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1. Intex 68309EP Excursion Pro Kayak

Intex 68309EP Excursion Pro Kayak

It's 73 x 16 x 37 inches and has a capacity of over 200 pounds. Light weight and highly resistant to damage from impact and sunlight, this is a tough material. High pressure inflation provides extra rigidity and stability, with high pressure spring loaded valves for easy inflation and fast deflation. There are 2 skeg for deep and shallow water, 2 floor mounted footrests, 2 integrated fishing rod holders, and 2 bucket seats. Additional accessories, such as fish finders and fishing rod holders, can be added to the mounting brackets. A carry bag and repair patch are included. Storage space in bow and stern with d rings for tying down dry bags and gear. The construction is unaffected by gasoline, oil and salt water. It is very resistant to damage from impact and sunlight. It allows more air pressure for rigidity. The pump and aluminum Oars are included.

Brand: Intex

👤I bought the intex Explorer and Excursion Pro at the same time. I think the Excursion Pro is worth the extra money. The Excursion is made of a heavier ruberized textile than the Explorer. I'm confident that either kayak will serve you well for occasional recreation. The Excursion is better for long termDurability and Impression of fit and finish. I have never owned a kayak. I've paddled a few. I've traveled hundreds of miles in a canoe. Both kayaks respond quickly to paddling. If you're going to use the Excursion Pro for fishing, you should note one thing. The rod holders are pointing in a different direction. If you put a rod in one of the rod holders, it will cross. The rod holders are useless for fishing or transport. I added a couple of rod holders to solve the problem. They work great with the included accesory rail. I'm not a fan of the paddle because of my canoe experience. I'll probably switch to a canoe paddle or try a longer kayak paddle. Everything else is better than expected. The seatinging in both kayaks can be set up for one or two people. The seats are comfortable. The foot rests work well. The pump nozzle and pressure gauge lock into the valves, which is a feature that is not found on the explorer. I'll be ordering the Excursion pro seat pad if intex will sell me one, it's a must have in my opinion. I'm very pleased with both. If you can afford it, buy the Excursion Pro. The kayak looks like a much higher end kayak than the explorer. If you have a tight budget, both kayaks will put a smile on your face and paddle well. I added a fish finder to the plano 1364 tackle box. There is plenty of room for the battery in the tackle box. I used a piece of aluminum stock and a few nuts to fix the transducer. The thing is a fishing machine. If you don't buy an anchor, you're going to wish you did.

👤The kayak had two issues. The gauge had a broken needle and one seat wouldn't hold air. The company told me the parts were not under warranty. I packed it up and sent it back after I had it for a week. The representative was rude and didn't have any options to fix or replace the kayak.

👤At Christmas, I got this KAYAK, but it is now un-repairable. No one is going to offer a replacement or guarantee. Everyone is watching us when we contact them. Customer service is TERRIBLEKAYAK - not worth the money.

👤The kayak has a lot of scratches and scratches on it, but it's not leaking air yet. All items in the box were previously opened and taped back. This is not a new item. I would not order it at the full price of the new one if I knew it was opened/re-packs.

👤The inner polyester core is exposed by the major crinkles and cuts out of the box. The pictures are from two Kayaks, the first was good and the second was bad. It is unacceptable that at almost 500$ per Kayak. I lost my time trying to get Intex to wash it off. I bought a 2 year protection plan as I want to have fun with my wife and kids and not deal with claims all summer. You need to purchase your glue if you come with a 90 day warranty and patches.

2. Sea Striker SSHP4 Fishing Protectors

Sea Striker SSHP4 Fishing Protectors

The big game hook is from heavy duty. It is available packaged or bulk. There is a spring for a 4” hook.

Brand: Sea Striker

👤It was great for my Aftco gaff, but it fell off. When the hook is off, it slides around on the gaff.

👤I have been using these Gaff Guards for a long time. They are easy to move out of the way of a fish.

👤I was disappointed that it wouldn't stay on, it didn't work well, and it was a waste of money.

👤I keep my mind at peace with this great idea. Someone is going to take a gaff to their ankle, that's no longer a feat.

👤The plastic black cover on my gaff was broken. Since I broke the cover, I've been worried about someone getting poked. The problem was solved after I bought this.

3. Outmate Aluminum D Ring Locking Carabiner

Outmate Aluminum D Ring Locking Carabiner

If there is an issue with this product, please contact them, they will give the best solution in the first time. They guarantee a replacement or a refund. The structure has improved. It is designed for fast and convenient connections. It can be easily attached to a backpack. They can be used to connect cords and put up tents. Light, strong, and resistant to water, this is made of aluminum with a polished finish. The carabiners are perfect for a lot of things. There is a break limit of 150 pounds. It can only be used for hanging. Not applicable for climbing, swing,hammock, punching bag, big dog leash and the like. You will get 6 pieces of Outmate carabiners and a one year warranty.

Brand: Outmate

👤The cheap hardware store versions of this clip lost their spring and came undone. The last ones I needed to buy were in the toy bag. I'm coming back for six more because the things are so useful that I can't have enough of them. The mistress was approved.

👤The biners were stuck in the open position. 1/6 biners wouldn't close and 2/6 biners were stiff. See the photo.

👤They look nice and came intact. There is a picture of the "not strong enough for barn work". A pile of manure in the background with 2 heavy-gauge chains clipped in, so I'm guessing this person had one of these poor carabiners babysitting a couple of 900 pound plow mules. The carabiner's limits are clearly stated in the product description. I think I'm going to pee my pants because I'm laughing and crying so hard. I was going to give this product one star when it failed to hold the Space Shuttle from taking off. Junk.

👤Not good at all. I had metal splinters in my finger because of the sharp burrs on all of them. The metal is grinding against the metal as you screw the screwgate closed. Not impressed at all.

👤They don't seem very heavy-duty. They were used at the barn around horses. I thought I would try carabiners because my guy breaks snaps frequently. Within a couple hours, the first one broke the spring. I wouldn't use it for anything tough, but it would be fine for a backpack adornment.

👤Safety pins, paper and binder clips, rubber bands, and safety and booby pins are all useful. You don't know how much you need until you can't get to one. These clips are not heavy-duty and are perfect for every day use. I keep my keys in an easily remembered spot in my backpack, which I clipped to the inside of it. If you want to separate your house and car keys, carabiners are a good option. A carabiner is a much stronger attachment for hanging up keys than the key tabs are. This set of six carabiners is a 5-star purchase because of the quality, simplicity and price.

👤I'm a bit forgiving when it comes to metal. These carabiners are not easy to use. I can hear metal crunching on the threads, and one of them feels like it's too short, I expect it to become a slide lock instead of a screw lock. They'll work for attaching non-essential gear to my pack, but I need something more reliable.

👤These are not intended for hanging a hammock. You get what you pay for, and in this case you paid for an aluminum alloy carabiner with a threaded locking lug. It works well for securing gear. They don't have a lot of shine because of their brushed metal design, which is great for my purposes. I am deducting one star because the lugs are not consistent. Some of my carabiners will only barely cover the hinge joint, while others will screw all the way up. Some threads are tighter than others. None of them were ugly.

4. STAR BRITE Extending Boat Hook

STAR BRITE Extending Boat Hook

The telescopic pole can be set to different lengths. A boat pole with hook can be used as a push pole, pull up lines, or as a docking pole. Their pole is made from lightweight aluminum, which makes it comfortable to use and sturdy. The boat hook is made of glass and nylon. Made in the USA.

Brand: Star Brite

👤I missed that the hook was flexible. We can't hook onto cleats because the hook bends.

👤Ok for grabbing a rope. Don't depend on this one for heavy maneuvering of a good size boat or grabbing a dock in the wind. The hook is hard. There are bends and flexes. It's better to spend the extra for a good one. Having a boat hook that doesn't stay hooked isn't going to help when you need it.

👤This works well for me. I have a pick up truck that has stuff in it's bed, but I no longer own a boat. The cover of the bed makes it difficult to reach stuff at the front of the bed, but this hook allows me to grab onto stuff and pull it to the rear of the bed.

👤I'm hooked on this Star Brite boat hook, it's been used for two seasons. There are no issues with opening and closing the boat hook on my boat. It's always at the ready if I want to grab my dock lines or push off from my neighbor's boat in the wind. It's easy to reach when I need it, I bought clips and a strap. A quality product.

👤We bought this for a friend. He just got a boat and we thought everyone needed it. The pole has already saved many things from the water and it's an easy way to pull up the ladder without having to get on your knees. That has been great. While it will float, it will eventually go to the bottom. It isn't like something that will stay on top of the water forever. We are glad we got it for him, and hope he keeps using it. We know we do when we are on the boat with them.

👤This was used to catch crab pot bouys. It worked well because my 3 year old threw it in the water and we had to chase it down. I had to use this to pull because we came in fast. I have not had any issues with the locking device. I put a lot of stress on these catching the dock. I wouldn't worry about the strength or the locking device. Great purchase.

👤It is made to bend, but so far it has held up. I bought this to help dock the boat and it is very useful. I would like the hook to be metal because it would be more effective when hooking into the wood on the dock slip. If you want to control the boat into the slip, you need to be able to grab the plastic hook with the ball end onto a dock cleat or edge lip, which can be tricky if it is windy.

👤The boat hook is very strong. The boat hooks are not strong. If I tried to stop your sailboat from hitting the dock, the boat hook would not survive. A good hook should last me a lifetime.

👤Good piece of tools used for boating.

5. Frabill 1300 Net Gaff Holder

Frabill 1300 Net Gaff Holder

The side/deck mount can be mounted on top or side of the gunnel. Frabill has been trusted by fishermen since 1938. The net/gaff holder is mounted to the dock or garage wall. The heavy-duty molded construction is strong and will hold up. It resists harmful UV rays and saltwater.

Brand: Frabill

👤These are nice. There are four on my boat. A large hole. It's a good place to put it inside the rail. I used rivets for mounting. I use them for quick rod placement while I troll with seven rods out, and suddenly a fish on, and I need a spot to move other rods to. If I am just loading the boat with rods, or unloading it, before or after I have the rod holders in place, these are always there. It was very handy. The tool holders are very useful. A place to put pliers. It's your call, but mine are well used.

👤It should have been done a long time ago. High school bass tournaments. The net is never in the same spot twice.

👤For my application, it was too big for my boat, even though it was sturdy and well made. I returned it.

👤It was what I needed for the boat. My net is in the middle and my pliers and clippers are on the sides. It is very easy to install and very durable. The console is mounted right to the attacker.

👤I think it's very durable. Not flimsy junk with others. I've bumped into it as well as my friends.

👤A bigger handle plug can hold pliers, jaw spreader, etc. I would have found earlier.

👤What I needed for my Lund. It's easy to ream out a hole for a tool spot.

👤I use long handle landing nets for fishing for trout and salmon, the tool caddy feature is more useful than anticipated. I am glad I added this to my boat.

👤The label says, "Will Not Warp". Does that mean that they won't warp any more? I have had a number of sub-par items from lately, compared to pre-covid shopping on, and I have wondered if second-tier items were getting shipped out recently. The first Frabill net holder I ordered was warped so badly that I couldn't mount it on a garage wall, as it was almost 1/2” out from the backplate. I ordered two more in order to get a good one. All junk is being returned. Who knows if this is on Frabill or Amazon. Four stars for overall product design and thought, but only one star for execution.

👤I put this in my boat to hold my net. It's easy to access the net. Keeping hand tools is a place where you know they will be. Hard plastic seems to be very sturdy.

👤This item is built to last a long time in the boat. The mouth spreader and net fit into the unit and there are extra hooks on it.

👤The plastic construction is good and I was on the fence. I put it near the back of the boat. It holds my net while my boat is moving.

👤It's a very strong material and would definitely buy again.

6. Deep Blue Mounting Bracket 3 Inch

Deep Blue Mounting Bracket 3 Inch

More applicable scenarios include boat fishing, ice fishing, saltwater gaff, kayak gaff. The Gaff hook is strong enough to deal with big fish. It is designed to keep the hook covered and the shaft supported. Simple one hand in-out. Spending time on the water has helped the company grow. This product is a must have for any fisherman.

Brand: Deep Blue

👤It works out for everyone.

7. SAN LIKE Kids Fishing Net

SAN LIKE Kids Fishing Net

It can be used for smaller bait fish and pool skimmer. The premium freight rail is called the Mierail. The fishing net is made of high density carbon fiber and fiberglass pole which make it solid and reliable. The rubber coating is knotless to prevent fishhooks from getting tangled. Soft mesh won't hurt fish. The fishing net can be used for a lot of things. The fishing net is used for swordfish. You can carry and keep this net with ease because of the foldable design, retractable pole and framework. The handle on the fish is skid-resistant. The extended length is 43. The folded length is 17. The loop is 17''. Net depth is 12''. It is easy to operate with a switch. The pole can be adjusted easily. No warranty is provided by San 800-244-0167, it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty for any products with quality issues.

Brand: San Like

👤I expected it to telescope more than it did. It's pretty cool. It seems like it will break with large fish. I wish it was longer. Decided to keep it and see how it goes.

👤I bought this net to not use on a fishing trip. I use it to catch chickens at my farm. Even if the chickens are trying to get away, the material that the net is made of is very durable and won't get caught on the talons. I am very happy with this product, it has made my farming efforts easier.

👤I got a 12 inch handle for the whole net, but no net for 16 dollaars, so I can't do much with it.

👤Buy a better one at the store.

👤My 6 year old tried to open it before it touched the water. It was very stiff to open.

👤It is a good bet for the price, but not very durable, as they tightened handles broke so it was stuck in the fully extended position.

👤The length is shorter than expected. The material is not strong and breaks fast.

👤Red de mala calidad todo, no resiste.

👤The telescopic pole broke in a few days, but netting is very good.

👤Too much plastic. Fishing with plastic isn't adequate. I wouldn't recommend this product.

8. KOMCLUB Telescopic Luminous Lightweight Telescoping

KOMCLUB Telescopic Luminous Lightweight Telescoping

All Goture fishing waders have been tested for water resistance. Put them over, fill them with water, and hang them to dry. They offer an exclusive one-year warranty if there is any man-made damage during use. The telescopic design of the boat hook makes it easy to carry and store. The longest length is from 28.6 inches to 47.2 inches. The fiberglass boat hook is very safe and lightweight, it is rust and moisture resistant, and it is non-conductive. The Boat Hook Pole is so light that you may not even feel it. Their boat hooks can be used with pull ropes and push rods, and can be up to about 50 pounds. They will pay for any damage within six months. KOMCLUB boat hook grip is made of rubber non-slip material, which provides comfort and reliable grip in wet conditions, and it won't affect your experience when you have sweaty palms. The Luminous boat hook are made of fiberglass and will not break or bend. The top of the hook has beads. In the dark, you and other crew members can find the position of the boat hook. You can use the boat hook to hang Christmas lights on your olive tree, or pull rope for boats and boat poles. You can adjust the length with the boat docking rod. If the pontoon boat is docked at your location, you can use it to grab the line or tow it to the dock to avoid hitting other boats.

Brand: Komclub

👤This is one of those things that looks great on paper but is not. I liked the style and thought about it. The first time I used it, it folded like a cheap lawn chair. If you are in a canoe, it is good, if you are in a boat, it is not.

👤A good hook. There is a glow in the dark ball on the hook. It doesn't seem like it will last in an actual boating situation. It's good for a canoe or kayak.

👤Not close to a normal boat hook size. I haven't tested it's strength yet. It doesn't have much of a reach.

👤The purchase of a pontoon boat will make it easier for passengers to help get docked safely.

👤It was arrived on time and appears to be good quality.

👤Good product. The item is described.

9. SAN LIKE Telescopic Luminous Fiberglass

SAN LIKE Telescopic Luminous Fiberglass

All of the qualities that are great for outdoor gear are present in San Like. Not to mention great function. If you have a question about the fishing net, please contact them directly. The boat hook will float even when you accidentally drop it in the drink, and the bright blue accents make it easy to spot. You can find the boat hook at night by looking for a Luminous bead. The telescopic design makes it easy to carry and store. Just like hold a bottle of 500ml of water, from 2.63 ft to 6.75 ft, only 16.9oz. No burden! The rusty boat hook pole is a must-have accessory, still standing the uncomfortable and slip handle, but you can pick it up with no slip and soft handle. It can be used for grabbing lines or pulling a floating boat over to a dock with a straight pull, and it can also be used to keep from hitting other boats. You can use it to pull their pontoon to your sea wall side and hang Christmas lights on your olive tree. The 1st segment should be taken back, because it was used to push the boat or push other things. If you have a question about the boat hook, please contact them.

Brand: San Like

👤I bought this to make it easier to move cargo around in my truck bed. It works perfectly for this application. I know it wasn't made for that. It does work better than other hooks. It is easy to reach all the way to the front of the bed and collapses for easy storage.

👤The last section does not lock after I bought it. The thin metal section slides into the 2nd section. There is no way to make it lock. You can't use it to push the boat away from the dock when it's too close. I didn't take it out of the box for a month because it was too cold outside. It was useless for me.

👤I don't see how I can lock in the first section. If you spin it the other way, it will lock, but you can't because it's hexagonal in the plastic end cap, and there's no way to screw it. If there is a way to do it, and I'm missing it, it would be nice for them to put out a small video and show first that it can be locked, and then what you would have to do to lock it. The screw type fitting should be on all 3 sections and not just the end 2. The first section was not locked.

👤I pulled up to the dock to take out the grab bar, but it was separated from me as I tried to pull it in to the dock. My boat was taken by the river's current and I ended up in some rocks. It was very bad! My propeller needs to be fixed. It would be better to offer these grabber handles as fixed pieces. Most people's boats are long enough to hold a six or eight foot pole along the side of the boat where you keep your fishing poles. Just saying.

👤I use this to pull my pontoon closer to my dock. We have to parallel park our pontoon at our dock between our other boat and the end of the dock where there are rocks. This may not be what it was intended for. The hook on the end is hard plastic and cannot handle a lot of pressure. I am sure grabbing a rope is great, but using it to pull your boat closer puts too much stress on the hook part. I put duct tape around the hook after getting the second one. Since then, it has worked well.

👤This product is not very strong. The hook does not tighten well. The pole collapses if you try to push it off because the other extensions don't have enough tension. The only thing this product has going for it is its small size. I will keep it for this reason, as others are too long to store in my boat. It may be worth 10 dollars.

👤The tip glowed a little, but we thought it was a light. You could see the tip, but it didn't offer any light. It took too long to adjust. You need to have it ready to use as you approach the dock. The product we bought works better.

10. KOMCLUB Telescopic Lightweight Freshwater Saltwater

KOMCLUB Telescopic Lightweight Freshwater Saltwater

There is a spring for a 4” hook. Their hooks are made of high-quality steel with a sharp circular arcs, which allows you to drag big fish into the boat quickly and effectively, saving you time and energy. The protective tip hook can be used to keep you away from threats when not in use. Rust resistant and lightweight. The fishing gaff is only 8 ounces, so light that it won't add to your load. The Retractable sea gaff is made of fiberglass, strong and elegant, and it will not be damaged by seawater. The telescopic design expands the fishing range to increase your fishing success rate. You can enjoy fishing with all your heart. The lanyard function can prevent the fishing tackle from falling off. It is perfect for large-scale fishing activities such as ice fishing, boat fishing, saltwater gaff and so on. It's a great gift for friends and family. Within 6 months, the company promises to compensate for any damage.

Brand: Komclub

👤It looks sturdy and lightweight. Has a good feeling about it.

👤Didn't know how small it was.

11. Portable Stainless Non Slip Fishing Outdoors

Portable Stainless Non Slip Fishing Outdoors

The O'shaughnessy Saltwater Fishing Hook is a popular hook used for a wide variety of fishing. 3' Overall Length; 3' Hook Length. The handle of the gaff is Patented, so it stays firmly anchored in your hand even when wet. The 17-PH, High-Strength STAINLESS STEEL Construction with Carbon Fiber Handle is built for ultimate control, strength and durability. The ease of use is due to the offset hook design with a hook cover that creates a better center of gravity. It is designed to fit most rod holders.

Brand: Bubba

👤It feels nice and solid. If it floated, it would have been 5stars. I don't want to see it in the water.

👤I need a light and easy to grasp gaff to fish alone. This fit the bill.

👤It's convenient, portable, and very well built.


What is the best product for fishing gaff 6 foot?

Fishing gaff 6 foot products from Intex. In this article about fishing gaff 6 foot you can see why people choose the product. Sea Striker and Outmate are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing gaff 6 foot.

What are the best brands for fishing gaff 6 foot?

Intex, Sea Striker and Outmate are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing gaff 6 foot. Find the detail in this article. Star Brite, Frabill and Deep Blue are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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