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1. Skylety Pompano Fishing Catfish Walleye

Skylety Pompano Fishing Catfish Walleye

Useful gifts: whether you are a beginner or an experienced fisherman, the bullet-shaped fishing floats are easy to make, which can be used as useful gifts for fishing enthusiasts, providing them with a relaxing and happy fishing experience. You will receive 100 pieces fishing floats of 5 sizes, each style has 20 pieces, the amount is quite enough to meet your different fishing needs, or you can share with families and friends who like fishing. The foam floats are lightweight and strong and have a hole in the center to make fishing rigs. Providing you with a variety of bright colors of pompano floats, obvious and eye-catching, can effectively attract the attention of fish, and keep the bait in the strike area as required, helping you to catch more fish. You can change the number and size of floats according to the needs of bite, water flow and Flotage, and then hang them directly on the hook to control the bait. This fishing float is very suitable for beginners and experienced fishermen, and can be easily installed and disassembled, which is very convenient during your fishing time.

Brand: Skylety

👤If you want to use them, you have to add them when you build the rig. It can't be used on a pre made one. They are returning them.

👤They are very small. For small applications.

👤Everything was advertised. Will buy again.

👤There are a lot of sizes at a good price.

2. Dr Fish Fishing Pompano Walleye 0 37X0 65

Dr Fish Fishing Pompano Walleye 0 37X0 65

The perfect strike zone is where you should keep your bait. They are perfect strike indicators or bait floats. It's good for trout fishing or making all kinds of rigs yourself. The foam is top quality. It's the perfect size for small baits. 30PCs per pack. The color fluorescent green has wings, but Size 0.37"


👤I wanted them to be small enough to float a 1/0 hook, but they were not. I ordered the larger size after returning them. I got 5 stars even though I returned because the product was not right for my application. The bigger size is what I needed.

👤I use them for fishing kits that I make. I combine them with fishing line, weights, hooks, and other floats and package them together in a compact holder that I make from insulator sleeves. These are the right size and work well. They are included in the boxes with school supplies, hygiene kits, toys, and other gifts. The receiving children will find them useful and fun, and I am confident that they will. This product is recommended by me.

👤The floats look similar to the photo. The exterior is very smooth. The paint is applied well. The holes are clean. Can't wait to use them.

👤Unless you want teenie tiny floats, or like catching bottom feeding catfish, these are the ones to buy.

👤You will be disappointed if you think these will work like a bobber. I wanted something that would help me get my bait out of the weeds. They were able to lift a chunk of shrimp or mackerel up just enough to give the fish a chance to see it. It might help if they were a little bit bigger. They were small but there was a lift off the bottom.

👤It was perfect. I would have liked to purchase the next size. Which I will do. I use these floats more than I use beads on my rigs. The price is correct.

👤It's easy to see the size indicator. The hole in the middle of the pack is very narrow, only wide enough to slide the line through, so pinning it with a toothpick requires widening the hole. The price is good as they are usually $1 each.

👤I was able to use the largest with no issues on a dropper loop setup. The center hole size is important as these are inline. They showed up in a container that was not damaged.

3. Paradise X Treme Carolina Saltwater Accessories

Paradise X Treme Carolina Saltwater Accessories

Big Fish Sliders work well for large bass, catfish, Muskie, northern pike, salmon, red fish, and other big fish, and they are 800-338- 800-338-1 Carolina rigging is brought to the surface by the Paradise Popper X-Treme. It is splashy. It makes noise. Comes equipped with a titanium-tough and weighted for longer casts, extending through a high-visibility foam float. All three shapes are compatible with their saltwater fishing equipment. Surface-feeding fish hear and see commotion, and then strike their bait. It's very popular on all coastal waterways.

Brand: Bomber

👤I didn't lose a fish over this. I ordered 2 of them and used them on the second trip. The cable on the lower loop broke. As the cork kept going, I watched my jig go one way. The cable just broke, the crimp connection is still in place.

👤The market for quality and function has been found by these. The price is more than others, but these last long and have a loaded rattle sound. Perfect for trout and reds.

👤I love to poppers in paradise. The quality is excellent. I switched to these a couple years ago and never looked back.

👤I use popping cork for fishing. The popping cork helps keep me out of the water. The sound draws fish. They work well, but are a little pricey.

👤I have several popper devices, but I like the design of this one. It's easy to add onto your line and you can change out the leaders in no time at all. I bought it for my wife because it was pink. I use it more than she does. Tie on a DOA and throw it in for some great catching.

👤Solid popper that casts well and is affordable.

👤Excellent popping cork! I have used it a few times and had no issues with it. I have caught a few fish with it. Will buy more in the future.

4. Thill Big Fish Slider Float

Thill Big Fish Slider Float

The orange and yellow top has a high visability. The weights can be as little as 1/2 to 2 1/2 ounces. Finished with a brass grommet. Big Fish Sliders work well for large bass, catfish, Muskie, northern pike, salmon, red fish, and other big fish, and they are 800-338- 800-338-1

Brand: Thill

👤I was surprised by how well this float works. The weight is perfect for medium to large river conditions. I like the ability to tie direct and not need a weight. I was surprised at how well it works. I thought it would be too large and bulky, but it floats perfectly. It's nice to not have to use inline weight.

👤It's a shame that sellers use images on the internet to sell items. I thought I was buying a slim version of the bobber, but the image is of a larger model. It took me less than 5 minutes to take the image and write the review.

👤The 8 inch version of this float is great for catfishing and has great wind resistance and is a great float for anyone fishing for cats or anything of that nature.

👤It worked well. I have to make changes to fit my use. I bought a spare one.

👤Big bobbers are used for long casting.

👤The shape and design is nice.

👤Exactly as described. This is a large float that is appropriate for heavier baits. The materials are top-notch.

👤It's nicer to fish with foam floats. It's easier to see and ride in the water, and it's less likely to dive under the surface when retrieving. If you want to keep the float on the mainline, you should run a bead and a couple rubber bobber over the terminal knot.

👤These floats are the best for fish. Their design is slim and doesn't scare the fish.

👤The supplier is giving incorrect information about the size of the item.

5. THKFISH Fishing Bobbers Weighted Crappie

THKFISH Fishing Bobbers Weighted Crappie

The fishing bobbers are made of foam. Solid design and hard,water-proof, anti-extrusion. The body is painted with eye-catching colors to increase visibility. Most of the fishing needs can be met with three size for your choice. Buoyancy 1/3oz(1.9*2 in.) and 1/2oz(0.8*1 in). Spring fixed design. The spring fixed design makes setting the depth easy. The hook and bait can be suspended above the bottom with a snap on float. Slip bobbers are more attractive and don't pinch your line. There are spring butons on the float body. Strong line grip is ensured by heavy-duty springs on fishing floats. If you have a problem after the service, please contact their customer support. They will take full responsibility within 30 days.

Brand: Thkfish

👤These floats are not very high quality. The spring that holds your line is missing from 2 of the 5 bobbers. It is difficult to find good quality gear right now. Don't allow these floating turds to happen to you. I am not sure how these things have good reviews.

👤I tried the bobber the other night and it had more problems than I expected. The bobber can't hold the line in place. The hooks were too large. The bobber kept slipping as I rapped around the hooks. Not what I was expecting, but a waste of my money.

👤The lead weight on the bottom will work well. Not used yet. I can't write a review. What can go wrong with a bobber? They are well built. Holds line tight.

👤This product is very cheap. It is hard to get your line into the right spot. They would send this to a customer. Do not buy this junk.

👤The one that came broken in the package was not worth the hassle to send back.

👤Bobbers fell apart while being used. They slip down the line and don't hold on well. It's not worth the money.

👤I did not use them yet, but they should work fine.

👤The spring inside the floats was broken and can't be connected to the fishing, because the shaft inside was not good. I have purchased from this company before.

👤Live bait is cheap and cheerful.

👤It was quick and easy to use. A simple but efficient way of fishing.

👤Poor quality wouldn't buy again. When you press down on the top, one of them doesn't open up. Not worth a buck.

👤The orange side up is not the yellow side up.

👤Quality is not the highest, had to adjust the weighted bottom to be able to use. It's easy to cast at night.

6. SEAOWL Fishing Bobbers Saltwater Freshwater

SEAOWL Fishing Bobbers Saltwater Freshwater

There are 5 sizes to choose from, each size 20pcs/set. Can satisfy you for a fishing trip. The material isalsa wood and the color is red, yellow, and black. Total Length: 20 cm/7.87in, Flotage: 15g/0.53oz, 10g/0.35oz, 5g/0.18oz. The package includes 5 pieces of fishing slip floats, 30 pieces of fishing bobber stop, and 25 pieces of fishing slip stop. The slip bobber allows you to cast as far as you normally would. You can fish as deep as you want. Slip bobbers can be used to hold bait just off the bottom. A small knot is tied on the fishing line to stop the bobber from sliding up the line. A bead with a hole in the center is slid onto the line.

Brand: Seaowl

👤When I got one of them, the little metal line guide had come off and one of them started to crack and chip, so I don't think they work as well as they should. I have doubts that these will last very long.

7. Bomber BSWPPPPY Paradise Popper X Treme

Bomber BSWPPPPY Paradise Popper X Treme

Detractors small hits. The smallest hit is detected. Carolina rigging is brought to the surface. It's weighted for longer casts. Comes with a titanium-tough wire that extends through a foam float. Shapes are compatible with their saltwater fishing equipment. Surface-feeding fish hear and see commotion, and then strike their bait.

Brand: Bomber Lures

👤I use it for saltwater shore fishing. Since there are less chances of getting caught on the bottom, I let more inexperienced people use this. Work it slowly and pop it a few times. They go crazy for it. It's great to introduce new people to fishing. If you get snared you can get your popper back by attaching a lighter line to the hook.

👤I outfished everyone on the boat catching more redfish and trout than anyone else. We were all using the same things. The popper was the same as before. Everyone else had the same. You should give it a try.

👤I recommend searching for videos that explain how to use these. If you're already well-schooled with them, I find these to be a valuable addition to my tackle box. There are times when it's beneficial to create some commotion that will draw fish to your lure in noisy environments. When you figure out the best way to cast these poppers, it creates a wonderful surface noise that's nearly identical to bait fish skimming the water. I've only been using them for a few days, but I've already had fish charge over my popper.

👤Had a chance to use it. It makes a great bobber and you can cast your line a long way. That's all I use it for. The product fault is what has not caught anything. I used it the same way they described it and didn't see a difference. I will use it and see what happens. It is very visible from a long way away. The product appears to be a heavy duty bobber.

👤I caught more fish on the popper rigged rod than the rod without it, but I'm not sure if it was the popper pulling in all the fish. It feels nice and robust, and I didn't have to tie things on when I wanted to use it.

👤The cork doesn't last long, the wire won't bend, so that's a plus, but after a couple of Red fish biting the cork they are history, so the wire isn't a factor unless used for trout or some smaller fish. It would be great to have a cork on Titanium wire.

👤I think this has increased my catch. It's easier to make the popping noise that attracts specks and reds.

👤We bought it for inland fishing and it works. We caught a seabass on our first try. The product is good. Recomend 100%.

👤El producto correctamente. El paquete lleg en perfecto. Despu├ęs de abrirlo y ponerlo a prueba, me pude percatar, similar to the popper, pero escucha. Algunas personas se encontraban pescando en el mismo. Un carrete Penn Fierce III 4000LL, con una lnea trenzada de 20 LB, est en la ocasin. Aun me comentario, aun me falta probarlo, aun me para la pesca.

👤Acabo de recepcin, estaba. The verlo dentro de su caja was present. No, he abierto y veo. Adjunto fotos, se ve sucio, con araasos, decepcionado.

👤Materiales de excelente calidad, buenos colores, tamao adecuado.

8. Dr Fish Fishing Spinner Crawler Harness

Dr Fish Fishing Spinner Crawler Harness

A must have for making surf fishing rigs. Also can be used to make a crawler harness. Keep your bait at the perfect water column by floating it off the bottom. The colors add attraction to your rig. Crabs are kept on the bottom of your bait. Medium Size: 1/3" and Large Size: 1/3"


👤The orange is used for surf fishing in CA. The bright orange color resembles sand crab roe and it does a good job at attracting fish. I use them as bait floats. I will vary the number and size of the floats based on bite, current and need for buoyancy. I would cut her short ones in half and put them on the hook before baiting it.

👤These floats are good for tying rigs. The holes are small. If you tie your rigs like I do, you'll need to drill them. It's not a big deal. It takes less than five minutes to do the whole pack. You will notice it if you pre-tie rigs. If you just throw them in your bag, head to the water and expect to use them, you'll be out of luck.

👤These are very small and work well for me. Fishing line works well. I'm combining these with other floaters to make fishing kits. The fishing kit has fishing line, weights and hooks. And floaters. I will purchase these again.

👤Simple floats. If you're pulling a knot through the small hole, you need to ream it out a bit. There were bite marks on them in the surf. Good value.

👤I built a mess of Pompano rigs for surf casting on the Gulf coast of Florida, and I have to say that they did a good job. It was a good deal for the money, and I have been able to reuse a lot of them as rigs get beat up in the surf being thrashed around by fish.

👤When I ordered them, I was not sure about the size, but I thought I would take a chance. Stop thinking about getting them to tie up your rigs. They are too small for that. I think they're intended for walleye rigs.

👤The product was received early and it was better than expected. I had an issue with my order and wanted to inform the seller. The customer service they provided was beyond my expectations. Will buy the floats again from Dr. Fish.

👤I made the leaders for Gulf fishing. Work hard. We will see what the fish think.

👤Will find out when we get some soft water.

9. SEAOWL Floats Fishing 1 41IN Small 16pcs

SEAOWL Floats Fishing 1 41IN Small 16pcs

The fishing floats and bobbers are lightweight and sensitive, helping the angler quickly recognize the bite from a fish, it could get into water fast with small resistance, and it could turn over with great buoyancy, bring you a easy and comfortable fishing experience. The high density foam material has a great buoyancy and is called a high density material. Small is 1.41in, Big is 2.42in, and it's perfect size to drift small lures or bait. Fishing Bobber has a quick adjustment of line depth by sliding the indicator up and down the fishing line. A strong line grip is ensured by the heavy-duty clip inside. They have four colors for you to choose from: fluorescent green red orange yellow. You will notice it even if it's the smallest grab. One simple product works great for all species.

Brand: Seaowl

👤It's perfect for fishing small plastic for panfish and bass on a river where fish are wary.

👤My catch rate has gone up with bait off the bottom.

👤The small is the perfect size for my fishing rig.

👤Like a sore Peter, can't beat it!

👤My grandson is entering "Pa pa fishing training 101" and these are a great visual aid. He can have an assortment of colors to choose from.

👤I assumed they had a slot on the side so I could easily cut them off of the line.

👤The problem was that it didn't come with bobber stoppers.

10. Thill FishN Foam Cigar Floats

Thill FishN Foam Cigar Floats

Fishing Equipment is a product. The package has dimensions of 15.494 L X 9.144 W X 1.524 H. The package weight is 0.022 pounds. China is the country of origin.

Brand: Thill

👤I use these floats to get more casting distance. One of the floats in my pack had a bent stem. I think it will still function, but it seems to have weakened my spring when I bent it back to a functional direction so the line hooks on both ends are a little long. These floats are really nice. The three stars are more for Amazon. Walmart's price is three times more than Amazon's. I should have checked out in person. I paid $4 for a product that was only available for a short time. Don't buy them on Amazon until you know the local prices.

👤I use a spinning reel and weighted floats to get the small flies that I do a lot of fishing with. I get great results fishing for trout and other fish with the float up to 36 inches above the lure. Can't beat them.

👤Junk, junk! I decided to give them a try, even though I thought they were expensive. I was very disappointed in them. They were returned because they did not look like the photo. I would have better luck with a bad treat.

👤The ones I received today only have 2 and the description says 3 per pack. Not a big deal. They should send what they advertise.

👤I got some fat little round white with an orange and yellow stripe and a skinny cigar style yellow and orange weighted bobbers. I would have known this if I had read reviews better. The piece of junk is not usable for my application.

👤It's worthless for wild-shiner fishing if you use an ultra light worm or minnow. The styrofoam is weak and cheap and the floats are skinny. Way overpriced as well.

👤Garbage is one thing, but how do you fix styrofoam? Break apart when trying to tie on.

👤I use a spinning reel and weighted floats to get the lure out of the water, and I do a lot of fly fishing with small flies. I get great results fishing for trout and other fish with the float up to 36 inches above the lure. Can't beat them.

👤There is great. I've been waiting for these to be available over here, please make the multi packs available.

👤It doesn't float well. The weight of the bait made it sink.

👤It is cheap but difficult to use. I was setting it up on my line.

👤Does what it is supposed to do.

11. Circle Customized Octopus Fishing Hooks Size

Circle Customized Octopus Fishing Hooks Size

There is a pack of 5. 1/3oz. The length is 2.55 inches. The package includes 150 pieces, 25 pieces, 15 pieces, and 10 pieces. Each for size #1, 2, 3, and 4. A plastic box. High Carbon Steel is used in Sensu Fishing Hooks. The circle hooks are very sharp. The Offset Point, Special Barb Hooks, and Circle Hook Design are well designed. The Closed Eye is a design that helps fishermen hold on to more fish. If there are any problems with their products, please contact them via the customer service email and they would be happy to solve them.

Brand: Sensu

👤The hooks were ordered based on the pictures. I was looking at the curved in hook tip. There were no curved in hook tips when I received them. The picture shows a hook that is actually on top of it. You can see the difference. They are all like that.

👤The hooks I got were not circle hooks. These hooks are used for stripers in Massachusetts. They are not a circle hook. I will put them in my tackle box. I can't give a great show.

👤I wish I had read the reviews. The reviewers had indicated that these are not circle hooks. I will keep them and order replacement hooks from someone else. I will return everything if those aren't right.

👤Great hooks. I would have liked to have found them in black. The silver is big in the water.

👤I use them for fishing. Good for perch, kingfish, blowfish. The hook is easy to bend with big or hard fighting fish. The weakest part is the sharp point tip. It would be bended with just one hook-up.

👤I received hooks that were not circle hooks. I have many of the regular J hooks. Returned to Amazon to get a refund.

👤It is durable for tough fights with catfish.

👤The circle hooks are very sharp. I bought them for catfish because they work as advertised. The case is durable and would recommend it to anyone.


What is the best product for fishing floats saltwater?

Fishing floats saltwater products from Skylety. In this article about fishing floats saltwater you can see why people choose the product. and Bomber are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing floats saltwater.

What are the best brands for fishing floats saltwater?

Skylety, and Bomber are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing floats saltwater. Find the detail in this article. Thill, Thkfish and Seaowl are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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