Best Fishing Cooler with Rod Holders and Wheels

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1. Coleman 42 Can Cooler Removable Wheels

Coleman 42 Can Cooler Removable Wheels

The design of the lidlatch will take less of a Toll on your Knuckles and fingers. The longer the Beast lid, the more room you can have for your fingers and Knuckles to fit. The BEAST replacement lidlatches make opening and closing the cooler lid easier. The liner has been treated with antimicrobials to resist odor, mold, mildew, and fungus from forming on it. If packing with ice, use a hard plastic liner instead of a liner with ice. The seams are heat-welded. TheTelescoping handle and wheels are durable for easy transport. Add to that the dry storage pouch, lid bungees, and 2 side mesh pockets, and you have added storage.

Brand: Coleman

👤I ordered this for a multi-day event in Hawaii where I expected we would need to chill drinks and food because the hotel refrigerator was not big enough. Food and drinks need to be transported to our second hotel. It was shipped directly to our hotel, thanks to Amazon Prime. It was used for drinks during a party and filled with leftover food to be taken to the next hotel. It was easy to move around with the wheels. We checked it with our luggage at the end of the trip, after filling it with frozen foods and island sweets. The little cooler made it from Honolulu to LAX with no problems and still looked new upon arrival! The first photo shows the cans and bottles in the cooler. We could easily fit another layer before dumping the hotel-supplied ice. The second photo shows the cooler at the parking lot after the shuttle ride. It worked well on paved areas, but not so well off-road on grass, sand and other unpaved areas. A great find at a great price. Even if it did not show any wear, it served its purpose for less than 40 dollars. This cooler is awesome!

👤We bought this with the intention of using it as a carry on and then we have a cooler on vacation as well. We used this well. It's nice that it has a plastic insert that can be removed so that it won't leak when used as a cooler. I think it helps keep things cold. I don't want a cooler that has too many pockets or compartments as I don't use them very often. The mesh side pockets make it easy to just put something in and not forget what's in there, which is why I don't care for too many compartments. I use the front compartment for paper plates, napkins or just flat stuff. The bungees on top are nice and you can put a lot of things in there. It has held up well so far. It worked well for my son who doesn't need to pack a lot of clothes and doesn't bring a ton of clothes. We put it in the overhead bin. We have carry ons of the same size. I don't think I'd use it for a carry on for myself, I don't think I'd get all my stuff in there.

👤I put 10 pounds of frozen steaks, hotdogs, butter, and a few bottles of wine in the cooler for a small gathering three states away. I took it along with me to the ferry and then took it to the train station and stashed it upright on the train. I took it up and down ramps and elevators, over curbs and a gravel driveway. The meat was still frozen nine hours later. We made the return trip with no problems. It did a good job, even though it doesn't handle as well as my luggage. I'm very happy with this cooler.

👤There are interments. * This is the size of a suitcase on wheels. * There are 2 wheels on the bottom of the cooler and the back of the cooler has a telescopic handle. There are two feet on the front of the cooler. There is a zip compartment on the front of the cooler that zips down the entire length of the cooler. The zip compartment on the front has about 9 canned beverages or single serving bottles of hydration. * This opens via a zip on the top from the right to the left. The top has one zip opening it. There are bungees on the top of the zip flap of the cooler. I lifted the filled cooler with the bungees to see how strong they were and I can imagine a lot of items could fit under the bungees. Two lift handles are on each side of the cooler. There is a sturdy handle that you can pull out at various heights. There are no locking sprockets that can be a good thing or a bad thing. There are some biographical bequests. * The grey cooler back material is lined with wrinkled inside. The zip top of the cooler is the same as before, however, there is a net pocket in the middle of the lid that is elasticized. * The portable in and out liner is something I like about this. It's very strong. I look like a square wastebasket with slot handles on each side which you can use or leave at home. * I bought this for my son to take with him to wrestling meets. I have to replace my son's coolers every season because they break or rip and he is hard on them. He has used this about a dozen times. * It cleans quickly, handles easily, and the wheels are great.

2. Igloo Roller Cooler 60 Quart Ocean

Igloo Roller Cooler 60 Quart Ocean

It can hold up to 12 lunch boxes which makes it the ideal companion to bring your lunch, snacks and beverages coolly stored when on your way to school, office or when going out to play with your friends. The body keeps cold for a long time. Push button and telescopic handle are locked. The reinforced tow handle and durable wheels make transporting a full cooler easy. Side scoop handles are molded for ease of loading and unloading. 60 quart capacity. The exterior dimensions are 20.69 inches. The top and bottom of the interior dimensions are L x W x H.

Brand: Igloo

👤I needed a larger cooler. It left from Arizona on the maiden voyage to Colorado. I bought 2 shoe boxes that fit perfectly inside the Igloo and they had lock down covers. The reason for the boxes? They were filled with water and frozen. 15 lbs of ice. The box was covered with a sterile substance to keep items cool. The plastic box in the bottom of the Igloo keeps items from getting soaked. There is some space on top of the box. The ice in the Igloo was not completely melted in the warm weather of September, so we camped on the river in bright sunshine and chilly storms and had milk, cream, eggs and ice in the lower box. The stuff in the igloo was cool until we got home. To say that I am happy with this cooler is not true. It holds a lot more stuff than my older cooler and is easy to pull with a full load. I'll buy another one if I have to. This one will last a long time if you have luck.

👤We own several igloo coolers, which are high quality, but I was getting sick of lugging them back and forth to the beach, picnics, parties, etc, full of heavy food, drinks, and ice. It makes a world of difference when I order this one. The wheels are rugged enough to go over rough ground without a problem. The top is hollow and will crack if no one sits on it. Some friends who have this cooler apparently ignored the warning and now have a big crack in their lid because they sat on it. It isn't strong enough to sit or stand on.

👤Light and practical! It is awesome! It gets delivered to my door at a great price.

👤The cooler is great for the price. It will hold ice for 3 or 4 days if you keep it out of the sun. I know that some brands have "expedition" caliber coolers, but they are very expensive. The cooler has a good balance between price and quality. I bought a second one because the first was so good.

👤I want to keep a cooler with a wheel in my car so I can load groceries easily. I bought it because it was on sale for a good price. The cooler is larger than I thought and works well. I don't have to run home before ice cream is gone.

👤Love it. Filled with 2 cases of canned soda, ice stayed cold overnight. There is a little spout at the bottom. The handles and wheels are very convenient to use. Sturdy will use again and again. Thank-you Amazon and Igloo.

👤The listing stated the inside dimensions of the cooler. They were wrong. I wanted to carry frozen food. The couple didn't fit because they were bigger than the stated interior length. The side measures are small. If you have square corners on your pans, you should deduct another inch for the cooler sides. You have to deduct two more inches for the wheels because the depth is over an inch. None of the pictures showed the back bottom where the wheels protrude. Maybe they should tape up the largest square cornered cardboard box which will fit with the cooler lid closed and tell us how big it is. The lid is the next problem. They warn you not to use it as a seat, if you can read it. I'm afraid to put anything on top of the cooler because it's so flexible. The insulation or lack of it. The air between plastic is about 1/2 of a millimeter in diameter. The ice will last a few hours. I want a cooler with ice on it. Finally, I found my notes... I took the 15.25" x 13.25" x 16.5" and subtracted the corners. The floor is 15.25" x 9.75" and the wheels take 4 at the bottom.

3. 2 Pack Replacement Latches Compatible Coolers

2 Pack Replacement Latches Compatible Coolers

Another quality product from Coleman. COMPATIBILITY: The design of the replacement lidlatches is better than before. The design has been improved. There is an application for Universal Application. The same pin is utilized in the replacement of the original lidlatches. Their hinges have been made to look better. The best value. The RTIC Hard Coolers Latch Replacements can not be beat on price. The price is not the only thing right. Quality is even better. Their 2 Pack makes opening and closing your favorite cooler easier and safer. The BEAST LID LAYTS ARE DURABLE AND HEAVY DUTY, AND ARE ABLE TO Push the T-Latch in Place USING THE FOOT. The beating that your fingers and knuckles take from opening the lid is saved by this. The design of the lidlatch will take less of a Toll on your Knuckles and fingers. The longer the Beast lid, the more room you can have for your fingers and Knuckles to fit. The BEAST replacement lidlatches make opening and closing the cooler lid easier.

Brand: Beast Cooler Accessories

👤I had a lot of exceptions for this. I was sold on the longer pull tabs. The old handles can be replaced with these. The directions are easy to follow and the rest is taken care of by YouTube. They fell apart in 6 months. Don't waste your money, get original Yeti replacements. It should say it all in less than 6 months.

👤I have had a problem with the lid on my truck. I decided to try these after my oothy latches broke so I tried another brand. When you pull down to open the lid, the rubber is already cracking. If they fail or last longer, I will update.

👤If you need a new strap in 24 hours, this is for you. Don't waste your money if you need more durability. One strap was used for half a day and the other for 24 hours. The cooler is used for lunch and drinks at work. Total waste. Will be coming back.

👤I found this on the clearance rack at a store and used it on a legit yeti/rtic knock off. I didn't own the thing until a year after it broke in half. The quality of these looks good and they are easy to install. They are the same as the previous ones. Time will tell if they hold up. I tried to find authentic yeti-brand latches at a few places where they sell yeti coolers, but I couldn't find them on Amazon. They don't sell replacements for yeti at the places you can buy a yeti. I think it's a bad idea to sell replacement parts next to a $300 cooler.

👤We put these on our car before we go to the beach. The new latch broke on one side. The kids would climb into the bed and the adults would use the cable from next to the bed, because the cable was locked in the back of the truck. It was typical usage since we have down it many times before.

👤After reading the reviews, I am once again correct that I was being cheap by not ordering directly from Yeti. These are great. They are great quality and fit perfectly. My husband admitted that I was correct. It's a good thing.

👤Two years ago, I purchased this product, but my puppy chewed it off. I decided to replace the latches on my vehicle. I'm outside the return window because they broke after the second use. Don't buy! These are a bad bunch after looking over recent reviews. I have to give credit to Amazon. The seller's phone line is always busy, I was just outside the return window. I thought I was out of luck. Amazon refunded the purchase without any questions asked. Good for them!

👤Didn't make it a week. I replaced both at the same time. We will see how long that one lasts. The old one is on the right in my picture, while the new one is on the left.

4. Igloo Glide Cooler 110 Quart White

Igloo Glide Cooler 110 Quart White

The maximum safety tension is up to 15lb/7 kilogram and the maximum length is 59”/ 150 cm. The cooler protects against sun damage. MaxCold 5 Day performance is provided by thick Ultratherm foam in the body and lid. Another Igloo industry first is horizontal telescopic handle. Soft-ride wheels make transportation easy. The handle has a cushion grip. The hinges are made of steel.

Brand: Igloo

👤I've used this product for about two and a half years and I've used it on many hunting and fishing trips. The pros are affordable. The extendable handle is convenient. There is a large capacity. Light weight. It doesn't keep items cold for long. Ice can last a day or two. It isn't durable. I've used this cooler many times and it has served me well. This is not a multi-day cooler and will not keep ice for more than a day. The latches are not of good quality. After about 18 months of use, the first latch on my cooler broke. After 24 months of use, the second latch broke. The wheels are sturdy. I rolled this cooler through some rough terrain and they have held up well. The slide-out handle is a nice addition, however, within the first 6 months it became difficult to pull out and push in. Would I recommend it? Only for light use and not extended trips. If you are going to buy a 120 dollar cooler, you should probably buy a 300 dollar cooler that will last you 10 years and hold ice longer. This is a viable option if you don't have the money to spend on one of those expensive coolers.

👤The cooler has some great features and does a good job of keeping food cool. One can use a few tricks. We just finished a four day camping trip where the cooler stayed in the back of our minivan to prevent animals from getting to it. I iced the cooler with a layer of 11 x 11 cooler blocks in the bottom and three one gallon drinking water containers in the freezer. Meat products were separated from other items in a small painters bucket. There was 1/2 gal milk for the kids. Wrap the ice and food items with a blanket or thick towel and lay it over the top of the food. We had ice in the gallon jugs and ice cold milk for breakfast at the end of the fourth day, which was in the 80 degree range. On the fifth day, a temp probe showed 41 degrees in the cooler. I think it did great for the $'s and a little prep. When it's heavy, be aware of where and how you move the cooler, as you must be careful not to puncture the bottom exterior with rocks. Love. The extension hands.

👤Works well. The place was filled with 50 lbs of ice, cold food and cold beer/wine coolers/soda on Wednesday. I did drain twice. The day was in the 80s and the night was in the 55s. I opened and closed it a lot. The top should be insulated. I'm happy with what it provides, and it's less likely to be stolen from a campsite, because it's $400 less than a similarly sized Yeti. Good hinges and locks. This cooler should last me a long time because I am not a power user or abusive.

👤I have some Yeti's and I wanted a bigger one that I could pull. Have been pleasantly surprised by this cooler. It is large and can hold a lot of food and drinks. If you pack it full with several bags of ice, the ice retention is quite good, but not as good as a roto molded cooler, but I can wheel around and not weigh a ton. The cheap and flimsy latches are a problem, but other than that, this is a good unit for the price and performance.

5. Igloo Marine Quantum Roller Cooler

Igloo Marine Quantum Roller Cooler

Sun damage can be prevented with ultraviolet inhibitors. Ice can be held up to 5 days with Ultratherm insulation. There is a locking handle with gear hangers. 2 fishing rod holders and 2 drink holders are included in the built-in shelf. Four self-draining cup holders have tie-down loops.

Brand: Igloo

👤I don't own a boat so buying a cooler is not being used on a boat. I was in the market for a cooler. I bought a few coolers to test. The test is to load each with 1 pound of ice and check every 24 hours. I am not going to write anything about the test, but it was worse than expected. The temperature went from 42 to 60 in 12 hours. ColemanXtreme went from 42 to 60 in 36 hours. In 39 hours, Igloo Marine and STX went from 42 to 61. We didn't go for this cooler because the Coleman was bigger than we were looking for. It was the best of the four. It was not an option because it didn't fit in my trunk. It was thin and the worst with ice. StX gets some orange highlights but the cooler felt the same and lasted the same time. Marine won our test because Stx cost more. It is cheap compared to others on the market. If we find more sub $100 coolers, we may do a video to show which worked best. We have found that the ice packs and ice do not last without proper treatment for a trip, and this has been over a year with the cooler. Our test was flawed because we did it outside. The truck is where the cooler sits. It seems that this doesn't lend to a perfect environment. The night before you leave, dump as much ice as you can into the cooler. Cool water can help lower the temperature of the cooler. An insulated bag at the top helps. We had beer for two days. It would be anything longer than two days. I have increased my rating from 5 stars to 4.

👤The version is 25 quarts. I bought this "Marine Cooler" with "Ultratherm insulated body" and found out that the lid isn't considered part of the body. It is completely out of place. I assumed it was a manufacturing defect. Mistakes do happen and I am not perfect. I called the manufacturer to make sure, and they confirmed that it was intermittent. Are you serious? I don't need any more igloo coolers. I didn't bother to look for insulation on the sides and bottom. Maybe the larger version of insulation is in the lid? Who knows?

👤The insulated lid is on the cooler. It's not. I don't believe the cooler is insulated. The night before the fishing trip, chill it with beer and water. I iced it down with ice out of my deep freeze the next morning. The drinks were slushing around in ice water. I've always bought Igloo coolers and gotten good service, but not anymore.

👤I am very happy with this cooler. I am happy with 2 and 1/2 days, even though the ice that I put in did not last 5 days as promised. It is good enough for me. I put a Box underneath the front of the cooler and raised it by 3 and 1/2 inches. It sits above a hot pavement because it rolls on the sand. The button on Amazon to add pictures is no longer available.

6. OPUX Thermal Insulated Leakproof Collapsible

OPUX Thermal Insulated Leakproof Collapsible

Add to that the dry storage pouch, lid bungees, and 2 side mesh pockets, and you have added storage. For packing food and ice cold beverages for car road trips, picnics, or take to office, school, or construction work, a durable soft lunch pail is needed. There is a thermal insulation and a leakproof. This small travel cooler bag has a soft PEVA liner that is heat-sealed and leakproof, making it ideal for transporting food and beverages. This bag is versatile, it can be used for carrying cold beverages to the beach or lunch to your office, and it has an insulated lining that keeps your beverage cold. You can keep your beverage ice cold by filling the cooler bag with ice. The hook-and-loop flap top makes it easy to access your meals and snacks inside the cooler bag and the shoulder strap gives you the flexibility to wear it across your chest in case you don't want to carry it by hand. This lunch pail is large enough to hold up to 8 standard size water bottles, 16 cans, or enough room to pack food for the entire family. The construction is made with high-quality 600D fabric and reinforced zippers to ensure maximum durability. The bag is good as new and easy to clean with a wet cloth because of the soft leakproof lining. The mini cooler bag is easy to store and compress. TheDIMENSION is 12 x 7 x 8.5 inches and holds up to 16 cans.

Brand: Opux

👤I got a good deal for $17. There is a My purpose is to take drinks to other people. It can fit three tall glass bottles sideways, with a decent amount of ice to keep them cold. The sides of the cooler bulge a little but it will still close. I would prefer the ice to keep the bottles colder. The construction feels sturdy and the materials seem durable. The main stitching is straight. The inner waterproof lining seems strong despite being flexible. Time will tell after this was received yesterday. * The heavier duty woven nylon is not the type of straps that are thinner. It might get brittle and break after a while. * The small top "soda can" access panel has a flap on one side and a flap on three sides. I feel like the top of the vehicle would keep the water from leaking out if it were sealed with the Velcro. There is a * When the cooler is full of water, the bottom is stiff enough to hold its shape. The sides have a soft function. The inner lining holds water. I filled the whole cooler with water and left it in the bathtub for the night, and there was no leak in the morning. Not sure about the INSULATING ability. My expectations are moderate because all soft-sided coolers insulate well.

👤My husband needs a large insulated lunch box. The attached picture shows it has 6 16.9 oz bottles of water, 2 sandwich sized containers and a few other small snacks. We keep the water bottles cool by freezing them. He can grab a bottle of water from the flap on top of the bag without opening the bag.

👤The size is very large. It's also a plus that it has 2 options to carry. The window's velcro reach is my favorite feature. I wish it was more insulated. It seems like the outside temperature affects the ability to stay cooler. I try to keep my water bottle in my work freezer when I don't need it, so it stays cold when I'm not around.

👤This is being used as a large lunch. There is room for breakfast, lunch, and an ice pack. He likes that it has a shoulder strap, as it's a hike from his parking to his workspace. I like that it folds flat when he's not using it, so I can put it in the cabinet.

👤Not to big, not to small, just right. It is supposed to keep things cold. The access lid has a nice touch.

👤It's in the description how you define leak. I put 8 cans of soda in it and then put ice in it for the road trip. It took hours for the ice to melt. After 8 hours, soda was still cold. It is not what I would call leakproof. No liquid would spill out of leakproof. That isn't the case. I could tell there was water in the ice. I went to pick up the bag after I got to my destination, but the water started pouring out of the zip. The area where the 2 zippers come together is not the whole zipper. It was like a faucet, I don't mean a trickle of water. I thought I would try to keep the drinks cool by freezing a few water bottles. It worked out well. Drinks were cold and there was no leak. I returned it because it says leakproof but it is not. It is built very well, it holds a lot of beverages, and it is insulated very well. This would be perfect if you don't want to put raw ice in it for cooling, but rather an ice pack or cooling pack. It doesn't meet what I was looking for.

7. Simply Genius Umbrella Protectors Collapsible

Simply Genius Umbrella Protectors Collapsible

All racing games are compatible with this. Up to 16. The Simply Genius food covers protect food from the elements. The collapsible mesh food covers allow heat to escape and keep food visible. Large crowds or moving buffet lines are ideal for outdoor tent food cover. Food covers for outside are easy to use. Food nets for picnics fit a full size dinner plate and serve dishes up to 16” in diameter and 10” high. Food screens for outside reduce stress and improve al-fresco dining. The collapsible food covers have lace edging that acts as a barrier to food. Better for the planet, re-usable outside food covers protect food better than paper plates or tinfoil. The food pop up tent should be in your party supplies. Food tent covers are great for indoors. Bowls of fruit and veggies should be kept safe, as fresh baked loaves of bread should be protected. Kids and cats are attracted to dishes that are not ready to serve. Food is protected when windows are open. It's good for birthday parties, taco bar, tail gate, BBQ cook-out, camping or D.I.Y. sundae station. BBQ cover, plant cover, grill master or gardener gift, they are all Hostess Gift and Protection. There is a tent with garden stakes or small rocks. It's easier to position than plant nets, and you can use row covers for vegetables. It's easy to open, collapses like an umbrella and stores slender. If food gets on it, rinse it off and air dry it. It takes up a lot of space in the RV. It's useful for year round camping, patio dining, family cookouts or picnics. Bowls of popcorn can be covered during outdoor movie nights. The typical spread is elevated for bistro restaurants.

Brand: Simply Genius

👤My bad. I was invited to a block party where everyone brought food and I wanted a bug cover, so I ordered. I got them from Amazon in one day. There is a They have lace around the bottom. I'm a guy and I don't have lace. They all have lace. Do they come down the same assembly line in China? Yes! I might give them away at the party. I was going to keep them for the RV. Bzzzz. They'll be perfect for the elderly. What's next? Doilies? I'm sending them back. I'd never use them, too frilly, so it will cost me $5.99 to return them. I didn't know anyone who needed some of them.

👤It was easy to use, but not very sturdy. The most important part is that flies can get inside. I think it was an ok product, because out of 10 flies, 3 can get in. Would not buy again.

👤I bought these to protect my plants. The pull cord umbrella opening makes them easy to use. I'm pretty sure my plants will survive this time around. I'm sure they would be useful for picnics.

👤I absolutely love them.

👤This is my second order of umbrellas. I bought this 6-pack because I was trying to decide which foods would get protection. These last and last are what I like about them. If you get food on them, just rinse in a little cool water, dunk in warm soapy water, open and let dry. When closed, all 6 will fit in a small space. There is nothing to malfunction with the simple umbrella mechanism.

👤These were purchased for our daughter's first birthday party and turned out to be a perfect fit for large and small plates. They are a little lite so if there is a big gust of wind... they might flip over. A few weights can easily fix that problem, and I would consider that the only con. I'm thinking of adding some fish weights and sinkers to see if that will work. The flies were kept out of the food, fruit, and Appetizers and it worked out very well. It was well spent for the amount you get.

👤I bought these to protect small plants in my garden. I didn't have to go looking for them. A friend used these at a picnic and I am using them to keep birds away from my strawberry plants. Birds like to eat the beans off the green bean sprout. Not this season!

👤5 stars for keeping bugs off food. My daughter put bricks and rocks on the base of the strawberry plant she had planted to stop the rabbit from getting to it. It was sitting outside all Summer in the sun and rain, but it is still in good shape. I would consider washing it if I didn't have more of them. She can use it again next year if the plant is able to survive the winter.

👤The mesh food umbrella is great for serving food outdoors. It folds and is easy to store away. It sits on a table surface and is light weight. There are no bugs in the food. The size is large enough to cover 2 plates and the height is good enough to keep the mash from touching liquid. I'm glad I bought them. If you use the outdoors in the summer, I recommend them.

8. Coleman Quart Xtreme Wheeled Cooler

Coleman Quart Xtreme Wheeled Cooler

The cooler box is ideal for camping trips. Heavy-duty wheels and a telescopic handle make it easy to transport across almost any terrain. The 50-quart capacity can hold up to 84 cans. 5 full days of ice retention is provided by the insulated lid and walls. The cup holders are easy to access.

Brand: Coleman

👤It's illegal to leave a cooler out in your car in national parks, and we chose this cooler because it's as tall as a cooler can be and still fit in a bear box. Big fine for doing that. It worked well on our last trip to the park. A standard chunk of block ice can last at least 3 days in warm weather. The thicker insulation of the Yeti means it holds less stuff outside. If I were going to be camping somewhere without a convenience store or supermarket nearby, I would only consider a Yeti. If you can get ice every few days, you won't get the benefit of the Yeti's larger storage capacity and higher price. I think this is as big a cooler as an average person can lift. I was a bit taken aback by the press used to close the lid. It seals well enough to keep the cold in, but you have to make sure that the kids or unobservant adults push the lid down to get stuff out. It will lose its cool if it sits ajar. The bottom train plug has a press fit. It didn't leak. You have to tilt the cooler to drain it. The handle and wheels seem sturdy. The drain's plug is a press fit. It's attached to the cooler on a tether, and it's not as secure as a valve. Less to go wrong. The drain hole is up off the bottom of the cooler, so it won't dran completely unless you tilt it a bit. A small beef. The question is whether it keeps your stuff warm. And it does. Will the press-fit lid still work after many years of use? I don't know. I don't know if it will. I don't know if the animal can open it. I wouldn't leave it accessible to them. It's strong. You could use it as a seat, and the big handle is equally strong. I used to lift it out of our van and onto the ground with two smaller handles. They were sturdy, though someone who was careless might damage them. The current fashion in coolers is to have a telescopic handle on one side, like luggage. It would be easier to pull along the ground than it is to pull it along on its wheels. We didn't consider such designs because none of them would fit in a bear box that was larger than this one. Our van has a place where this cooler can fit out of sight of bears and park rangers, but a luggage-style cooler of comparable capacity would be too tall. Before you get a telescopic handle/cubical form factor cooler, make sure to measure everywhere you need to put it. It would be possible to build a cooler of this one's dimensions with the wheels mounted at each end, but no one has done so. You couldn't pull a cooler through the house to the kitchen to load groceries. We'll probably stick with the design for the future, since it seems like it's a better value than a high end cooler.

9. TCYC COLLECTION Kayak Fishing CratePak

TCYC COLLECTION Kayak Fishing CratePak

The 16.75" L x 12.8" W x 10.66" D was assembled. The Krate is easy to snap together and ready for use in minutes. Accessorize with up to eight Flambeau Outdoors 455TKR Rod Holders. The stand is easily set up and encapsulated by this crate pak. Milk crate is not included. The crate pak has an integral 3 rod holder set. There are multiple pockets on the sides and top cover. Tools/lanyard attachment D-rings. You can put a milk crate on a flat surface and slide a crate over and over around the rest of the milk crate. 13L x 13W x 15.25" H

Brand: Tcyc Collection

👤This is a great addition to a crate. It has a lot of pockets for storing and fishing tools. I painted the rod holders. If you do this, you will need to use a longer screw.

👤I like it. I use the kayak to hold my gear. Absolutely worth it! If you could adjust the angle of the pole holders, it would be even better. This works. Well.

👤The entry says it is 13x13. The crate cover is between the two. The label on the package has been changed to say that. It won't fit many crates.

👤The pole holders are great. I have a bulky fitting in my kayak storage area. Extra storage space is nice.

👤It looks like a good product, but there is a missing anchor on one of the sides.

👤It works well for what I need. I had to modify it because a crate didn't fit in my kayak. I took the center rod holder off and put it in a piece of 3 inches of PVC to fit better into my rig.

👤The white pole holders broke. Cheap. Save your money and do a nice project.

👤The look of these and the function are what we love. The rod holders had to be tightened back on after they came off.

10. CleverMade Maverick Collapsible Cooler Bag

CleverMade Maverick Collapsible Cooler Bag

You will receive a practical cooler storage bag with a strong elasticity for YETI Tundra 45 Coolers and RTIC coolers 45qt, which will make it easier for you to organize your food and beverages when you go fishing, picnicking, camping or grilling. It keeps your drinks and food cold all day and can be used to hold lunch at a family picnic or to haul a six pack of cans and bottles of craft beer to a BBQ. The portable cooler folds flat for quick storage in your trunk or kitchen when not in use because of the patented snap hinge on both sides of the basket. The lightweight cooler is perfect for long drives in your SUV and small enough to fit in a suitcase for a vacation, thanks to the durable side handles and shoulder strap. The integrated bottle opener on the handle of the cooler allows you to open a bottle of beer in a second. 5 layers of leak-proof insulation, water resistant zippers and body, top interior dry storage compartment, daisy chain to clip keys, fleece lined pocket for your sunglasses or cell phone are some of the features. 5 layers of leak-proof insulation, water resistant zippers and body, top interior dry storage compartment, daisy chain to clip keys, fleece lined pocket for your sunglasses or cell phone are some of the features.

Brand: Clevermade

👤I was looking for a cooler that I could take food to the pool and not have to haul a big eevy. I like that it collapses. Sometimes it collapses when you don't want it to. It doesn't hold water or ice, so it will leak. Material and size are good. Will use it, but a little disappointed that it didn't hold ice.

👤We took a cooler with us on our camping trip. It worked well and held the cold for a long time. It was easy to bring in our baggage because it was packed flat. It will not last forever. I think it will last a long time and I will get my money back.

👤I already own a CleverMade 50 can cooler that is a few bucks cheaper than this one. I use it all the time on car trips, boat outings, picnics, and taking food to family gatherings and it looks the same as it did when I bought it. It's great. I wanted a second one so I could use both of these things instead of using my 50qt hard sided cooler. I thought I'd give it a try. It's built beefier on the inside and out and still has all the things I liked about the original one. It's worth the extra dollars in terms of a more durable skin and feeling more waterproof at the seams. The way I describe it is that it feels like it's ready for camping and the outdoors, whereas the other one is more suited for suburban living. It doesn't seem to have any thicker insulation, but the thicker materials make it a little more rigid, so it doesn't collapse as small as the other one, even though it still folds flat and compactly. I'll take that to have a little more resilience. This version has a shoulder strap. You will be happy with either version, but I prefer this one.

👤Dislike. A bag. The ice is turning to water too fast. Went to the dump because it was garbage.

👤I got this for my son. It is lightweight, easy to carry and folds flat when not in use. A hard case cooler is not practical because he doesn't have much storage room. He told me that it was perfect.

👤The premium model ice was able to fit 24 bottles and 1 bag of ice with a little room to spare. The bag is a decent cooler bag for the price.

👤This was a large bag. I like cleverwear. I am not happy with the quality of this cooler. It looks good and the size is nice, but the zip will not budge and it is so slow that it gets held up again. It seems to get stuck in the spot shown in the photo. The stitching on one of the handles is not great. I bought this so it could carry heavy items and it is already destitching on one of the handles which is normally the kiss of death on any kind of tote. If it worked, I would love it. It looks good, but it has some manufacturing flaws.

11. Coleman Quart Performance Wheeled Cooler

Coleman Quart Performance Wheeled Cooler

The Backsaver shoulder strap has a shoulder pad for convenience. The materials are of the highest quality. Another quality product from Coleman.

Brand: Coleman

👤We have a few coolers at my house. I forgot to bring one of my coolers with me when I was in NYC, so I had to bring a bunch of Russian food back to Tennessee. I ordered this cooler because I didn't know what 60 quarts looked like. I thought it was the size of my favorite blue Coleman cooler. I was wrong. This thing is large. You could fit 4 watermelons in this thing. It kept its coolness throughout the entire 18 hour drive back to Tennessee in the middle of July, which is usually the hottest time of the year for traveling South. I am very impressed with the size and the ability to help me get all this salami back in good shape. The price on this thing is very cheap. You will not regret it if you order one. The drain spout is also cool.

👤I bought it for camping trips. I used it to store food for my trip to Colorado. I am impressed. The food was frozen after 5 days of travel. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I agree with a previous reviewer that the cooler's lid has to be pressed down in order to close it. I have a Coleman cooler from a long time ago. The new cooler has a lot more play in it than the old one. It takes a few more seconds to close the lid. It seems to show a change in the quality of the production. I would not use the wheels on sand at the beach because they are big enough to use on irregular surfaces. The cooler should only be lifted by the two handles. The pull handle is not strong. The drain hole is not level with the bottom of the inside, so you have to turn the cooler over to completely drain the water. The cooler is light enough to allow easy lifting and emptying.

👤It's a great cooler for camping. Food is kept cold and ice lasts. It was used in a drive from the Great White North to Florida. The "blue bricks" were used to keep the bottom of the freezer cold. We were happy with the capacity of it. We were not disappointed that the meat was still frozen. The item was still cold. Blue bricks or ice blocks would be needed on top. Pack your items with ice. I was pleased with the performance of the coolers.

👤When was it acceptable to spend 100's of dollars on a cooler? This is a big, affordable cooler. Works well.

👤Great value! Life is much easier because you can wheel it places. It fits a lot. Cans or juices are 60 to 80 drinks. It kept things cold for 4 days.

👤It holds a 16 pound cat and he sleeps on it every day.

👤I went ahead and broke down for something more expensive that will do better but for a few hours at the beach or game.

👤I have wasted money on other ice boxes, which I curse my self for, but this is the box with class and perfect quality to call so. The effect of cooling is amazing, I forgot to empty the remaining items after the party, but I saw the bottles chilled and the cubes after 2 days. If you want to go camping outdoors or on a long drive, this is the product for you.


What is the best product for fishing cooler with rod holders and wheels?

Fishing cooler with rod holders and wheels products from Coleman. In this article about fishing cooler with rod holders and wheels you can see why people choose the product. Igloo and Beast Cooler Accessories are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing cooler with rod holders and wheels.

What are the best brands for fishing cooler with rod holders and wheels?

Coleman, Igloo and Beast Cooler Accessories are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing cooler with rod holders and wheels. Find the detail in this article. Opux, Simply Genius and Tcyc Collection are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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