Best Fishing Fanny Pack Waterproof

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1. Bp Vision Outdoor Camping Waterproof

Bp Vision Outdoor Camping Waterproof

The life time warranty. If the waterproof fanny pack for women has an unexpected quality issue, please contact them immediately, they will give you a brand new replacement or full refund within 24 hours, no need to worry about the Amazon return window. The waist strap can adjust the range from 28 to 50 inches. 2 extra shoulders straps, 3 ways to carry, and a waist back style. Does not include water bottle. The design includes a nylon, mesh, and organizable adjustment belt, three exterior front pockets, and two exterior side pockets to keep your stuff separate and organized. The lightweight waist pack is ideal for carrying enough water and gear for a day hike, camping, cycling, fishing, or any other outdoor activity. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee because they know you have options here, and they want to make your choice the easiest one. If their product does not meet your standards, they will give you a 12-month warranty and a 30 day refunds.

Brand: Bp Vision

👤It's a good size for bass fishing from the bank for a day and I don't need to carry all of them. This isn't water proof. I applied nikwax to make it water proof. I have 4 plano boxes, 3 of them are double sided. I have plenty of empty space in my boxes. I put a box on top of spinner bait. I hang a plier on it. I'm ready for fishing if I put a drink on the holder and grab the bag and rod with the reel.

👤I found this after a lot of research, looking for the perfect small lightweight pack to carry a few things on our morning walks along the river. I didn't want one that was just around my waist, they tend to drag down. I was thrilled to find this one that has the shoulder straps with it, it was perfect for holding it for balance and comfort. When I read that it helped their area, I was so excited. bc There are issues that I have. Imagine how awesome it would be if I could hold a frozen gel icepack against my back and not have to worry about it getting wet. I love it so much, I'm thinking of buying one for my son, who is outside a lot, because it's very well-made, and it came in my favorite color. I think this is a great idea.

👤The bag is small and has adequate interior storage. The bag doesn't need the frill straps due to its size. You can buy 16 and 20 ounce bottles in stores. I put them in the side pockets. There is no strap to hold them in place. The pocket has a strap around it, but it doesn't stop bottles from coming out. The bottles fell out when I moved the belt around my waist and I realized I couldn't put the bottles in. I put the belt on and then added the bottles. The bottles fly out like projectiles even with that. I bought this to hike with my dogs, but it's not good for that. It was a disappointment. It's a return!

👤I love this bag. My backpack is too large to carry on hikes. This was a good solution. I was able to put an additional lens in each of the water bottle holders, spare batteries in one of the small zippers on the strap, and whatnot on the other. If you were to look at the pack, the 2 small pouches were the perfect size to keep a cleaning kit in one and something of the same size on the other. I was able to fit my camera in the pouch with the other items I had in it and keep more lens filters in it.

👤It seems well built. It's too small for practical use. If you put a sandwich and apple in the interior of the water bottle holders, it would be full. The compression straps are silly on something this size, and just get in the way. It would be okay for a couple hours walking around a tourist destination, but not enough for fishing or hiking. It's so small you couldn't put enough weight in it to ever need a compression strap or shoulder harness, which made me so disappointed.

2. Waterfly Polyester Resistant Carrying Samsung

Waterfly Polyester Resistant Carrying Samsung

Their waist bags for men are made of high quality material and are light-weight. Ensure a long-term usage. Water that is resistant for drops or splashes should not be put into the water. The slim fanny pack is only 5oz in weight. You won't feel bulky when you wear it with all the necessary things, it's suitable for running jogging dog walking biking hiking and other outdoor activities. There are four pockets on the waist bag, including three front pockets and an anti theft pocket. The main compartment is large enough to hold all phones under 6 inches. The waterfly belt bag is soft and comfortable to wear. The strap can be adjusted from 2050" for men and women. The fabric is water resistant. The bag is water and sweat resistant. You don't need to worry about your stuff getting wet when you exercise outdoors or in the gym. Don't immerse the hip bag into the water. There are different ways to wear this pack. You can wear it on your waist, hang it over the shoulder or use it as a sling bag.

Brand: Waterfly

👤I absolutely love this pack. I couldn't get into the traditional style of fanny pack, so I looked for different ones. I was curious when I found this one. I read reviews and looked over the specifications before I decided to buy it. I love the color, but more so that it's partly waterproof. My family hikes and rockhounds in the streams so that is a big plus for me. You can wear it several ways. I was impressed with the quality of the materials used. The strap and buckle are very sturdy. You don't have to fight with the zippers because they are very sturdy. I am surprised at how much you can carry. I have been downsizing and have been going the minimalist route - I don't carry a lot but I do carry some strange things. There was room to spare in the biggest compartment. I highly recommend all of them.

👤I really like this pack. It is waterproof and looks modern. I live in Iowa and have been caught in a couple good down pours. I wear this across my body as well. I am a plus size and it is 51 inches.

👤I bought this bag for my trip to Disney and Universal Studios. I wanted to be able to carry my essentials with me on rides, but not have to carry my hands full. The bag was perfect for what I needed. I was able to fit all of my items in my wallet. I didn't notice it was there, but I loved that it was waterproof. My sister bought the same one and loved it.

👤It's easy to fit a 51" waist. A galaxy s6 can fit in the largest compartment, but not much else. A set of keys and an item. The lack of room in the largest compartment makes up for the decent sized pockets.

👤I got this bag on 10.46. The back pocket is hard to get to. The majority of the waistbags on Amazon have issues. I think the bag is great but in the long run it's pretty cheap and all waist bags are just overpriced. It only gives the option of returning the item to the sender. If you buy this bag, you will have to return it.

👤I like this thing. It's practical. I bought it in the summer because my dresses sometimes don't have pockets, but I still use it when I wear my athletic clothes because it's just great.

👤This bag is amazing. It's very convenient for all of us. It's great for hiking, running, or any outdoor activity. It's waterproof so you can bring it with you in the water for paddle boarding, kayaking, etc. There are many pockets for holding things. Doesn't ride up or stay in place when running. The strap can be adjusted to fit all sizes. This brand is recommended to all my hiking and outdoorsy friends. The company is great for backpacking.

👤I bought this to carry my stuff around and also use it for hiking. It holds my phone and work phone. I was able to fit small items inside. I wouldn't risk breaking the zip to close the water bottle in the largest pocket. The clasp is good and it has a sturdy construction. It's exactly what I anticipated.

3. SINNO Crossbody 4 Zipper Waterproof Carrying

SINNO Crossbody 4 Zipper Waterproof Carrying

There are 2 smaller compartments in the main storage compartment for organizing your gear, and 3 external pockets for storing your daily items with quick access. There is a left and right pocket for water cup/bottle and tools. Two rod belts on the side and a patched belt on the bottom are used for fishing rod storage. The fishing bag is durable and fashionable. The best gifts for men. The Plus Size fanny pack for women is about 13 1/2 x 5 x 3.5 and has four pockets for the most important items. It's perfect for shopping, traveling, walking, fishing, holidays, festivals and farmers markets. A great gift for a family. There are many ways to wear this fannie pack, it is easy to wear in front of your waist, back on your hip, and slant. It's perfect for many occasions. A small hidden compartment inside the main pocket of the womens mens fanny pack is perfect for your valuables. The hole in the headphones allows you to listen to music or use the phone while walking. Don't worry about the hot weather, you have a breatly back PAD. The back side is soft padded and easy to carry throughout the day. The material is comfortable and lasts a long time. The fannie packs for women and men are made of high quality material which is water resistant,durable and light-weight. A long-term usage.

Brand: Sinno

👤The product is a good buy. Quality was described in the posting and it arrived on time. I put my cell phone in the first pocket and use the second pocket for things other than my phone. I use the smallest pocket for my wallet and stuff, but it's too small if you want to put a wallet in the third pocket. If you put the cell phone in the top pouch, it's a little tight to put it in the bottom. I get in and out of the pouch a lot when it's fastened on my waist. If you put your cell phone in the pouch while it's off, it's very easy to put it in and out, but it's not a good idea to put it in and out of the pouch.

👤My pockets were full of things. You have to dig and move stuff when you want something from your pocket. I found a pack with 4 roomy pockets on a belt that fits around my 44 inch gut. Everything that I was carrying in my bulging pants pockets is now carried discreetly and securely, where I can get what I want quickly and easily. The best purchase I have made this year was buying the SINNO pack.

👤When I don't want bulky items in my pockets, I looked at other bags, like men's sling and cross body bags, but I didn't want anything big or bulky. It's small enough to not feel like a murse and big enough to hold all the things I need, cell phone, 2 sets of keys, my card wallet, my money clip and little odds and ends. The quality is great and it looks good too. I would recommend it to the guy or casual user. I keep my keys in the back and center pockets, my money clip in the center pocket, and my phone in the back pocket with a headphone slot and opening.

👤My husband was against using one of these on the trip. I got one for him. He did not take it off the entire trip. He wore it on his body. I know he was happy to have something to put his stuff in. A lot of young guys were wearing bags in the parks. Would recommend!

👤I liked the size of the compartments I needed for my things, and the strap was easy to use.

👤It was shrink-wrapped which I didn't like, but it has satisfied so many other needs. I wear it on my waist because it protects me from purse snatchers. I don't have to worry about someone snatching my cart. It keeps me from losing it. My purse was so heavy that it was causing back problems. It has everything I need. I keep my cards in a thin credit card holder. My credit card cannot be scanned because it has a protective layer. It appears that the three pouches have a layer of protection. There are two pouches large enough to hold a small bottle of sanitizer. I don't have to worry about someone grabbing my purse or leaving it in a shopping cart because I don't have to. It has helped me a lot. I love it more every day.

4. CXWMZY Capacity Waterproof Adjustable Traveling

CXWMZY Capacity Waterproof Adjustable Traveling

A good choice for the gift to women and men is 12 combinations of different colors. The apple room is kept organized with 5 separate pockets of different sizes and a hidden compartment for valuables. Keeps you organized while maintaining a slim profile with spacious storage. The waist bag is made of 1200D Polyester and Exquisite overall craftsmanship with cleanly finished seams, it is sturdy and built to last. It'll make a great addtion to your daily activities, perfect for walking, running, biking, hiking, traveling, festivals, fairs, concerts and farmers markets. Zippers are an important component of a bag and should not be compromised. The waist pack is made of heavy duty zippers and easy to slide. Good-sized and elegant, the zip pulls are. No more worrying about falling out or getting lost. The flexible strap can be adjusted to fit a fluffy personality or a skinny mini and is strong and reliable. You can wear it on your hip, over the shoulder, or under your arm, and it will stay at your chosen length. 100% money back is the service. If you have a problem with the item you purchased, please contact them. They want to make you happy.

Brand: Cxwmzy

👤I bought this just to go to Disneyland. It has sturdy construction, ample storage pockets, and weighted metal tabs that make it easy to open. This held my phone, a rain poncho, Listerine pocket spray, sunscreen, chapstick, cash, tissues, gel hand sanitizer, and two Izzie soda cans.

👤Well made with heavy duty material and lots of pockets. The first pocket is 3.4"X5", the second is 4.5"X7", and the third is 5"X7". The fifth pocket is inside of the 4th pocket and is 8 inches high. There is an additional pocket on the back that has a rain cover sewn in that can be used to cover the fanny pack, it is about 8 to 10 inches high.

👤I used this pack a lot while in Japan. I like having all the pockets so I can be organized. I wore the crossbody part of the pack most of the time. On the day of Pokemon Go. I was going to wear it on my body. It was too heavy to wear across my waist, and it sank down. It was too heavy to wear on my waist, and I liked that it held my two portable chargers, portable wifi, charging cables, small wallet, lipgloss, compact mirror, and sunblock inside. I wore it over my shoulder all Go Fest. The zippers were so big that they made jingling noises everywhere I went. It would be better if they changed it to smaller pulls. It looked great as a crossbody bag or shoulder bag during my trip.

👤I am so excited that these are coming back in style! I wanted something specific but not too large, and I couldn't fit my phone in that size. I am very happy with my bag. It is large but not heavy. I can fit my wallet. My keys cell and any other items a girl may need are in the room. I like the fact that it is waterproof and can be used on the boat. This is perfect for traveling, day trips, and parks. I chose the black color to make sure it would go with everything.

👤I wanted it to be smaller. It's nice to have all the extra room. Is it waterproof? I believe the plastic cover found in the back compartment is used to cover the fanny pack. A plastic bag is easy to use. Is it possible to change the straps? Ok. There is not enough strap for a little husky. It barely makes it. It serves its purpose.

👤I love carrying my packs. I wear them to work because they are convenient. I like this one because it blends in well and you can carry a lot of stuff in it. I took it kayaking and my friend got wet. I didn't know that there was a protective case to protect against water until after the incident. I like how many pockets it has because I carry a lot of stuff and can organize where I want to go. I liked the price. It's an amazing pack. Great for hiking, great for work, and great just to have. Absolutely recommend.

5. DYJ Multipurpose Tactical Waterproof Camouflage

DYJ Multipurpose Tactical Waterproof Camouflage

100% money back is the service. If you have a problem with the item you purchased, please contact them. They want to make you happy. The material is made of 1000D Oxford nylon fabric which is more strong than any other one in the market 600D. Large packs are too big, too heavy, and too small. Five different sizes of pockets are all you need for your outdoor needs. The large main room is large enough for carrying many things, including an iPad mini, a cell phone, glasses, tactical flashlight, compass, kettle, cigarette, snacks, umbrella, and more. The back pocket is hidden for extra protection. Three front pockets can be used to store small parts. The item is 7.5" x 10.6" x 6.7"W. The patch is 6.1''L x 2''W. The patch is 4.3''L X 2''W. It's perfect for jogging, walking, cycling, hiking, hunting, camping, travel, mountain, trekking, outdoor sports, holidays and leisure life.

Brand: Dyj

👤The waist pack is very well made. I haven't worn it a lot yet, but it's full of survival gear and a poncho/tent on top, so it's perfect for a get home bag. Extra length of elastic cord that is on top is the only thing that could have been better. The black cord I added works okay for now, but not as good as I would like.

👤Good bag. It doesn't feel cheap. It's comfortable to wear with lots of pouches. There are two silly designs, the first one has a flap that clips down and over, and the other has a pouch that has a flap that clips down and over. I'm not sure why you need two closing mechanisms. There are straps that are in the way of the side pouch. The fabric is tough. I'm happy with the product. I got the wrong product in the mail, but they corrected it with no hassle, and the correct bag arrived within two days. I would buy again from this company.

👤Sometimes it's hard to know what you're buying from Amazon without actually seeing it. I found this pack to be very different than I expected. There are pockets in the back, but they are not deep enough to hold a cell phone. I can only use the large front pocket. None of them are useful to me. I wanted a pack with different pockets for my phone, wallet, keys, face mask, and change purse. The pockets are too small and thin for a phone and wallet, and even my large set of keys don't fit correctly. Everything is in a large pocket. I don't care for it and I'm frustrated that I couldn't tell until I bought it. I would never have bought it if I had seen it on the shelf.

👤The headline said it all and was the driver for my purchase. I was looking for a small bag to hold air rifle supplies, a few odd and sods, and maybe a compass or some matches. The design of the star is quirky in some places. The side pockets have a zip on them. The tie down elastics obstruct the area for a patch. It doesn't matter to me, but it seems like a design flaw.

👤I bought this to hold the supplies I can't carry in a full kit when I'm working in a public environment. The bag is easy to identify, it is a bright color. The front pockets are large enough to hold gloves and small items. I have disposable medical gloves in the main pocket which has a strap and a zip up pocket. The tension strap makes it difficult for the two other pockets to have a zip across the top and side. It would be better if the straps had a buckle to release them for easier access to the pockets. The bottom of the larger pockets are not the same width as the top, which is not shown in the description. They come together like a "V", which gives a lot of space at the top with a small amount of room at the bottom. It limits what I can carry. The bottom would be helpful if it was the same length and width as the top. I have a 44" waist and there is very little strap left at the ends of the waist strap. I don't think it would go beyond an inch on either side. I'm ok with the product and the price. The V shape of the main compartments limits how much stuff I can carry.

6. HAWXUNG Waterproof Adjustable Traveling Camouflage

HAWXUNG Waterproof Adjustable Traveling Camouflage

It is adjusted. Their water proof fanny pack is perfect for men and women of all shapes and sizes. There is a roomy space and keep organized. The waist pack has roomy pockets to fit all your needs. The main large pocket has a mini umbrella, a standard water bottle, a brochure, and credit cards, while the front pockets have personal items like lipstick, tissue, and a passport. High quality materials. The waist bag in the fashion women mens fanny pack is made from 1200D water resistant Polyester and is built to last. It will add to your daily activities. QUALITY SOLID ZIPPERS A bag should never be compromised because of the important part of the bag, the sippers. The waist pack for women uses heavy duty, sturdy and smooth metal to pull. Good-sized and elegant, the zip pulls are. No more worried about falling out or getting lost. Use anywhere and for anyone. With the ultra long strap ranging from 23 to 49 inches, you can easily and quickly adjust to whatever length you need, and will remain at your chosen length. It is a bag that can be worn on your hip, over the shoulder or under your arm. It's versatile for activities like travel, festival, having fun in Disneyland, and more. The life time warranty. If the waterproof fanny pack for women has an unexpected quality issue, please contact them immediately, they will give you a brand new replacement or full refund within 24 hours, no need to worry about the Amazon return window.

Brand: HΛwxung

👤This pack is very good. It is light and comfortable and looks great with the red design. I use it for hiking. It holds my wallet, glasses, phone, and keys, and could hold more if I wanted to. I bought a black one for my wife and she likes it.

👤There is a third pouch inside that can't be seen. And holds a squirt gun. It's kind of a shiny leather, but it's 888-282-0465, it's 888-282-0465, 888-282-0465 I don't know about high end. If I need to replace it, I want to buy another one. May you not find another like this.

👤I bought one for my son to keep his phone out of his sight. I borrowed it when we went on a hike. I placed my order before the hike ended and received it two days later. I love this thing. It's so convenient that I don't have to carry my phone in my hands or pockets when I walk, and I can listen to music with the handy headphones hole. I use it as a replacement for my purse on bike rides. I bought a black one and am very happy with the size of the compartments, the quality and the length of the strap. The price is good for what you get.

👤This has the correct amount of pockets. I can keep my phone and keys in different places. I keep my cards in the inner zip. It's the perfect size and fits everything well with plenty of extra space for a napkin or headphones.

👤This is my pack. Its light weight, comfortable, and able to stand a little water are some of the things it has. It's so functional that I use it even though it's too stylish for a fanny pack. I would take it wherever it could be useful. I can see it being used for a lot of things. The quality is excellent and I think it costs more than I paid.

👤The pack is a decent one, although it doesn't hold much and the strap is short. I'm not a very husky guy at 5'11" and 190 lbs. Trying to wear this as a chest bag with the strap to it's longest point is almost impossible. It's probably fine for most if you want it to be a fanny-pack. If you want it as a chest bag, unless you're a small person, I'd suggest you look elsewhere or get an extension strap. The seller couldn't live up to the advertised shipping on this. It's pretty disappointing. The seller had no previous reviews and the reviews of the product looked like they were made up. I'm a real person giving a review. Take it for what it is worth. Had I known then what I know now, I might have purchased from someone else.

7. Lemon Park Military Waterproof Mountaineering

Lemon Park Military Waterproof Mountaineering

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee because they know you have options here, and they want to make your choice the easiest one. If their product does not meet your standards, they will give you a 12-month warranty and a 30 day refunds. The waist pack is made of nylon. It is tear-resistant. The waist pack's belt can be adjusted up to 45 inches. It has a bottle holder to hold your bottle. You can use it as a waist pack, but also carry it on one shoulder. It's not easy to clean smudges and absorb dust. Large capacity, small size. Mobile phones, cigarettes, lighters, flashlight, keys, wallet, paper towels, and other daily necessities can be placed inside the waist bag. It is suitable for most outdoor activities. It's also suitable for all kinds of casual wear.

Brand: Lemon Park

👤The water holder is nice. The bottle is only 2 1/2 inches in diameter. A lot of my bottles are 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches in length. The water bottle holder can be removed. The large pocket will fit my camera, which is 4 1/2 x 3 x 4 inches. The front slot could be used for a billfold. Also, etc. It's great that the waist size adjustment is larger. A pack that looks nice. The water bottle holder was marked down.

👤The product was in a bag. I felt something in my pocket when I tried it out. I thought it might be something else. A used face mask and earpods were inside. There is no ad about used mask or earpods. The pack appeared clean. I will wash it off. It seems ok.

👤I was looking for a waist bag that would hold a water bottle and a couple camera lens. I've bought three others trying to find one that would work for that purpose. This one is very close to perfect. The water bottle holder is held in place by a piece of fabric. There is only one side of the velcro. I wanted to use it on the other side. I had quick access to the bigger pouch. I can live with it. The bag is made out of nylon and appears to be built to last. The two that I bought were made out of nylon that worried me about what I was putting in there. I would compare this one to a good Jansport backpack. The material for the water bottle holder is the same as the one for the water bottle. The water bottle holder can hold up to two bottles. It isn't going to hold a lot of water. I have a couple metal vacuum insulated 16oz water bottles that fit, but no bigger than that.

👤It's perfect for the beach, camping or festivals. The water bottle holder is attached securely to the bag and is incredibly convenient.

👤The bag size is right for light. The small front flap pockets are a good size for things like lip balm, they're not as big as a regular pen or mechanical pencil. The main pouch pocket is large enough to hold my phone, but the inner pocket is small enough to hold it in place, and the belt is too small to fit at the hip.

👤It's a good size for me. The pack is designed for 12 oz disposable water bottles. A larger bottle wouldn't fit. The main section of water will hold two more bottles, which will give you an idea of the capacity. There is room for a phone, map, small container of insect repellent, and a few more small items. It appears to be a study, with nice snap on-off latches. The bag is nice.

👤It looks like it fits great. The bottle carrier can't hold a standard bicycle water bottle. It barely fits a bottle. I don't like using plastic water bottles. I wish the bottle carrier was a bit bigger so it could fit a bike bottle or even a Nalgene bottle.

8. Tactical Military Adjustable Camping Hunting

Tactical Military Adjustable Camping Hunting

The blue fanny pack was created for the real travel champion. The unique security features of the fanny pack are ideal for runners, travelers dog and oudoor lovers. Their friendly customer service is happy to help at any time. A tactical fanny pack and a US flag patch are included. 600D nylon is water resistant. The warranty is 180 days. The tactical waist pack has multiple pockets to hold your essential items, including a front pocket, a smaller middle pocket, a main pocket, and a rear pocket for concealed carry. The main pocket and the middle pocket have different areas to store things. Keep your edc items organized and easy to find with plenty of room to hold them. The front of the pack has a patch area. There is an area in the upper of the waist bag to secure and fix small items with elastic string. The bag has a strap that can be adjusted to fit most customers. You can carry it with you. It's perfect for camping, hiking, travelling, running, jogging, cycling, hunting, fishing, and daily use and it's easy to reach. Tacticool promises high quality, hassle free products at competitive prices. Everything they sell is theirs to take full ownership of. They go the extra mile to fix a problem. If you want to know more, please contact their Customer Service Team. No customer inquiry will ever be unanswered, no matter what your question is.

Brand: Tacticool

👤The only issue with the pack is that the strap will come apart if you run or jump with it. I think about stitching the straps to hold it more securely. The pack has no issues after sewing the straps. The front pouch holds an Iphone 11 Pro Max perfectly, it is durable, comfortable and looks great. I would recommend changing my review to 5 stars.

👤I was going to buy the maxpedition pack, but wanted to save money. I was surprised by this one. This is a good thing for hiking. I went with this pack because of the price, but I didn't expect much. I had it for a month. I am very impressed. It holds my phone, wallet, keys, and a small water bottle. There is a I add chapstick and snacks occasionally. It holds what I need for the trip. I'll take a backpack if that's what it takes. There were no tears, holes or rips. They work great. I will upgrade if this one fails one day, but for now I don't see a need.

👤I might be called a fanny pack enthusiast. I use a lot of fanny packs for work and I also use them for vehicle born operations. This is my favorite one because it is slightly larger than some of the big name brands, and I think that is why I like it so much. The true one and a half inch strap on the back is one of the main reasons. Most of the $70+ packs only come with a 1/2in strap that can easily be torn. These are a hidden gem on this site and they hold up well to rough use. I can fit extra mags in there, and I can also fit in an entire IFAk. If it ever gets lost or damaged, it is easily replaceable and you will not be disappointed with the price. Don't be disappointed if you try it.

👤It does what it's supposed to, but with the MOLLE sewn in on the back you can easily fix it. It's worth the buy because it's dual purpose.

👤It's well made and has plenty of space to spare for me to keep all my items. Love the flag. It was the same as the one I wore in the gulf war. Thanks a lot.

👤I like the pack so far. It seems like it is durable and has plenty of room. One of the pull ties has already fallen off, so I gave it three stars. Design flaw? It seems like they can slip out easily. The pack seems well made, so I am very disappointed. I would have given it four stars. Maybe I can get another pull?

👤The quality of the materials used to make this pack wasn't that good. The plastic made noises when moved. It will crack the first time it gets cold. I'm happy I didn't pay a lot for the bag. Will be okay for a short trip, but don't have a lot of faith in it's longtermDurability. I lost a pack and had been looking for a replacement. I guess I have to keep looking.

9. JOTO Waterproof Swimming Cellphone Passport

JOTO Waterproof Swimming Cellphone Passport

Tacticool promises high quality, hassle free products at competitive prices. Everything they sell is theirs to take full ownership of. They go the extra mile to fix a problem. If you want to know more, please contact their Customer Service Team. No customer inquiry will ever be unanswered, no matter what your question is. Your gadgets will be fully protected during boating, kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, hiking, surfing, camping and more with the waterproof guarantee. All black material protects your privacy, other people can't see the items inside. Enough space for cellphone, cash, tissue, keys, watch, passport, cards at the same time is the Versatile Function. The belt is adjusted. You can wear the pouch across your shoulder if the waist strap is adjusted through the releasable buckle. Premium quality, not only waterproof but also durable, is offered by Tech Vendor.

Brand: Joto

👤I took this on my cruise and I am very happy about it. I was able to carry my cash, birth certificates, and CC in this bag while I was snorkeling and it didn't get wet. It was a life saver for me. The bag is very light and has a Velcro that rolls down to seal it. You can carry it like a purse. I attached the belt to my purse strap so that it wouldn't fall out, because I was snorkeling and shopping at the same time. This one is the one you need if you are looking for a waterproof bag.

👤I decided he needed a man bag after he left his billfold on the top of his car and the only key for his car was washed in his jeans. He decided against it. He looked at the bag and decided it was too difficult to open and close. A different bag came yesterday and was rated too fat.

👤I received this in the mail last week and was very happy to wear it all week in the pool. The first day I went to the pool, the lazy river water got in and soaked my money and my phone. This product is not waterproof and I am so upset.

👤If you want something that seals out water well, this is the pouch for you. The waist belt is easy to adjust. I was skeptical at first, but after using it, there is nothing to worry about. I have a case on my i11 pro. It is difficult to put things back in. I would prefer it if there was easier access to stuff inside.

👤The bag has helped me on my kayaking adventures. I keep it around my waist. I haven't dropped it in the water to check the seal. The elastic waist band and strong clip is something that I love. The bag is useful for a lot of things. I recommend this bag to any plus size person.

👤There is nothing I didn't like about this product. The price is great. It was great for my husband to wear his phone around his waist while biking. The band can fit many sizes. I have commented before about whether or not it is waterproof, so I wanted to add some suggestions. I've never tested it, but it has a tight seal and rolls up a few times before being attached to a piece of furniture. I would test it with something you don't want to get wet. The heavy duty baggie would help if the item was in it.

👤I wore this on the beach. It was great to have money, a phone, and a keycard. While walking on the beach. As soon as you get into the water, the pouch fills with Air and floats to the top of the water, while the band is secure to your waist. It is very awkward to see that bag floating in front of you. You can't push it down. If you go deeper in the water, it will be submerged, but it still fills with air and floats at your belly level. I will not wear it in the water again.

10. Bp Vision Outdoor Camping Waterproof

Bp Vision Outdoor Camping Waterproof

There is a note. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them at any time. Medium size is 11 * 5 * 6 inch, waist strap can adjust range from 28 to 50 inch, water bottle holder can accommodate a diameter of about 25 ounces. 2 extra shoulders straps, 3 ways to carry, and a waist back style. Does not include water bottle. The design includes a nylon, mesh, and organizable adjustment belt, dual water bottle holders, and three exterior front pockets to keep your stuff separate and organized. A lightweight waist pack is useful for carrying enough water and gear for a day hike, camping, cycling, fishing, etc. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee because they know you have options here, and they want to make your choice the easiest one. If their product does not meet your standards, they will give you a 12-month warranty and a 30 day refunds.

Brand: Bp Vision

👤My girlfriend accidentally pushed me into the creek while we were on a hike. It was accidental. Hmm... She says that. I put my wallet, car keys, phone, and other stuff in the pack. The pack was dry. I was wet. If your girlfriend likes to Accidentally shove it in the water, I highly recommend getting one.

👤The carrying system is really good. It would be great if it came in a desert tan. After a simple modification, it's very comfortable to wear. It fits 24 ounces. There is plenty of room to spare. The nylon wasit strap that I received was damaged. It's not sure if it will hold up for a lot of uses because nylon doesn't stop fraying. I made a simple modification to my suspenders to connect to the pack. I replaced the clips with zip ties so that the connection wouldn't jabbing points of contact. The clips can be easily snapped back into the buckle. This modification makes it easier to wear. I will probably update my review to report the progress of the nylon waist strap in the next few days. I don't know why I received one that was damaged. The seller sent me an additional pack after I posted my initial review free of charge. It is nice to see a seller who cares about their customer. Thank you for the good customer service.

👤I decided to use this as a short ride rig. I am a backpack kind of guy, but I went against my beliefs and bought a fanny pack, which I have never owned before. If you just want to dip into the pack, it's very good value. The realm is a 2L water bladder in the main compartment and has room for all trail essentials. One of the nylon straps blew a seam as I cinched it up on my first ride. It looked more decorative than functional. This is a testament to the cheap Chicom construction. I don't think it will last very long, but for $20, I can't complain. Not meant as a truehydration pack. The drinking tube is not apportioned while the bladder fits. I let it out of the main zip so that the tube can be clipped to the backpack strap. Again, not a dealbreaker. $20 is what you get. Some straps seem unnecessary. There is a bunch of nylon webbing all over the place, but a few seem unnecessary and functionless. There is a lot for "style" there. Overall, it's not terrible so far, but I doubt it will hold up to the intended use. I will replace a hip pack if I commit to it in the future. Henty, evoc, Source outdoor, etc. For lighter duty usage, this is not bad.

👤I was looking for something to take with me while birdwatching. This is what I was looking for. I thought it was bigger but it is not. I can pack my essentials while in the field. Very comfortable and not hot. The cross shoulder strap that comes with it is very comfortable and stable. I have other fanny packs that bounce around my waist. The nylon gear I have is not the toughest but it works. I would buy again. Please give me a positive click if you found this helpful.

11. Wise Owl Outfitters Waterproof Swimming

Wise Owl Outfitters Waterproof Swimming

Premium quality, not only waterproof but also durable, is offered by Tech Vendor. Their dry bag for phone and waterproof money belt keeps your valuables dry, protected, and accessible at all times. With their waterproof bag for phone and fanny pack, you can wear your phone, credit card, ID, and keys around your neck and waist without compromising on comfort. The waterproof fanny pack for men and women is puncture resistant and made with lightweight yet tough plastic and waterproof coating. It's accessible. Their waterproof pouch for swimming is small and can be taken anywhere, from the beach to your next boat trip. It is adjusted. Their water proof fanny pack is perfect for men and women of all shapes and sizes.

Brand: Wise Owl Outfitters

👤I'm pretty confident that the phone pouch and waist bag are waterproof after I destroyed two cameras in a storm. There is a definite learning curve to using these, and they could use some aesthetic improvements. I would give these 5 stars for doing the job, but 3 stars for ease of use and Aesthetics. The dial on the phone case is hard to turn on. The trick is to put a thumb nail under the lever portion of the dial. It is difficult to separate the two halves of the plastic top once you get the dial open, and if you stick a thumb nail into one of the small indents on the top of the other half, you can pull on the top cord loop. The two top halves have good air/water seals. The case can be hung around your neck or secured to your gear with a handy cord. The waist pack arrived closed so tightly that I couldn't figure out where it was. There are three zip-lock style closings that hold the bag securely closed. You roll/fold the top down and secure the hook/loop closure over that. I don't think water or sand is getting into this bag, it's very sturdy and has redundant closures. I would double check the heat welds before using. The waist strap has a plastic buckle that can be adjusted to fit. I wish they could have come up with a more attractive way to accomplish the task. The waist pack is pretty ugly. I don't think I'll wear it in public, but I will strap the bag to my kayak or backpack. The plastic nature of the item would be better explained by offering the same bag in any neon color.

👤This was bought for storing my wallet and keys. I haven't tested the phone case or fanny pack for water tightness yet, but it appears they will do the job. The pack is light and out of the way. It's easy to get used to the triple ziplock opening. The phone case is a bonus. I haven't noticed that the latches are hard to open. Maybe for long fingers and short nails? It's a little tricky to operate my touch screen through the plastic screen, but I can. I tried to shoot a photo with the plastic. The clear plastic distorts the image. I didn't buy it expecting to take photos through the plastic film, even though it will be a no go over time. It's nice to keep the phone around my neck for easy use, and know that it won't get drenched if I dive. The money is a great value.

👤I have purchased many products from WOO. I tried this product and didn't think twice. Their customer service has always been great. Our family has hammocks, picnic blankets, hammock chairs, under quilts, dry bags, and towels. The piece of lanyard that holds the clear plastic to the black bar fell out while I was in my kayak. I was able to locate the piece and put it back in. Fortunately. I've contacted the company three times but have not received a response. This is surprising to me based on my previous experience. I can't recommend this product because it's not as good as many of their other products.


What is the best product for fishing fanny pack waterproof?

Fishing fanny pack waterproof products from Bp Vision. In this article about fishing fanny pack waterproof you can see why people choose the product. Waterfly and Sinno are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing fanny pack waterproof.

What are the best brands for fishing fanny pack waterproof?

Bp Vision, Waterfly and Sinno are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing fanny pack waterproof. Find the detail in this article.

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