Best Fishing Float Tube with Motor

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1. Attwood 14366 6 Heavy Duty Connectors Receptacle

Attwood 14366 6 Heavy Duty Connectors Receptacle

The dimensions are 42 x 42 x 25 inches. You can use a lounge chair in your backyard if you feel adventurous. 6 inch long wire harnesses. Both easy installation and all-weather dependability are ensured by advanced design. The female receptacle has a face plate for convenient mounting. The wires have handles on them. Attwood products are built with a never-fail attitude and are compatible and reliable.

Brand: Attwood

👤The plug is supposed to be the boat side of the plug, but it appears to be a female end, which is what you would want for the hot side of the plug. When you open the cover, you have two bare posts that are a half inch apart, not what you would want on your hot side of the plug. I was about to go on a trip when I was about to wiring it up. I will re-wire the hole at the end of the season. I contemplated wiring it backwards. There are better products out there.

👤The included photo of the other component for these plug kits is relevant to purchasing either part because they are the same when installed. While the wire gauge on these plug kits will hold the Amp load of a large output motor, the problem lies in the connector terminals. They aren't nickel plated and that surface layer of oxidation will create resistance, which creates heat. I only got out of this plug for about a year before the heat began to distort the plastic and I started getting intermittent connections. A 60 Amp manual circuit breaker is the best solution for removing the motor circuit from the battery. You need to be able to trip the breaker manually before you charge your battery. There is no current backfeed into the motor. If you're pulling 55 Amp full load, you will eventually have to replace this one for the same reason I did.

👤I got a male plug. I didn't check it before I installed it. I have it wired up. It's the wrong one. The labor, wire, and connectors were thrown away.

👤I got a new motor with a quick release mount, which makes it easy to remove it. The old motor was wired to a switch and battery, which would have made it difficult to remove the new motor. The wires were run through the same hole that I used to install this in the boat. I wired the male plug to the motor. Plug in and go, or remove the motor, is very easy, and much more secure than storing the motor indoors in the elements.

👤You need to mount this plug in a location that is easy to access. If you mount vertically, you have a better chance of not accidentally cutting the plug or the weight of the motor wire, which can be a nucance.

👤The motor is in the bow of my boat. There is no o-ring or gasket on the cover which allows saltwater spray to enter in small amounts. It's not a big deal if I rinse it and apply it.

👤This female is not a female. You should show it to the other person. It should be called male because it has two male pens. That's the reason I had to send it back.

👤It was easy to install. Look closely at the pictures. I think they call the male plug female and the female plug male. To be safe, do what I did.

2. AIRHEAD AHDL 4 Bungee Dockline Feet

AIRHEAD AHDL 4 Bungee Dockline Feet

The perfect gift for groomsmen. The kit includes fishing pliers, fishing scissors, and fishing lip ripper. The fishing tools are a great gift. If there is a problem with the fishing pliers kit, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they will give you the best solution. Absorbs shock to boats, docks, cleats, pylons and other hardware. The Bungee cord is hidden inside the rope. Two foam floats protect the boat from sliding and chafing. It's recommended for docking boats up to 4,000 pounds. Tensile strength is 2,150 pounds. The length is 4 feet in length.

Brand: Airhead

👤These are great. We thought we'd try them after seeing another boater use them. I love how easy they are to use. The 4 ft size is perfect. They are 5ft. It's easy to get in and out of our boat if we keep it close to the dock. Highly recommended!

👤The elastic ropes are great. They provide convenience that you can't get from a standard rope and we have used them two summers now. The process of docking the boat involves slipping the looped end over a pole or cleat on the dock. They have kept the boat tied up. They are big fans of the product and we recommended them to our friends.

👤I ordered four new Airhead dock lines because they had become weathered. Three are on time. I was attaching it to my boat and it came apart. If you want to purchase a boat or other item, you should test them before you make a decision. Before using them, give them a strong tug. I might have damaged my boat if I hadn't discovered the problem.

👤I bought several of the dock lines. These work well. Several people went to the marina to get them after seeing them on my boat. I have a bayliner. I have been using them for a few months and they are holding up well, but I will have to replace them next season. All the boats get thrown around a bit when I keep the boat in a huge freshwater lake. We have eye hooks on my dock. I went out and bought heavy duty spring hooks to make it easier. It's easy to attach and detach from the dock. When we go to a dock and dine restaurant, they all have cleats so I just hook onto them. Either way it works. The things are great for my boat. If you have a boat that is in the upper 20's. The standard dock lines are what I would stick with.

👤I don't know why these had a lot of good reviews. They're useless. Getting in and out of a boat is dangerous because they don't hold it snug to the dock. When there is a wave motion, the loops slip off the dock cleats. It's difficult to tie them shorter to the cleat because there isn't enough room on the dock cleat. The only positive thing to say about these is the quality of the material. I have a loop on one end of the dock lines. It's snug to the dock and just as quick to tie. Don't spend your money on a stunt.

👤These things are loud. If you tie off to the dock, you don't have to worry about your boat floating away from the dock. They hold tight even in rough water, and with the bungie they give a little wiggle room, but not too much, where you can't get in. I got the 4ft and the 6ft but ended up buying another 4 foot because the 6 is too big, if you have a really big boat then maybe the 6 would work. If it's anything like mine, get the 4 footer.

3. MOOCY Marine Stainless Fishing Anchors

MOOCY Marine Stainless Fishing Anchors

To get the best results, be sure to inflate the inner tube to the full diameter outside. The stop and start method can be used to prevent bulging. This float can be used to keep accessories afloat when dropped and to prevent accessories from getting lost when kayaking. The size of the buoy is approx. Rope diameter: Approx. The width is 4.7mm / 3/16". It is very easy to carry. A good accessory for a boat. The clips, nylon cord and foam buoy are durable. Attach one clip to your belt and the other to your box, pliers, and accessories, and you're good to go.

Brand: Moocy

👤I used this to leave in my pond for the summer to hook my floats and lilies. I put a cinder block in the bottom of the pond and left a lot of rope over. It has lasted all summer. It is now a very light yellow. I am glad that it doesn't stick out in my pond anymore. I was looking for a great value and it was exactly what I got.

👤I will give it a five star review because it works for what it was made for. If you have little children in your pool with arm floaty's on, it doesn't matter if they are in the shallow end or the deep end because they are floating around on top of the water. They don't know the difference from their perspective. It made this kind of annoyance to be in the pool and only get in their way. It does work.

👤This is a great way to secure a kayak or a paddle board. It's not useful for anchoring, securing, or towing any kind of boat. The line is too small. I shortened it so it's the perfect tether for my paddleboard.

👤It wasn't used for what it was intended for. Instead it was used as a dump line. The strength of the deploy rope size really needed due to my lack of experience with drift socks. May work with small drift socks and small watercraft. I have a 56" drift sock and it works well as a dump line.

👤I use it with my anchor. It's easy to attach to my Canoe. The rope is of good quality. I have not seen any wear on the rope since I used it most of the summer. Good purchase.

👤I need this because I hope to fish from the drift socks I bought for my new kayak. I don't have the time to make everything, but I could easily make a version for next to nothing.

👤Product was packaged and arrived on time. The quality of the product was good.

👤It was a good price and looks like it will work just fine for what I want, but I'm not sure if it's the same as the ones for sale here. It's thin, you wouldn't want to tow a large boat with it.

👤I bought it for my gf to anchor my paddle board so she can Sun tan.

👤The float does a great job of keeping the line out of the water.

4. Intex Seahawk 3 Person Inflatable Aluminum

Intex Seahawk 3 Person Inflatable Aluminum

? Air valve replacement is applicable for inflatable boats, kayak, airbed, canoe, pool raft, rubber dinghy, etc. The Seahawk 3 inflatable boat is great for making your boating experience exciting and entertaining. The boat has an inflatable I-beam floor for rigidity and is designed with heavy duty puncture resistant PVC for comfort. 3 people Adding to the Seahawk 3 boat set is a high-output pump and two quick-fill, fast-deflate Boston valves. The dimensions are 9'8" x 4'6" x 1'5". The maximum weight capacity is 790 lbs.

Brand: Intex

👤I've been using the Seahawk 2's for years. They leak a little. For the price and convenience, they are great little boats. I can row far in these boats and I can row fast. I usually row about 5 miles while fishing. They do not tip over. There are some helpful hints. Buy a better pair of oars. I got a pair of oars from Intex for $16 2 years ago. The pump it comes with is pretty good, but you have to get a Coleman rechargeable pump. Make a seat. With no seat, you will slump down a bit. I put a seat on top of the cushion life preserver. Very comfortable. You will sit up higher. 4. I made a platform for storage. It's very helpful for a small cooler of beer. 5. The repair kit should be in the boat. You can fix a hole in about 5 minutes with Tear Aid B and Air Stop. 6. You should always have the Intex manual pump with you. You can put air in the boat. I weigh about 200 lbs. After a while out on the water, the boat will lose some air. I add a little more air to top it off. You can do this in all three air chambers. When I return to the boat launch after a long day out, my boat is full of air just like it was when I first left. I put my boat in my car in April and leave it there until November. I have a boat. I don't need to drag it from the back yard to the Honda Accord. Even if you have a small car, I take up so little space. It was very convenient. It is very easy to fix leaks with Tear Aid B and Air Stop. Tear Aid dries instantly. Air Stop dries very fast. A few minutes or so. Go around the edges of the Tear Aid with the Air Stop. You can put air in the boat whenever you feel it needs it, just bring the little Intex pump with you and put it in the boat.

👤I thought it would be another cheap raft. This is an adult boat. If you're interested in a project, there are a few flaws that can be fixed. I will start with the positive. Pros: 1) The large seats make it easy to maneuver. Rafts sit on top of the water. The oars are easy to use in this boat. There is thick vinyl. This thing won't pop if you hit a rock, log, or bulkhead. I get tired of paddling and the storage pouch is soft. I created my dream boat after fixing all the cons. I put in a wood floor. I can walk to the other side of the boat. I can just put stuff on the floor and it will roll towards the point where I am sitting. I padded the edges of the pipes under the floor. I added a motor with 30lb thrust and I can tell you that it trolled faster than you'd think. I added 2 seats to the coolers. I had a seat and storage inside the coolers. I was so comfortable on the water that the backrests maximized my time. I hope I can inspire others.

5. Fishmaster Style Paddle Pushers Fishing

Fishmaster Style Paddle Pushers Fishing

If you have a problem after the service, please contact their customer support. They will take full responsibility within 30 days. Side fins allow forward movement with an upright walking motion. The new straps are longer. The material is made in the U.S.A.

Brand: Keco

👤It's too small in the shoe to be a one-size-fits-all. If I'm mistaken, I never saw a size X large. The problem with mine is that the opening for the shoe is only 3 inches wide and my barely fits in it and there's no way water shoes or boots will fit in there as they are not flexible but hard plastic. I am disappointed that they only come in one-size-fits-all and that they are only 3 inches wide. If you have shoes that are over a size 7, they won't fit.

👤I am happy to be able to find these again. The Fishmaster and Tucker products are no longer available. These will fit over most boots. The scuba type fins only propel you backward, and this fin design is far superior. You have better control with these.

👤I have fished float tube for 40 years. When you spin cast fishing, you have to move backwards in your tube, but fishing forward is much better. If you fly fish and need to quickly back out to keep a fish out of the structure, scuba fins may be better. You can stay in place and maintain control when fishing on the shoreline and weed bed. The flippers aren't as strong as the old Fish Masters, but they are still very good. I have ordered extra's to make sure I am never without them.

👤This is the only way you will be able to move forward. If you wear dive fins or any other kind of kicker, you have to go backwards and have trouble walking when you get out of the water. The only way to go is through these. My dad has a pair of these that are between the ages of 15 and 20 years old and they still work for him. It would have been nice to get the straps over the boots. You can still get them on, but it's difficult.

👤My husband was happy with the purchase. There was a small problem with the ankle strap being reversed on one of them, but he was able to fix it. He prefers this style of tube fishing because of the ease of movement in the water.

👤My float tube keeps me out of the water. I could not direct the thrust outward, only down. I thought they would help, but they are too small and not efficient. It takes more effort to move in circles.

👤These are great when sitting in the tube, but clumsy when walking around. If you have a pair of boots that are separate, then they are good for waders.

👤Modifications would have to be made to use them.

6. Minn Kota Freshwater Transom Trolling

Minn Kota Freshwater Transom Trolling

The cups are flexible. The solid 10-position lever lock brackets feature a quick-release lever lock and reinforced material that resists flexing, warping, and UV damage. The six-inch Telescoping Tiller is a great way to get easy, comfortable, intuitive operation of your trolly motor. Five speed settings for forward and three for reverse are included. Extra power is delivered to push throw heavy vegetation with this prop. There is a prop pin, nut and washer. The Minn Kota trolling motor has an indestructible shaft at its core. They guarantee it for life.

Brand: Minn Kota

👤The headline was meant to be about the minimum power for the small boat application. I have it hooked to a Sun Dolphin boat. My calculation was that more power was not needed. I need those lower speeds for things. I need to make sure that I can get back in, less paddle, when I go out. The deal is here. The thing isn't a power hog. This is a wet year. Having to stay on the water all the time has been a test for me. I haven't pulled out the battery yet. If you have a 14ft boat, this engine is adequate. If you're on a budget, you don't need to break the bank. It is perfect for my purposes. The thing tilts. I have fought with those releases. Not so on the MinnKota Endura Transom Mount. I have never seen a smooth one. The reverse is not perfect. Don't run it from the back of the boat. Ain't happening. I don't know if the blades are pitched right or not, but the reverse really froths the water without giving much. It will back you out of the shallows, but not for full time use. It works like you want it to. About the handle. I put my motor in the back because I was worried about steering. You know, twisting around. The extension handle made it easy to pull out a lot or a little. I think I might like it better now that it's on the air. One heads up. If you plan on putting a transducer on the foot, be aware that it won't fit as the foot is too short. To get my transducer near to vertical, I put it against the fin and put rubber pads on the edge of it. The depth finder works just fine. No harm was done. Anything that won't rot could be used. For instance, your wife's Tupperware. You will also like my MinnKota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor. If you have a small boat, grab one. You will be thanked by me.

👤Works well! Make sure you put an inline fuse on the hot wire. The motor will be saved. I used a 30amp. I got caught in a weed bed. I burned up the motor after it blew the fuse.

👤Can't wait to get on the water after hooking it up to my kayak.

👤The power of stealth for my Sundolphin 2. Even with a load of dive tanks, moves it with ease. After a month of serious abuse, it was still going strong after being rammed into the rocks.

👤It is easy to install and run this motor. I put it on the Seahawk 2 and Seahawk 4. The Endura C2 30 has plenty of power for my max load application, which is me and 3 kids in a big boat, a total of 700 lbs, with the motor, battery, people, and fishing gear. I juice it with an Everstart marine battery with 750MCA, and we can go for around 3 or 4 hours at speed 3, and still have 50 percent left on the battery. It has a nice kick when clicked into speed 5. The Minn Kota has quality at every turn. It has easy controls, including click speed control, tilt shaft, depth control, and steering lock/tightening. I can't hear the motor running. My eight year old is carrying it. The only thing I can say is to upgrade the battery connection. It has a terminal end that can be used to bolt on the battery. I like a plug style one so I can easily remove the motor from the battery box. For my rig, the terminal end may work for others. The Minn Kota Endura C2 30lb is a great motor, and the price is right.

7. Classic Accessories Cumberland Inflatable Fishing

Classic Accessories Cumberland Inflatable Fishing

It is light and convenient. Lightbar is a lightweight tool with all-day comfort, unlike traditional headlamps that are bulky and heavy on your forehead, Lightbar feels more like your wearing a flex-fit baseball cap then a headlamps. Cumberland is made up of 56"L x 44"W x 19"H. The shape of the hull improves. Extra high seat provides a dry fishing experience and improves visibility; a comfortable, thickly padded seat with an adjusting backrest provides support for long fishing days. Reliable storage includes a mesh pocket with draw cord closure, two interior zip pockets, and two cargo pockets with easy-open double zippers.

Brand: Classic Accessories

👤It is a great tube. It's like a tank. It is very durable, floats and seats you high. There are two huge pockets with cupholders. I floated for 40-60 hours, so it has gotten a fair amount of useage. I've read a lot of the other reviews and will try to make notes and clarify things for you. It comes with two rod holders. The rod holders are on the side closest to you, but you don't know what they are. I don't like them very much. I don't use them because of the fact that the harder side of the velcro can scratch the finish of the rod. I don't know if you can count this as a minus, because all tubes use the velcro as rod holders, but I build custom rods, so I'm picky about how they are stored. The rear mesh area can be used as storage, but be warned that most of it will be under water, so don't put anything back there if it needs to stay dry. It works well as a livewell. I like to put decent fish back there until I can take a picture of them and release them, as I don't like to use my phone on the water. The bottom of the mesh storage pouch will be underwater when you sit in it. I wish it was higher and dry. I tried to put my boots back there, but found it hard to get back to them. This is a large tube. 17 pounds is not a lot, but by the time you get those storage pouches full and all the gear with it, it adds up, and it will weigh a bit more wet after use. If you're going to be hiking in a distance, I would choose a smaller, lighter tube. The shoulder straps are not very useful. They are very narrow and uncomfortable. You can find a pair of clip on padded backpacking straps online for under teen bucks. Someone else said they were disappointed when they put a crankbait in it. Really? That one is definitely duh. If you jam a hook into it, it will leak. I'm not sure why people are having trouble with bladders, they are all on the CA website. It may have sounded like I picked the tube apart, but I really like it. It's like moving from a Yugo to a Mercedes. It has a few flaws, but they are easily fixed. A minimilist way of getting off the shore is not a bass boat.

👤The float tube is a great value. You will be hard pressed to find a guy who fishes one of my accessory float tubes harder than I do. I fish from the ice until the water is frozen again. I fish in all sorts of conditions from blazing heat to freezing cold to rain. I fish a lot of bodies of water. I have to hike in and out of rugged terrain with the float tube inflated or not on my back. I have fished this in the deepest of mud and thick vegetation that requires me to hop across it in my float tube. The mud is so thick that you can't kick it. You can think of any type of structure and cover. I'm not afraid to put myself in the scariest stuff on a body of water. My best fishing happens there. I live in an area that gets cold winters and I like to fish trout, salmon, pickerel, pike, and other species. I usually have anywhere from 2 to 4 rods with me. 4 rods is not much for this thing. I deal with them getting tangled up because it is what it is. When I fish, I carry binders and cases. I usually keep one side for baits and the other for drinks, snacks, hook outs, pliers, fish grips, action cam and a towel. I make it fit. I put my pump and hose in a plastic bag and put it on the back of my float tube. I have had to add a little air after getting out on the water because it holds it fine. The float tubes are easy to set up and break down. I can't think of anything that makes fishing so easy. I like to use these float tubes for one full fishing season before I need a new one. It usually needs repairs over time. The bib is attached to the cross bar, which is pointed, so you always want to put it into the sleeves so it goes in the correct way. If you do it wrong, you could get a tear in the bladder. You will be good if you take your time with that and do it right. I have had leaks in my bladders before and they are usually slow leaks, but I have never had an issue getting off the water. I would suggest that you have a spare set. You will be happy you did. It's terrible to have a day of fishing ruined by a leak. Go back to the car and get a spare, then get back on the water. The bladders are well protected. The float tube is very rugged and I have hit trees and rocks with it and it just bounces off them. Quality control for the valves on the bladders is not good from classic accessories. I have had many float tubes with valve issues. I have had issues with the storage pockets. The handles have broken on me. This has never happened in the first place. It happens when I use the float tube long and hard and it is starting to break down. I would have knocked off a star or two because of these issues, but the fact that classic accessory has been so good to me as far as customer service goes, I think I would put a star or two back. If I need a new float tube or replacement parts, they have always been quick to send me replacements. They stand by their products. I've been fishing float tubes for a long time. I am a big man at 6ft and can weigh as much as 300. They don't sell replacement foam for the seats. You would have to cut your own. The seats are not very comfortable, but they could be worse. I have fished on these for hundreds of times and usually need to pull up and stretch out at some point during the day. I like the seats. They keep you high enough above the water that you can effectively see fish and fish beds. The float tube is more comfortable than any other float tube I have used, and it's stock out of the box. This thing can cover water many times faster than a kayak. It is not close. These things are not moving fast. On very windy days, you're going to be kicking a ton. Even in very windy conditions, using your legs allows you to hold your position. It is difficult to hold a position in a kayak. It depends on what you are looking for and what suits you best. There are pros and cons to each type of boat. I like my float tube. It is not perfect for all situations, but for where I live, the types of bodies of waters I fish, I can get out there and catch the fish I want. The experience of fishing from a float tube is unique. You are connected to your surroundings. There are a couple more things I have found helpful. One option is to cover the cross bar with duct tape or something similar. The cross bar's sharp edges are the easiest way to puncture a bladder. When you move or adjust those edges, it rubs in. You don't have to worry about the edges being dulled with tape or epoxy. Get a good UV protectant for your boat. The sun shines down. You can prolong the life of your float tube by using a quality protectant every month or two. It makes the difference.

8. SEACHOICE 18301 ProFlo Universal Flusher

SEACHOICE 18301 ProFlo Universal Flusher

The dimensions are 9'8" x 4'6" x 1'5". The maximum weight capacity is 790 lbs. After every use, flush away salt, silt and sand from your engine. A standard garden hose is connected. The design fits a lot of engines. It is suitable for use with most outboards and I/Os. The cups are flexible.

Brand: Seachoice

👤I winterized my 3.0 L Mercruiser and it worked well. The sides of the motor have 2 water input ports. The spring action of the U bar is where it is held. You turn on the water and the cups apply water to the engine with any excess leaking out. The U bar opens slightly due to the water pressure. This is something that will happen and will be expected. Water and exhaust exit higher up on the rear of the engine when the engine is started. The exit water isluke warm, indicating that the engine is not over heating and cooling. It works well.

👤Some people think these won't fit larger motors. I wouldn't run this on a large group of horses. It works perfectly on my Yamaha 20. I'm sure it will work on larger engines, but it's snug around my smaller motor.

👤They are like the cheapest and don't look sturdy, so I wasn't confident buying them. They are a gem. Work on my Force 120. Carefully cover the holes. Don't slip off of the slide! I put them right where I want them. As long as I don't trip over the hose.

👤Vendor should state that these won't work for small motors. They are useless for small engines and could cause you to burn up your water pump in 2 minutes or less because they are too big for a Suzuki 4 stroke outboard. The lower unit was barely grasped by the scuppers, which squirted water all over the ground. For a larger engine, they appear to be good for the price. Vendor should ship them with smaller set of scuppers for smaller engines or STATE that they will not work below a certain size. I will keep them if I upgrade to a larger engine.

👤The cheap plastic used made it 3 stars. Durability might be an issue. I have a larger 60hp motor that would not work on the small 15hp Evinrude. I had to fill a large tub to flush the motor, but this beats that. The price was right and I am happy with it.

👤This does its job. Kiinda. Unless you can hold it in place, it slides off the baffles. This product is awesome if you have a helpers. A tie down works if you don't. I had to do that. It works well if you can get it to stay put.

👤I decided to take a risk with this thing. I prefer the round version, but I would have to go to the store to get the rectangle one, since it's cheaper than this one. Is it still on? I had a friend spot it just in case, as I've seen so many people say it doesn't. Does it leak? Absolutely. A lot of water doesn't get into the intake. When the engine is on, it leaks less than when it is off. I didn't run the engine for a while because of the leak.

👤It was described and arrived quickly. It works well for me. This is not a high end model. I bought this because I was afraid it wouldn't seal tight enough on a smaller motor, the one I have is for larger motors. It worked well on a 25 HP Mercury 2 stroke. The water supplies enough for the engine to run. It's a great value for the money.

9. Classic Accessories Bighorn Inflatable Fishing

Classic Accessories Bighorn Inflatable Fishing

The seat dimensions are as follows: height: 19; width: 16; depth: 18. The assembled size is 54"L x 50"W x 27"H. 300 pound capacity. The hull shape improves. The backrest is extra large and comfortable. There are additional reel pockets, gear pockets, small mesh pockets, and flat zip pockets in the roomy armrest.

Brand: Classic Accessories

👤I've been a supporter of belly-boats for a long time. When it was snowing, I wore hip waders and fished. I have experienced nature and the calming effects of the otter while floating on forgotten waters. These boats are easy to navigate, have storage, and are lightweight to be carried across cow pastures to where the good fishing is. This is a mode of fishing that can be shared with friends and children.

👤I am very excited about my first fishing float tube. I'm glad I bought this giant that holds my body. There are many pockets at each side of the tube, and the back rest has a giant storage bag that can be accessed. I will be attaching a sling to the D-rings. Shore fishing is boring to me. It takes about 5 minutes to inflate a mattress. fins are a must and you will need a thin layer of clothing to stay warm. The seat should have been sown about 4 inches forward.

👤Walk back to the shore all wet and no need to wade out in the water. I fish all around the lake. I dropped my line in the middle of the lake far off shore just before dark. I let my line go out and then I set in my lawn chair and fish two poles at night and my baits way out in deep water ten times further out than I could ever cast! The inflatable is very sturdy and easy to maneuver. A Fishinrod.

👤I bought this for the first time and it was better than I expected, it was roomy and comfortable. The only issue I noticed was that the pipe kept undoing itself, which was a little annoying. It was good to have a net that sits over the lap and serves as a table. It is awesome for its price. There is a lot of storage. I will get one for my 8 year old soon.

👤It's nice to have more room, and this tube provides that. Being up out of the water a bit more allows you to move a bit faster than in a tube, which is a nice feature. The marketing picture on this tube is deceptive. There are bungee cord connections that can be clipped on to keep your stripping apron suspended above your lap, but there are only Velcro patches which do not cut it! This is false advertising. The most annoying issue was this. The back rest bladder needs to be sown further back. When you pump this auxiliary bladder up to full, it pushes you forward into a more uncomfortable seating position, so you have to under-inflate this bladder to be comfortable in a sitting position. The most annoying thing about this design is that they didn't have a strap between your legs that would have connected the spreader pole to your seat. It will allow you to adjust your seat tilt for added comfort, and it creates a greater sense of security. The U-style float tubes have a fourth issue. The spreader bar is made out of 2 pieces of week tubing with a wider piece of the same material that is used for the apron. This piece will break eventually. This is cheap on the manufacturer's part, and it can be improved, and it can be done with little or no added cost. The tube is roomy, has lots of storage, and should last 4-5 seasons of vigorous use before you look for a replacement. One other gripe. One of the strings was pulled off on my third use. No one should pay more than $125 for this tube because of its design flaws. I sewed my own groin strap and beefed up the apron spreader pole, which was a hassle, but made the tube what it really should be in terms of a finished product. I've owned many float tubes over the years, and am a very experienced, avid float tube fisherman, so my final verdict is that it could be great, but only reasonably decent out of the box. Wade is from B.C.

10. Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2 Person Fishing

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2 Person Fishing

No-fail push-button take down allow blades to be feathered at 60-degrees or set inline for right or left-handed control. The 18-gauge construction is NMMA certified. The 1000D tarpaulin bottom and the 840D nylon cover provide protection from punctures. If one of the air chambers is punctured, another chamber can stay inflated. The Berkley Quick Set Rod Holders can be adjusted for enhanced hands-free fishing. You can expand your fishing capabilities with the seferylor trolling motor fittings. The paddle holders keep your paddles out of the way. Boston Valve is double threaded for easy inflation.

Brand: Sevylor

👤The overall experience starts as positive as possible, as this looks very good, can be packed in a trunk, and launched anywhere. I owned a boat for about a year and had a lot of fun. Time comes by. After one year, the chambers started to change shape. The geometry of the boat is very different from the original and I can only go on a lake with properly inflated chambers for about an hour. One may think that buying new chambers is the easiest way to solve the problem. However, the response from the customer service at Sevylor was that they don't sell such chambers. They didn't give me an answer on how to fix the boat for a reasonable price. I need to throw the boat away after 2 years of use. Which would be acceptable for a boat of less than $400. Maybe it's me who has this defect. The customer service didn't give me any other options, but to buy a new boat. I don't think buying one on this price is acceptable.

👤Super portable, easy to carry, fits in trunk, and is easy to carry like a backpack. The room is very roomy. It's easy to fit me and two of my kids. The person is old. Seatback pockets are great for snacks and drinks. Even with my two kids and a strong current, I never felt like we were going to get close to tipping. The floor and sides are high. You stay nice and dry. + It is easy to carry alone using the middle handles, or in front and back using the handles on each end. The trakcing fin does help, but it could be better. Documentation and Instructions were not very helpful. Remember to attach the tracking fin before you inflate the kayak, and get a good pump, but an air pump is not included. I use a portable compressor that does high volume on one side, and high pressure on the other, and uses the same rechargable battery as my drill/ tools. I always open it when I get home and let it sit out in the sun for a few hours before I store it for a long time.

👤I wanted to like this kayak. It looks really nice and performs well the first time out, but after a few use, the valves are leaking and the bottom is so bent that it is difficult to move through the water. I had high hopes, but unfortunately those same issues happened to me as well. Another issue is hitting the rod holders while paddling. I unstitched and removed my fingernails after they were damaged. Coleman's will be replacing the kayak after responding to my issues very promptly. The Customer Support was excellent. If the new one performs like this one did the first few times out, I would have to say that I like the kayak. I will update this review after I take the new one out 5 or 6 times and see how it holds up. I hope the first one was a mistake. Coleman's credit they promptly shipped out a replacement kayak. My excitement did not last long. After paddling across the pond, I noticed that I was listing to the right. I didn't think much of it until I noticed the water coming up to the seat. I was getting wet. I paddled a heavy kayak back to shore. I looked at the bottom after draining the water. The source of the water was found along the right side rear. I blew it up on a grassy area, and launched it into the water, because it was a manufacturing defect. I didn't go close to shore or any other obstacles. I'm very disappointed that the second one also had issues, however I'm hoping Coleman will send another and the 3rd time will be a charm. I have reduced my rating to 2 and will not make a decision until I receive the replacement and can properly test it again. Losing faith in this product quickly. The kayak was replaced today. They opened and inspected the item before they shipped it. I appreciated the extra effort to make sure I didn't get another bad one. This one was perfect. Coleman customer service is great. Haley K. helped me through this whole thing to make sure I got a perfect kayak. Coleman provides excellent customer service and my bad luck resulted in a couple of issues. They will make sure you are happy.

11. Last Cast Tackle Fishing Float

Last Cast Tackle Fishing Float

Lockig your rod holder with 2 side mounts is easy to install. The bottom of the brackets can be plugged in for long-term use. The four corners of the bottom can be stuck by the screw. There are four fishing rod floats. Highly visible green is easy to spot. If a rod goes overboard. Hook and loop straps secure the float to the rod. Universal fit works with almost any rod and reel. Great. For use on boats.

Brand: Last Cast Tackle

👤These people do their job. They were put on a small rod and an ugly Stik GX2. I tested them in the water and there was no risk of sinking. They make me feel more comfortable. These can get in the way. The foam stays in place better on the thicker Ugly Stik, but it still slides and becomes annoying. The foam is held in place by the velcro. My solution was to use zip ties. They can cinch the foam down tighter and make it harder to grab the line. If your rod has a hook keeper, it can get in the way. The line and foam should have clearance between them. The placement of the hook keeper made it difficult for me to put the foam close to the bottom of the eyelet. That would be a problem for most floats. A bouyant butt cap is less likely to interfere than a rod holder. These are a great option. If you swap out the zip ties with zip ties.

👤This design is useless for inshore rods that are rated for medium fast action. The rod diameter is too small to fit these which are made for deep sea fishing. The velcro strips catch on the line when casting your throw and it's not very useful. I felt like throwing my rod into the water because these were more useful than fishing.

👤I put the inshore rods on the diameter that is too thick. The line would hit the foam and the strap causing backlashes and knots. Would work on larger reels and dropping straight down, but not for my needs. If you drop your rod in the water, they will float it so they can work.

👤The ends are not tapered and the straps on the wrapnove ends will eventually catch the line if it gets slack... The issues were solved by using electrical tape to tighten the ends and eliminate the straps.

👤I don't know if they work because I haven't dropped my poles in to test them. They are decent though, they do get in the way a bit, and the line seems to get caught on them no matter how they are positioned. They keep falling off. The straps are designed in a way that it is hard to secure them. I had to replace the straps because they keep going missing. Within 2 weeks, I was down to 1 remaining on my poles. I kept putting them on but have gotten lazy and given up. Keeping up with them every time they fall off is something you don't mind.

👤The rod floats have a high Visibility color. They are used on my fishing rods.

👤The fishing line has black straps on it. I took it off because I was afraid to lose my expensive rod, but I kept using it. It floats very well. I tested a light weight rod.

👤Awesome for anything that doesn't float. The product is easy to spot.


What is the best product for fishing float tube with motor?

Fishing float tube with motor products from Attwood. In this article about fishing float tube with motor you can see why people choose the product. Airhead and Moocy are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing float tube with motor.

What are the best brands for fishing float tube with motor?

Attwood, Airhead and Moocy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing float tube with motor. Find the detail in this article. Intex, Keco and Minn Kota are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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