Best Fishing Egg Sinkers 1/2

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1. Reaction Tackle Barrel 1 8oz Black

Reaction Tackle Barrel 1 8oz Black

Double sized bulk packages are available, check the size/quantity above, get twice as many fishing sinkers and save some money. Reaction tackle high quality, professional and tournament grade tungsten weights. Barrel weights are great for fishing with a variety of baits. Their fishing weights are diamond polished to ensure you don't get line damage, and are insert free to allow for greater sensitivity. 99% lead free! Lead weights are larger and more sensitive.

Brand: Reaction Tackle

👤Good finish and good value.

👤I think it was 9 weights. Or 6? I can't remember. I wouldn't purchase if I could see how many came when ordered... The buyer should beware.

👤It was very smooth, just what I expected.

👤Excellent product. A slim design for a 1oz weight.

👤The weights are finished nicely and priced competitively.

👤For a great price, great tungsten.

👤Awesome, I was looking for that.

👤Muy excelente. Tanbien super rpido.

2. Do Slip Sinker Cavities 2 Ounce

Do Slip Sinker Cavities 2 Ounce

What do you get? You will get a huge variety of fishing applications with the kit. There are 3 in 1 designs. It's good for fishing around rocks and cracks if you have weight in the middle and built-in rolling swivels on one end. The country of origin is the United States. The item package has dimensions of 27.94 L X 6.604 W X 4.064 H. The package weight is 1.3 pounds. The product is a fishing hook.

Brand: Do-it Molds

👤This is a great mold, you just have to preheat it hotter. I was making great sinkers once I did this.

👤The 1 1/2 ounce sinkers are easy to use.

👤The part that closes it all broke.

👤Excellent product. I now have two molds and a lot of equipment.

👤Nice mold! The quality is heavy duty. Will update after a few uses.

👤It was very well made. I wish it had to the copper wires. I could pour both sides of the lead without the need to put the copper in the other side. A very well made die.

3. Assorted Egg Sinker Weights Weights Total

Assorted Egg Sinker Weights Weights Total

The kit contains weights in sizes 1/16 OZ, 1/7OZ, 1/28OZ, and 4/7OZ. The weight of the egg is styled. The egg sinker has a hole through the center. The weight will slide up and down the line, and the swivels will prevent your line from getting twisted up. A great sinker for fishing. Casting distance can be increased on plastic baits. Egg weight is a great fishing rig. The assorted worm weight kit will allow you to catch bigger fish. 42pcs worm weight sinker in a handy box.

Brand: Shaddock Fishing

👤The convenience of getting to these egg weights in a plastic container is secured. I use the egg weights to target the mangrove snappers. The snell knocker rig is tied above.

👤The egg sinners arrived on time.

👤The holes on each end are not clean.

👤The container is useless now.

👤Product is okay as far as weights. Some of the holes are not completely open. The container lid is sprung open.

4. Bullet Weights ESA Sinker Skillet

Bullet Weights ESA Sinker Skillet

Fishing terminal tackle was included. It was made in the United States. Product type is fishing hook The package is 8.128 cm x 8.128 cm. The package weight was :0.400 lbs.

Brand: Bullet Weights

👤Great product. It works well when fishing for small fish.

👤They get the job done. No one complains about fishing.

👤Perfect sizes of panfish to catfish.

👤A good variety of sinkers would re buy for sure.

5. Fishing Sinker Weights Olive Saltwater

Fishing Sinker Weights Olive Saltwater

There are 8 sizes of 1oz, 2oz, 3oz, 4oz, 5oz, 6oz, and 8oz. Different needs are met by multiple sizes. The size option will affect the quantities. The Egg Weight Sinker has a hole through the center. One of the best bottom fishing rigs. It was firm for the easy drop to water. Egg fishing equipment has resistance tocorrosion. It's a must for every angler's tackle box. Oval fishing weight can reduce the possibility of tangling with stones or rocks. The Egg Fishing Sinker Weights Kit is a great all-around fishing accessory. Both for saltwater and freshwater fishing. A free plastic handy box is included in the package. There are 42 egg sinkers in this item.

Brand: Agool

👤A nice assortment in its own plastic case is great for pond fishing. Good to go, weights are fine.

👤Extra weight for the Carolina rig is great.

👤The product arrived undamaged. The plastic box was cracked and broke and there were 3 missing sinkers.

👤They come in a nice case.

6. Lindy No Snagg Slip Sinker Oz

Lindy No Snagg Slip Sinker Oz

The shape of the banana makes the sinker non-snag-free. It's ideal for livebait. It's easy to use a sinker for lures. For the right amount of depth to sink, there are various sizes. 2 per package is included.

Brand: Lindy

👤If you do bottom fishing, these are a good thing. It's nearly impossible to fish with drop shots, Carolina rigs, or any other bottom-skimming approach because everything gets caught on the bottom. The majority of hang-ups seem to be avoided by these. If you fish in a location where oysters attach themselves to the rocks, you are free to. Even the little ones will get caught on those shells if that is the case. I don't know how to avoid them. There is a channel by my house that is full of such rocks. I used these "no-snagging" sinkers and they improved my retrieval rate. I had to cut my line after an hour and a half of fishing because I got my line stuck on something in the deep channel.

👤Hey all Power bait fishers! It's a good idea to slip it on per the directions. I use a size 14 treble hook and a 5 barrel swivel. Three nice trout were caught in less than 3 minutes each. No catches as promised! My tackle box has three sizes. Good fishing! You're going to ask me where I caught them. It's not in the East. That's all you get.

👤I bought these for my children for Christmas, and we went fishing to try them out. They work better than an egg sinker, but they were snagging on the bottom and other things. I would call them Anti-Snagg instead. It's much more painful to lose a sinker now than it used to be because of the high price. We didn't lose any like we did with the egg sinkers, but they are definitely on the pricey side.

👤I was able to grab some of the large rocks at the Tillamook jetty, but lost them. I was able to work it free every time, even though I probably snared 7 times. I would rather lose a $2-3 sinker than have to re-rig it 8 times in a day.

👤They were used for a month in Georgia. I was losing a lot of weight last summer. I haven't lost any of them all summer. I don't know what the physics are behind it, but they work.

👤I originally purchased this for strippers on the Hudson, but the shipping took longer than the reason was available. This year I will be able to try the sinkers on the Hudson River. I have used the sinkers in a few lakes. There are a lot of weeds and rocks. I have lost my tackle or had less troubles. The product is still out there. I might not be able to try them again for another year. It seems like a good product. The delay in shipping was the reason for the 4 star rating. I was disappointed in that.

👤I've been using these weights for a long time. The price is the only reason they are not exclusive weights. I bought several to stock up because the price on Amazon is reasonable. They are almost certain. There is always a situation where the bottom wins.

7. Gejoy Fishing Sinker Removable Fisherman

Gejoy Fishing Sinker Removable Fisherman

14 pieces per pouch is offered by the Water Gremlin egg sinker. The package comes with enough quantity of fishing sinkers weight kit in different weights. The quality material of these fishing split shot sinkers is sturdy, smooth and comfortable for you to use, they can be nice helpers for fishing, and can serve you for a long time. You don't have to worry that these fishing egg weights will come off easily from the fishing line, so you can enjoy a smooth fishing experience. These round split shot sinkers are great fishing accessories for you to adapt to different water areas by adding and removing the weights, they can match well with diverse fishing hooks and fishing lines. The fishing egg weights are nice for fishing because they are not affected by water flow.

Brand: Gejoy

8. Water Gremlin Sinker Pouch Pieces

Water Gremlin Sinker Pouch Pieces

A pound of bank sinkers is packaged in a bag. The long shape slips through the weeds and rocks. The large hole in the center makes it easy to move your line. The bait presentation is very easy to make. It is versatile and productive. American designed and built. 5 pieces per pouch is offered by the Water Gremlin egg sinker.

Brand: Water Gremlin Company

👤Water Gremlins have a high quality of workmanship. Amazon sent me poorly made sinkers that look like they were made in a kitchen and I am afraid they will damage or cut my line. I hope Amazon will give me a full refund or send me the genuine Water Gremlins because the price was much higher than retail stores.

👤The reviews had me worried. The thing I received looks great. The hole is larger than I expected, but it was well-made. I would order them again. If they look as good as they did this time, I will keep them and use them more. They weighed slightly less. The amount of water. I expected that. The weight was.4 ounces. on my scale. They might have weighed them before the hole was made. If you don't like them, send them back. Good luck.

👤These are not weights from Water Gremlin. These weights are very poor quality. They are taped to a piece of paper and have no retail packaging. Someone is selling homemade weights as Water Gremlin brand.

👤I have ordered the Water Gremlin Egg Sinkers before from Amazon. These were shipped from Apollo Distribution in June 2020. They look like they were made in the basement. Very disappointed. I paid $10 for 8 really crappy egg sinkers in a crappy bag and a piece of paper. You should watch your sellers better on Amazon. This product is not on your website. You make some really bad sinkers. These things are not good.

👤Water Gremlin was definitely the one that came in a rolled piece of plastic taped to a piece of paper. The seller should be banned from Amazon for false advertising. It's a shame.

👤I have never seen a type of sinker like this before. I bought the product videos for fishing after reading and watching them. There are very hot weather conditions in Nebraska. The river is low right now. I will have to wait for some more rain. I am limited to where I can get to fish because I am handicapped. I know that these will work just fine without even trying them. A very good rating.

👤Beware! False advertising! I would give it zero stars. The product I received was not what I was expecting. Not the same brand, packaging or quality. The quality of these is terrible, it looks like the rejects from the manufacturering line. They have dents and sharp edges. It was mixed together in a bulk bag and not the real stuff that was advertised. The product description for the "Water Gremlin Egg Sinker" is a very clean and quality product, which these were not. Unless you want to pay a premium for a fake, don't buy. Return these for sure!

👤The weight of the 1/3 oz was.6540 Not.75 ounces. They are close to the date. This is a straight forward rip off. There is a If you have become like this, you should leave the USA of America. Take your business and board a ship. Know where you are.

9. Bullet Weights Sinker Ounce Each

Bullet Weights Sinker Ounce Each

Made from the highest quality materials. The color name is multicolored. China is the country of origin.

Brand: Bullet Weights

👤The weights that came to me weighed in at 3.8 ounces and I'm short 1.5 ounces. I have 74 ounces of lead, but I should have 80 ounces. The weight is exactly 2 ounces. My rating went from 2 stars to 3. Is there any other person who has weighed the item? It's a great way to say you're selling something cheaper than others, but you're really just keeping 5% of the raw material. The weights will still do what I need, even though this is a deceptive sales practice.

👤When I ordered, the description said they were not 1/2 oz. It takes five to weigh an ounce. The item was supposed to be a box of 0.25 ounces egg sinkers, but the box I received had less than 72 ounces of lead. The description of this product is not accurate and you get almost 4.5 lbs of lead instead of 5 lbs. I'm considering returning the item for a refund because of the inaccuracy.

👤Imagine fighting a fish with this junk as you are setting yourself up for failure, because the ends of the line are so sharp that it makes the line weak and frayed, and eventually cuts the fishing line. It would be great if they had better quality control on these. Returned.

👤I used the extra weight from the sinkers to make my hanging baskets less likely to swing in the wind. It worked out great. I used a glue gun to fix the baskets. Baskets are stable when it is windy. I can easily add more weight if they are still swinging around.

👤The 4 oz sinkers are perfect for duck decoys. The decoy line is easy to use. I was hesitant at first, but they ended up being perfect. I keep buying more.

👤Good egg weights. It appears to be smooth so it doesn't damage the line or sink. I don't expect much out of a sinker.

👤Lead weights are less expensive than almost any other place I have seen. The quality was good for fishing in the inlets.

👤The call that is standing on the field is that these are fishing weights. It took two weeks to get here from a state over.

10. South Bend Egg Sinkers 1 Ounce

South Bend Egg Sinkers 1 Ounce

You can find multiple sizes that meet your needs. The size option will affect the quantities. When the bait is taken, it's important to design it so that it doesn't scare the fish. It's good for fishing in rivers or in currents. 6 per pack.

Brand: Southbend

👤On the picture and the information. I got only one bag with 6 eggs and it cost me $5. I could get it at Wal-mart for 94 cents. I felt like I had been cheated.

👤The hunk of lead is shaped like an egg. I used them to send a line through a tree. I used a drill bit to enlarge it. It shouldn't be a problem with fishing line.

👤The quality of the sinker was great.

👤That's a good product.

👤I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on a heavy cover bass. I've made these work. Very happy.

11. Fishing Weights Removable Accessories Equipment

Fishing Weights Removable Accessories Equipment

This survival gear and equipment set is great for many people. It is an idea for a car, ship, bicycles, motorcycles, workplace, travel, shooting, hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, boating, cycling, outdoor sports, wilderness adventure and other activities. 1. 100 pieces of Split-Shot Sinker are in a plastic box. 2. Attach, remove and reattach. Adding weight to your fishing line is quick and easy. It is easy to put on the line. It's great for rigging up your fishing gear. The fishing weights keep your bait in the strikezone. Round shape did not cause hang ups. 4. The fishing line, weights and plier need to be prepared. The fishing line should be placed in the slot of the sinker. To make sure it's fastened, squeeze the sinker with a plier. 5. The surface is polished to make it brighter. For use in salt water, high-speed trolly, jumping boats, offshore fishing, etc., and you can share with those friend Fishing Sinkers in other waters.

Brand: Ycdmljc

👤All of the pics in the description are larger than the actual size. There is no way to use the smaller split shots without needle-nose pliers. A product from China is not good. Don't waste your money.

👤Most of the weights are closed and not reopenable as stated on the description. I will be able to use them, but I will have to open half of them before I can put them on a line.

👤These are not what I was expecting. The picture is not real. The weights are small and the picture is magnified making you think they are in a larger storage case. Never again, never again.

👤I thought it was larger. It's a good idea to pay more attention to sizes. It's likely to get the use of 20 of lucky. It's hard to remove because it's too small to see.

👤They are very small and they all had to pry open every one of them before you could use them, it would not recommend and will not buy again.

👤I thought so. I gave it a 5 star because I didn't read the description. Walmart has them cheaper.


What is the best product for fishing egg sinkers 1/2?

Fishing egg sinkers 1/2 products from Reaction Tackle. In this article about fishing egg sinkers 1/2 you can see why people choose the product. Do-it Molds and Shaddock Fishing are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing egg sinkers 1/2.

What are the best brands for fishing egg sinkers 1/2?

Reaction Tackle, Do-it Molds and Shaddock Fishing are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing egg sinkers 1/2. Find the detail in this article. Bullet Weights, Agool and Lindy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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