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Drone 6 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. SANROCK Quadcopter Beginners Altitude Headless

SANROCK Quadcopter Beginners Altitude Headless

3D FLIPS AND H/L SPEED MODE DRONE. Stunt aerial show with 3D flips and high/low speed switch mode. Have fun with this upgraded drone. You can see real time first-person-view on the app with the built-in HD camera and 90adjustable angle. The clips are saved to a card. You can use your iPad or iPhone to directly download HD footage to your social media accounts. Their camera drones can perform a number of tricks, including circle fly, which makes fly more attractive. You can define a flying route on the map. You can fly the drone with a smart phone by moving it up or down. The best toy for beginners. The auto hovering mode on the drones ensures a steady hover in the air at a certain altitude when they focus on taking great aerial pictures and videos. It will be easier to control the drone when it's out of sight. The transmitter will sound an alarm if the battery is low. You need to press the return home button if the transmitter sounds an alarm when the drone exceeds 100 meters. The Big drone is easy to control, just press the one key start/landing button. There are two speed switch, a low speed and a high speed. If you press the button in an emergency, it will return to you. The RC quadcopter has protective propeller guards to ensure a safe flight for you. It's important to have high-quality material to deal with sudden shocks or drops. It is easy to replace the battery with one that can support 10-13 minutes flight. You can contact them if you need this type of battery.

Brand: Sanrock

👤It is fun to fly, but it can drift indoors and outdoors even without wind. I don't think it's stable enough for photo or video but fine as a toy, and my battery was malfunctioning, so they tried to bribe me with a $50 gift card to remove this review. I will be leaving the review because it is honest.

👤The honest way this company asked for feedback, review, or offered assistance impressed me right out of the box. There wasn't a way to get you to write a positive review. The product is not going to be impressive when a vendor does that. The setup was easy, the drone can take a nasty spill, but it works well and is impressive. They didn't offer a free prize for a review because they don't need it. The drone is worth a lot. You can't beat the price. It is a bit of a stretch to say that this is for a beginner, but the craft is advanced enough to do quite a lot of droning beyond the beginner level. I will leave it at that, but I could rant about it for ever. The drone is better than my joke. I promise!

👤I've had cheaper drones from another company that starts with an "S" and ends with an "A" and is four letters long. This is not crazy to compare it to. The good is that the build quality and fit of the drone is excellent. I did not test return to home or headless mode because of the take off / landing feature. I'm pretty sure I'd crash quickly in headless mode after flying non-headless drones. Does all of that. I think the other reviews covered the positives so I'll focus on things to consider, but one major issue I have is the camera taking photos and videos upside down. I'm not sure if anyone else ran into this problem. It's possible the camera is upside down. I had the camera pointed down to the ground too far, but that fence is supposed to be at the bottom of the picture, not the bottom right. If I get ambitious, I might disassemble the drone and flip the camera. It was sort of a pain. This thing gets blown around very easily because it was only 9 mph today. I kept it in speed 1 and then the breeze kicked up and I kicked it into speed 2 to avoid a tree and was surprised it could not over come that breeze. Speed 1 and 2 seem to be the same. These are the things that are considered. This is a good drone. If you have any RC experience, you will get bored quickly. This drone needs very very mild wind or it will fall in a tree quickly, luckily this mid age dude can still free climb trees 30' up. 3. The auto hover function is nice for taking photos, but it really cuts into how well the drones can turn and maneuver, and ultimately top speed. Since the drones are programmed to auto hover, it limits how much they can pitch and yaw in flight, which affects top speed and the ability to avoid objects. All. I had a lot more fun flying the cheaper drone. The camera was not as good as it could have been in the advanced mode, but it went about at least 2x faster. I am wondering how it would perform in a non-winding situation. I was a bit disappointed in how slow it was, but it has certain features that a beginner would appreciate.

2. TORTOISE Delivery Carrying Accessories Compatible

TORTOISE Delivery Carrying Accessories Compatible

Correctly respond to friendly customer service. The products sold do not include the Mini2 drones. The remote control Chinese switch button has been improved in response to customer response. Throwing fish bait, drone fishing line release, flower dropping devices, advertising, wire leading and guiding, parties and celebration, proposal, search and rescue are just a few of the wide range of applications. An independent remote control opens and closes the drone throwing vehicle, which does not conflict with the equipment. The battery can be fully charged in half an hour with the Air Drop. It was used for 6-7 hours. Promptly respond to friendly customer service. The products sold do not include the Mini drones. Promptly respond to friendly customer service. The products sold do not include the Mini drones.

Brand: Tortoise

👤There are no instructions and the remote has Chinese characters. How does it work? I wouldn't recommend buying this until it comes with instructions.

👤It is simple to use. No changes to the programming. Its own release transmitter. It was well made. Will be used for fishing.

👤I didn't like the quality of it and it was made by a 3d printer.

👤It's easy to put on and great for using parachute toys.

3. MOQCQGR Underwater Fishing Portable Monitor

MOQCQGR Underwater Fishing Portable Monitor

The package includes a Gopro Adapter and a Super Clamp. If gopro adapet is missing, please contact them. The IR light can be switched by buttons, and the light can be turned on or off. The HD 1200TVL camera is 20% clearer than the ordinary 1000TVL camera, so you can see fish in dark environment or murky water, it can show you the real underwater world. The underwater fish finder has a 7 inch HD screen that produces crisp and clear images. The monitor has a sun visor that you can use when fishing on sunny days. The video camera fish finding system has a powerful battery that can last up to 8 hours when fully charged. The convenience is incredible. The underwater fishing camera system comes with a carrying case that you can carry with you wherever you go, and make sure you always have the fishing camera in your boat or car.

Brand: Moqcqgr

👤This was a gift for my boyfriend and he absolutely loved it. He was getting a fishing camera for his birthday because he's been wanting one for a long time. The camera is portable and easy to grab and go with its metal case and handle. You can use it on a boat, canoe, kayak, on the dock, or just on a beach. The camera can be used for ice fishing or night fishing. The lake water where my boyfriend usually fishes is cloudy and not clear, but this camera was able to pick up fish in the area. The system is very easy to use and the monitor is seven inches in size. The included items are a monitor, 15M Cable Camera, Li-Battery, fin, Charger, Sun- Visor, Bobber, User Manual, and metal storage case. My boyfriend is very happy with his birthday gift. The only challenge is figuring out what to get him.

👤It is portable so it can be used on any boat or location, and it is so amazing that we can see what is beneath and beside the boat. The screen is clear and high quality. The camera feels like we are in an aquarium when we use it. This will be used a lot because we live between two huge lakes. The kids enjoyed seeing under the water from the boat. This can be used no matter what the weather is. Adding a few weights to the camera will make it go underwater easily. The best picture can be obtained by using the lights and lighting. We can see the size of the fish and the best area to fish in. The camera has a nice case that makes it easy to take along. It is highly recommended for the entire family.

👤The box helps protect the equipment. The video quality is okay. It finds fishes. I am satisfied with the purchase.

👤The camera can do quick things. A very clear picture. Excellent value for a good price.

👤I use this as part of an Ocean Literacy through sail training project to show disabled children what's happening beneath the boat. The mini-screen that comes with the product can be used to show the live video feed. The kids and grown-ups love squabbling crabs, but we also see a cuttlefish and a seal.

👤You can see if the water is clear at noon. Don't bother!

👤I have not had time to go to the sea test, but I will take the camera to the sea to try it out, I hope my harvest can be very rich.

4. 2 4G Remote Control Shark Toy

2 4G Remote Control Shark Toy

Children like to put floating toys in the bathtub and babies like to put floating toys in their mouths. It improves the coordination of imagination. The RC shark is one of the hottest water toys for kids in 2020. You can have a real life-like shark come alive and swim in the water tank, bathtub or swimming pool during the quark. It will be a big hit. The 4-Channel and 2.4G remote control are included. There are forward, backward, left, and right controls with a 40m wireless distance, as well as variable speed and auto mode control. The button design is easy to use. The transmitter is powered by a battery. Full function with dual motor. The shark has a streamlined figure with flexible tail joints, double paddles, and each configured with a motor, and strict seal technology, which ensures enough power for the shark to swing to right and left freely. The li-po battery is built-in and comes with a charging cable. The shark can swim on a fully charged battery for 30 minutes. There is a crazy gift idea. The shark toy is made of high quality material. It's an ideal choice for birthday gift, children party favor, after-school fun, Christmas presents, home party supplies or outdoor- fun. There are toys for boys.

Brand: Coodoo

👤The grand loves it. Bath time is a favorite.

👤You can make the shark swim like a real shark with the remote. How cool is that? One propeller stopped working after about 10 minutes. It still spins but less than the other side so it ends up swimming in a circle. I wonder about the quality but it's so cool that I might buy a second one.

👤I have to test it out in the tub before I take it to open waters. I didn't want to lose it. It is very easy to use the remote. I can see this in the water. I'm very excited to use this. I have a surprise for my dad, he goes fishing a lot. It's funny. The way the tail is moving looks real.

👤At first we were skeptical that this would work but we were pleasantly surprised. The package that this shark arrives in is professionally decorated so you can easily send it as a gift. The light is ok but mostly for novelty and the movement of the shark has been fun for both kids and parents. Everyone wants to control the shark or make fun of it. Tik tok videos of a shark. We swam under the shark with a gopro to make our own parody clips.

👤This little shark was awesome and it was operating from where you were. The remote was splashed with water.

👤My daughter loves the pool and this is a great upgrade from her toys. She's obsessed.

👤Even though we paid attention to the details, we were still surprised by the small size. It is easy to control and detailed. The swimming pool is too powerful for the bathtub so we are going to try it out.

👤I ordered it for my grand son because it was on his Christmas list. He couldn't wait to get it into the water.

👤The remote control shark is a great gift. It's perfect for pool fun. The battery life is good. It works well and is easy to control. This toy is fun. It's a good gift for the holiday season.

👤The plastic used to make the shark and remote control are found at the dollar stores. There's only one light on the remote control, so make sure you check both led and see if they flash to confirm the remote is ready for pairing. I tried to make the thing work, but gave up. I asked for a refund and sent it back. Never got to play with it. It's :-

👤I gave this gift to my son for his birthday. He is young. It would be easy to use. It didn't work at all. We put it in a container and charged it. Still nothing. We bought it early so we would have it for his birthday. Can't return it now because it's past the date to return. He was so angry. I'm very sad. Don't buy this item.

👤Kid had fun with it. The shark is large enough to play on the water. My son loves it.

5. Owoda Payload Delivery Transport Compatible

Owoda Payload Delivery Transport Compatible

You could fly this camera drone for 8 to 9 minutes each time, with 2 batteries. The Attop W10 is more resistant to fall because of the high-quality material. The remote range of delivery device is the same as the range of the drone remote. It allows you to drop anything you want from your drone, at any range you can reach. Please do not carry overload weight. No need to redesign your drone is aMinimalist Design. It has a built-in battery and can be charged using a cable. Birthday, party, marriage proposal, wedding, family reunion, fun day at the beach, pool party, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and others areImpressive Activities. Enjoy moments with smiles and laughter. Dropping balloons, flowers, confetti, candies, party favors and more from your drone up in the sky. Search and Rescue uses drones. Supplies, First Aid, Medicine, Communication and Survival equipment, mobile phones and water can be dropped off. Carry and drop a life vest or flotation device. Drop a rescue line for a person who is trapped in a flooded area. Thrower, Connection line, Strap, Increased stand, and 1 set.

Brand: O'woda

👤I would give zero stars if I could. You need a microscope to see the instructions printed so small. You have to look it up online from other customers because there are extra pieces that aren't an explanation. It doesn't work right after you figure it out. Around 20% is the chance of the release opening. It wouldn't open when the weight was attached. When I tried to fly it back with a small weight, the release wouldn't open and the wind wrapped the line around my blade and sent it into the ocean. I was able to return it with the help of a fishing rod. Don't waste time or money.

👤Just got it and had to do a test drop. I connected a set of car keys and it worked perfectly. It was very easy to install, but there was an extra rubber 3M strip tape that held the cord perfectly. I was a little worried that the new upgraded latching system would break, but it has held up great so far, it came with 2 little 'C' shaped eyelets that connect to the rear legs. I'm not sure what those would be used for, it was easy to set up. 1. The camera view can be entered in the app. The upper right 3 is where you can click the top 3 dots. Click on the little remote symbol. Click on Button Customization 5. Click C1 or C2 6. You can turn on/off head LEDs by scrolling to the top. Get in the air and test it out.

👤I believe all of the products that look like this model are manufactured by the same company. It does what it says it will do, but it does not work when there is a heavier load. There is no on/off label. You're left guessing. * The first unit had some problems, so I ordered a second one.

👤The mavic 2 pro series has a great dropper. It works the same as your mavic 2. The red lights are disabled when you record so it won't fall.

👤We bought two of these for search and rescue training, one broke after less than 10 uses, and the other did not reliably release. Less than a year old. I was offered a 20% discount on a new one. There are cheaper versions around $30 that are the same as this one. I wish there was more quality solutions out there, but it seems they are all 3D printed garbage. If you are only doing fishing or having fun, buy the cheaper ones and have low expectations.

👤Everything fit nicely and it works, even though I had to charge it. I had to change some settings for my device. I had to turn off Fixed Wing Mode in order to use the C1 button. I needed to change the video setting to not allow the lights to be turned off. The only other issue I've found is that there seems to be an operating range for turning the lights on/off, which seems odd to me. It seems to be well made and works as it should.

6. Lucky Underwater Portable Resolution Infrared

Lucky Underwater Portable Resolution Infrared

The camera is high resolution. The waterproof video underwater fishing camera shows a more realistic underwater world. The large screen is out in the sun. The underwater world will be brought to you by the video cameras. The underwater cameras fishing video waterproof supports all ram card, you can insert the most capacity ram card you want. A ram card and waterproof cameras will be sent as a gift. The underwater world is kept in the fish finder. Video recording, photographing and file browsing can be done with the underwater camera fishing fish finder. The mode button should be pressed to switch to working mode. Video recording in a cycle. You can review videos and photos on the portable underwater fishing camera whenever you please. The cable wire is long and strong. The fish finder fishing camera boat has a cable wire that allows it to see deeper. 40KG is the maximum bearing tension. The bearing tension allows you to catch bigger fish. No need to worry about the corrosive elements. The underwater camera has a far IR light on it. The best observing space is offered by the 120 detecting degree and 6m detecting range. Even in the dark water, the underwater scenery is more realistic and clear thanks to the minimum illumination and high resolution TV Line. The underwater camera has a far IR light on it. The best observing space is offered by the 120 detecting degree and 6m detecting range. Even in the dark water, the underwater scenery is more realistic and clear thanks to the minimum illumination and high resolution TV Line.

Brand: Lucky

👤I got this to have fun with and I have been enjoying it. I see fish. jave watched fish come up to my line after he hooked it up. The picture is ok, but not the best. It's hard to see if the sun light is on. I have fun with it.

👤I may have overlooked the procedure for the unit. I used the information to record. The image was not good. I received information from the manufacturer that the result could have been me not turning on the leds. I respect the reputation of the manufacturer and am considering ordering the same unit.

👤The camera is very limited and I couldn't see anything. I tried a lot of different things. I could see what was in front of the camera but I didn't think it would have a wider view. This product was returned by me.

👤The water was muddy and I only used it once. You could see it. The water may be better the next time I use it.

👤This is used almost daily. My husband and I own a bait shop. He goes to check his traps and can't find them, but he usually finds them if the current takes them away. He was figuring it out in our minnow tanks while he was playing with it and it was really neat to see on the screen.

👤Not happy with this. I am a Fisher man in Canada. This product is not good. I'm not happy. I got this for ice fishing and it didn't do anything for me. The way to get there is through the aqua view. Get what you want by spending the extra money. I hope the company will give me a refund.

👤The camera is light. Good in the sun. It's great for night viewing. Have not found anything to dislike about this unit.

👤No es una quiero. 30 metros de cable and 4 metros.

7. Professional Release Fishing Delivery Activities

Professional Release Fishing Delivery Activities

The packing list includes a set of landing gear. Air dropper installation steps can be found in the instruction manual. The professional roofer dropped release is a professional practice. They bring you a device that far surpasses the unauthorized imitations from the Far East. The most innovative, sophisticated, unique designs, developments, and manufacturing processes can be found at Drone Sky Hook. You will receive a product that is technically superior, reliable, safe, and really does the job, created and manufactured in the USA and Israel. Unleash the full potential of your imagination and creativity! This cutting edge and innovative technology is perfect for carrying, delivering and dropping supplies as well as dropping flowers, confetti, and party favors at your fun activities like birthdays, marriage proposals, pool parties and so much more. You can only use the maximum weight your drone can carry. Adhere to theEASE of operation with UNLIMITED range. The only brand in the market that offers the drone pilot two operation modes to best suit each application and fly with peace of mind is yours. No tools are needed. There is no modification to your drone. The maximum weight of your drone is just about 50 grams. It's an amazing gift for your favorite drone pilot. The awesome Drone Sky Hook device is the only more advanced accessory you can get for serious drone pilots. It is the perfect gift for Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, or I love you.

Brand: Drone Sky Hook

👤I've seen units that are less expensive drop things. The underslung design was carefully thought out and I chose this unit because of it. I might have gotten a dual drop version if I had gotten that one. The unit pops on/off in seconds and disassembles into small pieces that are easy to store in my case, even though they include info to link you to install and operation videos. The unit works as advertised, either pirouette the model two revolutions counter-clockwise, or clip on the included Nav LED sensor, program the Go4 app toggling the Nav LEDs with the TX C1 or C2 buttons. The finish of the unit is pretty decent and it is 3D printed.

👤This product works as advertised. It's easy to install on a Mavic 2 and doesn't require any special tools or screws. The wires are attached to the arms with clips so they don't get caught in the prop blades. The drop device is securely attached to the Mavic with the 3-D printed mounting arms. When the photo-diode was used, the servo was reliable. I wish the release mechanism was push-rod instead of the rotating hook because it's a little more secure when carrying a drop load. There is a very small chance of your load becoming unhooked in-flight, but it could happen if you use a pushrod. A method to drop two separate loads is the only real improvement on this product. This feature will be on a future model. I did some long distance testing and didn't see a decrease in flight times with the added weight of the drop device. Carrying a heavy load will cause strain on your motor and battery time. If you carry a load over a pound you will risk a thermal shutdown and your expensive Mavic 2 is going to fall out of the sky.

👤Customer support doesn't work like it's supposed to because of poor instructions. I regret buying it.

👤Only worked with the manual button. It doesn't work that way. After repeated attempts, the buttons did not work with rotation or buttons. After several tries, tech support is notexistent. Totally useless.

👤Absolutely amazing product. Well made from high quality 3D printed material. You can get a product installation video with aQR code. I have a mavic 2 and it works perfectly.

👤Works well. Good instructions. It was easy to use. Has worked every time.

👤A teenager made something for a school project. China has better release options that are much cheaper.

8. Eyoyo Portable Underwater Cablewith Waterproof

Eyoyo Portable Underwater Cablewith Waterproof

The video underwater fish finder has a waterproof lens and 4.3 inch display so that you can clearly see the fish biting bait. It's more fun to fish. It has a sun-visor for more convenient use outside. The view angle with the 8 IR lights isadjustable for a clear display in low light conditions. The UP and DOWN keys can be used to adjust the intensity of the lights. If the lights are on, the image will turn to black and white. A battery for 8H. The working time is. The Eyoyo fishing camera has a larger battery than the other one. The use time can last up to 8 hours. It can be powered by a 5V/1A power bank for more convenient outdoor use. The fishing camera can be installed on the fishing rod. You will get a lot of fun fishing. This fish finder is designed for fishing enthusiasts. It is ideal for ice fishing, lake fishing, boat fishing, and other underwater adventures. There is a Master Power switch on the side and a front power button. The master power switch must be turned down when you don't use the product. It will continue to consume electricity if it isn't changed. This fish finder is designed for fishing enthusiasts. It is ideal for ice fishing, lake fishing, boat fishing, and other underwater adventures. There is a Master Power switch on the side and a front power button. The master power switch must be turned down when you don't use the product. It will continue to consume electricity if it isn't changed.

Brand: Eyoyo

👤The battery lasts longer than my energy. I spent 6 hours there and it was still at 2 bars. The camera visibility is great, even in cloudy looking water, as long as the water is relatively calm, it should be easy to see 5 feet ahead of you. The purchase was the best I've ever made. Crawdads fish right up to it. I wish the display was better with better viewing angles.

👤The camera is terrific for the price. I ice fish a lake that is relatively cloudy and if the IR lights are on, they will illuminate all the suspended goodies in the water. I was able to see my jig to about 6' away from the camera. I could see fish approaching and identify them. I was able to see all of the features on the lake bed if IR was on, but the camera was not doing anything. The price is hard to beat. I had control of the view direction and angles because I made a jig for the camera. When compared to my flasher, it worked for me. Your eyes are the only ones that can see a fish inhale a bait.

👤The indicator light on the charger is missing. A great product night vision.

👤I bought this for my grandson and he loves it. We are going to Disneyworld with him because he has been taking lots of pictures. Can't wait...

👤Customer service is great. We had a problem with the camera. The camera and cord were replaced. Customer service from Calyx was very helpful. The grandson is happy to be using his camera again. Thank you!

👤I got this product charged up and went out in my pond, but it didn't work, nothing else in the house saw the same thing.

👤I gave this as a gift and the receiver has been using it daily.

👤It worked for a while, but it got cold in the ice shanty.

👤This product is used for ice fishing. The water is 25 feet high. The camera is easy to use. The unit as a whole looks cheap. We dropped the camera to see what was happening and started catching fish. If you want the camera to be far off the bottom, you should put a weight on it. The weight will allow you to set the position of the camera.

👤I want a travel case and holder that comes with this one for the other one, so I contacted support from Eyoyo, asking if I could order the case and holder. They gave them to me and shipped them to me for free, I found them very good to talk to, and they followed up to make sure I was happy, so I would recommend them to anyone. I got both of these for portable use and the batteries last a long time, but I would love if the cameras were good and the support behind them were fun.

👤There is a little skepticism at the beginning of the installation. When we see the fish bite on our jigs, it's amazing. It's just amazing.

9. Potensic Backpack Batteries Waypoint Altitude

Potensic Backpack Batteries Waypoint Altitude

What you get is a remote control racing boat. Their 90-day warranty is worry-free and they have friendly customer service. 2K HD 75 adjusted camera. The drone has a 2K HD camera. The angle of camera can be adjusted by remote control. It's easy to take a 120 FOV shot. Up to 30 minutes flight time is provided by the upgraded 1000 mAh intelligent battery. You can use the drone to film family events and share it on social media. GPS auto return is safe. The camera drone has a double positioning system. When you press the RTH button, the drone will return to your home point. IdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiable Basic modes for beginners to learn are headless mode, altitude hold and one key to take-off. Follow Me and tap flight are available in advanced modes. CONSIDERATE DESIGN The backpack is for outdoor use. The camera drones weight is less than 250g, which is not required of the FAA. Potensic promises a free return or exchange. Feel free to contact them. A perfect gift for beginners, kids and adults to have a stable and easy flight experience.

Brand: Potensic

👤This is a great device. My son really liked flying it. He said it is easy to use and has great features, including a return home feature and the ability to capture video and pictures. He thought it was appropriate for someone to start out flyering. He liked it as a flyer. The older model of the potensic drone was great for him. He really liked the backpack carrying case. The batteries are already charged when you receive the drone, which is a major plus if you are giving it as a gift. The only problem he encountered was that the drone couldn't fly super low because there wasn't enough lift to do so. This isn't a problem for us since he flies it higher. He is thrilled to fly the drone he purchased.

👤I like Potensic. The dreamer pro is my go-to drone. Is any of these quality? No. They are also 1/3 the price. You can't expect to be perfect. I wanted something that I wouldn't mind my kids flying to learn without being stressed out about crashing my $400 dreamer pro. That's where this T25 came in. It isn't perfect, but for the price, it's hard to beat. It looks like a miniature version of the dreamer. The camera placement and feel are the same. The props are fixed and lighter. The case for this vehicle is very nice. There is no wasted space or padding for storage. The blade guards are nice, but I did not install them for this flight. Three is even better than two. The controller is cool. There are lots of lights and information in the center console. If you've flown before, getting it up in the air is easy. You're read to go if you do the magnetic andGPS calibrations. The manual has some issues, but shouldn't be hard to navigate. The live camera view is available on the phone. I missed the direct connect cable of my dreamer pro where you don't have to mess with the internet. It's twice the cost. The park had a breeze. You don't notice it's windy until you're about to fly your new drone. The weather was 6mph winds with occasional gusts in the low double digits. You can see in the video that this is pushing the limits of the drone. The first thing I noticed was how light it was. It gets knocked around by the wind. It made me miss the dreamer pro. Again, double the price. I didn't lose connection because of the solid connection. The video and pics were saved to my phone while I was in the air. They are limited by the internet. The quality would be better if I had installed a memory card in the drone. I plan to swap the card from my dreamer for a new one to confirm this. Will update with new images. The wind was the only issue once in flight. The controls were easy to use. The return to home was correct. I think early morning or sunset flights would be better for this little guy. It was really knocked around by the mid-afternoon gusts. Is this the drone to start your drone photography business, or is it for National Geographic? Absolutely not. Is it a good idea to use the drone to see if your kids are ready to play in the big leagues? 100%. I would rather spend $180 on this and realize it wasn't for me than spend $1,000 on a big dog to come to the same conclusion. A great Christmas present in 2021.

10. Eyoyo Underwater Portable Upgraded 1024x600

Eyoyo Underwater Portable Upgraded 1024x600

Eyoyo is a new portable video fish finder. The upgraded AHD 720p camera and 7 inch screen brings you a more realistic underwater world. This one does not have a DVR function. The new AHD 720p camera has a better resolution than the old 1000TVL camera, which makes the images more clear and the color of it more vivid. The new 7 inch display has a full-viewIPS panel that makes it easy to see the image from any angle. It has a sun-visor for more convenient use outside. The continuous using time of the battery can be up to 8 hours when fully charged. If light is weak underwater, these 12pcs IR lights will give you an undisturbed light source. When the IR lights are on, the image will turn to black and white and the lights can be turned off. If light is weak underwater, these 12pcs IR lights will give you an undisturbed light source. When the IR lights are on, the image will turn to black and white and the lights can be turned off.

Brand: Eyoyo

👤I couldn't decide if the Eyoyo 1000TVL underwater camera was better or worse. This one has a camera resolution of more than double what the other one has. The screen size is also improved, from 800 x 480 to 600 x 600. It was fun to see fish approach my jig or swim away. There were times when fish were seen. The camera is out of the water and shows images out to 8 feet. We could only see 2 to 3 feet underwater. This is not a camera issue. My camera had a cracked battery charge. No questions were asked when Eyoyo shipped a replacement. Their support was very helpful. I think the wire on the camera is to hold bait to view fish close up. I was able to remove this with a pair of pliers. It doesn't go back in once removed. The color reproduction of the camera is not good. The colors are off, but I could clearly identify bass, bluegill, crappie, etc. The sun visor is helpful as the sun will not be as bright as it could be. The case is awkward. There is a lot of stuff in this picture. The lid doesn't adjust to different angles. The snow on the ice made it difficult to get a good angle for the screen. The mount on the camera is not good for horizontal viewing. The camera has rings on it to help it get a horizontal view. It is a great camera at a great price, even with all of the negatives. You can make this a great underwater camera system for less than the brand name ones if you don't mind some of the difficulties. I am very happy with my purchase. If you sign up with Eyoyo, you can get six months extra warranty.

👤The second Eyoyo underwater camera. This camera is amazing. When I saw a chance to upgrade to a better version of the 1000tvl, I had to have it. I watched my fish eat my jig all day. The clarity is perfect and I think it compares to some of the expensive brands available. It was worth buying hands down. The screen is much clearer in person, but I added a few shots of some fish. I have a tv in my fish house that I want to watch on a bigger screen, so I ordered an AHD conversion that I hope will fix the problem.

👤The camera comes in a nice case that is easy to store. The display is sharp. The murky lake water causes any cloudiness. I'm using it to recover a lost item. Having a blast looking, but still no luck finding the missing item. We will be sharing underwater images with our grandsons when they visit.

👤I decided to return the screen because it was fading in and out. It worked when it did. I didn't like the definition ofvisibility. The lake I fish from is known for its clarity.

👤The hard case is easy to use. The picture quality is good. If you take the battery out, it will fall over.

11. PowerEgg Multi Purpose Waterproof Inclement Photography

PowerEgg Multi Purpose Waterproof Inclement Photography

The power Ray wizard only uses the power Seeker fish finder and magnetic bait drop to locate and place bait. The power vision edition of the goggles give you a brand new underwater experience. Includes waterproof housing, floats and an extra battery. Professional quality video and images can be seen from the 4K/60fps UHD camera. Patented technology picks up high-fidelity sound using the mobile phone's microphone or a wireless microphone and automatically syncs the audio with the footage. When following the subject, the artificial intelligence face recognition technology delivers accurate, efficient, multi-angle, remote face recognition and subject lock-on. A multi-function device that can be used as a camera for personal and professional use. The PowerEgg X, Wrist Strap, Full Set of Arms and Propellers, 3 spare pairs of Propellers, 2 intelligent batteries, waterproof Housing, and carrying case are included.

Brand: Powervision

👤Sometimes the camera wouldn't work. The drone dropped in altitude without input from the controller. The two updates did not solve the problems. I wanted to like this drone. I decided not to be a tester this time. I might revisit this product in six months.

👤Defective and returned. I have proof that this was delivered back and I will not get a refund from Amazon. I can't buy a new one from Amazon because they won't give me a refund. They need to correct this. The video quality was great and the two times we used it, it broke the picture. Our customers were happy. This cost us business. Amazon isn't helping get this resolved. They change the rules of return every day so be careful buying this.

👤Wait, do not bay. No lo compre an, presenta problemas de actualizacin de FW, luego de activarlo. I confirm that I have an ese problema. Devolviera para remplazarlo, o sea nunca volo y el FW lo tienes.

👤The PowerEgg X was released at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. It was impressive with all the features. I was hesitant about buying the drone because of some of the reviews, but I bought it anyways. It worked as expected and was awesome. I had to do the FW update when I tried the DV mode. It said it was completed in the app, but it didn't. The app was updated twice, the first time it worked. The video quality on the phone screen was not great, but after I exported it to the computer it looked good. The face following mode was pretty impressive. We have tried a few times and it can follow the face. It will need more time to re-capture the face if it loses it. The anti-vibration of the camera is something I would like to try. I usually use my phone to shoot videos, but it doesn't have great quality while walking. PowerEgg X is a better tool for video quality. I will be trying out the drone mode of PowerEgg X today. The arms were easy to install and felt good. I took the drone off without any problems. For about 15-20 minutes, I flew. The battery is enough to land safely. The video on the phone screen was slow. There was a warning message that said too many interference. I am flying around the living area. I didn't try to fly too high or far since I don't want to lose the drone in a neighborhood area. When the virus thing is over, I will try more in some space. The product is doing what it promised and I like it. I would like to buy accessories for the drone. I might be able to try out the water take-off/landing in the summer.


What is the best product for fishing drone boat?

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What are the best brands for fishing drone boat?

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