Best Fishing Forceps with Scissors

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1. Booms Fishing Aluminum Remover Cutting

Booms Fishing Aluminum Remover Cutting

The Flexfit design does away with snaps and velcro, and offers up a clean fit and stylish look in both adult and youth sizes. The X1 fishing pliers have a handle and jaws. It can open split ring and cut braided line. The braided line cutters are supported by the aluminum handle inset spring. When there is a loaded spring, the pliers can open. The small hook at the top of the jaws can help you open the split rings. There is also a split lead and single barrel position. The Super Braided Line Cutters are made of aluminum and can cut braided line and mono line. You can get a smooth and clean cut with the line up of the pliers. They have a steel wire coiled lanyard and nylon holster to keep your pliers safe. You can keep your hands out of your fishing bag.

Brand: Booms Fishing

👤Two boys are learning to kayak with me. For Easter, give it to their first, independently owned tackle kit. They don't need to raft up with me to use my tools to re-rigg their lines. They can operate on their own. They each have their own color. It's funny. They are thrilled with the reviews so far. I'll probably get my own pair soon. They have the lanyard and sheath. I will add a bobber to the sheath and attach it to the lanyard. Things go too far when out on the water with kids. Like my keys or cell phone. We will not want to loose them. The lanyard clip can be clipped to a PHD or the eyelets on the boat. I will add a comment here. I thought I would not need to carry all of the tools I use most. I thought these would cut it down to one. The cutting surface is small after getting them in hand. As an older person, I use reading glasses. It might be a bit inconvenient to get line right on that surface to cut it. There have been no complaints from the 10 and 12 year olds. When I get my own tackle bag, I will keep the tiny sharp craft scissors in there in case they are more comfortable and easier to use. I'm still very impressed with this tool, it's well made, smooth metal with a nice heft, and a quality feel for such an awesome price.

👤These are the best fishing pliers for inshore fishing. I have used them for an entire fishing season here on the Texas coast, and they have been used for more than one fishing trip per week. The Booms X1 have held up well. The cutter blades are sharp enough to cut the wire. The spring loaded hinge works just as well as it did when it was new. I tried to use these pliers on 150lb split rings on offshore lures and it twisted the tip so that the top and bottom didn't line up, that's why I give it 4-stars. The tips of the pliers don't align perfectly anymore. These are the best fishing pliers for inshore fishing.

👤I would like to see a bigger line cutter, it's hard to see where this tiny blade is in the dark. A locking mechanism will keep these closed when I'm not using them.

👤I decided to buy another pair of pliers for myself and give my husband another pair, but when I looked in my history, I found I bought them three years ago. Even though they are covered in some saltwater, they open and close without sticking, and even though the clips are not rusted and broken, the cord is still intact and stretching, even after a lot of heated storage in an outdoor boat in the Florida. I had to leave a review.

👤The braided line cutter performs perfectly. Not too large or small to get hooks from deep within the mouths of fish. It is difficult to return your pliers without turning your attention to the task at hand. A hard plastic snap in and snap out type belt shith would be a perfect alternative to this poor design and make this the ultimate combination good quality good value your design.

2. Loon Outdoors Rogue Quick Forcep

Loon Outdoors Rogue Quick Forcep

The Umpqua River Grip is red. The steel is surgical quality. The finger loop is made of carabiners.

Brand: Loon Outdoors

👤I ordered a pair of these a year or two ago. They work well. The jaws of the pliers are great, and the cutter on the pliers is just as good. I lost the first pair I bought. The thumb hole on the hemostats I ordered was too small. It's hard to get my thumb out. I bought another one. I am back to taking hooks out of trout. love them I would like to order a third time for my fishing trips.

👤I decided that this is not a good product after using it several times. If you leave the hook in a trout's mouth, it could do more harm than good. The carabiner hook didn't hold right when I brushed up against something and the forceps fell out of my pocket or fly pack a couple of times. It's a pricey set of rubber coated forceps.

👤If you catch trout over 12” you need this. The only negative thing I can say is that this looks to be changed. I think they are ordering regular forceps and converting them with a gripped and clipped handle. This is the best way to fish trout.

👤When trying to open or close them, they are very stiff. It doesn't seem that you can loosen the screw to make the lubricant work better. The locking mechanism leaves a lot to be desired.

👤The set of fishing pliers is good. They are easy to hold on to my fishing pack. It will be Salt and Fresh that will be used on the water, so you will have to come back to see the experience. I have other Loon products that I expect to use for many years.

👤This was needed to upgrade gloves for hands.

👤The jaws are bent after 3 uses. These were used to hold the split-shot in place. I was very disappointed in the quality of the jaws, and I couldn't believe that they failed that quickly. If it's failing for winter trout fishing using very small tackle, then it needs more refining and better quality materials. The return was great for Amazon.

👤Don't bother. Not what I would have expected. It's hard to open and shut.

3. Fishing Straight Hemostat Forceps Stainless

Fishing Straight Hemostat Forceps Stainless

The ultimate fishing tackle combination is the SurgicalOnline 7 Straight Fishing Forceps. Take your hobby to the next level. Every bait and tackle or fishing kit should have multi-use hemostats. The highest value for the price is top quality operation. STAINLESS QUALITY STEEL CONSTRUCTION The 7" Straight Fishing Forceps are made from durable steel and have long lasting performance in mind. The straight surgical forceps have large finger loops that are ideal for grasping and holding small objects. Don't waste your time with cheaper materials, get the best value with SurgicalOnline. There is a tool that is a must have for retrieving hooks. Fishing pliers are one of the most important pieces of fishing gear that you can have with you on a day on the water. They are ideal for barb pinching, removing fish hooks, knot tying, hook straightening, fly organization, and more. The fishing forceps have handles that can be held in place by a locking mechanism. The locking mechanism has 3 teeth that allow the user to adjust the force of the pliers. Even the smallest objects can be locked up with great force. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: They offer a 30 day money back guarantee because they are so sure of the quality of their inventory. Take your fishing experience to the next level by ordering yours today. A gift for a fisherman is a thoughtful gift. It's easy to store and clean outdoors gear. It is easy to use a lightweight design. It's easy to catch more fish.

Brand: Surgicalonline

👤The price is ok and they work and function as expected. These are far from high quality if you are expecting it. They are not polished to a shine and the grinding around the finger loops is terrible. They are finished to a dull shine. The person who did the grinding on the finger loops to round the edges actually created some edges in the process. Not sharp enough to cut you, but if the edges were on the inside? That would be very uncomfortable. The ones I received were comfortable to use. I will be using them to remove fish hooks from fish mouths and other fishing related tasks, so I was not looking for a perfect set. I gave them 5 stars because I received what I was expecting. The alignment teeth line up great as expected.

👤This is a great tool for removing fish hooks. Have it, so happy. It made it less likely that I would get hooks in my hand.

👤There are a lot of brands on Amazon that we know and love. They are good and expensive. I use these for fly fishing at the lake. They are long and easy to remove the hooks from, increasing the survivability of fish. They are very reasonably priced and they don't rust.

👤I used to use medical grade and they are a bit rough, so they got 4 stars. That doesn't detract from the purpose of fishing pliers. The job will be done with these.

👤It appears to be sturdy. It was nice long about. It helps to remove fishooks without damage.

👤The forceps worked well. They were used for fishing. They were easy to release. I loved it!

👤Fishing. They work well for rebboving the hook.

👤The jaws are not close enough to hold a fly.

4. KastKing Cutthroat Stainless Saltwater Resistant

KastKing Cutthroat Stainless Saltwater Resistant

Every purchase includes a worry-free warranty and lifetime support. If you have a question, their friendly customer service team will be happy to help. The KastKing Cutthroat pliers are made from a tough Teflon coating and are resistant to rust. The bending strength of aluminum pliers is less than 3 times that of ours. These pliers are ideal for both freshwater and saltwater environments. The cutter is hard and hard to slice through mono, fluorocarbon, or braid. The raised surface behind the blade of the side mounted anvil cutter allows you to cut your tag end as close to the knot as you want without any obstructions. Take advantage of the crimping slots to secure a split shot weight or build a steel leader if you want to use a multi- function jaw. Attach your hook to one of the jaws and pull it to create a tight knot. A straight nose and a split ring nose are available. The rubber handle has a textured surface that provides comfort and control. A thin grip profile and spring loaded jaws allow for easy one hand use without worry about the pliers slipping out of your hands. A custom molded sheath with belt clip is included to make sure your investment is protected from normal wear and tear. To make sure you have quick access when a fish is on the line, clip on to your belt or shorts, and make sure you have a coiled lanyard with you.

Brand: Kastking

👤Be careful. There are fake reviews. The fishing pliers are awful. They aren't good with saltwater and the cutter won't cut mono now. If you leave a good review, they will get fake reviews.

👤I would not recommend this product to anyone. Fishing pliers broke at the hinge. After every use of pliers, they should be thoroughly washed with freshwater and then they should break easily with very little pressure. I would not recommend it. Buy a cheaper pair if you don't want to spend more money. They wouldn't get back to me about replacement. Better companies are out there.

👤I was looking at pliers. Some brands had everything I wanted, but bad reviews. Some brands had better average reviews. I will start with the good, it looks good, long, rubber coated handles, and narrow jaws to get the hooks out of pan fish. I like the holes in the jaws for holding fishhooks. I like the lanyard and the rotating belt holder. I like the outside mounted line cutter. I made a sacrifice by not having the split ring nose in my version. The pliers have a spring loaded position and do not have a lock. Would have preferred a rubber sheath. It doesn't fit my large hands well, but I can make up for it. I was expecting a little more than I got, but it was a good buy. It will work, then break, then I will buy new pliers. You get what you pay for. I am a little underwhelmed, but barely. It looks like it will work and meet all but my split ring, which was my fault. The middle of the road fishing pliers are better than the cheapest ones. It's a new one.

👤plyers are very smart. The line cutter is located in an intelligent spot. I have seen many fishing pliers that have a line cutter that is difficult to use. These seem to be well made and designed better. I plan to do a review video on my channel.

👤Kayak fisherman ask what to buy first for their kayaking adventures. 1. Buy a life jacket that is comfortable. You will wear that for 14 hours on the water. If something bad happens in the summer, fishing will give you a fighting chance. Buy a good one. 2. A good paddle and a backup. Either buy one here or make one. A hand paddle to keep with you because you will at some point knock off you paddle that you forgot to leash. You can paddle a kayak. 3. You should buy a fishing rod and reel. A decent reel will still land a fish even if it's the most expensive. A good rod will catch a fish. An ultra cheap rod and reel can cost you the fish of a lifetime. I don't buy top of line stuff anymore because I have lost more rods and reels in the lakes and rivers than I care to admit. I still buy good quality because I know it will help me catch fish. 4. A set of tools. If you get in a situation where you need to cut something, you can remove an embedded hook, cut line, remove hook from fish, make a peanut butter sandwich, cut bait, or most of all cut anything. 5. A good kayak is a good purchase. Don't buy a kayak at a big box store. If you like kayaking, you will want to upgrade the next season, so spend a few hundred more and one from a shop that will let you demo it first. A box store kayak won't be worth much when you sell it, but a good quality kayak will hold it's value.

5. Umpqua Fishing Rivergrip Scissor Forcep

Umpqua Fishing Rivergrip Scissor Forcep

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: They offer a 30 day money back guarantee because they are so sure of the quality of their inventory. Take your fishing experience to the next level by ordering yours today. A gift for a fisherman is a thoughtful gift. It's easy to store and clean outdoors gear. It is easy to use a lightweight design. It's easy to catch more fish. The Umpqua River grip is black.

Brand: Umpqua

👤I decided to have fun and spend a lot of money on a Fishpond Wasatch Tech Pack Vest after using a vest that was 25 years old. Any old hemostat/forceps was not going to help. The design, materials, build and reviews compelled me to go for the Umpqua Rivergrip. This is a large hemostat. The handle grip material feels secure and it feels like you could extract a tooth from it. It would be well suited for an EMT or medic and would be a good choice for fly fishing. I'm not going to make a big deal out of it.

👤These are very useful. Most zingers won't attach to handles that are too thick with the insulated grips. Adding an additional spring ring is required to make it work. It would be helpful if they had an eyelet off the handle.

👤I have used the best for fly fishing. It's great to have one smaller loop and one bigger loop. It's easy to find a bright color. Scissors are used for cutting line. They are tight. Pinch barbs are good. My favorite so far.

👤My sling pack has a perma- home on it. They do what they're supposed to, easy to hold with wet hands, the shears are sharp, and the heads don't cross or misalign. It's better than the cheap ones I've used before.

👤Well made and sturdy. I save my fish most for release. I tried to rip out the treble hook from my arm with the help of the forceps, but it came right out.

👤The quality of construction and price are similar. A small one. It makes it easy for me to deal with them.

👤I keep them on my boat. They work on a lot of things. You will use this tool.

👤I like the one with a big loop on one side, it's like a forceps with one side.

6. Dr Slick Clamp Black Straight

Dr Slick Clamp Black Straight

The Umpqua River grip is black. Dr. Slick is a top quality doctor.

Brand: Dr. Slick

👤I've used these for my last 5 fishing trips and they are absolutely great, no issues at all. They look great, I got flat black to avoid glare. They are a little stiff at first, but loosen up over time. If you have larger fingers, you might want a larger opening version. The combo surface is flat on the tips and ridged at the base, covering all my needs from crushing hook barbs to unhooking fish. The hook eye cleanout only works for larger hooks, so I use another hook point to clean the smaller flies I use often. I use the Dr Slick bungie lanyard with alligator clips to unhook netted fish and tie flies without issues. Highly recommended!

👤It seems as if not enough material was removed or too much paint was applied, and that could not actuate the clamp without using both hands. Save money and shop at flea bay.

👤It wasn't discovered for a few weeks because of too much work and not enough fishing. It was too slight to be considered damaged after that time. I'm not paying to send it back. At the factory level, the clamp surfaces were an issue. I can't bend it back. The barb is only crushed on half of the surface area. It was a premium item and you could find a similar product for half the price. I'm a little disappointed that I heard so much about Dr. Slick. With so many other options, I will not be buying another product from this company.

👤There are two pairs of curved black. Excellent for handling size 24-26 flies as they have a fine tip and no serriations on the extream edge of the tip surface. They don't damage the fly or any wire ribbing, and are far better than using tweezers. The flies don't move when pulled out of a C&F box because the tip grabs them solid. After receiving these, my tweezers are history. To squeeze them together first. If you squeeze them together first then apply the side pressure, they will open up easily. Not a problem for me. An excellent product.

👤I thought the leash was included. There are many pictures with the leash. The product images were very misleading. I am very disappointed that it says no leash in the description.

👤Dr Slick products have been used by me for a long time. Quality items. An extra pair of forceps was purchased as a spare.

👤A piece of gear is worth the money. It will debarb flies and crimp larger spit shot. It is superior to even surgical grade hemostats.

👤I got a manufacturing defect that caused the jaw to break immediately. Afraid to order another of the same because they don't trust it now.

7. Caija H Fishing Stainless Freshwater Saltwater

Caija H Fishing Stainless Freshwater Saltwater

Perfect gift for fishermen. The fishing tools set is suitable for a lot of things. Most kinds of line and wire can be cut with the Pliers. The auto-open two-side spring bearing is perfect for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. It's nice to reach into fish to get hooks. The pliers are protected from the corrosive elements. The rubber grip on the handles makes it easy to use. These are small and convenient. This can even cut braided fishing line and Spiderwire. The handle is not hard plastic. The fit hands design makes it easy to use at wet situations. Weight: 4.2oz. Weight: 4.2oz.

Brand: Caija-h

👤The tip of the pliers will twist if you try and twist a hook. I don't know if that happens with the shorter pliers or the long ones. I don't recommend for bigger hooks. Maybe bluegills.

👤The pliers in this product are very flimsy and won't hold well. You can spend more and get better pliers.

👤Very strong. The line cutter works well and the pliers work well. The split ring opener does it's job, even though it isn't as pointed as the photos show. It works because the holes don't line up.

👤These are not pliers in the sense of the word, only for small applications of force.

👤These pliers are very good. Thin enough to fit any fish's mouth, but strong enough to handle any hook removal. The line cutter works great and can cut any type of line, and are not showing any signs of wear. I bought a second pair of this product because I love it so much.

👤The jaws no longer align when you extract a 2/0 hook from a fish.

👤I ordered two for myself and one for my son. It was a good buy and worked as they were supposed to.

👤Go to your local outdoors store and get a better pair of pliers.

8. Booms Fishing H01 Pliers Scissors

Booms Fishing H01 Pliers Scissors

The pliers are very convenient to carry around and secure with you. The back of the sheath has a belt loop. Small and Medium fish have easy hook removal. Size 1 to Size 5 are open split rings. Cleanly cuts the wire. The construction is made of 420 STAINLESS STEEL. The safety coiled yard is included.

Brand: Booms Fishing

👤When these pliers are cheap, it makes sense to compare them to more expensive pliers, but there is a time when cheap is too cheap. How do they make them so cheap? There's a fit and finish issue that others have noted, and then there's the fact that these are small pliers. The Shrunken Head of Pliers seem to be a bargain because they use less materials and save money. The colored plastic grips are too small for my average sized hands, and I can only get 3 fingers on the grip, and the end of the other grip lands halfway down my thumb. The plastic grips are not comfortable. Measure any set of needle-nose pliers' grips and compare them to the ones you've seen before. These are not for people with larger hands, but for people with small hands. Emergency backups would be good as well. My pliers seem to have been made with tighter tolerances than has been noted by other reviewers, and I think they will cut well. I'll be getting a $9 refund, but the $7 return shipping is not worth it.

👤These are cheap. The quality is good, and these are cheap. I like the size of the grip and the different notch, it makes it easier to grasp different size hooks, weights, or whatever else you need to do with them. I enjoy the clip add on, I take these out on the jetty with me, and I don't have to worry about dropping them into the rocks or surf. If you need a practical piece of equipment for a cheap price and are looking for utility rather than a fancy piece of equipment, I recommend these. These are useful for people who jetty fish. People, come on, anyone who fishes saltwater knows you have to wash everything with fresh water, even if it's not dishwasher safe, give me a break! You can't knock it down because you made a mistake. I have used these many times on the jetty and have had them covered in saltwater and mussel guts.

👤The portion of the pliers for grabbing things is poor, but it's pretty good. I think it was because there wasn't enough surface area in contact with the hook that it slipped when I tried to grab it. It's not a good idea to grab thin stuff with the pliers. Look at the picture. It's good for cutting line and wire, but I would rather have good pliers and no split ring feature, so I gave it 3 stars. The crimping slots on this set of pliers are useless because you can't get enough pressure on these pliers to crimp anything, and if you squeeze hard, the pliers start twisting, but I expected that.

👤I wouldn't buy this product again. I had high hopes for these pliers. It was a great idea, but the materials won't handle the demand. I only used them on one fishing trip, where the largest fish was 2 pounds. I only used them to remove the hooks from the fish mouth, and the pliers bent, which is not suppose to happen. I won't take them on another fishing trip. They are no longer useful in that capacity. The lanyard was great because you just slip it into your pocket and they are always right there.



The net weight was Large one 13.5g/pc and Small one 5.5g/pc. The large one is 180mm and the small one is 155mm. Nonslip grips are comfortable. The steel is resistant tocorrosion. It's ideal for removing hooks or tying flies.

Brand: Berkley

👤You're forced to cut it because the handle insulation/padding covers the toothed joint between the 2 sides. I tried a razor knife to separate the sides. Unless you have extra small, extremely sharp blades, don't try an exacto knife. I was forced to use a top grade, sterile, surgical scalpel but only do so with the utmost care. A single error can cause an enormous amount of trouble for you, perhaps as bad as a death from blood loss or abacterial infections, because scalpels are specifically designed to cut through human flesh. The manufacturer glues the right and left handle together by dipping both in the rubber while closed together. It's risky to enable it's use, but they only give you one option, to endanger yourself, to use the items. The cutting is the main problem with even starting to use these.

👤PRO: 1. It was arrived ahead of time. You can order from AMAZON. I can see it in low light and night fishing because it is red. 3. Holds tight. 4. The rubber grips are nice. CON: 1. I thought this would be a nice upgrade, but it's not that great. You can get the same size, strength, length and capabilities from a less expensive pair. Other: 1. You should get a pair of hemostats for fishing. Either these or something else. It's better to have them and not need them than to have them and not need them. 2. It can be used for many things, including removing hooks, holding a hook, lure or something else for maintenance, and getting hooks out of your own hands. I don't like when that happens.

👤I can't really tell them too much. They work. It was a little longer than I wanted. Hope you have small fingers. Those finger holes are small. That is the biggest draw back to them. There is a You don't have to cut the grip to open them. People had a hard time opening them.

👤The seller sent me something that wouldn't open. They are joined at the handle. The seller sent the pliers back to me after I returned them. I wouldn't buy this seller and product. Find something else.

👤My son had trouble removing the hooks from the fish. It was easier to push it down to release it with these. The red plastic around the handle was not cut on the two I bought. It was impossible to open them up until I cut it. They work well after that.

👤When hooks are swallowed deep, these are great. They are a little difficult to use at first, but once you do it a few times, you get used to it. I don't like to leave the hooks in mouths when I catch and release.

👤I had to cut out the plastic around the jaws to make them perfect. They work well for trout fishing.

👤I use these pliers for small hooks and fish. They are easy to use and hold tight when locked. The thin build and long reach are important when trying to get a deep hook from a tiny fish. All around a great product. I have several different things in my gear.



The Umpqua River Grip is red.

Brand: Umpqua

👤I had 2 pairs of forceps from this brand and loved them until I lost them, but when I took them off the package, the screw was tight and I could feel the slop in the 2 pieces. I had to rip the line apart with the serrations. I think I got a bad pair of shoes because this company has a lot of positive reviews and I really liked its products.

👤I bought this from a different manufacturer a long time ago. Dropping one loop for the open hook adds a lot of use to hemostats with two full loops. It is easy to keep in a shirt or pocket. This one does not have a spike to clear out the hook eye that my other one had.

👤The hemostats are the most difficult to open with one hand that I have ever experienced. They are too tight. The hook eye cleaner was bent when they arrived. I may try to change the jaws to work better, but so far they are a flop.

👤As pliers, they work well, but as a cutter, well for me the left a lot to be desired. They had a hard time getting through the braid, smashing and tearing it rather than cutting through it. There was hesitation through mono as well.

👤I love these things! They are great for everything I need them for. It's stronger than most instruments. They help me remove hooks from fish. The braid is cut with ease by the line cutter. My first pair of shoes didn't articulate well at the locking teeth and would pop open, so I gave them 4 stars. Customer service from Umpqua was amazing and they solved the issue for me. I love my Umpqua gear.

👤I am happy with the quality of the hemostat. The braid is even cut with the scissors portion.

👤After each use, I have been spraying them with a solution of WD-40. Scissors have no issues with force.

👤I ordered a second one because I liked it so much.

11. Dr Slick Scissor Clamp Straight

Dr Slick Scissor Clamp Straight

Dr. Slick is a top quality doctor. Straight edge tool.

Brand: Dr. Slick

👤I'm not sure if I got a bad pair or if they missed something, but the operation on these hemos are terrible. The tension on these is too high so they bind when manipulating. They don't open and close smoothly, and this doesn't affect the performance of these hemos, but it does take away from the joy one may have from using them. These are difficult to open even on the first notch. It's as if they are missing a setting and the first available notch requires a lot of pressure to seat, and once set requires either 2 hands to unlatch, or some clever manipulation where I have to apply incredible horizontal force bending both arms in opposite directions to release. I'm a big guy and I could remove the paint from a fire hydrant with my grip, so to say that these leave my fingers hurting opening and closing them one handed a dozen times is quite shocking. I'm not sure if getting the 5.5" pair would be easier. I could have gotten a second or defect.

👤I bought this one a year ago and like it a lot. It works well and removes hooks. The handle has a goofy flat head. My previous purchase would get a 4 star review. The most recent one I bought was useless for smaller hooks because of an irregularity on the clamp. There is a gap between the jaws when they are clamped. The quality control should have noticed something as obvious as this. The pictures compare the flawed clamps with my good pair. After returning the bad pair and having Amazon replace it, the replacement pair I received also has the same issue. There is a gap between the jaws when they are closed. I cannot bend the hook eye cleaner to fit the hole since it is bent to be straight, the point and the hole is not close to lining up. I would not buy a bad pair of clamps until Dr slick can teach me how to throw a bad pair. It was down to 1 star.

👤I bought this as a replacement for a tool that broke. The first thing you will notice is the strength. The competitors are heavier than these. I never knew how many times a screwdriver is used while fishing. When unhooking a fish, make sure the fishing line is nowhere near the edge. I carelessness has caused me to slice my fly's tippet multiple times.

👤I love the features of this tool. I used the flathead on the handle to change my radio batteries. The scissor feature is great for heavier line when you don't want to dull your nippers. I lost a few of these over the years so I am going to make a joke out of it. If you drop it in water or a brush, you can see it with red electrical tape around it.

👤This thing is tough as nails and I don't usually write a review that strong. I understand it is built for fly fishing. I use it in a medical setting. I don't have to carry scissors anymore as this serves both purposes. It is nicer than I was expecting. See my pictures to compare the two products.


What is the best product for fishing forceps with scissors?

Fishing forceps with scissors products from Booms Fishing. In this article about fishing forceps with scissors you can see why people choose the product. Loon Outdoors and Surgicalonline are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing forceps with scissors.

What are the best brands for fishing forceps with scissors?

Booms Fishing, Loon Outdoors and Surgicalonline are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing forceps with scissors. Find the detail in this article. Kastking, Umpqua and Dr. Slick are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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