Best Fishing Game for Pool

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1. Boley Piece Sinking Dive Grab

Boley Piece Sinking Dive Grab

If you are looking for a gift that will encourage your kids to explore the outdoors and develop real life skills, then this is the gift for you. Birthday, holidays, and any other occasions are ideal occasions for this present. It's a good choice for kids ages 4-7, 7-13, and 9-11 years old. Please contact them if your young explorer has a problem. What's inside? Boley's Dive & Grab Fishing Game Set is a must have for pool day. There are 12 brightly colored cartoon fish. There is a Furry Fun. Tub time, swim time, anytime! The smooth plastic used to make the cute little fish and octopus is strong enough to hold up against rough play in and out of the water. To keep your toys free of mold, towel or air dry before storing. Adult supervision is recommended when playing in the pool. The toys do not float. It is safe and child friendly. Child safety is a priority at Boley. Their entire production process is monitored by the mostReputable organizations of child safety standards.

Brand: Boley

👤I was embarrassed by how small the toy was when I gave it as a gift. Does not seem worth the price. The nets are so small that they don't seem appropriate for children who are much older than 3 years old. My 5 year old grandchild looked at it as a baby toy, even though a 3 year old did play with it in a water table. I can't say that it's durable. I didn't have time to purchase a different gift, so I was tempted to ask for a refund. I apologized for not checking the description more closely.

👤These are great! They kept my 2 year old busy in the pool. A game with 12 fish and 2 nets. Brightly colored and adorable! I think they would be a lot of fun in a larger pool. The fish are only about 2” each so they may be a little small for the deep end. I would recommend playing a pool game.

👤They are not large enough to be used in a pool. They are hard to retrieve in the deep end. They are better suited for a tub or shallow pool.

👤I bought to play in the pool. There are fish skip contests. I already have this set from a store purchase. They are water proof fish with 2 small nets. I liked them so much that I bought them online and then lost them over the pool season.

👤My grandson will use this set. He uses it in his water table. He likes to put his fish in a bucket. Adult supervision is needed for the small parts. Our little guy is past the point where everything he gets in his hand goes into his mouth.

👤I don't think this is a good toy for kids. A metal ball that is very much a choking hazard is exposed by a number of fish that came apart. The nets are working well.

👤The nets seem sturdy and well made, but the toys are made with holes that take in water, so they don't sink right away. I use this product in my swim lessons and I like the nets, but I wish the toys sank faster because they float away.

👤The kids were going to play in the water at the hotel. They were worn out after 2 hours. The colors are bright and easy to see under the water. The nets work well for the purpose. They used them to catch lightning bugs. It was worth it.

2. GoodyKing Magnetic Fishing Game Pool

GoodyKing Magnetic Fishing Game Pool

Dinosaur gifts for boys and girls are amazing. Highly recommended for kids younger than 3. It's perfect for Christmas, Children's Day, birthday,Thanksgiving Day, and Easter. The player fun is 2. There is enough to start a fishing competition with 2 rods and 2 nets. You can spend time with your child's friends. Go fishing and catch all the plastic sea animals and improve your hand-eye coordination. This set includes a fantastic fast-drying draw-string bag, so you can keep your fishing adventures on the go. The quality is top-notch. Fishing poles, sea creatures, and nets are all made of non-toxic material that complies with international standards. If you want to let your children experience the fantastic fishing adventure of a lifetime in the comfort and safety of your home, get one today!

Brand: Goody King

👤The set has a nice assortment of fish, but the rods are poorly made. The first two broke and the third came loose. After I deleted my review, they contacted me and said they would send a replacement. I lowered my rating to one star because of the terrible customer service.

👤I bought this because I wanted to have some other toys we could use if the kids were tired of being in the pool and we wanted to keep them outside longer. I was not sure what to expect when the box arrived, it seemed too small to fit everything that should be included. I wondered how the telescopic fishing rods could fit in there. This design is great because I don't want to store items that are too small. There is a storage bag that I like to keep everything in. The four nets are perfect for using in the pool and there are plenty of fish to catch. We made a game of it and had kids compete using either fishing rods or nets to catch as many as they could. There are lots of different designs on the plastic fish. It was a good purchase for us.

👤What a great game! Our 4 year old granddaughter loved it. Plus a grandaddy too!

👤You get what you pay for, that's definitely not an expensive purchase. There is a small screw at the nose of each fish because the magnets are not as strong. The little ones need patience. Some fishes can't be caught with the magnetic fishing hook because they don't have the little screw. The seller contacted me about the issue and resolved it on their own.

👤My nephews love to play with this set. I bought it because my nephews loved it so much that they wanted to take it home. It can be played in a kiddie pool on a rainy day. My nephew had the best time fishing while playing on the sprinkle pad I bought on Amazon. The set comes with a small bag to hold everything when not in use. The fishing poles don't seem very strong and they could possibly break, but that hasn't happened yet. I would not hesitate to buy this set again even if it does.

👤My kids have been playing with fish and poles. The product is very bad. You get what you paid for. It's worth $20 but my kids broke two poles the first couple hours they had it. I made notes in the photos. I give it a 3 because it's creative with an awesome variety of fish, but it's useless when the poles break.

👤We used this in a kiddie pool. The kids loved it and it held up well. One of the worms fell off, but the other three are still going strong a month after purchase. My 1 year old does not have a bobber and hookless lure on the one without the magnet. He uses it while his brothers and father fish. The rod can hold a 1 year old. Space saving has been made easier by the fact that they collapse into themselves. Since we pack it for boat toys, it's especially important for my 1 year olds fishing rod. Great deal. Kids and parents love it. There are lots of colorful fish and great sound.

3. Ckotisw Toddlers Magnetic Fishing Toddler

Ckotisw Toddlers Magnetic Fishing Toddler

It's easy for children to carry indoors and outdoors. The magnetic fishing game toy includes 40 life-like 3D fish, 3 magnetic fishing poles with working reel, 2 fishing nets, a mesh bag and inflatable pool with pump. Kids can play themselves or play with friends in a multi-player game. Share the joy with friends and family by making the fishing game more fun. Let's go fishing. Magnetic fishing toys for kids can help to develop children's hand-eye coordination, color and creature recognition, interpersonal skills and math for 3-6 years old boys and girls. It is an ideal gift for summer, it is waterproof and easy for your kids to carry it to bathroom, swimming pool, beach, outdoor yard, party. There are great water toys for toddlers. The material is made of non-toxic, non-BPA and lead-free plastic. It's safe for your kids. Before giving to kids, please wash the toys. There are small parts included. Young children need their parents to teach them how to play.

Brand: Ckotisw

👤My daughter got this for her birthday. She gets a lot of entertainment. The plastic is cheap. I was surprised how well the magnets work.

👤It looks pretty cheap. It does what it said it would do. The screws and magnets are strong. I like that it has 3 poles. The family can enjoy the fun.

👤It is cheap but it is worth it and I wish I had gotten a nicer set.

👤My cousins love to play with these toys.

👤My 4 year old granddaughter loves toys.

👤As soon as I opeNed it, it broke.

4. Dinonano Magnetic Fishing Pool Toys

Dinonano Magnetic Fishing Pool Toys

Sitodier provides best products and customer shopping experience with creative ideas and exquisite technology. They offer a two year warranty on all products. If you purchase with more confidence, you can get a full refund within 30 days. Multi-player interaction and competition is what the Maker todler Water Toy is designed for. Let's pretend to play a carnival together. The game instruction and rules are included. Bring a water table for toddlers. Good for hand-eye coordination, color recognition, and other skills. There are pool toys for kids and gifts for kids. The kids are learning outdoors. There are more than 10 colors and 30 kinds of toy fishes in the bathtub toys. The best rod model with solid plastic and anti-corrosion strong magnets was selected. The water table and kiddie pool summer aquatic party favors are a perfect match. If you're dissatisfied with your purchase, you can get a full refund within 30 days. Today is the day to start your hobby.

Brand: Dinonano

👤The fishing set is cute. The fishing poles wind and the kids have to reel in the fish. The nets make gathering the fish after the bath fun. We've only used it in the bath so far, but there are so many fish. I think it will be fun in a pool. I don't recommend for younger kids that still chew things, but they've all stayed in and my kids play pretty rough, because there are tiny screws in the fish for the magnets. My kids like the clicking noise that the reel makes.

👤It's easy to wrap a gift. If you enjoy fixing the problems, you should shop for something else. The rods break easily. The line needs to be tied back on, the tips need to come off, and the magnet fell off in the first 5 minutes. I experienced the same aggregation when I took my kids for fishing. The collection of fish has held up so far, but we only gave it to our kids within the last hour. I normally don't review items this quickly, but instead of a toy that makes you happy, the only joy I can find is the manufacturer who made money by cutting corners. Disappointed.

👤The pieces are light. The fishes have magnetic pieces. There is a small magnet on the bottom of the worm. The nets and rod are working. The rods can be stored collapsed. My son wants to know the names of all the fishes, so this will be a challenge.

👤I liked this. It's a great set. The worms attached to the fishing pole didn't work with my 2 year old. He liked to swing it around when I wasn't around, but he broke the tip of the worms where the magnets are. I was able to fix it with super glue. I don't have a working worm and he's rough with his toys, so I need new worms. Please let me know where I can get more replacement worms because I want to buy them. It works well when it isn't broken, and my kids had a lot of fun with it. They killed the worms as they played with it. It's funny. Please help! I need more.

👤These are cheap. I gave them to the kids for the baths. They were to replace an older tub fishing set that was worn out. The little fish are poorly made and the poles don't stay tied. I will only use the bigger fish if I can fix the poles. I want to wear this one out, but they haven't done that in a year. I might just donate them to Goodwill and look for better tub toys.

👤I bought this fishing game for our grandson because it can be used on both dry land and water. It has a lot of fish and sea creatures that are fun. The fishing rods work well. My grandson has used this a lot and we saw his dad playing with it even when he wasn't here.

5. CozyBomB Magnetic Fishing Game Kids

CozyBomB Magnetic Fishing Game Kids

The kiddies will be happy when these ducks come home. Every time they play with it, they will love you for it. It is a perfect gift for infants, babies and toddlers. Good for hand-eye coordination, colour recognition, and also math for 3 to 6 year-old boys and girls. TheMULTI-PLAYER game is designed for kids vs kids or parents vs kids. Let's go fishing and pretend to be at a carnival party. Rules are included. It was a nice gift for kids. There are more than 10 colors and 30 kinds of toy fishes animals. The best rod model has solid plastic and strong magnets. Gone fishing game set! Risk-free trial with 100% money back guarantee. Within 30 days, a full refund. This fishing game is a must have for kids.

Brand: Cozybomb

👤I was not happy with the product but the seller reached out because of my comments and issued a refund. This is the type of seller that one would like to deal with. The seller cares about his customers and wants to keep his products and services. I would buy from this seller as they value you as a customer and will make it right at the end of the day, even if I wasn't happy with the item. My rating was changed from a 2 to a 5 because of superior customer service.

👤They've lasted about 10 baths so far. One of the fishing poles broke when we pulled it to its full length and the other one fell off when we opened it. My kid can't get those out because the screws are tight. Some of the white/clear plastic pieces that make the toys fell out. I put all the bath toys in a bath with a solution of water and vinegar to cut down on mold, and these seam great in it. My kid has bit 2 of them and thrown one of them 3 times, but none have been pierced or broken yet, so some of them are durable.

👤I like what you get with this set. A lot of things to catch, two fishing poles, two nets, and a water-resistant bag to keep it all in. The quality is not as good as I had hoped. My main concern is the fish. The fish have small screws in them for the magnet to grab, and it is a magnetic set. I worry about those coming out when my kid steps on them. They are made of plastic. The fishing poles are not bendable. The tip snapped off in 2 days. I like this set for the price because there is enough for two kids to play together.

👤It is almost impossible to catch a plastic fish with a magnetic fishing pole because the screws are on the narrowest part of the fish. The two poles have small parts that are difficult to break. The fish are made of cheap plastic. This is the worst purchase I've ever made. Don't buy!

👤I bought this set for my niece and they absolutely love them. The fishing folds are easy to put away and the toys are easy to play with. I bought it for a bunch of my friends with children. It was fun for a low price.

👤My 5-year-old grandson and my nephew and niece loved fishing. I was unsure of what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. He carries a carry-along bag with him everywhere he goes. This is a great game for the pool, the bathtub and the house. I wish I'd bought an additional game so that everyone could have their own rod.

👤The product didn't meet my expectations for quality and some of the pieces had black marks on them. I was hoping the fishing pole would cast. Plan on getting the item back. The company reached out to me to help with the refunds. I upgraded my 2 stars to 3 because of their customer service.

6. ArtCreativity Fishing Colorful Bathtub Children

ArtCreativity Fishing Colorful Bathtub Children

It was tested for safety. Their toys are tested to make sure they are safe for children. The fish are 2.5” to 3” long. The case is large. Double the fun. Kids will have hours of fun in the pool with pool toys. This pack contains a set of two complete fishing net catch games, with each set containing one fishing net and 6 little fish toys in various vibrant colors. Let the fun begin with the release of the fishies. Awesome active fun is to keep the kids smiling as they take a dip or bath. Throw the fish in the water and challenge the kids to catch them all. The little ones will get to take their swimming and diving skills to the next level when they have a blast. 100% safe for kids. Their top priority is the safety of your child. This fishing game is made with 100% non-toxic and durable plastic. The little ones have fun in the pool or tub, so you can rest easy. Make that birthday or holiday one to remember with a great gift idea. They make fun summer toys for boys and girls and can be used as a fun activity at a party. The colorful packaging of every set sparks smiles at first sight. For kids over the age of 3. They stand behind their products with a 100% money-back guarantee. Are you not satisfied with these fishing net catching games? They can replace you or give you a full refund. You can fuel the fun risk-free by clicking on the Add to Cart button.

Brand: Artcreativity

👤Right to the bottom of the tub. The paint was missing on some people's eyes. It comes right off. Straight out the box, you can see the white fish eyes are off to the side. I wiped my finger with paint and it was fine. Poorly made and painted chips. They all sink right to the bottom after being tried in the tub. Not even a slow float. It's like tossing half dollar coins in the tub. It's terrible for toddler whos 1. They would float or at least half float. It was disappointing.

👤The nets are large enough for our 3 and 4 year old grandsons, but the fish don't float so they can't catch them in the pool. An adult has to dive to get them. We're using small floating things to catch them.

👤The nets are large. The fish in the set sink to the bottom of the tub. The kids can't scoop the fish with the net because they lie flat on the bottom. Disappointed in the whole thing.

👤My grandsons love playing in the pool with this. I can't find many pool toys for young kids. Hope it lasts for the summer, it's definitely a one season toy.

👤The net from one toy is not very well fixed, even though we have only used it once. I don't know if it will last. The fishes stay at the bottom of the tube and don't fluctuate in the water.

👤The weights for the fish are perfect for skipping.

👤We bought these for our kids to play with, but the fish are too young to dive for them, so we are not using them.

👤A fish sink. The product should be used in the bath tub.

7. Toddler Toddlers Floating Fishing Birthday

Toddler Toddlers Floating Fishing Birthday

It's a daily game to play, but also a gift for the bathroom. You can play it at the party. It can also be a game on the beach. The best party game for children. The bath toys for toddlers are made of non-toxic andBPA free material. The results of baby toys' tests are reliable and safe. You can give your kids bath tub toys if you choose to, they will not be harmed by fishing toddler toys. After use, turn the fish and crabs upside down and drain the water from them to keep them clean and dry. Children can use fishing nets to fish out of the water. Bath tub toys will spray water if you squeeze fish and crabs. A variety of play methods will make bathing more interesting for the children in this baby bath toys 6 to 12 months set. Babies can recognize the blue, green, and orange "fish" and "crab" with bright toys. Using infant toys with nets and fishing rods can improve children's hand-eye coordination and body balance. Fishing game is a great toy for boys and girls. The water tables for toddlers are great for many occasions. The toddler can play on the floor, in the bathtub, or in the swimming pool. Children can fish from the water or the floor. The toys for 1,2,3,4,5,6 year old boy are a good partner. There are fishing toys. Their pool toys include a fishing rod, fishing net, and Crab. The best gift for a baby is a baby bath set.

Brand: Scumtico

👤My 14 month old enjoys the water features in the bath toys. The floating sea animals are wet. I squirted the water in my eye because I was careful with the crab. These toys are fun for my daughter. These were recommended to me by my 2 mommy groups on Facebook.

👤The two water squirters didn't work, my little 2 year old was able to take off the hook, and that's a choking issue, I still try to have fun with the net and the toys, but now that's a choking issue, my little 2 year old

👤The walls are stained after the shoot of orange rusty colored water.

👤The fishing rod was broken.

8. Ruthy Cutie Magnetic Fishing Floating 1234

Ruthy Cutie Magnetic Fishing Floating 1234

There are 15 wooden fish, 1 wooden cat, 1 fishing rod, and 10 cards. Excellent for water play, ideal for kids who like interactive games.

Brand: Ruthy-cutie

👤I sent this for a birthday present and one of the fishing poles broke, I wish they were made a little better.

👤The game is perfect for kids. The kit was easy to set up and play with. Highly recommended!

9. AUUGUU Magnetic Fishing Game Water

AUUGUU Magnetic Fishing Game Water

Bring everyone together with this conversation starter, from silly to heart-felt questions, learn more about the people you love, and build trust! The kids fishing game is a great way to teach life skills. Kids will enjoy catching fish and other marine creatures while developing their hand-eye coordination, upper-body strength and visual acuity. The set includes 2 plastic fishing poles with working reels, 1 wind up swimming turtle, and 30 targets in the shape of fish, shells, starfish, dolphins, octopi, lobsters and more. They have a mesh bag for storing and drying. Up to 2 kids learn color recognition, visual scanning, fine motor skills, and the names of fish and fishing equipment. The Poles expand from 7.5” to 17” giving kids the chance to sit and stand. The Magnetic Fishing Game for kids can be used as a school or church carnival fundraiser. Children can be challenged to see who can catch the most fish in an allotted time. The kids fishing game has been certified by the highest standards for toy safety. It is suitable for use as toddler toys for kids ages 3-6. Monitor your children during water play.

Brand: Auuguu

👤A 33 month old girl who loves magnets, fish, sharks, fishing poles, water, and that dang table top fish game which now has about 6 fish left with maybe 3 heads between them was purchased. Listen. The fish and the game are great, however, any kid's toy breaks within the first 24 hours of use, and stars are hard and fast. Period. Take the landed money for the nets and use it to make fishing poles that can survive the test of a person using them. You are welcome! The good news is that the YAYS 1 There are fish in the water. When my daughter brings me fish from the grab bag, I can teach her about some of the fish that my grandfather collected. Giddy. 2. STURDY SEA LIFE. I have stepped on a Betta, Angel and even a Seal. They were under my water sandal. There are snaps. 3. Once you know where the magnet is, it's easy to get it. The NAYS 1. The first pole broke on me and the second broke 16 hours later when my daughter played with my dad. It's Pathetic. 2. UNO SHARK is not very good. It was just, a tad, just, a tad, a tad, a tad, a tad, a tad, a tad, a tad, a tad, a tad, a tad, a tad, a tad, a tad, a tad, a tad, a tad 3. What are nets for? The nets are worth a lot in this magnetic fishing game.

👤This is for a birthday party. The kids liked it. We put the fish in the water and let them go. This game was popular because it was hot. It was a lifesaver to have 4 fishing poles. The quality is what it is for the price, and only one fishing pole broke in the hours we played with it. I think it was just a random tangle.

👤The adults were lined up to take turns fishing at the child's birthday party, but the carnival type game was purchased for them. Everyone played for hours with this toy after they threw the sea creatures into the kiddie pool. The fishing rods are very well made and work well even after a lot of use by many kids and adults. The quantity of sea creatures that are included is not skimped on. The rods fold in for storage after they telescope out. If you get too many fishing poles in a small space they can get tangled. The kids came to my house after the party and asked for a fishing game. Enough said.

👤I bought this game so that I could use it whenever my kid brings his friends. The headline said it was a fishing game, but when I received it said it was a party favor. The inside appears to be for different individual sets so that different kids can fish at the same time. My kid is a master fisherman and he wanted to fish for all the fish. The cute fish have small circles on them that you can scoop up with a pseudo-hook. The hook is not sharp. It won't hurt your child, so you don't have to worry about it. The boxes are completely safe. It is a great toy. I keep the pieces in the same box for easy storage.

10. Dwi Dowellin Magnetic Swimming Floating

Dwi Dowellin Magnetic Swimming Floating

A great gift for children. The Hapinest Wooden Fishing Game is a great gift idea. The play set is perfect for boys and girls. The Bath toy set contains a magnetic fishing rod and wind-up swimming floating toys. Characters float with magnets. The handle is made for toddler hands and the magnetic fishing hook is easy to use. The cute baby bath toys set includes 4 packs of cute fish duck whale floating toys in blue, orange, and yellow. The baby's brain's thinking ability is stimulated by attracting the baby's attention. Safe and Smooth Bathtub toys are made of non-toxic plastic. The materials have passed the safety test, no smell, smooth surface, and solid. No sharp edges will hurt your children, easy to grab. There are fun and educational toddler bath toys. There are some nice interactive kids bath toys. Kids can play the bath toy at the beach. It is very easy to play. Every kids bath toys is designed to the highest quality standards. Friendly customer service and a free warranty are offered by them. If you have a question, please contact them and they will give you a new answer.

Brand: Dwi Dowellin

👤My 1.5 year old bought this for her and she was amused by them. They can either float in the water or move on their own. She hasn't mastered the fishing line yet, but the magnets work well and it will be fun as she gets older. We have standard squirt toys at bath time.

👤The ducks don't work with the magnetic. Not a good idea.

👤Excellent quality product. There were four little animals and a fishing pole.

👤The cute animals can't be used as a fishing toy because the magnet doesn't work.

👤The gift was ordered as a gift. A 15 month old requested a bath toy. There is a gift yet to be given. It seems suitable.

👤It was a great idea for a bath toy.

👤My daughter doesn't like baths. We bought the toys because of that. She likes to bathe every day. The wind-up is fun for the toys to swim in. The quality is sturdy. The toys get soaked in water all the time. We have to let the water out after we dry them.

11. LiKee Floating Wind Up Swimming Toddlers

LiKee Floating Wind Up Swimming Toddlers

SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED. Within 30 days of purchase, a full refund will be given. Surprise your kids with this fishing toys for kids pretend playset if you get one today. Make Bath Fun and Interesting: Includes a fishing net, ducks, and kids who enjoy bathing. Wind up the ducks and put them in the water to see them flapping their flippers and propeling themselves through the water. The kids can swoop up the swimming ducks with the fishing net. Help develop childrens fine motor skills. The smooth edge won't hurt your baby's hands, and it's made of non-toxic sturdy PVC, which is tested for safety and durability. The kiddies will be happy when these ducks come home. Every time they play with it, they will love you for it. It is a perfect gift for infants, babies and toddlers.

Brand: Likee

👤I edited a video for this review because I'm extra like that. I got my nephew some bath toys. I might use them for my bath time because they're so cute. I would buy more if there were more choices.

👤These bath toys are fun to play with and keep my baby occupied. I usually shake the water out of them before storing them to dry off. The ducks are fine. It doesn't bother me that some are slower than others. We have had them for a while. One of them was sinking when water got in it during bath time. We don't have to deal with mold, so we probably won't keep them for too long. I don't know if I would buy them again, but they're fun.

👤It takes a lot of effort to wind these up and by the time you have wound all 3 up, the first one isn't swimming anymore and you don't have time to use the net. Out of 10, it wouldn't recommend! Good idea, but poor execution. You will spend the entire bath time winding these up.

👤My 1 year old granddaughter loved the wind up toys. I had to hold them on their side to drain the water out of them, because they fill up with water and sink.

👤I bought these because I don't see them very often. They were back in the early 90's. The net was a plus and these were a gift for my niece who loved them. Water toys are good for bath time.

👤These are so cute and not messy. My granddaughter loves playing with these in and out of the tub and so far they are holding up well. I will get another set if they break tomorrow.

👤It's fun for the kids in the pool or bath. The fill was with water. Design causes not all 3 to be the same speed.

👤I was happy to know that they don't retain water. I think they're cute and my 15mo likes them too. He can't use the net yet.


What is the best product for fishing game for pool?

Fishing game for pool products from Boley. In this article about fishing game for pool you can see why people choose the product. Goody King and Ckotisw are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing game for pool.

What are the best brands for fishing game for pool?

Boley, Goody King and Ckotisw are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing game for pool. Find the detail in this article. Dinonano, Cozybomb and Artcreativity are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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