether you are fishing for trout, bass, kayak, or saltwater, you will find the perfect spinning fishing rod or baitcasting rod for almost any situation. Travel rods have a perfect balance. The construction of the new and improved telescopic rods uses only high-quality components such as line guides, reel seats, and EVA handles. A travel fishing pole or back-up telescopic fishing pole is made from the entire series of spinning rods and casting fishing rods. Customer service is one of the things you can get from their products, and it makes you most comfortable. All of the products come with a one-year warranty.

Brand: Starhui

7. Magreel Telescopic Fishing Saltwater Freshwater

Magreel Telescopic Fishing Saltwater Freshwater

The fishing pole kit has a telescopic fishing rod and fishing reel. It'sdurable. The fishing rod is made from 24T Carbon Fiber mixed with fiberglass with a hooded reel seat, which is sensitive, durable and resistant tocorrosion. The ceramic ring on the Multiple Line Guide Ring makes it stronger. The maximum drag is 18.6 lbs/7 lbs. The extra smooth reel isReinforced STAINLESS STEEL main shaft and Zinc alloy drive gear with carbon washers, which give you smoother and more consistent performance. The fishing rod and reel combo has a double color, CNC metal handle, a rigid, EVA handle, and a graphite frame, giving you an ultra high performance in a compact spinning reel, which will help you fishing well. The fishing pole is portable and can fit in a car trunk, boat hatch or backpack. Search for B07LGR7F26 B07LGRTXWL B07LGRVVP or browse the bundle.

Brand: Magreel

👤I wanted to try this out before I leave a review. I have to drive over a mile back in the woods to reach the land I bought on the river. I wanted something that I could carry on an ATV. I'm very impressed with it. I have been catching a lot of different fish from the river. It was easy to set up and put away. I bought a backpack that held the rod perfect. I would buy again.

👤I received a rod and reel combo. It will be used for a backpack for fishing. The reel seems to be smooth. The reel and rod are solid. The dial works. The crank does not flip the basket into place if it is turned after casting. 100 yards of braided 20 lbs was loaded down by me. Line is about 10 lbs. The leader line is mono. If there are issues after the first few uses, I will update.

👤It collapses, rod for that. Most of the collapsed rods I bought were cheap and flimsy. They don't have a lot of strength. This rod is heavy and fast. It is impressive for a Rod that can Collapse into small packages for a car raid trip or backpack, or Flying on Airplane to the Fishing destination. Excellent Rod and reels. Some models are more expensive than others. I am an avid fisherman. I own more than 40 fishing boats. There are rods and reels. I fish all types of fish. This reel is not a salt water reel. If you use it correctly for your specific fish species, that will be a bonus. You will not be disappointed. The rod and reel will get the job done. I have been catching a lot of fish on it. If you are an experienced fisherman you won't have a problem with it's use and occasionally catching a bigger fish than Pan Fish, it's stronger than I had thought. This is not a big river or deep sea fishing rod. Choose wisely and read. The Rod is collapsing for travel convenience. This purchase is recommended by me.

👤This is a quality set up and I have only used it twice. I upgraded with this rod and reel after buying it to upgrade from my Shakespeare telescopic rod. The Shakespeare was a bit short, but I like that it opens up to a full rod. I like the fact that I can easily throw it into my car trunk, it's convenient when you fish out of a non fishing kayak, and I enjoy the fact that I can close it up to a two foot long piece. I don't have to worry about the rod getting in the way or falling out because I can close it and put it in the kayak.

👤We bought two of these for our Key West trip because we couldn't take our regular rods. Why not with a warranty? I expected 5000 for salt, but they came with the 3000 reel. I strung with 40# braid. The rods and reels were very impressive, but the failures were due to bad knots, abrasions or simply toothy fish breaking the line. I would call it a medium action rod that is sensitive enough to pick up snappers and hogfish, but tough enough to land barracuda. The barracuda we hooked bent the rod in half as it went under the boat. The rod never failed despite the fish breaking off. Neither failed nor performed as well as any other rods on the boat with two rods purchased. The video is of my son on a permit and he says "a fish of a lifetime" in the video. As it ends, you can see the rod in action. I thought it was worth the price.

8. Milerong Combo,Carbon Telescopic Steel Spinning Freshwater

Milerong Combo%EF%BC%8CCarbon Telescopic Steel Spinning Freshwater

The Millerong fishing rod combo is designed for beginners. You will get a telescopic fishing rod, spinning reel, fishing line, various fishing hooks, and a carrier bag. Their fishing pole is made of high density carbon fiber, which is lightweight and durable. The compact design of the fishing rod makes it portable, easy to store and travel, suitable for sea, lake, river, pond fishing. Fishing skills can be improved to protect the fishing rod. If you haven't received the manual, please contact them. Spinning fishing reels feature a high speed and smooth retrieve rate, more chance to land the big fish. The spinning reel has high performance and is suitable for experienced and beginners. The handle is non-slip and is comfortable. The ceramic guide has good heat and can reduce friction. The guides are wound with colorful thread and sealed with glue. There are gift ideas for everyone. Sending a fishing rod and reel combo is the best gift to send a father, son, husband, fiancée, boyfriend, or friend. The 888-282-0465 Carry the fishing rod kit with you so you can enjoy fishing with your family. If there is a problem with the product in 30 days, you can contact them to get a new product.

Brand: Milerong

👤This is a great fishing pole. He was over the moon when he got his first pole after we bought it for him. If it lasts for 10 years, I can see him using it. I don't know if this is a beginner pole. If you don't know what you're doing, the build process isn't very intuitive and you have to figure it out. There is no mechanism for casting, it is a manual reel. I would not have thought of those two things for a beginner, they are easy to work through and the casting issue is just practice and time to get down. I would probably buy this pole again. If my son were younger, he wouldn't have been able to use it.

👤I realized I needed to get out more to keep myself sane after a long winter season of being indoors. I wanted to get back to fishing now that the weather is getting warmer. The old rod was in bad shape. I knew it was time for an upgrade. I wanted a simple fishing rod that would fit in my budget. The rod was portable. The fishing rod and tackle fit in a small bad with a shoulder strap. I had to carry my heavy fishing kit from the car to the end of the dock. The reel is responsive and smooth. The quality of the bearings may be the reason for it. The telescopic rod is very interested in detecting the smallest fish. This rod makes fishing for Smallmouth Bass and Sunfish easy. I take my family fishing with me and even the youngest ones who have no prior fishing experience were able to feel when a fish was ready to be caught.

👤This review is only about the rod. The accessories are probably factory rejects that would be thrown out if they weren't bundled with the rod. It casts small lures that are well enough for small-medium creeks and has handled some white perch without issue. I've used it many times and nothing has broken. It's not going to throw a trout magnet 50 feet, but it's great for something you can throw in your backpack on a hike.

👤It's not sure if it will work. The reel did not load evenly. They are checking with the factory after being contacted. I read on the internet that I can remove a shim. If they can't fix it, they would send a new one. The rod is pretty good. I returned for credit, buying a ugly stick and buying something else, because they never fixed. I had a rod and reel.

👤If I am in a nice small fishing ground, this small tool kit can be installed in the block pit. It can be stored in 888-282-0465 and has a nice bag that can hold them together. It extends to a full long rod to achieve an excellent casting effect, and the reel is a very beautiful open style. It comes with a nice little fishing tackle kit. It comes with a safety device that can cover the eyes and hooks when folded. The bag can be thrown into the bike during the summer. It's portable.

9. PLUSINNO Telescopic Spinning Organizer Accessories

PLUSINNO Telescopic Spinning Organizer Accessories

Warm Prompt: Only one fishing rod and one fishing reel are included. Carbon fiber and fiberglass make your fishing pole hard and durable. The EVA Fore Grip is for comfort. The telescopic fishing rod is portable and convenient to carry around. Medium power. The power drive gear is equipped for high strength. A long body with a large spool and large line capacity is also available. The line capacity is 0.25/200. The model:HA3000 has a 5:1 gear ratio. It's the best gift to give to a family member for Christmas. Do you want to buy a single rod or reel? The ASIN is B01MQ1MRIA or B07YFP8KV3.

Brand: Plusinno

👤I bought the rod and reel kit for travel. The case is padded so it will fit in a carry-on. The quality of the rod construction impressed me. The reel body is made from a material that is strong and lightweight, which makes it a good travel kit. The tackle kit surprised me. It was nice. I usually throw away the junk tackle in travel kits because I don't want my kids to get tangled in a tree. The tackle included heavy duty worm hooks, bass jig heads, two nice lures, a good number of beads, brass weights, and some nice swivels. Very nice stuff. The 7# flouro was a good all around size. The kit has everything I need in one case, and it's perfect for when I'm away from home.

👤Excellent fishing rod! This telescopic rod is the best I have ever used, it helped up and stayed together after about 10 bass and a 9lb bass. The reel has 12 bearings and was very smooth. This is a rod that is good for traveling.

👤This is the only time I've ever left a negative review on Amazon, but I felt I needed to give this product a bad review because of the issues with purchasing it through Amazon. The rod I bought was lightweight and I could quickly take it with me. The feature is important. The second time I extended the rod, it refused to fall down again. The twist and lock mechanisms wore out in just 2 uses, locking the rod in an extended position at one eye and collapsing at the others. The rod is useless after being out of the package for less than 24 hours. I can't send it back to Amazon because it's stuck. It is strongly recommended against buying online. If you're not happy with the product, you can return it to your local fishing store.

👤I bought this to keep my truck. This kit is very impressive. Light weight and compact. The rod and reel were of the highest quality. It's perfect for anyone who wants to keep a rod in the truck without all the space. I cut out a few squares in the foam to hold some bobbers. Adding a small tackle box and a large square out made it easier to hold more weights. If you modify the foam and add another box like I did. The tackle box becomes a full blown one. I want to keep one in every vehicle I own.

👤I bought 4 rods from Plusinno. I love the convenience of the telescope-rods. I have a rod in my car all the time. The lines, lures, hooks, and accessories that come with the rods are what I love the most. I have caught over 170 LMB with these rods in the last 2.5 months. The last rod broke while I was fishing. I was directed to Plusinno customer service by Amazon. I was completely wrong when I said I wasn't expecting much. I got a replacement rod within 7 days of calling Plusinno. I'm one happy customer.

10. PLUSINNO Fishing Rod Reel Combos

PLUSINNO Fishing Rod Reel Combos

Warm Prompt: Fishing rod +reel + fishing reel. The Plusinno Telescopic Fishing Rod are constructed with high density carbon fiber reinforced with fiberglass for strength and elasticity, and the guides with ceramic inserts for casting accuracy and dissipating heat more efficiently. The HA 3000 fishing reel has a machine cut handle. The Rod Import has a line capacity of 0.25/200 and a gear ratio of 5.1. Light weight and portable, can be used in a car trunk, boat or backpack. You can travel to your favorite fishing spot with fishing rod and reel combo. Wherever you want. It's the best gift to give to a family member for Christmas. Do you want to buy a single rod or reel? You can search the ASIN: B07Y2ZDVWD or B07YFP8KV3.

Brand: Plusinno

👤The initial "out of the box" as well as a full day usage heavy usage are what this is based on. I was thinking about buying a telescopic rod that I could use to travel up and down the river or even on a plane without spending a fortune on storage. I was pleasantly surprised by this combo. The rod can collapse to 16 inches in a Travel Mode and is in the box. The guides are very thick and sturdy and the rod is strong. That is a great feature to have when travelling. The wire-like guides on other rods are prone to bending and affecting fishing technique. My only suggestion is to limit the amount of metal used. It could be prone to rust over time. The reel was the biggest surprise. It was made of metal and not plastic, which is what you want. It felt good in my hands and I was able to handle drag well. It can hold up to 12 liters of line. The reel was very smooth and comfortable compared to what I was expecting. I was able to do field tests after taking the combo out. We probably made about 200-225 casts using various spinners, grubs and powerbait. The rod/reel made it through 300 years of moderate bush and still felt smooth on the retrievals. The combo of the rod and reel was of high value for the price point, and one could easily pair it with another rod to preference. I think Plussino could make their reels 888-282-0465 to lock in consumer branding. - This is an ideal fishing set up for the traveler and the fisherman to target panfish, small bass or medium sized trout. Good luck with your purchase, hope this helps you!

👤This is not the first rod I have bought, but it is definitely the most solid. The rod and reel seem very well made and solid, and I haven't had a chance to use it yet. The feature that lets you gold down the handle on the reel makes it much easier to carry in a bag or backpack. Solid bail wire and smooth feel. I will update my review after I have fished with it. I did some fishing today and even though the bite was not great, I was able to get a feel for this combo. I liked the reel a lot. It was smooth, the drag adjusted easily, and it cast well. The thick bail wire and the button that folds the reel handle is what I like the most. I had to pull to get the line end out of the line keeper, which was made of plastic, but that is a minor thing. The rod wasn't my favorite. It was very soft, and it felt like a lighter action than I expected. It needs at least one more guide. The section tended to rotate a lot, so I was adjusting the eyes constantly, so I don't think it was user error. The skeleton design and the aluminum reel seat made me love it. I still think this combo is great, for the price and the convenience. It is small enough to fit in a backpack and will catch fish. You will probably wish the rod had more strength.

11. Fishing X Warping Painting Telescopic Beginner

Fishing X Warping Painting Telescopic Beginner

Anyone can use and enjoy the QUDRAKAST travel fishing rod. Professionals and recreational fishers alike will be amazed at the new Blaze pattern. High density carbon fiber and fiberglass make up the lightweight, sensitive Graphite Composite Blank. The fishing pole is made from high- strength, high density, high-density EVA and it has a soft and comfortable handle to hold. Telescopic rods are portable and easy to carry. You can travel anywhere with your QUDRAKAST travel rod. You will love their travel fishing rod. It fits easily into your car, truck, RV or over your shoulder to take on a bike, ATV and more. When the chance to go fishing arises, keep their fishing pole in your boat, camper, cabin, vehicle, or anywhere else you might be. It's suitable for panfish, trout, Walleye, Bass, Catfish, Striper, Some Saltwater Surf Fishing or Inshore Fishing. A really nice gift for fishing enthusiasts. The value can not be beat and they paint the tip end white to enhance night visibility. The whole rod is painted with a top level fishing rod designer's artwork. The Exquisit gift box is included.

Brand: Qudrakast

👤I am sure this rod has its limits, but it was better than I expected and landed me my first bass of the season. The spider wire was 10lb test and was used with a rooster tail spinner bait. Rod was able to bend with no problem. The convenience of this rod and not having to carry a bigger rod has helped me get into the hobby. The telescopic feature is neat, and the rod is good for beginners and children. Get that ez braid spider wire and have fun.

👤I have been using it for a month and it is holding up well. I bought another and will probably buy a third for panfish and trout.

👤My son loved it, he has been fishing almost every day since it was foldable.

👤I've already bought a lot of combo products in the store. The feeling during the fight was really great because QudraKast gave me a nice pole. I get annoyed when I compare the costs.

👤I bought 2 of the QudraKast Fishing Rods in Blue. I got these 2 combo deals on Amazon. I bought 2 kits for myself and my son because I wanted to teach my son how to fish just like my father taught me when I was a child. I didn't want my son's kit to be a child's kit. I wanted him to see that he was using the same rod and reel combo that I was using to make him feel important and confident. The kits that I bought were both in black and blue. A very nice color combination. The blue and black fishing reel is very similar to the blue and black fishing pole. The rod does not bind up when extended. The bearings on the reel spin freely and it has a nice feel. You can change the side of the reel that you are most comfortable with with the handle on the reel. I feel comfortable with everything in my hand. The reason I chose this kit was because I wanted a nicely packaged fishing kit that included everything I would need to just take it out of my truck and go to the lake when I was given the opportunity. I needed a rod that would collapse to a minimum length in order to keep it tucked away under my seat. The purpose was served perfectly by this telescopic fishing rod. I needed more and this kit provided that as well. I needed a reel with good bearings and a handle that could be moved from one side to the other when I needed it. I needed the kit to have some tackle such as hooks, weights, lures and fishing line. The kit provided all of the items. I needed a fishing kit that could easily fit under any car or truck seat, and that was one of the requirements. This kit came in a flat box with a nice form-fitted foam insert that had cut-out sections to surround each and every component of the kit with a custom fit. I needed a nice fishing kit that included everything I needed, that's why I chose this well-made fishing kit. I have many fishing rods that are of good quality but because they are so long and do not collapse like this kit, it is impossible to take them anywhere unless I dedicate a trip just for transporting my fishing gear. The complete kit makes fishing on vacation a joy. I don't have to have my pole hanging out of the back of my truck or out of the car window. I can put the rod, reel, tackle and foam storage compartment under the seat of my car or truck and forget about it.


What is the best product for fishing combos telescopic?

Fishing combos telescopic products from Zebco. In this article about fishing combos telescopic you can see why people choose the product. Snacpick and San Like are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing combos telescopic.

What are the best brands for fishing combos telescopic?

Zebco, Snacpick and San Like are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing combos telescopic. Find the detail in this article. Plusinno, Plusinno and Starhui are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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