Best Fishing Decor for Cake

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1. Fisherman Birthday Fishing Decoration Supplies

Fisherman Birthday Fishing Decoration Supplies

Enough quantity and various patterns can easily satisfy most of your do-it-yourself needs, and you will receive 1 piece big happy birthday cake topper, 40 pieces gone fishing theme cupcake toppers in 5 different patterns, and so on. The birthday fishing cake toppers are made of paper, non-toxic and not easy to break, and the classic black color adds cool vibes to the cake topper, make your cake differentiate from others. The happy birthday topper has realistic patterns, a fishing man, a leaping fish and a bucket with fishes, which make it full of good meaning and hope, and also make the party full of fun and more lively. Add charms to food by putting the gone fishing cake toppers in place, so that guests can see the charms in the food. The fishing birthday toppers can be used for a wide range of celebrations, from a fishing birthday party to a baby shower.

Brand: Maitys

👤The b'day portion will be used at a later date for a fisherman's birthday after I used them for a retirement party. I found the quality acceptable and thought the price was ok. I wasn't looking for something to last for a long time, but they were better than I thought, and if you remove them gently from the clear pouch it's not a problem. I saved most of the ones I could and they can be used again since we have a few young and old avid fishermen in our family.

👤The paper used to make the cake top is very flimsy. It bends very quickly. I thought I was going to rip the top off of the bag to get all the picks that were entangled in it. The birthday party was held outdoors. I did not use the cupcake picks. Was thrown away after taking pictures.

👤The boxes were tangled around eachother. The paper is very thin and torn.

👤I ordered this for the fisherman with the "Happy Birthday". The fish were cute and not all of them were the same. I can't wait to use them.

👤The pictures they show you look better than the reality. The Happy Birthday sign is bent and crooked. The others are okay. It could have been done at a craft store and just glue toothpicks on it. Would not recommend it. Do your research. I should have.

👤I used them to make cupcake toppers for a retirement reception. Just perfect. It was easy to order and ship.

👤The quality is good, but you can't take good birthday pictures with the black background.

👤I had to return it. They didn't package very well. The stencils were either broken or bent. It was very flimsy.

2. Decopac Fireside Camp DecoSet Decoration

Decopac Fireside Camp DecoSet Decoration

The forest wall stickers can be pasted on smooth and flat surface, such as wall, window, door, glass, for decorating your bedroom, kids' room, living room, play room, nursery, kindergarten, study room, etc. The Fireside Camp cake topper includes a tent, canoe with an oar, and campfire figurines, and is perfect for a camping enthusiast's birthday or special occasion. The Fireside Camp cake decorations will make your special occasion cake feel like the real thing from the cozy bonfire to the laid-back canoe to the tent with a light-up background and a camper's shadow. Birthday cake decorations can be re-used over and over again to adorn cakes and cupcakes. Not for children under 3 years old. The DecoSet Fireside Camp cake toppers are ready to use and come with everything you need to set up a perfect camp scene and create a celebration cake showstopper. The DecoSet range of quality products include the Fireside Camp cake decorations from a leader in cake decorating. DecoSet is used by professional cake decorators for all their cake decorating needs.

Brand: Decopac

👤Cute. When you press a button, the tent lights up and shows the shadow of a camper inside. I wish it had an on/off button so the light wouldn't go off. It is still a cute cake decoration.

👤I bought the set for my daughter's 22nd birthday cake despite knowing about the lighting issue. I added the dog. I don't understand the thought process behind the design of the light-up tent. If you have to hold the button in for it to light, it's pointless in the light-up function. If the manufacturer can't make it so it stays lit, then it's time to skip the lighting function and save a couple bucks.

👤Very cool! I'm using them for a camping setting. They add an outdoor flavor that would otherwise be boring. The tent light doesn't work. It would be great if the little campfire had a light inside. I blame the sudden craving for cake and ice cream that I had on you people posting photos of your cakes.

👤The tent doesn't light up after the cake top arrives. It requires a tiny triangle shaped screwdriver, but I hoped it was an issue that could be fixed by changing its batteries. It was not possible to get into it in time for the party. We had to use it because of limited timing. The oar was bent into a weird shape, but everything else seemed nice. I should have bought it before I tried it.

👤My son wanted a cake for his birthday. He had a great time setting this cake up, he is into camping and outdoors. He added it to his play stuff so that it will be used more than just for cake decoration. One thing I would change is the button on the tent that lights up when you press it, you can see the silhouette of a man inside. I wish there was a way to keep that light on. It is still neat.

👤Within a week of each other, I used this on 2 cakes. The cake toppers are sturdy and look exactly like we wanted them to. I still give this product a 4 star rating, even though the tent light does not stay on, because that was just an added bonus and not a huge part of the reason we bought the camping cake toppers. The tent light works if you hold the button and it goes out. I'm sure we could have taped it in place, but it served its purpose. Most of the tents will stay lit because my set was faulty. Make sure you check them before your event to make sure it's important to you.

👤The camping-themed birthday cake was adorable because of the high price of the toys. It's still cheaper to buy a cake from a bakery than it is to decorate it. I think the decorations were worth the price. I'll make another camping-themed cake in the future. I know you hope so.

👤The pieces were cute and perfect for an outdoor theme. The tent is on the big side so it might be better on a sheet cake or a round cake larger than 8” They came too late to use and had to be returned. I would order again if needed. The quality of the cake toppers would look great on a cake.

3. Decoration Fisherman Birthday Tropical Appetizer

Decoration Fisherman Birthday Tropical Appetizer

It is made with plastic. Their cupcake fish picks are painted in natural wood color, and added with a colorful paper fish, which will be a hit at your fisherman themed party, it will loved by most little fishermen. This package has enough quantity for you to decorate a sweet and unforgettable party with friends and guests, just have fun with these funny fish poles. The little fisherman fishing pole picks are made of quality plastic, which is lightweight and non-toxic, and portable, so they can be inserted into most cakes and cupcakes. The fish pole measures approx. The paper fish is approx. 16 cm in length. You can decorate drinks, cakes, cupcakes, snacks, fruit pie and any desserts with lovable ornaments. Their lovely fishing pole picks are wonderful party accessories for most occasions, like fisherman themed party, birthday, baby shower, friends gathering, wedding, tea party, retirement party, or seasonal celebration, good props for you to take interesting photos.

Brand: Boao

👤I am in love with these. I will order again after using these and fishing theme favors.

👤I loved it! I put them in sand.

👤I bought these for my birthday. The kids loved playing with them.

4. Evergreen Trees Cupcake Decorating 24 Pack

Evergreen Trees Cupcake Decorating 24 Pack

The Spin Master Care Commitment is covered. See below for the full details. There are 24 plastic evergreen trees.

Brand: Decopac

👤I bought two packs of evergreen trees. A bright green pack was shown in the photo. The other pack was green. Both packs arrived with the same color, but in different tones. I didn't get the two tones that I wanted. The photos don't show their true colors. The trunks are wide. If you put them in like a snow globe and not in a cupcake, the trunks will not look right. They were being used in snow globes. So not what I wanted. I am disappointed with my purchase because of the issues. Otherwise they are fine.

👤My friends baby shower was perfect for these. Her new baby's name is Forrest, and the cupcake toppers fit the forest theme so well. I washed them in my dishwasher and saved them for future events, as I do a lot of them for loved ones. The plastic they are made of is strong and looks great. Would buy again.

👤These are just plastic trees. We used them to decorate a camping themed birthday cake. If you want your cake to be in proportion, you should check the size. I feel confident that I will use the trees for future cake decorating and craft projects. I'm happy with the trees.

👤These are the best cat toys. Highly recommended. Our cat became enamored with the toy after it was left on our counter. We bought this pack almost a year ago, but if one goes temporarily missing, there are more because watching someone play with one of these trees is hilarious.

👤My daughter is having a baby shower and I bought these to use in cupcakes. We had a design with bears. The cupcakes were cute and we got a lot of praise for it.

👤We used them for a baby shower. They were a huge hit. The size of them was perfect for cupcakes.

👤These would be great if there were 24. I only received 21 cupcakes for my son's birthday. I had to pay extra to have them in time, but there wasn't enough time to order more. Very disappointing.

👤I used these for my husband's birthday cake and they looked great.

5. Glorymoment Birthday Fisherman Decoration Supplies

Glorymoment Birthday Fisherman Decoration Supplies

Product was carefully checked before going up to sell, if they do not meet your expectation, their customer service are hassle free for you to resolve your issue. Contact them if you are not happy with the cake. Are you looking for some decorations to make your birthday party more special? The cake top is the perfect addition to your event decor. The small fishing birthday cake topper is made of double-sided blue glitter card stocks with food grade wooden sticks and will not shed. You can easily create a beautifully unique cake for your occasion with their gone fishing birthday cake topper. It's suitable for kids going fishing birthday party, the big one party, little fisherman party, summer camping party, under the sea party, baby shower. Retail Glorymoment branded packaging is sealed and protected. They will solve your problem for you if you contact them.

Brand: Unp

👤This was the perfect cake for my nephew's 10th birthday because he is getting into fishing. It worked well on the size cake we had.

👤The item is nice. The stick is a little flimsy.

👤It was very cute. It worked out perfectly.

👤Bonito color y costo.

👤Very nice looking. Fit my grandsons cake.

6. LOVENJOY Antler Birthday Acrylic 5 9 Inch

LOVENJOY Antler Birthday Acrylic 5 9 Inch

Designed by Yaaassss! Good quality and fast delivery will make you happy. 100% service return. The cake top is 5.9'' x 6.9''. x 0.10 It is food safe and has a thickness of 2.9mm. The best birthday gift for hunters is a gift boxed for a beautiful presentation and max protection. The material is selected. It is not easy to get scratches or fingerprints with their frosted acrylic. If you want to save money, don't buy the cake toppers that can only be used once, instead buy a one that can be used again and again. The choice will be their topnotcher. If you receive a wrong item, please return it to them with the label image.

Brand: Lovenjoy

👤This item is high quality and sturdy. An outdoor person is having a birthday. It is so well made and perfect. You can put it back in the box and it will be ready for the next birthday. I put it in the top of a box as a birthday present instead of using it as a cake topper. You could use the Happy Birthday lettering on the Antlers in a flower pot. Thanks!

👤It's great, I love it for hunting theme. It was fun! The package presentation was cute. If you have a low key home and your husband doesn't like big parties, it's perfect for your birthday, and I bought another decorations at Amazon to complement the theme.

👤My son will be having a hunting themed birthday. Excellent quality and will be used for another birthday as well. I am not sure what the material is. It is washed nicely.

👤I am amazed! I left a review of 2 stars because I was disappointed with the product but it was just as pictured. I didn't have time to return it or purchase a different one, so I used it for my husband's cake topper. I didn't expect anything in return but the seller contacted me on their own and offered a refund of the difference in price in what I paid and what I felt was a fair price for the product. Within a day, I received a refund in my account of the difference, after I sent them what I thought was worth. Excellent customer service was what I couldn't believe. Highly recommend based on that. Not many sellers follow through with 100% customer satisfaction. $17? The box it came in was nicer than the item. The item was very thin and not worth the price. A little disappointed.

👤This came in a nice box. It worked perfectly for my cake. It's not cheap, but it's great for a souvenir.

👤The product arrived quickly and in perfect condition. It was what I was looking for in the size and diameter of the stem. I am using it as a centerpiece all year long. I broke off the tip of one side after hitting the corner. It's not symmetrical and that makes me cringe every time I look at it. My fault, not there's.

👤Great product. Well made, nice and sturdy. Looks great!

👤It will look good on my cake.

👤Superb product stands out.

👤It's amazing thick quality and comes in a great little box to keep while not being used. I'm very happy with this!

👤I love it! When my husband saw his birthday cake, he was very excited. We use this product on our wedding cake, but it got lost. I surprise my husband when he talks about how amazing it was.

👤A lot smaller than the picture shows. I had a hand that was about the size of my hand.

7. Sailing Nautical Birthday Sailboat Decoration

Sailing Nautical Birthday Sailboat Decoration

It can be used for many celebrations, such as weddings, birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, anniversaries parties, and more. You will receive a Sailing boat cake decoration, 10 starfish, and a happy birthday cake. The sailing boat cake decoration is made of high quality materials. The 10x10x3 cm is 3.8x 3.9x1.2 inches. The model cake topper for the small decorative sailboat decor is exquisitely crafted from high quality wood and canvas. The miniature sailing tall ship boat wooden model craft decor is in a Mediterranean style. Children under 3 years old are not suitable for these crafts, they should be used by adults. The cake is specially designed for people who love sailboat and sea. It's perfect to top your cake. A handcrafted sailing boat decoration is included in the wood ship model. It is a perfect party favor supply. Add even more summer spirit to your desserts. This set of cake decorations is perfect for pirate party, sailor party, birthday party, baby shower, boat party, etc. It is a perfect gift for friends or family. They can adorn most desserts, such as cake, cupcake, fruit pie,cookie and jelly.

Brand: Banballon

👤It was smaller than I anticipated, but maybe I didn't read it carefully. The ship is well made and it still fits the cake. It is a better choice than the cardboard or laser cut cake toppers that are disposable. I didn't want to put the broken starfish on the cake because the ones that were whole shed some fibers.

👤They are not made of plastic. It's pretty sure they are real. I put my tongue on a fish and it tasted terrible. Who would bake that cake?

👤This is very cheap and small.

👤The starfish are real folks, but everything is perfect. I can't imagine that they are food. I am not putting these on a cake. Are you serious? I thought these were confection starfish. They definitely are not.

👤The ship is well constructed. It was small so it didn't get in the way of my cake. The dried star fish is very pretty but has a sea smell. Excellent set. Will buy again.

👤The quality of the ship exceeded expectations. The star fish look real. The Happy Birthday is in gold and sparkled as we lit the candles for my mom's 75th birthday at a waterside restaurant. Don't usually review but this exceeded expectations.

👤The pirate party we had was beautiful and well made. It can be kept as a souvenir. Cute!

8. Catching Big DecoSet Cake Decoration

Catching Big DecoSet Cake Decoration

The bride and groom are very jealous of each other. It's great for Father's Day or a fish lover's birthday party. Food-safe plastic. Set is approximately 3 inches tall. A big bass fish, a dangling lure, a forest scene background, and a barrier to protect icing were included. A bass fish can be used as an object.

Brand: Decopac

👤My son's birthday party was fishing themed and Catching the Big One cake was perfect for it. I wanted to surprise my son with a fishing themed cake. I like to make my own cakes, and this one was perfect for my round cake, because I don't like buying store bought cakes. The bass in this set was perfect for my cake. He gets to enjoy it even after the cake is gone. A set of plastic tree scenery is the other piece. The cake topper set really stands out. The set is perfect for cakes of all sizes. It is a good quality and can be used multiple times.

👤I was surprised to find the fish was a magnet, I didn't see that in the description. The lure has a 3D effect. I made it for a friend and he said it was the best cake he had ever received.

👤The fish has a large magnet so you can use it after the cake is gone. The fishing lure is flimsy and doesn't lay well, but other than that I am very happy.

👤I purchased this item for a cake and liked that it had a lure and fish, not that I was interested in the bushes it showed. The fish was a magnet, which was okay, but the lure was a large piece of plastic and it was a vacuumed formed shape. The bush was vacuumed formed.

👤A little high for what it is. The lure is painted on plastic and there are no instructions. A little help would have been nice. I just looked it up.

👤I loved how it turned out.

👤The cake top is very small. I thought I could make it work after reading the details. It seems smaller than the description. It reminds me of a cupcake. You would have to make a small cake to make it work. It was very cheap.

👤I liked the bass fish magnet. It was perfect for my son's birthday. I didn't like that it didn't have the Lure and the forest scene. The bass fish magnet was all that was in the bag. I was disappointed because I had the cake made to order so that we could add all these items. I liked the fish magnet and gave it 2 stars. I subtracted 2 stars for the missing lure and 1 star for the missing forest scene.

9. Fishing Happy Birthday Party Set

Fishing Happy Birthday Party Set

The fishing birthday toppers can be used for a wide range of celebrations, from a fishing birthday party to a baby shower. 70 Pack Budget-Friendly Gone Fishing Birthday Party Kits!-Package contents include a bobber happy birthday banner, a set of happy birthday cake toppers, and 20 pieces of red, blue, orange and green balloons. The perfect size is 3ft and 4ft, each cupcake is about 2 feet wide and 4 feet tall, the birthday cake topper is suitable for a 6-10 inches cake, they were already assembled in the package. You can hold a fishes theme party. The designs are made of quality-thick paper and feature cute fishes and bobber patterns, which will make for a great day of fun. The gone fishing kits are sure to be a huge hit with boys. They can be used as favors. It's ideal for boys going fishing birthday party, the big one party, little fisherman party, summer camping party, under the sea party, baby shower or other summer celebration events. Designed by Yaaassss! Good quality and fast delivery will make you happy. 100% service return.

Brand: Yaaaaasss!

👤I loved it! The balloons are the only thing I don't like. They are small and didn't do well with helium. The cup cake decorations aren't stuck to the toothpick. I was able to put them on the wall as decor.

👤Excellent quality party decorations. The balloons were there for a long time. We blew them up. There was no helium. We will be able to use the banners again. The product is great. The price is great.

👤I love all the colors. They were fun and bright. It was a fun and eye catching party and everything was durable.

👤The balloons were so bad that they were IMPOSSIBLE to blow up. I was using human air and didn't have a helium tank. The rest of the decor was on point. The guest loved it and the prices are very high.

👤My son will love the decorations for his birthday party. A nice set.

👤Good little decorations for a first birthday party.

10. Decorations Fisherman Birthday Streamers Supplies

Decorations Fisherman Birthday Streamers Supplies

Weighted design for easier casting. 30ct. There are 15ct hanging swirls with fish cutouts and 15ct hanging swirls without cutouts. Let's have a fishing party and have fun in the water. The swirl has a cutout which was already assembled with the swirl. You can hang these colorful fishes decorations from the ceiling or doors to make a party atmosphere. You can save it when the party is over. Gone fishing hanging cutouts are made of quality-thick paper with adorable and vibrant patterns printed on both sides. There are cutouts of fishes, gummy worm tackle box, bobbers, and fisherman hat in this assortment of hanging swirls. The hanging swirls are sure to be a huge hit with boys. They can be used as favors. It's ideal for little boys going fishing for their birthday party, the big one party, little fisherman party, summer camping party or other summer celebration events. Designed by Yaaassss! Good quality and fast delivery will make you happy. 100% service return.

Brand: Yaaaaasss!

👤I loved these for my son's first birthday. The quality is good. They added a lot to the party decorations without a lot of work. Pushpins were used to tack them to the ceiling.

👤The team member who is an avid fisherman bought this to decorate his work desk. This is marketed to children. It worked for an adult fisherman theme as well. I would love to have pictures to share it with.

👤I used this kit to surprise a co-worker. He was very happy.

👤The quality was perfect and these were easy to put up. My child loved them for his birthday party.

👤They were great! My son loved them.

👤There were so many different things to use for this reveal. A good size and well-made cardboard is available in lots of different colors and cut outs. It was perfect for what I needed to hang from the light fixture.

👤The colors are fun and gender neutral, so it would work for a boy or girl.

👤Cute! These decorations are wonderful!

11. Yaaaaasss Fishing Table Toppers

Yaaaaasss Fishing Table Toppers

The package contains 21 pack of Gone Fishing Theme Dessert Table Decorations, which include 7 different shapes of table tops with wooden sticks and number stickers. Let's have a fish party and have fun in the water. The table top is about 6' tall x 5' wide and wooden sticks are 12' long, the number stickers are designed to match the bobbers, they can be easily set up into vases, jars or floral arrangements as a centerpiece on the party table. You will get a lot of praise from your guests. The Gone fishing table toppers are made of quality-thick paper, with the adorable and vibrant patterns printed on both sides, these dessert table toppers will level up your decorating ideas. A reel fun summer party favors supplies can be used as fishing party cutouts, photo props, or table centerpiece. It's ideal for kids going fishing birthday party, the big one party, little fisherman party, summer camping party, baby shower or other summer celebration events. Designed by Yaaassss! Good quality and fast delivery will make you happy. 100% service return.

Brand: Yaaaaasss!

👤So cute. We used these for my son's first birthday and they turned out great. They were easy to put together and vet study with 10 one year olds running around. We will make another arty because we will use it again.

👤The table was used for the retirement party. They looked nice. A few of the fish fell off, but they would still have been purchased again.

👤My son's birthday party was fishing themed and these were perfect for it. It is very easy to assemble. I bought small plastic fish tanks at a 99 cent store.

👤These were more perfect than I anticipated. The sticks were easy to cut and put together. I put them in a small vase with some white beans. We got a lot of praise for them.

👤There is a little bit of assembly.

👤These were better in person than in the picture. I put them in Mason jars that I coated in frosted glass spray paint and bought silk flowers from the dollar store.

👤So cute. You can write on the bobbers.

👤I used them for decorations.


What is the best product for fishing decor for cake?

Fishing decor for cake products from Maitys. In this article about fishing decor for cake you can see why people choose the product. Decopac and Boao are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing decor for cake.

What are the best brands for fishing decor for cake?

Maitys, Decopac and Boao are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing decor for cake. Find the detail in this article. Decopac, Unp and Lovenjoy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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