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1. Bassdash Assorted Including Streamers Terrestrials

Bassdash Assorted Including Streamers Terrestrials

The gift is great. The bass trout fishing gear comes with a waterproof box, a great gift for any beginner or addictive angler. Special for Father's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, and more. You can be excited about the premium items. The flies kit has Mayfly dries, Streamers, Leeches, Wet Flies, Terrestrials, and Miscellaneous dries. The pictures show detailed fly patterns and sizes. The flies are loaded in a quality fly box with a magnetic fastening. The flies included in this kit are the perfect tools for the job and are sure to get some attention, whether you are targeting bass, panfish, trout, or steelhead.

Brand: Bassdash

👤My first flies were a $10 set of ten dries off at a discount store. The files hold up well for where I got them and what I paid. Maybe it was a mistake. I bought this set to expand what I could fish, because all that came with was dries. I can't recommend this set for flies. If you want to learn something, find a cheaper starter set, if you will use them, find something better. The discount rack ones held up better. After a couple of fish, they were already coming apart. The streamers are garbage. I went through four before I stopped using them. One fell apart just by casting it. The act of stripping it through the water causes it to fall apart. There were only a few casts. The streamers were already coming apart after they were freed from the weeds. They had come apart after a few more casts. They had failed because not one fish, an hours use each, was used. I regret not having spent the money to get better flies from a quality source because I am not sure if my flies were a fluke or not. I used to buy flies on Amazon.

👤I was not sure if these were real midges. I used to go to my nearest fly shop and get a beer and trade bs. I head to the nearest creek as soon as I get the box of nymphs. The fish would strike when I got a good drift. I was able to try out a few different things. The product was well tied. It was difficult to stand up to the big Colorado brown and rainbows. My box of flies was broken and my only complaint is that. Several of it fell out of the box into the baggy. They were all there. The producer of this product is well-deserved.

👤I wanted to get an assortment of flies when I was on the water. The flies are all tied up nicely. The fly box is nice, but a little snug. Super glue is needed for one of the magnets that keeps the box closed. When I showed these flies to my friends who run a fly fishing guide company, they said they looked good, but there were no dry flies in this mix. I have a bunch of flies, but no dry flies. It would be a great kit if it came with dry flies.

👤I don't know what I'm doing with a fly reel. The flies look convincing and the case is pretty cool. The red pond caught me a fish on the first try. Is it luck? I got a bite but I am terrible at fishing.

👤The box has all of the basics that a beginner fly fisherman needs to get started. Some of the flies are not tied well and can fall apart after a few uses. It's a good value for practice so I can move up to trout from catching bluegill.

2. Woolly Fly Fishing Streamer Assortment

Woolly Fly Fishing Streamer Assortment

The single hook is about 15mm. 2 of each color are in size #8. Woolly Bugger Streamer Fly Fishing Flies. A beaded streamer fly pattern is tested by fly fishing guides. A classic streamer fly that is popular worldwide. Eco-friendly packaging is made with recycled fibers. American owned. The Fly Crate is based out of Pennsylvania.

Brand: The Fly Crate

👤They were purchased with the hope that they would be a good source for my files. They are well built and priced well. Looking forward to getting them wet. Something I would like to mention. There was a small note with the Wooley bugger collection, but they didn't advertise it. 2% of all sales are committed to their Healing Flies Program which is in partnership with a group I support. The programs help rehabilitate veterans. Being a part of it is truly amazing. I would have bought the files on their own.

👤The first time using a woolly bugger, it landed a couple of cutthroat. These were used from a kayak. It came with a couple of each color so I could try them out. I will continue to use them on the lake.

👤I have 888-282-0465 I am a new to the fly fishing scene. I have been able to detect the quality differences of flies, streamers, and nymphs in a short period of time. The best I have seen is the Wooly Bugger Trout Fly Fishing Streamer assortment from the Fly Crate. It arrived in a hard plastic container and the various tail streamers had no unnatural'memory' twists on the streamer tails. If you are looking for quality Wooly Bugger's, reasonably priced, and shipped in damage-free containers, look no further than the Fly Crate streamers. Bob Mazur.

👤Excellent quality. Hooks are very strong and sharp. The largemouth went nuts for it when I fish a black one for the first time. The other guys were confused about why the guy fishing with a bobber was catching more bass. It's strongly recommended to get some of these.

👤Great looking product. The flies were packaged with an info pamphlet and a sticker. The flies look amazing. I am pretty sure I can see some of the material in the flies, such as marabou, flash, thread wrap, bead, and bucktail. I like the quality of the flies. I can not wait to use them. The flies come from a small business and they support veterans.

👤I have not been able to try them out yet, but I think they are great quality. The fish are sure to get hit hard. A "match the hatch" guide is great for a beginner like me, as well as a nice sticker. My friend sent me a copy. I'll update when I get to take them out if they're as good as they look.

👤Today was a great day with these. I had six trout in 2 hours on a sunny November day in the CO mountains. Held up well. I was able to catch and release all day after removing the barbs.

👤I was very happy to order these. The fly's are made by a professional. I've been fly-fished. I will be ordering more flies from these people. You won't be sorry if you give them a try.

3. Outdoor Planet Premium Assortment Waterproof

Outdoor Planet Premium Assortment Waterproof

The box has 6 Compartments. Every fly box should have a collection of the best fish-catching fishing gear. Excellent fishing gifts for your favorite fisherman or angler. Hook sizes range from 10 to 18. The rope is tied on premium hooks. Try their other collections for premium flies at an affordable price.

Brand: Outdoor Planet

👤There is a good selection of flies. I got these for my brother inlaw so he could pick out the good ones. Good flies make up 10% of the population. It's likely that I'll keep them for myself. The grayling was slayed by a pattern. Only one pattern was used. This was a great start for my brother inlaw. They are good enough for the trout I catch.

👤Had it not taken so long to receive, it would have been five stars. It was sent from China but it is too long. Nice flies and a great value.

👤This was a gift for my husband. He was happy with the size of it and the variety of flies in it. He is a beginning fly fisherman.

👤I have lots of flies overseas, but not in the US. The flies were a nice set to take to the Rockies for trout fishing. The range of sizes and types was enough for my trip, with the exception of picking up a few lures. The box is strong.

👤My father in law just started fly fishing. The starter set is great.

👤It was great but be prepared to put all the pieces in case.

4. Flies Direct Pheasant Assortment Fishing

Flies Direct Pheasant Assortment Fishing

The single hook is about 15mm. Professionals take great pride in their craftsmanship. The flies are tied with high quality hooks.

Brand: Flies Direct

👤These flies have been fished by me since late summer. Primarily for sunfish, bluegills, red bellies and the like. I have caught bass and catfish using a dropper setup. The quality of the flies has been consistent the first few times I have ordered them. These flies have been put through the ringer fishing Georgia ponds and streams, as well as weeds and plants around me. The flies hold up well. Before the fly falls apart, I can average 5 to 10 fish. I ordered two packs of 12 because I plan on fishing trout in February. I got them Sunday after ordering them Friday. Really fast. The flies were tied up. I have purchased them before but they are not like the flies I received the first few times.

👤It seems to be tied well. Absolutely no red in mine. Exactly why I ordered them.

👤Great price. Good product. Never buy those 2 fly packs at a high price. The fly is made of a hock and wool feather.

👤It's used for fly fishing. A very small looking one.

👤Very poor made. Some didn't have beads. Others had glue on them and the bodies were twisted. They're going to throw it away. It would cost me a lot to send them back, and it would make me feel bad because I paid for them.

👤I've ordered this product several times and there is usually at least one fly in the batches that are already untied upon receipt.

👤Good quality. I caught my first fish with my new rod. I caught 4 fish. Looking forward to fishing.

5. Assorted Fishing Flies Waterproof Streamer

Assorted Fishing Flies Waterproof Streamer

It works great for all species. You can find a wide range of fly patterns that will catch trout on any trout water. Fly patterns that cover streamers, hopper, nymphs, stonefly and dry flies are included in the excellent kit. Hook sizes range from size 8 to size 18. The rope is tied on premium hooks. It's a great gift for fly fishermen.

Brand: Superbe Flies

👤I thought this was a great deal. The fly sizes range from huge to a few small, and the dry flies for trout are the worst. I've never caught anything using a bug they tried to create. All hooks are barbed, so much for catch and release. If you ask me, it's a bad deal to just go to the local fly shop and get a few Adams or your favorite dry flies.

👤A beginner package is not bad. The fly's aren't super durable.

👤I bought this for my husband as a Father's Day gift. There are lots of different size flies.

👤A great tool for fishing. I need more space to add to.

👤Good quality flies. Exceeded my expectations. To test them in the eastern sierras.

6. Grasshopper Fly Fishing Assortment Collection

Grasshopper Fly Fishing Assortment Collection

The size is 2.3*0.7 inches. Four easy to see fly fishing patterns. It's perfect for bank-breaking in the heat of summer. Excellent trout, bass or panfish flies. There are 12 flies and 3 each of four patterns. It's a great fishing gift.

Brand: The Fly Fishing Place

👤The attention to detail on the rubber legs was just so-so.

👤Quality and fast delivery are the same.

👤Great product! The bass, Blue gill and crappie love them!

7. Fishing Assortment 100pcs Streamer Steelhead

Fishing Assortment 100pcs Streamer Steelhead

The tackle box has an exquisite shape and is durable. For Christmas, Father's Day,Thanksgiving Day, and other special days, the complete fishing stuffs are a great gift. 100 pieces flies cover the greatest flies of all time. The chance of catching fish is big if you are a starter or just want to up your game. For catching trout, grayling and salmon, you have to target fish. The box is waterproof and easy to carry flies for days of fishing. Hand tied flies range from 6 to 18 inches in length. As the hook gets smaller, the size of the hooks increases. Fly fishing gift sets are the greatest gift.

Brand: Faisox

👤These are not high quality flies, but are a good option for beginners who are going to lose flies while learning how to fly fish. The woolly buggers have held up well for me. Some of the nymph have only been cast a few times.

👤These are great. My boyfriend loves them. He says they are the perfect size and made well. The rubber around the edge of the box keeps it from getting wet.

👤My nephew is learning to fly fish. This is a great starter set. Highly recommended.

👤I have not used them yet, but they look great and I think they will work.

👤I opened the box and found 2 jars of apple butter. It's so ridiculous.

👤These are flies that you can learn from. I just started fly fishing. I won't last long at 2 bucks per lesson learned. Excellent quality and variety. Can't beat em for the price.

👤Exactly as described. Love it!

👤These flies are very small.

8. Superbe Flies Essential Fishing Assortment

Superbe Flies Essential Fishing Assortment

There is limited availability at this price. Every fly box should have the guide's top priority. It's great for a variety of water conditions. Hook size is 12. The fly box is durable and blue for high contrast. A great gift is an affordable price.

Brand: Superbe Flies

👤The nymph patterns are tied on jig hooks that prevent the bottom from sliding. It's great for Czech nymph rigs. It's good to target many trout and panfish. They produce strikes when they are combined with a heavy dropper. It's strong enough to hold onto fish and remain tied. The barbless hooks offer an advantage. Providing less stress to the people who have been released. The fly assortment was delivered in a short time. The fly box was pre-packaged. Blue silicone enhances color contrast. Which makes fly changing faster while fishing.

👤Excellent value. Good quality flys and a great case.

👤It was in time for the fly fishing excursion. There is a good assortment of flies.

👤I received a fly box with no flies and no way to contact the seller, but the description says 24 flies and case, which is basically 35 dollars for a 5 dollar case.

👤The hooks are meant for smaller fish. The loops are small to fit the 20 pound line.

👤Better than I anticipated. The flys are tied in a great water proof box.

👤There is a nice assortment of flies. Nice packaging.

9. Fishing 114Pcs Handmade Streamers Assortment

Fishing 114Pcs Handmade Streamers Assortment

The pack has a high-viz lining and can accommodate multiple fly and/or small tackle boxes. The quality is high. A great gift for a fisherman. The Hooks are strong enough to catch big fish. There are mixed colors. Bright color can attract more fish. It is possible to be fished in various conditions. 50Pcs/Box.6 Mixed Styles. The Fly Box is large.

Brand: Handwork

👤They look like insects.

👤It was as advertised. The quality is high. Thanks.

10. FlyDeal Fishing Flies Top Selling

FlyDeal Fishing Flies Top Selling

Try their other collections for premium flies at an affordable price. There are 36 trout flies and 12 guide-proven patterns. High Carbon Steel Hooks are Sharpened. Premium materials such as Whiting Hackle are hand-tied. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. There is limited availability at this price.

Brand: Flydeal Fishing Flies

👤There is a nice selection of flies. If you've been fishing for trout for a long time, you probably already have most of them, but it was a great way to build out a new fly box. The flies are on the big side for the North East. If you're mainly fishing eastern streams, you'll want to supplement with some smaller dries as well.

👤Awesome! I received them yesterday. I decided to order a bunch of fly fishing gear to chase down some brookies after years away from fly fishing and tying. I thought I could tie good flies back in the day, but after seeing the cost of getting them and the time it takes to get them, I would rather spend my time fishing. The flies came in small boxes. All were perfect. There is a spot on for hackle and tail length. Perfectubbing and wings. I'm pretty picky when it comes to these things and I was expecting something decent. I have no doubt that these will work out great, they are exactly what I was looking for. I have only written one other review for a product I liked. I have to like something to do that.

👤I was impressed with the quality. The hardest challenge I have is tying my own flies and standing them up evenly. The wings are all perfect. It's a good deal when I'm short on time and need flies. Good Metz neck hackle can be expensive.

👤This is what you need if you want to cover the basic bases of dry fly fishing and also when you want to establish a dry fly box. The quality is up to par and the value for money is better than store bought products.

👤It was well made. Good stuff. Local fish are stupid.

👤I didn't have room for all of them in my fly box, this is a nice assortment of flies.

👤The quality of these flies was very good. I would highly recommend them because they are very well made.

👤I am blown away by the quality of the flies in this assortment. I will be looking at this company and building up a huge assortment of quality flies for less than what I would pay at my local store.

11. Bassdash Assortment Streamers Assorted Steelhead

Bassdash Assortment Streamers Assorted Steelhead

American owned. The Fly Crate is based out of Pennsylvania. The flies in this collection are some of the most realistic flies to be found and include: Zebra Midge, Beadhead Hares Ear, Rubber Leg Copper John, Copper John, Parachute Mayfly Dry, Adams Dry Winged, and Humpy Red Belly. Refer to the main pictures for the detailed fly patterns. Each fly is tied to a high-carbon hook with a chemically sharpened Egg Sucking Crystal Leech. The flies kit is loaded in a waterproof fly box.

Brand: Bassdash

👤The flies are well made and not bad for the price. If you are fishing in a place where barbless only hooks are allowed, you will need to pinch them down with pliers. The flies are large so if you fish smaller fish in some rivers like I did, they won't really be attracted to them. I don't know how they would work in larger waters with bigger fish. I am sure they would be fine.

👤These flies are flying. It was great to have barbless out of the box. I tied one and found that it had never been cut. They forgot to cut the hook and it is flat. I had to change it. Some of the hooks are bent. I don't think they can land a big fish. Between that and getting some thst, it was completely flat and uncut. I can't recommend them to anyone. Some of them have their eyes filled in. It still sucks.

👤They have been built well and have lasted a while. There are a lot of patterns. I had the best luck with the smaller ones.

👤The price for barbless flies is very low. These fly are a great starter set that won't break the bank and will get you wet.

👤Poor quality flies. Don't waste your money. BigYfly company was great quality at a great price.

👤It's great for those sites. Thanks for the fast shipping.

👤I used the beadheads and great fly on my way to the rainbow trout fishery.

👤Fliegen-Set rundherum ist gute. Gutet Qualit, fachlich. Die Muster ist die Fischen berzeugt.

👤The box of flies needs to be tested in the water.

👤Not perfect flies. You will get what you paid for.

👤This is a great deal. Flies are of good quality.

👤The flies work and the price is good.


What is the best product for fishing flies assortment trout?

Fishing flies assortment trout products from Bassdash. In this article about fishing flies assortment trout you can see why people choose the product. The Fly Crate and Outdoor Planet are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing flies assortment trout.

What are the best brands for fishing flies assortment trout?

Bassdash, The Fly Crate and Outdoor Planet are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing flies assortment trout. Find the detail in this article. Flies Direct, Superbe Flies and The Fly Fishing Place are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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