Best Fishing Cooler Bag

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1. Buffalo Gear Insulated Leakproof Waterproof

Buffalo Gear Insulated Leakproof Waterproof

The two magnets on the side pocket are perfect for insulated water bottles, cans, and other beach necessities. White HeavyDuty FiberLaced Reinforced Skins with LeakProof Heat and Sealed Construction are 30"x30" The padded shoulder straps have a center Buckle and heavy duty handles. Large Web Handles are easy to handle. The Denier Drawstring Bag with Mesh Bottom is large and easy to store. 1/2Inch Thick Close-cell Double Foam insulation keeps fish fresh all day and holds lots of stuff.

Brand: Buffalo Gear

👤The fish bag-accessory pouch backpack is perfect for hiking up the coastline. Carrying your fishing accessories as well as ice down your catch is possible. There are 1 positives. Any quality backpack can have backpack straps that are robust, well made and comfortable. You can carry a whistle and other tools with the D-rings on each strap. 2. The nylon strap loops make hanging dry easy. 3. The materials and construction should stand the test of time. 4. The reinforced bottom protects against punctures and cuts when placed on sharp rocks. 5. It's large enough to fit a 15lb. Jack Crevelle. 6. The accessory pouch has a top loader and storm flap. The pouch has a mesh bottom. There are 1. The accessory pouch is too small and narrow. You have to take only your fishing gear and nothing else. This is a great fishing backpack. It is comfortable for a long fishing trip. The accessory pouch is too small and narrow, so it falls short of 5-stars. There is about 4” of unused real estate on either side of the pouch. If they maximized the width of the pouch, you would be able to carry a lot more stuff, like emergency gear and jacket, since you will probably take this on a long fishing hike. I can carry the biggest hydro flask and 2 plastic containers of fishing accessories. I now have a micro fiber towel. I only have room for a sandwich and some snacks. It would have been great to be able to pack all your gear, food and supplies in a bigger pouch for those long fishing treks down the coast. I give it 4 stars for what it was intended for. 1 month update. The backpack is holding out well and the nylon loops are starting to break. It is easy to fix this by trimming off the nylon fuzz and using a lighter. I walked into my local fishing supply store and they were selling their version for the same price with all the bells and whistles. Their backpack is blue and has an accessory pouch that is almost as tall as the backpack itself, for tons of storage. I am aware that carrying more stuff is heavier than carrying less, but I would rather have the option of carrying all the stuff I need for a long day of fishing. The bag is slightly thicker and has water bottle pouch on either side of the vertical pleats, so as not to take up storage space. I wish I had waited a month before buying because this one has all the features I want, at the same price point. I guess? Win some, lose some?

👤Both ends are partially open.

👤I don't want to look at a gift horse. The bag is sturdy. I ordered the small bag and was charged 20 by 30 but received the large one 25 by 35 again, I think the product is awesome. I have a small boat.

👤The product was as advertised. Solid.

2. Buffalo Gear Insulated Insulate Leakproof

Buffalo Gear Insulated Insulate Leakproof

Keep fish very cold and hold lots of stuff, if you keep it fresh all day. It's heavy duty to stand up to the fish. It is easy to clean because the skin construction does not leak. The cooler fish bag is made of 22oz Tarpaulin interior lining. It's ready for the next day if you rinse out the inside and bottom with a spray bottle of soap. The Buffalo gear monster fish bag has two sizes, 20x9x36 inch and 30x10x48 inch. Good quality and easy to pack on the boat, takes up less space in the boat than a big bulky cooler. HasSLE-FREE If you don't take care, the drain plug will slip on and come off easily, making a mess out of your vehicle. They are made with a screw on type. The handle has straps on it. That is reinforced with tubing. It is a perfect gift for Christmas or Father's Day. It's a good idea to give this to your father-in-law for his birthday.

Brand: Buffalo Gear

👤The only issue I see right off is that the zip is backwards. If you're in a kayak, you want the zip up to be closer to you. It would be better if it had double zip up so you could use it from either side. I will try it out in June.

👤I bought this bag after seeing that it was $100 less than the one I had before, and it fit perfectly on the front hatch of my PA 14. I put ice in it to keep my drinks cold when I go fishing. Paracord and small carabiners were used to keep it in place.

👤It doesn't feel cheap, but it does leak water into the cooler when submerged. It's on the bow of my PA14.

👤After 3-4 hours, the fish are still alive, and I put the ice in the bag. I have used it a couple times and wish it had a shoulder strap, but the interior tarp is easy to clean. It's recommended for inflatables.

👤I got the large. I think it's big for a kayak. I hope I catch some fish that will fill it. It's good as a cooler. It kept ice packs in a car. It works.

👤An amazing addition to my body. Holds ICE. Well and large to Sparta all my cats. Couldn't. Be attentive.

👤After looking at several cooler bags, I decided to purchase a larger bag after reading reviews and seeing the specifications. I want to use this bag when the fishing season starts.

👤The buffalo kayak bag is awesome. It is on the front of my hobby. I was out on the water all day with one bag of ice, and still had someone who was worth the money back at the beach.

3. Coleman Cooler Portable Camping Chair

Coleman Cooler Portable Camping Chair

What you need in the outdoors are jackets and coats, backpacks, luggage, and accessories. A built in cooler is included in the Camping chair. The seat is 24 inches. Cold drinks are kept within reach with the built in 4 can cooler pouch. The seat and back are comfortable. A side pocket and cup holder can be used for quick access to personal items. It is easy to store and transport the folding design.

Brand: Coleman

👤We needed to get new chairs for when we sit outside or go somewhere since our old ones were worn out. These were the first ones that stuck out to me when I searched here. I've known for a while that the Coleman brand has a good reputation, and I was interested in the chairs since they cost a lot of money, but they have a lot of features. The blue chair and black chair were purchased by us. These chairs are very comfortable. They are made in China. The chairs measure 24 inches wide and 18 inches from the bottom of the legs to the seat. They feel very durable and can hold up to 325 pounds. My husband is 350 pounds and has sat in these with no problems, although we bought him a chair that can hold a bit more weight, just in case. The chairs have a built-in cooler that can hold 4 cans, and I can fit 3 comfortably. I think you could fit a mesh cup holder on top of the other cans, which would hold my water bottle, and side pockets, which are great for small accessories like keys, wallet and sunscreen. There are two smaller pockets. The chairs are comfortable to sit in. The arm rests are wide and the seat and back are soft. The frame is made of strong steel and the arm heights are adjusted, but I have never tried it, and the product tag says it is. The chairs come with a bag with a strap. We've had these chairs for over a year and they are some of my favorite chairs that we've ever owned. I use them a lot during the summer and have never had a problem with either of the chairs. One of the bags tore when I put a chair back in, but that's not a big deal to me. The tear did not get worse over time. I usually sit in one chair and set up the other as a footrest. These chairs are so comfortable that I could sit in them for hours. I put my water bottle in the cooler since it's a heavy one and I don't really use it as a cooler. I use it for a cup holder and it sticks out of the cooler. I always stick my phone, book or computer in the mesh pockets when I'm not using them. These chairs are some of the best I've found so I'm happy I found them. The price is great for what you get. There are a few different colors to choose from. Several of our family members and friends have used the chairs and we have never had a problem with them. I highly recommend them if you are looking for something to do outside. I would buy more of them in the future if we needed more of them.

👤I own the best camping chair. I'm a pretty big guy, but I won't give you specific dimensions. This chair is designed for large people and works well with my body.

4. TCYC Deluxe Yakcatch Cooler Fishing

TCYC Deluxe Yakcatch Cooler Fishing

There is a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. They will give a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Before ordering, please confirm the size. Please contact them if you have a question. The body material is made of 600D/PU water resistant polyester and is padded with thick closed-cell foam and eco mesh. The dry tube is made of Eco-friendly material. It was designed to keep personal items away from water. Not for fish. There is a large opening for quick access to the interior. When the bag is positioned in front of the kayak the Top clips can hold some big accessories and there is a zip on the large end. The two padded handle is the best way to comfort someone. There are six clips on the edges for secure tie down. It's perfect for keeping your hand fresh. W15.75" x H 9.75" x L42" Some users don't like the grey dry bag they provided. They used PEVA to keep personal items away from water. Maybe the material is too thin. It will be removed from their future production and stock. The good news is that they have taken the dry bag cost out of the current sale price. It is free now.

Brand: Tcyc

👤The inside bag where ice goes in is the only problem with this bag. The materials are cheap and thin. The main part to break off was the zippers. The bag is easy to puncture by the fish. There is a The materials for the inside bag of the main bag are cheap, thin and easy to rip from, while the protective ice cooling are not great, very thin and are also cheap.

👤Very disappointed. After the first trip, the inside liner had holes all in it, and after the second trip, the seam in the liner was open, and only 3 smaller fish were in it. I expect it to hold ice better after spending so much.

👤For years, I used a similar product, but it finally failed. I had to pay for another one until I found this. I used the clips to attach the pads to the bow of my kayak. The inner bag is not used for anything. Put the fish in with the blue ices. The bag with the velco combo is easier to use than the one with the full velcro.

👤This is one of the best things I have ever bought for kayak fishing. It fits perfectly on the front half of my kayak, and clips to the bungees I wanted. I would recommend this to anyone who is fishing from a kayak. You are good to go through some ice. It isn't the best for keeping ice, but it is better than any other alternative. I attach this to my kayak even when I am just catch and release to use for drinks or extra storage as it is really convenient. The look of this bag is great. Highly recommended.

👤I have not had a chance to field test but I am very impressed. Seams are secure and nice. There is a closable drain in the skinny end that will let water drain out to prevent pooling. I might use the center sleeve for ice and fish so I can pack ice and beer in the main chamber if I'm just paddling. It feels like a good deal when comparing against recognized brands.

👤A good cooler for kayaking. I took it on a 2 day float and it was not too cold at the end of the weekend, but it definitely kept things cool. I put a bag of ice in it. The ice doesn't last very long, but for a couple of days it worked well for me. I was not using this cooler for fishing. Just for drinks and snacks.

👤These are the best bow and stern storage for kayaks. These fit my Advanced Elements Tandem Convertible just like a glove. I use 303 water repellence on my outdoor gear and it will keep these bags dry. The interior has a dry bag for personal items, not fish. I use them for day trips. The stern bag can be stored inside the bow bag. There's a lot of straps and straps and straps to secure it to the deck. You can go wrong with these bags for less than $200.

5. HANERDUN Backpack Foldable Fishing Portable

HANERDUN Backpack Foldable Fishing Portable

The side pocket allows the cup holder to stay where you want it. You can get drinks and water when you sit in these chairs. The side pocket has three layers and can hold a lot of stuff. You can either use it elsewhere or move it to another armrest. The tubular steel frame construction of the chair is sturdy and stable, and the height of the stool is perfect. You can get the rest. It has a foil well-insulated cooler bag which can keep food and drinks cold or warm for a long time. It has a large amount of space, multiple pockets, and a variety of shoulder straps. The foldable backpack chair is very sturdy and lightweight. It is lightweight and portable, but still sturdy and strong for you to carry and sit anywhere. You won't feel heavy on your shoulders when you carry a lot of things with the straps being comfortable. A durable cooler chair is perfect for fishing, camping, hiking, watching sports and more. It's convenient for a beach, ballpark or camp site. The weight is 3.3 LB. The bearing weight is 330 LB. You will always have a seat for rest and drinks wherever you go. The size is 14.17"L*16.14"H*11.4"W.

Brand: Hanerdun

👤The weight limit on this stool was 330 lbs. I used it for the first time today. My weight is over 200 lbs. I was on a public fishing pier with 30 other people when a piece of junk crumbled under me and I fell. I'm an honest man and I could make this worse. My elbow will heal, but I'll be scarred if I return this broken rubish.

👤I wanted to see how it held up, so I waited to do a review. I am a plus size woman and it held my weight. The feet on the bottom fell off. I don't know what happened to them. The strap on the backpack started to loosen. I was able to burn the pieces to keep them from unraveling, but the strap kept being a problem, and I had to shorten it. I tied it into a knot to prevent it from slipping through. I was able to use this bag several times and it has done well. I wish the bag had more compartments, better straps, and a softer seat cushion. While I was wearing my back pack, I connected a small pillow to the top of my seat and bungee corded it to keep it connected. I folded the seat section and adjusted the pillow when I used it as a seat. I was very happy to have it. We went on a long weekend trip to Florida and we did a lot of walking. When we were waiting for the bus, there were not many places to sit or the seats were already taken. I got a lot of compliment from people who took the bus and worked in the area because I looked at my backpack. Many people thought it was a great idea. I gave it 4 stars because it held my weight and did a great job, but it has some poor construction flaws with the straps and the feet of the bag.

👤Someone else used one of these while I was doing a lot of wildlife photography. I had been carrying a bag for small gear and a trifold stool for years, and I thought it would be great to not have to. It's great to have a bag/stool combo. There is only one extra thing to carry. It's easy to rest anywhere along the trails or quietly observe wildlife. It has little rubber feet that fall off easily. Two are missing after only a few times out. They ended up as litter on a trail or along a pond edge.

👤Great value and function. The water bottle pocket is too small to fit my water bottle. The thing holds my weight. I wouldn't recommend sitting on it for a long period of time. It's great for what it costs and what you use it for.

👤I was skeptical at first. I took it to a show in Las Vegas. The venue has about one million ft.2 to cover with very little seating. I am 6 foot one and weigh 260 pounds. I was able to carry snacks and water, but I don't recommend putting ice in it because it will leak around the zipper, but for the money you can't beat it. The seat is sturdy and comfortable. Many people asked where I got it from and said they were buying one for next year's show. I recommend this product, but I don't write reviews.

6. Folding Backpack Insulated Collapsible Multifunction

Folding Backpack Insulated Collapsible Multifunction

We want all of their customers to feel comfortable on the day. Replacement for damaged and missing items is free. If you are not satisfied with the chair, please contact ALPHA CAMP customer service. It is easy to carry and can be folded when not in use. It folds up nicely to fit in the trunk of your car and you can take it with you wherever you go. Perfect equipment for camping, hiking, hunting, climbing, fishing, picnic and other outdoor activities. 3 in 1 backpack, insulated cooler bag and chair. The backpack has a lightweight seat and wide shoulders. Extra stability is provided by the ergonomics design. The backpack cooler stool is easy to carry and store. The chair size is 16.77 inch x 13.85 inch. The folding size is 19.11 inch x 13.85 inch. The maximum load is 330 pounds. The large seat surface is double PVC coated with Oxford cloth, which is water resistant, breathable, and comfortable for sitting. It has a strong bearing capacity and is fixed with a rivet. The stylish folding backpack chair has lots of pockets. The 2 outer pockets are suitable for storing things.

Brand: Kikerike

👤The stool was great. It is easy to carry. On buses. There is no place to sit during CoVid. Suggestions, front pocket. A divider between the cooler and regular part of the backpack would be great.

👤This is a chair for ice fishing. When we needed a cooler to pack drinks and snacks, I ran across this gem. I didn't know it was a backpack until it arrived. There are roomy pockets on the front. A flexible cooler that can fit a lot. I packed a lot of stuff with room. It was heavy but not using the backpack feature. I can't move my arms like my brother in the Christmas story. I know it will be useful on our fishing trips in the summer. We will be getting another! This is a thing that I love.

👤This is a very nice chair that can be used for a day out at the lake or a nice day hike that can fit a lot of food and drinks.

👤It was shipped quickly. I bought it to carry rain gear with me if I am not at work. The little feet didn't work for me and I will make a different one soon. It works for what I got.

👤I bought this for a disc golf pro event. It was worth the money. The cooler worked well and the seat was comfortable. I wish the pockets were bigger but they worked well.

👤My grandson is an avid fisherman and always takes my husband's stool. He loved this gift.

👤The seat holds up well. I am over 300 lbs and it holds up. I needed a cushion to make it more comfortable. There is a lot of storage room in the back pack part. The backpack straps are not strong. Within a week of having it, the one strap is starting to rip away from the rest and is on the last 3-4 stitches. The small compartment in the front had a single zip up.

👤The rubber feet fell off after being used.

7. Buffalo Gear Insulate Perfect Leakproof

Buffalo Gear Insulate Perfect Leakproof

Keep fish very cold and hold lots of stuff, if you keep it fresh all day. It's heavy duty to stand up to the fish. It is easy to clean because the skin construction does not leak. The cooler fish bag is leak-proof and heavy-duty. It's ready for the next day if you rinse out the inside and bottom with a spray bottle of soap. There are three sizes of the Buffalo Gear monster fish bag, 48 in (L) x 10.25in (W) x 20 in (H), 60 in (L) x 10.25in (W) x 20 in (H) and 72 in (L) The bottom is set flat for larger capacity. Good quality and easy to pack on the boat, takes up less space in the boat than a big bulky cooler. HasSLE-FREE If you don't take care, the drain plug will slip on and come off easily, making a mess out of your vehicle. They are made with a screw on type. The handle has straps on it. That is reinforced with tubing. It is a perfect gift for Christmas or Father's Day. It's a good idea to give this to your father-in-law for his birthday.

Brand: Buffalo Gear

👤I fish in Kona, HI and my center console boat is a lifesaver. When you get into the big Pelagic's, roll out the bag and you are ready. I ordered the big boy because I wanted to get bigger and I wanted to fish that big. This bag has been deployed many times by me. The most fish I have put in the bag at one time was a nice Mahi-mahi. I had 70# of ice in the bag. There was enough room for more. The bag that is loaded down makes it difficult to carry. The bag is not the fault, it is the hundreds of pounds of ice and fish that you have in it. The ice is good for a solid day when you are in the water. The handles seem to be heavy duty and they have held up while lifting the bag with fish and ice. There is a The bag is clean. I have had cuts on my body. All was gone with some Dawn soap and a brush. I got this bag for my boat and I would recommend it. It's Aloha.

👤I liked this bag for two years. It held wahoo and mahi, and I used it about 4 or 5 times. I pulled it out this season and from sitting around I could see the rubber and seam was either torn or delaminated. The glue on the cloth was delaminated from the white material. The black rubber water valve that was used to drain the bag rotted and fell off, as well as the clear rubber air valve that inflated the bag. It was nice when it was brand new, but it looks like you can use it for about two years.

👤This was bought for rock fish in Northern California. The fish was very rough and spiny. They puncture everything and ruin it. This bag held up well. My first run. I put 25 fish in it. It kept them fresh and cool. It was made by fishermen, for fishermen.

👤The kill bag was purchased for a fishing trip. The build quality seems good. The handles are heavy. Adding ice made the zipper not close properly. I tried many times to go back and forth, but the zip top wouldn't open at certain parts. I own 2 of these and both of them failed. I wanted to give this product a good rating because it seemed like a better product than the Reliable bags. I would give a 5 star rating if the zipper worked.

👤I got what I paid for. The interior and exterior fabric skin could be heavier. The bag can be damaged by fish. The zip is too small and needs to be sewn in. This bag is for the occasional fisherman. For the price, I think you should spend a bit more for longevity.

👤I put this out of the box and filled it with a hose, but before the water started pouring out the zip on the top, I stopped. I like to keep my fish cold in an Ice Bath so I wanted something that didn't leak. Next

8. LEADALLWAY Foldable Camping Compact Fishing

LEADALLWAY Foldable Camping Compact Fishing

It can support up to225 pounds. The material is durable. The frame of the camping chair is made of 16mm steel pipe and the cloth is made of double layer Oxford fabric, but it is strong enough to hold 280LBS. User-friendly design. Attaching the attached backrest provides great support for your back, and Anti-slip feet make sure your sitting is stable. The built-in cooler bag has a capacity of 9.8 inch and can keep your food and drinks cool for 6-7 hours wherever you go. It is foldable and portable. The folding size is 13.8(L)X3.9(W)X18.1(H)inch, and it can be folded completely when not in use. They are confident that you will be satisfied with their camping chair. They will give you a replacement or full refund if you have a quality issue.

Brand: Leadallway

👤I love this chair because it holds me, it is comfortable, and it is big enough to hold a lot of drinks or food, it is hard to open and close. It is there.

👤I love this product. It holds me perfectly, I'm 150 lbs. The small thermal pocket is the perfect size for bottles and cans. There are small sandwiches. Light weight! It is easy to carry. You can turn it into a backpack by getting a cheap strap and putting it over your shoulder. I live in Nevada and hike occasionally. If I ever go out to events where I may be waiting on a long line or going hiking and need to take a break, this will come in handy. I highly recommend it.

👤The chair is very lightweight and portable. The backrest is not comfortable. The metal bar does not support the back of your body. I use it to just sit and watch the games. A cut piece of water pipe or a water noodle can be placed on the backrest bar to make it more comfortable.

👤The chair is sturdy and cute for kids. You can't carry any snacks into the cooler and fold the top down. If you want to use the bag to hold anything, you need to carry it in a different bag, then add the items from your other bag. There is a poorly designed place for the insulated pouch zip top. It's difficult to open as it's partially blocked by the legs. I'm going to put it in a camper and use it as a campfire stool without the bag part.

👤It looks like a kids chair, even though it's rated for 280 lbs. A person of that size would fit on it. It was almost impossible to zip using the "cooler" because it was so small. The camo looks good and it feels sturdy. Having rungs helps keep it from sinking into the ground easily. The seat is close to the ground because it is so small. It would be difficult to get up and down if you have a disability. If you are only using it for a big backpacking trip, it will not wear you out and you will be able to go up the mountain. If you want a hunting seat, camping seat, extra seat with your lawn chairs and you are not three years old, I would recommend something else. I just got 2 great Mossy Oak "camping chairs", which are adult size.

👤The chair was in a small box. I thought I had to put the chair together. I bought this for my husband so he could drink Dr Pepper while he fishes. I was shocked when I pulled it out and he was as well. I couldn't sit in it. I'm 5'2. I'm low to the ground. It is not as strong as I would like. Our 3 year old Grandson was going to get something.

👤I bought this for my grandson. I was fed up with folding and putting away camp chairs that end up tearing after a while. I thought it was small, but it is mighty. It won't fall apart and I feel safe sitting in it. I keep it in my trunk all the time. I put my things in the pouch. I use it for bird watching. It will go wherever you want.

9. Maelstrom Collapsible Soft Sided Cooler

Maelstrom Collapsible Soft Sided Cooler

TheTILE COOLER BACKPACK: The cooler backpack is a great outdoor partner. You can use it as a lunch backpack, a portable cooler, or both. Extra large Catechism is only 1.65 lbs. The Maelstrom Icy Hollow Soft sided cooler can hold up to 75 cans of your favorite drinks and ice packs. The ice is long lasting. The cooler bag can easily hold a lot of food, fruit, beer, meat, and even seafood. It is large enough to hold all the picnic essentials. Maelstrom Ice Hollow Soft Sided Cooler bags have double-stitched carry options. The shoulder straps and carry handles are reinforced. The bag can handle more weight than you would like. 13 gallons of ice and drinks can be held. The top pull tab has a unique design that makes it easy to access your food without having to open the top cover. The design has two different ways to carry. You can pop open a bottle of beer with an integrated bottle opener. It is a soft sided cooler for camping or road trips. It's the perfect size for food delivery services and a great solution to transport groceries from the store to your kitchen at home.

Brand: Maelstrom

👤I like using soft-sided coolers for food and drinks on my boat because they're easier to carry and they don't do a great job of keeping the boat's temperature down. This one did a great job, and here are the pros and cons. There is a half-gallon bag of ice in the second picture that is mostly frozen and has been in the cooler for over 18 hours. It seems like a small thing, but it makes loading it up much simpler. Solid stitching and seams make the construction look good. It should come in a smaller size. I only need half the space. I think that the stiff zippers will break in with use, they're common to a lot of textiles. I am very happy that I bought this.

👤If you are looking for a cooler that will hold ice for days or keep things frozen for 12 hours on a road trip, this isn't the one for you. The cooler was designed to keep beverages cold at the beach, on the boat, or other shorter adventures. It does a great job. The upper section is designed to keep food separate from drinks and keep things warm. This cooler has a lot of pockets and other storage which is handy. It collapses down so it doesn't take up a lot of room when it's not being used. You can't say that about those coolers. If you are still reading, stop and order the danged thing.

👤It's perfect for kayaking, fishing, or just shopping. The summer is when the final test will be. It is waterproof and well made. I would make the inner layer a bit thicker if I could. If you put sharp objects in that bag, it will get bad. The water gets nasty when the inner layer is broken. A nice bag with a lot of space and a good buy. I bought both for 60 cans and 75 cans. The bigger bag has a genius lid that allows you to reach in without opening it. I love it.

👤I wanted to use the bag for groceries and maybe beach days. I bought canned soda, eggs, bagels, and basic stuff. The side clip broke on the first use when the bag dropped to the ground. The bag is very convenient and perfect for groceries, but don't be fooled by the video, it's really cool and can keep things cool for a little while. The video shows how you can carry a heavy bag with ice. I would like to know how many bags broke before they could complete that commercial, unless they just pretended it was as heavy as they claim. I wanted to come back. I don't have time to wait a month before I get another bag. Getting a bag is important. An entire day trip is a ferry, car rental, shop, ferry. Keeping the bag and McGuyver it up!

👤The collapsible cooler makes it easier to take after a camping trip or fishing trip. I've been looking for a collapsible one. This one works well. The lid has a pocket for sandwiches and snacks which I thought was cool. For a day trip, it holds ice for a long time for fishing or at the pool. After the day is over, you just dump the ice wipe down and put it in your car for the trip home. It takes up less space. The handles and straps are of the highest quality. I love this thing.

10. PERMIAN Portable Cooler Camouflage Insulated

PERMIAN Portable Cooler Camouflage Insulated

The perfect return and after-sales service is offered by Blisswill. They will do their best to help you if you have any questions. It's the best gift to give to a father on Father's day. If you want to buy a fishing tackle box, please search the ASIN:B0969MM41G. The most cold cantaloupe you have ever owned. Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, sailing, kayaking are all possible. These insulated, waterproof dry bags from PERMIAN Coolers can keep your drinks cold when paddling, surfing or canoeing. The cooler bag is designed to keep ice bricks cold for up to 24 hours. The performance is unsatisfactory. The roll top dry bag is the perfect accessory for small adventures. The welded seams on the tow-behind kayak bag prevent water from getting in. It has a padded shoulder strap that has been reinforced with metal. This floating portable cooler bag is perfect for on-the-go adventures, whether you are surfing on the beach with friends or planning a paddling expedition. Their waterproof backpack can hold up to 10 cans and ice bricks, and it has a 15-liter capacity, so it can hold up to 4 bottles of wine. Ready to go in seconds, their floating, waterproof dry bags are perfect to take anywhere. After folding the opening 3 times, you can create a seal. Lock the clasps together on the other side of the folded top. Your bag is ready to go. Your next adventure will have storage for it. Their bags are easy to store. Once you have finished using one of these exclusive coolers, empty the contents, rinse with water, and dry, then open the air valve and roll up from the bottom of the bag. It will become a travel companion once secured with a utility strap. A great gift for any occasion.

Brand: Permian

👤Contacted the seller and got a replacement bag 2 days later. The weather changed from 70f to 92f during the 32 hours that this bag was sitting on my balcony, and it still had ice in it. I am pleased with the replacement product. Customer service is good. Thank you. I'm wondering if they meant ice cubes wouldn't get out, since the description said water won't get in. I put ice in the bag and closed it, but after 4 hours I realized there was water in it, so I turned it upside down. The melted ice was leaking out even though some of the ice was still inside. Since the bag has been in my office where it's a cool 75 degrees, I don't think there will be any cold ice in it after 30 hours. I might have got a bad bag. Maybe I wasn't supposed to turn it upside down. The magic is gone after I peeked behind the curtain.

👤Things have been kept cold so far. I've only used it three times. I dumped out the water but the bag was still heavy. Water got through the lining and was absorbed by the insulation. Water poured out of the vent when the bag was squeezed. The bag is not usable for me because I intended on using it for bikepacking. I have a three week trip coming up and it feels doubtful that it would keep the temperature up after one day. The water absorbed into the insulation will add a lot of weight.

👤The purchase arrived with a hole. Didn't realize until use. Almost immediately, a new one was sent. The first one was used on dry land and worked well. I used it in my kayak for the second time and discovered that it took water in the air chamber because the seam was not sealed. I had to calm down and write a review. The return window has now closed so I have a cooler and cost. Zero stars! The bag was not in my return window, but Amazon has decided to give it back. Way to go Amazon! A replacement has also been reached out by the seller. I will update once I receive it. I thoroughly inspected all the seams after receiving the replacement from the seller. I will update once I use this week on vacation. Customer service stars are updated.

👤I love this cooler. It was bought for swimming in our lake. What more could you ask for? I can tell you that this cooler is lined so well that ice floats in the lake water for your favorite beverage. Would buy again and also buy gifts.

👤The cooler was purchased for use with day trips. The cooler is easy to store when not in use and is always available to a quick pack up, which is a great find. It is ready to go after a quick two step process. It's a quick way to store after use. The product has a good look and feel. I have used this cooler many times and I am looking forward to many more. Definitely recommend this cooler.

11. Buffalo Gear Designed Waterproof Insulated

Buffalo Gear Designed Waterproof Insulated

Fishing gifts for men. The helpful fly fishing tools sets are a good gift for fisherman. Buffalo gear soft cooler bag is great for everyday use and can be used in many sit-on-top kayak storage wells and hatch. The backpack-style shoulder straps are easy to use. Eva lining and water-proof materials keep splash and rain out. Zippered opening on top provides convenient access to contents, 2 x External mesh pockets providing more gear storage option with easy access, and 1 x Internal mesh pocket keeping small items such as ice pack and lunch box organised. It is possible to fit 10 cans or equivalent amount of food for a day-long excursion.

Brand: Buffalo Gear


What is the best product for fishing cooler bag?

Fishing cooler bag products from Buffalo Gear. In this article about fishing cooler bag you can see why people choose the product. Coleman and Tcyc are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing cooler bag.

What are the best brands for fishing cooler bag?

Buffalo Gear, Coleman and Tcyc are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing cooler bag. Find the detail in this article. Hanerdun, Kikerike and Leadallway are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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