Best Fishing Float Tube Rod Holder

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1. CLIO Fishing Portable Stand Off Bracket

CLIO Fishing Portable Stand Off Bracket

It's a great way to use space. The quality is high. Fishing Pole Racks made of Environmentally friendly construction are lightweight and durable for freshwater and saltwater. The fishing rod rack is about 26 x 5 cm and has a single holder designed to lock in most fishing rods. Attaching the 4 x Rod Holders with 8 x Nuts and 16 x Screws on the deck of your boat ship or Yacht is easy. The fishing holder is useful. The fishing rod holders end the tedious task of holding the rod. The nylon ring damping in the installation nuts can prevent the screw from being loosened.

Brand: Clio

👤They were bought to add to a kayak crate. Good quality, very sturdy. Comes with something.

👤The order came in fast, but the nuts sent with the bolts do not fit, so I am left to look for the proper sized nuts at a hardware store. It pisses me off that I have to put together a project and find out the product is not good. It's most likely china for quality control. If you put the right parts in the right bag, you won't get Hated to give this product one star.

👤Excellent. It is attached to my kayak tackle crate.

👤I ordered the black rod holder because I wanted a different color than the white ones I usually buy at the store. It's also cheaper. The plastic feels solid. Nothing to complain about and will install soon!

👤It is sturdy enough to hold a large spinning rod and is attached to my bait cooler. A good product at a good price.

👤The rod holders are sturdy and a good price point. They can be mounted vertically or horizontally pending on how you want to use them. My boat has a net on it. Good purchase and good work.

👤I put the holders inside the milk basket and it looks great so far. They would have been too long for this, so I didn't use any of the screws. Ty-Raps worked perfectly. If I don't like this set up, I can change it. Didn't bring this on a boat yet.

2. Sea Dog 325038 1 Side Mount Holder

Sea Dog 325038 1 Side Mount Holder

The cart is 28.74" W x 41.85" L x 37.8" H. Every unit has detailed instructions with guided Infographics. If you need additional support, please contact them. Injection molded. Only the display packaging has the four #8 bolts.

Brand: Sea Dog Line

👤The value of the rod mount is what the five stars are for. I am not using this to hold a fishing rod yet. I saw the idea on the board I saw this idea for a flashlight mount while building a camping trailer. A person used a fishing rod mount to hold a flashlight. I could have purchased a single mount. The price for the 3 mounts was less than the single mount, so I decided to go with the 3 mounts. I cut off a mount with a hacksaw. I will put this on the trailer. The Maglite fits perfectly. I kept the slots with the mount to hold tools. I have 2 more Rod mounts that I can use for a flashlight, fishing rod, or other tool. These mounts are great for a few bucks.

👤It was perfect for my needs. The pontoon is not designed for fishing. No rod holders, seats facing backwards, etc. I use it for fishing and wanted the rod holders. I was on board with permanently attaching these because my wife was against it. I came up with a design using the Taylor Made Pontoon Boat Rail Fender Hanger/Adjusters and some machine screws. Made two of them. It works perfectly.

👤Sea Dog is a three pole side mount rod holder. It's okay. The black version was higher than the white one, but I like it for its price. All kayakers plan to mount it on milk cartons. I made a pole light that will sit with a flag and led light on top, so that I could take up the middle position. I like it.

👤A good pole holder. It was mounted in 15 minutes. I keep 3 poles next to the helm of my bass boat so I can get to it quickly. Good value at a budget price.

👤I bought this for my husband to use. It was easy to install. He has his fishing gear ready to go.

👤I ziptied this to a milk crate and used it as a pole holder for surf fishing. My friends laugh and then have to hold their pole in their hand while I am free from my hands.

👤The hole pattern of the rod holder is similar to the hole pattern of the screw hole holder. There was no need for additional drilling. Finding the perfect match was a pleasure, we're not averse to drilling fiberglass boats full of holes.

👤The provided hardware isn't enough to secure the Rod holder to the cooler when loaded with rods. The cooler was ripped off by the rod holder. The screws will be replaced with nuts/bolts.

3. Hoffen Wall Mounted Stainless Holder Fishing

Hoffen Wall Mounted Stainless Holder Fishing

It's possible to store more rods in a smaller space by holding your rod and reels in a criss-cross manner. Made of marine grade steel. Easily mounted to a wall, yacht or boat. Excellent for where a flush mount rod holder can't be installed. Thelysis face is used to match today's modern watercraft. The innovative design of the rod holder uses a stick to locate the rod butt and allow water to escape.

Brand: Hoffen

👤These are not something I would trust to hold my rods while on the water. The rods are loose and will bang into each other when they are underway. I only use Gimbal rods now to mount my bait table on the back of my boat or to get rods off the deck while I am anchored up.

👤If you're looking for a cheap set of rod holders, don't expect the same quality as a $250 set, I came in a cardboard box with no wrapping and these will work. The first thing you will notice is that you can grab the 2 outside holders and twist the whole thing, the brackets are thinner and cheaper, and once they are mounted on the boat with some bolts there was no more issue with flexing or warping. They have held there finish very well after about a month of saltwater spray. I would recommend someone who isn't looking for the best name brand or highest quality rod holders to save some money.

👤This is a really nice looking product that is worth the extra$15 because it will last a couple years in the sun. This one will last a long time. It arrived on time. It would be nice to have 4 1 inch marine quality screws with it. I had to find some.

👤I use the Gorilla Cart to transport my fishing gear from the shop to the dock and onto the boat. It is easy to make a mount that the Rod holders attach to.

👤You get what you pay for. Rod holders are not deep enough. On a light chop, the poles will fly out. They need bungee cords to hold them in. There are no bolts or screws with it. It's cheap.

👤The steel is very thin. The rack that the rod holders are welded to is very thin and has bent edges on the top and bottom that appear to be made for a track to slide in, but there is no male track that comes with it, so it does not mount flush to a wall or flat surface. I spent more money on the holders than the square metal ones did to make them sturdy. Not worth the money or trouble.

👤I installed 3 of them in my pontoon boat to keep the poles organized while I was on the lake. They were easy to install and I have not had any issues with them. I would definitely recommend these.

👤I mounted 2 of these in the front of my boat to hold my Bass rods.

4. Hitorhike Fishing Universal 360 Degree Adjustment

Hitorhike Fishing Universal 360 Degree Adjustment

We value the quality of their products. They provide a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. The Universal Fit is: Fit spinning reels, fly reels, boat reels, baitcaster reels. It can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. The mount doesn't fit to the square tube. You don't need to drill holes if you just screw the rail mount together. The rail is always new, so you can easily move to a different spot. The high impact resistance, eco-friendly material, and anti-corrosion guarantee is made possible by the use of du Pont. There is aSIDE PACK. There are accessories in the mounts. RISK-FREE PURCHASE: A 120-day money back guarantee and a 3-year warranty are offered by them. Buy with confidence.

Brand: Hitorhike

👤This was installed on my Pelican Ultimate 100. I had to go to the hardware store to get shorter screws. At my store, the screws are M6 Metric, which is quite a bit more expensive. The next size down was too loose because the next size was too large to fit in the holes of the mount. It was easy to install, looks nice, and works as it's supposed to. If you want to set the pole in the cabin and have the top rest there, it has a little notch at the top. The screw issue caused me to remove one star. It would have been hard for the screws to fit in a sit-in kayak.

👤I thought a rod holder was a rod. I buy a lot of rod holders when I am on a charter boat because I like fresh and salt water. Twelve years. These rod holders are very strong. The Engineering & Design is better than anything I have seen before. I will get more. It will look good on any boat.

👤I wanted to put a couple more rod holders on my boat, so I bought these. I was very happy to see the product out of the box. It seemed like a good quality. It mounted very easily and seemed secure. The rodholder flipped and my rod flew off to the bottom of the water. If that is the case, it would be a 10 lbs fish. Was fishing close to the shore. The inside is made of plastic ridges. It's not just the money you spend on the holder that's at risk. I lost a rod and reel. The second one was used to hang a flag on the back of the boat. A small flag. The first broke about 5 minutes after the second one.

👤This is a high quality rod holder. I was trying to decide between this holder and the generic ones on Amazon. I'm very happy that I used this holder. The price difference is almost nothing and this holder is better than the no brand holders. This holder is large as well. It feels very rugged. It has a rod lock feature that will prevent a rod from being yanked out of the holder and a back stop feature that will allow you to place your rod at different depths in the holder. The holder mount that comes with the holder is fine for most applications, but you can also purchase different style holder mounts for a wide variety of applications. It's a nice rod holder. There is no reason to use the no brand holders when you can get this one.

👤I was fooled by the title description, but it was wrong. If you chose the x2 Rod holder kit, they will send you 2 rod holders with no mounts, so you can't do anything with them. I contacted multiple agents who told me I was stupid and I didn't buy mounts. I had to buy more mounts because I was screwed. This would be a great product if they changed the description. The quality of the rod holders is good, but they don't do anything if you can't mount them.

5. Scotty Holder Side Deck Mount

Scotty Holder Side Deck Mount

Great. For use on boats. It can be made in the USA or imported. The fly rod holder has a deck or side mounting brackets. The innovative design allows hands free fishing. A safety strap is included. The locking post is included.

Brand: Scotty

👤This is a good product, but doesn't work as well as I would have hoped with a few fly reels. I have a couple of 5-weights that I use and they don't have the extra butt end that the larger rods have. The cork is sticking out the back of the larger rod. There is no cork on my 5-weights. It's important because it means that the rod is wiggling around more with a 5 weight, which I found to be a little annoying. I wouldn't put my expensive rod/reel in here because I would be afraid of scratching it or damaging it after setting it in the mount. It's better than nothing, but I think there are better designs in the future.

👤It doesn't work. This is a tool I use to scratch my head. I don't understand all the positive reviews. Good luck holding any flyrod that doesn't have the fighting butt on it. If you hook a fish with a rod that is loose, you will be worried about its demise. It is too loose and rickety. It only pivots up and down. It was worthless from the beginning. Will be coming back.

👤This is a quality made product. It's perfect when I need to put the reel down to free up my hands while fly fishing from my kayak. I don't have to worry about stepping on or tripping over the rod. This item will not be missed.

👤I have used this product for many years and bought another to fit an additional rod in my raft. The design is second to none and the quality is excellent. I like the different types of mounting arrangements. I decided to stay with Scotty.

👤The rod holder had no instructions. There is no picture of how to mount it. There isn't a suggestion of how you might mount the base, despite it having 4 holes that take bolts. I found out by myself that Scotty makes and sells various mounts. You can do an Amazon search for "Scotty boat deck hardware". The seller should mention this requirement in the ad so that people like me don't have to wait another few days for the rest of the kit.

👤I am very pleased with the holder I bought. The rubber lock will no longer hold tight after 10 trips. I don't know if it will be safe until I come up with another fastening. But still 5 starts.

👤I bought a second Scotty Fly Rod holder. It is so much easier to fish when I am alone in the boat. The fly rod holder has worked well and I have not had any problems with it. I am happy with this product. You can install the deck mount in 2 different positions with the 241 side deck mount. The reviewer thought the rubber part of the rod holder could break and the rod holder wouldn't work. The rubber part of the rod holder is only used for transporting the rod in an upright position in the boat. The fly rod holder has nothing to do with the rubber part. The instructions that came with the product explain this. The fly rod holder is only used for transportation of the rod while in the boat, and the rubber part is not used for anything else.

6. Bekith Adjustable Powerlock Holder Finish

Bekith Adjustable Powerlock Holder Finish

The set includes a combo mount. Rod holders can be adjusted up and down. The tension knob is loaded with spring. It is stable because of the steel hardware. There is multi-positional mounting. The ring is locked. It can be detached if you don't use it.

Brand: Bekith

👤The first picture shows this on my kayak. It shows the flush mount facing up, instead of having to drill and mount the base flush. I didn't want to use them on my kayak. If I drill a hole to flush mount this on my kayak, without the rod holder in place, it will allow water to drain through the flush mount inside my sit on top. I was hoping to use the mount upside down with the tall end pointing up, but I am thinking about glueing something to the bottom of the flush mount.

👤When the first holder snapped, Garbage lost one rod and reel, but learned from that mistake and tied a rope around the other one. I was able to get my pole and fish back, but my friend's rod and reel are still attached to his boat at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. If you like your fishing poles, I'd pass them on.

👤I plan to do a lot of fishing, and these fit the bill. Maybe not strong enough for saltwater fishing. I believe they will work for bass and crappie fishing in local lakes. I don't like the fact that they are only vertically made. It was easy to fix with a round file. There is a raised portion inside the base that the shaft fits into. It is locked horizontally once it is in place. If you want to raise the holder up out of the base, you can do it by rotating it to the desired position and then dropping it back down. I have to think that it was an oversight. I haven't used them on my boat yet. I don't think there will be any issues with them.

👤Great price! You can't buy one of these in any store for this price, they are all the same quality and design. They work as they are supposed to. There are 6 rails across the back of my troller. I haven't lost one of the locking teeth that hold it in the base yet. They stay in the slot when they run fast over waves. The locking teeth make angle adjustability not infinite. Hard and durable. They come with both the rail mount and surface mount. I would buy more if I had more rails.

👤One of the holders was broken when it was received. The plastic they use is brittle and unforgiving. I removed some of the old rod holder mounts and they were more like a hard rubber. The cylinder where you insert the rod has sharp flashings on some of the edges which immediately started shaving cork off my rod handle. These are designed for long rods. I fish with light and ultra lite rods and the butt end of the handle isn't long enough to catch the lower end of the holder. One of the mounting screws had an unusablePhillips slot so it wouldn't work with aPhillips driver, and the screws were as small as they could get away with. I made it work because I am a McGuyver type. They are easy to position and mount, and seem to be durable enough for my use. I wouldn't want any fish over a few pounds. I keep them because I am cheap. I filed off the flashing c. I made a ring of sorts by wrapping gorilla tape around the lower end of the holder. Did I say I am cheap?

7. NovelBee Plastic Holder Side Mount Fishing

NovelBee Plastic Holder Side Mount Fishing

Most fishing rods have a single slot for pole holders. The rod holder is made of plastic. PP. Rod holder's overall height is 12:1. The rod holder has a length of 12-3/4". The inner diameter of the rod tube is 1-3/4". mounting screws included

Brand: Novelbee

👤It's easy to install and seem well made.

👤They hold your fishing poles.

👤Does what it is supposed to do.

8. JSHANMEI Fishing Holder Kayak Rotating

JSHANMEI Fishing Holder Kayak Rotating

Rod holder can be adjusted to 32 different angles, easy to install, and includes bolts. The fishing rod holder makes it easier to hold the rod when fish are slow to bite. The design is light and easy to install. It folds nicely to take up less space. It has high impact resistant heavy duty ABS. The degree of adjustment is very variable. Rail mounted or surfaced can be used. It's great for boats or kayaks. Includes hardware made of steel.

Brand: Jshanmei

👤Absolutely unacceptable quality. The holder needs to be tight enough to keep it in position. I lost a brand new rod and real last night. The rod slid out into 40 feet of water when the rod holder tilted all the way down. They were bought on July 9th. I have never used them before. I tested the other 3 I bought at the same time after I lost my rod and reel. They didn't need any pressure to tilt down. Junk. The cost of the rod and reel is not included. There is junk.

👤The rod holder is not bad. I would not put my most expensive rod in the holder, but it works for my kids rods. You have to crank the knob to get it to stay in a certain position. If you have a big fish bite and the drag on your reel isn't very loose, you will lose your rod and fish. A bite from a 3lb cat made it bend down and almost had the rod slide out.

👤If you want a legit product with zero risk of failure, then get the Scotty Brand, it's just a legit product that you really want. The ones I used on my dinghy wouldn't fit into the bench seat or the transom without curving out all over the place. You would think that my transom was tight and snug, but it couldn't hold a rod, so how strange. The trash was returned with a bad smell. Garbage, sorry landfill.

👤I bought this for myself. I don't have a way of mounting attachment. It was mounted well. The rod holder slides into a hole on the mount, either mine was faulty or there was no locking position to keep it in the mount. When I lifted my pole out of the holder, it fell and is lost, because it was mounted behind me. I love the mount and wish the holder was better, but it turned out to be a waste of money.

👤Don't buy these if you are going to save money. There is a I have to spend more money for other things. These don't hold in any way. Weak WEAK.

👤You get what you pay for. Absolutely garbage! If you don't tighten the knob, they won't stay locked in place. One rod lost because of these rod holders.

👤They don't lock in place, and when you mount to a rail, you stand a good chance of losing your fishing rod.

9. TIHOOD Rack Replacement Accessories Tournament Trolling

TIHOOD Rack Replacement Accessories Tournament Trolling

It is versaTILE. It is not recommended to carry rifles, shotguns, bows, fishing rods, shovels, and other gear and tools on ice. The inlet diameter is 2.4 It is easy to install and remove. The plastic is durable and resistant to the harsh marine environment. If you have a problem with their products, please contact them.

Brand: Tihood

👤These are not 12 inches tall. They're barely 11 inches and won't match the ones you're looking to replace. The plastic has a coarse texture that will stain. I recommend the brand on Amazon. The 12 inches are made from a smooth shiny UV stable polyethylene that is more suitable for a boat. One of the pairs I received was missing its hardware and had been repackaged. I wouldn't use them for a boat, but I will re-purpose them on a dock.

👤It is simple and easy to use. These fit well in my built-in rod holders. The built-in rod holders are too big and sloppy to be installed without them.

👤Size is off. It's not the size I was looking for. The holes didn't fit my mounts. I would give it one star. I could use it for a different project, but they advertised a different size.

👤Good quality rod holders. I put on my ute to carry rods. It works well.

👤This is what I wanted and it comes with the hardware. It looks good and should not have any problems.

👤I bought these to use on my boat. They are sturdy and easy to put on my fishing box. Would purchase again.

👤I put my milk crate on the back of my bike.

10. Fishing Holder Holds Stainless Steel

Fishing Holder Holds Stainless Steel

It's great for boats or kayaks. Includes hardware made of steel. Gimbal pin rod. Solid construction, no moving parts. There were no sharp edges on the rolled top and bottom.

Brand: Hoffen

👤I don't have enough rod holders. The fishing plan on the bay varies depending on the conditions. I like to have a variety of rods ready to use. I installed them on the sides of my center console. The console came from the original manufacturer. My rod capacity was doubled by adding these. The welded steel is good and the price is right. The construction of these rod holders is made of steel that is holding up well, and I've made many trips to the FL Keys. I'm happy with these and so far they're serving my needs well.

👤I have installed these rod holders on my boats. Their price is competitive with the plastic versions and they are chromed and metal. I simply purchased a length of flatbar and welded a brackets to each side, and slid the flatbar in from the side, with 2 self-tapping screws to hold it in place. Great product!

👤It was very nice looking. If you plan on fishing on the bridge, you may want to put a third bolt through the middle. I have used it a few times and the middle is not a big deal.

👤The rod holder is useless. The sockets are not deep enough to seat the reels and the grooves to seat the reels are missing. The rails are not as good. It's possible to cut out the pegs from the sockets to get rods to seat deeper. I will probably try that. I wish I had not bought this product.

👤I installed them on my aluminum jonboat almost two years ago and they still look like new, because I bolted them right on to the boat. I'm impressed!

👤Works well. Sturdy. I wanted something to hold my rods on the patio. I want to catch a fish sandwich. Pick up my rod and walk over to the pond. Doesn't get any better than that.

👤The seller was right about the shipping issue and had no issues. The item is a little lighter than I expected, which will help when mounting to a pontoon fence.

👤I was expecting thin, flimsy metal, but these are far from that. It was very heavy duty. I'll be mounting these to my hitch rack for trips to the coast. Will be buying more.

👤It was functional and exactly as advertised.

👤It's handy for fishing rod storage. It was put on the stern of my boat. On hot summer days, a large patio umbrella could be held.

👤No problem, holds 4 down rigger rods.

11. DSHE Fishing Holder Pieces Yacht

DSHE Fishing Holder Pieces Yacht

The VIVOSUN collapsible folding wagon has a compact design that makes it convenient to carry around in your garden and it folds to fit in one hand. Environmentally friendly construction. The inlet diameter is 2.4” and the height is 12. FETURES: Boat fishing rod holders could be used for freshwater and saltwater, as well as being lightweight and durable. The package includes 2 pieces of single rod holder tubes with screws and nuts for easy mounting on the deck of your boat. It is easy to install and remove. Most fishing rods have a single slot for pole holders.

Brand: Dshe

👤The product is the same as advertised. I put the rod holder on the bucket so that I could carry my fish. I wish the 2 mounting stand-offs were longer so I didn't have to use an extra block to extend the rod holder out for clearance of the bucket.

👤It works perfectly on the blackpak. After installation, cut the screws shorter.

👤Great product, fast shipping. They last for a couple of years per plastic in Florida.

👤Not bad. The plastic is cheap and the holes are spread apart.

👤I ordered the twin holders and used them to hold the shelf. Would work on a cooler.

👤The holders will work when using longer screws.

👤I got what I ordered. I got what was promised, but I was afraid I'd get a different color. Good quality.

👤The rod holders were very helpful and for the price you can't really ask for more, will purchase again for another boat.


What is the best product for fishing float tube rod holder?

Fishing float tube rod holder products from Clio. In this article about fishing float tube rod holder you can see why people choose the product. Sea Dog Line and Hoffen are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing float tube rod holder.

What are the best brands for fishing float tube rod holder?

Clio, Sea Dog Line and Hoffen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing float tube rod holder. Find the detail in this article. Hitorhike, Scotty and Bekith are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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