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1. Lowrance 000 14089 001 Fishing Electronics Accessories

Lowrance 000 14089 001 Fishing Electronics Accessories

The elastic bands and mesh pockets keep everything in one place. The hook2 has an ice transducer. The waterproof design is good. Plastic construction. The beam is 20 degrees. It isdurable and long lasting.

Brand: Lowrance

👤3 seconds working time. If you're confused about which setting to put it at, it's the 83/200 setting. If you wonder why it says "stopped", you have to press the power button very quickly and then scroll to the "stopped" button. 3 seconds is how long the transducer worked for. That is all. Clicked and died. I was using it on a unit that was originally setup for TripleShot.

👤It works the same as it should for all Hook2 series. There is a foam float and rubber stopper.

👤It works great for my hook. They're discontinued but once ordered it got here in a timely manner.

👤The transducer never worked. The only thing it did was make my fish finder stop working.

👤The Hook2 screen has a sensor. There were no problems. It has to be plugged in all the way.

👤Is it Usagée? J'espre qu'elle fonctionne pour 116$.

2. Lybile Saltwater Separator Electronic Accessories

Lybile Saltwater Separator Electronic Accessories

The fishing pliers and tools are perfect for pros and amateurs alike. Father's Day, Birthday, Holiday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and many more are occasions for fishing gifts. The fish control device. The fish control device in the fish hook removal is made of lightweight aluminum and has a small pointed hook lock. The rubber non-slip handle increases the strength of the hand and is convenient for one-handed operation, and the self-contained lanyard is not easy to lose. Multifunctional fishing pliers are made of steel and have non-slip handles, are easy to use, and are suitable for cutting fishing line, hook removal, loop opener, and pressure wire device. You can easily hang the pliers on your body if you connect the lanyard with the spiral rope. The hook removal handle in the fishing pliers set provides a stable hand feeling. The hook can be removed from the fish's mouth. It can protect your hands and reduce the damage to the fish. There is a portable electronic scale in the fishing kit that can be used with four units. It is powered by 2 batteries. You can enjoy fishing with a built-in 100 cm tape measure. A fishing accessory kit includes 1 piece of fishing tongs, 1 piece of hook removal tool, 1 piece of fish lip clip, 1 piece of portable electronic scale, 2 pieces of fishing lanyard, and 1 piece of protective cover. The complete fishing gear set is a perfect gift for any fishing enthusiast.

Brand: Lybile

3. Garmin Striker Transducer Fishfinder Traditional

Garmin Striker Transducer Fishfinder Traditional

The Clear Vu scanning sonar shows you more of what is in the water around your boat, it gives near photographic images with detailed representations of objects, structure and fish. The power of simple is easy to use and has a water rating of IPX7. The maximum depth is 1,600 feet freshwater, 750 feet saltwater, and the current draw is. Ampere. A continuous sweep of frequencies by Chirp Sonar gives a wider range of information and it is able to create better fish arches. The classic flasher format is ideal for ice fishing or vertical jigging. The display size is 1.9 x 2.9 inches and 3.5 inches diagonal.

Brand: Garmin

👤This isn't portable. I bought it for my kayak and didn't read the reviews. It needs a 12v battery, or you can buy a nocqua battery pack for an extra $90+ with additional cables. The mount can't be mounted to a kayak without additional mounting brackets. The screen isn't waterproof and may get splashed if it is taken out into saltwater. It's perfect for pond fishing. You'll spend more than $200k to get it powered and mounted. I returned it.

👤I would highly recommend this system for boaters who travel. I used it for the first time on a 10 mile canoe trip and I couldn't be happier with its performance. I was able to plot my course on a paper map to get the coordinates of each leg, and then add all the waypoint coordinates into the unit the night before creating a route. The gps unit kept track of where I was, how long it would take to get to the next waypoint, and how long it would take to get to the final destination. Our speed is very important for trip planning. I use two boats, one is a row boat for fishing and the other is a canoe where I mounted the transducer in the hull using a foam mounting piece. The fish finder worked well in both cases and I can swap it between the two. It would not be difficult to permanently mount the unit if I used the same method I use to make it swappable between the boats. You can adjust the base to face any direction. The garmin had no problems in the rain. It held up well. If you don't need to use waypoints or use a fish finder for local lakes, this is probably overkill. If you're looking for a great gps and fish finder in one, this is a fantastic unit and I highly recommend it. A quick note about my setup, I built a battery box. I know there are premade battery boxes that are more compact and hardy than the one I built. You will need to explore power options and be able to wire the unit. I like the flexibility.

👤The interface is very easy to use. It works as I had hoped. There are two points that seem to be ignored. The unit has to be connected to a power supply that has a car battery in it. If you plan to use it in a kayak, you need a power source. The screen/keyboard unit is not water resistant. If there is a chance of rain or spray you need a bag or something to cover it.

👤The gps fish finder is very sensitive to depth reading with tenths of a foot accuracy, and it seems to be working well. The construction details indicate a limited lifetime is expected when compared to my last one which had a really tight screw on the connectors and was very small and soft. The pins are very small and they have a slight chamfer to indicate how to insert the two plugs. The way the "head" unit is attached to the base is very vulnerable. It is almost impossible to put the head unit into the base without the holder being out. These connections are easily disrupted or separated. The system allows for the head unit to be tipped in the base, but it is very easy to remove if any effort is made on the unit. It's very easy to be ripped off by a thief. The screen is invisible in the sunlight, which is not cool, and it disappears very easily. Without the shadow of a bimini, it would be hard to read the display in bright sunlight. My old display of back and white was a pleasure to read in any light. The unit works well, but I'm worried about its longevity.

4. Arkon Universal Marine Electronic Fishfinder

Arkon Universal Marine Electronic Fishfinder

Attach marine accessories to your boat with a mount. Gimbal brackets, batteries, CB radios, and audio receiver are included. There are 4mm and 5mm unthreaded holes in the 4 Hole AMPS mounting pattern.

Brand: Arkon

👤I mounted my fish finder on this and it didn't match the holes on my hummingbird. To fit this with my fish finder, I had to drill bigger holes in the brackets. I was surprised that this didn't have any instructions for installation. I was afraid I would lose my unit on the highway because my boat and fish finder mounted on the trailer bounced so bad that I could not travel on the road with it. The mount is not stable and it was made very well. I didn't have a way of keeping my fish finder safe. Spend your money on a better product. I think.

👤I bought a unit that was complete but missing packaging. I didn't want to pay $5 for a box, so I bought a pre owned one that had one of the mounting knobs broken off. I ran a screw through the shaft into the knob and it is holding up. The ram mounts I own are sturdy and feel solid. The unit feels a lot lighter and flimsy. It will work for my application. I would spend the extra money on a ram mount if I was mounting this in a more important location or in a boat.

👤There were no holes lined up with my Hummingbird. It seems well made but it's not much.

👤The hole pattern in the base won't fit a Helix 7. There were no screws included. There should be screws to connect the base and the Gimbal.

👤If you want to use it, you will have to come up with your own nuts and bolts, and that's not something I expected.

👤This is a great price. It keeps my fish finder up, but it could be a little stronger. The higher priced ones are more stable. I didn't want to spend the extra money. This will work for what I want.

👤I am going to a metal shop to get a larger mounting for the Lowrance Hook2 x4 plate depth finder.

👤I bought two universal mounts, but they do not fit the Helix 5's I have on my boat. They aren't universal mounts.

👤There are no screws for the base and the mounting plate does not align with the base. If there is a wave motion, the base can't hold the weight of the unit without it sagging. Can't see how the heavies included plate would be used better. If you want to mount something heavier than a helix 5, make sure you add your own hardware to the package list so they are not missing.

👤I have used another well known brand with no issues but thought I would give this brand a try. The other brand has no issue with the equipment being mounted to it, but I can't get the brackets to hold it.

👤J'ai un Helix 5 and dois viser 4. Aucun troue ne fonctionne, et aucune vis de fixation, et alors.

👤Absolutely terrible mount. The cheap plastic base had to be fortified with a wider aluminum plate. It bounces all over the place when mounted. Don't spend your money on this mount. Purchase a heavy duty mount and spend the extra money.

5. Portable Electronic Balance Batteries Included

Portable Electronic Balance Batteries Included

QUIKSILVER: Kids wear jeans, pants, jackets, hats, towels, and more. The Fishfun digital fish scale uses a high precision sensor to ensure accurate and consistent measurement up to 120lb; the metal structure is reinforced with a high strength STAINLESS steel hook to protect you from falls; and the hanging scale is designed to serve you for years to come. A fishing gift for a man. It's easy to use, it's easy to read, it's easy to hold, and it's easy to lose. Weighing unit conversion, auto-off, zero, tare, and data lock function, their portable scale has large backlit LCD display, is user-friendly, and built-in ruler is handy for measuring length. The digital scale can last for 120 hours at non-backlit condition if the power saving circuit is improved and stable working voltage is maintained. There is no need to change batteries frequently. Multiple uses. You can use the digital hanging scale as a bass backpack bike scale, switch off the hold function for continuously weighing, or choose the peak hold mode to test compound bow draw weight.

Brand: Fishfun

👤I don't use this gizmo for weighing fish. I use it to weigh goats. Kid that is a goat. Right after they are born. If I knew what that meant, I could weigh them in KILOGRAMS and record the pounds and ounces, but I wouldn't have to worry about the tare weight of my bucket. That info is recorded on its birth certificate. It works well for weighing goats. If you sang to a fish, would it stop flopping? If I had to replace it, I would buy another one because it got stepped on by an old doe. I tried to weigh my wife. She wouldn't fit in the bucket. I haven't used the tape measure, but it looks like it will hold up on an ant hill. It's right. Just like that. They said it would. This one is tough as well. It will probably last past my personal date.

👤My old scale was hard to read, but this new one is easy to read. It was easy to use on this 45 lbs. flat head. I will suggest this scale to others. Thank you.

👤The scale is easy to use and read, but it has two major flaws that you need to consider before buying it. If you plan on keeping it in your tackle box or tackle bag, it is easy to press the button to turn it on. If something is sitting against it and it is pressed against it, it will stay on and burn your batteries. The answer is to just take the batteries out. That is the second problem. There is a screw in the battery door. It has a tiny screwdriver that is half the length of a pinky. I took the batteries out and caught a smallmouth I wanted to weigh. I grabbed the scale and batteries and tried to open the battery door with a small screwdriver, but it was too late. I conceded to using the tip of my kershaw to remove the screw, because it was too small of a screw. I had to let the fish go because it had been out of the water for too long. There are two major flaws with this scale, but it seems to work well and accurate, made of good quality materials. The design of the battery hatch is poor and the buttons on the tackle bag are not pressed. There is no need for a small screw in it. I'm going to leave the battery cover off and just put batteries in and out. I hope I don't get any water on the batteries.

👤This scales has worked better than other scales I've used. It's light and accurate, which is great for night fishing. It has a power button. I try to keep it in a spot where nothing is bumping against the power button because I notice it turns back on if it's in my bag. Highly recommend this!

👤I used this scale to calibrate a set of Torque wrenches, after first checking it against a much more expensive bench scale. I found that the two scales agreed over the full range of weights of the fishing scale. The scale seems well made and works well. I don't know how well the scale will hold up over time, but at the moment I am very happy with it. A great price!

6. Lowrance 000 14179 001 Ice Fishing Electronics

Lowrance 000 14179 001 Ice Fishing Electronics

The included components are: power/data cable, tilt/swivel mount, flush mount, and Hardware. All season pack for Hook2-4X.

Brand: Lowrance

👤The design of the auto depth range wasn't perfect. The auto depth range can change quickly. This leaves a lot of thin vertical lines. The screen can't be used to find fish. When I am in 7' of water, the depth range changes from 10' to 80' in 2 seconds. Every.2 seconds the depth range changes.

👤It turned out to be a disappointment in more ways than one. The instructions are useless. The product seems good, but it's hard to tell if I'm in a simulation or real life. The base is useless because there is no left or right movement. There is another $25 for an aftermarket upgrade. No one really cares for $100. But... $100 was real money. It's a good bet that you'll wind up in the trash can after one use.

👤I bought this unit for my pram. I put the transducer under the seat mount after I cartop the pram. The display is fastened to the inside of the hull on my left side. The unit was replaced by one that had more readouts. The unit is easy to use and gives me a lot of information when fishing. I can mark locations using the gps function, leave a track to see where I've been, and see my boat speed if I want to double back. The unit gives a good picture of the bottom structure, especially the weed growth, and I downloaded the online manual for the initial set up to help, "tune" the unit in for maximum efficiency. The unit shows an audible alarm feature for shallow water, but I don't like it. The unit is completely silent. It's not a problem in my small pram and at the low speeds I travel at, but it could be a problem if an alarm is used, say a small sailboat on a lake with shoals. The extra $20 for the unit is worth it because of the basicGPS and added information.

👤This unit is perfect for a basic fish finder. I wanted the unit to be fast and deep. It is mounted on the front of my boat. At the helm, I have a different Lowrance. I don't think you can do better for the price. I have never had a problem with any of the Lowrance units I have owned. Go lowRANCE! I think so.

👤The new tracker boat had a display that wouldn't power up. I read all of the manuals, researched, and did some forums. Also, etc. Good wiring and good voltage, plugged in. No, it's not the stupid design of the screen setting or the bad wiring harness. I ordered a new unit from Amazon because the old one was already wired up, so it was quick-n-easy to get a new one. I checked both units by wiring up a new harness and using a generic accessory male to power up the car. I am spending that money on a Hummingbird because aMAZON let me return the second unit for full credit. The Hook2-4x can be stuck in the same place that never shines. I will never buy anything with the Lowrance name again because they don't allow you to post a zero star rating.

7. Boat Galley Handy VHF Reference

Boat Galley Handy VHF Reference

It is easy to make adjustments to the bungee dock line based on cleat locations at the dock. It's perfect for small to medium size boats as well as your Jet Ski, Canoe or Pontoon boat. There are a lot of topics that need to be covered. Spelling alphabet, emergency calls, safety calls, Hi/low power choice, best practices for clear communication, and Squelch are some of the things that are spelled correctly. It's easy to find answers to questions on the radio, and bright colors make it easy to locate. The CONVENIENT size is small enough to hold in one hand while holding the mic in the other, large enough to easily find and read, and folds flat for easy storage near the radio. It's easy to find the section you're looking for on the radio with bright and clear headings. Ultra-tough waterproof material resists tearing and crumpling, and may be wiped clean when dirty.

Brand: The Boat Galley

👤I didn't need this item, but I thought it would be good to have someone who wasn't familiar with the use of a marine radio on the boat.

👤This review is useful for boaters. It's good to have near radio in case of an emergency and could be a good resource for someone who is not familiar with the radio.

👤Content is what was expected. The pamphlet was permanently damaged because of the small packaging. It's not something you want sitting on your yacht.

👤A reference sheet made of plastic. It can be opened to the most needed page or just stored in a more compact way. It's very useful when you need it. I would recommend to everyone.

👤It's good to know these things in a guide.

👤It's great to keep by the radio.

👤Useful laminated reference.

👤When it arrived, it was warped from the heat.

👤Ne reflte pas du tout. il est arrivé tout des forms. Pour la qualité du produit, trs cher. Gardez argent.

8. Piscifun Gripper Waterproof Electronic Stainless

Piscifun Gripper Waterproof Electronic Stainless

All season pack for Hook2-4X. Powerful and Durable - Rugged high-grade steel construction for long-term dependability in fresh and saltwater environments. The loading capacity is up to 60lb. The new fish gripper is water resistant. It can maintain high work efficiency in all weather conditions. The large easy-to-read display is big enough to see in pictures, and the scale handle rotates at full tilt for best viewing and control. The function of memory and dual mode. The digital scale has a large backlit LCD, a memory mode to save and display up to 10 weight readings, push button selection of pounds/ounces or kilograms, and power saving auto-shut off with a low battery indicator. The scale and LCD are powered by batteries. Piscifun is dedicated to offering high quality, affordable fishing gear. One year of peace of mind warranty!

Brand: Piscifun

👤I have had scales like this in the past that did not work well, so I was skeptical when I ordered. I was very happy with the scale I received. After taking it out of the package, I could tell that the jaws were strong and could handle large fish. I tested the digital scale with my expensive tournament scales and it was accurate. The scale has an easy to use screen that allows for easy weighing of the fish and it's one of my favorite features. I would definitely purchase this again.

👤I fish from a kayak a lot. I catch fish most of the time. I would like to accurately weigh the fish, but this Piscifun Fish Lip Gripper with Scale just won't do it. First time out, caught a large bass and tried to weigh it, the batteries were dead. I've given this piece of equipment more than enough chances, so I'm done. I've had two large fish shake off this thing while trying to get a picture, it doesn't hold fish well enough to keep it for a gripper. The scale/gripper is a bust, I have tackle bags and baitcast reels from this company, but save your money, boys and girls.

👤It's a good scale for most of the time. The fish/lip gripper works well and the hand grip is awesome. It is hard to turn on and off. The wrist strap is not comfortable. That's all. Don't use this for anything that requires extreme precision.

👤The digital meter stopped working when I used it three times. There is water under the glass. The batteries were good when I checked them. Water got inside the scale after it failed. TheTRACTION- I contacted customer support and they made it right. I will use the replacement hoping the scale doesn't fail again. Four stars for the unit. The customer service received 5 stars. All is fine if no more replies are forthcoming. The replacement did the same thing. The digital scale portion is not recommended. The grabber works well.

👤I love this thing so much. The fish scale is the first thing that comes with the gripper. This is strong. The jaws are made of high quality steel. It's over my mind when I'm up to 60 lbs. The waterproof design is my favorite feature. They said the scale can hold up for 5 minutes. I will not allow it to sink in the water for 5 minutes. I want it back immediately. When you push the Power switch for a few seconds, it will light the reading screen which can help you read the numbers at dark situation. It's too early to use it for night fishing. I am completely amazed at this tool. Now is the time to grab yours.

👤The Piscifun fish does everything I need it to do. The scales are reset after the jaws are clipped to the lip of the fish. The readings are very easy to read and you can even save the weights and look at them later. For sunny days and night time back lighting. The only complaint I have is that the screen scratches easily so be careful. I am so happy!

9. Fishing Odowalker Electronic Hanging Killogram

Fishing Odowalker Electronic Hanging Killogram

It isdurable and long lasting. The hanging scale is easy to use. Digital scale with convenient weighing unit switch, data lock and auto off function. The weight is up to 100 lbs/ 50 kilo. The display is powered by 2 batteries. A portable digital scale with a metal hand strap. It's ideal for fishing, hunting, luggage, postal mailing, home use and so on.

Brand: Odowalker

👤I used a scale to verify the fish accuracy scale. The item weighed 2lb 9oz on the fish scale and 15oz on the calibrated scale. The scale is not returnable even though it is off by 6 ounces, and that is only weighing a small item. I used the scale the way the instructions said it should be used. The scale should be replaced. I felt sad and disappointed.

👤There are some problems with this device. If you measure the weight, it doesn't stable. The scale didn't lock when I lifted the suitcase for 15 seconds. 2. If you think you can manage it without a scale lock, think again. The display can't be seen from other angles. If you have someone help you or lift the bag to your head's height, you won't be able to get a reliable reading. 3. The scale seems to be sensitive. It keeps finding small movements in weight. I'm going to use an analogue scale next time.

👤It is easy to take when you travel.

👤Small, compact, and digital. I hope I don't get to the airport anymore because I am overweight.

10. Scotty 368 Universal Sounder Mount

Scotty 368 Universal Sounder Mount

The pull-straps on the fishing boots help you get them on in both wet and dry conditions. A new multi pattern universal top plate is used by the Scotty universal sounder mount. Patented post mount design. There is a quick removal and infinitely variable rotation. The package weight is 3 pounds.

Brand: Scotty

👤The mount is bigger and stronger than I expected. I needed to mount the FF and the transducer after I bought the Striker 4 fish finder. I bought this because I had an old base that wasn't used. I sacrificed a cutting board from the kitchen to create a slightly bigger platform, and mounted the FF on top, and a piece of aluminum bar stock on the bottom. The bar stock extends a bit past the outside of the pontoon, then bends 90 degree towards the water. The first piece of aluminum bar stock bolts to the transducer, so it's easy to remove. The edge of the bar stock has more drag than the tubing used for the transducer mount. It worked better than I had hoped after its maiden voyage. The HarborFreight battery jump starter is powered by a 12v li-ion power supply. It's 12 Ah, has no power draw, weighs next to nothing, and keeps the FF going forever. The perfect platform for what I needed to build was built on the Scotty mount.

👤I'll start with the good. The holes are for my Lowrance Hook 5. The holes in my fish finder are a little larger than the ones in these, so it's not a problem since all 4 bolts are secured. Why do I hate it? The mount didn't come with the washer that's needed to assemble it. It's supposed to happen with this. I guess it was just a manufacturing issue. I found a washer at Home Depot. The reason I hate this is that it doesn't fit on a track that's already been used. The t-bolt is too high to lock in the fish finder mount because the kayak tracks are thinner. I'm going to get a RAM mount after returning this.

👤The Universal mount is called LOUSY EXPERIENCE. The first hiccup was that no hardware was included with the universal fish finder mount. We had to drill new holes to make the screws. The second mount we opened had no washer. There are four pieces to this assembly and one is missing. We don't have a washer, so you can't tighten it down without one. Another halt in the process and more headaches to worry about. I was very disappointed with Scotty. We reached out to Scotty and asked him to send us a washer for the second unit, which he did. The customer service was great, even though you need your own screws. We can now use the mount on our kayak. Thanks, Scotty.

👤I bought this for use with an extended gear head. It's not a cheap total cost, but it does raise the view off the rail of my boat to more easily see things when I am fishing. It seems solid. Bolts and nuts are required to attach your depth finder and anything else you want to put in place. I recommend the use of blue loc tite to discourage things from getting loose when put into place.

👤The system is designed to fit its purpose and will work well with modifications. I am using it with an Ascend 12t. The bolt that comes up through the transducer arm is too long, so when you tighten the arm down onto the track, the bolt sticks up high enough to prevent the fish finder unit from being locked down into the mount. I will either have to shorten the bolt a few threads or get some washers to take up some of the space. It's a good system, except for the negligent oversight. I don't know how that flaw made it through to the final product.

11. FREETOO Sensitive Electronic Fishing Indicator

FREETOO Sensitive Electronic Fishing Indicator

Since 1949, people have been invited to explore the outdoors. For a period of one year from the date of original retail purchase against defects in workmanship and/or materials, Zebco products are warranted. Light alarm device for fishing. When a fish runs, the alarm will alert you. The design is easy to carry and install. You can clip the alarm on the rod and wrap the fishing line around it. Will not damage your fishing line when fish swallow it. When fish strike the rod, don't ring in the wind. The button cell material is energy saving. They are perfect for fishing at night in complete darkness, since they emit sound and light up when a fish hits or runs.

Brand: Freetoo

👤I am very happy with them. The bad boy was caught using the bite alarms.

👤The product does what it's supposed to do, so I'm giving it 5 stars. I use up to 8 ounces of weight and keep my lines tight, they didn't work for me, and I don't mind if the alarm goes off. If you're at a pond or river, these will work well.

👤I like these little alarms but there is room for improvement. If the current isn't strong, I use them for nighttime canal fishing. The current pulls the line so that the alarm can be activated. If there's no current, fishing is fine. My hearing is not the best so I would like to have a volume that is adjusted. I only saw a blue light. The alarm was too far away to hear. I would only recommend a "deluxe" model with a set volume and tension for river and canal fishing where ambient noise can drown or the weaker alarms. I'd rather pay a few more dollars for a serious alarm than three weak ones. There is an update. I'm sorry to report that 2 of the 3 stopped working after very light use, I don't use them at the canals, only light lake fishing. The weak spot in the construction is the Trigger wheel. They broke internally, and there was no spring back action. If you're 10 feet tall, the last one of the set cries too weakly to be heard. I fear it's days are numbered as well.

👤These work well for money. Can hear it from a distance. The 10lb catfish was on the line.

👤I needed something better than a bell to alert me when I had a fish. I can hear the alarm and see the light go off at night from our dock. I missed a lot of big cats when they stayed on the line too long because I couldn't see the poles at night. The problem was solved by these. They are easy to use and work well so far.

👤The idea is cool. The fishing setup did not work. I bought these for my father. The way we fish caused the line to be tight, so we went fishing in the surf and tried to set these up, but they didn't work. I couldn't find a way to change the tension. I think they would work for someone using a bobber with less tension in the line. We plan to try a lighter weight next time, but it was not practical with the rough waves. It's still a really fun idea. I hope we can use it someday.

👤One of the three would not work. One was loud, another was not as loud and the third did not work. Put the batteries from a working one to non-working. I thought it worked. I will have to buy 6 button batteries to get 2 of the 3 up to par. I'm wondering if I can get them to send me fresh batteries. It's not too happy to start out this way. If the fishing line stays tight, the one with poor batteries won't work at all. The noise starts off, but then stops when the line gets to the closest point. I need a new one.


What is the best product for fishing electronics accessories?

Fishing electronics accessories products from Lowrance. In this article about fishing electronics accessories you can see why people choose the product. Lybile and Garmin are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing electronics accessories.

What are the best brands for fishing electronics accessories?

Lowrance, Lybile and Garmin are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing electronics accessories. Find the detail in this article. Arkon, Fishfun and The Boat Galley are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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