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1. Rigged Cedar Plugs Pcs Lure

Rigged Cedar Plugs Pcs Lure

10 pack set spoons are included in the package. Trigger strikes from any gamefish. The swimming action causes fish to strike. A great giant tuna killer, but will catch a variety of other fish. There is a variety of colors and lengths in real natural cedar.

Brand: Arcadia Tackle Associated Manufacturer

👤I have always done well with other trolly lures, so I was a little skeptical. I was out of port and on the water. We caught six mahi and one wahoo and four of them were caught on the cedar plug. The plugs drive the fish to an intense strike. You can see the damage they did. They hit the lure hard. I hope it holds up, but I'm willing to order it again. I saw some things online about losing hook ups, but didn't have that happen. I am now a believer. If you have never used them, try them.

👤These plugs are of the highest quality. Look at the leader loop at the top of the picture, compared to the plugs on the lower item. The rest of the plug is equally good. Will buy again.

👤Great lures for the price. They attract a lot of interest from dorado to tuna in the troll. On an overcast day, I threw the red/white one out on my way back in, thinking I'd try and hook a dorado, but ended up pulling in a decent sized yellow fin! Not bad for a lure that costs 1/6 of the total. I've been using these in Ascension Island and they've been great for pelagics.

👤If there are lots of fish around these, you won't lose many fish.

👤A lot of fish were caught while fishing off Long Island. The lures stood up to the fishing pressure.

👤The rating was five stars. We do a lot of fishing with these lures. It's great for the three of them. Sometimes the tuna loves it. It's great for fishing in salt water. What a value! Shipping came earlier than expected. Even with a lure bag, it was packaged perfect. It's a good thing.

2. 2oz Crocodile Spoons 12 Pcs

2oz Crocodile Spoons 12 Pcs

Premium material is made of copper and steel. The kit is fun. There are three different styles of lure making kit. There is a Lure Making Kit. This is a notice. The instructions are only for reference and should be read carefully. A strong 1/0 treble hook with MUSTAD 3561D-DT. It's great for trout fishing. The chrome is plated with silver.

Brand: Sanhu

👤These caught bluefish and striped bass. The weight of the lure allowed for nice far casts using a size 40 reel and a 7 foot rod. It would have been better to use a bigger reel or braided line. The hooks are very sharp. The glossy tape has a nice touch, but only one problem that I noticed. These are not saltwater proof. They will rust if not washed after use in saltwater. This is not a deal breaker for me because the price is just right and something to consider when buying these! I am very pleased with them and would buy them again.

👤The scale patent comes off after a single day of fishing. After the first use, there was rust. The split rings seem to be of decent quality. They are cheap and perfect for losing them on the Jetty.

👤The spoon wasChunked off the jetty. The Spanish are tugging on the line. Will use them well.

👤I wouldn't change anything about them. They work the same as the brand name, but at a fraction of the price. Look the same way. There are strong hooks and split rings.

👤These are not the Luher Jensen brand. Knockoffs! I have to use hooks because they are garbage when I'm leaving for a trip. Just a heads up.

👤Can't beat the price on these, they work great.

👤I didn't know what to expect. They were bought for jetty fishing and have been delivered! It was smooth and shiny. After fishing a TRIP with FRESH WATER, it will Rust. Have some good keepers with this piece of metal. I don't take my phone out on the jetty.

3. Sea Striker Spoon 4 Ounce Silver

Sea Striker Spoon 4 Ounce Silver

China is the country of origin. Can be used by all skill levels. This product is a must have for any fisherman. The package has dimensions of 1.8" L x 5.6" W x 3.4" H.

Brand: Sea Striker

👤Excellent for Spanish Mackerels.

👤It was a good quality lure.

👤Product was great. In about 30 minutes, I had about 15 bites in the surf.

👤Does what it is supposed to do. I haven't caught anything on it, but I'm sure it will produce.

👤I'm still learning how to use it. The casting is great. Can cover a long distance.

4. Fishing Saltwater Pliers Treble Tackle

Fishing Saltwater Pliers Treble Tackle

Material: steel Depending on the single lure, weight varies from 2.5g to 11g. It's great for trout, panfish and bass. Fishing pliers feature machine-cut aluminum handles, replaceable tungsten-carbide cutters, and jaws for a lifetime of top performance. The box is 10 x 5 cm and has 30 fishing lure, 1 pc fishing pliers, and 1 pc box.

Brand: Smartonly

👤It came with a case for free and I like that.

👤A gift for my nephew. He was happy. The value is great.

👤Hooks are soft and bend when bitten by fish.

👤Hooks are easy to bend. If you replace with a better hook, you lose the PB.

👤The Lures seem to be decent quality, but are smaller than I expected.

5. Last Cast Tackle 3 5g 60g Casting

Last Cast Tackle 3 5g 60g Casting

There are four casting spoons. Strong split rings and super sharp hooks make this construction high quality. It's perfect for fresh and salt water.

Brand: Last Cast Tackle

👤I bought a set of four Last Cast 1oz. I am disappointed that I lost on a huge fish, but I used silver chrome casting spoons instead. After the first use, the spray paint on the lure is almost completely gone, and one of the treble hooks broke after I caught my second fish. I used this for fishing off the beach in Florida and it lasted over a month before I lost it on the one that got away, I caught over 30 fish and it lasted over a month before I lost it on the one that got away. I can only recommend that you save your money and buy the real thing, because I can't understand why the great reviews for this inferior product.

👤These were a cheap knock off to the famous "Kast Master" and I couldn't be happier. I could not tell the difference between them and the real person. They do the same job as the genuine article but are not as good. I bought a couple of the "Kast Master" units but didn't use them. These are the best for jigging bass and stripers. They were used last weekend to cast into schools of white bass. It was limited out in two hours.

👤I used it on mackerel, ladyfish, jack crevalle and blue runners. It attracted people's attention. The treble hook is light for saltwater species. After a few hours of fishing, the surface showed some signs of wear. I think a few moves with an abrasive pad will restore it's luster. The flaws didn't seem to deter fish from biting. I'm using the 1/2 and 1/3 oz with great success.

👤After throwing a few casts from the jetty, I was curious as to what was underneath the zinc coating. The manufacturer couldn't tell me what the pictures were about.

👤I received my new Silver spoons on Sunday, February 17th, and I used them with a friend on Friday, February 22nd in our attempt to fish on Lake Jocassee. We caught forty Brown Trout in three and a half hours. Lures are very effective. The value is great. The trout loved it when it was larger. The trout were caught on the same lake. I would buy these again. Greg T. is from South Carolina.

👤I bought a pack of spoons. Hit the beach this afternoon. I was very happy with the purchase of five bluefish and five Spanish mackerel. Good price and product. The hooks held up well. I use light drag and it might have helped the hooks not being straight. I was happy.

👤There are three different sizes of this replica lure. I am not sure if it will catch fish. Weak hooks and split rings can be upgraded.

👤I lost a $10 Kastmaster and was hesitant about using them again, until I saw this deal on Amazon. I decided to try them out. They have a decent action. I've caught fish on these. Great value!

6. Goture Saltwater Fishing Vertical Flatfall

Goture Saltwater Fishing Vertical Flatfall

Goture lead vertical Jigs have a weight of 2.28oz and a body length of 6.5in. One pack of 1 pieces. The hook is made of carbon steel. The wire is thick and resistant to the toughest conditions. The saltwater jigs with fluorescent design on the back will glow in the dark, great for dark water and low-light conditions. The multi-layer coating with UV reactive is proven to pull fish in from a distance. The Full Lead Stream-line Body is easy to work. A balanced all-in-one design for casual, speed, slow jigging presentation underwater. It's brilliant for a wide range of fish species, such as trout, tunas, blue fin, yellow fin, kingfish, cobia, amberjacks, jacks, bonito, and groupers.

Brand: Goture

👤Just received it in the mail. I haven't tested it out yet but will soon. It feels solid and looks good. The pink paint looks great. It was very detailed and shiny. It glows bright if you test it out. The split rings are something I don't like about the lures. The assist hook had no shrink wrap around the eye of the hook, so I swapped it out. I had to add another assist hook. It seems like a solid jig. I wish they had a heavier jig. It would be nice to make 200 to 250g. I will post an update review once I get it for bluefin.

👤I caught a blue fin tuna with a pink lure. You have to change out the hooks and rings for bluefin. If you are going for bluefin, you must change out the rings and hook. I was fishing on a boat. On the smaller size, bluefin r is usually on the day. The setup was 100 lbs. Almost got it. This was about 200 lbs. I pulled the hook out of its mouth. Must use a big hook. Nothing less than 6. All my lure was changed out with 6 to 9/0 J hooks. Assist hooks should be added. The knife jigs were killing it. Good luck!

👤It was worth every penny. People on the boat were using more expensive jigs, but they kept asking what they were, because I kept getting hooked up. I wish the glow would last longer in Texas, where we drop at night at big rigs for tuna. I have to get more because I lost 7 jugs.

👤I love this jig. The only jig that caught two 60 pound tuna was bought by me. The jig got hammered and the paint was scratched. Its worth it!

👤This is a great jig for offshore and inshore speed jigging, it has enough weight on a slim profile to cut through tough currents. I can't give a more detailed review because it got caught on a crab pot or something my first trip out with it.

👤The sea bass seem to like them. The orange color works great for me.

👤I used these jigs on a trip. Several amberjacks were hooked by me. The assist hooks were not durable. The assist hooks for the jigs I used were bent at the end of the trip. You should change the hooks if you buy these jigs.

👤There were a few yellowfin tuna caught in NJ. The problem is that the hooks are not strong enough. The left jig is a nomad streaker. You can see the difference in the hook thickness. The hook was bent and I lost the fish because it was a bigger fish. The Goture Lead version of the jigs are a bit shorter and thicker than the tuna jigs, but they have the same hooks. They will catch fish, but you might lose a trophy fish.

7. 1oz Crocodile Spoons 12 Pcs

1oz Crocodile Spoons 12 Pcs

The chrome is plated with silver. A versatile, multi-species minnow shape. Heavy-duty construction. It's great for trout fishing. 3X strong hook. The chrome is plated with silver.

Brand: Arcadia Tackle Associated Manufacturer

👤These caught bluefish and striped bass. The weight of the lure allowed for nice far casts. It would have been better to use a bigger reel or braided line. The hooks are very sharp. The glossy tape has a nice touch, but only one problem that I noticed. These are not saltwater proof. They will rust if not washed after use in saltwater. This is not a deal breaker for me because the price is just right and something to consider when buying these! I am very pleased with them and would buy them again.

👤They look good, however I haven't finished with them yet. If they last a day of fishing they are worth it. The spoon was put in a plastic bag. The hook is sharp. The plactic hook protectors were difficult to remove. Smaller strippers and blues look good with a lure/hook size.

👤A budget price for a quality spoon. The spoons give off great action and the fish love it. Strong hooks! Over the course of the last 3 trips, I have landed over 40 bluefish on the same spoon. Some parts will show signs of use after the first trip, but they still work.

👤A spoon is something. The terminal is cheaper than buying a full retail spoon of 1oz at $5 or more a pop. I use these in the surf on the atlantic coast and it works just as well as the other spoons of this type. Remember to upgrade the hardware.

👤They are a great value, but they started to rust in a few spots after one use. The spoons caught a bunch of fish on a trip to Nicaragua, and the hooks are strong. The price is right, but they are almost disposable. After a few trips, they would be useless.

👤These will catch fish. People complain about them. I clean my gear after fishing. I've used it for the past 6 months and no issues have arisen.

👤After a week, it was Rusted even after rinsing it.

8. Crocodile Spoons Silver Treble Pieces

Crocodile Spoons Silver Treble Pieces

The package has dimensions of 1.8" L x 5.6" W x 3.4" H. A versatile, multi-species minnow shape. Heavy-duty construction. It's great for trout fishing. 3X strong hook. The chrome is plated with silver.

Brand: Sanhu

👤Action seems good as expected. Immediately rusts. A cheap imitation of a crocodile. These are a great short term use value if you expect to lose lures. Crocodile is a reliable keeper lure.

👤It does rust fast, but works great.

👤Two bluefish were caught on the first time out. No rust so far. These are well made. I added market circle hooks after removing the treble hooks.

👤These spoons are only 1.25. Oz is not 2 ounces.

👤They catch fish. Casting in windy conditions is pointless as they glide in the wind. There is a My husband's spoons that he never needed to wash began to rust after one use.

👤It was rusty after my first use.

👤Not a brand of spoons. There is heavy rust andcorrosion.

9. Pieces Fishing Saltwater Spinner Casting

Pieces Fishing Saltwater Spinner Casting

The chrome is plated with silver. You will receive 20 hard metal spinner baits, including 1/6oz, 1/2oz, and 1/3oz in different sizes, and the hard fishing lures are packed in a plastic box, convenient to store and take, different sizes that can meet your multiple fishing trips. The fishing hook lures are widely applied to many species of fish, such as catfish, perch, redfish, kingfish, walleye, bass, trout, bream, muskie and so on, and the fishing spoon baits are also suitable for both freshwater and saltwater. The fish head jig has pointed carbon steel treble hooks that are sturdy and durable, which will help grab and hold on fish firmly during the fight. The fishing hook is made of zinc alloy material, which is more durable and rust-proof, and can catch all kinds of fish. It can be more attractive under the light, it can support the soft bait, and it can be more effective to attract fish.

Brand: Hestya

👤The largest is about 3 inches long and works great for catching Salmon in the rivers, just like the cast master at a tenth of the price. Hooks are bright and shiny, buy some before I buy them all. I would buy again.

👤I wish there were more of the bigger ones. I like 5 people already.

👤The hook broke off after the first catch, when I used the 1/2 lure.

👤It seems good so far. The hardware and spoons seem decent. This was the best price I could find.

👤Inversin econmicas. Y dirables.

👤A good deal. I highly recommend.

👤I caught five nice striped bass and didn't spend a lot of money.

10. Clarkspoon with Red Bead 00RBMS 3PK

Clarkspoon with Red Bead 00RBMS 3PK

The chrome is plated with silver. The package is 8.89 cm long. The package width is 9.652 cm. The package is 1.524 cm high. Product type: fishing equipment

Brand: Clarkspoon

👤The lures are not the ones you will get. You will get a pack of 1 silver, 1 gold, and 1 pink, not chartreuse, even though these are shipped by Clarkspoon. Clarkspoon did a trick. Shame on you. You should know more.

👤Too small. About 2 inches total.

👤Just received 1 spoon, instead of 3.

👤These are a great value for Spanish trolling.

👤Good trolly for Spanish.

11. Sougayilang Colorful Spinner Fishing Treble

Sougayilang Colorful Spinner Fishing Treble

These spoons are perfect for trout, perch, crappie, and other freshwater fish. It's ideal for casting and trolling. The best choice is to troll, cast, drift or jigged the Sougayilang fishing lures. They are perfect for pike, salmon, trout, walleyes and panfish. The action was taken. The fishing lure can be dressed with a tail grub and has a higher action when the hook is tipped. The color is COLOR. spoons can be trolled at almost any speed and are available in five colors. It is ideal for ice fishing or deep-water vertical jigging. There is construction. The spoon is built to hold up to the most brutal freshwater conditions and fish, nickel or gold-plated blade finishes, brass bodies, split rings and steel treble hooks. Great service with a 12 month worry-free service. Purchase and enjoy this superior product with confidence and risk free.

Brand: Sougayilang

👤These lures don't appeal to northerners. I can catch pike on any other lures in my tackle box, but they are not interested when using these. They wanted to help me. I was going to send them an email instead of using I do not want my email address used in China. I told them that the lures I bought were over $70.00 and that I would take a refund. Have not heard anything.

👤I've been using these spoons on the river and have caught many fish. I plan to use them for salmon and lake fishing. The water is beautiful. I use them with a barrel on the end of a fluorocarbon leader. Highly recommended!

👤The plastic inserts on the Pixie spoons loosened. I used them in the river. The actions were good. The lure did not sink like the pixies. They are probably being longer. The hooks were flimsy. When I pulled off the plastic sheath, they were loud.

👤These are not the best spoons. If you want to support China, the price is right. They work well and are functional. USA is a better place to buy a quality product.

👤Awesome looking and works well. A lot of action. The fish was caught using a spoon.

👤I can't wait to get out on the water to see if these things attract the fish that I think they will, the items came exactly as described, quality looks great and I can't wait to get out on the water to see if they work!

👤I used a side planer to troll and catch some nice rainbows. Excellent action over a range of speeds.

👤The product arrived on time. They look like quality lures. I have to try them out before I know if they are good or not. It's a good thing.


What is the best product for fishing drone spoon?

Fishing drone spoon products from Arcadia Tackle Associated Manufacturer. In this article about fishing drone spoon you can see why people choose the product. Sanhu and Sea Striker are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing drone spoon.

What are the best brands for fishing drone spoon?

Arcadia Tackle Associated Manufacturer, Sanhu and Sea Striker are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing drone spoon. Find the detail in this article. Smartonly, Last Cast Tackle and Goture are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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