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1. DJI FPV Propellers

DJI FPV Propellers

Flight time can be extended up to 20 minutes if you bring 2 drones with you. Powerful, easy to mount, secure, durable, and well-balanced propellers are what the overview describes. What you get is a pair of DJI FPV Propellers.

Brand: Dji

👤You get some propellers. You get a set of props. The red circle props go on the red circle motor mounts while the non-red circle props go on the others. I had to use the internet to figure it out.

👤Left hand props were received. Very disappointing.

👤I was worried about knock-off props after reading reviews. The props are real. They worked perfectly on my drone.

👤You can never have enough props if you're new to flying. You should buy as many as you can because they will be needed regardless of your skill level. I have at least four pair of purchases and after this review, I will purchase more. I can't say enough that it's durable and doesn't make a lot of noise. Your going to need them! It is worth the investment.

👤The quality of the kit props were matched by the authentic packaging. These are tough props.

👤I got these as replacements after I handcuffs up my drones. There are original props. The real deal!

👤The original product and cost are the same.

👤In-flight noise is caused by vibration and unbalanced.

👤You should buy their props because the walled garden tinkered with its drone just enough. If you're unhappy with the 3rd party add on solutions, then we're stuck with them. I think one solution is to crash less. I mean...drones! They're good props, just buy more than you think you'll need.

👤The blades were perfect out of the package. It is very close to it. You will be surprised with the attention to balance, I would still do my checks.

👤Produit de bonne qualité. Je n'ai pas de regret.

2. Potensic Quadcopter Ultrasonic Positioning Brushless

Potensic Quadcopter Ultrasonic Positioning Brushless

The charging cable has been upgraded and no longer has to worry about charging problems. The upgraded charging cable uses imported chips to protect against accidents caused by incorrect charging. The camera drones need to use 5V2A for charging. The remote control drones can return home when the battery is low. Make it safer to fly after the loss of the drone. When necessary, have an emergency stop. A professional 4K camera with a wide angle is included in the kit. The camera can be adjusted 90 automatically when the drone is flying. It's easier to enjoy real-time images on a phone. The Potensic D88 can fly stably at high speed, maximum up to 50 km/h, with four 1350KV motor and a high capacity intelligent 2 battery. Bring 2 battery. The combination of gps and optical flow positioning makes for a smooth and safe flight. The needs of beginners and experts are met. One button helps to control the drone. The start point will be automatically returned when the camera drones has low power or signals. The interest of point and follow me mode are available on this drone. 4K HD images can be transmitted through 5G. The drone is foldable to fit in your bag or aluminum case, it's easy to carry. The case can hold all the stuffs of this drone. It's very convenient to take if you want to travel outside.

Brand: Potensic

👤Excellent quality drone. It was a nice surprise that the website didn't say it would come with extra propellers. Other parts meet our expectations. It is definitely not a cheap toy, for more detailed introduction, you can check my video.

👤My brother received a gift for Christmas. The model was on par with the Potensic D88. I bought a Potensic D88 for myself after a bit of research. It was in my possession by Friday. 2 days later. My brother's drone had a carrying case, but the one that the drone came in was not strong. Everything was locked up inside the case. I put the battery out and set up the charger to give it juice while I read the manual. I had a hard time getting the drone ready for the first flight, though the manual seemed straight forward. I was good to go after watching the "Quick Start" video. I made sure that the high-speed mode was off for my first voyage. The drone felt good after it was airborne. The winds in Central Florida are pretty mild. After a few minutes of small circles, I decided to take it out a bit further, so I could see what the rest of the neighborhood looked like. I flew the drone out about 75 yards to get a lay-of-the-land. At 75 yards, the controller started making noise and my phone's video feed froze. I didn't panic because the drone wasn't responding to my controller anymore. When the signal is lost, the drone should return home. Guess what didn't happen... The drone kept going. At the end of my driveway, it sailed over the treeline. I ran after it and tried to use the controller to find out the distance from the drone. I realized the distance indicator wasn't changing regardless of how close or far I ran. I gave up on the search after about an hour. The drone flew away on my first flight. I'm not sure if I was unlucky or not, but without the drone there's no way for me to determine if there was a mechanical problem. Don't trust the auto return setting. It could cost you your drone.

👤I like the carry case. Everything is placed in the case. The 2K camera is stable. The video is unwatchable because of my inexperience. Loving it so far.

👤This is a great mid to entry level drone. It is very easy to fly, and does well in light to medium wind. I wouldn't fly it in gusts of more than 10mph. It does well at holding position in the wind, but video is jumpy and flight time is shorter since it's fighting the wind. The camera is good and the reason I got this was to upgrade from the 1080 I had before. Great still shots are required. If you aren't flying too fast, the video is fine. The "jello" affect to the video is caused by fast flying. The case is pretty nice, and it folds up nicely. The controller feels good, and doesn't feel cheap or flimsy like others I've held. It only comes with one battery, and I had a hard time finding an extra battery to use. If you don't have an extra cable around, it will only charge one battery at a time, even if 2 are inserted. Two batteries need to be charged at the same time with the help of the 2usb C ports on the side. Taking the controller out of the case can cause the switch on the side of the controller to be off. If you aren't a skilled pilot, it's difficult to fly the drone with the gps off. The plus is that you are in control of where the drone goes, even though it will maintain altitude with the gps off. I accidentally took the gps off, and before I knew it, the thing was on its own ridding a breeze. The return home button works with the gps off. It's difficult to land it with the gps off, I just snatched it out of the air with one hand, and then hit the emergency shutdown button on the remote. The way the phone is held blocks the two upper shoulder buttons, which is not too big a deal, but be aware that if you have larger hands than a kid you might have trouble operating those buttons. I had some issues with the Potensic app on my first couple flights. I downloaded the app that seemed to solve the problem and then deleted it. All in all, I'm happy.

3. DJI Mavic Mini FlyCam Quadcopter

DJI Mavic Mini FlyCam Quadcopter

The safe car is returned. When it is with a weak signal or power cut, a dual gps drone will stand still in the wind and automatically return home, with one key remote control back to home. The compact yet powerful Mavic Mini camera drone is the perfect creative companion, capturing your moments in a way that can elevate the ordinary. The lightest phone on the market is the average one that weighs less than 0.55 lbs by 250 grams. In the United States and Canada, you can fly a camera drone without having to register it with the government. 12MP aerial photos and 2.7K HD videos are supported by the Mavic Mini. A 3-axis motorized Gimbal provides superior camera stability and ensures clear, Ultra-smooth footage. The weight of the Mavic Mini allows it to stay in the air longer than similar consumer FlyCams. Enjoy up to 30 minutes of flight time with a fully charged battery. The DJI Fly App requires at least one of the above. There are compatible devices that include: iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, 11, XS Max, XR, X, 8 Plus, 7, 6s Plus, 6s, 6 Plus, 6, and the S10 Plus. S9, S8 Plus, S8 edge, S7, S6, S6, Note9, Note8, P30 Pro, P20, P10, P20 Pro, Honor 8X, nova 5, nova 3e, nova 2, Honor 8X, P30 Pro

Brand: Dji

👤It is a fair price point for everything this drone has to offer. It is portable, long flight time, and under 250 grams. Anyone looking to get their first drone or a new highly portable drone can't go wrong with the new DJI Mavic Mini. I will try to make this review more personal as I continue to fly. I'm not sure what to think about this drone, but here are some important details for anyone looking to own it. I broke it into sections so you can focus on the items you are interested in. The reason for the 4 star review is due to the following issues. There is a local data mode in the "DJI Fly" app. You would be paying more if you ordered the missing items separately. The only one with two day delivery is the Apple website. We are all long shippings times at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and directly from DJI. The range is still very impressive despite the fact that this drone only uses Wifi. Anyone in the US can expect about 1 12 miles of range under normal flight conditions, despite the fact that DJI claims you can reach a distance of 2 12 miles. Due to two different models being released, this will vary depending on your location. The model MR1SS5 is 5.8 GHz and the model MR1SD25 is 2000 m. You can expect about 20 minutes on a typical flight under perfect conditions. Flight time will be determined by a number of factors, including temperature, wind speed, video recording, altitude, gps signal, distance from controller, and WiFi interference. It is still very impressive for a drone of this size and price, even though it is less than advertised. Depending on the pilot's needs, the Mavic Mini can fly in three different modes. The default modes are sport mode, cinematic mode and P. The below shows how fast the drones travel in flight mode. 13 m/s (S), 8 m/s (P), 4 m/s (C), 1.5 m/s (Max) The app will show you all of the drones status, outputs, camera feed, and settings. This will enforce the restrictions on places where DJI thinks you shouldn't fly, or it will not allow you to enter or leave this air space. The included controller requires you to connect your phone or device to operate before your first flight. I recommend using an Apple phone for the best results. You have to register and update the drone for the first time before you fly it. It is possible to operate the drone with only the included controller and not have a phone. If you do this you will not be able to see the camera, drones, or settings. The FAA app "B4UFLY" is a must have for double checking the air space you plan to enter because it does not have legal restrictions. If you add anything to this drone, you run the risk of being fined in the United States. If you use the propeller guards you will be over the weight limit. I want to point out that the battery for the Mavic Mini is 50 grams lighter for Japan's flight restrictions with 18 minutes of reported flight time. This is the best option if you need to cut weight. If you plan to use this feature, you need to take off straight up and pause a few feet off the ground. The Return To Home procedure will start if the controller/phone is disconnected or if the button is pressed. Before you leave, it is important to make sure the RTH Altitude is above the highest structure around. If you are above your setting, the drone will stay at its current altitude when it enters RTH. It will gain altitude if it is below your setting. It will fly back to the home point after turning in your direction. It will descend until it lands. It is important that you set the minimum RTH altitude to avoid crashing because this drone does not include collision avoidance sensors. The battery is rated for 200 cycles. It's not a good idea to continue using after 200 cycles. If the battery won't be used for 10 days or more, you should charge it to 40%-60%. The controller battery option has a maximum capacity of 1100 mAh. You should only operate the drone in warm weather. The battery issues can arise with extreme temperatures. If the wind is over 18 mph, you should land. If you fly with caution, the occasional wind gusts above this should not be a problem. Wind speed will usually increase with altitude. The small form factor of the drone makes it more vulnerable to injury and can cause serious injuries. It offers zero collision avoidance sensors that are well known for the other models of the Mavic. The risk of a collision is very high if you are inexperienced or not paying attention. If flying indoors, I would suggest you attach the propeller guards to avoid damage to your surroundings. This is a big topic nowadays and with DJI being based out of China it brings a red flag. Anyone getting a drone should be aware that China is watching it. The app is collecting information. Who knows what happens when this sits on China server. Be careful what you give this app access to. The two other services we have are named "DRONE TO PHONE" and "AEROSCOPE". All of the drones yell out your information to anyone who knows how to read it. Below is a list of more detail on both apps. In the near future, anyone within 1.5 miles of the current drone location, flight status, device serial numbers, drone altitude, and more will be able to see your information in real time from any smart phone. The risk of random people is brought about by the fact that you know all about your drones in the air. Who knows what they will do with this information. I can not think of many good reasons. They already sell a larger scale version of this called "AEROSCOPE" that allows the same information to be viewed when within 30 miles. I like the idea that it is not in public hands. This version is more expensive for airport/no fly zone safety. I would like to say that DJI is one of the top drone companies in the world, but I felt a warning was worth mentioning. Anyone who operates any Unmanned aircraft as a hobby must follow the following rules: -Only fly for recreational purposes -Only fly within visual line of sight -Never fly above ground/structure The last one is important because of how this drone is marketed. If you add anything to the Mini, you will be breaking the weight limit for the drones without registration.

4. Transmission Altitude Foldable Quadcopte Beginners

Transmission Altitude Foldable Quadcopte Beginners

The drone is foldable to fit in your bag or aluminum case, it's easy to carry. The case can hold all the stuffs of this drone. It's very convenient to take if you want to travel outside. The drone has a 90FOV camera with image stabilization that can be adjusted to give you a better view of your photos and videos. It's all-round, with a simple press on the button, you'll be able to land your drone, perfect for beginners. There is a configuration upgrade. The intelligent battery works for 12 Mins for each charge, the long-life Motor have lower power consumption, and the foldable design and well-fitted carrying case make it easy to take the drone outside. Simple operation guarantees hovering with great stability and high quality pics taken under different flying environments. Functions like one key start/stop, emergency stop, altitude hold and electric fence keep it simple to control for beginners. The foldable design is lightweight and compact, which makes it a must-have for travel.

Brand: Hr

👤It's easy to set up and the camera has a good quality. The case is easy to carry and store, and the drone is light. It has a full charged battery. It is nice to learn how to fly a drone.

👤I have brought drones for other people, but not for myself. This is the first one I own. I messed with this on my own, and I did it! All on my own. I didn't want to have one because I thought it was complicated. I'm putting my house up for sale and no one will take aerial view photos for me. I bought this to do it on my own. I don't have it all together like a pro. I'm getting used to it. A great purchase!

👤This drone is the worst. Don't buy it. The controller dropped the signal when I was flying it within the confines of a limited boundary. The drone thought I was pressing the stick to go up and continued flying upwards. It flew higher without my control and was caught by the wind. Time and money are wasted. You can save yourself the hassle by buying something nicer. The toy is pretty cool. It is fun to fly around the cul De sac. Not very far away.

👤It has no directions in English for beginners. You are selling on a US website. The stuff from China has been disappointing.

👤I might have rated it as high as a 3.5, as it was an easy to use drone for beginners. The listing's name and images do not match the description of the product. The "5G" label is misleading because the drone has a 5 GHz signal. The Q&A section has evidence of this confusion. This is not a 4K camera. I would like to find a meaning for "4K" like with "5G". I blame the seller. My packaging does not make this claim. It has a camera with a 1920X1080 resolution. The "gesture selfies" functions in the camera have not been found. The camera angle can't be adjusted from the remote. The buttons on the remote are shown in the pictures. It does not have great stability. The drone is struggling in the breeze. I was expecting this from a $60 knock-off drone. I used the app on my phone without any issues that have been reported. The manual has a picture of HF UFO. The app icon shown in the video is HR_GPS, or HR WIFI. I haven't tried the other apps from the same manufacturer. The hard foam carry case for the drone can be used to store and take your drone, 2 batteries, prop guards, extra props, charge cord, and screwdriver to the park. During the 2 test flights, the batteries did not run out. It is like 10 degrees in January. I wasn't going to be outside without gloves for long. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the foldable camera drones. It was very easy to use. I would probably keep it if the seller had told me about the product being shipped. I am returning the drone and taking note of the brand and the seller's name.

5. Professional Release Fishing Delivery Activities

Professional Release Fishing Delivery Activities

The professional roofer dropped release is a professional practice. They bring you a device that far surpasses the unauthorized imitations from the Far East. The most innovative, sophisticated, unique designs, developments, and manufacturing processes can be found at Drone Sky Hook. You will receive a product that is technically superior, reliable, safe, and really does the job, created and manufactured in the USA and Israel. Unleash the full potential of your imagination and creativity! This cutting edge and innovative technology is perfect for carrying, delivering and dropping supplies as well as dropping flowers, confetti, and party favors at your fun activities like birthdays, marriage proposals, pool parties and so much more. You can only use the maximum weight your drone can carry. Adhere to theEASE of operation with UNLIMITED range. The only brand in the market that offers the drone pilot two operation modes to best suit each application and fly with peace of mind is yours. No tools are needed. There is no modification to your drone. The maximum weight of your drone is just about 50 grams. It's an amazing gift for your favorite drone pilot. The awesome Drone Sky Hook device is the only more advanced accessory you can get for serious drone pilots. It is the perfect gift for Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, or I love you. It's an amazing gift for your favorite drone pilot. The awesome Drone Sky Hook device is the only more advanced accessory you can get for serious drone pilots. It is the perfect gift for Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, or I love you.

Brand: Drone Sky Hook

👤It's not really that bad because it's a little complicated to install. It works well for surf fishing. This work is great if you have a drone. The kayak guys are very jealous.

👤Producto, probarlo, en el mar.

6. SwellPRO Waterproof Drone Battery Insurance

SwellPRO Waterproof Drone Battery Insurance

The package includes 1 foldable RC Drones, a Micro sd Card, a Transmitter, 2 batteries, and a Manual. All-in-one drugstore. Water resisting hybrid all-in-one drone takes high quality video and pictures and is great for all drone activities. There are four flight modifications: gps-guided hovering; ATTI altitude control for same-height flying; manual mode for total control; and Acro mode for advanced maneuvers. The water is recycled. It is possible to film at the beach and on water with durable construction that protects electronics. Powerful camera. Shoots high-quality images and video with a onboard camera. The dimensions are 28.74 x 12.60 x 17.71 inches and the weight is 30.86 pounds. The dimensions are 28.74 x 12.60 x 17.71 inches and the weight is 30.86 pounds.

Brand: Swellpro

👤Don't do it! This is the drone that I bought. It was unpacked and followed the instructions to the letter, including making sure the battery compartment was sealed. Let the drones land in our pool to see how they work. It was there for a short time. The camera stops working. Just order a new one and send the drone back because it's clearly broken. The company came back and said they wanted a $500 re-stocking fee. Is the drone damaged? Total BS. Never opened the second one. This is supposed to fly over the ocean for fishing. Right. The drone is problematic, so there is no problem. Is it possible to honor your product but not to stick it to your customer? That's a problem. Do business the right way or not.

👤This is a good drone. Controls are slow and the battery life is low, but with practice it gets easier to use.

👤The interface is poorly designed. Instructions are printed in a way that is poorly organized and printed on a piece of paper. It took off, flipped over and crashed into the ground, cutting my fingers, after I set it up and adjusted it as instructed.

👤All communication and service needs go to China for this company. It will take weeks to get there and weeks to get it back if you send it for repairs. I backed this item as a project on a crowd funding platform. It was not functional. The blades wouldn't be unlocked by the controller. The drones acted like they didn't receive a signal. I have 2 other drones that work just as well. I gave up on trying to get tech support because the company was over-TrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkia, the company was overTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkia, the company was overTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkia, the company was overTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkia, the company wasTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkia, I have been trying to get this up and working for 3 years now and I still find the same tech support issues. Everything goes through China. Tech support is not possible. If you ask a tech question, the live chat is only for sales. That doesn't get a response. The company had problems when this product was first released but they should have been solved by now. It is a choice at this point if tech support is difficult to reach. I wouldn't buy this product or the company.

👤I have never flown a drone before. Since I received it as a present, I have enjoyed it.

👤The drone must be adjusted on land every time it is turned on. It's useless on a boat. The waterproof seals won'tlatch after 2 years because the batteries are swollen. Poor execution, a great concept.

👤My wife gave me a gift for my birthday. The follow me mode crashed frequently. Picture jello like. Not recommended. I'll try skydio, sent it back.

👤On a boat. In town to pick up a new toy. It was very disappointing. It will have to be rearranged around this problem.

👤A water professor makes movies and photos very fast.

7. Swellpro Waterproof Drone Fisherman Bundle

Swellpro Waterproof Drone Fisherman Bundle

Completely waterproof and buoyant. Land in the water. Motor coating is resistant tocorrosion. Up to 4K Video and 12MP Images. Up to 4K Video and 12MP Images.

Brand: Swellpro

👤Shipping was fast. I didn't expect it to happen for almost a month. It was left on my porch after a few days. I put it away because I thought it was somthing else. I contacted the seller to find out where my drone was, when it didn't arrive in the due window. I had it for a long time and didn't know it. The drone is awesome. In hover and flight, it's very stable. The display is visible in the sun. The 20 minutes. The flight time on battery #1 was positive. I'm very pleased with the characteristics of the drone. The gremlin must have gotten on the plane. memorize the controls, and 7 to 8 minutes of normal flight. The drones went vertical at it's top speed. It was still trying to escape after 4-5 seconds, but it started to respond to my commands again. I put the drone into return home mode, and it began a series of dog fights, and went into an upside down flight into the ground, where it continued to function like a lawn mower until powered down manually. The thing has more power than you would think. I looked at it while I sat it down. There was no damage to the camera lens. I noticed that one of the limbs had cracked. There are two things from this. 1. It was called WTF 2. If it still works, it will probably not be waterproof. I'm not going to attempt another flight because I might not be able to recover it if it tries for another space flight. . The lens protectors were removed during the flight. . During my flights, I was connected to 18 satellites. . The flight was done in a parking lot. I'll update this review after talking to the seller and manufacturer. It's one star because it's pretty steep. I'm not giving up on it, thanks for reading. I like everything except the glitching. I have a replacement drone. It cost me a lot. The repairs cost $250.00. The $100.00 service fee was waved by the drones. They seem to be a legit company. Communication is slow but they respond. The warranty claim was put in on my behalf. I haven't received any communication or update on this claim. I will keep you updated.

👤I bought a Spry. On December 31, 2020. I took the time to understand the functions of the drone. This is an amazing drone for beginners. If you are a first time drone pilot, the SwellPro Spry Plus is a great way to learn how to fly a drone. Fast forward to May 1, 2021. I had a SwellPro Spry. Also with me to a fishing derby. I worked well as the Follow Me mode worked and I filmed as we were fishing. The best way to retrieve the drone was to land it in the water, as it was advertised as waterproof. Water was inside the drone when I opened the battery compartment. The battery compartment cover was always on tight and I was taken a bit back. I used a lint free cloth to remove the water from the battery compartment. The RF motor light was no longer functioning and the camera lens cover was not completely dry when I looked at it the next day. I am not able to use a gyro. This is the SwellPro Spry Plus. The exchange time has passed and I am out $1,200 for a waterproof drone. I am disappointed because I bought the SwellPro Spry just over 5 months ago. I now have a bright orange paperweight with propellers, because it was advertised for and I used it for the purpose it was advertised for.

8. Professional Searchlight Enterprise Delivery Activities

Professional Searchlight Enterprise Delivery Activities

There is a load of the Air 2S. 500g is the weight of the Mavic Air 2. The maximum weight of the product is not recommended. If there is a problem with the product, please contact the after-sales service in time. Daylight fishing or the Powerful Searchlight for Low-light/ Night drone fishing are available. Your drone will pull your fishing line with lure and bait into the ocean and drop them to the water. The bait release for Deep Sea fishing has never been easier. You can catch large fish from your beach chair or boat. Search and Rescue missions can be used with your drone. Supplies, First Aid, Medicine, Communication and Survival equipment, mobile phones and water can be dropped off. Carry and drop equipment. Drop a rescue line for a person who is trapped in a flooded area. Fun activities include Birthday, Party, Marriage Proposal, Wedding, Family Reunion, Fun day at the Beach, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and others. Memorable moments can be created with smiles and laughter. Drop balloons, flowers, confetti, candy, and party favors from your drone up in the sky. The drop can be triggered with the C1/C2 button on the remote controller. You can connect and fly in seconds. No tools needed! Modification to your drone is not allowed. The small weight of your drone allows it to carry more weight. If you have a question or issue, please contact them and they will resolve it for you. Find your order and contact them. Click on "Sold By: DRONE SKY HOOK" and then on "Ask a question" or "Ask Seller" or "Ask Product Question" Not included are doctor's fees.

Brand: Drone Sky Hook

9. DJI FPV Combo First Person Transmission

DJI FPV Combo First Person Transmission

What you get is what you get. RC Cables, Control Stick, Gimbal Protector, Battery Charger, AC Power Cable, and Type-C Cable are included. You can feel the thrill of the flight provided by the goggles, which give you a real-time view of your flight. The video is 4K/60FPS. The crisp details in the video make it look as exciting as the flight. The new style is called BRAND- NEW S MODE. In S mode, you can get the dynamic look of the footage. The freedom of flying is combined with the simplified controls of previous DJI drones. There are advanced safety features. An auxiliary bottom light, Smart Return to Home (RTH), Low battery RTH, and forward and downward obstacle sensor are all integrated into the DJI FPV to help ensure a safe flight. OCUSYNC 3.0 TRANSMISSION SYSTEM: Enjoy crystal-clear real-time and HD Low-Latency Transmission video, even at distances of up to 6.2 miles.

Brand: Dji

👤A long time Phantom and Mavic pilot gives his first flight impressions. I got a Phantom 2 back in 2014). I've flown extreme environments on the open ocean and at the caldron of a volcano. I have become quite comfortable using those drones. I trust the flight software of the drones. I've been able to capture some beautiful moments in my travels that I could never have imagined without drones. I quickly adapted to the gps technology of the toy drones I learned to fly. I found the FPV to be a familiar performing DJI drone after 3 batteries, however, it demands respect. The FPV is very responsive and fast even in "normal" mode. If you've never used Goggles and you lose sight of the drone before it leaves the ground, it's a little unnerving. The First Person View is what you're seeing through the Goggles. The transmission of the Goggles is so clear that it's like you're using your own eyes, and suddenly you're wondering why you can't see the drone. It shoots to 62 mph in the air. It's not like Phantoms or Mavics. Be respectful of that speed and acceleration. I would recommend getting it over the tallest thing you can hit and fly around. Go to the bank, dive and climb. You feel like a bird in the sky with the clarity of the Goggles. Some banks and turns gave me motion sickness. The illusion of flight is real. The flight took about 12 minutes with each battery. I was flying in "Sport" as fast as I could until the battery level got low. There is no default 30% warning for Phantom or Mavic. If you don't keep a close eye on your battery, you'll get RTH on it. After my third battery was used up, my first battery was fully charged in 30 minutes and ready to use. Goggles are very impressive. Wow! It was clear and engaging. The Ocusync 3.0 is very good. There was no interference at over 6000 feet. The range is really impressive. This is not a marathon runner like a Phantom 4 Pro 2.0 or a Mavic Pro, but it is not because it would lose connection. The transmission of video from the drone to the Goggles was perfect. I saw a buzzard in the air and it seemed like it was next to me. These goggles are amazing. I was able to see the system in action as it alert me of the approaching aircraft. It's frightening when you first see it. I kept the aircraft low and stopped the drone. I'm not sure how far away a plane has to be before it's triggered, but I never heard or saw one. The system works, just don't panic, and keep your altitude low, because it definitely works. I know that flying a drone is a hobby. Only a few people can fly like Tom Cruise in Top Gun, because it takes hours and months of practice. If you've only flown Phantoms and Mavics, you must avoid that trap. Don't start thinking the same as the drones are familiar in a lot of ways. It's not. It's very fast and responsive. I'm going to be using the Fpv simulator for a while before I start thinking about putting my FPV in manual mode. I'm hoping to fly over a field of marshmallows when I do. My first day flying the drones was amazing. Since the first time I flew my Phantom 2, I've felt excited but also anxious. It's capabilities are limited by the pilots imagination and skill. "Don't let your ego write checks that your A** can't cash!" was the words of the Instructor to the character of Maverick in Top Gun. I hope you get Care Refresh.

10. PlayMonster 7020 Drone Home

PlayMonster 7020 Drone Home

The video capture resolution is HD. Use the launchers to get your alien in the drone. Head-to-head battle to get your alien's spot in the drone. If your alien is in the drone when it takes off, you are very close to winning. The whole family will enjoy this game.

Brand: Playmonster

👤This was really enjoyable. We played it for almost an hour when we got it. After the small balance piece broke on one of the landings, it was useless. We haven't been able to use it since the first night, and now it sits in the box as we try to figure out if we can replace parts or just throw it away.

👤The game was a gift. It was a blast and even lured in my husband who is not a big fan of family games. The game is no longer working after two days of use. We played at least four times. The bottom spinner on the drone isn't spinning anymore. There is no visible damage and we were careful with the drone. I am not sure what is happening, but I feel like it was a waste of money.

👤The product broke the first day we played it. I was hit in the arm and cut it. Two aliens were missing as well.

👤The game was fun to play. The drone caught my daughter's hair as it lifted up. She was screaming because the drone was spinning and she was winding her hair tighter. We were able to get it out strand by strand, but she is terrified to play the game and keeps yelling. Kids with long hair should be careful.

👤This is a very enjoyable game. There is a drone in the middle. It requires charging and batteries in the base. You slingshot your 3 aliens into the air. After a few seconds, a little magnet helps them hang onto the drone, and it launches into the air, flying straight up about 6 feet. This game is for older kids, not younger ones, because it comes quickly back down. Younger kids could get hurt. The charge lasted for 3 games.

👤The game is very easy to play, and can last less than 10 seconds per round. My sons like this game. The drone in the game is very fragile. Unless you're playing in a large empty room, the only way to stop the drone is to slam the propeller into something at full speed. One of the hinges on the prop broke after 30 minutes of playing with it. There were two attempts with the substance. I was able to get the hinge attached strong enough that it wouldn't break if it was hit with the lightest impact. When older brother wasn't being as careful, it broke again. We're back at the hospital for the third time in two days. Those who don't have patience for repairing things might want to stay away. I don't understand some design decisions. Why does the base have four batteries? Why does the base need power if it's just there to indicate that the drone is in the base? There is no other lights or anything else that can power this game. It is too long for the drones to launch. It seems like it can run for 5 seconds, which is plenty of time for it to launch, fly off somewhere out of control, and bust itself on something. It has plenty of time to launch, but a lot less time to break itself. If it detected a tilt above a certain angle, it would make sense for it to shut down, but this would add cost and complexity since the sensor is more than likely not there already. - If you have larger hands, it's difficult to place the alien characters in the right orientation. That is part of the skill. I hope there are improvements made to the game. It's a great concept and a lot of fun for kids, but I'm afraid many will be let down due to the poor quality and only get short playtime out of this.

11. CHASING Dory Underwater Drone Palm Sized

CHASING Dory Underwater Drone Palm Sized

DORY can dive up to 49 feet and has an HD camera for real-time observation and shooting photos and videos; DORY's camera has two 250-lumen headlights and it's a great underwater camera. The palm sized DORY is portable and has a 1 hour battery life. DORY is easy to use, Plug, plunge and play, and with the Chasing DORY app, you can remotely control the underwater drone to dive, forward and backward, move up and down, tilt up and down, and lock the depth like a game. With the dual play mode, you can operate the underwater drone with camera with your close friend or family, and it's quick and easy to share live-streaming and underwater videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. At your next pool party or snorkeling adventure, you will shine. DORY is able to connect to a small floating wi fi buoy with a 49' tether and stream live 720p video from beneath the surface to your device and to social media if you like. DORY is able to connect to a small floating wi fi buoy with a 49' tether and stream live 720p video from beneath the surface to your device and to social media if you like.

Brand: Chasing Dory

👤1. The apps in the store did not work. When attempting to register, there was a server connection error. Went to the website and downloaded the app and registered it. Great! Yaaay! 2. It was taken out. There is attention! The app says it is the latest version. Remove and replace everything. OK? 3. No app will connect to the dory now. Neither of the two operating systems are called iOS or Android. Neither will connect. When I can see that the phone is connected to the internet, the device is not connected. Nope. The device is not connected. I am not willing to fight with this thing. The app is not very good. It would be fun if I could control it, but as it is, it's a BRICK. It's going back.

👤Don't get me wrong, I gave it 4 stars. I like it! It's neat. The amount of tech is fair. I don't think the "Dory" name makes it a kids toy. I almost didn't buy it because of the name, but I apologize to the person that made the decision. The case for the Chasing Dory is nice, but it only holds the sub and not the buoy or tether. The first run was in my pond and they were pretty chill with it swimming with them. The movements are great and it can move quickly. There are a few areas that can be improved. I tried to view the videos in the media, but it didn't show up. I used to watch a video, but now it's not there. I did another video and it didn't show up. The videos didn't show up even after restarting the unit. I was able to see the video clips when I started. The settings were the same when I ran it again. It is easy to accidentally move up/down when you are only trying to pan left/right with the on screen controllers. I ordered a controller. The app has low and high speeds, but I think they are too low and touchy. The hardware controller will improve this. The range is disappointing. I have drones that are 100 times the distance. If you are on the shore of a small lake, you don't need a 5000 feet range on this unit, but 50 feet is enough. The buoy could use a recovery line. You would have to go swimming if it were to drift more than 50 feet from shore. The buoy does not have a tie down point. You can attach a line with a click or glue it. The camera is not bad. Compression of the video files is what causes it. These are not critical issues, but I thought I'd mention them. I'm sure that future updates will solve some of the minor issues.

👤I used it two times and it sat for a week or so, but when I tried to use it, the two motors were locked up.

👤I've had my Dory out at Lake Michigan three times and it's performed wonderfully each time. This is a great choice for anyone interested in an rov but not willing to spend a lot of money. For those who don't know, the Dory comes with a submarine, a 50 foot tether, a buoy, and a few other odds and ends. It's very easy to use, just download the app, plug the tether into the buoy and the submarine, sign on to the buoy's wi-fi with the password that Chasing provides, and your device will automatically connect to the submarine. Go time! In my three dives so far, I've used my Dory from the shoreline on Lake Michigan, from calm waters to moderate chop in a 5 knot northeast wind. Even without the remote, it's easy to control from my phone. The controls are very effective and the app is simple to use. You can take data on water temperature/depth from it. Control becomes more difficult as the wave conditions get rougher, but that's to be expected and would be true for any tethered rov. The three vertical motors will make this little submarine more stable than it would be otherwise. The tether stretches out 50 feet so you have to travel 50 feet in the horizontal plane and 100 feet in the vertical plane. This has been enough to see everything from the shore, and it would be awesome to be on a boat. If you want to go deeper, another choice would be best. It would be nice if Chasing included some sort of simple safety line to link the buoy to the shore or boat, if that happens, but it's not a dealbreaker for me. It would be great if the buoy had a ring that could connect a line to. It's easy to jury-rig with a kid's fishing rod or a kite reel and a small float, but I'd rather have the engineers figure out something better. There are two more It would be helpful to have a second secure link between the tether and the rov. Sometimes it's necessary to lift the submarine by the tether, but I'm leery of doing so. There are 3 more A tether reel would be useful. The price point is great for what you get in the world of rovs, and it's perfect for my use case.


What is the best product for fishing drone swellpro?

Fishing drone swellpro products from Dji. In this article about fishing drone swellpro you can see why people choose the product. Potensic and Dji are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing drone swellpro.

What are the best brands for fishing drone swellpro?

Dji, Potensic and Dji are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing drone swellpro. Find the detail in this article. Hr, Drone Sky Hook and Swellpro are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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