Best Fishing Egg Weights Saltwater 2 Oz

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1. Bullet Weights Fishing Sinker 2 Ounce

Bullet Weights Fishing Sinker 2 Ounce

There are 10 sizes and 2 combo sets for you to choose from. You can choose any size to determine the throwing distance of the fishing line, or you can choose any size according to your fishing needs and situation. They will make sure the fishing weights are of the highest quality. If you have any quetstions, please contact them. A pound of egg sinkers is packaged in a poly bag. The Egg Sinker is a famous sinker. The shape of the egg sinker is Oval. It's great for fresh and salt water fishing. Fishing terminal tackle was included.

Brand: Bullet Weights

👤I decided to make a wooden mallet because I am a woodworker. The weights were put in the mallet head. A person will eat a fish for a day if you give them a fish. Hopefully they won't try to eat it if you give them a mallet.

👤I just finished 7 days of fishing. They were well preformed. I didn't feel bad when I lost 3 of 8 weights because they were priced well. I will be buying more.

👤Ests pesas las usos.

👤They are weights. There is nothing wrong with them. Not sure what to say. These will do the job if you need them.

👤This product is a genuine casted lead weight, made with a continuous hole through the center. I have experienced lead oxidation on the surface of the weight, which doesn't affect the usefulness of the weight, as you may know, lead can be a health hazard if consumed, so it will not rust as some of the current weights that are sold on the market today.

👤The under current in our river is very strong but not with these weights.

👤The price is correct as advertised.

2. Fishing Sinkers Casting Freshwater Saltwater

Fishing Sinkers Casting Freshwater Saltwater

You can choose the appropriate size according to the water flow speed and the weight of the bait. The package includes 20 pieces of egg fishing sinkers, each of which is 10 g in weight, the suitable size for fishing, and sufficient quantity for your daily fishing, you can share with your family member, like you father, son or other people who like fishing. The fishing weight is made of material which is safe to use, odorless, non-rust and durable to last a long life, so it's a must-have accessory in your tackle box. It's easy to use, each egg shaped fishing weight has a smooth round hole with no burrs inside, so it's very convenient to install. The fishing weights are easy to drop into water and will not produce a lot of spray, making them a good performance. Fishing weights can be used in freshwater or salty water to help the fishing baits get to the area where there are a lot of fish.

Brand: Sumind

👤I ordered them to weight bait on the bottom.

👤I got one set of 20 and the other one was for me.

👤They are perfect for the type of fishing I do.

3. Stellar Fishing Weights Saltwater Freshwater

Stellar Fishing Weights Saltwater Freshwater

There is a choice of 3 colors: green, brown, and black. The weight is 2oz. Fishing drop sinkers can be used to take your bait to the big fish. Drop sinkers are used to attract bigger fish. Due to pyramid design, fishing sinkers hold in strong waves and current. You need these pyramid sinkers for fishing. It's great for all types of fishing. For example, the bass, drum, Croaker, and many other species. There are different sizes of 1oz, 2oz, 3oz, 4oz, and 5oz. The size option will affect the quantities.

Brand: Stellar

👤Amazon is not responsible for any last item or items they shipped a different address as it is not yours, so be careful with what you order.

👤It is a sinker people... What more can I say?

👤The product is the same as advertised. The only complaint I have is that the eyelets have burr from the process. It cuts your fishing line. Prepare to buy a steel leader or grind it down with a Dremel.

4. ICE SEA 25 50pcs High Strength Stainless

ICE SEA 25 50pcs High Strength Stainless

Fish finders with a snap. 25pcs sinker sliders with nice snap. Don't cut your fishing line if you change the size of your sinker.

Brand: Ice Sea

👤The product description doesn't give a clear picture of the strength in a way that I found helpful, most colors are listed at "110 lbs test", what's that? I went fishing with a pack of these and used 6oz and 8oz canon ball weights. The description said "Fishing Line Sinker Slide With Duo-lock Blue High- strength Sinker Slider,Stainless Steel snap kit; mine were black and not blue." I was impressed with the snap, but I found the plastic eye connecting it to the slider to be very easy to break and my weight would go flying. I gave the item 3 stars because they didn't say that it was or wasn't good for casting 6oz lead balls, but having used a lot of different sliders this is the first one that broke with as much ease as I felt these do. Lighter application, maybe using 3 oz weight or less, and they may perform fine, but I'd consider what's in line with your casting path.

👤The product was total crap. When I took it out of the packaging, it looked cheap. The plastic snapped easily with 30lb mono. It is stronger than 12lb mono. I don't trust it with a 3oz weight surf fishing which is what this product is used for. The metal clasp is strong but not as strong as the weakest link. Don't waste your money on this!

👤Love them. I put a bobber stop on my line and threw a couple of plastic beads, followed by a weight slide and a couple more beads. I attach my rig to the line. I am ready to go! The plastic slides are the weakest point of my rig, meaning that when I hang up, I can break the slide and not lose anything.

👤These work well. They had a strange thing in the bag with them. It looks like a smoking device, that doesn't belong with these.

👤I fish the Ohio River with these. It can be difficult to keep your fishing gear working on the shore in the Ohio. These are very durable and do well in the ocean as well. I use them with 3-6 ounce leads and they seem to work well. The price for the package number was reasonable.

👤I haven't used it yet, but I think it's good enough to keep your weight off the line and keep you from cutting it after a few throws. I thought they would be bigger. The snap part is flexible enough to fit in a small compartment of a tackle box.

👤I use egg weights, they are made very well. I lost one do. I only had egg weights. These would have been great. I may use other weight types more often.

👤To soft even for light weight sinking. I don't like this, seller needs to give weight it can handle.

5. Bullet Weights Sinker Ounce Each

Bullet Weights Sinker Ounce Each

Made from the highest quality materials. The color name is multicolored. China is the country of origin.

Brand: Bullet Weights

👤The weights that came to me weighed in at 3.8 ounces and I'm short 1.5 ounces. I have 74 ounces of lead, but I should have 80 ounces. The weight is exactly 2 ounces. My rating went from 2 stars to 3. Is there any other person who has weighed the item? It's a great way to say you're selling something cheaper than others, but you're really just keeping 5% of the raw material. The weights will still do what I need, even though this is a deceptive sales practice.

👤When I ordered, the description said they were not 1/2 oz. It takes five to weigh an ounce. The item was supposed to be a box of 0.25 ounces egg sinkers, but the box I received had less than 72 ounces of lead. The description of this product is not accurate and you get almost 4.5 lbs of lead instead of 5 lbs. I'm considering returning the item for a refund because of the inaccuracy.

👤Imagine fighting a fish with this junk as you are setting yourself up for failure, because the ends of the line are so sharp that it makes the line weak and frayed, and eventually cuts the fishing line. It would be great if they had better quality control on these. Returned.

👤I used the extra weight from the sinkers to make my hanging baskets less likely to swing in the wind. It worked out great. I used a glue gun to fix the baskets. Baskets are stable when it is windy. I can easily add more weight if they are still swinging around.

👤The 4 oz sinkers are perfect for duck decoys. The decoy line is easy to use. I was hesitant at first, but they ended up being perfect. I keep buying more.

👤Good egg weights. It appears to be smooth so it doesn't damage the line or sink. I don't expect much out of a sinker.

👤Lead weights are less expensive than almost any other place I have seen. The quality was good for fishing in the inlets.

👤The call that is standing on the field is that these are fishing weights. It took two weeks to get here from a state over.

6. Fast Tackle Fishing Saltwater Freshwater

Fast Tackle Fishing Saltwater Freshwater

Fishing drop sinkers can be used to take your bait to the big fish. Drop sinkers are used to attract bigger fish. Egg design makes fast tackle fishing sinkers hold in strong waves and current very well. You need these egg sinkers for a day of fishing. It's great for all types of fishing. For example, the bass, drum, Croaker, and many other species. There are 4 sizes of 1oz, 2oz, 3oz, and 4oz. The size option will affect the quantities.

Brand: Fast Tackle

7. Fishing Weights Removable Accessories Equipment

Fishing Weights Removable Accessories Equipment

This survival gear and equipment set is great for many people. It is an idea for a car, ship, bicycles, motorcycles, workplace, travel, shooting, hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, boating, cycling, outdoor sports, wilderness adventure and other activities. 1. 100 pieces of Split-Shot Sinker are in a plastic box. 2. Attach, remove and reattach. Adding weight to your fishing line is quick and easy. It is easy to put on the line. It's great for rigging up your fishing gear. The fishing weights keep your bait in the strikezone. Round shape did not cause hang ups. 4. The fishing line, weights and plier need to be prepared. The fishing line should be placed in the slot of the sinker. To make sure it's fastened, squeeze the sinker with a plier. 5. The surface is polished to make it brighter. For use in salt water, high-speed trolly, jumping boats, offshore fishing, etc., and you can share with those friend Fishing Sinkers in other waters.

Brand: Ycdmljc

👤All of the pics in the description are larger than the actual size. There is no way to use the smaller split shots without needle-nose pliers. A product from China is not good. Don't waste your money.

👤Most of the weights are closed and not reopenable as stated on the description. I will be able to use them, but I will have to open half of them before I can put them on a line.

👤These are not what I was expecting. The picture is not real. The weights are small and the picture is magnified making you think they are in a larger storage case. Never again, never again.

👤I thought it was larger. It's a good idea to pay more attention to sizes. It's likely to get the use of 20 of lucky. It's hard to remove because it's too small to see.

👤They are very small and they all had to pry open every one of them before you could use them, it would not recommend and will not buy again.

👤I thought so. I gave it a 5 star because I didn't read the description. Walmart has them cheaper.

8. Bullet Weights ESA Sinker Skillet

Bullet Weights ESA Sinker Skillet

Fishing terminal tackle was included. It was made in the United States. Product type is fishing hook The package is 8.128 cm x 8.128 cm. The package weight was :0.400 lbs.

Brand: Bullet Weights

👤Great product. It works well when fishing for small fish.

👤They get the job done. No one complains about fishing.

👤Perfect sizes of panfish to catfish.

👤A good variety of sinkers would re buy for sure.

9. FREGITO Removable Assorted Freshwater Saltwater´╝ł20g

FREGITO Removable Assorted Freshwater Saltwater%EF%BC%8820g

Eggs would roll around in moving water. The flat shape helps them stay put. There are two things: size and practicality. There are 5 kinds of grams, ranging from small to large. They are 5g, 10g, 15g, 20g, 10PCS, 10PCS, and 30g. The material is high quality and smooth. Each egg lead sinker is designed to meet different needs. The plastic and Silicone inner core protects the fishing line from slipping and not hurting it. The scale is clear and precise, the weight in grams is enough, and the workmanship is excellent, which is convenient for fishing enthusiasts to choose. There are many advantages. Good shock resistance is one of the advantages of the Oval shape sinker. It is suitable for all fishing occasions. The Oval egg shape fishing weight can be used for a wide range of purposes, it can reduce the obstacles entangled with rocks and weeds, and it can take the bait to the waters with rich fish. It's perfect to match fishing needs. The fishing leads can be used in almost any fishing scene, from lakes, rivers, reservoirs, sea, and offshore to perch, catfish, trout, or pike.

Brand: Fregito

10. Sinkers Fishing Weights Assorted Casting

Sinkers Fishing Weights Assorted Casting

Their Fishing Net is upgraded with a portable round Oxford Cloth Hand Bag, which is waterproof and also of great strength. The partial mesh design helps the fishing net air dry after usage. They have added a fish reel and repair kit as an extra gift. The kit includes 30 boxes of fishing weights. 1/3oz, 1/6oz, and 1/2oz are available. High quality. Fishing weights have a long performance life. Oval shaped sinks cause less waves and noise and are easy to drop to the deep water. No harm, no sharp edges, no tangled line, no harm to the fishing line, and brighter handfeel is what this is about. Small resistance, accurate and quick drop. Functions: The sinker weight is used for fishing with soft plastic lures, can well through obstructions without easily fouling, and is a must for every angler's tackle box.

Brand: Shaddock Fishing

👤These are great. Make sure the holes are smooth so your line doesn't get damaged.

👤I didn't know how hard it would be to find non-lead sinkers. The assortment of egg sinkers came to the rescue. If you are trying to stay away from lead, they are worth it. The quality of them seems better than the ones I had been using. If I could buy them in packs of the same size, that would be awesome.

11. Bullet Weights Fishing 16 Pack 1 Ounce

Bullet Weights Fishing 16 Pack 1 Ounce

Fishing terminal tackle was included. The Sinker is great for all types of fishing. The Egg Sinker has a hole through the center. The Egg Sinker has a reputation that few other Sinkers have. One pound of egg sinkers is packaged in a bag.

Brand: Bullet Weights

👤Product is fine. I did not get the amount I paid for. I ordered 2 ounces. Only 13 of the 16 pieces were received in one pack.

👤The edges of the POS weights are rough and they kept slicing my flouro as they slid, which led to the loss of 4 big fish. After losing 4 big fish, I realized that the sinkers were cutting my line. I never lost another fish after I threw them in the trash. Don't buy these weights. They are not made to cut your line. You should consider yourself warned.

👤I was supposed to get 16PCS but only got 11PCS. I need them for a trip tomorrow. I was trying to avoid the store, so I will have to go there.

👤Shipping was very fast. You can tell they were made fresh by the fact that they were in two sets. The majority of the sinkers are smooth. It's going to get messed up when fishing. They made sure the packaging was safe. There is a good chance that you will lose your sinkers when fishing, because line getting stuck, fish cuts your line, didn't set up your rig correctly, etc. That's right, a 16 pack for $3.99. That is a good price. Shipping and Handling: 10/6 Cost: 10/6

👤This is a normal lead slip, a football shaped with a hole through the center to run your line through. I received 16 of the 1 ounce version and they are the same as pictured. There is a The one and two star reviews are no longer relevant and should be taken down.

👤Nine are in the cargo. The packaging is damaged. fine The product is sent again by the supplier.

👤The fish corpse was heavy. Feed line through if the sinker is not open. Pass.


What is the best product for fishing egg weights saltwater 2 oz?

Fishing egg weights saltwater 2 oz products from Bullet Weights. In this article about fishing egg weights saltwater 2 oz you can see why people choose the product. Sumind and Stellar are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing egg weights saltwater 2 oz.

What are the best brands for fishing egg weights saltwater 2 oz?

Bullet Weights, Sumind and Stellar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing egg weights saltwater 2 oz. Find the detail in this article. Ice Sea, Fast Tackle and Ycdmljc are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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