Best Fishing Floats and Bobbers Clear

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1. Owevvin Bobber Fishing Bobbers Floats

Owevvin Bobber Fishing Bobbers Floats

The service is fast. If you have a question about their product, please contact them. The package comes in 50 pieces of float fishing bobbers, 30 pieces of float fishing bobbers, and 20 pieces of float fishing bobbers. The plastic is not easy to break and can be used for a long time. When fishing, you can keep the bait above the water to prevent plants from damaging it. The spring has good elasticity, which can guarantee the strong grip of the line and wide range of application, if you press the release button. These bobbers are practical fishing tools, can be used as decorations in life, can be used to decorate birthday parties, or as the top of cupcakes, suitable for fishing enthusiasts.

Brand: Owevvin

👤The bobbers are at the right level for maximum bobage.

👤You get a lot of money for the small amount of money you spend. bobber will last for an extremely long time if you fish wisely.

👤It's hard to mess up a bobber. It's no surprise that they work well.

👤Well packaged, it arrived quickly. There is a great selection of small bobbers.

👤These are the cheapest bobbers I have ever seen. Will be testing them today. I don't think I could tell by looks how they felt when attaching them to the line, and I don't think they'll use the hook when casting. Guess you pay for what you get.

👤The amount is great. Not cheap or expensive.

👤It was a perfect way to tie Iurbribon for our fishing themed birthday party.

👤When I get to use them, they will work.

2. South Bend Push Button Float

South Bend Push Button Float

Calculus outdoors is a leading manufacturer of consumer products for the outdoor sports and recreation market. Water can be partially filled for weight control. The float is 1 1/4" in diameter.

Brand: Southbend

👤The tiny flies used for fly fishing are very light, making it hard to cast them with spinning or baitcasting rods. Adding weight to the float itself will solve the problem. Pull the two halves of the floats slightly apart with your fingers, then dunk them to add water. Casting weight is determined by the amount of water. You'll get casting distances similar to a fly fishing rod at half full. It's similar to regular float fishing once you cast the lure. Wait for the fish to strike. You don't want to scare the fish by leaving enough line between the float and lure. Since it tends to float, monofilament line works best with topwater flies. A small split-shot is needed for wet flies. It's not necessary to use leaders and tipets. You will catch fish. I use low-visability line colors. This system works well with all types of ultra-light lures, like tiny poppers, hair jigs, and similar.

👤I bought two packs of these from Amazon and found out that all four of the bobbers that I purchased quickly took water. The size and clear color option fit well with the type of fishing I do with the jigs. I noticed the bobber was heavier after using it for a few minutes. The bobber was 1/3 full after a few minutes. A few casts were over half full. There is no easy way to empty the water. After a few minutes, all four bobbers took on water. The metal wire was in the slot on the bottom of the hook. How did this pass quality control? I would return them, but they are not worth my time or money. South Bend is a fishing company, but this product should be removed from their product line.

👤They have a tendency to take on water and cause them to sink. They are clear with the red button, which is what I want when fishing with a bobber. These can't be found in stores anymore. Please! Don't stop making them.

👤I use these to cast flies for fish. The line will slip through the hooks and need to be adjusted. I have other similar bobbers, but these seem to be the most accurate.

👤It is more difficult to make a short to medium cast with a normal bobble than it is with a nice size.

👤I am going to fly fish in AK with these bobbers. These will make fishing with dry flies very easy.

👤It's hard to find clear bobbers that can add water.

👤I can't get it to partially fill with water because it's a small bobber. I was looking forward to a float that I could add water to without having to put the line through the center of the float. This fails in that respect for me.

3. Thkfish Fishing Accessories Freshwater Saltwater

Thkfish Fishing Accessories Freshwater Saltwater

The fishing bobbers are made of foam. Solid design and hard,water-proof, anti-extrusion. The body is painted with eye-catching colors to increase visibility. Most of the fishing needs can be met with three size for your choice. Buoyancy 1/3oz(1.9*2 in.) and 1/2oz(0.8*1 in). Spring fixed design. The spring fixed design makes setting the depth easy. The hook and bait can be suspended above the bottom with a snap on float. Slip bobbers are more attractive and don't pinch your line. There are spring butons on the float body. Strong line grip is ensured by heavy-duty springs on fishing floats. If you have a problem after the service, please contact their customer support. They will take full responsibility within 30 days.

Brand: Thkfish

👤These floats are not very high quality. The spring that holds your line is missing from 2 of the 5 bobbers. It is difficult to find good quality gear right now. Don't allow these floating turds to happen to you. I am not sure how these things have good reviews.

👤I tried the bobber the other night and it had more problems than I expected. The bobber can't hold the line in place. The hooks were too large. The bobber kept slipping as I rapped around the hooks. Not what I was expecting, but a waste of my money.

👤The lead weight on the bottom will work well. Not used yet. I can't write a review. What can go wrong with a bobber? They are well built. Holds line tight.

👤This product is very cheap. It is hard to get your line into the right spot. They would send this to a customer. Do not buy this junk.

👤The one that came broken in the package was not worth the hassle to send back.

👤Bobbers fell apart while being used. They slip down the line and don't hold on well. It's not worth the money.

👤I did not use them yet, but they should work fine.

👤The spring inside the floats was broken and can't be connected to the fishing, because the shaft inside was not good. I have purchased from this company before.

👤Live bait is cheap and cheerful.

👤It was quick and easy to use. A simple but efficient way of fishing.

👤Poor quality wouldn't buy again. When you press down on the top, one of them doesn't open up. Not worth a buck.

👤The orange side up is not the yellow side up.

👤Quality is not the highest, had to adjust the weighted bottom to be able to use. It's easy to cast at night.

4. Rainbow ABL 1B Just Bubble 8 Ounce

Rainbow ABL 1B Just Bubble 8 Ounce

It's ideal for all rivers, lakes, ponds. You can cast your favorite dry fly, wet fly, jig or live bait. Fish as a stationary float or as a slip float. To get the desired depth. Add the correct amount of water for optimal performance. China is the country of origin.

Brand: Rainbow

👤Some of the best bobbers for lake fishing can be found here. Once you get the line threaded through, they are easy to attach to. Adding water will increase the weight to cast further. I have been using these for a long time and they are my favorite ones.

👤I have a clear float that can be adjusted with ease. It's a heavy bobber that can be cast far without additional weight being added. This is a great float for fishing. The weight of the float makes it possible to mend line without moving the lure.

👤The best bubble for spin-fly fishing. Easy adjustments for leader length and weight made cast very well. I wish there was some competition because these have gotten expensive and I think they cost pennies to manufacture. They are very good.

👤Every trout fisherman should have a torpedo bobber.

👤I'm happy that Amazon has this product. I used to get it from Walmart, but haven't been able to find it there for a long time. I use it to fly with a fishing pole. It's especially useful for fishing in areas with a lot of brush and tree cover, where I don't have to worry about getting caught up in trees or having to get down in the middle of the stream.

👤I haven't used it yet. I will be this fall/ winter. I usually use floats. Can't wait to watch the Lakers/Browns/Steelhead this season.

👤The bubble floats as many times as the fish bite it. This does happen with any other float.

👤I permet d'attache un mouche ma canne de pche. Le seul bĂ©mol est l'obligation de passer.

5. BestFishingSecrets 51016 3 Pack Casting Bubbles

BestFishingSecrets 51016 3 Pack Casting Bubbles

Simple set-up instructions are included. Butyrate Plastic is made in the USA. The strongest fishing bobbers were made. There are 3 Magic Tough Butyrate plastic fishing bubbles and 3 Brass snap Swivels in the package. Put one hand on the fishing bobber. The tug on the rod is what the Casting Bubble Stopper inserts with. Simple set-up instructions are included.

Brand: Bestfishingsecrets

👤This bobber does what I wanted it to do. It's a good night fishing tool. You have to remove a small amount of plastic with a drill bit to get a light stick from the hollow centerpiece. You will have a lighted bobber all night if you fill the larger hole with the taper. I use a needle to remove the light stick from the bobber because it takes a little skill to get the light stick broken and bent. The first time I used this, I helped my fishing partner setup his rig with a bare hook, and I caught our first crappie with no bait, just the bare hook. The bobber is light and the fish don't notice the drag from it.

👤Have used them before and have no problems.

👤The bubble was brought for fly fishing. They work well and are easy to use.

👤These floats can be used many different ways. They can do anything from sitting high on top to sinking. They are invisible to the fish. I think these will be my favorite floats.

👤These are great. They're supposed to do what they're supposed to do. You can use flies with any rod or reel. Pick up a pack of casting bubbles if you want to add someVersatility to your fishing gear. I take these backpacking because they let me fly fish wherever I want.

👤I am not impressed. The idea and concept is good, but other products are better.

👤It works well. Put a small amount of water in it. Still floats and adds weight.

6. Thill FishN Foam Round Floats

Thill FishN Foam Round Floats

Fishing Equipment is a product. The package has dimensions of 15.494 L X 9.144 W X 1.524 H. The package weight is 0.022 pounds. China is the country of origin.

Brand: Thill

👤I use these floats to get more casting distance. One of the floats in my pack had a bent stem. I think it will still function, but it seems to have weakened my spring when I bent it back to a functional direction so the line hooks on both ends are a little long. These floats are really nice. The three stars are more for Amazon. Walmart's price is three times more than Amazon's. I should have checked out in person. I paid $4 for a product that was only available for a short time. Don't buy them on Amazon until you know the local prices.

👤I use a spinning reel and weighted floats to get the small flies that I do a lot of fishing with. I get great results fishing for trout and other fish with the float up to 36 inches above the lure. Can't beat them.

👤Junk, junk! I decided to give them a try, even though I thought they were expensive. I was very disappointed in them. They were returned because they did not look like the photo. I would have better luck with a bad treat.

👤The ones I received today only have 2 and the description says 3 per pack. Not a big deal. They should send what they advertise.

👤I got some fat little round white with an orange and yellow stripe and a skinny cigar style yellow and orange weighted bobbers. I would have known this if I had read reviews better. The piece of junk is not usable for my application.

👤It's worthless for wild-shiner fishing if you use an ultra light worm or minnow. The styrofoam is weak and cheap and the floats are skinny. Way overpriced as well.

👤Garbage is one thing, but how do you fix styrofoam? Break apart when trying to tie on.

👤I use a spinning reel and weighted floats to get the lure out of the water, and I do a lot of fly fishing with small flies. I get great results fishing for trout and other fish with the float up to 36 inches above the lure. Can't beat them.

👤There is great. I've been waiting for these to be available over here, please make the multi packs available.

👤It doesn't float well. The weight of the bait made it sink.

👤It is cheap but difficult to use. I was setting it up on my line.

👤Does what it is supposed to do.

7. Outus Pieces Fishing Rubber Stopper

Outus Pieces Fishing Rubber Stopper

We will give you 200 rings of the fishing bobber stopper, each ring has 6 bobber stoppers, 1200 pieces, enough to meet your needs. The fishing bobber is made of steel wire, plastic and rubber, and it will not be loosened for a long time to prevent exposure and aging. There are three sizes for you to choose, size S is suitable for line diameter between 0.15 and 0.24mm, size M is suitable for line diameter between 0.17 and 0.28mm and size L is suitable for line diameter between 0.26 and 0.38mm. The fishing floater is lightweight and easy to carry, which will make fishing more convenient. It's a nice gift for those who love fishing, and it's suitable for giving to your family members and friends.

Brand: Outus

👤When you buy a bobber in the store, you will get a few tabs of it. When you need them the most, they get lost in your tackle box. I can take a few hundred in a container and go to the river without worrying about having enough or remembering if I have any left from previous trips. I can have a huge bulk on hand for less than a pack of a dozen. I will never buy these off the shelf again, instead I will have a large amount to pull from that will last me a long time.

👤The bobber stops are great for the price. You pay $13 for 1,200 instead of $2 for 10. The medium sized ones work on most tests. It was difficult to slip them on 17 lbs. They are amazing even though they are Fluorocarbon. If you use Texas rigs or punch rigs a lot, this is a good source to stock up on stops.

👤Work is expected. It's easy to use. I wish I had bought these a long time ago because they don't seem to slip even on smaller diameter lines.

👤These work well for setting limits. They slide on braid and fluorocarbon leaders. The weighted 8 inch bobber stays in place when working the float rigs because they keep my slide weights in place.

👤Most of my accessories slide over these. I thought the small would be for me since I use gear that's light. These are very small. I have to make them stop on these. This is just an update. Well made, good value for money. Do you want a size up for most gear?

👤These work well on fluorocarbon leaders.

👤I don't know what to say, they're small and you have to use a lot of them to get the weight you need, but other than that they're okay. I would have ordered bigger ones.

👤Don't waste your money on bobber stops. You can get enough to last years for a cheap price with these. I would recommend them to anyone who fishes. I would say I would be ordering again, but I have enough from this order to last for a long time.

8. Bobby Lighted Fishing Float 2 Inch

Bobby Lighted Fishing Float 2 Inch

The fishing bobbers are made of premium quality. The wood is high quality. There are five colors. The 5g is 2.32in/ 5.9 cmX0.67in/ 1.7 cmX 5.63in. 3.54in/9 cmX0.79in/2 cmX7.09in/18 cm is the float elliptical body's length. Customer service and email support are available 24 hours a day. If you have a problem, please contact their customer support. A slip float is used. It is never necessary to replace the LED. Red or yellow are the colors.

Brand: Night Bobby

👤Bobbers are easy to attach, and need to add weight to sit in the water. I received high marks for my hands. I got 2 red ones after I ordered two. I only got 2 hours of good light out of the bobber, but I would like the option to order each color. I gave it 3 stars because of this. I'd love to see this style of bobber with long- lasting lights. I had to change my batteries halfway through fishing. I don't think 4 batteries for 1 night of fishing is worth it. The first fishing trip was ruined by a broken bobber. The fish cracked the bottom of the bobber when it hit the side of my kayak. It might have been bad luck on my part. I can't say which one.

👤The bobber is great for night fishing. It is not like normal bobbers. It only allows your bait to sink to the depth you choose for each cast. If you want it to stay at a specific depth from your bait, I have found that using the smallest sinker directly under it is the way to go. The light is bright, which makes the fish curious. The bobber moves around so you can tell when a fish is interested in your bait. The bobber goes under when you have a fish on. It is easy to tell if you have a bite due to the darkness. I bought one for each of my rods. The color of the bobber is the only thing I wish was different. The fish respond better to green in my area.

👤A lot of people have a hard time keeping this bobber on their line. I hold the outside ring down and make three wraps with the line coming from the hook. You want to have your line coming out each side of the grooves across the top. When I am done fishing for the night, I pull the top battery out and turn it over. Benn has no problems anymore after using these for 3 years or more. It's cool to hook a fish and see it take the bobber away. The batteries make this bobber heavy, which is a plus in my opinion. The batteries seem to last a long time. I would ask the manufacturer to make them work better as a slip bobber. If you don't wrap your line, they are set up that way, but it doesn't work very well, and I think they would come off your line. When wrapping the line around the top, you have to either wrap it from the hook or the rod tip. It's easier to unwrap them.

👤Bad news... I am not sure if they have a manufacturing problem, but for $4 a bobber, they have a serious problem. The problem is that the amount of thread that you turn between the off and open positions can affect the batteries. The thread and number of twists between the off and open position needs to be triple what it is. Unless the company is trying to sell more batteries.

9. Thkfish Fishing Bobbers Crappie Walleyes

Thkfish Fishing Bobbers Crappie Walleyes

The bobs are made of high quality wood. There are five floatations to choose from: 1/6oz, 1/7oz, 1.5oz, and 3oz. You can catch fish in the top third of the water column, suspended inches off the bottom, panfish or pike, or trout in the middle of the water column. The scent of spring lip balms. Spring slip bobbers are very sensitive. When the fish takes the bait, it's very responsive. bobbers slide down your fishing line. It's great for fishing in a variety of situations. It's perfect for crappie panfish. You can catch fish in the top third of the water column, suspended inches off the bottom, panfish or pike, or trout in the middle of the water column. It is possible to modify fishing bobbers. The slip bobber rig can be adjusted to present your bait to any depth and keep it in the strike zone. It shows your bait in its natural state. Light bites are easier to detect with slip bobbers. The float position can be adjusted by rotating the Spring: Slide Bobbers or Fixed Bobbers. High visibility fluorescent paint. High visibility paint. The angler needs to see the bite from a fish. It's easier to see when the fish take the bait with bright fishing bobbers. This is very easy to install and use. Fishing floats and bobbers are very effective. If you want to detect more bites, spring bobbers are a great way to do it. They're able to give the most natural presentation to your panfish jigs. They will help you beat other deep water fishermen. Made of high quality. There is a resistant spring. It is made of high quality wood. The crack and chip resistant finish is durable. Fishing Bobbers make fishing easier. There are three sizes: one X 0.7" X6", one X 0.75" X6" and one X . The total length of the elliptical body is divided by the width and float total length.

Brand: Thkfish

👤They are not slip bobbers. The line has a clip on it. I heated up the nail and slid it through the line end. I have a slip bobber that can be used as a clip bobber. I love them because they are really sensitive. Will purchase agai.

👤Don't put them below the final spring if you want them to slide. You put them under the last spring loop and they will work. If the spring loosens it will be a challenge. It's how I've used them before. Fish on!

👤A small float is used to indicate fish strike and nibbles. When the fish takes the bait, it's very responsive. It was easy to attach to the line. Does not make a big splash when casting. It's perfect for lake and stream fishing.

👤The depth setting can be set by determining the desired depth on the line, placing the line in the slot, and lowering the spring. The spring does not hold the line at the desired depth. The float will slide down the line. I was disappointed in the quality of the product.

👤I think you get what you pay for. After we cast the fishing line out, they didn't float at all and sank immediately. One of the two would not purchase again.

👤This is a very good product. I was very impressed with it. The spring holds onto the line.

👤They work the same as any other bobber. They slip down the test line and fall off. You are screwed if your sinker comes off. Tension could be better in the spring. In about an hour, they lost 2 of them.

👤I think I should have gotten more for the price.

👤These are very good bobbers. They are easy to add or remove from your fishing setup. You can see the smallest nibbles to the strongest strikes because they are extremely sensitive. The bobbers hold up around a 1/2 ounce of weight without any issues, and I love that. They work best with braided line, as they will cause mono and fluro lines to be damaged over time. I had to use beads, bobber stops, or wrap my line into the bobber clip a second time to keep them at the desired height because the bobbers slip easily on the line.

👤They are not made of wood. It's made of plastic. Cheap plastic. That is not what I paid for.

👤The quality is not great. The spring is not strong enough to hold the fishing line so that the float can not fix it at one point.

10. Skylety Fishing Spinner Pompano Indicators

Skylety Fishing Spinner Pompano Indicators

It's a great gift for fly fishermen. There are 60 pieces of fishing floats with bullet shapes of 3 different sizes, designed with orange white with dots, green yellow red with dots, and blue white with dots pattern, a sufficient number can be shared with your friends to meet your daily fishing needs. The fishing floats are made of quality foam material and fluorescent paint, which is lightweight and durable, not easy to break. The bright color of the fish makes it easy for you to track it. There is a hole in the center of the fishing float. The core design of float can prevent the fishing line from breaking, so that the fishing line can pass through the hole, which can be placed on the fishing line above the hook to help you catch more fish. You can make your own equipment, which is ideal for fishing on the beach, pier, and jetty, bringing more convenience to you. The bullet-shaped fishing floats are easy and funny to make, which can be used as useful gifts for fishing enthusiasts, providing them with a relaxing and happy fishing experience.

Brand: Skylety

👤The product floats like a dream.

👤The floats are the same as in the tackle store. I didn't want the colors I wanted, but a cheap can of spray paint and custom floats are what you get.

11. Rainbow AB 1B Just Bubble 4 Ounce

Rainbow AB 1B Just Bubble 4 Ounce

The bait is suspended above the bottom at the desired depth with the help of a red/white snap on float. The package is 15.24 cm long. The package width is 3.555 cm. The package is 2.54 cm high. Product type: fishing equipment

Brand: Rainbow

👤It was difficult to thread through the center. When threading will get Kinked, there will be a slight curvature to your leader. I was close to tossing it, but I got it through. Water will enter according to others. After a few casts, it's easy to pour out the water.

👤It's a perfect addition to the tackle box for the spinning reel/rod trout fisherman. It is easy to use and adjust.

👤The easiest bubble to put on your line is these. The 3/16 size doesn't make a big wake when doing bubble-fly fishing. They have more than enough weight to give you a huge huck.

👤This is cool. It is useful and versatile. It makes a fly fart light fly feel like an anchor, but still makes a small noise in the water when you work it. It's a must in a tackle box.

👤It was the first time using a water bobber. It was used for fly fishing. The water is clear. Excess water will get in and start to sink the bobber if the caps are not tight.

👤The float is filled with water. A failure.

👤The bass box should be used by every fisherman and the trout box should be used by every fisherman.

👤Good idea, eliminates 2 knots of tubing.

👤It works great to fill half with water.


What is the best product for fishing floats and bobbers clear?

Fishing floats and bobbers clear products from Owevvin. In this article about fishing floats and bobbers clear you can see why people choose the product. Southbend and Thkfish are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing floats and bobbers clear.

What are the best brands for fishing floats and bobbers clear?

Owevvin, Southbend and Thkfish are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing floats and bobbers clear. Find the detail in this article. Rainbow, Bestfishingsecrets and Thill are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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