Best Fishing Glasses Polarized

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1. Flying Fisherman Maverick Polarized Sunglasses

Flying Fisherman Maverick Polarized Sunglasses

The coating is scratch resistant. The lens width is 72 millimeters. The lens height is 44 millimeters. The bridge is 15 millimeters.


👤These would be my all-time favorite sunglasses if it weren't for one serious defect. Over the last several years, I've bought 5 of these sunglasses and kept a pair in all of my vehicles. I almost love them. The problem is that every pair has scratches on the inside. I swore to only store microfiber bags in nice bags after buying them, and I wondered how this could be. They scratched. It took me a long time to realize that the arms of the sunglasses were covered in scratches. The insides of the glasses are touched by the tips of the arms when you fold them up. Light scratches in the middle of the lens are caused by the arms leaving a significant number of light scratches over time. If you keep your sunglasses in a soft pouch, expect them to eventually be ruined, even if you keep them in a pocket. The tips of the arms should be softer than the inside of the lens. I would pay 2x more for this simple change, and it would last forever. I'm adding another star because they are inexpensive. I've decided that standard heat-shrink tubing seems to be softer than the arms and doesn't scratch the lens as easily. I'm going to buy another pair and shrink the ends of the arms to see if I can get less scratching. I'm annoyed.

👤The sunglasses are blue spectrum blocking. Why is this important? They block some of the rays of light that bounce from an upper light source off of a horizontal reflective surface, like the rear window of a car. This means less light hitting you. The further into the blue part of the spectrum that your light is, the more it "refracts" when entering your eye. Not all of the light entering your eyes can be focused on your retina. They cut out the blue light because they are AMBER. Blue lens make your vision less sharp. I no longer wear sunglasses that are bluish. I can drive without squinting into the sun with these sunglasses. My wife has very sensitive eyes and she still likes to cut the sunlight for her. The 5 stars I gave them were because they were good for the price. I would expect a higher build quality. That is all! That's right. My job is done.

👤I bought the Smoke lens model and the amber lens model because I thought the Smoke would be ideal for brighter days and the amber for overcast/low light situations. The smoke lens made everything really vivid and sharp, but the amber lens cut the brightness for me just as well. I swapped between the two to see if there was any difference in cutting the glare from the water, but I was surprised to find that the Smoke lens was not as good at cutting the glare as I thought. The difference was clear, with the amber lens doing an excellent job of removing surface glare, while the smoke lens only cut 50% of the glare, making it difficult to see the rocks at the bottom. This is a huge deal for me because I do a lot of wading in my fishing. I returned the Smoke lens model, and am using the amber model for all my fishing, regardless of light conditions. The amber makes it easy to see through the water in bright or cloudy weather. I couldn't be happier with the fit. The rubber nose pieces keep the glasses from sliding down my nose on a hot sweaty day, and the gentle squeeze of the ear pieces keep them securely on my head when bending over to lip a bass, yet never have they been uncomfortable. I was being rough when the lens popped out, it happened only once, while I was cleaning them. I have been careful while cleaning them. If they were to do it more often, a little super glue would fix that problem permanently. I would recommend these glasses to a friend. I would recommend the Yellow-Amber lens for night driving.

2. KastKing Polarized Aviator Sunglasses Temple

KastKing Polarized Aviator Sunglasses Temple

The Tri Acetate Cellulose lens is made of Cellulose. The coating protects against UV rays. The lens width is 58.7 millimeters. The key features are that they reduce glare and protect your eyes from flying objects. The frames are lightweight, durable, and comfortable. There is no optical distortion which can cause eye strain and headaches when using the KastKing Polarized TAC (Triacetate) lens. The sunglasses help reduce glare caused by reflected light. The frames are made from the strongest material on the planet. The soft rubber nose and temple pads are comfortable. Smoke lens are ideal for bright sunlight with the most realistic color reproduction and also work well in medium light and partial shade. It's ideal for partly cloudy to sunny conditions. The sunglasses meet or exceed all U.S. standards. The Prym1 Camo microfiber pouch can be used for cleaning as well as storing your sunglasses, and the molded hard case can be used for storage. Fresh warm water, microfiber cloth or lint free cloths, and a clean microfiber cloth are all you need to clean your lens. Don't dip them in saltwater or dry them with a paper towel.

Brand: Kastking

👤I bought these for fishing. I only wanted to look at the little fish in the water, but I knew that placing them on my head would make me feel cooler. It is an added benefit that they are so lightweight, it serves to offset the heavy burden of coolness that I now carry. They are so cool that I rarely have time to write a review as the 80's keep calling me, begging for me to invent a time machine so that they can write a song about me. It's worth the scratch, it comes with a handy case to keep my vitamins in.

👤I purchased the 2 Pack/ Smoke Base Ice Mirror lens and the Brown With Gold mirror. All three were purchased for under $35.00. Two cloth cases are included. A pair of sunglasses for less than $12 is an excellent deal. My family sells sunglasses from $25.00 to $52.00, but they are not as good as the KastKings. These are light and comfortable. The lens are clear. They are flexible and will fit a variety of faces. My daughter received the ice mirror lens glasses. She likes the Ice Blue Mirrors W/ white Temples. The other two pairs fit me well. I like the Gold mirror lens for cloudy days and the smoke lens for very sunny days. They were great for sunny days in the snow. The sunglasses are impressive. My son has a silver mirror. He says these are just as good. I own a pair of Costa sunglasses and a pair of Wiley X prescription sunglasses. The two pair of sunglasses retail for over $600. The price of sunglasses is 20 to 40 times the cost. If you do, you will be disappointed. The KastKing Aviator sunglasses are for money. I haven't found sunglasses that compare favorably to these. There is a So why are they 4 Stars and not 5 Stars? I tried on all three pairs after opening the boxes. I smelled a strong odor. After a careful examination. The Synthetic Nose Pads give off a funky plastic smell. After leaving all three pairs out of their cases. The odor is not as strong. I'm hoping it will fade completely. As it is now. I recommend giving the glasses a try.

👤I didn't expect to like them as much as I do. I thought the blue lens and white arms would look cool, but I thought the quality would be terrible because of the price. It was the opposite. They are very light weight, but not cheap. The logo is a nice touch and the lens is really cool. The arms are the best part. They're plastic, but they're really comfortable. It makes up for the plastic feel of the arms. I might order another pair when they go on sale again just to have a spare.

👤I bought this as a secondary pair of sunglasses to have a variety in style. I wore them out today and they worked great. It is spot-on. I can't comment on the style of the aviators, but I can say that my wife loved them so much that she tried them on as soon as they arrived. She said they were so light on her face that she couldn't feel them. Her current aviators are too heavy on her face and try to slide off. I wore these for 8 hours and had no issues. Get them!

3. RIVBOS Polarized Sunglasses Unbreakable Transparent

RIVBOS Polarized Sunglasses Unbreakable Transparent

The coating is mirror. The bridge is 30 millimeters. Who says you have to sacrifice glamour for the sake of sport? The sunglasses are designed to make a statement. It can always show your style. The frame of the sunglasses is made from TR90 material, which is stress resistant and can be broken without breaking. They are so light that you feel they are barely there. Triacetate material is used in the lens-RIVBOS. The high-strength surface of TAC can prevent the shrink of the polarizing film. Restore true color, eliminate reflected light and protect eyes.

Brand: Rivbos

👤A good pair of sunglasses is essential for me to be able to drive comfortably and safely, as I drive professionally, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I picked up a pair of sunglasses at Walmart, but they left a lot to be desired. These glasses were an upgrade. The first thing I noticed was the effect. The reflections of my dashboard bouncing back at me off the road made it difficult to see, but as soon as I put on the glasses the reflections were gone! The glasses had a tint that made them look different. The RIVBOS give a cool blue tint which is better than the other sunglasses that tint it with amber or grey out the sun. When I used to drive with sunglasses that made me sleepy, it was because I used to drive with them. The effect when driving is very bad. I think my brain would be tricked into thinking it was late afternoon or evening, and I would get sleepy behind the wheel. The blue tint of the RIVBOS had an opposite effect. As soon as I put them on my vision, I felt alert and awake. These glasses look cheap, but they feel and look good. I thought the frames were made of aluminum, but they are plastic. They are light weight. They are so light that they barely make contact with the bridge of my nose, so no weird nose marks from wearing them all day. I hope this was helpful.

👤I don't usually leave reviews. I own 3 pairs of Rivbos shades, which are very comfortable and stylish. I contacted Rivbos when I couldn't put the lens back in. They asked for my address and a picture of broken sun glasses after responding within hours. I got a free replacement in a couple of days. Customer service is great. Highly recommended!

👤I paid 20 bucks for these glasses. There is a This is a great deal if these are legit. Most of the big name brand sunglasses are made by the same company. You could easily get a pair for every occasion if you paid the same amount for a single pair of Bausch & Lomb. I used to avoid off-brand sunglasses because they didn't offer the full protection. Those sunglasses cost $20 and ruined your eyes. I would love to be able to prove the claim on this brand. They offer 100% UVA/B/C protection and are also polarized. My wife thought I was still wearing my Sunclouds even though I was wearing new glasses. It's packaged nicely, looks great for the style, and comes with a load of accessories. I've had other pairs like this without issue but it annoyed me. It is a little generic. They wear well for me, but could be odd for other people. There is a slight visual warble at the edges of the lens. It takes some effort to notice it, but if your eyes are sensitive to seeing things and getting headaches from them, I thought this would be an important thing to note. It could be that they are different enough that I will eventually get used to them. The cost and protection that these offer is outstanding, so 5 stars. Please note the pictures because the reviews seem to include a variety of styles and models. I have only purchased the pictured pair, but I may buy a few different colors to match my outfit.

4. KastKing Hiwassee Polarized Sunglasses Protection

KastKing Hiwassee Polarized Sunglasses Protection

The lens is made from superior German and Japanese materials. The coating is scratch resistant. The lens is 2.5 inches wide. The key features are that they reduce glare and they protect your eyes from flying objects. Grilamid frames are lightweight, durable, and comfortable. The 1.0mm lens is comparable to the thickness you would find on much higher priced sports eyewear. There is a double decentering test that must be passed to ensure there is no optical distortion which can cause eye strain and headaches. The sunglasses help reduce glare caused by reflected light. The sunglass frames of the PREMIUM FRAMES are made from the same Grilamid material used in military and medical applications. Grilamid frames are known for their strength, lightweight comfort, and shape integrity. The tacky nose and temple pads prevent slipping, and the material is very lightweight and malleable.

Brand: Kastking

👤I know how to fish. I was raised in a boat. One of the world's largest professional bass fishing tournament trails is where I work. These glasses are really nice. They fit my face perfectly. When I am cruising across the lake at 70mph, they block the wind. Most sunglasses don't do a good job of this. On sunny days and on partly cloudy days, the lens's polarization does a great job of cutting through the glare. It helps to see bedded and cruising fish. You can't see structure in dirty water. No glasses can make that possible. These glasses help when the water is dingy or cleaner. When the sun glare makes it hard to see the screen, I look at my graphs on sunny days. They are heavy enough to feel them, but not so heavy that they are a distraction. The price made me hesitant to purchase them. I am not disappointed. I own some expensive fishing sunglasses. I was very disappointed when I bought these. I feel dumb for paying $279 for my Costas. You can get a great pair of fishing sunglasses for less than Costas. You will not be disappointed.

👤My new sunglasses came in today. I am used to wearing brands such as Costa and VZ. The first impression was very good. The sunglasses are in plastic, A+, and they are in a nice packaging, semi-hard shell case, cloth bag, and then inside. They fit well across the bridge of the nose, not being able to try them on first. It fit well above the ears. I shook my head when I bent over and tried to grab that fish. The glasses did not move. Everything looked crisp because of the clear and vibrant A+ Lenses. There was a bright sun between clouds. Shadows are distinguished against other objects. The A+ Crastmanship is on par with other popular classes. There are points for the nose and ears. The finish is clean and well placed. I highly recommend these sunglasses for outdoor sports, fishing, driving, and such.

👤I have been wearing Costa Del Mar for a long time and these are very nice, I have a small-medium narrow face and these fit and look very good.

👤Highly recommend, update, Sep 18, 2021. I bought these sunglasses on Sep 24. It has been a long time since these glasses were last used and it came to an end. The lens and frame are in great shape. The soft rubbery nose pieces have been ripped naturally. It will cost more to buy a new pair of glasses than it will be to find the pieces. I bought these sunglasses 3 years ago and wanted to share my experiences with you. I hope you have the same experience I had. I've spent 26 dollars on Amazon. The sunglasses are unbreakable. It feels like it's new and doesn't have any scratches. I would love to give more than that. I purchased on September 24th. I don't know how to keep my sunglasses out of my eyes. Sometimes I put them in my pocket, but most of the time I drop them on the ground. My sun-glass stays on my head or neck because I wear glasses. I have ordered these sunglasses for a purpose and I think they will survive for 2 to 3 months. It has been five months and it still looks new. There is no scratch on the surface of the lens. The quality of the lens is excellent. I will buy them again.

5. QOOL TIMES Sunglasses Medium Large Volleyball

QOOL TIMES Sunglasses Medium Large Volleyball

The lens of the HD TAC. The coating protects against UV rays. The lens width is 72 millimeters. The lens height is 38 millimeters.

Brand: Qool Times

👤The sunglasses are pretty cool. I am not sure if I like the fit on my face. I think it's related to the nose piece. I will give it some time to review.

👤These glasses are nice looking, but they didn't help looking into the water when fishing for bass. They will work for driving. They'll stay in the car.

👤Online sun glasses are not safe. I think they are the best sun glasses for the price. The nose piece helps a lot. In south Florida, there is always a problem with fogging. A second pair was bought. Thanks.

👤I am a big fan of Oakley's. I wanted a cheaper option for going to places where my glasses may get lost or broken easier then I wanted to go to amusement parks and fishing on the ocean. They look like my normal glasses, and I bought them for that reason. The buy for temp wearing turned into everyday wear. The oakleys are a lighter shade of color. They are not as strong but they are still very comfortable. The item witch is nice is one of the extras you get. I would recommend these in an instant. The boxes are marked off for me.

👤The sun glasses are the best. Especially for fishing. It was very comfortable. Will buy again when necessary.

👤My husband wears sunglasses all the time. He is very hard on them. I wasn't willing to continue buying him expensive glasses. These are strong. It was comfortable. Great strength. The price is correct.

👤A coupon was used for the second purchase and they were very helpful when I needed customer care.

👤These shades are very sporty. They came with a nice case, eye glasses straps to hold, neck shield, and cleaning cloth. I am very happy with the overall value. I removed the nose supports from the glasses because I don't like them. I had fun with my kids with a secret picture that you can only see with the polarized lens on, as an added bonus. Very cool!

6. Fishoholic Polarized Sunglasses Protection Flyfishing

Fishoholic Polarized Sunglasses Protection Flyfishing

The FlexTuff frame is made of a material. The coating is mirror. The lens width is 2.37 inches. There is a hard case with a cleaning pouch. 100% UV Protection is what UV400 means. The Fishoholic Polarized Fishing Sunglasses are lightweight to be worn all day, Wide Sides to reduce side glare, not too dark, and you'll see through the glare on water surfaces as well as any $100 pair! They've tested in the morning, noon and evening in Lakes, Rivers, and looking at the ocean. Contact them directly for the manufacturer's 180-day guarantee. Wear the Fishoholic sunglasses with pride. Tell good stories. You can find their face mask neck gister, gloves, hats, Visors, Beanies, Tumblers, Tees, Hoodies and more by searching Fishoholic. A great gift for friends, fishermen, and women is a business gift. Fresh, Salt, Ocean, under Ice, Warm, a top Kayak at Sea, gone tackle hunting w' fly rod on boat, or huk your best camo lure, for men, small youth, kids, girls, boys, dads, funny uncle & lucky grandpa, age 13 - Get yours today with their 180-day guarantee.

Brand: Fishoholic

👤I dropped the glass and they snapped right away. I don't think this is my fault as I believe a quality pair of glass should be able to handle a little more wear and tear. Trying to get in touch with customer service. If this happens, will update review. For now, one star.

👤My husband uses these most of the time because he is a fishoholic. It helps to see through the water. They have a nice case and are stylish. Delivery was on time. It was definitely a good purchase.

👤I bought the glasses to wear while fishing. I decided to buy a cheaper pair. These glasses are not better than gas station glasses. For the amount I paid, I can't complain. These are not better than the cheap ones you can find in a drugstore or gas station.

👤My husband and I love fishing. I gave these to him because he loved them. He lost them on a fishing trip. I will definitely be ordering more. There is a We were a little tight on his head at first, but felt good for the price. It's hard to see in most bodies of water here in Arizona. Also cool case!

👤I use Costa's for fishing in salt water. I needed a spare pair of sunglasses while the bridge pad was being repaired. I have been with these twice. Between the sweat and salt spray, we have to clean our sunglasses 3 or 4 times a day. These glasses have a good wrap-around and let enough air in to not fog. The quality is good for the price. I will carry these for guests. Adding a flotation lanyard is my only recommendation.

👤3 months after purchase, the coating has begun to rub off on the cloth I use to clean. I really like these glasses, but I'm disappointed. The return window has closed. I wish this wouldn't have happened because the lens/polarized coating on my glasses didn't hold up during normal wear.

👤The husband loves them. He doesn't like wearing sunglasses but these are comfortable on his large face and fit nicely on his nose, he says most sunglasses don't fit on his nose. They look good on him, they would look even better if he could get a hair cut, but due to covid and no hairdressers he's sporting the overgrown hair with sunglasses. He looks good in them. He's going to look nice in these once he has his hair cut. We got a black lens. You can't read your phone if you have a screen protector on it. He hasn't been able to fish since fishing is currently banned so not sure how they work in the water.

👤I use sunglasses all day long and especially on weekends, and these glasses are my favorite. Costas and SA Company are both great. These are just as good and cheaper. I will definitely recommend them to other people because of the style and function, and the water is off the chain.

7. HUK Spearpoint Sunglasses Protection Performance

HUK Spearpoint Sunglasses Protection Performance

The coating protects against UV rays. The lens width is 64.2 millimeters. The lens height is 38.9 millimeters. The bridge is 16.7 millimeters. Performance fishing products are designed to unite all of the fishermen.

Brand: Huk

👤I wore these glasses for about a month. I keep them in the bag when I'm not wearing them and only clean them with a microfiber towel. The first thing that went wrong was the rubber on the arms getting crinkled. The mirror finish began to degrade to the point where I can no longer wear them. I was really disappointed because I loved them out of the package, but they didn't last like a $50 pair of glasses. I wouldn't buy them again. I have ever owned a pair of sunglasses that were $200 and the best lens I have ever had in the sun. The clarity of the lens is where these glasses are most impressive. They are very comfortable in the sun. I can't wait to get them on the water.

👤The spear point Huk sunglasses are light and comfortable. I am the boat captain and always on the water. I use a sunglass bag that they brought with them to clean the lense and the mirror gets wiped off. The grip on the arms is coming off. Very disappointed.

👤I liked the price of these sunglasses, until I found out why they were cheaper than other brands. If you sweat, they are junk. If they get wet, they have a coating that will come off if they get wet. Don't recommend anyone to buy these. I contacted Huk and they told me that they had nothing to do with it because someone makes them for Huk and they put their name on them.

👤I'm pretty sure these are Chinese knock offs. HUK doesn't offer sunglasses on their website. The glare is worse because the lens don't take the glare off the water. I look a little cooler wearing them because they look good and seem to hold up. I can't see fish with them.

👤I was a little disappointed in this purchase. HUK is a quality brand. I own a lot of their clothing. I was surprised that my sunglasses did not come with a case. Not even a sleeve. How do you protect them? The middle of the road has a case. Your price is more than those brands. No case? No cleaning cloth? Nothing extra? There is a From now on, I'm rethinking my purchasing options. If you want to save money, you should purchase another brand of sunglasses.

👤The dog eared box and small soft case were included with the order. There is a manual with warranty info sold with these glasses. They seem to fit my head well. I'm giving them a 5 stars for the fit view. I'm going to buy another pair for my wife. HUK is an excellent brand.

👤I was a little disappointed that I bought them because I wanted something different to wear at work. I can compare this glasses to any other glasses you can get at home depot or Lowes for 30 dollars, except the 30 dollars one's are impact resistant and the huk one's are just a polarized 50 dollars glasses.

8. KastKing Polarized Driving Glasses Wayfair

KastKing Polarized Driving Glasses Wayfair

Key features include reduced glare and eye strain, lightweight frames, and ideal for night driving, fishing, shooting, hunting, computer work, or any low light conditions. Night vision is Enlightened. Night and low light vision can be improved with the use of yellow lens. Standard eyewear is 40% thicker than the 1.0mm lens of the KastKing. Reduced glare and eye distraction can be improved with the use of KastKing Polarized lenses. Blue light can cause eye fatigue and eye strain. Grilamid is a material commonly used by the military and in medical applications, and it is used in the frames of the SuperIOR. The material is very lightweight. The Prym1 Camo microfiber pouch can be used for cleaning as well as storing your sunglasses, and the molded hard case can be used for storage. Fresh warm water, microfiber cloth or lint free cloths, and a clean microfiber cloth are all you need to clean your lens. Don't dip them in saltwater or dry them with a paper towel.

Brand: Kastking

👤I have a pair of sunglasses. I also have a pair of the KastKing night vision driving glasses. The colors of the lens are not the only differences between the two pairs of glasses. I like the look of it. I like the fit. You don't know you are wearing them. I like the bridge because it is not bend or break and it keeps a good grip on my nose. I use these for night driving and they make things clear. My eyes seem to be more sensitive to bright light now than they were before. The issue with coming headlights was not the one that they were. The cases for my KastKings were made with a sturdy fabric to help prevent damage to the glasses when not in use. Should I lose them or damage them, I would have no problem ordering another pair.

👤The glasses are light and fit well, they don't slip while mountain biking. The clarity and protection from the lens is the best I have had in a pair of night glasses. Driving at night with the glare reduced very well. Highly recommend the glasses.

👤These are great for early morning and dusk fishing. I don't think they cut the glare during the day. You don't have to deal with much glare on the waters surface late night or early morning. I put them in my pack when the sun is out and not worry about them. I have recommended a friend to me. If this review was helpful, please let me know by clicking theHelpful button.

👤These glasses are not defined in a review. I suffered a bad injury in Vietnam in 1972 and have had headaches ever since. I have headaches all the time with a baseline of a level 3 pain. I wear Theraspecs whenever I am awake. They worked well, but they are more expensive. A friend of mine told me that these glasses might work. I found that they work just as well as the others, even better, after purchasing them and wearing them every waking hour. They are more comfortable than the Theraspecs. They are better than anything I have owned. The retired USN, DAV NAMVET is Daryl.

👤I moved from NYC to a rural area and bought a car, but had to drive at night. I didn't know that most headlights on cars are nowLED and that all of them are in my eyes. I found that my eyes were hurting and not focusing as well as they should. The glasses I bought were not the cheapest or the most expensive. I would recommend them to anyone for night driving, they are comfortable, the frames are fanatstic, and I can see better at night.

👤These glasses are great for driving in rain.

👤These are well made and look great. I have many high end glasses like costas and these seem to be just as good. With the warranty on these, I would not hesitate to buy again.

👤I bought these glasses to reduce glare and improve my vision. The fit is right, the quality appears good, and the lens provides a clear and glare free view. I am very happy with the product and the other items from Kast King.

9. KUGUAOK Polarized Sunglasses Driving Protection

KUGUAOK Polarized Sunglasses Driving Protection

The coating protects against UV rays. The lens width is 2.48 inches. The bridge is 44mm in width. The arm is 63mm. The items include sunglasses, glasses case, hard shell packaging, sports glasses rope, soft glasses pouch, and a Polarized test card. The KUGUAOK sunglasses lens is designed to eliminate and filter the scattered light in the beam, avoiding the occurrence of glare. The view should be clear and natural. You will be able to enjoy all of the activities outdoors as well.

Brand: Kuguaok

👤Good glasses until you take them off. They just snapped. I took them off while I was at work and they broke. They broke when I took them off my face.

👤My original review was 5 stars. Great looking. There are lots of extras. I liked the strap. But... I sent the pair back for a refund because the lens started to get spotty. No problem. 2nd pair broke up the bows on the weak spot where they have cut a hollow area for no apparent reason other than style. I still have one pair left, but I will be shopping for another brand. This happened in 3 months. I wanted to like them but they were not a good value.

👤I bought these for a fishing trip that was going to be a mix of drift boats, wading, etc. I didn't want to lose a pair of sunglasses while fishing or in transit. These have been great. The fit is good, the polarization is good, and they come with all the accessories you need. I've been very pleased with their clarity. I'm not giving a 5 star review yet because I'm not sure how long they're going to hold up. I'll be happy if they get me through the rest of the season.

👤There was a case with protective wrap. If you want to hook it up, there are cords for the sunglasses. Definitely not neutral. Can see great when wearing a cloud cover. The blue sunglass frame is similar to the product photo. The test picture changed when you looked at it with the sunglasses. The price value is great. The review has a 5 star rating.

👤I have used for a while now and it seems very well made. The lens are clear. The hard case, soft case, and cleaning cloth are nice additions to have. Retaining cord is nice, but I use mine around water a lot. So far, it has been great. Try to keep them in the best shape as possible, but lots of water activities, over-landing, and other outdoor activities make me hard on glasses. If something happens against a high end brand, these can be used to save a lot of time.

👤I bought these sunglasses for my boyfriend for his birthday because they were affordable and they were able to keep up with use and abuse, he is in the military and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that these sunglasses were MIL. We are very satisfied with this purchase.

👤They were bought before they went on vacation to myrtle beach. I need a pair of sunglasses that are not going to break the bank because I like to wear contacts while I'm on vacation. There are a lot of frame styles and lens colors to choose from. The glasses were comfortable and the lens worked well. I didn't have to worry about them falling off. The cord that came with them was my main complaint. The rubbery plastic end that the frame end would push through was different from the kind of tube that fits over the ends. The end of the cord was sitting against the back of my ear. I had to push it out as far as I could. I was concerned that the cord might slip off, but it never did.

10. KastKing Skidaway Polarized Sunglasses Protection

KastKing Skidaway Polarized Sunglasses Protection

The 1.0mm thick lens was made from superior German and Japanese materials. The coating is scratch resistant. The lens is 2.3 inches wide. The key features are that they reduce glare and protect your eyes from flying objects. Grilamid frames are lightweight, durable, and comfortable. The 1.0mm lens is comparable to the thickness you would find on much higher priced sports eyewear. There is a double decentering test that must be passed to ensure there is no optical distortion which can cause eye strain and headaches. The sunglasses help reduce glare caused by reflected light. Their frames are lightweight, extremely flexible, and heat and UV resistant and are made from the same Grilamid material used by the military. Grilamid frames are known for their strength, lightweight, shape integrity, and impact resistance. The material is very lightweight and flexible. Smoke lens are ideal for bright sunlight with the most realistic color reproduction and also work well in medium light and partial shade. It's ideal for partly cloudy to sunny conditions. Excellent contrast and depth perception can be achieved with copper lens. The sunglasses meet or exceed all U.S. standards. The Prym1 Camo microfiber pouch can be used for cleaning as well as storing your sunglasses, and the molded hard case can be used for storage. Fresh warm water, microfiber cloth or lint free cloths, and a clean microfiber cloth are all you need to clean your lens. Don't dip them in saltwater or dry them with a paper towel.

Brand: Kastking

👤Who wore it best? These shades are pretty sweet. It's even better that they only cost a few bones. Ladies can't keep their hands off me when I go for walks with them. Doze Review update... The glasses are still great. Everything seemed to look Grey. It is my eyes, after I went to my vet. I can see in greys. The second update. I rock my free pair of shades. You know it.

👤I was nervous about purchasing a pair of sunglasses online. I don't like how I look, and I have a wide nose-bridge that causes headaches. I was nervous to purchase this pair because they seem to be geared towards men, but I needed some that could function in bright sun, stay on my face during activity, and have good coverage of field of vision. These do all those things. They look fine on me. I feel comfortable wearing them to church with my nice clothes because they are neutral looking and not overly masculine. While rollerblading, they stayed in place and provided relief from the bright desert sun from overhead and the glare from cars. The color lens of the ones I bought don't distort the actual color of the world that I like. The weight is distributed evenly between the arms and the lens, which makes them very lightweight. This matters to me because glasses pinch and sit very heavily on my nose. I love that they come with a heavy duty case with a small clip, which is perfect for when I'm mom-ing around town and need to clip them to the stroller.

👤The sunglasses I bought are excellent. The fit is secure and comfortable. I wear them for all of my outside activities. I have found them to reduce glare and give clear images at the beach. I recommend these glasses. The case for the glasses is very protective.

👤I bought these sunglasses for fishing in the bright sunlight. They help to block out the bright sun but allow me to see objects and fish in the water. I bought these to wear for fishing, but they are so comfortable and clear that I will probably wear them all the time. I like them so far and will probably try the other lens colors for different uses.

👤I have learned that having sunglasses that are not blue is not good for fishing. I decided to buy the Kastking sport glasses after reading many reviews. I went fishing the day after I received the glasses. I was able to see fish for the first time in my fishing career because of these glasses. The comfort and clarity of the pass surpasses anything I have worn before. I caught a peacock bass with these sunglasses. The hard case and soft cover are bonuses. They keep my glasses out of harms way.

👤The KastKing Skidaway are a very stylish and affordable pair of sunglasses that can go well with just about any casual, sporting or recreational event. They fit well and look great! I like the two different cases that these sunglasses come with. A hard shell case and a soft matirial case. It can be used for cleaning and wiping the lens. I was able to pull one of the legs with out breaking it. It didn't feel like it was going to break. The Cuivre and the Hiwassee are the other two styles that I love. A great price for a pair of sunglasses.

11. Polarized Fishing Sunglasses Wayfarer Vintage

Polarized Fishing Sunglasses Wayfarer Vintage

The impact resistant nylon lens is made of nylon. The coating is mirror. The lens width is 57 millimeters. The lens height is 41mm. The bridge is 20.4 millimeters. The problem of lens cleaning is solved with special technology.

Brand: Infi

👤I've never looked good. I do after buying these sunglasses. I've always bought the $200+ sunglasses brand. I'm rough on them and life gets expensive. I bought 3 pairs of sunglasses here for 80 bucks. These were the most expensive and my biggest gamble. These were the most pleasant of the 3 pairs. They look and feel like they could easily be 150+ of the bigger brands. You get all the nice features, like being nylon lens, whatever that means. I wouldn't hesitate to buy these again because I was very happy with them.

👤I have had these for a few months now and am very pleased with the quality. If you're looking for an affordable, comfortable pair that you won't break the bank if you lose, these are the ones for you.

👤I used to waste my money on sunglasses that were expensive. These are just as good as any pair of Ray Bans I've owned. Is it possible to get clear, true color for $40? Yes. They are blue from the front, but slightly amber/brown from the back. It's so stylish and hip. You won't be disappointed.

👤I got these instead of returning my Prada's. It looks like designer glasses and blocks out a lot of glare when driving. Loving these!

👤These glasses are advertised as Ansi Z87 rated, and there is no Z87 stamp on them, which is mandated as part of the Z87 rating. These are not safety glasses as advertised. I cannot wear them in my work environment so I will be requesting a return.

👤I was surprised at how fast customer service responded and replaced my glasses at no charge after they started to come off after a minor drop. I would recommend giving these glasses a try as they work great in locking the sun and glare. This company stands behind their product and they're stylish.

👤Good quality material! The glasses are made to protect your eyes while driving. They fit comfortably for performing activities without the fear of losing sunglasses, and attach easily to the neck strap.

👤The sunglasses met expectations. A cheaper pair of glasses was bought, as opposed to a pair of Costa's or Ray Ban's, because in both cases you get plastic frames and plastic lenses, just a stark price difference. The glasses work well to keep the sun and glare under control. It's annoying that there is no coating that is oleophobic. If the lens come in contact with something, it will leave a mark on the lens that blocks vision. The only way to clean it is with the cloth. They scratch fairly easily, so be careful. You get what you expect from a pair of sunglasses for $40. Nothing fancy.

👤I think he likes them. He loves them because they look good, are nice packaging, and are not like the quicksilver ones, but for the price.

👤I don't buy glasses that are too expensive. These are the best glasses I have ever purchased. They fit my big head and are stylish.


What is the best product for fishing glasses polarized?

Fishing glasses polarized products from . In this article about fishing glasses polarized you can see why people choose the product. Kastking and Rivbos are also good brands to look for when you are finding fishing glasses polarized.

What are the best brands for fishing glasses polarized?

, Kastking and Rivbos are some of the best brands that chosen by people for fishing glasses polarized. Find the detail in this article. Kastking, Qool Times and Fishoholic are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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