Best Fishing Forceps Umpqua

Forceps 6 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Umpqua Fishing Locker 4624 Adjustable

Umpqua Fishing Locker 4624 Adjustable

The Umpqua Bug locker is 3412 It was blue.

Brand: Umpqua

2. Umpqua Fishing Rivergrip Tungsten Carbide

Umpqua Fishing Rivergrip Tungsten Carbide

Big Nipper Std Blue from the Umpqua River. The river grip is blue.

Brand: Umpqua

👤Nice nippers, but you have to squeeze very hard. Poker is a good way to clean hooks. It's nice to have a grip with wet fingers and make them high vis.

👤I have been using this to finish knots on fishing lures. It has done what it is supposed to. It has a hard time cutting through mono line. A great pair of clippers for fishing.

👤It's not as cute as other ones I've owned, but it's for the price. Will be a backup for fly fishing.

👤It was sharp and durable. Cuts a wide variety of line sizes. Good posture.

👤Was not aware of the size difference. Too small for larger objects.

👤Very fast shipping on this product.

👤Does a great job on mono but sucks on braid.

3. Umpqua UPG Standard Premium Gray

Umpqua UPG Standard Premium Gray

The river grip is black. The insert configuration is TPE Variable. The design is sleek. The design is sleek.

Brand: Umpqua

👤The Umpqua UPG boxes were reviewed and the slit was perfect. I filled my box quickly. The hooks were stuck well. The flies didn't get crushed because there was plenty of headroom. I didn't have any issues. Lighter than a tacky box. Good strength magnets at corners. Very happy. I want the UPG HD boxes.

👤Well made, low profile. The magnetic latch is cool. Good size for backpacking.

4. Umpqua River Zinger Nipper Combo

Umpqua River Zinger Nipper Combo

The design is sleek. The Umpqua River grip is red.

Brand: Umpqua

👤It doesn't seem to cut well over the surface.

5. Shimazaki Fishing Shake Floatant Original

Shimazaki Fishing Shake Floatant Original

Ready to go! Dry Shake Primer is used to extend the life of the treatment. If you want to avoid wasting powder, remove surplus water.

Brand: Umpqua

👤I lost the old dry shake formula while fishing, so I bought a new one here. I've been fly fishing for 20 years. When I used this product, it didn't work at all. Did not float my flies. The dry shake formula that I lost was the exact same brand and it worked great. The product I bought did not work. It didn't look like what I was using before. I went to a fly shop and bought the same dry shake formula that worked well on the river. This one that I bought did not provide any positive floatation for my flies.

👤The best shake fly floatant. I have been doing this for over 20 years. Take some fish and add some floatant. Blow it off and you will be back in business. It is my go to.

👤It worked well for dry flies, May flies, and Hoppers, even after catching some lunkers with the flies. Thumbs up!

👤Works as promised. It's used for dry fly fishing.

👤If your fly is dry, this dry powder is even better.

👤I have been guiding for years and this stuff works even when the client wants to charge their fly deeper.

6. Umpqua Mini Blue Midge High

Umpqua Mini Blue Midge High

The Umpqua UPG is a Fly Box.

Brand: Umpqua

👤This is a great low profile box for a huge assortment of small flies or a collection of confidence flies for a minimalist or familiar water. The micro slots below the magnet seem to be the best for 18s and 20s flies. The micro slots are not very deep. Once you learn how to back the fly into the slot, they hold their own. You can load a lot of flies in these slots. I put my flies on the magnet and they wouldn't go anywhere. I have found the best fly box for small nymphs. I use a different box for stonefly nymphs and assorted junk. The larger version of this box, the High Midge, would make a great nymph box for anglers who want all of their nymph boxes in one box. Umpqua has excellent slit foam boxes, but this new line of boxes is a lot better and offers better storage for flies.

👤I used this box every day for the fall season. Over the years, I have had dozens of boxes. The box holds the water in the hook grooves. Even if you have fancy nickel plated hooks, this will rust them. Over the course of two months, nearly 50% of the flies I kept in this box rusted out. The box has grooves on both sides that will carry water from one hook to the next. If you only have that overnight period to air out your fly boxes, you won't be able to keep this box dry. It takes a few hours in the sun to dry it out. It is impossible to get out of the grooves when you get rust started in this box. The cheap foam low profile boxes are $5 from your local fly shop. The foam dries out quickly and will keep flies from rusting. The box does the opposite. This is a product for the sometimes-angler with a lot of cash to burn who never gets their box wet.

👤When selecting a box type, be careful. I tried to get the box that has two sides but they sent me the one with the clear lid and only holds one side of flies. I don't really need that box. When you change the box type, the picture doesn't change, so you don't know which is which.

👤It would be great if you actually provided what was in the picture. I gave it 3 stars because the box I received is usable but not what I wanted.

👤Total disappointment. The item is not in the photo. It is not what I ordered and is 1/2 the size.

👤The perfect size for the front pocket of my waders. It's easy to hold. It is easy to mount flies. It is durable.




7. Umpqua Fishing Rivergrip Hemostat Forcep

Umpqua Fishing Rivergrip Hemostat Forcep

The Umpqua River Grip Hemo is black.

Brand: Umpqua

👤The seller was good but the product was not. I tried to open the jaws, but they broke. The textured grip covered the ratchets, which was commented on by other reviewers. I liked the texture. They snapped when I tried to open them. There was a manufacturing flaw that will not endanger a 2nd set of these.

👤These work well. You have to trim the material that spans the handle. Use a knife or cutting device. These work well for small electronic components once liberated.

👤Awesome hemostats. I use these for a lot of things. The rubber grip makes you feel good.

👤The handles were glued together by rubber coating. I had to use a knife to open the tool because of the rubber on my hand.

👤The small thumb hole makes it difficult to remove these from your hand while holding a fish.

👤Solid forceps for removing hooks. The tip would be 5-stars if it was smooth. It's hard to get a good grip.

👤Strong pliers are great for a bass fisherman. Does the job.

8. Umpqua River Grip Blue Size

Umpqua River Grip Blue Size

The Umpqua River grip is black. Big Nipper Std Blue from the Umpqua River.

Brand: Umpqua

👤I didn't understand why anyone would buy anything other than nail clippers for this job. I now do. These are great. The large profile makes it easy to find them. They cut any line with ease. The grip is great on them. The eye hole cleaner is not very strong. I tried to clean some glue from an eye. It's hard. The cleaner is for that. I'm not going to make them down for that.

👤The jaws don't line up well so they don't cut tippet easily, and the nippers weigh 3 times as much as my current ones. I think I'll go back to my clippers.

👤These are the best for braid, mono, or Floro. The loop on the top came loose form use. I used pliers to bend it back in place. I dropped it a few times and luckily I keep it on a zinger. If I misplace it, I would buy it again.

👤It is easy to hold. The eye buster works.

👤It's easy to grip but difficult to see the tag end. Not the best.

👤They hold a good edge. The product is very nice.

👤I am going to replace these with Walmart toenail clippers because I am not sure if I got a bad unit. I don't know if they are aligned correctly or just dull, but I have to cut it with a saw.

👤Nice nippers. Bigger than I expected.

9. Umpqua Fishing Rivergrip Scissor Forcep

Umpqua Fishing Rivergrip Scissor Forcep

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: They offer a 30 day money back guarantee because they are so sure of the quality of their inventory. Take your fishing experience to the next level by ordering yours today. A gift for a fisherman is a thoughtful gift. It's easy to store and clean outdoors gear. It is easy to use a lightweight design. It's easy to catch more fish. The Umpqua River grip is black.

Brand: Umpqua

👤I decided to have fun and spend a lot of money on a Fishpond Wasatch Tech Pack Vest after using a vest that was 25 years old. Any old hemostat/forceps was not going to help. The design, materials, build and reviews compelled me to go for the Umpqua Rivergrip. This is a large hemostat. The handle grip material feels secure and it feels like you could extract a tooth from it. It would be well suited for an EMT or medic and would be a good choice for fly fishing. I'm not going to make a big deal out of it.

👤These are very useful. Most zingers won't attach to handles that are too thick with the insulated grips. Adding an additional spring ring is required to make it work. It would be helpful if they had an eyelet off the handle.

👤I have used the best for fly fishing. It's great to have one smaller loop and one bigger loop. It's easy to find a bright color. Scissors are used for cutting line. They are tight. Pinch barbs are good. My favorite so far.

👤My sling pack has a perma- home on it. They do what they're supposed to, easy to hold with wet hands, the shears are sharp, and the heads don't cross or misalign. It's better than the cheap ones I've used before.

👤Well made and sturdy. I save my fish most for release. I tried to rip out the treble hook from my arm with the help of the forceps, but it came right out.

👤The quality of construction and price are similar. A small one. It makes it easy for me to deal with them.

👤I keep them on my boat. They work on a lot of things. You will use this tool.

👤I like the one with a big loop on one side, it's like a forceps with one side.



The design is sleek. The river grip is black.

Brand: Umpqua

👤I tried the nippers on a 4x tippet and they didn't cut at all. I paid a premium for these nippers thinking they would be very sharp, but my cheap $7.00 nippers work better. I will return them asap.

11. Umpqua Fishing Rivergrip Nipper Black

Umpqua Fishing Rivergrip Nipper Black

The Umpqua River grip is black.

Brand: Umpqua

👤I started fishing and running on the river. I needed to cut line quickly. I had a lanyard and nail clippers. I wanted something that would index my grip quickly and cut thicker mono. The nippers are perfect. The pads are wide enough for big thumbs and there is a good opening gap. Good quality steel and sharp are what they are. No fiddling, grab and cut. Exactly what I wanted.

👤Really. I just bought nail clippers. Those were hit and misses. I thought I would give them a try. It was wide enough for my rebuilt thumbs to use and the most reliable I have had.

👤The little nippers are great. It was somewhat expected that I had a little trouble cutting the braided line. Mono and Flouro hang nicely on my vest.

👤I bought these for a few bucks more hoping they would last longer than the 5$ clippers I normally buy and they didn't cut much right out of the package.

👤I love nippers who stay sharp and do what they are supposed to.

👤Works how it should. Buy this over the cheaper options here. You only have to buy once.


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